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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 31, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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bricking. able to -- thousands of phone robberies that did happen in our area this year, a rising number of them got physical, including mayor yet harding who had hers stolen. the man responsible took off on a metro train. >> snatched the bag and it was gone like a rocket. each if i were his age, i could never have chased him or caught up to him. >> police say you must be vigilant. >> stay away from the doors opening and closing. you will have people waiting on the platforms waiting for that. on news 4 at 11:00, what you have to do to protect your phone and yourself. you'll meet a woman who won't believe the building from which her phone was taken. seth macfarlane, news 4 i-team. right now on "news4 today," indictments, arrests and charges filed. a big day in the russia investigation. but today could be even more
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explosive. plus, highway tragedy. a boy's suicide attempt takes the life of a grad student. we're learning what's next for that stretch of road where it happens. ready for halloween. we're working for you as you celebrate. i have an announcement. a new addition. i'll give you a view of my little puppy and explain how my family. are you kidding me, aaron. >> she's adorable. >> get this puppy. >> look at him. he's so cute. >> he really is a little ball of love. >> until he gets into your shoes. >> i'm going to explain all this. tomorrow we talk to a trainer from the washington humane rescue alliance and she helps me with how to chew train and potty train. >> you trust it. i love it. knock yourself out. >> aaron is like i'm
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and puppy at your house. >> the kids can come. not the puppy. >> anyway, we're starting off chilly this morning. >> yes, we are. you had your dog dressed up earlier. >> the poor guy didn't want anything to do with it. >> some of them don't and some love clothes. this morning, i think the humans need the jackets on for sure. it is chilly. we have areas in the 30s right now. so if you're about to step outside. dulles, manassas, gaithersburg. 47 in washington. 37 front royal. so we are starting off on the chilly side as we go through your tuesday for your halloween. plenty of sunshine as you wake up and walk outside. by noon, 57 degrees. staying cool. by 4:00 p.m., topping out around 60. this is a little below normal for this time of the year. if a lot of the kids are starting to trick-or-treat after 4:00 p.m., nice and dry by 7:00 p.m. we'll be pi
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mid-50s. maybe an extra layer under the costume through tonight. a closer look at the forecast for the trick-or-treaters and a warmup by the end of the week. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. >> this is the water main break repair. northbound glebe before north williamsburg boulevard. a warning just the left lane getting by there. inner loop and outer loocht beltway. no major problems there. prince george's county, we're looking quite good. same thing at 66 and 95 in virginia. 95 and maryland from 32 down to the beltway. on time as well. guys? >> melissa, thank you. the time right now is 5:03. we look at the headlines. one young woman's life was cut short, another forever changed when a 12-year-old boy jumped off an overpass on i-66 over the weekend. you see the overpass here. the driver on the road
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suicide attempt right now. the boy's uncle speaking for the first time since the accident. >> he was happy. yeah, he happy. >> how did this happen? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> now, the boy landed on the roof of marisa harris' suv. she died instantly. >> harris was working on a postgraduate degree from marymount university in arlington in counseling. she was described as a woman with so much future ahead of her. harris was also a graduate of towson university. we'll try to get those to you later in this newscast. it's now 5:04. there are new details to tell
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you about into that overpass bridge where the boy jumped from. adam tuss has a look at future plans on -- adam, are you there? >> reporter: this bridge is the cedar lane overpass. a lot of people were wondering why there was no protective fencing on the top there. there's actually only a small section of protective fencing over the middle of the bridge in the metro treks. you can see it in video we shot the other day of this bridge, how it's only mildly protected in the middle of the bridge. but v-dot is going to tear down this bridge. the cedar lane overpass as part of the i-66 outside the beltway project. we've been telling you about the express lanes that are coming to the 66 corridor. this particular bridge and overpass will be torn down as part of that project. there's going to be a new pedestrian path long the bridge with new fencing that goes up as well. a lot of people were wonderin
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adequate safety protections. we know it's going to be completely replaced. >> adam, a question for you if i can. are there any other bridges like this in that area? >> reporter: not only in this area, rare aaron. but throughout our region. there are certain standards that have to be met when this comes to protective fencing all along the skbroefr paoverpasses. you can bet protective fencing will go along it and the 66 corridor particularly. about 10 to 12 bridges will be torn down like this and completely replaced. back to you. >> adam tuss, live for us this morning along i-66. adam x thanks. 5:06 now. if you drive 95, the commute home could be easier. the new two-mile express lane extension in stafford county will open this afternoon. it is expected to stop the backup that happens to drivers
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the southbound ramp near exit 143 in stafford county will open to traffic this afternoon. the northbound ramp will open tomorrow morning. you won't have to pay any more than you already do to take the toll lanes. turning now to the russia investigation where today could mark another significant point in the case. >> this is because we expect former trump campaign manager paul manafort to address the charges. manafort and rick gates were indicted on 12 counts yesterday. they include conspiracy against the u.s. and money laundering. both pleaded not guilty. perhaps the biggest news concerned former trump campaign adviser george papadopolous. he admitted that during the campaign he was in touch with russians who side they had kremlin contacts. president trump has not tweeted anything since manafort and gates indictments were announced yet morning when he denied there was collusion. tracie potts breaks things down a bit
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remind you that today is the deadline to request your virginia absentee ballot. you will need one if you can't neighboring to the polls to have a ballot mailed to you, you must request it by 5:00 p.m. today. to vote absentee in person, you have do it by this coming saturday. you might need to explain why you can't vote on tuesday and show supporting documents. there is a big ceremony taking place in advance of the olympics. angie goff at the live desk with a live video from athens, greece, where it all started, angie. >> right. where it all started. where it was lit in greece. it's heading to the host country, south korea. as we look live at the ceremony happening right now. this is in athens. you can see a lot of performers on the ground. the olympic flame will be officially handed over to the olympic organizing committee this morning. then over the next 100 days it will travel to pyeongchang. we know that
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go around with the olympics has let everyone shine. by the end of it, guys, we're talking 7500 torchbearers. 7500 people touching that tofrp before the 2018 winter olympics kick off in pyeongchang, south korea. >> the 100-day mark it tomorrow. that means 100 days before i head to south korea to cover the games. very exciting. oh, my goodness. halloween is also finally here. speaking of excitement. we want to help you have a fun and exciting holiday. >> how everybody can stay safe. here are four tips for you. first, put the phones down. be aware of where you are walking. you also want to follow traffic signals, stay in the crosswalks and walk facing traffic. experts say kids under 12 need to trick-or-treat with an adult, of course. make sure that creative costume is a safe one.
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reflective tape and stickers and if possible, choose a light colored costume and drivers need to stay aware, too. peak hours for trick-or-treating, between 5:30 and 9:00 p.m. experts tell us that kids are twice as likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any other day of the year. food for thought there. >> very sobering information. we have more halloween tips on our nbc washington app, including four ways it avoid halloween candy overload. too late. just search halloween. we haven't even hit halloween and i've been hitting the candy. you're looking at a few of our "news4 today" costumes. you know who that is, right? that's barrett as doc mcstuff yins. adorable. tag us on nbc washington. isadora, angie's little girl. you can see your photos. >> cabbage patch kid. >> that's awesome. >> i remember my cabbage patch
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brook annabel. i wanted one so bad. finally, my parents gave me one. >> we have to get you another one. >> i probably would love it. i love these costumes. keep sharing them. she has been in the headlines as the harvey weinstein story unfolded. trouble for rose mcgowan. today the results of a new investigation. grade tampering in prince george's county schools. a new whistle blower is coming forward with new allegations. a live report coming up. you'll want a jacket before you step outside. the kids at the bus stop will. later today it's still going to be cool and as you're trick-or-treating. layers underneath the costume. we'll take a look at that forecast coming up. but meet my dog. i'll tell you how
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independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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5:14 is your time today. independent auditors will turn over findings in a prince
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investigation to the state board of education. >> the investigation is tainted because of -- because word of the audit spread across the schools and records were fixed. news 4's justin finch is live in upper marlboro with a story only on news 4. justin? >> reporter: that's right, aaron. news 4 got an e-mail to state education officials claiming that numerous students did not meet core graduation requirements and that administrators were changing things as the -- the whising blower was noting as well that there were several factors in play in the situation here that there are records being changed here as they were being -- as senior graduation records. the whistle blower saying that many of the records were not yet complete and remain so at this time. this e-mail sent to us reading in part that says most schools had not do
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calling around to other schools to get them done before you all came. they being those investigators. it then goes on to write that the entire guidance office was shut down the entire day because we needed to get our files in order before you all came to the school. this whistle blower does not identify them self-for the school but county school officials tell us they were not briefed on these claims. >> allegations are made through the media or through other means without providing information to the system we can't correct it. >> and, again, these independent findings are due into state education officials by the end of business today. we are live in upper marlboro, i am justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> justin, thank you. >> an arrest warrant has been issued for actress rose mcgowan wanted for felony possession of a controlled substance. the charges stem from items police say the
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the items tested positive for narcotics. they wouldn't say which ones. recently she's been one of the leading voices against sexual harassment in hollywood. you know me. i said i'd never ever get a dog. my schedule is crazy. you have the same schedule. my husband's schedule is crazy. three very busy kids. we don't have a yard. no yard. >> all the reasons not to get a dog. >> i have no business getting a dog. but i have one now. i caved. meet leo our new puppy. >> my kids begged for years. laid it on thick. >> i'm going off to college soon. >> soon, not soon. >> soon. >> sometime. >> i said, you know, i'd like to say that i got to grow up with a dog and got to take care of one. >> they promised they could handle the responsibility and
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one would walk him. >> we took the time to make a schedule and i think that's a big part. >> for sure. >> look at his face. it's so cute. >> when you saw him, you really liked him and he was really cute. i think we showed you that we could be responsible. >> i was outnumbered. >> wasn't daddy who wanted the dog the most? >> now that we're living life with leo, the family is in puppy heaven. >> i have so many stuffed animals that i will play with and now i have one that's alive. >> one i can actually interact with and play with it. >> this is a real life animal that might not know what you're saying but leo sort of acknowledges that we're there. it's super awesome. >> i mean, come on. it's hard to say no to those faces, my kids. leo, we tried to put a lion costume on him. get away from me, woman. he's shaking his head. trying to take --
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torture our puppies. some dogs apparently like that. >> share your pictures. your family pictures, your pet pictures for the halloween tag nbc washington. we can share them in our newscast. >> i love to see that your kids love that dog. you see the love. >> my oldest, he's at the age where he's not as emotive where he used to be. until he sees that puppy. all of a sudden. >> i love that. i love seeing young children loving the animals. it's a good thing. as we go through your halloween though, chilly this morning. we want the jacket before you head out and it's going to be chilly once the sun goes down for the trick-or-treaters. the very good news is that we're going to stay nice and dry. we have a warmup coming back in the 70s. we go into the weekend and we get cool again with rain chances in there.
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temperaturewise, 38 dulles and manassas. 44 clinton. if you're in gaithersburg, 38 degrees. 47 in the district. yeah, chilly start to the morning. we're nice and dry, though. any precip is going to stay far to the north today. for today, 60 degrees. sunny and cool. that's where we're going to top out at for the trick-or-treaters. we're going to be down into the 350s. some areas suburbs especially north and west of the district, 40s for the trick-or-treaters. layers under the costumes. for today, nice and dry for that. heading door to door. tomorrow, we'll see more clouds around. a few sprinkles possible. 59 degrees. thursday and friday, look at that warmup. 74 thursday, 76 frooiday. into the weekend, we get cooler again. you see that clock. we fall back this weekend. daylight saving. we gain an hour of sleep. however, the sun will be setting around 5:00 p.m. on sunday. t'
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outside. let's check your roads on this halloween tuesday. good morning melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena parveen. new crash northbound 95 before 234. dumfries, crash is on the left shoulder. 66 looking good. arlingt arlington, northbound glebe, left lane still getting by that water main repair work there this morning. you can get by. might just be a little slow. belt wail looks good. inner loop and outer loop, everything into and out of town rolling along nicely. slow 270 southbound just as you head south off the 70. then down to the spur, you are on time. same thing headed northbound. aaron? melissa, thank you. 5:21 right now. the only local contestant on the voice is headed to the next round. >> fleming sang his heart out on night one of knockouts last night. here's a clip of the maryland native singing, i can only imagine. >>
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♪ >> all right. he's humbled and honored to still be in the game. the voice airs monday and tuesday nights on nbc4. come on. we need one local to go through, right? you pay to play lotto with the hope that you'll win. coming up, why some local tickets have a zero percent chance of hitting the jackpot. crackdown on our digital addiction. we'll show you why playing with your kids could help the
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5:24 am not just something you can see or touch. a feeling. it's the place where you feel safe to have those little moments that mean everything. at adt, we believe that feeling should always be there. whether it's at your house, or your business, we help keep you safe. so you can have those moments that make you feel at home. ♪you are loved wherever you are. ralcandidate for'm governor,rtham, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst.
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corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. this week we're taking a closer look at digital addiction and how it impacts our lives. something that impacts the whole family. we know this. very familiar case. >> if you're like a lot of parents, you may worry about
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on video games. consumer reporter susan hogan, why you may want to hold on on pulling the plug. >> instead of constantly telling our kids to put their tablets down, instead, let's get in on the game. take a look at this. consumer reports says don't get hung up on whether a game is educational. games can teach valuable lessons like problem solving. play the game with them and start a conversation. >> ask questions about why a character goes there and why is it important to pick up power ups. kids love to explain and teach and feel you respect them as an intelligent person. >> of course, even though you're playing along with the kids, you want to monitor the amount of time they're playing with their smartphones or tablets. make sure that the content they're playing is age appropriate. >> that's a really good point. you ask a kid about the games, they can explain
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that's a comprehension. they're learning something. >> homework first, though. susan hogan will have tips to curb the digital addiction. if you want to learn more, head to the nbc washington app. a scare on the roads turns to terror at home. how a case of road rage led to a dangerous home invasion. plus, one woman says it's simply offensive. what happened when she
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m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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right now at 5:30. why the lotto tickets you purchased lately may be duds. "news4 today" starts now. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. melissa mollet is watching the roads for you in first 4 traffic. chuck bell is on assignment this morning. we'll see him later in the newscast. the forecast for this halloween day with sheena parveen. lovely in orange. >> we're both wearing orange, melissa and i, aaron. we're try t
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be dressed but not dressed up. trying to look like pumpkins basically. we'll see if we did the job right. temperatures this morning, before you walk out, we think you need a jacket. especially if the kids standing at the bus stop. 42 vienna. 37 in lay tonsville. in the district, in the upper 40s. in riverdale, the temperature is 47. upper marlboro the 43 degrees. a chilly start to the day. as you walk outside, 7:00 a.m., in the district, we should be in the mid-40s. some suburbs, the low 40s. 9:00 a.m., we're chilly. but take a look at the wide picture. we're nice and dry. i'll talk about what you can expect for the trick-or-treaters. let's check the traffic, melissa. >> northbound 95. dumfries, we had the crash on the shoulder. don't have to worry about that. still this in
5:32 am
before williamsburg. left lane getting by the water main repair work. that will hang around for a couple of hours. again, might be a bit slow. beltway looking okay. no problems inner or outer loop. keep our fingers crossed that things stay that way. nice light volume right now. guys in. >> thank you, melissa. breaking news. deadly shooting on a college campus overnight. >> angie goff has details. angie, what happened? >> eun, aaron. at this hour, the search for a killer continues. >> you can hear the choppers there over the university of utah. we know at this point that half of the campus still on lockdown after a person was found dead in a car near the campus. the person police say had been shot. a suspect has been identified as someone in their 20s. but details still very limited this morning.
5:33 am
decisions just yet on whether or not to cancel classes for today. we'll keep you posted. eun? >> thank you, angie. here's a look at the other top stories for you this morning. former trump campaign chairman paul manafort is expected to address his charges this morning. he and rick gates were indicted on 12 counts in the russia investigation. charges include conspiracy against the u.s. and money laundering. both have pled not guilty. another former campaign adviser has admitted he was in touch with russians during the campaign. a woman was killed when a boy jumped to his des. we'll have the latest on the investigation and what the family is saying coming up. it's halloween. be sure you pay extra attention to the roads this morning and tonight. we want to see you how your family is dressing up. share your photos on social media, tag nbc washington and
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do you recognize these faces. we'll be showing them throughout the newscast. all day long. halloween decorations are meant to be scary. we know that. but an elton, virginia, woman was shocked when she saw this with one. >> the woman viewed the decorations as a black man hanging in a neighbor's yard. jamie stevenson noticed it on saturday and she's new to the neighborhood. she talked to several neighbors and learned the monster had been part of an elaborate display for years. she fired off e-mails to the neighbors asking that it be taken down. >> as your neighbor and a person of color, i find this racist. i find this deeply offensive. >> the homeowner responded writing in part, it's not my intent to offend anyone. i never realized the monster in the tree had darker skin. it has been taken down. 5:34. a scary situation at a local mall has police asking four your help. montgomery county police want to
5:35 am
suspects in the surveillance toe photos. a woman was followed by three masked people in october. she was assaulted and threatened with a gun. the three people stole her wallet and ran away. if you have any information, contact police. we know the odds of hitting the mega millions jackpot are pretty slim. nearly 200 people who played in virginia last friday had no chance. 180 tickets sold statewide last week had a zero chance of winning. so the virginia lottery explained that there were technical difficulties and that it upgraded the gaming system. >> some of the tickets were -- you think if it's random numbers, then you have a chance, you have a chance. but because the rules were different -- >> i hope they get new tickets maybe. give them a chance. even though the chances ar are .0000. >> but there's a chance, you're saying? >>
5:36 am
lost at sea. we told you about the women stranded for five months on their sailboat. now a new twist that has many questioning that story. about to connect them via video so you know he's speaking freely. before we do, be aware if you release. >> this may not be last you see of his staff. may be a spin wrof. >> ellen is getting in the halloween spirit by becoming a kardashian sort of. >> oh, my my.
5:37 am
independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
5:38 am
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officials are raising questions about that incredible rescue story we heard last week about two women lost at sea. the coast guard says they never activated their emergency beacon. the "uss ash lands" found the women along with their two dogs 900 miles southeast of japan. the beacon was on board their boat that communicates a satellite and sends a location to rescuers. the women told the associated press they didn't use the beacon because they didn't feel they were in imminent danger after five months. >> you know me. two hours in. put t b
5:40 am
put the flares on. >> did they want to be rescued or were they hanging out? >> they could have been in a very dangerous situation. we're glad they're okay now. they're alive and have a story to tell. a sixth grader in alexandria has a special story to tell today, too. redskins cornerback josh norman visited her at an elementary school. >> do you hear all the cheering there. sixth grader won espn 980 take josh norman to school contest. i should have signed up for that. he talked to the kids, he brought him up to the podium with him and signed a jersey. had a football for her. >> look at that. >> in december she has tickets to see him play against the cardinals. they made fast friends. >> good for her. >> and for him. love it. >> love to see that. 5:41. on this
5:41 am
she is very easily the most popular kid in school, i can assure you of that. temperatures as you're about to walk outside, looking at the 40s. some areas in the 30s. as you are commuting today, nice and dry for your tuesday. plenty of sunshine. but take it slow out there. the trick-or-treaters are stepping outside. we'll look at the forecast coming up. looking good in your orange this morning. speaking of orange, orange line single tracking between west lls church.fa i'm i'm up earlyax, for my most important job. -more peanut butter, daddy. -more peanut butter, daddy. as prosecutor, justin fairfax fought drugs, crime, and human trafficking. that's why he's endorsed by virginia law enforcement.
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nothing's more important than keeping them safe and helping them prosper. as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics.
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections,
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from thousands of virginians. as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. highway tragedy. a woman killed when a child tries to jump to his death. >> now his family is opening up to news 4. >> was he happy? >> yeah, he happy. >> new details to demolish th
5:45 am
halloween is here. storm team 4 has a look at your forecast with a few tricks and treats. house of cards canceled. the spinoff to keep story alive. first, real-life drama. the investigation into russia's election tampering involving your facebook feeds. and we start with the russia investigation this morning. >> three former trump campaign aide have now been charged. tracie potts is live on capitol hill this morning. tracie, a lot of focus has been on paul manafort. we saw the first guilty plea in this investigation. >> exactly. it was a surprise. it happened several weeks ago. a name you will get to know. george papadopolous. a minor player during the campaign but could be a major player in the investigation. he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his russia
5:46 am
on that campaign. he's been working with investigators for months now. so one big question is what has he told them. what evidence has he helped them collect as part of this investigation. of course, the other keys are the indictments of paul manafort and rick gates. his business associates. they were at the top of the campaign. these are indictments related to tax evasion and money laundering that happened years before they were involved with president trump. some analysts if they might be inducement to encourage them to talk more about what, if any russia -- they used during the campaign. hear from google, facebook and twitter today. >> it's all about those ads. thousands of them that flooded social media in the months before the presidential election. targeted in swing states. according to investigators with assistance from someone inside
5:47 am
those ads trace back to russia and we may see those ads after the hearing is over. >> tracie potts, live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. it's 5:47. arizona senator john mccain returned to his alma mater at the u.s. naval academy monday night and during a speech, the republican senator says he is concerned about americans losing confidence in the election system. >> because if we lose confidence in the results of our elections, that bee don't believe them, that attacks the fundamentals of what america was all about and it was founded. >> mccain also spoke about the special prosecutor robert mueller's probe into russia's interference into the elections saying he was not surprised by the indictments of paul manafort and rick gates. ziefrnts 5:47 right now. one young woman's life was cut short, another life changed forever when a 12-year-old boy jumped
5:48 am
i-66. a driver on the road below died. police are treating this as a suicide attempt. the boy's uncle is speaking for the first time since the accident. >> he was happy? >> yeah. >> how did this happen? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> the boy landed on the roof of marisa harris' suv. he had to pull the car to the side of the road. harris died instantly. >> harris was working on a postgraduate degree from marymount university. she wanted to devote her career to helping children. one much her professors describes her as a woman with a big heart. >> a lot of us say the same thing. that she's a caring and compassionate friend and student. she's genuine. >> harris was a graduate of
5:49 am
towson yufrpuniversity sad lou. >> we're learning more about the bridge where this happened. >> adam tuss is there to talk about the plans for the bridge. >> reporter: this bridge is not going to be here for long. take a look. the cedar lane overpass in vienna goes above 66. this is where that 12-year-old dropped here and went on to 66. but this bridge is going to be replaced as part of the i-66 outside the beltway project. that is a project that will add express lanes from the beltway to hay market and a number of bridges will be replaced. a lot of people are wondering about the structure. it was built in 1963 and a lot of people were wondering why it didn't have protective fencing around it. at the time it was built, it did meet the standards set in place then. we actually talked to v-dot about it. take a
5:50 am
>> 11 bridges were replaced -- we're replacing. all will have enhanced pedestrian facilities and fencing to go along with the bridges. >> reporter: so a lot of people are wondering about the protection on this bridge. the good news, it will be completely replaced. that work, guys could start in the coming months. construction to start in the coming months. back to you. >> adam tuss live for us this morning. adam, thank you. >> 5:50 is our time. imagine someone forcing their way into your home and attacking your family. it happened to a prince william county father. he's sharing his story in hopes it helps police catch the people responsible. >> on the couch and started hitting me. >> then they started stabbing you? >> yes. over here, here, here. >> prince william county police say the trouble started during a road rage incident in woodbridge. the suspect followed a young
5:51 am
the house. one of the suspects, a woman, pulled out a gun and threatened the family. they took off in a honda civic with a yellow stripe on the side. the iphone is days away from release. if you get it, you want to guard it. >> seth macfarlane says start phone thefts are getting more physical. >> in a recent series of cases, phones are being snatched, including here on metro platforms. surveillance video seen by the i-team shows the aftermath of some cases. you can seep the criminals running off an the victims running after them. it's not just happening belowground but aboveground as well. doughnut shops to pharmacies. police say they've made progress reducing phone deaths because of bricking. you're able to disable the phones now. but of the thousands of phone robberies, a rising number of them got physical, including
5:52 am
marion who had hers stolen. the man responsible took off on a metro train. >> snatched it. it was gone like a rocket. each if i were his age, i could never have chased him. >> police say you must be vigilant. try to stay away from the doors. you will have people standing on the platforms waiting for the doors to open and they're going to take your phone. >> police say what you have to do to protect your foep and yourself. you won't believe the building from which a woman's phone was taken. scott macfarlane, news 4 i-team. >> any of your possessions. whatever is in your hand. got to pay attention. sheena, we've been looking forward to today for frick trick-or-treating purposes. >> it's going to feel like halloween. it's seasonable. this is where we should be this time of the year. little bit below normal for highs this afternoon. really good
5:53 am
chuck bell, by the way, in case you're wondering, he's live. he will be with us in the 6:00 hour. i see you got a little something there, chuck. he's actually going to be doing halloween yoga in northwest washington. >> halloween yoga? sniemgt i want to to see some nice moves. >> let's see it. >> he'll talk all things halloween and we'll see what's going on in northwest washington. for your commute, the weather outlook today. dry roads. this is nice. it's not windy and rainy like yesterday morning. but much nicer for the kichltds they will want a jacket. it's pretty chilly out there. your trick-or-treat forecast looking perfect. like a mentioned, it is feeling like halloween outside. 38 degrees right now. dulles, manassas, clinton at 44 degrees. warr warrenton, 35. this morning, if you're
5:54 am
jacket. great outside. temperatures topping out around 60 degrees. we are nice and dry on radar. precip stays up to the north. we don't have to worry about it today. future weather going through the day, temperatures again close to 60 degrees. now we're going to look at the trick-or-treat time. by 8:00 p.m., many suburbs in the 40s by then. then we go into tomorrow, we'll see changes. more clouds around and a chance for sprinkles in the area. not tonight. tonight looks good. trick-or-treat forecast looking fantastic. in the mid-50s for the area. by 8:00 p.m., we'll be very much in the 40s for many of the suburbs. look at thursday and friday. back in the 70s believe it or not and cool down for the weekend. let's check the roads on your tuesday. good morning, melissa. >> looking at the orange line. the late track work this morning. eastbound
5:55 am
right shoulder blocked by the crash there. crash reported there as well. beltway, overall is okay. northbound glebe before williamsburg. left lane getting by. the repair work this morning. as far as your travel times, 270 south looking fine. so is the top of the beltway and virginia 66 and 95 no major issues. eun? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:55. d.c. mayor, muriel bowser is thanking every district resident to support the bids to bring the gay games to d.c. she tweeted the thank you and congratulations to hong kong, the city awarded the games. the games include 15,000 athletes competing in everything from ice hockey to roller derby. the games take place in 2022. enough time for me to rest up and go to hong kong. i'll be a jet setting reporter. have fun with that. >> no, i don't think'm
5:56 am
netflix show house of card will end after season 6. >> the streaming giant is reportedly considering spinoff shows. one could center on doug stamper character. another storyline, would revolve around robin wright. >> everyone loves her character. >> ending the show less than a day after actor kevin spacey, the star was accused of abuse. a money component there. if you don't plan to trick-or-treat this year, how about taking in a show at the national theater. >> i love a musical. mean girls the musical starts today. you may still be able to get your hands-on tickets. >> the greatest people you will ever meet and the worst. >> you've never been to a real school before. >> shut up. shut up. >> shut up. these are scenes from the movie which was hilarious. two hours before the show starts, you can enter the national theater lottery program
5:57 am
tickets for 25 bucks. 20 lottery seats will be available for each performance. i like that. the show starts at 8:00 p.m. want to escape the trick-or-treaters. head to the theater. >> if you saw the movie, expect the stage version to be a little different. >> this is from a professional thespian. >> i had my day. >> all right. 5:57 right now. pet store puppies can be cute to cuddle. some of them are making people sick, too. >> new development in the health care scare -- health scare sweeping the nation. plus there's an arrest warrant for a hollywood actress. the charge and the first reaction from rose mcgowan next at 6:00. the result of a new independent investigation into claims of grade tampering. now a whistle blower is saying that investigation is tainted. we'll tell you why in a live report.
5:58 am
for a baby's heart in thel, first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
5:59 am
only on news 4, a whistle blower reveals why the investigation is already tainted. you may know her from the hit show "charmed" but this hollywood actress says she's being
6:00 am
police want to talk to rose mcgowan. goorng and happy halloween 2017. it's an early morning yoga turning to dance party here in northwest d.c. we'll be joining you for the forecast and the fun involved with early morning yoga. doing yoga in costume. stay with us. >> you have to be a little loose to do yoga. it depends on what kind of costume. >> with that cape, you can do anything. >> chuck bell there. >> i think he had his suit pants on. >> be careful there. >> meteorologist chuck bell is out this morning at -- doing a little halloween celebrating. kicking off in northwest d.c. >> we're going to have a lot from chuck in a moment. we want to get to the forecast for trick-or-treaters.


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