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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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now at 11:00, history made in virginia. >> the doctor is in. and this doctor will be on call for the next four years! >> in a race that seemed to be tightening, tonight a virtual
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>> women are leading the tidal wave in the house of delegates, including the first transgender candidate elected in the commonwealth. democrats are celebrating in the commonwealth tonight, holding onto the governor's mansion for four more years. good evening. i'm doreen gentzler. >> it's been one year since donald trump won the white house, and even though they said his win did not impact their vote tonight, ed gillespie gave his concession speech at 9:00 tonight, 20 minutes after trump slammed him on twitter after not, quote, embracing what i stand for. democrats celebrating huge g
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we have team coverage for you tonight starting in fairfax county with northern virginia bureau chief julie carey. julie? >> reporter: the size and scope of this victory tonight beyond what democrats imagined, and it's northern virginia voters that lifted ralph northam and his ticket to this overwhelming win. ♪ >> reporter: now, northam and virginia democrats are saying this sweep for their party sends a strong message beyond virginia, to the world, directly to president trump. they see this win as a repudiation of what they believed divided virginians and targeted voters. there was also an
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effect, all that energy from those competitive races helped the top of the ticket. northam is the first doctor to become a governor, but he said that will help them after this somewhat bruising race. >> hey, virginia, it's going to take a doctor to heal our differences, to bring unity to our people, and i'm here to let you know that the doctor is in! >> reporter: now, northam was briefly upstaged at the beginning of his remarks tonight by a small group of demonstrators. they were holding "sanctuary for all" signs. they seemed to be saying that if a sanctuary city did emerge in virginia, he would sign legislation to ban it. but the interruption was short, the celebration here tonight continues on. back to you now in the studio. >> all right, julie
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reporting. thank you, and we'll check back with you later in this broadcast. let's move now to the other side of this race. republican ed gillespie was showing some signs he was closing the gap in the final weeks of this campaign. >> but northern virginia turned out big for ralph northam, including a 20-point margin in the county. >> i can tell you that this campaign, this party, did not see this coming. in fact, as you mentioned, some of those polls showed a much tighter race going into it. some even had gillespie inching ahead. they certainly did not see this crushing defeat. we did hear from gillespie tonight. he actually put a phone call in a little earlier to his opponent, ralph northam, to congratulate the now governor-elect. >> as i said throughout the course of this campaign,
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good man, and i appreciate his service to our country and our commonwealth, and i wish him nothing but the best success as our 73rd governor and told him that if i could be helpful to him in making our commonwealth better that i would be happy to do anything i could in that regard. >> reporter: from south korea the president weighing in, and per usual, not holding back, tweeting, quote, ed gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what i stand for. don't forget, republicans won four out of four house seats and with the economy in record numbers, we'll continue to win bigger than before, end quote. throughout this race there's been a struggle with the gillespie campaign as to how to deal with president trump. in fact, they were not really fully embracing of the endorsement, on twitter in particular. a few weeks back we asked the gillespie campaign why they didn't even retweet one twitter
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they said the president had a million twitter followers. they didn't see a need to do so. >> that should have been a sign right there. david cull ver, thanks so much, and we'll be talking to you about what this could mean for virginia republicans in 2018. >> this region also backed democrats mark herring and justin fairfax. he's been nominated as lieutenant governor, a position that often serves as a springboard for governor. >> mark herring wins a second term for attorney general. he was often told by mark adams what he was doing in court. >> and beating incumbents for a seat in the house of delegates. >> this includes the first transgender candidate ever to win in virginia. more coverage on those big stories in just a moment. but first w w
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deter voters from going out to the polls. it's been a nasty day out there. it sounds like there's more where that came from. >> what about this cold rain, doug? are we seeing the last of it? >> for the most part. the steady rain is out of here, still seeing drizzle, but look at the radar. the heavy rain, steady rain is out of here. areas of drizzle left but that's about it. the heaviest rain came through earlier, even snow to the north. that's how cold this system was. temperatures all afternoon were in the upper 30s to low 40s. rainfall? how much did we see? i told you half an inch to an inch, and that's exactly what we saw, close to an inch. in many areas half an inch down in quantico. the feels-like temperature, the wind chill, 31 winchester, 35 in d.c. a and yeah, i have even colder numbers in the forecast. i'll have that for you in about
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now to breaking news in the district tonight, police still on the scene of a double shooting, and we just learned one of the victims has died. >> news 4's shamari stone is at whitman and 15th with more details. shamari? >> reporter: people in this district told me they are concerned. several heard shots fired in the alleyway behind me between the two homes. you can see yellow crime tape extending. people say they heard those shots. crime scene detectives are collecting evidence. he and his friend were walking in the alleyway over there, a red car drove up and someone opened fire from the driver's side window. people in the neighborhood heard the shots and on the 1300 block of riddenhouse street at 8:15 tonight. they called police. officers drove to the back alley and found one man suffering with several gunshot wounds. he died. the other man was shot in the leg. he's conscious and breathing at a hospital. detectives tell me they're looking for the re
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away from the shooting scene. police have not released the names of the men who were shot in the alleyway. they urge anyone with information about this drive-by shooting to call d.c. police. live here in northwest d.c., shamari stone, news 4. >> shamari, thank you. money, rage and a dramatic confession. that's what a silver spring man says led him to murder his girlfriend today. police found the woman dead on bradbury manor court in the white oak area. tonight police released the name and this new picture of the suspect. investigators tell us anthony mcgill strong called 911 a little before 7:00 this morning. dispatchers say he then admitted to the crime. >> he said he's outside with his hands on the truck, she spent all the money and that he snapped and she is gone now. >> upstairs police found the victim, shawna
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strong was handcuffed outside as neighbors looked on. >> we saw them fighting a few times but we never gave it a second thought. >> reporter: police said they saw blackwell to an apparent trauma to her body and an autopsy will figure out exactly how she died. the fire that killed two men last friday was arson. the two homeless men inside died from smoke inhalation. detectives are working to find out who started it. more history made tonight in virginia. democrat danica roan has become the first transgender candidate to join the state legislature in the northwest. jackie bensen is live for us in lake ridge, virginia where the beer is flowin
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upset, jackie. >> reporter: well, jim, when people in this room started to realize they were watching the numbers come in, started to realize what was happening, it was like an electric current was running through here. >> to every person who has ever been sing he would out, who has ever been stigmatized, who has ever been the misfit, who has ever been the kid in the corner, who ever needed someone to stand up for them when they didn't have a voice of their own because there was no one else who was with them, this one's for you. >> reporter: with those words, danica roam who called herself a single issue candidate because of her focus on solving traffic congestion on route 28, stepped into the history books. the first transgender woman to represent prince william county in the virginia house of delegates defeated bob marshall, long-time incumbent in the fifth district. marshall had spent lots of time inec
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he refused to debate roam, referring to her as him. >> we focused on a message that resonated with the people in the 13th district. and i'm dead serious about fixing route 28. that has been my bread and butter since january 3rd. i'm always stuck on that road every day going to work for 30-some years. that's the one. >> reporter: at virginia democratic party election night headquarters in white ridge, elizabeth gooseman. after a win in june in a four-way democratic primary, danica roam becomes the first transgender woman to represent virginia in the house of delegates. live in prince william county, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you, jackie. we saw a surge in the number of
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general assembly this year. 51 in total. apart from the sheer numbers today brought a number of historic firsts for female candidates, mostly democrats. kathy tran flips virginia's 42nd district blue. she is the first asian-american woman elected to the house of delegates. her district represents parts of fairfax county. virginia is about 9% hispanic but has never had a latina delegate until tonight. now virginia has two democrats. ie lelizabeth guzman won in fai county. and hala ayala won in district 31. jennifer foy took the second district. foi is one of the first black female graduates of the
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she is also a new mother to twins born earlier this fall prematurely. and emotional win tonight in honor of two young lives taken too soon. the boyfriend of the young tv reporter who was killed on the job in southwestern virginia has just won the race he ran in her name. chris hurst quit his job at the anchor desk in february. he announced his run then. it was how he found purpose after alison parker's death. you may remember, alison and her cameraman were shot back in 2013. hurst ran hard on a universal background check for guns. so he won the 31st position that usually spells defeat for people.
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voted today. still, there is an investigation to see if shady robo calls may have impacted turnout. they'll look for misleading calls telling voters the polling place had changed. both the naacp and aclu have made statements tonight condemning the alleged behavior. cemetaries buried in water bills have new hope tonight. a d.c. councilman took action to lower those fees that have some cemetaries worried they might have to shut down. >> the i-team first exposed this problem last month, you may recall, and our reporter jo jodi fleischer has more on what impact this new bill could have. >> reporter: d.c. congressman brendan todd represents the district's oldest cemetary and the subject of a new
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investigation which exposed how their water bill had grown to $200,000 a year, even though they were using less water. >> four generals are buried there and there is so much history. we would hate to see their doors close, so certainly it's incumbent upon us and the city to do what we can to help them. >> reporter: most of the bill is actually a d.c. water fee called the clean river impervious water charge. todd's proposal would exempt private roads and parking lots from the calculation that determines how much each customer has to pay. >> this couldn't be a better beginning to what will undoubtedly be a long process, but we are very, very happy. >> reporter: jim jones told the i-team the cemetary's future was in jeopardy if something didn't change. under todd's proposal, the cemetaries would still pay part of the fee, but the bills would be significantly lower. >> i expect that there will be a robust conversation from many
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how we move forward and what that looks like. >> reporter: following the i-team reports last month, d.c. water agreed to look at the fairness of howca calculated. they are looking at underground tunnels which would keep sewage and storm water from flooding our rivers. there is no question it's needed. >> it just has to be paid for, and we have to figure out how we can lessen the burden on some of our institutions that simply can't pay. >> reporter: that project is funded primarily by water customers. some homeowners and the faith community also told the i-team they've been unfairly impacted by bills jumping hundreds a month. they want to continue as long as there is equity and fairness. >> we understand there is a project they ever to bring to fruition, and we want to see them do it. we would just like to be around when they
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many of you when we started reporting on these issues. d.c. council wants to hear from us as well. but since d.c. water is separate from the government, it's unclear what legislation would be binding. >> if you missed any of the i-team's investigation into those high water bills, you can watch it on your phone. just open the nbc 4 app and click on "investigations." cold rain. >> there's nothing i think i hate more weatherwise than cold rain. >> you would rather have snow. >> oh, yeah. >> but not cold, ryan. are we done with it? >> for the most part. we're still dealing with some shower activity, some drizzle in parts of the area. i think that's going to continue for the next couple hours, but by tomorrow most of us should be on the dry side during the day. still some wet roadways as you make your way out tomorrow morning, so you may want to give yourself a little extra ti
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take a look at what we're dealing with outside. still wet, still a little drizzle out there. temperaturewise, we're at 43 degrees with drizzle at the airport. winds out of the north at 10 miles an hour and that's why that windchill is at 35. it is a cold night. these are the actual temperatures. 39 gaitersburg,ç. i'm not expecting these numbers to change a lot by tomorrow morning, so make sure you send the kids with the big coats out there. showing some showers, but drizzle does not show up on the radar, and we're seeing that in d.c. as well as over to annapolis and waldorf. here's the heavy rain moving out of here. over an inch of rain in d.c., and look what else we saw very close to our area: snowfall just to our north. for us it was all rain, and that's what we're getting the next couple days, too, a
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it's not a very strong storm but it's one we' see come into our region tomorrow to give aus a chance for rain. tomorrow morning, cloud cover. you see the rain moving in from the south. if you're going to be in southern maryland, waldorf to fredericksburg, this is the area i think has the best chance for rain. it may try to creep up into d.c. around the 3:00 hour. but most of this south and east, north and west we stay dry and cloudy. down to the south, cool, dreary, some shower activity, too. not all that nice begin again o wednesday. at the bus stop, 42 degrees. 47 by recess, 52 by the time you pick up the kids. again, dry here, but southward, those southern zones, expect some showers for the kids, they may need umbrellas. showers cool to the south, and as they move on the next kim days, 55 degrees on thursday. our winter outlook coming out on thursday.
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weather alert for winterlike weather. 44 degrees and blustery. wind chills will be in the 30s. friday night in the 20s, if not the teens. saturday waking up to numbers at 20 in the suburbs. as we move in to sunday and monday, chance for a couple showers and milder weather as we m move into next week, but still below average all week long. >> brr. thank you, doug. we're just getting started with you here tonight. we're going to be with you until 11:45 this evening. a lot more to come from virginia, including a poll question today about confederate monuments. we'll tell you what voters said they think should be done with them after the violence in charlottesville this year. plus, tragedy in the world of sports. what we're learning about the
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back at the live desk now. track being a few noteworthy selections outside the state of virginia. first-time candidate phil murphy took the governor's desk tonight. tonight christmurphy promised t challenge the white house. democrat bill de blasio holds onto the power in new york city. de blasio really didn't face much of a challenge in the heavily democratic city. he said he was more
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than when he started and he said it's time to start a culture where people respect each other again. and we have the only congressional contest, a special election here. republican john curtis has won schafer's old seat to represent utah. he is now in the city of provo with one of the most red seats in the country. back to you. >> leon, thanks. exit polls show favor of keeping the confederate statues. about 60% believe monuments of confederate leaders should be kept in place. if you ask republicans, 94% of them believe the statues should be left alone. the confederacy entered the race after that violence in charlottesville over the summer. protests were organized about the removal of the statue of robert e. lee. he won two cy young awards and was a pitcher of baseball during his
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the sudden death of roy h halladay. his plane crashed off the coast of florida today. he was the only one on board. it's unclear what caused the crash. halladay won over 200 games playing for the phillies. he had only owned his plane for about a month. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. when we come back with you tonight at 11:00, what tonight's democratic wave could mean for virginia republicans and republicans all over the country in the 2018 midterms. >> news4 bringing y
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as long as i'm governor, i will make sure we're inclusive, that we welcome people to the commonwealth of virginia. our lights will be on, our doors will be open! >> tonight ralph northam rides a democratic wave into the virginia governor's office. >> northam survived a hard-fought race that attached the attention of politicos, attracted tall over the country. >> this is seen as a swing shift test to president trump's popularity, and an early look at which way the wind will blow in the midterm 2018 elections. >> let's go to julie carey with reaction from northam's camp. >> it's clearing away, but i can tell you democrats went home
11:31 pm
it's been a huge night for democrats, the second sweep for statewide offices, more than a dozen seats switching from red to blue. ralph northam's team thinks the media misread voter reaction to northam. pundits worried if he was too low key, but democrats find him authentic in the face of negative ads for him. thousands of volunteers working on those house of delegates races, that helped power turnout that helped at the top. there is also a sense here tonight that many virginia voters had a message to send across the river to president trump. here's how governor ralph northam described it. >> virginia has told us to end the divisiveness, that we will not condone hatred and bigotry and to end the tpolitics that
11:32 pm
>> reporter: there are going to be a lot of takeaways from this race, but one thing that is clear tonight, northern virginia in particular is bluer than ever. back to you now in the studio. >> all right, julie. great work tonight, thank you. on the republican side tonight, a lot of questions to be answered heading into the 2018 midterms. >> news4's david culver asked virginia's republican party chairman about that. he joins us live again in richmond. david? >> reporter: hi there again, doreen and jim. julie mentioned smiles up there. not so much down here. a crushing defeat for republicans as they now look forward to what they did wrong and how to reassess all this. it comes amidst ed gillespie taking the stage tonight. he was behind me a short time ago and he thanked his supporters. he also quoted a bible verse, adding that he's going to look to god's calling to determine what's next. republicans, they know what's next. it's the 2018 senate race. but before they can strategize
11:33 pm
kaine's seat, they've got a lot of homework to do. they've got to reassess what went wrong, specifically in places like north virginia. >> we have questions whether or not this party can appeal to voters in fairfax county and arlington, alexandria, parts of blacksburg, virginia beach, parts of richmond city. all these things. we feel we have a message that does that, but we're not carrying that message forward or we would have won tonight. >> the represent can chair here in virginia did admit one big failure. he said they were lied to heavily on polls. they said they can no longer trust those polls. i asked him what about the strategy when it came to negative ads, what about the strategy of negative ads for gillespie not grasping endorsement. they said they have to just take the party from
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president trump said tonight's election was not a factor for his race. the same poll showed more than half of ralph northam supporters said health care was their number one issue. right now it's just after 1:30 in the afternoon in south korea. a short time ago, president trump addressed south korea's national assembly. in a warning to north korea, he indicated that his administration would be more willing than previous u.s. presidents to use military force. earlier the president tried to visit the demilitarized zone dividing north and south korea, but bad weather foiled his surprise trip. oh, dreary day out there today. tomorrow i think more of the same, especially tomorrow morning. waking up to temperatures in the low 40s. 7:00 a.m., make sure you have that warm jacket out there and grab the umbrella. if you're d.c. northward, as i mentioned earlier, i don't think you'll need it.


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