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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 5, 2017 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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attracted to the underneath route over here. and julius thomas snuck in behind him. bowman right in the middle. and he saw the receiver underneath. leaned in. and cory james couldn't get there. but this is -- interesting now. >> al: cutler over 300 yards and 3 touchdown passes tonight. adam gase, two for two in these situations. and now, miami has to take a time-out. >> referee: third and final time-out, miami. >> al: yeah. not the worst thing in the world in this particular situation. they're going to have to go down the field anyway. 1:32. you'd like to have it. i've seen situations where it will be much more impactful than it is right here. you have to get the onside kick anyway. with one time-out, they still
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>> cris: this is the right call. you make this. and all you need is a field goal if you recover the onside kick. if you miss it, you have to get a touchdown. for gase -- >> al: thought they had the play in. didn't need to stop the clock, in his mind. take a time-out. clock stops anyway. kenyan drake is in the backfield. on the 2 yard line. they give it to drake. and he is going to barrel his way in for the conversion. with 92 seconds, it's going to come down to that onside kick. to keep miami's hopes alive. >> cris: watch anthony fasano here. as this gets stuffed, he will push kenyan drake into the end zone. good double-team up front. here comes the final push.
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on the part of fasano. they had one onside kick. see what they have up here. the ravens tried one of those funky kicks where it looked like they were going to kick it to the right and did a back handed kick that didn't make it the ten yards. everybody has tricky kicks here. a lot of times, the guy right next to the kicker, will have the kicker look like he's going to kick it. and the other guy kicks it the over way. the raiders have had to stay balanced in this formation. >> al: you have the kicker and the punter. >> referee: third and final charged time-out. >> al: as he starts to move, oakland takes its final time-out. >> al: that was a great time-out that was. they showed their play. did you see that? haack went first and was not going to kick it. and parkey was.
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now, they have to say, do we want to run it again? he was going to fake the kick and get involved in this thing. but they showed their play. >> cris: showed their cards right there. perfectly timed time-out. >> al: now, where do you go if you're miami? you go to the next-best -- they've already used the two best onside kick situations, i guess, with parkey recovering the first one. the unexpected one. >> cris: look at what they're doing to the ridaiders. they're not sure if they're going to kick it one way or another. they have to play both sides, which creates opportunities to get one. >> al: four by four. they try it again. and here's a bouncing ball that is caught by a
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but he doesn't drop the onside kick. and unless there's some crazy disaster, the oakland raiders are going to go to 54-5. >> cris: this never left the ground. good onside kicks, go roll, roll, bounce. straight up in the air. because that one got sideways, instead of end over end, where it will pop up in the air, it never popped. >> al: cooper collects it. they go into the victory formation. a couple of kneeldowns will take oakland raiders to the airport for the ride home. and in a game they really had to win, they win. the miami dolphins will go to .500, with a mark of 4-4.
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two games back of new england. their fate in their own hands. they get new england down the line. buffalo twice. cutler and gase, a little conversation. wondering if those ribs would hold up. they held up pretty well. carr needs one more kneeldown to take them to the locker room. >> cris: took a lot for jay cutler to come back. and it's the friendship between those two guys that got them back. and jay cutler looked sharp. and you wonder if this team might get this offense going in the second half of the season because they had more time together they didn't have in the off-season. >> al: we will find out. 27-24. the oakland raiders come east and win it.
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zone last year, not so much this year, until tonight, when they win it in primetime by three points. so, there's your story from miami, with the volkswagen postgame report, just ahead. stay tuned. ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. they're studying for 21st century jobs. but ed gillespie supports donald trump's plan to take money out of virginia public schools and give it to private schools. as a washington dc lobbyist, ed gillespie worked for lenders
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illespie's plan to cut taxes for the wealthy could cut virginia school funding, too. ed doesn't stand for education. will have power over your health care. adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the power to block birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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welcome to "vo
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here, now, mike tirico. >> the raiders lose to buffalo. spend the whole week in florida, trying to find their mojo. and they find it enough to win by three, 27-24. big help going forward in this raiders season. 21 forced penalties, in all. but the raiders made the plays in the fourth quarter and the dolphins put themselves in position and they could not. in terms of game balls, players of the game. offense getting it done for the raiders. and derek carr and jared cook, a big part of that. 300 yards and a touchdown. the tight end, eight receptions, 126 yards. and they stand by with michele. >> mike, thank you. derek, you guys lose in buffalo and spend the week in florida together, in almost a camp-like setting. how did that help you prepare for tonight? >> we didn't have to drive and sit in traffic. that was nice. that's always good. it was good to be with each other.
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it was good to eat all our meals together. usually when you go to football, you break and everyone goes to their family. when the meals are buffet style and that's where you need, that's where we need. it's good for our team. >> marshawn lynch, two touchdowns. he and the line together tonight, so productive. what seemed to be working? >> my goodness. their effort. that's what it is. they're supersmart. they can make adjustments on the fly. our guys are smart enough to make adjustments. >> speaking of adjustments. this team had great expectations coming into this season. 4-5, coming into the bye week. what do you see ahead for this group? >> we need to get our rest. we need to recover. and then, start preparing for new england. that's on my mind right now. i'll start on that, as soon as i get on the plane. probably before that. we have so much work to do, that i don't care what it says at the end. we just need to win and we need to compete and do it. >> you did it here. congrala
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good to see you. >> likewise. let's go to jared cook. that was that spirit for this offense. what does that tell you about connecting to your quarterback? >> it's about connecting with the quarterback. the "o" line was giving him his reads. i was doing my best to get open down the field. he was able to find me so many times, especially in the first half. >> you saw what he's capable of. what do you see as you look ahead for the two of you and this offense a's a whole? >> he puts it out there. puts it on the line, every day. every practice. every game, he gives you his heart. that's the kind of guy you need behind center. somebody that leads the team and leads the offense, and keeps the chains moving. >> you kept them moving, as well. congratulations on the win. mike, back to you. >> effusive praise for the raiders quarterback is common when you talk with anyone in
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we bring tony dungy in. you hear carr. he's thinking 14 days ahead in mexico city and new england and that stuff. what can the raiders make of this win going forward here to the rest of the season? >> i do think, mike, they can build on this because for the first time in a long while, this looked like a raiders to me. you saw marshawn lynch get involved in the running game. and that kind of gave them a spark. but then, you saw the big plays. and pushing the ball up the field. jared cook got involved. but this is what we need to see from derek carr. get that ball up the field, give these receivers a chance to make plays and then when they really needed that pass rush in the fourth quarter, khalil mack, we saw him show up. and again, looked like the defensive player of the year. we saw some signs. now, they have to do it consistently. we'll see what happens in two weeks. but that's going to be a huge, huge game for the raiders against new england. >> and chiefs, not as hot as they were a month or so ago. already a head-to-head win.
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some hope for the oakland fans. let's bring in mike florio. the broncos in this division, embarrassed in philadelphia. brock osweiler got the start. doesn't get easier, as they have new england one week from tonight here on nbc. any chance we see a different quarterback, namely paxton lynch, next sunday night? >> well, there is a chance, mike. here's what's going on in denver. first four-game losing streak of the john elway era, as that guy running that football operation. i'm told that elway and coach vance joseph are going to consider all options. a couple of things working in favor of brock osweiler. first of all, he did protect the ball better in relation to his predecessor, trev siemian. there's a concern he wasn't be ready by next sunday night. and keep this in mind, the last time around that brock osweiler was the starter for the broncos in his second start, he beat the patriots on a sunday night in denver.
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start for his second stint. so, it could be osweiler. but again, broncos looking at all options as the next weekend approaches. >> they struggled against their opponent, as well. michael, thank you. you can see him on nbcsn, "pro football talk live." and the dan patrick show, fr frfrom 9:00 to noon. al and cris from the final word from south florida, after this. [ joe cocker's "with a little help from my friends" ] ♪ vw drivers have always put others first. now we're returning the favor, with the people first warranty. america's best bumper-to-bumper limited warranty.
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line. redskin touchdown. >> so, a pair of games coming your way on nbc. thursday night in arizona. seattle at arizona. seattle, an offensive juggernaut last week against houston. had trouble scoring today. arizona, they trade for adrian peterson. at his advance stage. how about carrying 159 yards today. and comes back on three days' rest. >> and might get it 37 more times the next game. nobody trains like adrian peterson. his legendary workouts to get ready for the season. he will be up to the task. it's a big game. let's face it. those two teams, trying to catch the rams. trying to see who gets positioned to have the best opportunity. >> the rams, a 6-2 record. and sunday, on to denver. obviously, the broncos struggling. mike florio talked about it. maybe pa l
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overtime victory a couple years ago. and the patriots come off a bye week. >> in fairness, to osweiler, you can't expect to send somebody in there, he was with different teams. to come in and play a week or two weeks. sometimes you have to let a quarterback build a little bit. if i had to guess, i would say osweiler because he has a win over that track. he beat the patriots on a sunday night game. i'm going to guess we see him. >> i hear tom brady is starting for the patriots. >> yeah. indeed. who his backup is, that's a more interesting question. >> thursday and sunday, both. it's 27-24. that's your final score from here in miami, as the oakland raiders needed a victory and they got one. coming up next, except on the west coast, your late local news. al michaels for cris collinsworth, michele tafoya. good night from miami. this has been "sunday night football."
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a masked man opens fire in texas's largest mass shooting. we're learned he was court-martialed in t
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and the community as they struggle to come to grips with this tragedy. news4 at 11 begins with breaking news. >> brings morning for those in pain. >> that pain piercing a devastated community, state and nation. good morning, everyone. i'm leon harris. >> good morning. the church in texas turned into a shooting rampage this morning, the youngest victim just 5 years old. >> jay. >> reporter: not until very early in this investigation, obviously, police have not talked at all about any motive or evidence that may lead them to that at this point. federal agents said they found no links to terrorism here.
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that's the latest live in sutherland springs. back to you. >> all right. thank you, jay. we'll get back to jay in a few minutes. >> we will. we're taking a look at the troubled shooters background. who was sentenced to a year's confinement after a 2012 court-martial. kelly served in logistics readiness until his discharge. nbc news wentz through information and only minor allegations and not sure if he was connectedpw to any inside t church. what we're seeing play out today. >> the tio
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occurred in place of worship. >> something we say does not happen in small communities. we found out it does. >> i know everybody there. our church worked together. we go to lunch with the pastor and started praying with everybody involved in it. >> we cannot put into words the pain and grief we all feel and we cannot begin to imagine the suffering of those who lost the ones they so dearly loved. >> stay with us here for continuing coverage on that texas church shooting. we'll get back to jay gray live in a few moments here. you can read first hand accounts from victim's relatives and witnesses and learn more about the sutherland springs community. more breaking news, this time in montgomery county where an officer shot a suspect in a shopping center, what investigators are saying
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opened fire. darcy. >> reporter: that shooting happened right here in this parking center parking lot ats were deal and randolph road. according to police the driver of that suv was ramming the smaller darker car right in front of it and what led police in montgomery county to open fire. i want to show you video. the officer shot out the driver's side window of the suv. the driver was shot by the officer's bullet and then taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we're told he was conscious and alert at the time he was transported. police also want to talk to the driver of the car to see what happened here. do we know what led up to this? was it road rage? do they know one another? >> that's a good question. we're canvassingth
11:56 pm
witnesses, a busy shopping center and there's 24 hour businesses, gas stations and coffee shops here and we're checking the video to see what that shows. >> reporter: back out live you can see a very active investigation. we checked in with montgomery county police a short time ago and don't have more information at this time and expect to release the identity of that officer sometime tomorrow. your storm team forecast. >> hi, guys. we have rain coming out there the next couple of days, temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s, very mild. show you what we're dealing with. on this sunday night close to midnight, close to charleston, west virginia, it will be
11:57 pm
thing moving your way, good chance of thunderstorm activity moving through. with a line, a strong line of storms earlier today, this line moving in during the day tomorrow. a warm one monday upper 60s and lower 70s. tracking into an unsettled pattern, colder air, the coldest of the season when most of us, even the city may get the first freeze of the season. >> thank you, doug. in the meantime a night out at a bar turns deadly and a family searching for answers after their loved one never made it home. harold garnet's family, and showing him giving sneakers to a homeless man. that's how generous he was. police say dozens of people witnessed the c
11:58 pm
suspect down and others help find him. garnet was about to be a father. to take someone away from his family. he was a brother, uncle, a son, and a friend to many. >> the suspect was initially charged with malicious wounding but more charges since garnet has died. a new report shows a record number turned out for early voting in virginia ahead of tuesday's election. over 41,000 virginians have already cast ballots, up 61% from four years ago. neuro4 found several key issues that could decide the outcome of the republican's race between ed gillespie and democrat, ralph northam including criminal justice reform and
11:59 pm
remember, tune in for coverage on tuesday. our team of reporters will be covering nearly 70 races including some in maryland and will have the returns on air and in our nbc washington app. let's talk about another team right now. >> who would have thunk it? they rallied late on the road to stun the seahawks in seattle and keep pace on the playoffs in the east. sherry, this is the last time i willing bad mouth these guys, couldn't believe it. >> some fans are calling this the best redskins win in a long time. they were very much the underdogs in this matchup against the seattle seahawks because of a rash of injuries. they were still able to get the job done and get the win. skins down four with a little over a minute to play. after connecting for 31 yards, kirk cousins going up top for josh doctson.
12:00 am
catch. first and goal, rob kelley punching it in, second touchdown of the game for kelly. redskins drive 30 yards in 75 seconds to take the lead and come back to beat the seahawks 17-14. a hard fought road win. >> proud of the way our guys played. no frustration, they kept playing and coming back more and were effective. >> seeing that makes the five hour flight not so bad. more coming up. >> that might be the best five hour ride they've had in a long time, as you know. the attack on senator rand paul and his kentucky home was much worse than we were told. the painful injuries he's dealing with and how long it will keep him out
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we lost our leader, colleague, friend, jim vance, when he passed away. tonight, a special ralph northam: i'm ralph northam, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. narrator: they call him enron ed. because washington, dc lobbyist ed gillespie represented the worst of the worst. lenders trying to keep student loan rates high. corporations sending jobs overseas. and of course the enron scandal. now, enron ed is lobbying for donald trump's agenda. like cuts to virginia school funding, and taking away healthcare from thousands of virginians. enron ed gillespie. he's not lobbying for you. will have power
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adams supports letting insurance companies deny coverage for pre-existing conditions. seniors would be charged more for health care; premiums would go up. and adams supports giving employers the power to block birth control access for female employees. john adams: wrong on health care, wrong on birth control, wrong for virginia. disclaimer: i'm mark herring, candidate for attorney general, and i sponsored this ad.
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looks like the assault on kentucky senator rand paul was a lot more serious than his representatives let on yesterday. sunday, a senior advisor said it is unclear when the senator will be able to get back to work. he suffered five broken ribs from the assault at his home in bowling green, kentucky. he is in considerable pain,
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around. police arrested an acquaintance of his. they have not revealed a motive for this attack, unclear when he can return to work. his aides said it could take months for him to recover. we want to go back to nbc's jay gray on the texas shooting. >> jay is in sutherland springs, texas, with new information on the investigation. >> reporter: shots ripped through the first baptist church of sutherland springs, texas during the sunday morning service. >> it was rapid fire, boom boom boom boom. >> reporter: 26 killed, 10 or more wounded. >> the state, we're dealing with the largest mast shooting in its history. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 5 to 72 years old including the 14-year-old daughter of the pastor, anabelle pomeroy. her parents


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