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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 2, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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when officers arrived, they observed two adult males and one adult female that had suffered gunshot wounds. randomly shooting into a group of people. the suspect then fled the area. >> police are searching for a suspect who fatological agunned down three people in a walmart last night. we have new details on the manhunt. the houston astros take la la land by storm to win the 2017 world series. if that wasn't enough, check out shortstop charles correa. >> you make me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me? >> still not the best part. >> new details on the new york city terror plot. we now know the victims who were kill a
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heinous attack. plus, apple ceo tim cook offers a fresh perspective on social media and the russian influence on the 2016 elections. "early today" starts right now. great to be with you on thursday morning. i'm frances rivera. >> and i'm phillip mena. houston has plenty to smile about this morning. take a look. >> the sanchez success. ground ball right side! houston astros are world champions! >> the astros, they are coming back to texas as world series champions for the first time in franchise history. houston took control of the decisive game seven early on, scoring two runs against the dodgers starter darvish. now up 3-0, george springer launches his fifth home run of the series. and that gave houston the huge 5-0 lead. the dodgers would bring out their ace, clayton kershaw, in relief and he was able to quiet the astros' bats, but iwa
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los angeles would finally get on the board in the sixth on this single to bring home jock peterson. they stranded ten base runners in all. that one run was all they could get. astros with a 5-1 win. george springer was named the series mvp thanks to the five home runs which ties world series record. "sports illustrated" writer predicted the astros would win the 2017 world series with this cover featuring the mvp himself. congrats to ben on the epic prediction and to the team. and the entire city of houston. their championship parade will be friday. colorado police are searching for the suspect in a shooting that killed two women and one woman. the deadly violence happened inside a walmart in the city of thornton, a suburb in the denver metro area. police responded quickly to the gunfire, dashing into the store armed with assault rifles. the shooting had
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with no known motive, police say it appears to be a random attack. the gunman nonchalantly walked in firing at a group of people near the cash registers. they released this image, a white man remains at large. he fled the scene in this red mitsubishi mirage. a witness described the madness inside the store, who was there with his brother. police consider the suspect to be armed and dangerous. and are asking residents to call 911 if they spot him. u.s. perpetrator of new york city's deadliest attack since 9/11 is now facing federal charges, one count of material support to a terrorist organization and destruction of a motor vehicle. he's accused of killing eight people and injuring a dozen others. two victims were americans, but the others happened to be
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countries, as secretary of state rex tillerson described. >> we have one belgium citizen who died and five argentinean citizens. once again, we've seen the evil face of terror in our own borders. but this is a face that knows no borders. >> police say the suspected attacker was inspired by the islamic state terrorist group. according to authorities, they found many images and video on his cell phone that appear to be related to isis propaganda. savannah guthrie has more on this disturbing attack in the heart of new york city. we're having trouble with that report. hope to get it to you in a little bit. in light of that, new york city's marathon will indeed go on as planned. so the wall street journal reports police are beefing up security increasing the number of sand trucks and blocker vehicles along the route and they're more than doubling the
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protect the 50,000-plus runners who are expected to compete this sunday. now, let's turn to ron mott who is outside in new york city. ron, what's the latest on the case against the suspected attacker? >> reporter: good morning, phillip. we're now able to get to this bike path where this all went down on halloween afternoon. you can see the decal on the asphalt, walking and biking path. the suspect drove that rented home depot truck down this bike path, killing eight people, and then he eventually ran into a school bus. the plan as he told the fbi was to go from here, to the brooklyn bridge, where he thought he would continue to kill pedestrians on the brooklyn bridge between manhattan and brooklyn. he obviously never got that far because he ran into a school bus, mini bus filled with special needs children strapped into their seats. it was a horrific scene there. this is reminiscent of 9/11 in this partf
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i'm staring at the freedom tower now. it was the twin towers 16 years ago. the suspect said he felt good about what he did. he appeared to want to have the police engage him and kill him. he survived, and that was somewhat unusual to have a terror attack like this and have a suspect who was alive, and surviving. let's send it back to you guys. >> ron mott live in new york city, thank you. more details on the attack. here's nbc's savannah guthrie. >> oh, my god! >> reporter: a dramatic new look at this mangled school bus. just moments after it was hit by a pickup truck in tuesday's new york terror attack. trapped inside, special needs students. >> are you okay? >> reporter: everyone on the bus survived, but eight others died, and more than a dozen people were injured. after 29-year-old sayfullo saipov drove his truck down in lower manhattan. >> you could t
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fast. >> reporter: officials disclosed he had been planning an attack for nearly a year. >> he appears to have followed almost exactly to a t the instructions that isis has put out. >> reporter: among those killed, 23-year-old nicholas from manhattan, and darren drake, 32 from new millford, new jersey. his father remembering him today. >> he had everything going for him. >> reporter: also killed, ann dekau, a young mother from belgium and five friends from argentina celebrating their 30th college reunion. >> they cannot even believe it. it's terrible situation. >> reporter: a city still reeling amid heightened security. >> people are on edge. it's nerve-racking. >> reporter: the timeline of terror now coming into focus. saipov rented a home depot truck in
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2:43 p.m. he crossed the george washington bridge into manhattan. 20 minutes later he plowed into the bike lane, mowing down victims for almost a mile. >> we've got multiple casualties. this is a mass casualty situation here. >> reporter: before crashing into the bus. >> i saw the damage to the car, kind of flipped up. >> reporter: saipov got out of the truck yelling, allah akbar, brandishing what turned out to be a paint ball gun and pellet gun until he was shot in the abdomen by an nypd officer. that officer, 28-year-old ryan nash, hailed a hero. >> i feel we were just doing our job, like thousands of officers do every day. >> reporter: inspecting the suspect's truck, investigators found several knives, and a note that read, isis lives forever. >> it was never to break our spirit, but as an effort to break our spirit it failed. >> reporter: new yorkers are strong, and resilient. and within moments of this bike path bng
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back on it, strolling, cycling, trying to get to life back to normal the way they want it to be. and it's a testament to that on sunday, the new york city marathon will go on as planned. frances, back to you. >> savannah, thank you. "star wars" fans better buckle up. >> darkness rises. >> disney and lucas film released another quick glimpse at the upcoming "star wars," the last jedi. we don't have to wait too much longer. the film opens on december 15th. >> now that we're in november, it will come quicker than we all feel. in some places feeling like winter, right? >> some places feeling like winter. other areas feeling like the hottest it's ever been. we have to talk about what's going t
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this has never happened. the records in dallas go all the way back about 119 years. it's never been in the 90s in november in dallas. tomorrow's forecast is supposed to be 92 degrees. it did hit 90 in december one time. so, again, just one of those things. this never happened in november. unseasonably warm air continues all the way into areas of the east. at least 10 to 15 degrees above normal. that's a look at the big weather story of the day. here's a closer look at the day ahead. there's that warmth after a cold morning yesterday. you'll notice a big change this morning all the way through northern new england. temperatures getting into the upper 50s, to even low 60s. the cold air still remains over the northern plains and northern rockies. they'll even have some snow today. warm into the weekend for the east, too. >> unbelievable. still wearing shorts in dallas like that. bill, thank you. in today's quick hits, the cia has
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documents recovered in the 2011 navy s.e.a.l. raid that killed osama bin laden. two intelligence officials tell nbc new the trove offers insight into iran's support of al qaeda's war with the u.s. former president obama tweeted a video reminding people about open enrollment for obamacare, as the trump administration cut funding for obamacare. check out this new tourist attraction in china. a glass walkway more than 3,800 feet in the air on the edge of a mountain. the scariest part, it sounds like it's cracking. . and at our factory in boston, 1,200 workers are starting their day building on over a hundred years of heritage, craftsmanship and innovation. today we're bringing you america's number one shave at lower prices every day. putting money back in the pockets of millions of americans. as one of those workers, i'm proud to bring you gillette quality for less, because nobody can beat the men and women of gillette. gillette - the best a man can get.
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n extra 20% off! cozy up with holiday jammies and plush throws. save on a keurig coffee maker plus, only at kohl's get kohl's cash to spend on your next purchase. presents for them - kohl's cash for you! give joy, get joy at kohl's. fortified.tored. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. this morning on "today," in an nbc news exclusive, boston celtics star forward gordon hayward opened up to matt lauer about his horrifying injury to his leg in the season opener. >> you landed. is it a nano second between the time you hit the ground and you knew something was really wrong? >> it was a lot longer tha
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was like i didn't feel much. i just kind of knew something was off. when i rolled over and looked down, like my foot, the wrong direction, not where it's supposed to be. and still haven't felt any pain and i'm signaling to the ref, like, look at this, stop the play. look. immediately he stops the play. and then all of a sudden it hit me, and it was like immense pain coming through. >> don't miss the rest of matt's exclusive interview with gordon hayward this morning on "today." leading the news this morning, busy day for the president. house republicans get set to unveil their long-awaited tax overhaul plan. lawmakers are scrambling to finalize their bill with major questions still in limbo. following that announcement, the bill's leading negotiators will descend on the white house just after republican senators sit down with the president to discuss the deferred action program for dreamers, among other issues. mr. trump will conclude his month-long search for a new federal reserve chair, announcing his pick from t
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i don't believe the big issues are ads from foreign governments. i believe that's like
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issue. the bigger issue is that some of these trolls are used to divide people, to manipulate people, to get fake news to people in broad numbers, and influence their thinking. and this, to me, is the number one through ten issue. >> that was apple ceo tim cook in an exclusive sitdown with lester holt discussing the pervasive issue of fake news permeating throughout social media. >> it was an issue not just discussed in silicon valley, but in washington as well as facebook, twitter and google testified on capitol hill for the second day in a row. revealing the startling effect russia had on our society. >> reporter: tech companies on defense, as congress displayed russian-backed ads and posts from phony groups like south united, and back the badge, intended to divide and confuse american voters. >> you
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on against the united states of america. it's damaging information. it's really threatening the security and safety of our -- really, the sovereignty of our nation. >> in the two months just before the election, twitter said it found nearly 37,000 automated accounts linked to russian entities. those accounts tweeted posts 1.4 million times, and when people retweeted them again and again and again, they were eventually seen 288 million times. >> there was a fake tennessee republican account. >> reporter: it was backed by the russians and the official tennessee republican party filed multiple complaints to twitter. >> why did it take so long to take this down when the tennessee republican party was asking you repeatedly? >> this was an absolute mess. >> reporter: posts from that account were retweeted by then campaign manager kellyann conway and donald trump jr. and by president trump himself. >> whether
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unknowingly helped legitimize and spread russian disinformation. >> reporter: the tech companies say only a small fraction of the content was linked to russia. but congress is considering new regulation to prevent this from happening again. jolene kent, nbc news, washington. wendy williams talks about her scary halloween fainting spell. watch me. ♪ i've tried lots of things for my joint pain. now? watch me. ♪ think i'd give up showing these guys how it's done? please. real people with active psoriatic arthritis are changing the way they fight it... they're moving forward with cosentyx®. it's a different kind of targeted biologic. it's proven to help people find less joint pain and clearer skin. don't use if you are allergic to cosentyx. before starting cosentyx you should be checked for tuberculosis.
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suddenly her speech became slurred and she collapsed on her live show. you see it happening. she assured it was not a stunt. she had just become overheated in her statue of liberty costume. the tv host became emotional while talking to her viewers the next day. >> that's when you saw me with the eyes -- because -- it was scary. it was really scary. and, um -- >> well, wendy williams reassured her viewers she is in good health despite what happened. you can see it in her face. you don't know what's happening. if you've blacked out, you start to zero in, like tunnel vision. then you just lose it. so scary. >> yeah, it is. one of the producers, you saw them running in to check on her. but you don't know what's going on. it's great she's in good health. bu t
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quickly, you would think she would take time off. but the doctor said she's okay. great to hear. there is one dentist in serbia who has a very unique hobby. he's one of the largest collectors of smurf figurines, gathering over 600, like charlie chaplin, and marilyn monroe. he even takes the smurfs along with him on vacations. he has a photo exhibit of their travels. the smurfs, they've been around for decades. but he said their popularity will never fade. >> i believe it. you get my kids in that room, in two seconds flat, all the smurfs would be on the floor everywhere. >> less than 100 days until the winter olympics begin. american stars looking to strike gold. fred would do anything for his daughter. get in, fred!
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governing everybody. i'm chris lawrence. just 90 seconds. the latest information coming out of new york after the deadliest terror attack since 9/11, including overnight reaction from president trump. good morning everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. not too terribly cold outside. a lot of clouds around. there may be a drizzle drop
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it's a ground ball right side. houston astros are world champions
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>> -- >> the astros became the champions of baseball. the world series some called one of the best of all-time ended with the astros on top. in fact, they won 5-1. turned out to be the least dramatic game of the series. when it was all over, astros shortstop carlos correia popped -- he shocked his girlfriend when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. what do you say to a world series champion except, sure. good morning everybody. i am chris lawrence. chuck, i got to think, what better way to ask. you just won a world series. you get down on one knee and let it rip. >> we mind me of the fiesta bowl when the beat the sooners. of course, they're going to say say. why would you say no to


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