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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 7, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> announcer: news4 begins now with storm team 4. >> just look at that mess. >> nasty. >> looks like london, doesn't it? >> yes, it does. >> rainy, dreary, miserable afternoon. you can pick the word. to make matters worse it's just plain cold. we are in weather alert mode. >> we have three hours of coverage for you. doug kammerer kicks us off from the storm center. doug. >> cold and rainy to say the least, guys. one plain word, nasty. that's the way we're going to see things through the rest of the night. temperatures have been falling all afternoon. rain has been falling all afternoon, too. you can see steady rain in just go all locations. winchester, frederick, d.c., we'll zoom in partsarts of montgomery county, fairfax county and the district. you see it is just raining everywhere. some moderate bouts of rain here in the yellows, coming right over i-95, back along 270, loudoun county around herndon and sterling. this is what we'll see for the rest of the evening hours. now, we are going to see it come to an end by around 10:00, 11:00 tonight,t
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you know it's cold here. the snow is just a couple hundred miles to the north. amazing they're seeing snow up there around places like state college, around pittsburgh today, saw some snow. the other big factor, look at these numbers. these are the wind chills. 38 d.c., 33 leesburg, 35 manassas. we told you you needed the umbrellas and the coats today. that is a definite and it gets a lot colder than this later this week. we'll update you on that cold when that moves in and take you hour by hour with the rain tonight and into your wednesday coming up in about ten minutes. >> thank you, doug. days like these, you need to have the nbc washington app. get the power of storm team 4 right on your smartphone with live radar updated forecasts and alerts when the rough weather threatens us. >> new this afternoon, a handful of workers at a local high school taken to the hospital after they got exposed to a suspicious substance. that substance, a white powder found in the student's b
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units to kennedy high school in montgomery county and that's where we find news4's pat collins live right now. pat? >> reporter: leon, a strange incident here at kennedy high school. five staffers sent to the hospital for evaluation after they were exposed to what's been described as a suspicious white powder. now, sources tell the story this way. they say the staffers were searching a teenage boy in a conference room, that they found that white powder in a zip lock bag in his back pack. some of the powder spilled out into the room. some of the staffers felt sick. police were called in. the hazmat unit was deployed. the staffers taken to the hospital for evaluation. the police brought in to evaluate that white powder. what was in the white powder? so far police say they don't know for sure, but what they do
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opiate fentanyl. it was not fentanyl. what is it? they're still working on that. i'm working on the story. i'll be back at 5:00 with more. live in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> all right, pat. scott macfarlane now with breaking news at the live desk. police just released this picture of a teenager wanted in the murder of a 17-year-old girl. take a look at your screen. that was james may field. d.c. police say he's wanted on a first degree murder charge in the death of jamari sidnor. the young woman shot and killed by a stray bullet driving down saratoga avenue in southeast d.c. may field 18 years old. two other men behind bars in this kill. at the thrive desk, scott macfarlane. leon, back to you. >> thank you, scott. now to new information just in on this deadly house fire in prince george's county. investigators say it was arson. they also reveal today that both of the peopleho
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were men. we first showed you the damage at this home on foot street in seat pleasant last thursday. the house was foreclosed and was supposed to be empty. detectives say that both men found inside died of smoke inhalation. they are working now to find out who started that fire. >> all he said is, it's bad and i killed her. an apparent confession from a silver spring man after his girlfriend was discovered dead in a town home this morning. >> a 911 dispatcher said the manmade the confession and then hung up the phone. >> news4's meagan fitzgerald is live now in silver spring with a closer look at the motive in this crime and what we understand were some warning signs that neighbors noticed. meagan? >> reporter: yeah, pat. 911 dispatchers say the suspect called to say that his girlfriend spent all the money, he snapped, and then he confess today killing her many i'll step out the way here to show you exactly where this all happened. we're told the couple lived inside that home where you see that black range rover in the driveway there. we spoke
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they say they're shocked, even though one woman said she's seen police outside this town house before. it was just before 7:00 this morning when montgomery county police rushed to this home on bran bury manor court. >> he said he's outside with his hands on the truck. >> reporter: 911 dispatchers say he called police to say he killed his girlfriend and was waiting outside in his driveway. chopper 4 flying above as the suspect waits to be taken away in handcuffs. neighbors stood outside in disbelief, even though one woman says she saw warning signs. >> yeah, police have been called over there quite a few times, but we never gave it a second thought. we mind our business so. >> they were a nice couple and the woman was particularly friendly. >> reporter: and police were out here for more than six hours investigating. we are told the suspect will be charged with murder sometime today. as of this p,
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they have not released the name of the victim or the suspect. >> reporting live for us, thank you, meagan. >> the clock is ticking now. just under three hours until the polls close in virginia. now you've got to be in line at a poll station by 7:00 p.m. if you want to cast a ballot there. developing right now, we are tracking reports of some voters getting false robocalls, saying their poling location has changed. >> this as the race for virginia governor shapes up to be a real nail-biter. both candidates voted earlier today. democrat ralph northam hugged and thanked supporters before casting his ballot in norfolk. republican ed gillespie voted in alexandria. recent polls give northam the edge, but the lead often falls within the margin of error. we have team coverage throughout the evening as the votes are counted. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver is with the gillespie campaign in richmond. >> first bureau chief julie carey joins us live from a poling place in fairfax. julie, we know now more than 30% of the
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voters have already come out and cast their ballots, right? >> reporter: well, i think that was as of 2:00. so, i'm sure it's improved now by 4:00. you know, for these election workers outside today, it is really miserable duty. at least here at robinson high school, they are under cover. we started our day, though, out in the south riding area of loudoun county. take a look there right now. as you can see, in spite of this absolutely lousy weather, there was a steady stream of voters headed in to cast ballots. loudoun county, that is one of the places you want to watch tonight when the returns start to come in. if democrats turnout, it would be a key part of a ralph northam win. governor mcauliffe won in 2013, so did hillary clinton. republicans see an opportunity. here's what voters told us today about their decision. >> i voted republican because i believe in what the party represents and they have my full support going forward. >>
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virginia we're concerned about education and the traffic in our community. also this is going to be a very important election for our democratic party. >> reporter: now, there is an issue we've been hearing about, it first came up yesterday when the prince william county naacp contacted us to tell us that some african-american voters there had received robocalls informing them that their polling place location had changed when, in fact, it had not. the naacp leaders questioning whether that was an effort to suppress african-american votes. today the aclu going to twitter to ask anyone who has received one of these robocalls to get in touch with them. back to you now in the studio, pat. >> julie carey live for us in northern virginia. thank you, julie. here's a look at the rest of the ballots in virginia. democrat justin fairfax and republican jill vogel are running for lieutenant governor. he's a federal prosecutor running statewide.
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fauquier who is willing to break with her party on some major issues. on the ticket for attorney general, democrat mark herring and republican john adams. adams is a former federal prosecutor. herring is seeking his second term as virginia's top lawyer. all 100 seats in the house of delegates are up for grabs, but one of them could make history tonight. democrat danica roem is running against long-time republican bob marshall. if roem wins, she will be the first transgender person to hold that position. >> it's not just virginiians head to the polls. we have races we are covering. in college park three candidates are challenging the current mayor. there were races for city council as well. in frederick, the governor is facing off against michael o'connor. and in laurel voters will be choosing five members for the city council. the polls in maryland close at 8:00 p.m., one hour later than the polls closing in virginia.
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stay with you news 4 for continuing coverage of nearly 70 different local races in virginia and maryland. to find out more about a race happening where you live, just head to the nbc washington app. that's where you can also find the returns and analysis later tonight. pat? >> it wasn't her time to go. poignant words from one of the survivors of sunday's church massacre in texas. rose ann soliz was singing inside that church when the shots rang out. she hid under a pew and said she could smell gun powder. >> yeah, i could see -- it looked like i could see him, but i could see him, i was hiding under the benches and i could see his feet walking back and forth through the aisles. i didn't want to get shot. >> today we also learned new details about the suspect's past. police documents say devin kelley made death threats against his military commanders. we also learned kelley managed to escape from a meal
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care facility on a military base in 2012. and police say they have kelley's cell phone but they can't see what's inside. >> i can assure you that we're working very hard to get into the phone and that will continue until we find an answer. i don't know how long that's going to be to be quite honest with you. >> today defense secretary james mattis also said he's troubled that the military didn't notify the fbi about kelley's domestic violence court martial. he says the pentagon is reviewing its policies. >> one pharmacy giant is stepping up its game. how cvs is trying to put amazon in its place and how that could help your family. >> plus, an alarming new study drawing lines between alcohol and cancer. why experts are recommending you cutback on the booz. >> our team coverage on storm team 4 just getting started. doug and amelia will join us on team coverage on this weather alert day. >> and nbc 4 wants you
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the holiday spirit with a trip to the big apple. >> check this out. one winner and a guest will win tickets to tonight show with jimmy fallon, to the christmas tree lighting, and we'll also take care of your train ticket and hotel in new york city. >> is that all? is that not enough? all right, folks. all you have to did is keep watching us. coming up later this hour we'll reveal a secret code word. log onto nbc enter the word there. the sweep stakes runs all this week and ends on friday.
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got a busy tuesday brewing here on news4 at 4:00. tracking two big stories this afternoon. one, the heavy rain and cold air that have us in weather alert mode. >> the other big story is virginia where the voting is underway for the next governor. it's a race the whole country is watching. david culver continues our coverage in 15 minutes. and doug and amelia will join us with the forecast in just a few moments. meanwhile, another dose of reality for cvs, the pharmacy giant, with the threat of amazon entering the prescription business. cvs has just announced plans for delivery service for its customers. consumer reporter susan hogan is here now to tell us how this is going to work. susan. >>
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this is the amazon effect once again taking over retail pharmacy now. today cvs announced plans to offer next-day delivery of prescriptions and retail merchandise from its stores across the country starting in 2018. now, cvs will offer the same-day delivery within hours in select cities including d.c. prescriptions will be delivered directly from a cvs pharmacy in secure tamper proof package right to your door. cvs will be charging delivery fees, however. they told news4 they are not ready to make those public just yet. back to you. >> all right, thank you, susan. >> well, turning now to the weather which has really turned on us. turned wet, turned cold. my goodness. >> it was 76 yesterday. >> 24 hours ago. >> in culpepper. right now we have wind chills around 36. it feels 30 to 40 degrees colder than it did yesterday. that coming with this beautiful rain. we needed the rain. >> just started something really wintry? i
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we're going to be in this wintry pattern as we make our way through the next couple days right on into the weekend. i think we get colder this weekend. i've already talked to you about temperatures in the 20s in some areas by friday night into saturday. out there right now it's just the rainfall that we're going to continue to see. you see that rain coming through storm team 4 radar, showing the rain from fredericksburg right up i-95 to baltimore back to the west, towards winchester and hagerstown. back towards martinsburg. starting to see some give in the amount of rain back towards the western zone, but still this is where the heaviest rain is, right through montgomery county in through parts of fairfax county coming right through the district into prince george's as well as anne arundel county and back to the west. watch out. roads are going to be a mess. you add in the rain with the leaves out there, it's going to be really slick in some areas so give yourself a lot of extra time. back to the west a couple of heavier showers around martinsburg, through the blue mont area, middle way, jefferson county, as i mention northern loudoun county. not a very nice day at all. and you can see the cold ai
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look at the snow just to the north of us. that snow coming down, and this is actually some areas of ice. it has been reports of sleet in parts of the region, too. for us it's all rain. no wintry precipitation in our region. it could be. look at these numbers. this is the current wind chill, 35 in d.c. right now, 33 in martinsburg, 36 in culpepper and 38 degrees in fredericksburg. so, a very cold day. now, as far as the rain, here's 7:00 just some scattered showers remaining. but watch by around 10:00, it's all out of here. still seeing the cloud cover and we will see the clouds right on through tomorrow morning. here's 7:00 a.m. the clouds remain. by around noon most of us dry, but down to our southern zones we could see showers. some of these may try to creep to the north. that is something we'll be watching. most of your wednesday looks dry for most areas and maybe some clearing late in the day but it's not going to help all that much. temperatures will still be on the cold side. speaking of on the cold side, somebody said who is going outside today? amelia said i'm excited about it. she's outside now with the stm
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>> i didn't mind going out today. now that i'm out here, you remember just how uncomfortable a cold rain is when it feels like 35 degrees and it's been raining all day. it is just not comfortable outside. take a look at your commute, though. you know somebody coming home from work tonight, likely a slow go. we have a lot of puddles down here, 7:00, 9:00 p.m. dealing with wet roads. tomorrow morning still wet roads from just how much rain we've had today. the weather definitely having a high impact on your evening commute. that's one reason why we're under storm team 4 weather alert mode. throughout the day tomorrow we'll be dry, still chilly but dry. so the weather having a low impact on the commute. but take a look at tomorrow evening. sunset time coming in at 5:00 p.m., so, doug all of us driving home in the darkness tomorrow. but not just talking about chilly temperatures tomorrow, we're talking about extreme cold in the forecast on friday. >> no kidding. extreme cold in the form of 20s in some areas and amelia just mentioned sunset tomorrow at 5:00. that means after tomorrow nig
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hour it's in the 4:00 hour, not good at at. 52 tomorrow, 55 on thursday. we're calling friday a weather alert day because of the cold. wind chills will be in the upper 20s by late friday evening, low temperature of or high temperature of 42 on saturday, a low of 29 in the city. amelia and i were just looking at this. we would not be surprised to see some teens for overnight low temperatures early on saturday. so, again, very cold day on saturday. sunday and monday a chance for showers. we start to moderate a little bit but still below average as we head into next week. >> all right, doug, breaking news back at the live desk. a fire fighter is injured while working to put out an apartment fire in northeast washington, d.c. d.c. fire and ems sent out this video. take a look at it, you see the smoke coming from the upper levels of that building. a second story unit, smoke coming out of the window there. this is not far from 14th place, also close to maryland avenue and f streets northeast. fire fighters now in the hospital, we'reld
4:21 pm
nobody else injured in this. we're working to learn how he or she was injured and how the fire started. a crew was en route. we'll keep you posted here at the thrive desk as information comes in. for now i'm scott macfarlane. pat and leon, back to you. >> all right, thank you, scott. now, when you fly with a baby, are you responsible for making your co-passengers happy? >> good question. tommy mcfly takes us for -- joins us for his take. plus doug says we're in for some brutal weather. you just heard his forecast. question we are asking is, is your yard ready? we're working for you. >> and you can call it a kevin coup d'etat, the unusual way some house of cards fans are trng to pushyi
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visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪ r >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> you love your phone, makes you want to throw it in the trash or up against a wall. millions of iphone users regretting that recent software upgrade because it turns a very common word into a garbled mess. to tell us more about that, vic jagger from 102.3. you told us about it yesterday. walk us through the latest on the phone. >> eve
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even though there are ways you can fix it, people are still going crazy, like how can i get rid of this? so, when you type in the letter "i" especially on instagram, social media, it changes it to a question mark, changes it to an "a," really crazy. one simple thing i didn't think about, you can turn your auto correct off and that will take care of the problem. and i really did not think about that. >> that's the easiest way to get around it. >> the easiest way to get around it. otherwise you have to go to settings and then general, keyword, so many steps. you can just take -- turn your auto correct off. >> also ruins so many relations ships. >> it has. exactly. we all hate auto correct anyway. >> there's a longer way to do it, but turn off the auto correct to take a shortcut. if you missed it, check out our nbc washington app. we'll walk you through all that. now, let's talk aboutse
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the big news with kevin spacey, looks like he's out and the show is going to be over. what is this talk about a campaign now to replace him? >> well, you know, they are still going to work -- netflix is going to work with the production company that does house of cards. there is now a petition to have kevin james to do it. >> kevin james, the comedian? >> i mean, yeah. >> this can't be for real. >> it is for real. and it already has about 27,000 signatures. and they're trying to get 35,000. so, i don't know. what do you think? >> kevin james doesn't have a mean vibe. you need somebody with a bit of a streak, don't you? >> yeah. >> to pull that role off. >> we'll have to see. >> his wife robin wright, we'll see what they do. all right. now, this one we have to show you. check this out, we all remember the ice bucket challenge. new challenge, not about ice, this one is all about fire. tell us about it. >> it is about
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everyone's tongue and i had to look it up and it's actually called the karolina reaper pepper. this is the world, the planet's hottest chip. it was a locally grown by this producer named ed curry who is in the world -- guinness world record for this pepper. now, everybody is doing this challenge and they're saying that you cannot drink milk, you cannot eat bread. this chip is so hot. you don't -- you just don't want to do it. and guess what? >> what? >> it sold out on the site. >> really? you have to do it one at a halftime. >> there is one that has ten in them. i guess for the office. so, everyone can do the challenge. but i would not suggest doing this. >> seeing crying. >> did you see shaq? he was president only one that held his composure.
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vic jagger, thank you he will us about it later. pat, over to you. >> all right, guys, i won't be trying those. an election day mystery, some people are complaining about fake phone calls that they say are trying to keep people from voting. what's going on here? we're working for you on this election day. and our other big story, a storm team 4 weather alert, doug will join us right on the other side of the break with an update on the rain, the cold, and what's coming after that.
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a weather alert day here. looks like we're living in london outside. crazy, just yesterday it was balmy out there. >> you're talking about temperatures yesterday in the 70s across parts of the area and today we're dealing with wind chills in the 30s. by the end of this week we could be in the teens and low 20s. >> oh, no. don't -- >> so, if you aren't ready for winter. >> we don't have a choice. a you know what's coming. we've been getting you red i had for winter all week long. we'll continue to do that. tout there we're dealing with the rainfall. the rain heaviest in parts of the montgomery county, howard county in through loudoun county. notice still some rain back to the west. we'll continue to see this move through over the next couple of hours. the wider picture here showing you what this is. some heavier rain up towards new york, some snow in through parts of pennsylvania, and this ra
4:32 pm
west. so, we're not done with it just yet. it will last right on through the rest -- through the evening hours. look at these numbers. we're down to 43 now in d.c., 40 in hagerstown, and as we mentioned, a lot colder over the next few days, especially into your weekend. much more on that. we'll see you back here in just about 15 minutes. >> all right. back again, more breaking news at the live desk. a teacher just indicted on sexual abuse charges involving a student. in charles county, sheriffs deputies say parker solicited the student and showed the minor sexual materials. deputies say the abuse happened while parker was still a teacher at that school. tonight parker is out on bond. she'll have to wear an ankle bracelet for electronic monitoring and is not allowed to contact any minors. at the live desk i'm scott macfarlane. pat and leon. >> thank you, scott. the governor's race in virginia is tight and it's all going to come down to turnout. just under
4:33 pm
the polls will close. david culver is in woodbridge for us right now with some new information about a possible effort to keep some people at home. >> reporter: if you've stepped outside, you feel it. what is a damp, rather cold and ugly day here, an election day nonetheless, and folks are still making an effort to get out here and cast their ballot. but it's interesting, here in prince william county, we are hearing reports of an effort to suppress the vote, so to speak. the nacc here in prince william county posting on facebook they are hearing several reports of fraudulent phone calls from an out of area number going to voters and telling them that they have a new polling place. that their polling place has changed. it's misleading and it's a lie. so, the concern here is that that may impact some of the voter turnout, though, from folks we were talking to, most of them have said they haven't seen anything like that or received any such phone call. meantime, as we are here in prince william county, it's worth looking
4:34 pm
the county that has been rather unpredictable at times. if we just go back to 2016, the general election, clinton dominating over trump by some 20 points. but then you go to the last race that gillespie was in here, and that was 2014, he actually ran for senate against mark warner. that race here in prince william county at least, much closer. warner only winning by less than 3%. as we look ahead to the results coming in, we're going to be coming to you live from ri richmond. that's later as we embed ourselves with the gillespie campaign. i'm david culver, news4. >> stay with news4 for complete election night coverage. we have a fun article posted in the nbc washington app. it's on election day etiquette and rules. open it up and check it out. a key vote in the effort to raise the minimum wage for thousands of workers in the washington area. >> jim and wendy standing by in the newsroom to tell us what's comin
4:35 pm
hey, guys. >> hi. yeah, after a whole lot of debate, the montgomery county council votes to raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. >> yeah, this wage will be phased in over the next few years. ahead at 5:00, we're going to take a kwloeser look at how it will impact you and small businesses as well. >> also, is it worth a thousand dollars price tag? it's a question you'll be asking yourself about that new iphone 10. >> i'll take two. consumer reports has their hands on the device and put it to the test and our susan hogan will explain just what they found. >> we'll see you soon with those stories and more coming up at 3 5:00. >> that's right. it's dark outside, keep it indoors and be with us. >> sounds like a plan. >> see you in a bit. believe it or not, it's time to get ready for black friday deals. one retailer gives its plan and a sneak peek only to a select few. >> and doug and amelia are working for you in the storm center. they are tracking the
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slap slpp
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some of us, i'd even venture to say most of us haven't even bought our turkey for thanksgiving. probably not even thinking about it. >> a haven't thought about it. >> all right, we're hearing talk about early black friday shopping. >> that's right, we all have to get ready. jcpenney is getting ready. it will open at 2:00 p.m. on thanksgiving for black friday shopping. that's an hour earlier than in years past. company leaders are encouraging folks to post photos of their receipts on social media to show how much they saved. jcpenney says it will also host a black friday savings event from november 16th through the 18th, pajamas, cook wear and jewelry will be on sale. >> target also getting in on the action. they're going to offer early access shopping for target credit card holders on the wednesday before thanksgiving. if you log on november 2
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than 100 deals available. target says these are the most deals ever made before thanksgiving. >> well, before the weather gets too cold, there are some things you need to take care of around the house. outside your house. we're working for you to get you ready for winter. >> speaking of cold, it's a chilly blustery rainy raw day outside. storm team 4 is in weather alert mode and doug has a closer look at what's ahead and a lot of you folks like us are not going to like it. >> but first we want to send you to the big apple to get you into the holiday spirit. one lucky winner and a guest will win two tickets to "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon, two tickets to the rockefeller christmas tree lighting and two vip today show plaza tickets. we're also going to take care of your train ticket and your hotel in the big apple. >> just keep watching news4 at 4:00. coming up soon we're going to reveal that secret code word. once you see the word, go to and enter it there. sweep stakes runs all this ek and enweds
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scott macfarlane with more breaking news. just confirmed the former major league baseball star has died in a small plane crash. roy halladay, star pitcher for the philadelphia phillies and toronto blue jays. he was killed off the western coast of florida near tampa. he was known as one of the more durable pitchers. he retired in 2013. the phillies just released a statement saying they are numb about this tragic news and passing on condolences to holiday's wife and his two sons. pat and leon, back to you. >> all right. sad news there, scott. thank you. four things to know this afternoon. investigators have recovered the cell phone of the gunman who killed 26 people inside that texas church on sunday. but the phone is
4:45 pm
protected so they have asked the fbi to help them crack the code so they can gain access to any clues that phone may hold. police say the suspicious white powdery substance was found in a plastic bag inside a student's back pack today at kennedy high school in silver spring. they think it could be some kind of narcotic. some staff members complained they felt sick so they were taken to the hospital. >> you have to be in line by 7:00 p.m. if you want to cast a ballot tonight in virginia. many people saying they are getting false robocalls that their polling location has changed. a possible attempt to suppress the vote in virginia as virginiians choose their new governor. and we are in a weather alert tonight. steady rain moving out, but the drizzle remains and so does the cold. storm team 4 has you covered all evening long on all of this. >> doug kammerer is in the storm center. a pretty nasty combination. we're going to need galoshes, thermals and uggs? >> everything as you step out this
4:46 pm
day tomorrow. however, the the heaviest rain will move out the next couple of hours. storm team 4 radar, we're dealing with it through the district here. no matter which road you're on, i-95, the beltway, 270, out 66, over towards 81, even out 301, we're seeing rain just about everywhere. some of the heaviest rain right now coming in through the district in through parts of fairfax county, right around the city of fairfax out towards herndon, chantilly, gaithersburg seeing steady rain, towards maryland city, laurel area, that area continues to see rain. still a mess back to the west. winchester down towards warrenton, back farther west we still have more rain filling in. and this is all going to continue to move through. so, we still have a couple of hours of rain left around our region and we've already picked up half an inch to three quarters of an inch am some locations so a very wet day. and the cold has set in, too. and this picture just tells you that because, look at the northern part of the storm, it is snow coming down right now in portions of pennsylvania, even p
4:47 pm
we've seen some sleet associated with this, too, and as i mention, look terrain back to the west. so, we are not even close to being done. once this moves out overnight tonight, we're going to see more cloud cover during the day tomorrow. and behind it, well, we still stay on the cold side. but nothing like this right now. look at these wind chills. 36 d.c., 31, the wind chill in hagerstown. we are seeing winds 15 to 20 miles per hour so that brings wind chills down close to freezing. 37 in winchester, culpepper, 38 in annapolis. a very cold afternoon. tomorrow a little bit better, maybe a shower south. temperature around 52 degrees for a high. so still a little bit on the chilly side. 55 on thursday, maybe some sun in the afternoon, and then we'll get some sun on friday and saturday. but it is cold, guys, on friday. we're going weather alert on friday. temperature of 44 just like today, though, it's going to be rather windy. we could see wind chills in the 30s during the day and 20s by the overnight hours. and by saturday morning you you're waking up to a low of 29 in the city. thpu
4:48 pm
upper teens to around 20 degrees. a very cold saturday morning for you. high temperatures on saturday only in the upper 30s to low 40s. some areas will be lucky to hit 40 on saturday. chance of showers on sunday and monday, and then we moderate a little bit. we're back into the mid 50s. still well below average, but i'll take 57 and sunshine over what we have out there right now, 37 with that wind chill any day. >> exactly. just let it be dry. that's all we ask for now. thanks. >> thanks, doug. you saw it on the ten-day forecast. it is going to get colder here in the days to come. >> that's right. what should you be doing in your yard and your garden right now before the really cold weather moves in storm team 4 meteorologist amelia draper went to the experts to find out. >> an expert gardiner with american plant, we are getting into the colder months. what should we be doing in our yard right now? >> well, first of all, you really should be getting the leaves up off the grass. it actually
4:49 pm
it will block the sunlight and this will turn brown. >> we are seeing peonys over here. you want to get the leaves off those too? >> exactly. these have a little powdery mildew on it. if you don't get the leaves out from inside, that powdery mildew stays on the leaf foliage on the bottom and it will be right back there in the spring if you don't go ahead and get it out now. >> if you want to plant, what are some plants you can put in the ground right now? >> if you're trying to add color to your containers on your yard, pretty much pansies, cabbage and kale. they'll last longer, take a solid freeze. snow can get on them and it doesn't hurt them and they'll last all the way through the spring. >> all the gardeners are look forward to the warmer months to spring so let's talk about how you can get ready for spring. >> absolutely start planning for spring now. if you're looking for spring flowers, now is the time to go ahead and get your bulbs in the ground. now is the time to get th
4:50 pm
this way too late. they start to see their neighbors' bulb coming up. they want them in and it's too late at this point. >> plant now and enjoy later. >> absolutely. >> a big thanks to haines davis from american plants for giving me those great tips. he says also if you want to bring outdoor plants in for the winter use this organic product. it will coat your outdoor plants to invite them in the home and without using harmful chemicals. as we continue our ready for winter week, remember doug is going to have his winter weather outlook on thursday throughout the evening show. so, something to mark your calendar. and i love how he's saying more snow than last year. last year, guys, we got 3 inches. so more than 3 inches. >> that's going out there on a limb. that's stepping out there. >> he got that from vegas. >> all right. i'm going to take my plants in and some i'll pull up. >> that's good advice. i have friends who brought in firewood and got termites. >> and
4:51 pm
>> thank you. >> alrighty. how about good news for you on this tuesday? we have a beautiful new addition to our news4 family. >> look at this. our angie goff welcomed this little girl, her baby number three into the world over the weekend. her name is wren. she was bon on sunday four weeks early. she's 8 pounds 2 ounces and as you can see absolutely perfect. >> yeah, angie is four weeks happier. it's over. mom and baby resting up right now and doing well. we wish them all the best. >> congratulations, angie. >> way to go, gang. >> and robin. and it won't be long before baby wren will take her first flight. >> yes, so, what is your reaction when a baby walks on board a plane when you're sit willing? do you feel bad for the parents or do you feel bad for yourself? 947 fresh fm tommy mcfly tackled this. >> people were opinionated on both sides. a local mom alerted us to the goody bags. she found boarding a plane at reagan recently. my name is el
4:52 pm
old. my mommy is more nervous as i am so she made these goody bags for you. super sweet gesture, right? it got us wondering, as a parent do you have to make accommodations for the entire universe all the time? >> i love that this mom did this because it sounds like she's really getting involved and aware about what her child is doing. and a lot of times you see parents that let their kids run up and down the airplane and have no idea and don't care. and at least this mom is like, okay, i care, i know this might be an issue and i'm managing it. >> people said this isn't necessary. i totally understood. it made me feel better that they understood. it opened the lines they would have some caring and sympathy because i was nervous flying with a 3 month old. >> there is no scenario ever that i would not happily accept a goody bag. >> i shouldn't have to do that. and if you like that, that's great. if you as another passenger on the plane have trouble with the fact that my kids are kids, then i'm sorry, that's
4:53 pm
>> have you ever seen moms on a train with bag and baby? i've seen people not want to sit next to a woman because she's got a baby on the plane. the kids cry. you know when you get on the plane that is going to happen. it takes a village. help her out. don't expect a bag. >> so, exactly what happens? is it an oh, no, or an oh, that poor mom or dad, where do you fall on that? >> i'm a definite oh, no guy. with my luck the baby is sitting next to me or behind me. >> well, you need ear plugs. [ laughter ] >> babies cry. that's what they do. >> that's the thing. that's what people are thinking, right? babies cry, that's what they do. people are saying i spent a lot of money for this ticket so where does it end? we're going to have the conversation continuing right now on my facebook page. search tommy mcfly. we're going live for more conversations. >> sounds good. all right, man. when you think of things that cause cancer, you probably think about smoking or sunburn. but do you think about drinking? a new report is out and you've got to see about alcohol and
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
♪ ♪ it feels good to be back. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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4:57 pm
after hearing this, you may want to think twice about pouring up that second glass of wine with your dinner tonight. >> an influential group of cancer experts says that too much alcohol is linked to all sorts of cancers. but as nbc's erica edwards reports tonight there is a simple way to lower your risk. >> reporter: cigarettes and sunburns, widely known for their links to cancer, but a recent survey found 70% of americans are unaware of another cancer risk factor, alcohol. >> the size of that risk is modest, but real. we think that alcohol accounts for up to 5% of cancer. >> reporter: cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, a
4:58 pm
the kind of drink does not appear to matter. and experts say a beer or glass of wine here and there is highly unlikely to cause harm. the more you drink, the higher your risk. leading the american society of clinical oncology to recommend cutting back on booze. >> if you don't drink, there's no reason to start. if you do drink, there is no reason to increase. and if you want to cut back, that's always better. >> reporter: the american cancer society suggests people limit alcohol intake to one drink a day for women, two for men. erica edwards, nbc news. >> now at 5:00, a storm team 4 weather alert, we're tracking heavy rain and temperatures that continue to go down. but wait until you see what's in store for your weekend. >> election day 2017. >> the polls close in just hours. just how big of a shadow will the president cast over virginia's governor's race? >> and ballot box bluff, the group that says fake phone calls
4:59 pm
polls. >> money, murder, and confession. >> all he said is it's bad and i killed her. >> news4 obtains a 911 recording that takes you inside the scene of a deadly stabbing. >> plus, a student searched and staff members sickened. the discovery that had ambulances scrambling to a local school. >> but first at 5:00, we're going to begin with a weather alert. >> here we go, folks. falling temperatures, showers, too, the type of evening that just makes you want to keep it inside. >> in your pajamas. let's get over to doug kammerer and the storm center. how long is this lasting? >> that's right. in your pajamas, watching out. it's going to last the rest of the evening. this is a big difference from where we were yesterday. we had sunshine, lows in the mid 70s. today we feel 30 to 40 degrees colder. it is just nasty out there. the rain continues to come down. some of that rain on the de
5:00 pm
heavier rain in through prince george's county right around president beltway. look, i-95, out 66, up 270, rain just about everywhere and that's going to continue. let's zoom on into the district and i'll show you what i'm talking about. right in through the d.c. metro area. zooming back out, up towards noshlgs, back to the west. you'll notice, lighter rain here. this is where we have the heaviest rain. we have some lighter rain coming in but we're not done just yet. we're going to continue to see rain through the evening hours. snow to the snorgt, thatnorth. that's the kind of cold we have. 39, this isn't the wind chill, this is the actual temperature. 43 in washington. yeah, cold for sure. we get even colder, though as we move towards the end of the week and into your weekend. wait until you see these numbers. >> all right, we'll see you in a bit. thank you, doug. the commotion woke up the neighbors and sent them out into the street in the middle of the night. >> but they never dreamed that all of that commotion was a murder that had happened just next


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