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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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about the investigation as a whole this morning. >> we've been able to gather quite a bit. our sister city has been working to gather information as well. we can share that with you. i want to point out that as we are set up a block away from the scene where this all ended after that truck came down several blocks of a bike path that was littered with basicyclists and people walking as well, that truck is still on the scene here in the shadow of the world trade center. we can see right over our shoulder. let me show you video that we're just getting into the newsroom, some cell phone video that shows the suspect running away from the scene after this attack. you take a look here. he had a hoodie pulled over his head but new york city police say this is 29-year-old sayfullo saipov. you can see him pulling into traffic and then pulled out what we learned was a bb gun and he started to fire. we have new photo of police arresting the man after he was
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now that video was taken just moments after police say the suspect drove the rented truck on to a bike trail and into a crowd of people. he also krarkd incrashed into a bus. five people who died are from argentina. one victim is from belgium. we are waiting to learn more about the other victims killed here. law enforcement is telling us that he left a note claiming that he committed the attack for isis. this is the work of a loan wolf. 29-year-old sayfullo saipov. he's from uzbekistan. >> this happened in the middle of the afternoon with dozens of people around on the path.
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witnesses about what they saw when this unfolded? >> reporter: you're absolutely right, eun. this happened in the middle of a but the full day, they were getting off work, three schools in this neighborhood in tribeca. all of a sudden, complete chaos broke out. >> it happened out of nowhere. i was walking down the street. it was a normal day. >> he's in the bike lane. clearly in the bike lane and i see -- when i go down, i see two gentlemen laying right there in the bike lane with tire marks across their body. you could tell that they're not here no more. >> reporter: just an absolutely terrifying scene, a horrific description to hear about what happened here yesterday afternoon and still new york city is new york city. there was a halloween parade that happened less than a mile away from here last night. we're going to have much more on
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15 minutes. eun, we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, aaron. we'll check in with aaron throughout the day. more now on the suspect. he came to the u.s. legally in 2010 as aaron mentioned. officials say he's been staying in new jersey where he allegedly rented the truck he used in yesterday's deadly attack. his permanent address is listed in tamt pa, florida. one of our nbc news choppers was over his apartment. we interviewed his neighbors. they said he seems like a nice guy but they didn't know him well. >> we always saw him early in the morning, then at night. >> to see this person one day and it's something you kabts believe. >> we've learned the suspect was an uber driver for six months and made more than 1400 trips. investigars
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say saipov did not have a big online presence. investigators are looking to interview his wife. we heard from the president several times overnight as he weighed in on the attack in his hometown. president trump said he ordered the homeland security department to step up what he's calling our already extreme vetting program. he goes on to say, quote, being politically correct is fine but not for this. we want to bring you team coverage back here at home. it continues with news 4's justin finch. >> justin, you're on the national mall. it's always been considered a soft target. what does that heen? >> it's like the mall that tends to be. people in these spots have got to pay attention. four things to keep in mind as you make your way out for the rest of the days following this sad
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we see people with cameras all the time, but experts say be mindful of where those cameras are being aimed. doors and security checkpoints, they say, are definite red flags. and here in d.c. we've got history and monuments everywhere, and of course with that come questions. once they delve into staff counts, shift changes, that can be deemed suspicious. pulling on alarms to test security and how quickly first responders react, but any time you see or hear something striking, police want to hear from you, especially after halloween and those attacks. here in d.c. police are ramping up patrols. >> we can make operational maneuvers to make sure people can be safe and the other will make people feel safe. we do that through a
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presence. >> reporter: usually they get a lot of great tips from people who observe things with those who are involved after the event or sometimes before. to really attract the cases, they need to make sure it happens. >> justin finch live on the mall. thank you. >> important to remember to be aware of your surroundings. >> that heavy police presence could be seen in georgetown. >> hundreds of people made their way there for the annual halloween celebration. kids, parents, single folks, they were all there creating a so-called soft target for terrorists. new this year but planned prior to the attack in new york was strategically placed dump trucks. they're capable of wlblocking a car attack.
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somewhat concerned? >> well, i keep my eyes open. i can tell you that. >> i've been doing this every year for ten years and just thought it would be okay. actually, it didn't even enter my mind not to come. >> we did hear police officers going around to some of the various bars and restaurants and telling the staff to speak up if they see something suspicious. we're monitoring this story on all of our platforms. as you get ready to head to work, you can still find out the very latest on the nbc washington app. overnight right here in the district, someone crashed into the metro bus. what happened, molette? >> someone hit it. we saw medics wheeling someone away. it's not clear how the person was involved. the car that hit the bus flipped over on to its
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avenue on hayes street. that's right on top of the minnesota avenue metro station. now back to you guys. >> all right, molette. thank you. it's 4:38. we want to get another check on weather and traffic. >> some people could feel a few sprinkles today? >> yeah, a few sprinkles in the forecast but we're definitely going to notice the cool cover around. there are the clouds. more of them working. a few sprinkles in today's forecast. temperatures cool 40 in gaithersburg, 40 manassas, 45 in clinton. i think you'd want a jacket when you step outside. as the sun starts to come up, you will notice all the clouds. 8:00, 48 degrees. 52 by 9:00 a.m. we'll take a look at the afternoon forecast and some big changes coming up. let's check the roads. >> right now 66
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this morning. as you look at 270 from 70 down to the spur we are nice and clear here now. no problems there. going to take you 26 minutes if you're headed southbound. northbound, same situation where there's no big delay there. up top of the beltway, all of these routes into town and out of town. >> melissa, thank you. hollywood sex scandal widens. the new allegations against kevin spacey and several others. six weeks, more than 3,000 tickets as we've seen a crackdown. we continue to follow breaking news where eight people are dead after a man rammed a box truck into them. we are on scene including why a
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to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. you're watching "news 4 today." we have information on three new allegations of sexual misconduct. >> yeah, some of them may involve some familiar names starting with kevin spacey. a second actor has come forward. robert cavasos says spacey fondled him against his will at a theater in london. spacey who did apologize on monday after another actor accused him of sexual abuse. netflix issu
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of "house of cards." meanwhile, cbs is investigating an allegation against pivots. he hasn't commented on belomar's tweet. yesterday he told the associated press he was glad accusers were coming forward. the chief editor of npr is on leave. michael arescus is accused of abruptly kissing two women of getting jobs back in 1990. the times is now investigating. no response yet from arescus. well, good morning. it is cool as you step outside. as the kids head to the bus stop, maybe a jacket. we have a lot more clouds around this morning. we'll see a lot more clouds moving in throughout the day y.
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by 3:00 p.m. we have a chance of a few sprinkles. temperatures in the low 60s. you will see cloudy skies but a
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right. streaming is only as good as your internet. so get the best internet - with the 100% fiber-optic network - get fios - now just $79.99 per month for fios gigabit connection plus tv and phone. we continue to stay on top of breaking news out of new york. new video this morning showing first responders tearing apart a school bus to rescue two children and two adults trapped inside. >> yeah, the suspect in yesterday's terror attack crashed into this bus after he drove into a bike path and hit more than a dozen people. we have team coverage of this deadly terror attack. multiple crews in new york, but we want to start with nbc's chris malone with more information about the suspect and where he was living before the attack. >> reporter: yeah, good
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chris and eun. obviously that's one big facet of this investigation. investigators following several leads trying to track down exactly how this all happened. how did he end up on this bike path yesterday, whether he worked with anyone else and what the motivation is behind this. as you mentioned, police know that this 29-year-old suspect, saipov, was living over in paterson, new jersey, just across the river. they say he was a truck driver and also drove for uber and had spent some time in the past in florida. he actually has a florida driver's license as he was captured yesterday. they are in the process of searching his home over in paterosn. police do know that he apparently rented this truck that was used in the attack over at a home depot, drove over the george washington bridge before coming here to lower manhattan. we'll certainly continue to
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we'll go back to you now. >> chris pollone live for us in new york this morning. we'll stay on top of the story into the broadcast. this is raising questions about what can be done to stop future attacks. >> president trump has ordered homeland security officials to step up so-called extreme vetting of immigrants. news 4's tracie pots continues our coverage on capitol hill. what does that mean? >> reporter: we don't know, chris and eun. good morning, everyone. the president hasn't tweeted about it. extreme vetting has been part of his answer to the travel plan. what he means by stepping up extreme vetting, are we going to see more questions, more securi security and more people being pulled aside? it's not clear. we
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>> tracie, what about police? >> reporter: soft targets, law enforcement admits how do you stop a lone wolf attacker with a car, with a vehicle? one of the things they're talking about is better intelligence. trying to figure out who has an axe to grind with the united states. w who's under the influence of isis. trying to pinpoint who may be subject to doing something like this. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. earlier this year the tsa put out a detailed document about ramming attacks like this one in new york. it said commercial vehicles such as trucks are often used in these attacks and that the commercial vehicle industry should be on guard for drivers who aren't familiar with what they were renting, paid in cash or tried to drive through barriers or off the road. the tsa released the
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at that point there had already been three ramming attacks around the world this year. coming up at 5:00, we're going to go back to new york and aaron gilchrist. he had the eyes on the ground as the investigation developed and we'll bring us the very latest. >> here at home we have an update on a bizarre homicide investigation. we have learned that a husband and father from chinchilli are in jail right now. police say frank price called his family member early saturday morning and asked them to come take care of his kids. when the family arrived they found his wife wisdom dead. police say the husband was earlier involved in a car crash less than a mile away from the house and now he has been charged with first degree murder. lookout for scammers trying to use a tragedy on 66th to dupe you into donating money. the family of marissa harris says they're not behind any of those fundraising efforts including one goun
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harris died when a boy fell on to her car. the 12-year-old survived. police are investigating the accident as an attempted suicide. go fund me says, quote, one campaign has been reported and removed from the platform. the campaign did not receive any donations and the user has been banned. that's sick to think that people would try to take advantage of people's loss. >> brings out the worst in people. in just a little more than a month police have given thousands of traffic citations and made multiple arrests along indian head highway. >> it's prompting a meeting saturday to hash out ways to improve safety. adam tuss is on now. what are police seeing there? >> reporter: oh, my goodness, chris. you talk about a crackdown. since the beginning of september here on indian head highway we are talking about over 3,000
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3100 traffic citations just on this stretch road in prince gorges county. if you know indian head highway, you know that it has a notorious reputation. take a look. there have been some nasty crashes on this road over the years, and what prince gorges county police have also found is that there are some people who are not getting the message about slowing down on this road. in one instance just last week they found a driver who was going 115 miles an hour in a 55-mile-an-hour zone and that driver also had a young child in the front seat with no car seat and they also had a kid in the back seat. there are some real, real bad people who are doing some traffic violations out here on indian head highway. the police obviously cracking down. they're going to continue to crack down. guys, back to you. >> adam tuss live for us. adam, thank you. all right. chuck bell is here with a pretty chilly start to your day, i'd
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not going to be a very pretty day. yesterday, wow, great to be outside. >> sunny. >> trick or treating went well? >> everything is great. >> peanut issues? >> he knows the story about my son and the allergies. >> we had it on the show. >> glad that all crises were averted and everybody can come down -- >> eating too much candy is a cris crises, right? >> little bit of a sugar fix that will last a few days, that's for sure. a cool start here in the city. colder still once you get out into the shenandoah valley where temperatures are ten degrees lower here and around the city. 46 at national airport but 39 winchester, front royal and la ray. 42 in fredericksburg. 45 degrees in your neck of the woods. temperatures today, we'll get a decent rise in temperatures but not much in the way of sunshine today. afternoon temperatures will probably stay in the 50s in the shenandoah. low to mid 60s in the city.
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washington. 59 in gaithersburg. only 52 in winchester. here is your ten day forecast. low 60s today with a lot of clouds. not much of a rain chance. then, hey, did someone say 70s again? yes, thursday and friday super warm. a lot of clouds around for the weekend. not a washout, melissa. just a lot of clouds and no 70s unfortunately. >> i'm looking forward to the next few days. that sounds great. eastbound 66 at the beltway right now has traffic stopped. we're on the phone. virginia state police they're telling us this is an injured deer. right now temporarily shut down. inner loop and outer loops, no problems. everything is running fine on the beltway. 95 on dale city. northbound and southbound looking good. through prince gorges county, no be problems. outbound we're going to take a problem and tell you what's happening there on branch avenue. guys? >> melissa, thank you. we're working for you. if you driv
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so it's no secret, especially now in our business, we're both working parents. we're just stressed out a lot. >> you're telling me. >> right? >> the thing is, it's the source of that stress that may come as a bit of a surprise. the annualst
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report finds nearly 2/3 of respondents say the future of the nation is actually a significant source of stress. higher than the normal causes like work and money. folks 60% says they consider this to be the lowest point in american history while most people follow the news on a normal basis. 56% say doing that causes them a lot of stress. >> reality. >> yeah. a massive effort gets underway to prevent toxic fumes from getting into more than a million suvs. >> news 4 investigation confirmed levels of carbon monoxide in two ford explorers and now the automaker is taking action. susan hogan is here with what you need to know. >> reporter: well, beginning today, ford is offering free repairs associated with carbon monoxide leaks in explorers. this impacts roughly 1.3 million explorers. after the reports of carbon monoxide issues in at least
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regular customers. they felt their explorer was making them sick and putting them to sleep. we had tests for carbon monoxide. ford sent out engineers. we also found more than 2700 complaints to federal regulators who are still investigating the issue. ford continues to say its explorers are safe and they have not found carbon monoxide levels that exceed what people are exposed to every day. once again, ford is offering the free repairs to all explorers between model years 2011 to 2017. you can go see the rest of our ongoing investigation on our nbc washington app. just search ford explorer. back to you. you got kids in there? >> i need an ambulance right
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it's 5:00 a.m. and we are getting our first look at newspaper headlines this morning. just hours after the deadliest terror attack in new york city since september 11th, 2001. take a look, "the new york post" headlines, terror returns to nyc. >> take a look at the photo on the left the daily news, bike path bloodbath. simple but relatively effective. i'm chris lawrence. >> i'm eun yang. aaron gill crest is live in tribeca. aaron, set the scene for us this morning. >> reporter: really a horrifying scene unfolded here yesterday afternoon. this morning this is still an area that is swarming with police officers. you can see behind me where this road about a block away from where that home depot truck is still sitting is blocked off


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