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tv   Today  NBC  November 1, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning. breaking overnight, terror in manhattan. >> we've got multiple casualties, this is a mass casualty situation here. >> eight killed, 11 injured in the first deadly terror attack in new york city since 9/11. the suspect plowing his truck down a crowded bike path going nearly a mile before being shot and wounded by police. >> four shots went off and we all just started running. >> reporte . >> america's biggest cy this was an act of terror. >> savannah's live on the scene today, november, wednesday 1, 2017.
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with matt lauer in studio 1a in rockefeller plaza and savannah guthrie, live in tribeca. >> good rn good morni, welcome to this split edition of "today" on nbc. i'm matt lauer in studio 1-a. savannah is at the scene of a attack where halloween was turned into chaos and carnage, savannah. >> it was. this was a neighborhood about to be full of kids, trick or treating, kids getting out of school and in a nt everythingha. we have new information and i want to get to the latest on the investigation. as we know, eight people were killed, 11 seriously injured. this makes it the first deadly terror attack in new york city since 9/11. >> the suspect is identified as
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sayfulo saipov from pakistan. he drove his car down a block. he's under close guard at a hospital this morning. he's expected to survive. >> we have now learned he entered the u.s. seven years ago. sources tell ne he left a note in his rented truck. breaking just a few minutes ago, we have learned exactly what was written in that . allegedly he wrote, isis lives forever. a federal terror investigation is under way, being led by joint terrorism task e. >> this morni investigators are questioning the man behind a deadly terror attack in lower manhattan. an attack he appartly committed in e name of isis just blocks from wldra center. >> multiple casualties. >> 29-year-old
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is in custody, responsible for killing eight people and injuring more th a dozen others. >> this was an exact of terror and particular cowardly act of terror. >> shortly after 3:00 p.m., authorities say he drove a pickup truck onto a bike path onto manhattan's busy west side highway. he drove nearly a mile from houston street to chamber street, running over cyclists and pedestrians along the way. >> one gentleman's legs was hanging, the other man had tire marks across his chest. >> the suspect crashed into a school childr with special needs children. two were injured. he got out of the truck brandishing a pellet gun and paintball gun. a police offer is credited with taking him down, shooting him in the abdomen. >> kids around? >> yeah. i first found out about it
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a young 5, 6-year-old girl yelling he had a gun and the mother was very scared. >> i ran to the window. i see a car, people dead, i see bicycles on the floor. >> witnesses say saipov shouted al alla akba. an immigrant from uzbekistan moved to united states in 2010. a friend telling nbc news he's been working in new jersey, working as an uber driver. uber says it's cooperating with the investigatio after the attack, president trump tweeted, the suspect is a very sick and deranged person. hours later he tweeted again. i have just ordered homeland security to step up our already extreme vetting program. being politically correct is
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governor andrew cuomo focused on new yorkers' resilience. >> we lived with this before, we felt the pa before, we feel the pain today. but we go forward together. we go forwarderha ever. ever. >> overnight the spire of one world train center lit up in red, white, and blue, in honor of the victims. and with us now are two people who witnessed the attack and it's aftermath, we have gene and anthony who's asked us not to use his last name, and good morning to both of you. i'm glad to be with you. we met yesterday. you work here. your son goes to school here. this is our neighborhood. anthony, tell me what you saw. >> i was waiting for my son to pick him up from school. and i was in my car in the passenger's side, the back door, and i heard a big smash so then i looked up and i saw the bus after it hit the pickup truck hit the bus, it's coming
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but then the driver swerved uphill. on chamber's street and then i looked back down to the pickup truck to see if the guy was okay and -- >> you thought it was an accident. >> i thought it was an accident. he had his hands up in the air and i saw guns in his hands, waving them, and coming towards me, but then went around the truck and then went towards westside highway. at that point, i literally just went and started grabbing kids and saying get back in the school, get back in the school. there's a shooter, there's a shooter. and i was just pushing kids back in the school. looking for my son to make sure he's not out. i didn't see him and i pushed the kids back in and i ran up to get the police that were at stiverson to push them down in the right direction. >> police asked you to identify the shooter later. can you tell me about that? >> yes, i was
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the ambulance, the perpetrator was in the ambulance and i just said yep, that was him. he had a red stripe on his shirt and he was all bloody and he was in the ambulance. >> gene, you and i met yesterday on this very corner. you work near here, you were walking home. can you tell me what you saw. >> when i got out of the work, i was crossing the street. for some reason behind me i heard screaming, loud screaming, so it was a different kind of scream, so i went back, there was a female yelling really loud. i went back and i looked, i seen the white pickup truck in the bike path. and all of the sudden, i knew something was wrong. when i got closer to the lady is when i seen that there were people on bikes that were run over. and, you know, they were not with us no more. they passed away. and that's what she saw. and she was hysterical, crying, screaming, she was on the phone with somebody. and it was -- all the c
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running. they don't even know what's going on. they were just as confused as i was. i didn't expect to see something like this. you know, i just came out of work, i'm trying to get home and seeing this is -- it's crazy. >> and when you saw that you saw two individuals -- >> i saw two individuals -- >> you knew in your heart. >> i knew they weren't with us no more. you could just tell the shape they were in. their body wasn't -- like if somebody gets hit bay car going 20 miles per hour they're okay, they're moving. these guys, they had no movement, nothing. >> how fast do you think the car was going? >> about 50 miles per hour. i didn't know where he got on until later on when i sat down after all of this happened and i found out he got on the path at houseton street, that's a long ways. i just came out of work here at 26. and i don't know if he missed me or i missed him, but, you know, somebody was looking out for me because that could have easily been me. >> anthony, i know it's so
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listen, there's a school right there. you're going to pick up your son. how, how are you processing this this morning? how is your little boy doing? >> he went trick or treating last night, he was like okay, normal day, went trick or treating, it was fine, did his homework. and it was back to school today. like a normal day. you know, and now they have to put more barricades up on these bike paths so no cars can be on that. you know. to prevent this all. >> well, it was quite a day. and i thank you both for being here early this morning and sharing your story. >> you're welcome. >> back to you, matt. >> savannah, thank you so much. jonathan is the deanst is the chief investigator here in new york. good to see you. why are officials so convinced so early that this guy acted alone? >> the best information is because they've spoke within the best is information is because they o with him in the hospital. he's boasting from his bedside
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everything th detected so far on his social media. they found he has gone online and visited isis-related websites. every indicio s far is that he's acted alone. of course, they' going to run down everything else to make sure that he had no financial help, he had no supporters, this isn't part of a larger cell. but less than a day into this, they are reasonably confident he is a lone wolf and during the overnight hours they're confident -- >> they say boasti authis. apparently he p what he did on that bike path. you talk about his friends, his family. they're talking to his wife right now. have they learned anything from her right now? >> i know she's been met by fbi and officials in paterson, new jersey. i don't know if she had
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lone actor, came to this country and been in paterson since january. he work says as a uber driver. they know he drove over the george washington bridge, drove down the left side highway and carried out the attack an hour later. >> they know through various means that he had been in that area many times in the past. are they suspecting that's because of his work as an yoouber driver casing the sfloekz. >> they nt to know did he do test runs? they're concerned he did test runs. how did he know how to hit that site? again, because worked as an uber driver, they also know its possible he went down the left side highway in the past. >> doesn't se he had any escape plan. he had a pellet gun,
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he left behind. was th whi a suicide mission that didn't take place? >> he was going there to kill and possibly be killed. >> jonathan deinst of wnbc, appreciate it. savannah? >> i'm joined by craig melvin, covering the viofhi terrifyinat go mni. >> good morning. we're learning a little more about those killed, about those who were hurt. we're also learning a little more about that hero nypd officer who stped up to likely prevent even moroohe >> five of the victims killed in the manhattan terror attack are from argentina. the group of friends was visiting frand were in new york city celebrati the 30th an verse riff thr chl graduati.
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>> traffic shut down. it's going to be a crime scene. >> the devastation could have been even worse if not for a quick-thinking nypd officer. >> uniform police officer confronted the subject and shot him in the abdomen. >> according to reports, ryan nash sprang into action, ending his rampage. new york city councilman joe borelli saying, calling him the hero cop. >> i was to commend the officer on post near the location who stopped the carnmes after itan >> just hours after the attack, resilient new yos attending the city's annual greenwich city halloween parade. among the tens of thousands dressed up in their costumes, a beefed up police presence to keep them safe. some parade goers saying they wanted to hon the spir
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>> it's terrible. god bless every it's terrie ap >> thousands of new yorkers here. in your neighborhood undeterred by what happedhere. we also since learned the hero cop five years on the force. >> and in the exact right position that needed to be to spring into action. craig, thank you very much. we'll stick close as we continue to cover this story. for now, matt, back to you. >> new developments into russia's investigation into russian electione. peter alexander at the white house for . odorng. >> good morning. the white house trying to distance itself from the foreign policy campaign manager who pleaded guilty to misleading the fbi about his contact with russian officials during the campaign. the president himself belittling
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liar. >> with presidenu trying to shift the spotlight to tax cut -- >> i want the house to pass a bill by thanksgiving. i want all of the people stab d d by my side. >> the russian investigation appears to be gaining momentum. the president breaking his source about papadopoulos. dismissing the foreign policy adviser, few knew the young level volunteer named george. in fact, mr. trump knew him, saying this to "the washington post" in 2016. >> george papadopoulos, he's an oil and energy consultant, excellent guy. >> that same month papadopoulos had a seat at the national security table with candidate trump and then senator jeff sessions. corey lewandsk downplaying papadopoulos's here on "today." >> georgeas nev part of a team interacting with the senior management on a regular basis. >>
7:16 am
contradict tha detailing how after learning russian officials had dirt on hillary clinton, papadopoulos kept exchanging e-mails and calls with high-ranking mp officials, including according to sources familiar with the matter, paul manafort and sam clovis. nbc news has learned clovis was questioned last week and testified befe grand jury. clovis' lawyer says clovis never encouraged papadous improve relat between the u.s. and russia. the white house press secretary offering this pushback. >> papadopoulos is an example of exactly somebody doing the wrong thing while the president's campaign did the right thing. >> still papadopoulos's guilty plea is shedding light on the guilty plea. onef e osutscd it as a, quote, ongoing investigation ofchhica is a smalpa >> speaking of that
7:17 am
reporters president trump's long-time aide hope hicks is expected to speak with robert mueller's team ae president'tras nbc news reach out to hicks' lawyer, who is not commenting. >> peter alexander at the white house, thank y very much. we have mr. roker with wet weather down south. >> we're looking at our friends in texas and extends up into parts of the ohio river valley with a little light snow. we have heavy thunderstorms in central indiana and light snow stretching into parts of western pennsylvania and new york state. ahead of the stnarfront, moisture will pushing in, looking add scattered showers, thunderstorms stretching into thursday. the heavie rain will be down around texas, louisiana, on up into parts of tennessee and kentucky. and the showers extend up into northern new england with a little light snow as you get
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we'll get to your local forecast coming up i n secd good morning. i'm storm team 4, chuck bell. temperatures ar in the 30s and 40s and we may get sunshine this morning but clouds will be thickening up during the course of the day. relatively dry air at the surface so noa chance for rain but there coulding sprinkles north and west. loudoun county, montgomery county and northe maryland. that will be the best opportunity to have a stray
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or two today. if any, we'll be under 0.1 of an inch. warmer thursanay and that's your latest weather. thanks very much. coming up in the allegations against kevin spacey, new questions about the future of his hit show "house of cards." the future in hollywood, savannah. and matt, from here we're going to have a lot more on the terror attack in lower manhattan. what we're now learning about the suspect's past and the renewed fears of lone wolf attacks. but first on wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. , candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest.
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(avo) beneful grain free. out with the grain, in with the farm-raised chicken. healthful. flavorful. beneful. . 7:26 is your time on this wednesday, november 1, 2017. good morning t you. >> in the news this morning, d.c. leaders are working to keep you safe after that deadly terror attack in new york city. mayor bowser tweeted she's thinking of the victims of the truck attack a worki to prevent somet sil happen here. we saw stepped up security in georgetown las night. police say you can help by calling 911 if you see anyone doing anything suspicious. >> we're told everything is clear after someone crashed in a metrobus last night. police treated one person last night. a car crashed into the
7:27 am
metrobus and slipped onto its roof. its not cleat caused that crash. let's check in with your first alert traffic. >> normal slowdowns in the normal spot. you can see inner loop as you're crossing t woodrow wilson bring crossing the beltway. seminary still close and crash moved to the shoulder but still slow. through prince george's town, slow inbound indian head highway. >> thanyo c wh uroras ne. narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years.
7:28 am
longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable. good morning clouds a moving in. there's a slight chance for rain later on today, especially for north and west of the d.c. metro area. 30s and 40s to get your day started. afternoonhs wl be in the upper 50s in the shenandoah valley. there's a ceor a s
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you'll get away without it. tomorrow sunshine is back and 75. >> not a b way to start november. anotheroc nd20 minut.
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good morning, eastbound, 'r good morning we're back at 7:30, wednesday morning, november 1, 2017. these are images first into our news room, the truck that was part of the carnage that unfolded on the streets in lower manhattan yesterday. a live picture. it's still there. this is a crime scene. investigators working very hard to determine why a man used that truck to run down pedestrians, cyclists, tourists and unleash such violence on this part of the city. good morning to you. i'm savannah guthrie. i'm at the scene in lower manhattan. matt and hoda back in the
7:31 am
lower manhattan westside playground with the bike path along the river. >> well known to you, sa van nashgs that's right in your neighborhood. >> ye, i mean, this is -- i live about three blocks from where i'm standing right now. i know that i was about to take my kids out trick or treating. so many people were about to take their kids out. school was letting out as this happened around 3:00 or so. in fact, this all ended right in front of an elementary school and middle school. kids were all milling around. it's heart-wrenc and hits close to home. we'll get a check of the headlines and with this investigation. rr ineyoci >> we have multiple people on the ground from chambers up to houston. >> a man mrous his truck down a bike path, killing eight, injuring a dozen others. >> i
7:32 am
in the bike path. all of a sudden i knew something was wrong. >> the suspect alive and out of surgery, one day after the first deadly terror attack in new york since 9/11. >> this was an act of terror, a particularly koud ardly act of terror. >> russian investigation fallout. a former campai adviser george papadopoulos in e wake of his indictment as robert mueller's team moves forward, reportedly set to meet with the president's communicationchief. >> a political ad from facebook. top execs back on capitol hill, a day after officials from facebook, google and twitter took a lashing from lawmakers over last year's presidential election. >> those ads amplify racial and social divis ar voters. and here come ve >> peterson hits it in the air
7:33 am
>> the dodgers beat the astros to force a decisive final game in the series. >> this game too good to end in six. >> "today" wednesday, november 1, 2017. >> they say there's nothing like game seven of world series. we'll get one tonight in los angeles. >> some hollywood ending coming there. >> yeah. let'so back t savannah. >> back to this morning's top story, the investigation io the deadly truck rampage. gadi schwartz is at bellevue hospital where the suspect and many of the injured are being treated this mo good morng o >> good morning, savannah. sayfullo saipov here at bellevue hospital in close guard. he went through surgery last night. police say they have questioned him but he's not saying much. he is reportedly owh he's don this morning authorities are putting toget detailed profile of accused terrorist, sayfullo saipov. the 29-year-old
7:34 am
two children from uzbekistan, came to the in 2010 and has a green card. right after the deadly attack, witnesses say he jumped from the truck used as a weapon shouting allahu akbar. he had a note inside the truck saying he word isis. he's very religis living in this paterson, new jersey, apartment. he also has a florida driver's license which s a tampa address for first floor in this complex. a woman says she moved in several months ago and doesn't know him and has never seen him. he worked as a truck driver with commercial drivelins he's been an uber driver for the past six months. uber said he passed the background check with no problem a . he may a lone wolf, a single individual working for several
7:35 am
>> the new terrorist tactics are these lone wolves who commit an attack. >> last year three attacks were carried out in the u.s. by lone wolves. omar matif. a bombing in the chelsea neighborhood new york injuring 31 people. police say ahmad rahimi was a lone wolf. police say the lone wolf attacker was a somali refugee inspired by terr propagand >> investigators are piecing together a timeline of what happened. they say yesterday around 2:00 he drove a mini van to a home depot in new jersey. there he rented a truck, drove that truck over the george washington brntmtn before aa so vanna, back to you. >> thank you very much. i'm
7:36 am
security counterterrorism analyst, michael lighterman. thank you. we're standing in the shadow of the world trade center, looking right at the building. what strikes you? >> the book ends, world trade center, 16 years ago, big complex attacks planned overseas, executed with 19 hijackers. today at see in this threat, small-scale, one individual renting a truck, still terrorizing this community. that's how the threat has morphed from 9/toy. >> we're learning more about the suspect. he's reportedly from uzbekistan. that didn't surprise you. you said this has been a region that's been a problem for a while. >> it has. central asia and former soviet republic produced a significant amount of radicalized individuals. as i mentioned to you, there are more people from the former soviet union and syria than any other region the world for foreigners. this is an area where they've been very, very repressive governments, v stng strain of
7:37 am
extreme and radicalization. not the same as we saw with boston bombing but similar. >> the propaganda, if you're reading this kind of jihadist literature, as we understand the suspect may have been, is it saying, go ghet a car, get in a truck, do this kind of attack? >> absolutely. this is what isis really picked up two or three years ago. they said don't worry about guns, don't worry about planes. go get a truck, run people over. it's worked, unfortunately, in france, in barcelona, in the eike and now here in the u.s. it's very diult r officials to defend against. >> to defend against and also protect. if you're talking about a lone wolf who by all appearances seems normal but is harboring these kind of plans in their heart, how do ev find that? >> we look for the network. now when you're looking at individuas
7:38 am
computers, you can monitor those websites, find out what might radicalize theb it depending on a partnership between police and communities, the muslim community. it highlights how hard it is all over the world. >> always good to get your expertise. thank you for being here. for the moment, matt and hoda, back to you guys. >> savannah, back to you guys. >> a little snow. feeling winter like. from montana down to south of minneapolis and western minneapolis. it will be a quick round of snow. may make for difficult travel with blowingnd drifting. but we're not looking for huge accumulations. in fact, around the minneapolis area up into bemidji, an 1, 2 inches into wisconsin.
7:39 am
we're talking about snowfall amounts of about 1 to 2 feet. a little bit of skier action starting to rolling. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's hag yo neck of the woods. >> good morning. we're seeing clouds around this morning. a lot of cloud cover across the area expected as we go through the day. still pretty chilly, 46 degrees outside. the clouds w continu to move in and we have a chance for some sprinkles. 43, leesburg. 44 degrees in clinton. for today, though, 64 for a high, cloudy and cool few sprinkles. tomorrow an ay we're in the 70s and cooler as we gin t weekend. >> get that weather any time you need it, check out our friends from the weather channel on cabling. up next, new developments in the kevin spacey scandal as productions is halted on his hit show "house of cards". we're making 100 days until the 2018 winter g
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we're back now with new developments. time for the disturbing sexual misconduct allegation against two-time oscar winner kevin spacey. >> kate snow is here with the latest on this, kate, what can you tell us? >> good morning, there's reaction from hollywood to london. following an allegation from actor anthony grab that spacey made an advance on him three decades ago when he was just 14 years old. and just a day after netflix announced the current season and production of "house of cards" would be it's last, now another shoe dropped. >> here i am, president of these united states. >> reporter: this morning, kevin spacey's "house of cards" is on shaky ground. after fst after first saying they were deeply troubled by the news, netflix is shutting
7:45 am
further notice. netflix says to give us time to review the current situation and address any coerouca and crew. and the intertnal academy of television withdrawing spacey's emmy founders award amid an allegation he made a sexual advance on anthony rapp in 1986. rapp telling buzzfeed it happened at a party in new york when he was 14 and spacey was 26. in a statement spacey said, i'm beyond horrified to hear his story. i honestly do not remember the encounter, adding, but if i did behave then as he described, i owe him the sincerest apology for what would have been deeply inappropriate drunken behavior. at the old vick theater in london where spacey was artistic director, any expernc shared will be treated in the utmost confidence and with sensitivity, the theater says. we have appointed external advisers to help us deal with
7:46 am
winner. his next film, all the money in the world, due out in december. >> where we are right now with sexual harassment, the outrage is so grace, i'm not sure kevin spacey will survive this. >> new allegations being made against anothe actor in a series of tweets a former reality star and actress has accused jeremy pivens of sexual groping on the set of "entourage pivens says, i deny the appalling allegations being peddled abo me. it takes courage for victims to come forward, my hope is the allegationab me do not detract from stories that should be heard. i feel like every dawee talkingboe ti >> thank you very much. coming up, is alzheimer's' younger person's disease? the groundbreaking quest to stop early changes in your body that could lead to that disease
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uh, this one. both when there's a little and a lot. there you go. what matters most is made at home. now with more icing. just ahead, just ahead, the countdown for the 2018 olympic games. 100 days. >> unlike pavlov the dog. first, these ms d ur local news
7:52 am
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7:56 is your time on this wednesday, novber 1, 2017. good morning you. we want to g melissa for a look at your commute and first 4 traffic. >> good rn neprlem on the inner loop before the woodrow wilson bridge. broken do vic in the left lane. you can see those delays being impacted by that. inbound river road, crash on the right shoulder. still have delays there. >> thank you we'll take a quick break and chk oras when we cck
7:57 am
7:58 am
m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
7:59 am
good wed morning. it's cool out there so you'll want a jacket. 47 in washington. clinton comi this at 43. today 64 for a high. you'll notic the cloudy skies through the day, maybe a couple sprinkles. the warm-up tomorrow, 75 and 78 degrees on friday. we cool back down into the low 60s over the weekend. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show afthit . ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding,
8:00 am
ians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. it's 8:00 on today. coming up, terror in new york. >> i seen the white pickup truck in the bike path. all of a sudden i knew something was wrong. >> eight pele dead, at least 11 others seouy injured after a tru plows down a crowded bikn tan. the attacker shot by police and in the hospital leaving behind notes sayi h acted for isis. savannah's vee en plus, women and alzheimer's. mar marve takes a look at misconcepts surrounding that disease. >> some people think they should worry about alzheimer's when they're in their 70s and 80s
8:01 am
>> alzheimer's is a young person's disease. >> how an ambitious study is giving peoplho goi fd. we're 100 days out from the pyeongchang winter games and our studio has been transformed i o "tayem 2 >> this young lady is celebrangar oh, and i am two years older than the "today" show. yes, yes, yes! >> this young lady came to washingtonc. >> team usa! >> good morng from washington. >> and minnesota. >> celebrati our anniversary on the "todsh >> goodorl.
8:02 am
and say hi to those people in just a litt while. take a look at usa athletes, take a look at lindsey vonn. >> truck in snow. overnight, bui the biggest mt. rockefellere ever had. we'll talk to lindsey and fellow athletes coming up. 100 days before we head into the opening ceremony in south korea. >> that's in to be great. it's fun seeing the fresh faces of the athletes. makes you get pumped up for it. we'll get to that later on. first let's down to savannah ilonh >> good morning again. we'll start this half hour with the news a the deadly terror attack here. investigato be questioning th suspect, a 29-year-old immigrant from uzbekistan. in themeanti, the victims are being mourned by families in distant rthel this morni terror has a
8:03 am
29-year-old sayfullsaipov, now in custody after law enforcement officials y he deliberately drove a pickup truck down a bike path in lower manhattan, killing eight and injuring more than a dozen. the suspe leava note in the truck, according to officials, claiming he carried out the ta i the carnage unfolded in the shadow of the world trade center memorial, marking the deadliest terror atta i new york city since 9/11. the city's mayor calling it cowardly. >> we ow that this action was intended to our spirit. >> investigators say saipov rented the pickup truck from a home depot in new jersey. multiple law enforcement sources tell nbc news he drove across the bridge, leaving his own mini van at the store. >> many peoplherod from chambup to houston. >> it began tuesday afternoon when saipov veered the truck onto a bike path on the
8:04 am
west side highway. police say he drove south from houston to chambers street, almost a full mile, plowing into cyclists and pedestrians before slamming io school bus for special needs children. >> one gentleman's leg was hanging. the other gentleman had tire marks across his chest. >> you could tell he was going fast. they don'no wh hit them. >> law enforcement officials say saipov hospitalized out of the brandishing a bb gun and paint gun. a quick-thinking police officer shot saipoin the abdomen. >> he was running around, getting chased. all of a sudden four shots went off. >> saipo an immigrant from uzbekistan,ov to the u.s. in 2010 and holds a green card along with a florida driver's license. a friend telling nbc news, saipov has bn living in new jersey, working as an uber driver. uber says it's cooperating with the fbi i
8:05 am
tweeting the terrorist came into our country thugh what is called the diversity visa lottery program, a chuck schumer beauty. i want merit-based. andrew cuomo says saipov seemed to have carried out the attack as a lone wolf. >> at this point there's no evidence to est a wider plot over a wider scheme. >> and despite the attack, with ramped up security, new york city's annu halloween parade marching on, just blocks from where the tck crashed. a sign of the city's strength and resilience in theacof terror. >> christiane was walking in tribeca when th attack unfolded. i know we're neighbors. tell me what you saw in her yesterday. >> i s jus walking around the street at 3:00 in the afternoon, so the school lets out at that point. i was walking amongst the kids and working towards the bike path. and i know the bike path. i've only lived
8:06 am
time. as i approached the bike path, i heard this crashing noise. i looked to my left and i saw a truck coming directly at me, hitting all kinds of things on the way and seemingly out of control. going really fast. being chased by an undercover car. i thought it was a car chase. i just moved from los angeles, so we're used cseov there. a bus came along that stopped the car. and the bus rolled through. it stopped the car and i saw damage to the car, it kind of flipped up and landed back on its feet. i stopped at that point to look at it and take a picture in case someone needed help. i saw the driver was out of the car -- the truck, it was a flatbed truck. i took the picture, i load my camera and i saw guns in each
8:07 am
he started raising his hands up, so i turn around and said, guns. all the kids were there. all the kids reacted fairly quickly. >> surund s? >ho ju let out. must have been 50, 60 kids right there and parents. but the kidacal quick. the parents kind of froze and just looked at the scene. when i saw him raising the guns, run, get out of here, get out of here, get auncoer people staun. and i looked one more time and i looked at the guns and i thought, the are odd-looking guns. i've seen a lot of guns in my life. i've never seen anything like that. >> now w its a paintball and bb gun. but necessity look like real guns? >> it looked like it and the way he was behaving, i thought he was -- >> what was his behavior? what was his demeanor? >> he stood very quiet. very quiet and slowly waving
8:08 am
someone to take him out because he knew he wasn't going to shoot those guns. i didn't know that. no one around me knew that. >> did you hear him say anything? >> everybody around me started screaming so i coun'rely hear him sth and people started running, thank god because -- >> and i assumed they were just guns. they were g to fire. i went around the corner. went a little further and then i heard the shots. i thought, wait a minute, those are single shots. obviously, he don have any kind of machi gun or, you know, whater. so, i thought, sounds like a police shot to him. i think that's exactly what happens. >> what a horrifying sight. thank goodns rehe t help with ds new to the neighborhood. >> the kids were really smart about this. i think that's going to be the fu
8:09 am
grow up with that kind of stuff. >> sad reality. >> sad reality. >> thank you being here and sharing yourto i apprecte bll. for now, hoda and matt, back to you guys. >> okay. thank you verc savannah. we have other news to talk about. this is comi out of washington. house pub struggled to complete work on a sweeping tax proposal delaying its public release unl tomorrow. the bill was originally scheduled unveiled today but tax writers haven't completed so -mut changes tleio gop leaders have promised it will be the most extensive overhaul of this country's tax code in decades. president tmp set a late december timetable to pass it. the utah nurse whose videotape sparked outrage has reached a $500,000 settlement. alex was seen being handcuffed and dragged. she refused to let him draw blood from an unconscious crash victim withou
8:10 am
the payment will be donated to the nurse's union and start a legal fund to make police body cam more accessible. >> i remember that story. sometimescan be hard to get a new puppy to calm down and go to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings. one little girl named katie found the perfect way to get her family's rescue dotou relax. taoo ♪ sleep >> stop it. who could blame oakley for falling under the spell of that sweet lullabye. in is the start of a very cute relationshi >> ! >> love that. >> all day long. let's roll at a ain and again ho s >> thank y for that. just ahead this morning,hy
8:11 am
many womenn? maria shriver is here with a revolutionary search for that answer. we're shining a spotlight on men's health with return of the no-shave today. we're ready. first, let's see what's coming up on megyn kelly today. >> today we have goldie hawn on meditation, mindfulness and her man, kurt russell, who she describes as sexy and sexual. we'll get into that today at 9:00. >> i like it. >> all right. with 100 days today, we brought the excitemt of the 2018 olympic games right here to rockefellerla first, esag sages. (vo) what's truvia? it's a calorie-free sweetener. and its sweetness comes from nature, like this plant. nature created this. and this. and this. and this. wait-that's not nature. this is nature. and this nature, specifically, is what makes this sweet. so, nature's zero-calorie sweetness is in this coffee
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8:14 am
back now at 8:14 with the ongoing brain power today, november is alzheimer's awareness month. we are looking at new advances in the fight against that disease.
8:15 am
welcome back. >> thank you so much. we're kicking off with a month of alzheimer's as matt said with a look at women and alzheimer's. believe it or not, women are twice as likely, two ut of every three brains diagnosed with alzheimer's belong to women and no one knows why that is. now an innovative new study hopes to get some answers and help develop effective treatments for this devastating disease. >> reporter: in a disease riddled with unknowns, it's one of alzheimer's biggest mysteries. why do women make up two-thirds of cases? >> to be frank, we don't exactly know. what i believe is that there is multiple reasons. >> reporter: a neurologist dr. richard isaacson is determined to find that. he runs the first alzheimer's prevention clinic. treating younger people at risk for the disease decades before symptoms occur. so most people think they should worry
8:16 am
big misconception. >> it's a younger person's disease. it starts in the brain 20 to 30 years before the symptom of memory loss. and that's shocking to some people. when it comes to women, there are biological changes, metabolism changes in the brain that happen decades before. >> reporter: this month, he's launching a new, potentially revolutionary study. monitoring 75 women, ages 40 to 65 who are at risk for alzheimer's. trying to pinpoint those early changes in their bodies that may lead to the disease. >> for example, the menopause transition, could that be a trigger? >> reporter: so much controversy for women around being pre-menopause sal, then they wonder, should i take hormones? is that good for my brain or bad for my body if i take who monos i'm going to get cancer, but maybe i'm protecting my brain. >> there's not a one size fits all approach here. certain women m
8:17 am
women may not benefit, and these are the things we need to figure out much better. >> reporter: alyssa joined the study after losing her grandmother to alzheimer's. >> as a result of that experience, losing her, i decided that i needed to do whatever i could to help change the outcome for future generations of my family and others. >> reporter: over the four year study, subjects will undergo regular blood screens, brain scans, and cognitive tests to track changes that competitor lat from the early signs of alzheimer's. dr. iowa sackson says there are steps you could take right now that may help delay symptoms, like daily rigorous exercise, eating a mediterranean diet, reducing stress, and getting plenty of sleep. give me a 30 second spiel to a woman out there who's 40, got kids, who's got a job. explain to her how she's going to get the time and why. >> got make the time. this is your
8:18 am
one out of three cases of alzheimer's may be preventable if the person does everything right. the other two out of three cases, we're not there yet. if question delay by six months of year and two years, and that block buster drug comes. that person's lifestyle and other choices prevented their own alzheimer's disease. >> dr. isaacson helps to enroll at least 300 women in the alzheimer's study, but he does need more private funding to do that. and we have more information, including those lifestyle changes that may help delay symptoms at we're not saying prevent alzheimer's, but delay symptoms. >> when you say aggressive exercise, rigorous -- >> high intensity, high intensity, moving it around, trying to remember things and this is a whole new place that people are looking now at lifestyle, at food, exercise, meditation, and one of the things we're going to be doing tomorrow is also talking to people about thousand ask their doctors because primary physicians are missing these cases.
8:19 am
they're not diagnosing them, telling people you're stressed, go on vacation. >> take time off. >> completely different things and how to ask your doctor what might be wrong with you. >> fascinating with the pet scan and you can see it all. >> yeah. very proactive, important. >> always good information. >> thank you, maria. >> we love, love, love, love. >> love. >> yes. we love mr. roker hey, you know what, it's been a warm october in the northeast of new england. if you think so, the statistics are in. it was the hottest october for portland, f boston, number two, albany, number one. new york city, warmest octer same for bto and guess what, it's going to start off warm and continue warm into november. 62 in burlington by friday. 71, boston. new york cit 71. and, in fact, national weather service out with its november outlook. it's going to stay warm for a good portion of the country, for southeast, gul coast into the southwest.
8:20 am
on into the western plains. precipitatio wetter around the great lakes, nice and dry, unfortunately. thrghhe south into the gulf coast. and the southwest and staying wetter, thanks to la nina, into the pacific northwest and parts of california. that's what's going on around the country. here's what happeng in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. storm team 4. cloudy sky overhead this morning. these clouds will eventually bring a chance for a few very light rain showers. primarily across the shenandoah valley. couldn't e o a random drop around town. there's fute weather. you can see hints that most chances for light rain and sprinkles wi stay north and west of the ar. temperaturesre in the low 40s now. we'll get up to the low 60s. upper 70s f ty d friday. and that's the latest weather. thanks so much, it's time for the m it's time for the men of "today" to put your razor as way. we'll launchur special series we love every ti this year,
8:21 am
>> it's all to help raise awareness f health issues affecting men across the country. we're encourg a you guys to join us. >> we've done this in the past. we talked about prostate cancer and other important screenings. this year w g to take a specially close look at mental health. we know sometimes it can be a little diffulr guys to talk about these issues, so all this month our friend, dr. drew pinsky, is sharing insightful tips. drew, take away. >> i'm dr. drew with your men's health tip. over 6 million men suffer from depression y and men are less likely to seek help for depression, substan abuse or stressful life events. why? could be social norms, reluctance talk, downplaying their symptoms. you know how we are. gentlemen, is important to touch base at least with a friend, ask r r,lee, see a therapist. don't be atoab your iue >> glad we kind of are expanding j many stori
8:22 am
we need make sure we cover that. >> for a lot of guys, they feel it's not the masculine thing to do. as a man, i figure this out alone -- >> especially when you're the dad. you feel le y have to kind of hold it together for the family and be strong. we need as much support as anybody. >> by the way, we have a psa we're going to share with people next week. >> you did? >> wdid. >> how was that? >> it was interesting. >> a little drafty. >> we will premiere that psa next week on "today." as we've been mentioning, today does mark 100 days until the start of the 2018 olympic winter games. this morninwettg r first glimpse at team usa's official closing ceremony optics. >> provide by polo ralph lauren as they have been for the past five olympic games, sporting the patriotic r we have freestyle
8:23 am
kenworthy d freestyle gold medal is jamie anderson. folks, good rn nice to ha you. >> so, obvisle fos ralph lauren want everyone to like these. how do youl about the outfits? >> we love them. >> they feel really good. >> they're awesom since you ha them on, does it feel more real? does it feel ts actuallyoibepe? >> it does. >> how do the shoes feel? >> shoes are great. >> ready forny >> that's my favorite part. they're so comfortable. >> really? when do the nerves really kick in? you're 100 days out. when do you start having trouble fallingsla >> i feel like the selection events are the most nerve-rackin once u' on the team, solidified, 're going, its like you're less was in. >> fingerless glove mittens, how does that work?
8:24 am
>> instagram. >> perfect. >> aside from wing a medal, you guys, what e you looking forward to when you go overseas? >> with team usa it's special to wear our country and wear this amazing gear. >> you all are adorable, by the way. >> in your new outfits. thank you. we have more athletes to watch, olympic legends, including lindsey vonn, apolo ohno, but first your l
8:25 am
8:26 am
it is 8:26 on this wednesday. ho yr rng off to a great start. i'm chris lawrence. let's get a check on your first 4 traffic wi melissa. how is it looking? >> a couple of new problems on the beltway. outer loop at central avenue, a crash reported there. we're seeing so delays. inner loop before little river turnpike, broke down vec blocking theen of the roadway. taking a look on 270 before 124, broken down vecle blocking the right lane and inbound parkway before sterling avenue crash blocking theeft lane. >> thanks. we'll get a cf e forecasw ck.
8:27 am
8:28 am
cloudy skies are moving in. temperaturee the 40s thalt point time. because of the clouds it won't warm up as much. temperatures i the upper 50s in shenandoah valley where there's a little bett likelihood of sprinkles around. in and around the city, temperature ar 64 for the high
8:29 am
75 tomorrow and 78 on friday. >> not a bad start to notify. you can get the latest news and weather in the n whito app. ha grda narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because
8:30 am
nyone hurting a child is despicable. [ drumming ] all right. we're backow 8:30 on this wednesday morning. 1st of november, 2017. listen, you hear that? that's the five drum dance performance a group called the korean traditional dance of chunori. they're here to help get us ready for the 2018 olympic games in south korea, now just 100 days away. >> we're countwn we are sta at the foot of our very own mt. rockefeller, athlees
8:31 am
who are hopi to make the team. team usa in the coming months. do you know who i see? i see lindsey vonn. there are ls plou here. this is a lile. >> it will help you get in the spir spiri anlkbo o staff? this was a halloween extr exann wi wonderland 24 hours. >> it would fun to see you go down. >> it woufu see you go down as billy ray cyrus. >> let's start the clock. the official timekeepers of the clock, omega, made this handy countdown clock. we have this going right now. >> we'll have much more with our athletes in moment, but what's coming up? >> if i went down in my shaniya twain skirt, it would have to be an
8:32 am
we'll have 30 olympics come to set and talk about the big games. and then you guys, one with a devastating diagsis d their friendship d they did on a 500-mile trek and thereafter will make you believe in the power of humanity. >> i want to see that. >> megyn, thank you very much. let's go to al with the weather and a spg >> announce sponsored by hershey's gold. taste the gold >> let's show you what's happening as f yo weather is concerned. looking ahead towards today, we've gotty and cool weather in the northeast. also into t great lakes, snow in the western plains, warming up to the southwest. for tomorrow, record highs, southwest, snowy conditions making their into the paif
8:33 am
wet weatherno new england. >> have a nice time? >> yeah, great time. >> everybody in the back there. that's what's on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good wednesday morning. the clouds are with us. 47 degrees right now in washington. it's going to stay cloudy as we go through the day today. the best chance of any rain, a few sprinkles. we do have some showers to our north and west, but they'll try to move in and then kind of break up as they do so. clouds will stick around. temperatures currently mid to low 40s across the area. 64 for an afternoon high today. tomorrow, tug we'll see more in the way of sunshine. look at the warm-up, 75 and 78 friday and clen r weekend. 100 days on the plaza is sponsored by hershey's gold. taste the . >> we are here with the one, the only, apalo oe
8:34 am
medals, most decorated olympian, and hershey gold helped build mt. rockefeller. great to see. >> you good to be here. >> how excite ready you for the upcoming olympics? >> excited. i have a long history of competing a the koreans. olympic gam one of those things that brg people together. we americ can root for one team. so i'll be with you in south korea worki with nbc. >> two with gold make you the perfect person to be the spokesperso for hershey's gold new candy bar. >> hershey's has teamed up with team usa to unveil -- they've been making chocolate for over 100 years. this is the fourth flavor they've ever unveiled, hershey's gold. it has salty bits of peanuts, pretzels. iperft. we a want to go and get a slice or get a bite of gold. >> a littletytt sweet. vece.
8:35 am
much like yel >> thankoua. >> looking forward to seeing you. >> i'm exd be there. >> hoda? >> guys, we're getting in the spirit. our olympic-inspired celebration just getting started. just ahead, more fun on mt. rockefeller ashley wagner performs for us live and so much more. first, this istoy"n c. yeah! . i'm i'm up earlyax, for my most important job. -more peanut butter, daddy. -more peanut butter, daddy. as prosecutor, justin fairfax fought drugs, crime, and human trafficking. that's why he's endorsed by virginia law enforcement. buckle up.
8:36 am
lping them prosper. as your lieutenant governor, i'll work to grow the economy and invest in schools and career training, because virginia's families need more results, not more politics.
8:37 am
welcomeac "today." our countdown to winter olympic games. 100 days unt 2 >> nbc sports is going to be hosting prime ti coverage for all of us. he's already in pyeongchang. >> we have the youth
8:38 am
the 2018 winter games. pyeongchan gaining the attention t global sports fans because this is the first asian city to host the winter games in sowoade the first big headline of the next winter olympics is the location. pyeongchang i 60 miles from the border between north and south korea. and that proximity has raised concerns folling an eventful few months earhiyea when north korea undertook a series of provocative weapons tests and prt donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un traded insults and threats oftro international pi officials have -- citing recent positive meetings with the presidents of china and south korea to discuss the issue. meanwhile when athletes arrived just three m from now, pyeongchanw be ready. constructioof venues is
8:39 am
events held over the past ye was succsf in february venues will welcome a u.s. team that has legitimate medteerin every spor leading the way is snowboarder shaun whiteaf bng dethrone. his cmb back to the top got significantteft a recent cra like white, gold medalist lindsey vonn has had to deal with injury. she missed the last olympics with a bad knee but when healthy, no maheor is faste >> wins gold nor the u.s.! >> four years ago michaela was 18 when she won sgoeld she's developed in the best alpine skiler. she'll be at mtie eve
8:40 am
the u.s. team will feature new faces as well, including 18-year-old f skater nathan chen who last year became the first skater to land five quadruple jumps in a single program. >> i have vn a skater like him. >> and california teenager chloe kim has beedo for years. she's a medafaen the women's half-pipe. we could see history in women's cross-count team has never won a medal but they'll have several contenders, led by minnesota's j diggens, while reigning world champion lowell bailey hunts for the first america d of any kind in biathlon. with the nhl keeping its players home, the men's hockey tournament wl be a throwback to the days when the u.s. team was a group of unheralded underdogs. >> doou belve in miracles? yes! >> and the women's tournament will seehee chapter in one of the gre
8:41 am
rivalries as the u.s. looks to dethrone canada to win olympic gold for theie t decades. ice hockey will be happening behind me. check out the venues and mountains. one other note, 14-hour time difference onc we get to the olympics tohe east coast. we've been checking out the digs of the "todayset. it's in plac we'reetngd and morning evening here in south koreao you'll be working nights. since i'll working mornings in south korea, i can borrow your alarm clocks? >> you cerly can. you can shthlawi us as we good job. we can't o u er there. >> same here. >> we're really excited to have a host of usa athletes and hopefuls us. one who could not join us, snowboardg lend shaun white, as mike ju talked about. he had a bad crash recently, but he
8:42 am
message. >> gd morning, "today" show. shaun whiteg hi from los angeles. m al s and bummed i couldn't there today for the 100 days out. i don't kn if you can tell it in my face, but most recently i took a bad crash training in new zealand. wawoinon a new trick and as i re-entered the half-pipe i clipped t top. i flew 22 feet and hit my face at the bottom. 62 stitches and bad bruising my lungs. maybe my lis y over. i will definitely be there 2018 for thely and i want to say hi to team usa. all e rla guys out there, befck i'll see you soon. >> thank you. hope you feel better. we're with an icon who knows about stitches also. lindsey vo here, the most successful female ski racer of all time. it's been almost eight years since we saw her win th
8:43 am
that was in vancouver. after missing sochi due to injury, e hoping to be back on the podium in south korea. always nio see you. how are y feeling? >> i fe good. i'm healthy, i've had a great prep perio first timen a long time i've been able to ski quite a bit in the summer, which is nice. >> are you healthy healthy or lindsey vo healthy which means you're going to ski with a bunch of aches and pains no matter what? >> it's kin of life at this point. i've haaner i feel really good. i feel strong. that's the most important thing, just stayin healthy and staying like thisnt sochi -- not sochi. >>nt south korea. you talk about t surgeries you've had. you're a it older. does it change the way you ski? >> it doesn change the way i ski. it dinelans way i have to work out and train. i have to do so much extra work to make sure my body is functioni >> u n s up out of
8:44 am
every morning. >> it's goo it's all part of the game. like i said, i feel good so i'm going to ke working hard. >> you were in austria last weekend. >> saturday. >> you were skiing giant slalom for the first time in 600 days. what was like? >> i was a little rusty. i felt a ltlofla a a littlst i think iwa good starting position for me. get one started before lake louise, ge the kinks out and build up the olympics. >> what dr y these days? is it golda it records, it just wanting to go fast or not wanting to stop? >> a combination of all those things. i meani had hands do why i've always come back froinjuries. at the end of the day, i also want to win. i love winning. winning is good. >> and is it true you want to ski the men's downhill? >> i do. >> why? >> n e nnf spo.
8:45 am
and i've accomplished a lot in my career t th's one thing i want to ph myself to try to achieve. >> we'llk forwa to that. can't waito see you in south korea. thank yerc let's g to hoda. >> just 13 years old chloe kim was called the future of snowboardi the futu right now, four years lat, the youngest female snowboardo w an olympic medal. hi. >. >ofllyo are the daughter south korean immigrants. number, twoue to color your hair a bunch of different ways. have you did h y'r going torlys yet? >> i honestly don't know. it's a last-minute decision. hopefullyt e again and i just mit show up with green hair. who kn un w i love about you, your parents are thou all the way. your dadu his job as an engineer so heou go with you to train. how do you think you'll feel if you're stai on the podium with your d
8:46 am
dad cry before,o fe le that wia i don't know. i don't want him to cry but if he does, i'll be bawling my eyes out on t paswell. he sacrificed so much for me, so i feel that's the least i can do for him. >> you have a wonderful family. your grandmother is going to be there, to sheev su e. that is gog toe a first. are you going to have some butterflior u think you hit the slope? >> yeah. i love my grandmother so much. she's alwa bragging about me to her friends. i think illal cl to haveth it's really exciting to think about that. >> our crowd has a message for chloe. one, two, three. >> go, chloe! >> thankyou. we can't wait to see you in korea. coming up next we're back in a moment. first, thiisy"n c. a moment. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
hi, welcome back. our crowd checking out the action over at mt. rockefeller, and if you want a pair of those mitt tens by the way, you can get them at the proceeds support our olympic athletes. i want to say i'm back here on the rink now be three members of the u.s. women's national ice hockey team. they're at the top of their game right now. number one in the world. winners of seven of the eight last world championships, brianna, hillary, jocelyn, ladies, good morning to all of you. check out the new duds. what do you think of the jerseys? >> awesome. >> unbelievable. >> this is the first time anybody's seen these by wait. >> yeah. >> no, we're extremely lucky. we got you one. >> thank you very much. talk to me about your preparations. number one team in the world, i just mentioned that, when it gets to south korea, does it all
8:50 am
come down to you and canada? >> yes. i mean, we're the two nations that are battling at the top of the list, but right now it's part of the process, regardless who have we play in the end, we to want bring back a gold medal, in 20 years, it's gold or bust. >> you play them seven times between now and south korea, does that help? >> yeah, we get familiar with them, but it's exciting, i think, put women's hockey on show for everyone to come see and really grow the sport. >> well, we cannot wait to see you folks over there. i love coming to your games. the excitement slefl enormous, good luck, we'll see you over in south korea and thanks for the jersey. >> yeah. >> i will wear it, i promise you. all right, let's go over to hoda. >> hey guys, i am joined here by the wonderful ashley wagner, hey ashley, how are you? >> i'm great, how are you? >> so excited for you, you have a team bronze from sochi, right? and tell me what your hopes are frr pyeongchang. >> i think the u.s. is going to put together a strong team, a team me accid
8:51 am
question and i'm going for an individual medal myself. >> the interesting thing is the tryouts are going on, you find now the january. >> yep, so we have a bunch of different competitions that are part of the process, but january at our national championships, that's when we find out. >> we love you and rooting for you. what are you going to skate for us today? >> hand clap. >> that is one of my fave accident s, all right, take it away. ♪ ♪
8:52 am
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♪ ♪ >> that was awesome. thank you. good luck. we're bac in a moment. first, ths " nb oday" on nbc.m , candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers
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important people in front here. these amazing athletes celebrate 100 days to winter olympics. >> thank y f building our rockefellnt and the snow and megyn kelly today is straighter firstoul . 8:56 is your time on this wednesday, mb 1, 2017. good mornto you. we want to check on your first 4 traffic w melissa. >> good mornin outer loop of the beltway near fedex field a crash on the left shoulder. siomsl th thaaa. just befo first sterling, crash blocking the left lane there. a litt busy. inbound 395,
8:57 am
eastbound,e a crash at the end of the ramp. >> thank you. we'll take a quicbrk d check yre narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi and was an army doctor for eight years. in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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good wednesday morning. probablyacfo step outside. 45, leesburg and dulles. 45, gaithersburg. temperatu i the mid-60s. by thursday wee looking at the 70s. friday, 78 degrees. we cool b down for the weekend. >> k u. ghe latest news and weather any time in the nbc washington app. ve gatay
9:00 am
this morning on megyn today. >> he's fascinating, sexy, sexual, which sing very important. then two best friends, a stunning diagnosis, and a 500 mile journey of faith and friendship. but first, bloodshed in the streets. a terrorist attack in new york city. we'll have the very latest. all that and more right now. hello everyone and welcome, i'm megyn kelly. wave lot on the show today including on a lighter note we're going to get to 30 olympic athletes who we are delighted to be bringing to you, but, we have to begin with this, it has


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