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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 31, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, terror attack in new york city, at least eight people are dead, over a dozen more injured, as a truck barrels through the bike lane, virtually in the shadow of the world trade center. >> this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror. >> the driver plows over pedestrians and bicyclists right outside a school. >> it happened so quick, i don't know what happened, just dude with two guns and four shots went off and we started running. >> police say it appears to be intentional act. suspected attacker taken down by police, law enforcement
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screaming allahu akbar after the crash. major story developing that could be the deadliest terror attack in new york city since 9/11. we have it all covered. >> announcer: "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. >> good evening it's kind of attack law enforcement here have feared and expected, using a tactic become all too common around the world, a truck as a deadly weapon. mayor of new york city calling attack an act of terror. driver speeding down a bike path in lower manhattan, using truck to barrel over everyone and everything in his way and apparently cause as much carnage as he could. at least eight people dead, over a dozen more injured this halloween night. as parents and children head out trick or treating, authorities on high alert. heard from new york's governor a short time ago. >> the new terrorist tactic, which they've called for publicly, are these lone wolves
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who commit an act of terror. we're not going to let them win. >> we have it all covered tonight, including details just coming in on the suspected attacker. begin with nbc's kristen dahlgren. >> reporter: bodies and mangled bicycles strewn across the new york sidewalk, at least eight dead and more than dozen injured, truck sped down a popular bike path after 3:00 p.m., intentionally hitting pedestrians and bicyclists. >> multiple people down. chambers up to houston. >> reporter: targeted a school bus, injuring two adults and two children inside. this video posted to snapchat purrports to show the suspect after he hopped out of the truck, running with something in his hands. >>osaur saw dude with two guns, for some reason running
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getti getting chased. then all of a sudden four shots went off and we just started running this way. >> reporter: shot by on duty patrol officer and taken into custody, now treated at local hospital. >> this was an act of terror, and a particularly cowardly act of terror, aimed at innocent civilians. >> reporter: nypd, focusing on heavy security for halloween parade a few blocks away, investigating this as act of terror. according to law enforcement officials, the driver screamed allahu akbar, described as 29-year-old man of middle eastern appearance. >> we'll be vigilant, more police everywhere. you'll see them in the airports and tunnels. it's not because there's any evidence of any ongoing threat or any additional threat. >> reporter: the suspect's vehicle, a rental truck like so many other recent incidents. traveled several blocks before
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of the world trade center. the hero officer who stopped the carnage moments after it began, credited with preventing more lives from being lost. as we see all the lights and police presence out here, seeing kids and adults walking by in costumes. new york's famed halloween parade will go on but authorities say increased police presence here and around the city tonight lester. >> thank you. we have late word this evening on the name of a suspect. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams is following that with the latest on the investigation. pete. >> lester, 29-year-old immigrant. lawful permanent resident from uzbekistan who came several years ago. saipov, carrying a dr's
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address in tampa, florida, two brushes with the law in pennsylvania and gave address in patterson, newark, new jersey. investigators are working to trace his movements into new york, they have the truck rental record, important lead. interviewing family members and friends and himself, in the hospital. big question, was he in touch with terrorist organizations or just inspired? >> thank you pete. savannah guthrie is in lower manhattan, been talking to witnesses. what are you hearing tonight? >> reporter: we talked to people down here lester and they're just in shock. this is a residential area, halloween, happened at very moment that schools around here were just letting out and kids starting to spill onto the streets and trick or treating. middle school and elementary school right where the scene ended, also a community college. i spoke to a young woman studying in the library this afternoon when she heard shots ring out. take a listen.
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>> i ran over and saw this truck that was smashed, dead bodies on the floor. and i saw bikes all across the highway. and then i'm hearing in my ear, shooter -- i, you know, all of this stuff is happening and i was trying to process, am i safe, is he found, is my school in danger, am i in danger. all these rush of emotions that were happening that i didn't know. that was uncertainty is what was the problem because i'm seeing actual dead people right there in front of me with bikes all across the highway and i've never seen that. >> reporter: there was so much uncertainty, so much panic, in fact i live in this neighborhood lester, just about to take the kids trick or treating when the heard from the preschool that the kids were in lockdown. i have friend with son in the elementary school, probly
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out, heard gunshots and started running toward home. that scene was repeated over and over again. this is an area that would have normally been full of life at this hour, kids in costumes, businesses opening their door. it bears repeating, this is just in the shadow of the world trade center. i look up and can see the new building right there. this is a city and neighborhood very much trying to process all that has happened today. >> savannah, you know the bike path well, pedestrian path, it's protected but at the same time seems like wouldn't give folks much room to get out of the way. >> not at all. as you know, bike path is separate, there's a little bit of space between big highway, westside highway, main thoroughfare here in manhattan and bike path. according to one witness, truck traveling at pretty high rate of speed. he guessed 40,
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barricades but clearly no match for a driver intent on doing such violence. >> savannah guthrie thanks so much. bill bratton, former commissioner of the nypd, nbc news senior law enforcement and counterterrorism analyst, commissioner how hard is it to prevent something like this? stanchions, blocks around various high profile areas, what more can they do? >> reality is, lester, you can't ball out the world. can't barricade every walkway. central park has thousands of people at any given time. it's actually fortunate more people weren't injured in the incident. there's a major school getting out a few minutes after this event occurred. if he had come down there a few minutes later could have been even more tragic. can't prevent them all. new york has done a very good job over the years since 9/11, but in the last 13 months, two major attacks. bombing certainly after jimmy
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o'neill took over from me as commissioner, and then the attack today within sight of the world trade center. >> and the commissioner noting today if not for the action of the one police officer to shoot the suspect may have been even more carnage. thank you very much. hallie jackson is at the white house. what are you hearing from there? any word from the president? >> reporter: few new pieces of information. white house says the president is receiving ongoing briefings about what is happening in manhattan, including tweets. writing in nyc, looked like another attack by sick and deranged person. law enforcement is following this closely. adding not in the usa. within just the last couple of minutes too, the president is now explicitly calling this a terrorist attack. and he's seeming to link it to isis. writing in a second tweet here, we must not allow isis to return or enter our country after defeating them in mi
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enough. first lady has been in new york city today for previous scheduled meetings. she's tweeted thoughts add prayers. as has the president. trump tower is about four miles from the bike path where this happened. troubling for any president but for this president it hits particularly close to home. lester. >> hallie jackson is the the white house, thank you. today is just latest in which attacker used car or truck to mow down people on sidewalks or walkways of cities around the world. isis and al qaeda have called on followers to use vehicles to kill innocent civilians in sudden and dramatic attacks. and they're hard for law enforcement to prevent. more from nbc's tom costello. >> it's a growing terror tactic used around the world. with devastating results. july 2016, truck on the boardwalk in nice, france, 86 killed, 200 injured.
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london bridge in may, eight dead. another five killed in march. around the world attacks in barcelona, stockholm, berlin and in the u.s. last year at ohio state university, 11 injured. for years isis and al qaeda called for this kind of low tech attack, using cars to mow down and kill as many people as possible. >> small-scale attacks using tools, not even weapons but tools widely available make suppressing this entirely not just difficult but truly impossible. >> in new york last may wasn't a terror attack but deranged suspect on drugs who killed a woman and injured 22 after driving through a crowd in time square. nypd commissioner james o'neill told lester earlier this year, threat of trucks is top of mind to critical command, using city trucks to wall off public gatherings, including thanksgiving. >> we had a ring of sa
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sand trucks around the whole route to make sure no unauthorized vehicles on the route. same on new year's eve. fourth of july is always a challenge. >> after i.c.sis called for targeting parade last year, police visited 148 truck rental facilities telling them to be aware of suspicious persons trying to rent a truck. tonight tightened security at halloween parade and world series in l.a. but dilemma of law enforcement, anyone can rent a truck and follow the isis playbook for a lone wolf terror attack. tom costello, thank you. take a turn to special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian meddling into the 2016 campaign. president trump taking to social media to slam a former campaign aide who pleaded guilty of lying -- misleading the fbi, calling him a liar. more from kristen
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>> reporter: guilty plea of george papadopoulos is providing fresh insight into the investigation into russia's attempt to influence the presidential campaign. when papadopoulos was sentenced, october 5th. one of the investigators described it as ongoing investigation of which this case is a small part. he admitted lying to the fbi saying he wasn't a campaign volunteer when he met with russians who bragged they could deliver what they called dirt on hillary clinton. nbc news has learned that one of those questioned last week was according to sources with direct knowledge, sam clovis, a trump campaign aide who appeared to approve of papadopoulos request to go to russia for the campaign but his lawyer says would never have approved of that. >> are you going to pardon manafort? >> thank you. >> reporter: president trump ignored shouted questions today but called papadopoulos a low level volunteer and proven liar. mr. trump's outside
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[000:13:59;00] boy. >> not a person involved in the day-to-day operations of the campaign. >> chief of staff acknowledging the probe is taking a toll. >> it is distracting for the president as would be for any citizen to be investigated for something. >> reporter: there is also disorder about the path forward. president's legal team urging him to stay the course and cooperate with robert mueller even as former chief strategist steve bannon is advising the president to fight back hard against mueller. on capitol hill, bipartisan calls for investigation to proceed unencumbered. >> i have zero concern that mr. mueller is in jeopardy of losing his job. >> i've had full faith and confidence in mueller from the beginning. >> reporter: special counsel told a federal judge that former campaign chair, paul manafort, who has been charged with 12 counts of money laundering and conspiracy poses a serious flight risk and will be closely monitored
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ine lester. >> kristen welker, outside the west wing tonight, thank you. still ahead, titans of tech on the hot seat before congress, what they revealed today about the russian efforts to influence the election on facebook, twitter and google. also more fallout from sexual misconduct allegations against actor kevin spacey. what netflix announced today about the future of his hit show. i've always wanted to create those experiences for others. with my advisor's help along the way, it's finally my turn to be the host. when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise a farmer's what's in this kiester. a fire truck. even a marching band.
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we're back now with three ts world grilled today on capitol hill. for the first time executives from facebook, twitter and google testified publicly about russian attempts to influence the 2016 election on their platforms. jo ling kent reports on posts that you may have seen without realizing where they really came from. >> reporter: tonight, russia's interference in your facebook feed revealed. ads posted in lead-up to 2016 presidential election. >> those ads sought to sow discord and amplify racial and social divisions among american voters. >> reporter: one ad by russian group calling itself heart of texas falsely claimed that hillary clinton has 69% disapproval rating among veterans. second ad erroneously told americans they could vote for hillary by texting. another event paid for
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in rubles by russian entity calli being patriotic invited minors for trump to rally in pennsylvania a month before election day. ads shared and liked by facebook users among the 3,000 targeted at american voters by russian groups. facebook says eventually 11.4 million people saw them. >> this ad is nothing short of the russian government directly interfering in our elections, lying to american citizens, duping folks who believe they are joining and supporting a group about veterans. >> reporter: these ads separate from 80,000 fake russia-linked posts shown to up to 126 million americans in the two years before the election. >> they've won in terms of creating chaos in u.s. institutions amongst political parties and social groups. >> reporter: tomorrow the tech executives will continue to testify how the russian took advantage of their platforms and how they plan to stop it. nbc news, washington. coming up, scary moment for
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i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. there's new fallout from sexual misconduct allegations against actor kevin spacey. netflix has announced that production on the final season of spacey's hit show "house of cards" is now suspended indefinitely and spacey will no longer be honored with 2017 emmy founder's award. actor anthony rapp said spacey made unwanted sexual advances to him when he was just 14. spacey apologized but says he didn't remember the incident. scare today on live television for viewers watching "the wendy williams show". williams was introducing segment, speech became slurred and she collapsed on stage. show quickly went to commercial. she was back after the break. telling viewers it wasn't a stunt. overheated in statue of liberty halloween costume but all right and went with the show. we're glad she's okay.
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treatment for hr+/her2- mbc. finally, it's the night kids wait for all year. in houston, where over 60,000 people are displaced by hurricane harvey, still living in hotel rooms, volunteers are making sure that kids impacted by the storm still get happy halloween. katie beck with inspiring america report. >> reporter: costumes are the heart of halloween. >> as soon as we walked in, saw the dog costume, that's going to be it. >> reporter: moments more precious for houston
7:28 pm
mom ashley completely destroyed by hurricane harvey. >> it was more or less the shock that it's gone. >> my goodness. >> reporter: facing a true night mare. >> hits you more and more every day. >> reporter: halloween last thing on their mind until two locals had an idea. >> we decided, why not start collecting halloween costumes? >> reporter: michelle and becky opened a pop-up shop nearby, costumes free of charge for those who lost everything. >> collected an given out over 1,000 costumes. >> reporter: witches, bats and all things in between, classic costumes making life seem a little less frightening. >> you establish a routine, then you have to figure it out all over again. >> reporter: as they rebuild, trying to preserve traditions for their kids. two-year-old rachel is ready for halloween at grandparents' house this year wearing a free costume and smile that's priceless.
7:29 pm
katie beck, houston. spending part of your evening with us. that's "nightly news" for this tuesday night. i'm lester holt, for all of us, thank you for watching and good night.
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night. i'm lester holt, for ♪ not a trick and certainly no treat. what really caused wendy williams to collapse on live television. beautiful. >> it just may be our most


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