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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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one hurting a child is despicable. now at 11:00, terrorism returns to lower manhattan. >> new yorkers do not give in. >> a lone wolf attacked just blocks away from the world trade center. >> it wasn't just a car accident.
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picture of the suspect and the first clues about his motive. >> it's just so crazy. >> plus, refusing to bow to fear. new york's halloween parade goes on. >> announcer: news4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. >> and we've got a lot to catch you up on from new york tonight. new information since we last saw you at 6:00. good evening, i'm doreen gentzler. >> i'm leon harris. law enforcement sources tell nbc news that they found a note inside the rental truck that a man used to mow down people on a bike path in new york this afternoon, and in that note the suspect claimed that he did it for isis. tonight eight people are dead. at least 11 more hurt. the suspect is originally from uzbekistan. he's been living in the u.s. since 2010. >> president donald trump reacting on twitter saying he's ordered homeland security to step up extre
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he did not elaborate other than to say, this is not a time for political correctness. our team coverage starts with news4's aaron gilchrist. he's live on the ground in manhattan. aaron? >> reporter: doreen and leon, a lot of information, new information about the vick films and the suspect in this case. we are about a block away from the -- where this incident ended this afternoon, still a very heavy police presence as the investigation continues there. we are now learning that the suspect in this case was a driver for uber. they have put out a statement late this evening, we also learned that five of the victims who were killed here were from argentina. one of them from belgium. that information coming from the foreign ministers of those countries. let me take you now above the scene here. chopper 4 new york flying above the truck that was rented from home depot, and we believe across the river in new jersey, and the school bus that it collided with near the end of this rampage aft
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path, a school bus was hit. two children, two adults injured on that bus. the latest on the investigation now from news4's jay gray. >> reporter: we have multiple people on the ground. >> it happened out of nowhere. i was walking down the street, it was a normal day and then just multiple gunshots one after the other. it was completely unexpected. >> reporter: this rented truck barrelling over bike riders and slamming into a school bus. eight people were killed, 11 injured. >> this was an act of terror and a particularly cowardly act of terror. aimed at innocent civilians. >> reporter: carried out police say by 29-year-old uzbeki national. showing him after he jumped from the truck yelling allahu akbar according to police. >> i thought he was doing it with
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the guy with two guns for some reason was running around, he was getting chased. then four shots went off and we started running. >> reporter: a patrol officer shooting and stopping the suspect. he's in bellevue hospital right now and to this point has refused to speak to investigators there. police say he acted alone and at this point in the investigation federal agents say they found no connection between the suspect and any terror organization. s. jay gray, nbc news, new york. >> reporter: thanks to jay. this investigation continues. the fbi taking the lead along with the new york police department. still a lot of information to try to gather and comb through. they'll be working through the night. at the same time at the behest of the mayor of new york city, life goes on in a sense here. we'll show you some video from new york halloween parade. the village halloween parade, the 44th year for this parade and it stepped off on time. the police department said they had no intention of cancelling that parade. they did, however, increase the
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and unseen police officers here in new york city. thousands of people participating in the parade here, and it was very much like what you'd expect to see from a halloween parade here in new york city. at the same time, i can't help but notice, leon and doreen, that we are in the footprint, the shadow, if you will, of the world trade center. the tower tonight lit up in red, white and blue. >> and i'll bet that is a real shot in the arm for the people of new york. aaron, for people here who are not quite familiar with that tribeca area there of new york, talk about where this happened and what is nearby. there is a lot going on there. >> reporter: there is a lot going on here. but i think the tribeca neighborhood -- and i've visited new york frequently. i have family here in brooklyn. this area, it's a neighborhood. this is not necessarily the touristy area you might associate with times square with the rockefeller center area. there are lots of families in this area. some businesses, too, and people who would be tourists looking around. as you get clos
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incident happened, there are some parks over there. it's a place that people come out and enjoy the day. it was a nice fall day today. soar to this to have unfolded the way it did in an area that is residential, if you will, it's def niftyinitely a shock ts who live here in lower manhattan. >> good hustling there. he's going to be our eyes and ears there on the ground as the investigation develops. tune into news 4 today starting at 4:00 a.m. >> the awful attack in new york came before trick or treaters and party goers were getting ready to take to the streets. d.c. police took notice. jackie benson is in georgetown with the heightened security for halloween. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, i can tell you there are a lot of police officers out here tonight. the horrific events in lower manhattan. >>
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georgetown in droves. we asked if being in the middle of a soft target environment, pedestrian area crowded with children gives them pause for concern. >> a lot of police, it was protected. >> i would say it was on my mind. we've been seeing it happen all over the world. unfortunately it's a matter of time before it happens here. bottom line, if we live in fear they win. >> i've been doing this every year for ten years and just thought it would be okay. it actually didn't even enter my mind not to come. >> reporter: new this year, but planned prior to the event in new york, strategically placed dump trucks camable pable of bl a car attack. >> we take measures to make sure it doesn't happen here. we want people to come out and have a happy halloween. >> reporter: and police officers did go around to the various bars and restaurants tonight inst
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other staff, if you see something, say something. live in georgetown, jackie benson, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. in other news tonight, fairfax county police are responding to the video of a man's arrest over the weekend that shows several officers holding him down at a parade in annandale. news 4 shomari stone shows why the police chief is standing by his officers. >> reporter: the cell phone video shows two fairfax county police officers take down michael stark on saturday. >> you feel this was an unlawful arrest? >> i do still believe this was an unlawful arrest. i don't think i was doing anything that was disorderly. >> reporter: the trouble started when stark was shooting cell phone video of republican gubernatorial candidate ed gillespie's butt arriving at the annandale parade. he is a reporter for the stark blue media. the company says on its website, quote, we produce practical factual content to dee
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presidency and empower the majority of americans to fight. on the video you can hear an officer tell stark to stay out of the roadway and stand on the sidewalk. stark says he told the officer he's a reporter. the officer walks away and stark continues to talk using profanity with kids watching. [ bleep ]. it's against the law to curse in public in fairfax county. >> that is called disorderly conduct. we are law enforcement officers. it's our role, our mission, our profession to protect our community. >> reporter: police chief edwin rossler defends the arrest. >> the officer had a reasonable fear that harm would come to him and used a lawful take down technique to take the arrest. >> reporter: he was told to keep him away because he has been critical of gillespie. the gillespie campaign won't comment on the arrest. >> the police man that i was primarily in the heated conversation with told me i ul
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the gillespie bus or anybody on the bus. >> reporter: michael stark is facing two charges, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. in fairfax, shomari stone, news 4. >> news4 is trying to find out why personal tax documents were put out on a d.c. sidewalk unprotected after a business apparently was evicted. we discovered boxes stacked up outside of speedy tax location on h street northeast today. d.c. police are telling us that they tried to november those documents, but someone from the business did eventually show up to deal with them. a person who phoned in the tip says the boxes contained social security numbers and other personal information. we tried to get in touch with the business tonight, but we got no answer. >> look out for cameras trying to use an awful tragedy on i-66 to dupe you into donating money. the family of marisa harris says they are not behind any of those fund-raising efforts including one page on gofundme. harris was killed on saturday on -6
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onto her car from the cedar lane overpass. the 12-year-old boy survived. police say he tried to kill himself. gofundme tells news4 tonight one campaign has been reported and removed from the platform. the campaign did not receive any donations and that user has been banned. >> next at 11:00, new sexual harassment allegations against actor kevin spacey. adding to questions about the future of house of cards. >> i'm scott macfarlane. we all walk around with our phones in our hands. in a rising number of cases those phones are being stolen. what you should do and shouldn't do if that happens to you. >> all right. a cold night, temperatures in the 30s. look at this. 36 warrenton, 38 manassas right now. i'll show you what you will wake up to and the next
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it's getting hard to keep up any more, but there are more allegations of sexual harassment tonight coming out of hollywood and the role of journalism. today netflix suspended production of the newest season of house of cards because of accusations against star kevin spacey and now a second actor has come forward accusing spacey of sexual misconduct. robert kabaso said spacey fondled him against his will at a london theater. there's no response yet from kevin spacey. meanwhile cbs is investigating a tweet about the actor jeremy piven. actress ariana belamar tweeted piven groped her on two
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occasions. he stars on the cbs show wisdom of the crowd. he hasn't responded to requests for comment. he told the associated press just yesterday he was glad accusers were coming forward with their stories about harvey weinstein. and the chief editor at national public radio, npr, is on leave tonight. michael areskas is accused of abruptly kissing two women who were trying to get jobs at "the new york times" back when he was the washington bureau chief for that newspaper back in the 1990s. the times is investigating. there's no response yet from areska. >> the new iphone 10 is going to be released in just a matter of days. scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team reveals criminals who talk on your phone are getting more brazen around the dmv. >> reporter: people running through metro stations, but not to catch trains. they're running to catch the people who
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below ground and above. in a string of recent cases brazen criminals snatched phones in a flash right out of people's hands. it happened this summer at a donut shop on new york avenue and months earlier it was ginette oliver's phone. >> i instinctively grabbed for my phone, it wasn't there. >> reporter: stolen from a spot she thought was safe. >> it was taken in church of all places. >> reporter: she said a visitor grabbed it from her purse. >> you want to be palomiwelcomi. it is church. it was gone. >> reporter: they found something we didn't expect. several police agencies report the overall number of phone thefts is actually dropping. as technology allows more owners to brick or lock their phones rendering them inoperative if stolen. but get this, we also discovered that thousands of phone heists still occurring in our area each year are getting more physical. is it scary? >> after the shock woreff
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>> reporter: marianne harding has never seen the video until now of the moments after a man stole her phone on capitol hill. he hustled off e street and toward a metro train. this didn't happen in the dark of night. >> it was 10:30 on a monday morning. >> reporter: her phone was never recovered. >> i had to process what just happened? did i imagine this? no, i didn't imagine it my phone is gone, my bag is gone and i see him off in a dloud of dust. >> reporter: i i-team found one pattern, an easy escape route. in recent weeks the crook struck near a door of the cvs pharmacy on 12th street. a crowded pizza space on u street. as the doors of a train opened at archives metro stop. police say we are leaving ourselves too vulnerable to these snatch and grabs holding our phones out in the open, having ear buds as we walk, focusing too much on what is in front of us and not what is around us. >> always know how many stops i
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>> reporter: he has eyes in the sky watching for would-be phone snatchers, including here at their security operations center in landover. and with police scattered on the platforms. but he says riders need to be vigilant, too. >> look for other people around you. are they watching somebody that you should be watching? >> reporter: be aware of people standing a little too close. our producer and a metro staffer showed how normal it would look if someone is in position to steal your phone. do not do what this passenger did at a green line station, chase after the man who stole her phone. watch the video as he weaves through the station. the victim follows him back onto the train before the thief jumps back off. marianne harding said she never tried to run after. >> snatched the bag off my hand and it was gone like a rocket. even if i were his age i could never have chased him. >> reporter: these days she's keeping her eyes up if others are looking down. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> we'll have to see
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got his phone back. the i-team is always working to keep your family safe. if you have a story to investigate, visit our washington app and click on investigations. >> got to be careful out there. so, doug, another halloween, trick or treating is -- should be over by now. it was -- >> in the books. >> it was a good night to have a warm furry costume, wasn't it? >> it really was. it got cold pretty quickly out there. right now we're already in the 30s. >> superman, too? >> my superman costume kept me warm, leon. i'll be honest with you. those tights -- >> the tights. >> exactly right. [ laughter ] >> hang on. >> show you what's happening outside right now. why are you putting that picture out there? temperature wise we're sitting at 60 degrees in the city. take a look at this. right now we're in the 30s already in most of the suburbs. 36 winchester, 38 manassas, 39 culpepper, 37 up toward frederick. look what you happen to wake up to in the morning. it is still going to be a cool one. 39 degrees in mostly upper 30s, could be some patchy frost.
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in that may help to stop that from forming. we have some -- no rain right now. but we do have a storm system moving our way. not around us now, but it is back to the west. here it is, it has some rain sor associated with it, even snow in kansas city. temperatures will rise a couple degrees before sunrise and a slight chance of a shower to our north. again, clear skies right now. watch what happens by around 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. here comes the clouds. and then some hour activity to our northwest zones. most likely up around hagerstown, martinsburg, back towards morgan county, west virginia. that's really about it. the rest of us just dealing with the cloud cover during the day. tomorrow isolated showers winchester to frederick possible. as i mention most of us on the dry side. temperatures tomorrow at the bus stop going to be cool. chilly 45-degree start 7:00 a.m. 56, isolated shower north, 62 degrees rather nice by 3:00. i think we'll stay in the cloud cover
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it will be cool not all that bay. 74 degrees thursday. friday 78. a couple really nice days here thursday and friday before the bottom drops out on friday -- rather on saturday. winds become out of the northeast. those northeasterly winds help things to cool off. chance of rain saturday. not a wash out. on sunday make sure you fall back, saturday night into sunday morning. we actually gain an hour of sleep. that is good news because i will be out at the longevity walk out there d.c. downtown join me on sunday morning for that and a chance of showers next monday, tuesday, wednesday and maybe thursday. by the way, late next week we have the coldest air of the season coming in. many areas will be below freezing the first time. >> we like the longest weekend of the year. that's a good thing. >> that is nice. that is a fall back. >> all right. still ahead, a legend hoping to turn things around, but the hill top, the turves are hoping a
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>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk. >> sports plates are full at nba, nhl, adding one more. >> we want a feel good story. i have a feel good story for you. no extra charge. it's a long way to the top. we're talking feel good. patrick ewing you should know, he's been there. ewing led georgetown to an ncaa title in 1984 before going on to hall of fame career in the nba. and now he has a top job at his alma mater. head coach. but it came after working for 15 years as an assistant in the nba. yeah, feel good. do something paid ifu
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>> all you need is an opportunity. if you succeed, it's great. if you don't, at least you have been given an opportunity. all you want is an opportunity to suck seeceed or to fail. >> what are you looking to instill in this program, put that patrick ewing touch on this program? >> work ethic, just have a great work ethic, strength, togetherness, you know, and i want them to, you know -- us against the world mentality. >> all right. and they're getting ready to starts their season. they'll have to do it without their biggest star the last seasons, mellow left to go pro in the spring and maryland losing a clutch player and leader on the floor. many hoping sophomore anthony cowan steps up, fills his shoes. he had a great freshman season. mark turgeon knows cowan can't do it alone. >> i don't want to put that kind of pressure on
11:27 pm
he's filling mellow's shoes. we have tway whole group of guys, we have a nice team. as we get closer i think anthony knows the message, just make the right plays and get the ball to the right people at the right time. >> he's not here so now we have to figure it out. that's what we've been doing so far. a practice has been good. my teammates help the young guys learn what they need to get din so far. i think we're headed in the right direction so far. >> tis the season. fun night at capital arena, wizards hosting a halloween party. full makeup on for his vampire costume. hosting kids his age 6 to 12, dream for kids taking time to read the halloween book and of course treats for all the kids. fun for everyone, especially all the players. >> it's amazing. for them to be in the locker room first and foremost is probably something beyond their wildest dream. for me to be in here with them enjoying this time is a blessing. i'm just happy. i look a little scarier than i thought i
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but, you know, i'm a rocket. it's going to be all right. >> he dressed as characters from good night goon. apparently there is a good night goon. >> okay. >> i wouldn't make that up. i i'll give
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starting tomorrow in south korea and tomorrow marks 100 days until the winter olympics begin in pyeongchang. the olympic flame arrived there just hours ago from greece on
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the torch now on a 100-day long journey in south korea before the opening ceremony on february 9. stay tuned tomorrow, we'll speak live with nbc olympic primetime host mike as we count down to the opening ceremony. >> i always wonder how they take the f
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, millie bobby brown,


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