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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 29, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EDT

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of the first down. so they take their final time-out here. clearly a first down on the next play would end the game. nothing else, they'll be able to take 40 seconds off the clock. steeler defense, 483 yards given up to night but no touchdowns. >> cris: yeah, that's when you go home and you feel queasy to your stomach when you're an offense and put up those kinds of numbers. and then you turn around and look at the scoreboard. you see a 15. that feels like it's impossible. >> al: as we say, third most yardage. they get the ball back. they can even add to that. that could be the most ever by the time this one is over. so third down and one. comes down to a stop. going affect the end of the game
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for pittsburgh with a first down. shovel pass. and that's a first down. smith-schuster. he does it again. he picks up first down. they can run that clock all the way down to a 6-2 record and a very happy by week upcoming for a team that will play five of the last seven games in the friendly confines of heinz field. >> cris: this is brilliant. antonio brown going this way. look at how wide le'veon bell is here. everybody is thinking going out here and then you shovel pass it back inside. that is an ace call. i'm going to guess that may have been one of their two point conversion plays. they needed it most. but when they needed it most had nothing to do with two points. there you go. there is what it feels like when you played like that and you're going throes a game. >> al: yeah. and some laundry.
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probably some fines. peacemaker tomlin coming out. >> cris: there was a lot going on. but it looks like pouncey delivered a blow to the chops of one of the defensive linemen. >> referee: after the play was over, personal foul, defense, number 91. that player is ejected for throwing a punch. thip is robinson. punched ramon foster. and that gets him ejected. >> cris: there's a punch. but two punches by pouncey was a lot better. i promise you. boom. he didn't have his fist closed. but it was a shot.
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meanwhile, they can start the clock here is what it amounts to. signal ready for play. even if they don't, they'll have to run two plays because take 40 off the clock here. one more snap coming up. >> cris: it wasn't ben's best night. but when he had to have a play. he came up with that huge throw to juju smith-schuster. and his defense in the red zone won the football game. mike tomlin had to love watching his red zone defense make play after play after play tonight to win it. >> al: no question. he said we've seen enough. we don't have to run that one more play which would have a second left on the clock. teams will head to the locker rooms. steelers will head to a mini vacation.
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weeks. five of the next seven after that at home to wrap up the second half of the season. detroit goes to green bay next week. that is a house of horrors. here is your final score. coming up next, postgame report.
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three straight wins for pittsburgh. three straight losses for detroit. 20-1 20-15 the final score. the story comes into what happened on 20 yard line. by our count, they 18 snaps trying to score a touchdown inside the 20. steelers stop them on all of them. terrific defensive effort to go with the big plays on offense. the game balls as we go aren't country on the side of the sunday night bus, honored for this one, roethlisberger for 317 yards including 97 yards to juju smith shust eastern vince williams representing a defense so in the red zone they visit with misch i will tafoya. >> miblg, thank you. ben, it wasn't prchlt it wasn't pretty. but when you need a play, you went to your young rookie juju smith-schuster. what does hen into this offense? >> well, he made plays. you know? we're happy that everybody got involved.
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you have to give them credit. they're a great defense. they threw a bunch of different looks at us. we didn't make all the plays but made enough. >> your defense may have won this game for you. they were inkreldible on fourth down. >> it was exciting. i love this doichlt they come out to play every day. when we go against them in practice, they come out here and so much fun to watch. just the confidence that we have on offense, even when we turnt ball over, we don't convert, we have them out there and they're going to make a play. congratulations. >> thank you. as you head into the by. and here is juju smith-schuster. all right, the 97 yard catch and run touchdown and locked up the bike. when did you plan that? >> as soon as my bike got stolen, i'm like man i got my bike back. now i have to use it. it is going to be a bike celebration or something new? and today i took advantage of it. >> can you describe the feeling after catching that touchdown pass? >> no. honestly, i mean it's a blessing and honor to play here and show the world what the steelers are made of.
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in nfl history with four touchdowns before the age of 21. what does that mean? >> it just means, you know, whatever do you in life, age, you know, number doesn't matter. whatever do you, can you strive and do your best. i'm doing it. it's a blessing. >> good luck on your driver's exam on tuesday. >> thank you. >> congratulations, juju. let's turn to vince williams. >> this defense was faced with a lot of opportunities to win the game. and you rose to all of them. how were you guys so effective on the goal line stands? >> you know, at the beginning of the week coach tomlin told us to step up our red zone defense. and we have a drill we do every day called seven shots and we practice in the red zone. we just have another opportunity to come out here. we really want to capitalize on. that we took advantage. >> i mean they went at you again and again and again. and you held off even with a couple of injuries back there wlachlt is about it this defense that makes you so resilient?
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we really love each other and play for each other. that's what carries you through. >> enjoit by week. >> i love you, momma. this is four, baby. >> that was sweet. mike? >> always make mom happy. thank you w all the things going on in the sidelines, these celebrations, teams are going to start hiring the own props coach. the guys that bring the props to the celebrations week in and week out. let's bring in tony dunn jichlt he watched this game with split loyalties and pride fwochlt men he hired in the national football leak in mime to being lyn and jim caldwell. their teams put on a heck of a show. the steelers win. tony, where do you put pittsburgh now? they have the same record as new england. kansas city can join them with a win tomorrow night. how do awe ses the top of the afc for the moment? >> mike, i'm going to put the steelers right at the top. i think they have the most complete team. i think mike tomlin and kevin colbert have done a good job putting together a complete team. they have speed, tenacity and they gave up a lot of passing yards tonight. but they played so great in the
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and then you look at it offensively. it's not just le'veon bell and antonio brown. they're getting other people involved. smith-schuster was great. the offensive line is playing well. this is a solid football team. i think they're the best team in the afc right now. >> answers everywhere for the moment. terrific tackling in the red zone plays as well. thank you. let's bring in mike florio. as we mentioned, trade deadline tuesday. 4:00 p.m. eastern. any under the radar names we should be keemg an eye on? >> it seems like every year there is a name or two that no one saw coming. and generally the category is to keep an eye on, maybe guys in the last year of the contracts, players who were first or second round draft picks that failed in the initial cities. here are the names we're watching that's trade deadline approaches. dwayne brown the left tackle of the texans who ended a lengthy holdout six days ago. he played on sunday for the texans in seattle. he could be on the move. also thets
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maybe ready to sell. receiver t.y. hilton, a guy they're willing to listen to offers about, also eric ebron. we saw him tonight. that could be the last time in honolulu blue if the lions move on from him. and then finally with the new england patriots and the injuries they've had on defense, especially in the front seven, they got a glut of running backs and there are some around the league keeping an eye on what bill belichick may do. always seems to be active at the trade deadline. could be one of the running backs goes. >> they turn discarded pieces into stars like no one else. mike will be talking about that tomorrow morning on nbcs fwhchlt "pro football talk" live from 7:00 to 9:00 followed by ""the dan patrick show"" from 9:00 to noon. steelers win it here in detroit. al and cris have the final word right after. this [ joe cocker's "with a little help from my friends" ] ♪
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. heading to south florida, miami against oakland next week on sunday night football. a couple teams that went to the playoffs last year. you look at the dolphins, they didn't start well. of course, the first game was postponed. because of the hurricane. >> right. >> so they don't have a by week this year. but then they won three in a row. two really good come backs against atlanta and the jets didn't go belly up against the ravens last week, 40-0. but still they go with the mark of 4-3 next week. >> remember, every single team now in the afc has at least two losses. so they are all jumbled together in there. and i think the miami dolphins, i don't even want to think about doing this math. i think they'll be in the playoffs as we speak. zbh i'm going to call in mike and see if we can figure this thing out. meanwhile, the raiders, they're in desperate need of a win. they go to buffalo today. terrible weather. they turn the ball over.
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started out great this year. but now they're in some ubl trouble. they need a win. >> they do. and marshawn lynch after practicing with his high school team this past week in full pads and running around with some high school guys, he comes back. jay cutler possibly coming back. so looking forward to going to south florida. >> john madden will be on one sideline, don shula -- i guess not. great history. oakland against miami, that's next week on "sunday night football". there is your final score again tonight. pittsburgh wins it by a score of 20-15. coming up next exempt on the west coast, it's your local news. -- captions by vitac -- captions paid for by nbc-universal television
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a storm team 4 weather alert as feel-like temperatures outside in the 30s and 50 miles an hour. and rounds of rain washing out over the weekend. standing by. the calendar says october. the temperature says something else, snow hitting the ground. believe it or not, this is in maryland. a college student loses her
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in fairfax county. a young woman killed after a 12-year-old jumped off the interstate on to her car. a passenger breathes a sigh of relief. a fire causes a plane headed to our area to land somewhere else. news4 begins now with storm team 4. >> talk about adding insult to injury, redskins lose to dallas and had to face weather leaving fedex field. >> it's affecting this and other parts of the northeast as well. >> good evening, everyone. i'm leon harris. erika gonzalez and our chief meteorologist, doug kammerer are standing by in the weather center for the weather alert. >> it is absolutely
11:51 pm
outside. the big question, how much longer is this going to stick around and what does this money for the monday morning commute. got to get to school. the wind is going to remain. the wind is really the thing we're really watching. we're showing you the radar. it has been lit all afternoon. heavy at times around the d.c. metro area. other locations picking up more than an inch. it is everywhere. near frederick county and southern maryland and culpeper. let's zoom on in and show you where this rain is the haven't. parts of northeast and prince george's county, over towards bowie or driving along 50 right now, it is a mess. take a look at this. this is a massive storm in
11:52 pm
of new england. we're talking wind chills, 40 in d.c., 36 in gaithersburg, 28 in winchester. in order to get wind chill, you need the wind. >> we've been seeing wind gusts as high as 40 miles an hour. you go back towards the corridor, winchester, 38 miles an hour where doug showed the 28 degree feel-like temperature. the wind advisory, we are expecting the wind advisory to stick around until 10:00 a.m. t:s=morrow. it is so cold out here, i'm really shivering. this is what the kids at the bus stop will feel like. make sure they bundle up. doug. >> we'll talk more about that and take you through the day hour for hour and the rest of the work
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>> thanks, doug. d.c. activated the hypothermia alert because temperatures were forecast so low. be sure to download the nbc washington app. >> this next story will have you hugging the kids a little tighter. a young woman's life is cut short and a boy's life still hangs in the balance tonight all because of a tragic call and car crash. darcie explains what happened this weekend on i-66. >> marisa harris was 22 years old and a graduate student here at mary mount university in arlington. she was just finishing her first semester studying clinical counseling. harris was driving on i-66 saturday afternoon, her boyfriend in the passenger seat. as she approached the cedar lane overpass, a 12-year-old boy jumped. he landed on her suv. she died on the
11:54 pm
and steered the suv off the highway. he wasn't hurt. harris' mom told me it happened so quickly so suddenly her daughter didn't have a chance to avoid hitting the boy and her boyfriend was devastated. virginia state police are investigating it as an attempted suicide. the boy survived but his injuries are life-threatening. harris' mom shared these photos when she graduated. and these are from a recent trip to budapest as part of her studies at mary mount and said if given a chance she could have helped the boy. >> police have not identified the boy who jumped and they're going to release a statement about the los of marisa tomorrow. >> people may have to wait longer for electricity. the head of the power company wants them to fire
11:55 pm
a tiny company won the $3 million contract. an audit is under way. the government is saying it had no role in choosing white publish. while they say they are doing a great job, the public is turning. >> you read that and you have no lights or water that perception changes abruptly, to the extent during the last four days, they've been thrown stones at and bottles. >> reporter: if the board votes to end the contract, white fish will finish the work it's doing right now. 70% of puerto rico is still in the dark. the contract cancellation could delay restoration efforts by 12 weeks. new tonight, an emergency landing for an international flight headed to
11:56 pm
a fire on board this afternoon. >> you might be able to feel the stress there. the plane safely landed in boston. united airline says the smoke inside appears to have originated in the galley of the place where the food is cooked and prepared. there were no injured. >> we are working for you following tomorrow's big stories. the office of the special counsel will serve an indictment in relation to the probe. president trump railed against it as phony, evil and a witch unt. an historic episcopal church is relocated two plaques that represented george e. washington and general e. lee.
11:57 pm
created a distraction and might affect the welcoming for the church. it was a concern for years but took on added concern after the incident in charlottesville. it plans to move the plaques next year when it decides on a new location. it was not the result that the redskins fans -- ♪ they still had a chance. joining us live with me, should say they had their chances but still limped away from this one. >> each leak we see the redskins get a lead, look really strong, like they did today, weren't able to hang on. they allowed their opponents to get back in. granted they're one of the most banged up teams. kirk cousins trying to lead the redskins to a win on home coming weekend. skipping ahead to the
11:58 pm
redskins not done just yet. cousins hit josh in the end zone, at the 1 yard. missed the kick. byron jones takes it for the touchdown and fields it. redskins lose 33-19, a disappointing loss but the team knows they have to move on. >> 3-4, you know, there's still a lot of ball left. seattle, new orleans, we have a tough three games in fronts of us but if we take care of business we will be back in it. >> we stale ain't lost hope. we lose hope that's when you lose it all. as long as we have that we will be fine. >> redskins have now last their last three meetings with the cowboys. mo
11:59 pm
you saw carol maloney there. >> on the positive, they did enough good they feel they have a chance going forward. >> you can't have too many moral victories in the nfl but there were good points. >> got to suck it up now. thanks. two american women rescued after disappearing at sea for five long months. the shocking death of this tv reporter girlfriend sparked a virginia man to run for political office. tonight, he shares how his
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