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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 7, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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heavier rain in through prince george's county right around president beltway. look, i-95, out 66, up 270, rain just about everywhere and that's going to continue. let's zoom on into the district and i'll show you what i'm talking about. right in through the d.c. metro area. zooming back out, up towards noshlgs, back to the west. you'll notice, lighter rain here. this is where we have the heaviest rain. we have some lighter rain coming in but we're not done just yet. we're going to continue to see rain through the evening hours. snow to the snorgt, thatnorth. that's the kind of cold we have. 39, this isn't the wind chill, this is the actual temperature. 43 in washington. yeah, cold for sure. we get even colder, though as we move towards the end of the week and into your weekend. wait until you see these numbers. >> all right, we'll see you in a bit. thank you, doug. the commotion woke up the neighbors and sent them out into the street in the middle of the night. >> but they never dreamed that all of that commotion was a murder that had happened just next
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learning a man confessed killing his girlfriend in a town home just off of columbia pike in silver spring. >> news4's meagan fitzgerald is live with a look at why this all may have happened. meagan? >> reporter: jim, the suspect told 911 dispatchers he killed his girlfriend. he was waiting for police in the driveway. he said he snapped because she spept all the money. >> right here, this really was shocking, very shocking. >> reporter: this is not what neighbors who live on bran bury manor court thought they'd say. crime scene tape and police all around while detectives investigate a murder. >> top priority. >> reporter: chopper 4 was flying above when officers were dispatched to this house. they were told that the suspect made a confession. >> all he said is i've killed her. >> reporter: and also revealing a possible motive. >> he said he's outside with his hands on the truck, that she spent all the money
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stabbed and he is crying now. >> reporter: we spoke with several neighbors who didn't want to go on camera, but say the suspect and his girlfriend seemed like nice people, which is why this man says he was shocked when he saw the suspect walking away in handcuffs for allegedly murdering his girlfriend. >> they took pictures of his hands and they took pictures of his body. he was not resistant. >> reporter: no, this wasn't what neighbors thought they'd see when they woke up this morning. but this woman says looking back, she noticed possible warning signs. >> police had been called over there quite a few times, but we never gave it a second thought. >> reporter: the 50-year-old suspect is expected to be charged with murder. at this point police have not yet released the name of his girlfriend. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thanks so much. also in montgomery county the discovery of a powdery substance in a student's back pack. and that led to a handful of school staffers going to the hospital. this evening police are working to figure out exactly what that
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kennedy high school with the details on this. pat. >> reporter: wendy, staffers search a teenage student here. they find a white powder. in come the cops. in comes the hazmat unit. out go the staffers to the hospital. five kennedy high school staff members taken to the hospital for evaluation after they were exposed to what was described as a suspicious white powder. derrick turner is the spokesman for the montgomery county public schools. what did they complain of, do you know? >> right now we're hearing a little bit of dizziness, a bit of discomfort, but you know, we're waiting to hear more details. >> reporter: it happened around 11:00 this morning. the sources tell the story this way. they say the staffers were searching a teenage boy in a conference room. they say they discovered the white
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in the student's back pack and that some of it spilled out. some of the staffers said they felt sick. a hazmat unit deployed. now, with the permission of their parents and grandparents, we talked to some students about what they saw. >> it was mostly just like a bunch of kids in the hallway. at first, and then someone started screaming, oh, my god, there's drugs, there's drugs. >> i heard sirens and i went to 6th period and i looked out the window and i saw a whole bunch of cop cars and two fire fighting, and two ambulance. >> reporter: a note was sent home to parents to explain what happened. so, what is the white powder? police are still trying to figure that out. so far, they say, it's not the dangerous opiate fentanyl. so, why did they decide to search that teenage boy in the first place? well, they're not saying. but
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powder turns out to be contraband, trouble. wendy, back to you. >> pat collins. thank you, pat. >> have you voted? you've just got two hours left now for virginia's governor's race and it's going down to the wire, folks. also races in maryland, too, but in virginia, democrat ralph northam voted in norfolk this morning where he hugged and thanked the cheering supporters at his polling site. northam has been on top of most of the recent voter surveys throughout the summer and fall, although several of the leads were within the margin of error. >> and republican candidate ed gillespie cast his ballot this morning in alexandria. president trump tweeted out an election day push praising gillespie on his positions for improving the economy and fighting crime. our bureau chief julie carey joins us. she's live outside the polling place in fairfax. jules? >> reporter: hey, guys, we're expected in a few minutes to get an update on turnout figures for fairfax county. at 2:00 this afternoon, it stood at about
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voters having come to cast their ballot. i'm told it is slightly above the same point in time four years ago. but it's been fairly busy here at robinson high school. you can see folks coming in and out of this door behind me right now. you don't see lines inside like you would in a presidential election here, but we are seeing folks coming in one after another. we stopped earlier today in the south riding area of loudoun county and there definitely was a steady stream of voters. fairfax county, loudoun, all places where ralph northam is hongnumbers. if he's going to continue the democrat streak of winning statewide office. republicans, though, think ed gillespie can do better in those areas than some of the other recent statewide gop candidates. here's what a couple of voters had to tell us today about the issues that influenced their decision. >> i did vote for northam. mostly because my wife is a teacher and i think he had some better policies for education in
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>> there's a lot of issues that concern me. most of them being the economy. second amendment rights. gun control. so, as you can see, kind of figure out who i voted for. >> reporter: yeah, we can guess who he voted for, that red sweatshirt and the issues he named told us he voted for ed gillespie. we'll send it back to you now. >> hey, julie, robocalls are also playing a big part in today's voting. there have been a lot of complaints this morning and afternoon. what do you know about that? >> reporter: well, and i just heard a little bit more about that from the election supervisor out here in fairfax county. we started hearing yesterday from the naacp in prince william county. they said that african-american voters were reporting these automated robocalls telling them that their polling place had changed when indeed it had not. so they were wondering whether that was some kind of an effort to suppress african-american voters. and now i've just heard the
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has gotten a dozen calls today reporting the same thing in fairfax county. the aclu tweeting out about this today and asking anybody who has run into this issue to please contact them. it's certainly something that people concerned about elections are going to be wanting to investigate after today. >> disturbing to say the least. julie, thanks. we'll be checking back with you throughout the evening and of course on news4 at 11:00, our extended version. so, stay with news4 for continuing coverage of nearly 70 local races in the commonwealth of virginia and maryland, too. to find out more about a race happening where you live, just head to our nbc washington app. that's where you can also find all of the returns and analysis later tonight. wendy? >> there are new questions this evening surrounding the man behind that deadly mass shooting in texas. the deadliest in that state. how did he get his hands on those weapons? documents obtained by nbc affiliate kprc show that devin kelley escaped a mental health
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after he had been accused of assaulting his wife, cracking the skull of his infant stepson. a witness told authorities kelley also snuck firearms onto an air force base. and then he made death threats against his superiors. back in texas, investigators say they are currently not able to get into his phone and we are hearing from one of the survivors. deanna zoga has that part of the story. >> like this. ways laying down like this with my head down. >> reporter: the bullet that sliced through a shoulder entered through the back. as the grandmother lay under a pew, trying to shield herself from a man firing down on the people around here. >> and i knew that bullet was going to hit my head. and i told the lord, you know, i want to live, father, i want to live. i don't want to die. i don't want to die, i don't. >> reporter: solis was in the 11:00 a.m. service with h
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it began with announcements. the sermon hadn't started yet and everyone was singing. then she heard gunshots. a man inside the church, she doesn't know who, screamed for everyone to get down. >> then i could see the bullets fly like that, hitting the ground. i could see, you know, the shots. you could see -- >> reporter: she smelled gun powder and watched the carpet in front of her splinter. the man walked around inside the church for what seemed like forever. >> he stopped and everybody thought it's going to be okay, everybody is going to be okay. and then he started again. >> reporter: solis remembers a little boy in front of her, around 6 years old and hurt. she said she couldn't help him. she was afraid to move. the shooting eventually did stop. but solis understandably is still afraid. >> i don't blame the lord and i love the lord and i will not ever, i will always have my faith. that doesn't matter what happens. i won't go to that church no more. no, i won
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i would be scared and from here on, i'm going to study at home. >> when we come right back on news4 at 5:00 tonight, it hasn't come without controversy, but some workers are a step closer tonight to getting a raise in montgomery county. ahead at 5:00, the impact that raising the minimum wage could have on you and on local businesses. >> the va is paying tribute to a woman who volunteered at a local va hospital for the past 25 years. the reason she spent 20,000 hours serving others. >> and our team coverage from storm team 4 is just getting started. folks, doug and amelia join us with the latest on our weather elrt this evening. still get a refreshing any size soft drink for just one dollar at mcdonald's? with the days getting shorter
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because we have the rain all the way back towards our west in through parts of west virginia. we're going to be tracking this. we'll track the temperatures and show you when it gets even colder. see you back here in about five minutes. >> all right, doug, thank you. well, election day is finally here, folks. and in the weeks and months leading up, we've seen very close polling in virginia's race for governor. >> so, will purple virginia remain blue, will it revert back to red, and what about that trump factor? joining us with some new exit polling is nbc's senior political editor mark murray. so, what about the trump factor? there is a referendum on him. >> we have early exit polls. i warn all viewers this is early and fluid. but the exit polls show there is a trump factor going on in this race. that shouldn't surprise anyone certainly given the white house is just miles away from virginia. and so in the exit polls, about half of voters say that the president has made a big influence in their vote, and by 2-1 margin they say that isin
5:16 pm
opposition to the president rather than in support of president. reading the tea leaves, that's maybe some good news for lieutenant governor ralph northam the democrat. on the other hand we've seen sometimes these exit polls and the tea leaves look good for democrats and we find out they've been on the shortened of the stick when it comes to the election vote. we have to see when the votes come in. >> interesting, the president as you know was tweeting out from asia about this race in the commonwealth today. let's talk about these two very establishment candidates, mark. what are voters telling you about northam and gillespie? >> it's kind of interesting. on the surface both of them seem like your milk toast type of candidate, nonthreatening. kind of actually politicians from a different era. ed gillespie comes from the george w. bush wing republican party at least once did so. ralph northam looks like a generation ago. what is fascinating is how the play books are modern day politics. ed gillespie adopting a lot of the donald trump play book on immigration, on crime. ralp
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he had former president barack obama campaign for him knowing that they need that obama coalition, younger voters, african-american voters out. two guys on paper look like a generation ago that are playing the politics of right now. >> does that turn people off, though? you know, the way gillespie was pushing the sanctuary cities and maybe that was a nonissue? >> i think that always, you know, politics, the last two months end up having negative ads. we have seen polling that suggests gillespie, the people did notice he was running a more negative campaign. now, whether that ends up mattering or not, whether he's able to do better or does he end up doing worse, you know, because of that negativity, i don't know. but his ability to win this race, the environment is very bad for a republican. he had to use campaign tactics and negative campaign to turn the conversation around where we'd be talking about donald trump, but all of a sudden the conversation became about ms13, about immigration, about sanctuary cities.
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gillespie's adverti gillespie's advertising campaign achieved that. >> mark, thank you so much. >> thank you, guys. >> we invite you to keep it here. nbc political team will have the race in virginia and new jersey with lester holt right after news4 at 6. >> an expansion of news411:00 with results. a former teacher has plead the not guilty. the latest development in this growing case against carlos bell, a man accused of victim eyesing dozens of children, news4's scott macfarlane was in the courtroom today. he joins us now with the new development. scott? >> carlos now facing two legal battles. he already faced about 200 local criminal charges for sex abuse allegations against students at benjam benjamin stodart school in waldorf. each carries a sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison. a federal judge in greenbelt ordered bell be held in the charles county jail until trial
5:19 pm
investigators say the abuse occurred between 2014 and 2016. a local police official in charles county accused bell of knowingly and deliberately trying to spread hiv to the victims. bell said little in court today other than acknowledging he understood the charges against him. we are going to keep watching this case and we will keep you posted. wendy, back to you. >> we know you will. all right. scott, thank you. >> the baltimore police officer who drove the van that it was involved in the freddy gray death has been cleared of administrative charges that were related to that transport. caesar good son has already been acquitted of criminal charges in this case. the administrative charges accused him of failing to ensure gray's safety in the van. a panel of three law enforcement officers officials cleared him. gray was injured during his arrest in april of 2015. died a week later, sparking riots in the city. good son says he's happy to continue his career with the baltimore police department. g
5:20 pm
graduated. now a school leader under fire. the demand for answers today in a grade tampering scandal in prince george's county. >> and on the fence about showing any small fortune for that newxd iphone? rtnsumer repo
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♪ well, we have turned on the
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faucets. yesterday wendy and i were talking. it was balmy at this hour. >> i had the air conditioner on in the car going to work. >> it was nice. >> by this morning the heat is on. i had a fire going in my house this morning. that's what happened. we have a transition in seasons, almost in a day, less than a day. 12 hours and here comes temperatures from the 70s yesterday into the 30s right now in some areas. it is nasty. so much so, you needed a couple of things. the umbrella and the coats. yep, yep, she's all set for it. i tell you, that's the big thing, the umbrellas. you needed a big one at times today, too, because we had moderate rain. this is downtown across the region a little earlier today. the umbrellas were there. the coats were there, raincoats, whatever you had, it was necessary today. we still got the rain right now. rain coming through baltimore, down through d.c., back to the west, along 66. a lot of rain continuing and we've already picked up half an inch to an inch in some locations. now, as we move on through here, d.c. all the way out to
5:24 pm
we're going to continue to watch for the rain right around portions of the beltway. in through montgomery county, in through prince george's county, extremely heavy rainfall now, especially into downtown. it is just nasty coming down here. and take a look, down to the south, southern prince george's, calvert, prince charles, 66 is always a mess. weather today going to make it even more so. we have more rain back to the west. notice where this rain is, back in towards parts of west virginia, starting to see it ending a little bit, but we have a couple more hours. look at the snow to the north. you have snow to the nornth. that telsz you temperatures are cold. state college is 44, they were reporting snow. a little bit of wind, look at this wind chill. 36 in d.c., 32, the wind chill right now is at freezing in winchester, 39 in culpepper, it is a nasty, nasty day. that's why the chief meteorologist gets to stand inside and i send amelia out
5:25 pm
half the night. >> i was so cold. just kidding, but it is really chilly out here. damp 35 degree rain is just disgusting. that's how it feels outside now. if i had gloves i would be wearing them. i want to time-out the rain, how much we're going to be dealing with this. to give you an idea we've seen half an inch for most of us to the, a little more in some locations especially anne arundel county. but here we are at 7:00 p.m., still tracking showers across the area. as we look to 9:00, 10:00 we start to see those showers pull out. the clouds hang on overnight tonight. now, it is a cold start tomorrow morning, 7:00 a.m., temperatures will be in the low 40s in washington and even cooler in the suburbs. throughout the day maybe some sun, up around the mason dick son line. at noon leonard town, parts of northern, maybe a shower well south of wash washlg. but for most of us it is a completely dry day tomorrow. the weather having a pretty low impact on your day, but at the bus stop definitely want a jacket for the kids, walking the dog, it's
5:26 pm
after school activities. again, if you're well south of the area, areas like fredericksburg, the wind, that's how it's feeling. we were at 70 yesterdays you were saying. even colder on friday. a >> you were saying if there is one thing you could have out there? >> gloves. >> you feel it out there on the exposed skin. that's what the wind chill mean. temperatures tomorrow a little bit better. it will be about ten degrees warmer, 52 degrees, more clouds, cool, showers to the south as amelia just mentioned. 55 on thursday of the weather alert friday and saturday morning because of the cold, wind chills on friday afternoon will be in the 30s all day. and look at this. waking up on saturday morning, you guys ready for this? 29 d.c., 22 in frederick, 19 in w winchester. cold this time of year. making records, not quite getting there yet. next week moderating a little bit we're back into the low to mid 50s. much more on this. we'll see y
5:27 pm
>> all right. thank you, doug. >> countless eyes have gazed upon a famous van goh painting, but for more than 100 years, something went unnoticed. the surprise for experts when they took a closer look. >> members of the prince george's county council got a briefing from the school superintendent on what that report into grade tampering means. he was asked a lot of hard questions.
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storm team4 storm tea >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 5:00. >> right now at 5:30, weather alert falling rain, falling temperatures. storm team4 tracking the weather that's making it tough on the roads. watch the american legion bridge as you can see. when you can't join us on the air, download the nbc washington app to track the conditions in your neighborhood. >> not while you're driving, though. aren't you glad you're not stuck in that? a 911 dispatcher says a man cool if he issed to killing his girlfriend this morning in silver spring. police said the man was waiting for them when they arrived at the town home off columbia pike. the dispatcher said the man confessed to the crime, said he snapped and hung up the phone. >> and a handful of staff members at kennedy high school in montgomery county wound up in the hospital after they found a white powdery substance in a student's back pack. police are testing that substance to see what it is, but they ruled out the dangerous opioid fentanyl. >> few things are as important as your child's education. when schools make
5:31 pm
right? well, prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins shows us the tense back and foergt among people trying to do right by your kids. >> the only people that lose out in the end are our kids. >> reporter: the prince george's school ceo briefed elected leaders on the investigation into the school's graduation practices and at times the discussion was tense. >> so, there were three questions that i have. >> i won't respond to the last one. that's a political kind of question. >> i don't think it's political. >> reporter: prince george's county councilmembers asked school ceo kevin maxwell what he plans to do to fix the system that allowed hundreds of ineligible students to have grades altered so they could graduate. >> you earn a 20, you get a 20. i don't think you earn -- i don't think you earn a 20 and get a 50 because you tried. >> reporter: according to the report, the prince george's school system lacks monitoring procedure clarity. it does not
5:32 pm
policies. >> they refer it in the report as sloppy record keeping. >> reporter: some councilmembers including the chair did not accept the notion that grade changes were solely due to sloppy paperwork. >> sloppy record keeping is one of those terms of art. i don't really know what people mean by sloppy records keeping. >> reporter: maryland state senator anthony muse who is also running for county exec did i have said the ceo should accept more responsibility. >> with any agency, the buck stops with the leader. the buck stops there. it doesn't stop with the teacher in the room. >> reporter: parents and the community will have an opportunity to ask questions about this report in an open school board meeting on thursday at 1:00. in upper marlboro, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> decision 2017, polls close in virginia in about an hour and a half. northern virginia bureau reporter david culver covered some ground today, made his way to richmond where ed gillespie will be ending his day but also made a stop in prince william county. david? >> reporter: that's right, wendy. we stopped in br
5:33 pm
robocalls, those fraudulent automated calls that actually originated, the initial reports, out of prince william county, the naacp there posted on their facebook page that someone was calling several different homes in that area. according to bureau chief julie carey, some of those targeting african-american voters, telling them that their polling place had changed. essentially misleading and lying to tell them to go to another location. it appeared to have been an attempt to suppress votes there. i caught up with some of the folks in prince william county as they were heading to the polls. a lot of them told me they had not even heard of it and all of them told me they know they did not receive such a call. now, as you can see here, we headed south, but we didn't avoid this weather, right? cold rainy weather eshl, that's folks were dealing with today. they made the effort to get there to the polls. a lot of them tell me that the weather wasn't going to slow them down, but they were determined to show up and many of them tell me what motivated them to cast their ballots.
5:34 pm
topic issue, what comes to mind for you? >> i hate to say this, but i want to balance against some of the things trump is doing. those kind of things. >> reporter: so for you you're hoping the commonwealth will take a stance against some of that? >> right. >> reporter: what brings you out here, why vote in this race? >> i'm not sure. i just like voting today. >> i think the economy is one of the biggest factors we have, and i think that the virginia folks are going to vote on the virginia candidates, not necessarily a referendum on anybody else. foreign >> reporter: you're speaking about the better future for the hispanics? and that last gentleman there, that is luis aguilera. he tells me he believes the next governor can have an influence on some of those matters that impact the latino community, wendy. >> david culver. 90 minutes to go till the polls close. stay with news4 for continuing coverage of nearly 70 local races in virginia, in maryland.
5:35 pm
head to the nbc washington app and then that's where you can find all of the returns and the analysts -- analysis that will be coming later tonight. >> now to new details in that scare at the white house this week. a man taken into custody near lafayette park had apparently made threats against president trump and white police officers on facebook. now, montgomery county police alerted the secret service after they got a tip from the man's wife. secret service officers spotted the man michael arega about an hour later and took him into custody. he did not have any weapons on him at the time. >> on the other side of town we've learned about an arrest after authorities say a man vandalized two embassies. according to the court documents, he set a fire, tossed a t-shirt soaked in alcohol over the fence of the embassy of malaysia. investigators say less than an hour later, they found a large rock broken glass at the austrian embassy down the
5:36 pm
picked these embassies for what he perceived to be the role of those countries in the death of a north korean official. >> you're aware of major factors that can lead to cancer, right, things like cigarettes and sunburn. but what about alcohol? why experts are now saying we should all back away from the booze. and the crackdown that will happen as the fire that killed two people in a vacant home last week is called a case of arson. >> so, we have another mass shooting, another wave of shock and debate, and then life goes on. some are asking, why don't we stop this madness? and we become apathetic or are mass shootings less shocking, not shocking enough to motivate us to action? you know, we live with danger every day. in fact, the greatest danger to our lives is not a gunman, it's our own behavior. wait, what? yeah, you drive on a highway, taking a riskre
5:37 pm
americans killed last year. smoke cigarettes? those cigarettes will kill almost half a million smokers this year. obesity, an epidemic, the national institut national institutes of health estimates 300,000 americans die each year because of their life-style. that takes us to the number one killer of americans, men and women, heart disease. 630,000 deaths each year. these deaths are not flashy or shocking and they don't get massive news coverage, but these numbers are frightening. and if you've ever seen anyone die of lung cancer, these deaths can be horrifying. but americans routinely assume risks that come with living. so, trying to get them to change their behavior for themselves or in the voting booth, that can be tricky. politicians have discovered that fear is a great motivator if it plays into our anger or our bigotry. so, why don't americans change their behavior? because every day we play
5:38 pm
lottery and like power ball, chances are our numbers are not going to come up. and if they do, that's the risk we've decided to take. and life goes on.
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5:40 pm
it's a storm team4 weather alert as we continue to track areas of rain across the region this evening. we'll see rain until about 9:00 with all the showers coming to an end right
5:41 pm
but take a look at how cold it feels outside right now. feeling like 37 degrees in washington and 30 up in hagerstown. as we look toward the end of the workweek, we'll feel even colder. doug and i will have the latest on that coming up in about ten minutes. >> a deadly house fire in seat pleasant has now been ruled an arson. two people died in this vacant home last thursday here on foot street. police tell us squatters were inside the house at the time. today the mayor said police have been called to this property multiple times before. he says he plans to go after homeowners who don't take care of their vacant properties. >> we will be going after those vacant housing owners, whether they be individuals, banks, mortgage companies who are being dismissive and negligent with the vacant houses they own in seat pleasant, maryland. >> mayor says he plans to push a new trust fund to buy up vacant properties and
5:42 pm
affordable housing. >> concern is growing for a fairfax county mother and her 3-year-old daughter, both are missing. gail and her daughter maya were last seen sunday evening at their falls church home and they may have left in a toyota high lander with virginia plates. police also fear that gail, the mother, may need medical attention. we have more specifics on the missing people and their vehicle in our nbc washington app. just search missing. if you have information, you are asked to call the fairfax county police. >> it's a raise for some workers in montgomery county as leaders vote on a wage hike. a closer look at the impact of a $15 minimum wage. >> thinking about shelling out a grand for that new iphone 10? consumer reports puts ito the t
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kind of nights. doug and amelia are there to tell us how long is this going to last. >> it's going to last throughout the rest of the night tonight. one thing i want everybody to know, amelia, it was her choice to go outside. it was not the fact that -- i didn't tell you you had to go out. she went out there on her own. just letting you know that. >> i'm in here all day, yeah, i'll go outside, it won't be that bad. 35 degrees when you factor in the wind how it's feeling and add in rain, it's disgusting. >> it really ask nasty out there. i'm just having fun. let's show you what's going on outside. you have to have some fun out there on a gloomy day like today. we have the rain, baltimore, d.c., over towards annapolis, 50, right out 66. look at that, if you're waiting for your friends or your loved ones to come home, give them some extra time because it is really a mess out there on those roadways this evening. lots of rain continuing, but starting to see a break just a little bit. not in the city. look at this heavy rain coming over national harbor right through alexandria. back to springfield and
5:46 pm
clinton. seeing some pretty good rain. back along 66 here, one of the worst roads we have this time of day through fairfax county, through prince william county, coming in towards manassas and very heavy rain there and back towards parts of culpepper and fauquier counties, too. heads up this evening, the rain continuing over the next few days or the next few hours. you can sigh where the back edge is. it does continue to fill in, though. we have to wait for this whole front to move on through before we finally get a little bit of a break here. look at the snow. yeah, you think it's cold here? just to our north they are seeing some snow out there. may even accumulate a little bit. how about the wind chills? 37 in d.c. 29 in hagerstown. the warm spot, ocean city. let's go there, 52 degrees. that's much better. how about waking up tomorrow morning for the kids at the bus stop, it's going to be a cold start. amelia is here with more on how it affects your wednesday. >> yeah, at least it is going to be dry tomorrow, but still on the cool side. normally our highs coming in in the low 60s. he at the bus stop, you want the jacket,
5:47 pm
we do have plenty of clouds around tomorrow. best chance for sunshine will be north up around the maryland p.a. border. maybe a shower well south of washington, areas like fredericksburg during the midday and afternoon hours. for most of us it is completely dry day. weather having a low impact on your day, but the chill is out there. at least we lose the rain, we lose that 35 degree wind chill tomorrow. walking the dog i'll still want the jacket. after school activities for most of us looking good. friday is going to be brutal, doug. >> did you dry your dog's paws off? >> that was my tip yesterday. you didn't catch that? >> i was watching, i was listening, i heard you. make sure i do that every time. look at the next couple days. 52, showers south, 55 on your thursday. most of us tomorrow should be dry. look at the difference, though, on friday. another cold front moves through. 44 on temperatures on friday, but with the wind gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles an hour, the wind chills will be in the low 30s during the afternoon. saturday a high tempe
5:48 pm
and look at the temperatures early on saturday morning. i mean, this is brutal for this time of year. 21 in manassas, 19 winchester, 24 in gaithersburg. even 29 in the city. so, the first freeze in the city we'll see numerous freeze warnings mostly likely on friday and into saturday. we do moderate a little bit into sunday and next week. back into the 50s, but we're still well below average. yeah, that warm air we saw yesterday, it's gone. >> all right. we'll see you outside at 6:00, doug. thank you. some workers in montgomery county can look forward to a pay raise. the county council just approved a revised bill to raise the minimum wage. and county executive ike leggett says he'll sign it. the bill raises the minimum wage in the county to 15 bucks an hour from the current 11.50 an hour. large employers have to comply by july 1st, 2021. small employers by july 1st, 2024. news4's chris gordon takes a closer look now atow
5:49 pm
impact both workers and businesses. >> reporter: this is what victory looks like to the people who will benefit from the minimum wage increase to $15 an hour. >> hey, people united. >> reporter: montgomery county's new minimum wage will mean about an extra $6,000 a year. to martha munoz, a single mother with two children who cleans offices at night. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translator: we work very hard to be able to pay my rent. that's going to help me tremendously. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have a unanimous vote. >> reporter: all nine members of the montgomery county council voted in favor of the bill that phases in the $15 an hour minimum wage. for a large businesses that have more than 50 employees, it takes effect july 1st, 2021. for midsize businesses with 11 to 50
5:50 pm
and 2024 for small business with fewer than 11 employees. >> this is going to make a fundamental change for people in the long run, how they raise their families and what they are going to be able to do and reduce the kind of tensions and stresses that kids grow up in. >> reporter: the montgomery county chamber of commerce says raising the minimum wage here puts businesses in montgomery county at a competitive disadvantage. >> and our view was that a state mandate was something that at least would apply to the other counties in maryland. but here we are, we are going it alone. >> reporter: the advocates for raising the minimum wage say they will now take the fight for 15 to annapolis to make it a state law. reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon, news4. >> so, news4 did some digging to find out just how montgomery county's minimum wage compares to others. the federal minimum wage, by the way, is 7.25 in d.c. it's 12.50
5:51 pm
but with plans to increase that to $15 by july 1st, 2020. in virginia workers are getting 7.25 an hour, same as federal. in maryland it's 9.25, but it will go up to 10.10 on july 1st of next year. and in prince george's county the minimum wage is 11.50. >> you're going to need to work a lot of hours to afford the new $1,000 iphone 10. >> yeah, you are. but is the price tag actually worth it? our consumer reports has some early test results and our susan hogan is here to show us what they found. >> a thousand dollars, it's got to -- >> in your house for you, when you're not home. >> i respect that, too. so, here is how this all works. a bunch much secret shopper from consumer reports bought a dozen iphone 10s and put them through several rapid tests. so, the iphone 10 includes the highest resolution screen apple has ever offered, plus facial recognition which is really cool to unlock your phone since
5:52 pm
there's no physical home button any more. they are testing facial recognition and other new features of the iphone and so far it's performing pretty well in early tests. >> well, the iphone 10 like the 8 plus before it, has a glass front and back which made us a little concerned about durability. so, like of the other phones we test here, we subjected it to a series of drop tests. we dropped it from 5 feet onto concrete. on its side, its back, its front, its corners. and after all that it survived with just a few minor scrapes. >> that's pretty cool. so, now the new facial recognition feature trnd continued to work after dropped tests from 3 feet. over the next several days they will check battery, camera and durability testing including a tumble test and water immersian test.
5:53 pm
durability. >> it has to be better than my old work provided clunker here, the 4. >> ours is like ten years old. >> thank you, susan. >> see you, guys. >> the message isn't don't drink alcohol, but a group of flun shoot cancer experts say if you want to reduce your risk of cancer, drink less alcohol. it's a new survey released today, says alcohol accounts for about 5% of cancers and that includes cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, and other head and neck cancers. the more you drink, the higher the risk and the kind of drink doesn't appear to matter. the american society of clinical oncology recommending you cutback on the booze. the group suggests one drink a day for women, two for men. >> that's not a lot. and talk about art literally jumping off the canvas, a researcher in kansas city has found of all things, a grass hopper embedded inside a masterpiece by
5:54 pm
mary schaeffer took a close look at van goh's olive trees, painting that was even closer than what a microscope would show. that's when she spotted the insect. not easily seen without the naked eye. researchers think it's been there for more than a century. van goh often painted outdoors, so experts believe finding a bug in his painting is not a complete shocker. i think it adds to the value. >> i think it's cool. >> i do, too. when we come back at 5:00 tonight. >> a local woman honored for a decade long commitment. >> i'm mark segraves at the va hospital here in washington, d.c. where we're going to introduce you to a special woman. mary allen. she spentthe
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a look at our radar right now this afternoon, storm team4 tracking some heavy rains in parts of our region. doug has the latest coming up in just about two minutes. >> a 91-year-old woman -- 91 -- has spent the past 25 years at a local veterans hospital. >> not because she or anyone she knows is sick, but because of her compassion to help others. >> since 1992, mary allen has volunteered more than 20,000 hours of her time. mark segraves introducing us to this very special woman. >> reporter: there are tens of thousands of volunteers in va hospitals across the country, but mary allen is no ordinary
5:58 pm
in this hospital. mary allen started volunteering here at the va hospital in washington, d.c., back in 1992. >> i don't everything in this hospital, you name it, i've done it. >> reporter: her husband served in the navy died. >> i just started volunteering because i didn't have nothing else to do after retiring on disability. you've got to do something to stay alive. >> reporter: today the va hospital recognized many of their volunteers with a luncheon. >> volunteer at va. >> reporter: sabrina over sees volunteers across the country. >> these volunteers come in because they are grateful for the veterans. >> reporter: the veterans affairs operates facilities across the united states, serving nearly 9 million vets a year. with the help of about 75,000 volunteers. april goodwin gill is
5:59 pm
vet who looks forward to seeing mrs. allen whenever she comes to the hospital. >> she is a pistol. she is so excited about serving and being a volunteer, and she takes it very, very seriously. >> reporter: mrs. allen tells me she's learned a lot from the veterans who she's met over the decades, including a little bit about the power of prayer. >> some of them come sit beside you, want you to pray for them. i never prayed for the people before. but they'll sit down and lay their head on your shoulder and just pray for them. >> reporter: today mary allen was presented with the president's voluntary service lifetime achievement award. [ applause ] >> reporter: in the district, mark segraves, news4. >> now at 6:00, dramatic images of a home devoured by flames. and now we know this was no accident. it was arson. >> plus a maryland man's chilling
6:00 pm
>> i killed her. >> reporter: tonight that 911 call is shedding light on a possible motive for murder. >> storm team4, the reason we have the rain and we've got falling temperatures, but if you think this is cold, wait until you see what's in store for your weekend. >> in virginia, the stakes are high, the race is tight, and the polls close in less than an hour. >> we have team coverage of the governor's race and what it says about our president. >> announcer: news4 begins now with storm team4. >> people outside bundled up with their umbrellas. we told you it was coming and tonight we are in weather alert mode as the rain moves in and the temperatures drop. >> if you think it's bad right now, well, just wait until the weekend. doug kammerer tracking the impact on you and your family from storm center 4. hey, doug. >> guys, i tell you the rain coming down, it's not the rain. it's the really cold temperatures that make this afternoon and evening really quite brutal out there. the wind chill right now in the 30s. look terrain, still coming down. storm team4 radar track it for


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