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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 2, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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street, that's one thing. but when you watch closer and you see p p files and see people's personal information, that's a confidentiality breach. >> spokesman for the u.s. marshal's office which conducts evictions tells news 4 the agency has a policy of not leaving behind drugs and guns. they said in a statement, that "we're looking into it to find out more details and to evaluate our current procedure." breaking news right now at 5:00 a.m., a shopping trip turns deadly. a shooting spree inside of a walmart. >> plus, a video voyeur inside a gymnastics
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by noon, you'll feel like it's spring again. here's a ground ball. right side. could do it. the houston astros are world champions for the first time in franchise history. >> houston heading home with their first championship. >> the players aren't the only ones who ended up with a ring. i mean, what a spectacular world series. >> see how fast she moved. it was like will you -- yes! >> little later in the show, we have a picture of the rock. >> closeup. >> you don't have to like rings to look at this thing and wonder where that's from. it has an effect on the -- >> it hawes its own mirror. >> absolutely right. >> with hurricane harvey. what an amazing world series. congratulations. >> they've
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stay with us. >> look at the goggles. >> champagne goggles for everybody. yes, indeed. stay with us here. the rock that he habded her was big enough for sheena to race to the google machine. >> i did no such machine. >> only by chuck's suggestion. >> whatever. >> chuck asked me do it. >> friendly advice for anyone in our audience that's thinking about proposing. do not let the other half see this ring or whatever you give them will have you nicknamed chip for the rest of your life. just friendly advice from me. temperatures are in the 40s to around 50 this morning. not terribly cold. future weather carries a chance for a spoft drizzt of drizzle o. near 50 now. how about 74 degrees later today, melissa. >> i like that. that is looking good. planning out what to do later today because of it. 66 into or
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problems. 95 in virginia. you can see we're looking pretty good northbound there as you're heading to kwaupt coe. inbound to the beltway. once you hit the beltway, crossover -- that's looking fine. no worries there. same situation outbound. no major problems now. prince george's county looking good too. guys? >> melissa, thank you. now to breaking news. police released a photo of the alleged gunman in the deadly shooting inside a colorado walmart. police say he walked into the store and randomly started shooting people near the cash registers. he got away in a red mitsubishi. police are telling folks in the area to take precautions until he's caught. determined random as of right now. there was no direction or anything like that as the witnesses stated. the person came in and just shot tosh towards the group. >> three people were killed in that shooting.
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this morning the bike path in new york city that was the site of a deadly terror attack is back open. overnight, president trump did not mince words saying what he thinks should happen to the suspect. he called sayfullo saipov a terrorist and should get the death penalty. he also said he asked to hang an isis flag into the hospital room. turning now to the investigation. the fbi is learning more about what drove saipov to commit this act. they called him a fervent follower of isis who spent a year planning the attack. during interviews from his hospital bed, saipov told investigators he was proud of what he had done. he also told the fbi he wanted to fly isis flags from the truck but didn't want to attract too much attention. meanwhile, life will never be the same for the family of the
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victims. one victim's son recently had weight loss surgery and that bike path was part of his workout plan. >> a lot of people take a coffee break, he took the bike path. making good money, every benefit you can imagine. >> very sad. we've been tracking the story since the beginning. we'll bring you updates as we get them on the nbc washington app. front door of a home in fairfax county. this is part of the story. a man beat his wife with an ax before apparently committing suicide with a chainsaw. the wife was 76 years old. this happened on springfield hills drive in springfield. started when a family member couldn't get the door open. she saw the husband beating the wife with the blunt side of an ax. the family member rescued the wife and got them both outside. that's where there was another struggle with the husband over the weapon before police
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there. after they set up a perimeter, police found the husband seriously injured in his garage. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. we want to remind you, we're committed to keeping you safe at home. there are several resources for you or anyone you know, search safe at home in the nbc washington app. it's been nearly one month since a woman says she was raped at a gaithersburg bus top. >> this is fascinating. take a listen. you see the image on the screen. megan mcgrath is live with how this composite was created and what it could mean for future cases megan. >> reporter: well, it's very high tech. dna analysis is being used to create very detailed composite sketches of suspects. here in montgomery county,
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technology for the very first time in an active case. here is where the rape happened. take a look at the map here. a woman was dragged from a bus stop near watkins mill road and travis lane back on october 6th in the early morning. now, take a look. this is the composite sketch of the suspect that police say is responsible for that crime. now, a company called snapshot used dna collected from the crime scene and using a technique called photo typing, they predicted the physical characteristics of the suspect. things like ancestry, eye and hair color, skin color and face shape. they were able to come up with this very detailed sketch here. take a very close look. this is the person they believe is responsible for this rape. they're hoping that someone will recognize this man and give investigators the break that they need. back to you guys. megan mcgrath. thank you. it's now 5:07. we want to get to some breaking news. there's
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russian hackers who interfered in our election had much bigger ambitions. the a.p. revealed the group's digital hit list going back to 2015. the list showed hackers tried to break into the e-mail accounts of secretary of state john kerry, former secretary colin powell and other officials. today all eyes will be on a federal court in d.c. because paul manafort and his business associate rick gates will be back in court for a status hearing. they were indicted on monday on 12 charges, including money laundering. this is part of special counsel robert mueller's russia investigation. manafort and gates have pled not guilty. now to an update on a scare that forced several families to evacuate their homes in montgomery county. several people reported smelling gas in a neighborhood in rockwell last night. fire officials first tell news 4 they thought it was likely that gasoline, someone poured gasoline into a
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later they tweeted that the strong smell was likely associated with nearby construction. bottom line, everybody was allowed back home and officials say there was no threat to their health. here's the ground ball right side. could do it. the houston astros are world champions for the first time in franchise history. >> wow. what an ending to an incredible wo world series. >> top of the world this morning. they won the world series for the first time in franchise history. they beat the dodgers 5-1. both teams won more than 100 games. two of the best teams in the major leagues. >> a lot of people called this the best world series ever the way it kept going back and forth. >> yeah. >> all the way to the do or die game 7. there were several close games but last night the astros got an early lead. the least dramatic game. when it was all ov
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night of his life. >> you make me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me? >> look at her face. that is after shortstop carlos correia proposing to his girlfriend. do you see this, chris? this might be nothing compared to your wife's ring. my goodness gracious. >> yes, sir. she is a miss texas. you got to step up your game. >> things are bigger in texas. >> you want to snag a miss texas, you got to step you u7 your game. >> he planned to propose only if the astros won the world series. i think he had a plan b. maybe not on the field. >> you could have got blown out 22-0. that ring, doesn't matter. >> true
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>> congratulations to the astros. >> can that excitement be us next year? tugging at my heartstrings. if only. what to know about the nats manager and his debut today. >> i think if they didn't win, the ring would have been smaller, maybe. temperatures as you walk outside, not as chilly this morning. but you still might want a light jacket. you won't want it this afternoon. your commute looks nice and dry as we go through the afternoon. more developing sunshine and temperatures. that's in the 70s. wait until you see today and tomorrow's forecast for the afternoon highs. then it drops into the weekend. that's straight ahead. thanks, sheena. plus a daring escape caught on camera. how a kidnapping vic tame made it out of the trunk she was trapped in. some parents at a silver springs kids gym say it took too long to bust a guy. secretly
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and private momen ts narrator: ed gillespie's false attacks. independent press says they're false. fear mongering. absurd. ralph northam went to vmi
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in richmond, dr. northam helped pass longer sentences for gang members and mandatory life sentences for violent sexual predators. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad because i'm a pediatrician, and for ed gillespie to say i would tolerate anyone hurting a child is despicable.
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it took police five months to arrest a man accused of hiding a camera in the bathroom of a children's gymnastics gym. >> moms and dads speaking out. not only angry but more importantly, uninformed. news 4's justin finch is on the scene at silver star gymnastics. parents are still wondering, justin, what happened here? >> reporter: chris, sill vaver is a place for kids to feel safe. but they feel privacy has been violated. concerned, moms and dads met with police and why it took so long for police to make an arrest. they say they had to build their case. back in may, a silver stars worker called police
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full of wires and a key fob camera attached. the worker left the bag behind and detectives say that 54-year-old claimed that bag. police also say he came back twice asking for the fobs. police say they had to carry out a thorough and methodical investigation. they did get search warrants which turned up instructions to a key fob in his car. he did surrender and was arrested october 18th. but we spoke with one mom who says that parents just should have been better informed. >> i'm serious. i'm angry, i wasn't told. i got an e-mail. and i'm going to investigate what's going on. i have three girls here under the age of 8. >>
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still have questions. we can tell you that warren also turned up a search of his home in which police found a computer that has videos, two videos of girls using a restroom. it doesn't appear that video came from silver star and police are still combing through evidence and could find more stuff. he was released on bond. back to you. >> justin finch live in silver spring. justin, thank you. new video showing a kidnapping victim making a split second decision to save her own life. take a look at this. this video shows the woman jumping out of the trunk and running inside the gas station for help. the suspect is inside the station. he takes off. alabama police arrested him sometime later. >> some brutal stuff. he broke into the woman's home. tied her up and threw her in the trunk. >> a lot of officials and investigators say if you don't get out of the situation, the chances are survival are
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a new era for the washington nationals. they will officially introduce their new manager, dave martinez. sherri burress has a preview. >> good morning everyone. and a big day if you're a washington nationals fan. later today, the nats set to announce their new manager, dave martinez. hoping the first-time skipper can get them over the hump and deep into the playoffs. martinez and the nationals agreed to a three-year deal with fourth-year option. what he lacks, inexperience as a manager. he makes up as a player. he helped to lead the chicago cubs to win the 2016 world series and the 53-year-old played for 16 seasons including a four-year stint with the expos. the 7th manager in the team's history, they hope can lead them to a post series win. carol maloney will be there at 1:30 and ha
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4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. i'm sherri burress for news 4 sports. >> talk about the world series and a new era. makes me think, how many more weeks until baseball? >> end of march is the beginning of the season. i don't know the day. >> usually the beginning of april is opening day for the nats. >> somewhere in that ballpark. i know it's a day late and dollar short. i had to show you this picture from halloween. my favorite halloween costume of the season. get this. this is the director of the oklahoma skoofl meteorology. >> sharknado. i love it. >> that was worth it. >> absolutely classic. now you know why i know so much about the weather. look at the quality of instructors in soonerland. it's a mostly cloudy start. 53 degrees. not much of wind. wind will come back around to the south. that will help scour the clouds out. and more warm weather.
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town. 46 in leesburg and gaithersburg. 43 up in charles town west, virginia. satellite and radar, a lot of clouds. there may be a random drizzle drop or two early this morning. but this little chance for drizzle and mist should be coming to an end by 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. by lunchtime, the sunshine will make a comeback. by later in the afternoon, it's going to be quite the warmup, indeed. 70 today in gaithersburg for a high. 74 in washington. 75 the high in stafford and fredericksburg. tomorrow, also another wish of a day. a little cloudiness around early. but a mild start and a really warm afternoon. temperatures tomorrow up in the mid 70s. there will be a little chance for showers later on in the day tomorrow. future weather through your friday. starting out with sunshine. by 3:00, 4:00, skies going mostly cloudy. as the cold front comes through mid to late afternoon and evening, might bring out a stray shower or two. that's going to be about it. here's your five-d
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76 tomorrow. lot of clouds on saturday. maybe light rain or drizzle. temperature around 62. sunday looks nicer and by monday, back into the 70s with more rain. don't forget to put your clocks back saturday night. problem on metro. single tracking on orange, silver and blue line between stadium armory and addison road and cheverly this morning. have a track issue out of she cheverly is what we're hearing. rest the beltway is just fine. 66 and 95 all looking good. no major issues there. see you back here at 5:31. a lifelong dream come true. he spent days driving buses in
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a look at his stellar performance coming up. first, parents know kids love our cell phone. but how young is too young for one of their own? our digital addiction serie continuess w at children's national, stronger is caring
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and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. people ask you, how can ayou possibly do this?e, and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director for the last eighteen years. he's made such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it.
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back when i was a kid in the old days, it was getting a car. now a cell phone is a rite of passage. when should they get their own? >> they start asking early on these days. kids as young as 6 are begging for phones. no. which prompted us to ask, how soon should you give them a phone or ipad? this is part of our digital addiction series. here's angie goff. >> in this digital world, it's a coming of age milestone for kids. getting their first phone. the big question for parents,
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>> you should have a consensus within the family. it's a good idea to try this. >> for the first round, make it clear that the phone or tablet is an adult tool and having it is a privilege. he says do not give your child complete absceccess at first. restrict what they use and how they use it. enact a media curfew. no technology before bed. keep in mind, every child is different. >> teenagers doing work until 11:00 at night is different than a 8-year-old. most kids get a phone at age 10. >> young kids on cell phones early, they look up and look around, see the world around them. >> the doctor says there are positives once you do give in. a new way to learn, connect and explore. all activities that should be regulated to avoid risks. >> depression, anxiety and adhd is the most common best friends of the c
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>> angie goff, news 4. if you miss any digital addiction stories, head over to our nbc washington app tore more. could you break the addictions if your work life depended on it. >> how one company is rewarding employees who kick the smoking habit. maybe still a light jacket. we're taking a look at the radar. a few sprinkles possible. back off to the west, we have breaks in the cloud cover and that will be moving in later today. we will see more sunshine this afternoon and unseasonably warm teeratures. mpwe
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people ask you, how can ayou possibly do this?e, and we say, how can we not? if these kids go through what they go through, we can support them. dr. ralph northam has been our volunteer medical director
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e such a difference in so many families' lives. ralph northam: these kids have given me more than i could ever give them. and i wanna make sure that every family in virginia can afford good healthcare when they need it. m mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad. female narrator: what would john adams do to women's health? adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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right now at 5:30ment storm team 4 tracking temperatures as they head back into the 70s. killed on his lunch break. he was enjoying a meal outside when a car came plowing through. now we're learning not really who he was but how many lives he touched. listen to that, a performance he'll want to share. a d.c. bus driver living out his lifelong dreams in front of
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listen to that voice. he was born to sing. so happy he had that chance. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm chris lawrence. i'm in for aaron gilchrist. it's 5:31. >> we're working to get you out the door on time. we'll check in with sheena parveen and chuck bell. >> good morning. cloudy skies and nowhere near as cold as the last couple of mornings. sheena, you're promising a warmup. >> there's a big warmup coming. it's a little different out there. you might not need the warm jacket like yesterday morning. this morning, maybe a light jacket. not this afternoon, though. 53 right now in the district. by 8:00 a.m., 55 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., not as chilly. in the low 60s by that time. developing sunshine around lunchtime. look at that. close to 70 degrees. which means by the afternoon, we're going to be warmer than that. take a look, though. we hav
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we have a few sprinkles near winchester and even near 81. but overall, we're going to see breaks in all this as we go through the afternoon. back off to the west. we could have breaks in the cloud cover. we'll show you that forecast through the afternoon. another warmup tomorrow coming up. let's check the roads with melissa. >> on the rails right now, we have that single tracking happening. we're talking about the orange and blue lines between eastern market. cheverly on the silver line, they've changed things a bit. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major slowdowns. outer loop at college park, we have a crash on the right shoulder. seeing a little slowdown because of that. otherwise, we're looking pretty good. 66 and 95, no big problems in virginia. bottom of the beltway rolling along nicely. eun? >> melissa, thank you. here's a look at the top stories this morning. police release a photo of the alleged
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shooting inside a colorado walmart. he walked into a store and randomly opened fire on a group of people near the cash register. he escaped in a red mitsubishi. three people were killed in the shooting. this morning, new york city officials reopened a bike path that was the site of a deadly terrorist attack. meanwhile, investigators are digging into his past. they call him a fervent follower of isis. he spent a year planning this attack. he told investigators he was proud of what he had done. we'll tell you what president trump said happened to him. a new report from the associated press shows russian hackers who interfered in our election had much bigger ambitions. the a.p. is calling the group's digital hit list. it shows hackers tried to break into the e-mail accounts of former secretary of state john kerry, former secretary colin powell and other high ranking u.s. officials. coming up,
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will break down how significant this news is. after everything this city has been through, it's nice to say this. houston strong. the astros just beat the l.a. dodgers to win the world series for their first ever championship. the series was a hard-fought battle. seven games with one final winner take all. congratulations astros. > this morning, we're hearing from a man who was having a business lunch when a car rammed into the building and stopped just inches away from them. one of the friends was this father and boy scout leader seen on the right-hand side. he died this week. he was the commissioner for the district of the boy scouts of america. he helped guide some 3,000 troops and 1200 adult leaders. he's being remembered as a remarkable man. >> one of the first african-americans in
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he had an army base where folks were stationed. he stayed with scouting, took all the lessons, you could learn, became an adult leader. he understood what learning for life was all about and he lived it. he was the one you want to be when it's all over with. >> wow. the driver of the car says her brakes failed. police are still investigating what happened. all those people he touched. >> also we've learned that the man accused of defacing the memorial missed his court date because he's in russia. he's a student and was ordered to leave the country as his visa was about to expire. when he tried to come back, the state department denied him entry. he's facing ten years in prison after park police officers say he used a penny to carve letters into columns on the lincoln memorial in september. a georgetown university bus driver is proving dreams
5:36 am
do come true. >> this is incredible. check it out. >> and the home of the brave ♪ >> wow. listen to that voice. he sang the national anthem at wednesday night's wizards game at the capital arena. he's been working and wowing his bus passengers for years. >> i guess we caught up with him and he was getting ready for the big performance. he told us he really loves to sing. it's his way of praising god. >> if you want to hear more about him, we shared this link on our facebook page, my facebook page tweeting the story as well. >> i tweeted it out as well. >> i love this story. he was meant to sing. clearly, he was born to do this. to have a platform like that. >> i love that program that the georgetown students and alumni came up with. really profiles all the hidden le
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congrats. if you think you've had a strong beer before, you haven't tasted this wuchblt tone. sam adams with so much alcohol, it's illegal in 12 states. >> don't need a six pack of that one. first, personal information kicked to the curb, literally. up next, an update aut whboy ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you.
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work is under way to repair a dangerous stretch of road after a terrible crash in september. we told you about v-dot's plan to install high-friction treatment on the pavement on evergreen mills road in leesburg. that is where 39-year-old aaron kaplan was killed in a large food truck ran a stop sign and t-boe t-boned her car. they began installing the skid resistant treatment. work will begin through saturday. it will block one lane of traffic. we have an update on a story. >> the u.s. marshals is reexamining policies after sensitive files from a d.c. tax preparation service were found piled up on the street. we saw this and did a double-take on it. the company was evicted from its office. a company told news 4
5:41 am
on tuesday. documents showed clients' names, addresses and social security numbers. witnesses tell news 4 people were seen taking documents and furniture. the head of the neighborhood business association says he stepped in to avoid more stealing. he says he was surprised when agents from the treasury service showed up to claim it. >> you see trash on the street, that's one thing. but when you see files on the street and you see people's personal information on the street, that's a confidentiality breach. a spokesman which conducts evictions in the district tells news 4 the agency has a policy of not leaving behind dangerous items such as drugs and guns. they said in a statement, we're looking into finding out more details and evaluating our current procedures. good morning. it's 5:41 on your thursday. if you're start to go think about the weekend, a lot of great events, including the
5:42 am
get to run across the chesapeake bay bridge and back. it will be a cloudy and damp start. on the whole, i think it will be a good one. sheena has the forecast coming right up. brand new problem on 50 in virginia and issues on metro. all of that straight ahead. and dna analysis has been used to create a very detailed suspect sketch in a rape case in montgomerm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
5:43 am
adams argued before the supreme court to give employers control over your access to birth control. adams also supports giving employers the power to block access to affordable contraception for 1.6 million virginia women. and adams opposes abortion even in cases of rape, or incest. john adams: wrong for women's health. wrong for virginia.
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ralpand as a doctor, nobody ever asked if i'm a democrat or republican. they just want my help. so if donald trump is helping virginia i'll work with him. but donald trump proposed cutting virginia's school funding, rolling back our clean air and water protections, and taking away health care
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as a candidate for governor, i sponsored this ad because i've stood up to donald trump on all of it. ed gillespie refuses to stand up to him at all. right now on "news4 today," a first in the fight to catch a rapist. how dna sefd helped police compile this composite. >> it will feel like fall this morning, then back to springtime temperatures. will the warm weather last through the weekend? we have your forecast. stop smoking, spend more time relaxing. the powerful new way one company is getting its employees to kick
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plus peewee players with a lot of potential. they qualified for the championship. we're working for you in the community with how you can help them reach their goals. first at 5:46. breaking news. the associated press reporting on what it's calling a digital hit list from hackers tied to russia who interfered with our election last year. >> this goes back two years and shows the group targeting e-mails of high ranking officials. news 4's tracie potts live on capitol hill. how significant is this? >> the significance, it means that russian hackers were trying to do a lot more than deal with the u.s. elections. this goes back years according to the a.p. analysis. the analysis obtained by a.p. it involves thousands of e-mails. in fact, it shows that nearly
5:47 am
attempted to hack. there were 19,000 malicious links that were found in this analysis and they were targeting not only democrats and republicans here in washington, but also the e-mails of ukrainian officers, russian opposition officials and figures. u.s. defense contractors and thousands of others. it's what's being described as a digital hit list. in other words, if you're russia, who all over the world would you want to try to hack to promote russian interests. that's what this is all about. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. tracie, we're expecting to get the details of house republicans tax cut bills today. what will that look like? >> we're waiting to see what it will look like, eun. they worked late into the night. they're trying to figure out how you balance tax breaks for the middle class with that 20% tax cut for corporations? a couple of things people want to know
5:48 am
we're told they likely will not get rid of those lower tax-free contributions for the 401(k)s. but parents of college students could lose the exemption for college students and the home mortgage interest deduction expected to stay. >> tracie, thank you. this time on tuesday morning we'll be getting you ready to cast your ballot in virginia. as we head into the final stretch of the campaign, we're seeing new -- ed gillespie's campaign, a reversal on sanctuary cities. northam told our sister station in portsmouth that he would sign a bill banning sanctuary cities if it's put on his desk. he's criticized for -- in a debate, he called the ban a solution to a problem that doesn't exist. make sure you have the nbc
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washington app where you can find complete coverage of the governor's race and other races between now and election day. it's been nearly one month since a woman says she was raped at a bus stop in gaithersburg. the hunt for her attacker is intensifying. that's because of the image her attacker might have looked like. >> take a look at the screen. you can see how clear the image is. megan mcgrath is live at headquarters. it looks so realistic. >> reporter: yeah, it does. it's a very interesting use of dna analysis. a company is using the information to come up with very detailed sketches of suspects wanted in criminal cases. here in montgomery county they're using this for the first time in an open case. take a look at the map here. this is where the rape happened here. a woman was dragged from a bus stop on watkins mill road and travis lane. that happened back on october 6th in the morning hours. now, this is
5:50 am
sketch of the suspect that police say is responsible. you can see how clear it is. a company called snapshot used dna collected from the crime scene and a technique called felony phenotyping. they were able to find out ancest ancestry, skin color, hair and face shape and came up with this composite sketch. investigators here in montgomery county put that out there in the hopes that someone will recognize this man. an interesting use of technology. whether it helps investigators in this case. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. a company is offering an incentive to employees who don't smoke. a tokyo-based marketing firm gives nonsmoking employees six
5:51 am
extra vacation days. the company says the idea developed after another employee complained about colleagues taking multiple smoke breaks resulting in less work time. 15 minutes smoke breaks accrued over a year's time with six days extra. >> i've always wondered that when somebody takes a smoke break. can i take a break? but that's cool, though. >> about four employees out of 42 or so. >> pretty cool, though. incentive to kick the habit. >> six extra days of vacation. that will do it. >> in weather like this. >> or longer. >> later today, just step outside and don't come back. going to feel like, well, i guess you could say spring or early summer. we'll be in the 70s as we go through today and tomorrow. your commute, that's going to be nice and dry. we do have sprinkles out there. the roads are still dry. the bus stop not as chilly. maybe a light jacket. it's not going to be like it was the past fe
5:52 am
exercise will be warmer this afternoon. i think you want short sleeves running around outside. gaithersburg 45. annapolis 56. quantico 51. we have the clouds around and need help to keep us milder. few sprinkles near leesburg and winchester possibly. not a big deal. some breaks in this down to the south and west. that's what we'll see later today. you'll notice the clouds when the sun comes up this afternoon. you'll notice developing sunshine. but forecast, 7:00 a.m., 53 degrees. 8:00 a.m., 55. by 3:00 p.m., more sunshine and temperatures in the low 70s. here's future weather. so, again, maybe a couple sprinkles closer to 8:00 a.m. maybe near leesburg, frederick, martinsburg. otherwise the clouds breakthrough the afternoon hours and things warm up. as we go to this weekend, don't forget, we have daylight saving time fl we'll set the clocks back an hour this sunday. ne
5:53 am
look at that 5:03. it gets darker earlier. don't forget to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. tomorrow, 76 degrees. late-day shower chance. most of your friday stays dry. the weekend, big drop coming. then back up there on sunday and monday. a rainy stretch in the forecast. a closer look at it coming up. let's check the roads are melissa mollet. good morning. good morning. new problem i want to mention before we talk about the problems on the rails. 95 north between lorton and fairfax county. brand new crash. metro, single tracking orange and blue line between eastern market and addison road cheverly. on the silver line running between ealy and boston. patrick henry drive, right side blocked by a crash inbound before woodyard road. crash on the left side of the roadway. beltway looking okay. earlier problem cleared out of the way. so is prince george's county with the exception of
5:54 am
as far as the travel times, maryland no major delays there and also looking good in virginia. we'll see if that changes along 95. guys? >> thank you, melissa. parents, if your kids play football, you know school only pays for so much. >> right. >> it falls on the parents to pick up the slack. >> young football players worked so hard and reach the championship and want to go farther, but not sure if they can come up with the money. let's check in with molette green and see how the football players continue to inspire others. look at them, molette. >> reporter: i know. they're 6 and under. they're undefeated. they're football stars. doing warmups before 6:00 a.m. this morning. these are the dmv knights. they are undefeated. they're trying to go to florida to the championship. but they need your help to get there. how you can help coming up
5:55 am
"news4 today" in the 6:00 hour. don't go away. don't miss this. they're incredible. >> look at those pushups at -- >> in the morning. >> i can barely get my kid out of bed, molette. >> that's why they're champions, though. right there. >> how much would you pay for a good beer? >> ten bucks. >> you will fork over $200 for a beer. are you kidding me? the limited edition utopia and it costs $199 for a bottle. get this. the alcohol content is so high, 28%, it is illegal to sell in 12 states. i couldn't take a sip. there are only 13,000 bottles out there. if you are interested -- people will buy this beer. >> you certainly don't need a six-pack of that one. >> they're going to drink it. people do that. >>
5:56 am
>> halloween has passed. but for some people, that's when they start looking ahead to the holidays. >> starbucks has showing off the holiday cup. landon dowdy. how is it looking? >> hi, chris and eun. it's not looking like 28% alcohol content. but it might perk you up a little bit. holiday cup is unvad for 2017. color it in yourself message. give good. starbucks says the idea behind it campaign is to give those near and dear to you and give to strangers in your community and give a gift that helps plan it. coffee chain used specially designed holiday cup for 20 years now. the new cups are available now. guys, chris and eun, back to you. >> thank you, landon. we don't always share the funny holidays that pop up on the social media feeds. guys, let me give you -- today is national men make dinner y.
5:57 am
that's right. celebrate us. it's celebrated on the first thursday in november. we know some of the gentlemen are already pitching in. >> my sister's husband cooks dinner every day. >> holding up the whole -- this is for the guys who aren't as familiar around the kitchen. she hates this stuff. the men get cyd fredit for -- >> you're not baby-sitting. you're supposed to take care of your kids. i'm calling your wife. >> microwave a dinner and i deserve a day, darn it. >> he wants medals and a trophy. all right. >> in case you missed it, star wars fans are geeking out this morning. the new sneak peek you want to see. that would be me. >> me too. also next at 6:00, the images really made all of us cringe. devastating injury on national television. an nba player hurt during the season opener. what he did before he realized what happened.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news overnight. a gunman opens fire and walks out of the door. plus, a mom is furious after an arrest at a popular gym for kids. they catch a man
6:00 am
bathroom after months. you make me the happiest man in the world. will you marry me? >> it was the event after the main event. more reasons the houston astros are celebrating this morning. look at the size of that rock. not shy people. we are deep, caring individuals. but man is it hard to take your eyes off of that thing. >> with a rock like that, i would have married him on the spot. what is it, about ten carats? >> we've been trying to figure it out. >> i have no concept of something that big. it's so crazy looking. >> i told my wife, you don't wear a ring that big. you can't wear it in public. nice and small. >> you have to go around with a bodyguard to wear that in public. >> not quiteth


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