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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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hitting home. announcer: "news4 today" starts now. 6:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gill crest. >> welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. many races may come down to a recount. >> we need to get to breaking news. let's turn to melissa. >> breaking news. take a look at this. a big delay here. 95 northbound before the beltway because of this crash still have some lanes blocked here this morning. this right now has gone to a six mile backup. we are sending chopper 4. have our eyes above this in just a minute. you can see everything being pushed to the right in those main lanes. 95 north before the beltway. northbound 95, triangle left shoulder still blocked. still causing delays there. inbound inner loop crash. metro orange and blue lines. no other problems. good morning. >> good
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too bad this morning. we're dry. look at these temperatures. it is cold out there. we have a lot of 30s on the map this morning. grab the warm jacket. 36 winchester, 40 manassas and 40 degrees in clinton. temperature in the district 42 degrees and we're really going to stay in the 40s today. we have cloud cover around but the best chance for any small chance would be south of the district and mainly south of fredericksburg today. we're looking at the clouds but we'll be staying on the drier side. as we go through your wednesday, temperatures only billion the upper 40s. wait until you see what's going to happen later this week. big freeze across the area. we'll talk about how cold's it's going to get coming up. >> thank you, sheena. our decision 2017 coverage begins way democrat waking up this morning in a good mood thanks in part to the elections in battleground state of virginia. >> democrats ralph northam the
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over ed gillespie. democrats also won virginia's lieutenant governor and attorney general offices. people across the country are still talking about danica roem in the suburbs of prince william county. she made history as the first open little transgender person elected and seated in a state legislature in the united states. and one of the biggest developing stories this morning is the very real chance that democrats could take control of the house of delegates thanks in part to voters here in northern virginia. >> chris lawrence joins us now to explain what's at stake here. what a change, chris? >> it's caught a lost people by surprise. even the experts. here's the story. democrats need to take 18 seats to gain the majority in the house of delegates. they have 16 so far, but four other races are so close to call that we could see recounts all within a couple hundred votes. we've already seen some first time candidates win out last night. some of them beating incumbents who had held their seats for decades. to put this
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last time democrats won more than five seats in a single year was 1975 and heading into the election, analysts were saying it would be a stretch for them to pick up ten seats. they've already got 16. could get more. >> thank you. we continue our team coverage of decision 2017 with news4 justin finch in louden county. >> voters there turned out big for ralph northam. so what have you heard from voters this morning about what mattered to them in this election? >> reporter: hi, there. many voters this morning recovering from election and campaign fatigue. they say they're happy that the signs are done, the robo-calls are off of their phones. they also say too that virginia is a place for progress and inclusion and they say that is what they are seeing and last night's results of that election. many people also surprised to hear that governor elect ralph northam had a bigger margin here in louden county that hillary clinton did
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nbc news exit poll also finding a surprise for votes here as well just under half of voters for northam said that trump was a factor in their voting. the top issues nbc news finds were health care, gun policy and immigration. and now for those whose candidates won, they are now confident and moving forward but for those who lost, they are now looking back to see what went wrong. >> i voted republican because i believe in what the party represents and they have my full support. >> i see a lot of change happening and i see it going the right way. >> reporter: and how's it feel being part of that change? >> i'm happy. >> reporter: another big surprise, just the sheer turnout. i told people this morning, we have reports of more than 2.6 million ballots cast. people say the polling place didn't seem that crowded yesterday but one man says a
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of people probably went out and did absentee voting instead. live here in leesburg, i'm justin finch, news4. >> thank you. and justin far fax has been elected of lieutenant governor a position that serves as a spring board for governor candidates. he's only the second african-american elected to a statewide office. democratic mark herring won a second term. he beat john adams, 53% to 47%. it was a historic night for women in virginia as you can see. everyone on social media is talking about one woman in particular, danica roem. the first transgender candidate to win a seat in any state legislature. some saying roem makes history. others posted that they're crying tears of joy. >> roem beat out long time incumbent bob marshal who is known for opposing
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>> to every person who's ever been singled out, who's ever been stigmatized, who's ever been the misfit, the kid in the corner, who's ever needed someone to stand up for them when they didn't have a voice of their own because there's no one else who was with them, this one's for you. >> throughout the campaign, roem called herself a single issue candidate because of her focus on solving traffic congestion on route 28. voters in maryland also went to the polls yesterday. college park mayor will get another term. you can head over to the nbc washington app for all the election results and analysis. some breaking news right now in northeast d.c. someone has died in a crash overnight. >> it shut down a road that many of you use in the morning. this was on kenilworth avenue. the police closed northbound d.c. 295 for hours. the road is now
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dead. we will can ask police, we've asked for more information and as soon as we learn more we'll let you know. another developing story this morning. police in the district are investigating a deadly double shooting in northwest. this happened last night near 13th and rittenhouse streets. one man died, another was injured as shots rang out in alleyway there. the surviving victim described it's a drive-by shooting. finger pointing and infighting that's what people say are happening right now on the prince george's county school board. it was in a report last week that alleged grade changing in order to boost the count's graduation rate now there's an argument over whistle-blowers who tipped off some school board members. edward burrows is the chairman of the school board and is demanding to know whog the whistle-blowers were and governor larry hogan released a statement calling the matter very concerning. tragedy in texas. the gunman on
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new details about his history with guns and a recent escape from authorities. he was a master on the diamond, a former star pitcher killed. the reaction still coming in about the loss of roy hal la day. oh, good morning on this cloudy and cool wednesday morning. jet stream down to our south means there's no real warmup in site. sheena's got aook l
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breaking news right now. take a look at this. chopper 4 over the problem here. 95 northbound over the beltway. you can see this delay. it's almost six miles long here this morning. so this is really quite slow here through that area because of that crash. the delay start before woodbridge and head inbound here this morning. as for elsewhere here, you can see inner loop and outer loop is fine. no major issues on 66. one crash we'll talk about 270 looking good as well. good morning, mr. bell. >> good morning.
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are great away. >> it might be $75. >> $75, yikes. just get to work late. otherwise if you're starting to think about the weekend which is the most important thing you can do on hump day, just know the temperatures will also be doing a downhill slide toward the weekend. saturday morning everybody waking up below freezing. win chills could be in the teens when you get up saturday morning. sheena's got a closer look at today and tomorrow coming up. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with breaking news. president trump is in china right now. he is pushing trade deals and meeting with that country's president xi. president trump and the first lady are there in the last half hour he toured a factory. this is new video just coming in to the newsroom in addition to trade. the president's trip is expected to have a heavy focus on north korea just like his other stops abroad. we'll be watching to see
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beijing. back to you. >> thank you. it's 6:13 today. vice president mike pence will travel to texas today to meet with the families of the mass shooting victims. 26 people died when a gunman opened fire during a sunday church service. this morning we're also learning more about the gunman devin kelley. according to a police report, he briefly escaped from a mental health center in 2012. he was in trouble for bringing guns on to a military base and threatening his superiors. he was named as a suspect in a 2013 sexual assault in his hometown. he killed himself after sunday's shooting. today the ntsb is going to try to figure out what caused the plane crash that killed roy halladay. he was the only one on board the plane when it crashed off the coast of florida yesterday. he's best known for his stellar baseball career. he won 200 games and multiple cy young awards. after he retired, he became an aavid flier. he posted
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he bought that plane that crashed just last month. the olympic flame has arrived in south korea ahead of the 2018 pyeongchang game and the torch will be heading off on a 100 day journey across south korea before the opening ceremonies on february 9th. the south korean leg of the relay will involve 7,500 torch barriers and will visit 17 cities across the country. very exciting as the countdown continues. >> so i told you about the new addition to my family. it's a puppy. we welcomed leo there. he is so adorable and i've never had a pet before. this is all new to me. the kids begged, i caved. i enlisted the help of a behavioral animal specialist from the rescue alliance. >> reporter: the benefits of getting a dog range from the practical, you'll get more exercise, to the sublime, you'll be happier, but the truth is being a dog owner requires a lost wor
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him right now. so you want to manage, manage, manage so he doesn't develop bad habits. >> reporter: alexandria dill little from the humane alliance offers advice for new dog families like us. >> you don't want him to be running around the entire house learning how to pee and poop all over the house and get into things, right, so that's why you want to have a crate for him that he's crate trained. one fun thing you can do is just hold him in your lap or hold some other chew that he enjoys. >> reporter: it is important to socialize a puppy as much as possible. >> so he can sleep in the same room as us. >> yes, as long as he's in his crate. he should be crated every single night. >> in the crate up to our bedrooms and let him sleep in the crate. >> you could. >> a lot of dogs get scared bill the camera and he's a natural i guess because he's in your family. >> reporter: he's spent more
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life. thank you, alexandria. you really have to stay vigilant about the training which is hard because he's so cute and you want to let him do whatever you want him to do. >> he's just like a baby. >> i'm going to give props to my kids. so far they've been responsible, they take turns walking him. they're doing everything because they wanted this puppy so bad. >> that's the way it should be. >> good job, guys. >> we're staying on top of breaking news. let's get right to melissa. >> breaking news again continuing in first four traffic. chopper 4 over this problem here. there's a problem 95 northbound. a disabled vehicle two miles south of that, so this is chopper showing you the pain that is being caused this entire situation really causing quite a delay here we're talking about a six mile backup, 95 north before the beltway here this morning. taking a look now at another camera you can see those slow downs and there is a map showing you those delays starting well before
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beltway don't have any problems there. as you look at travel times. you can see we're pretty good here in maryland but in virginia, 66 no problem. 95 north, quantico to the beltway going to take you over an hour at this point this morning. sheena? good morning, melissa. it is a cold one as you step out the door and start to hit the roads out there. four today cloudy and chilly. tomorrow, cloudy and cool. friday, we have a weather alert, windy and cold through friday night into saturday morning. we have a wide pred freeze in the forecast. so if you have plants that you do not want to be damaged either cover them up or bring them inside for friday night into saturday. here's a quick look at what we expect. normal high 61. look how far below normal we will be. most days will be in the 40s. we're used to be above normal but now the weather pattern is changing for a while. 39 degrees right now. 37 gaithersburg.
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40 degrees clinton and manassas, 37 front royal. a cold start. you want the warm jacket probably all day. any chance of a shower will be closer to fredericksburg or even farther south than that. if you're walking the dog today or if you need a dog to adopt and walk, we have busy here available. you can head to their website to find out how to adopt busy. 8:00 this morning temperatures will be in the low 40s. you'll notice the clouds around. we do stay dry during the day. temperatures topping out in about the upper 40s. here's future weather. notice the clouds are with us as we go through the afternoon. really no rain chances until you get about south of fredericksburg so we do stay dry. now we'll jump ahead to friday. i told you we have that weather alert. we'll look at the windchills now. the feels like temperatures when you factor in the breeze. this is starting friday morning feeling like the 30s. actual highs in the 40s. that wind is going to make a big difference going into saturday morning. 7:00 a.m. look at
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the area through saturday afternoon. feeling like the 30s again. it's going to get pretty cold around here after today and tomorrow. temperatures really start to drop off. there you see saturday morning actual low 29 most of the area will be in the 20s so again we do expect a widespread freeze. still cool as we go into sunday or chilly i should say but staying nice and dry for your weekend. we'll take a look at the ten-day forecast coming up. >> thank you. 6:19d right now. he's an anchorman turned politician. the candidate thrust into the spotlight after a deadly shooting carried out on live television. how his future has changed in just the last 24 hours. a teacher accused. how police believe she sexually abused a student and parents didn't know about it. st with us. ay
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i want to tell you about an innovative program that helps teens navigate the challenges they face in this time of their lives. teens saying dealing with
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homework, social media and the pressure to do well is overwhelming. >> doreen gentzler explains how sources of strength helps teen focuses. >> sources of strength say radically strength based program. >> it is students helping kids learning to identify signs of emotional or mental distress. and learning what to do when they see them. bobby donahue a trainer with sources of strength is leading this class today. >> we'll start with a fun game. >> reporter: the students in this room today are all here on a rare friday off. first, some ice breakers and positive exercises so everyone can learn a little more about each other and themselves. >> i want you to write on that poster, the things in your life that give you strength. >> reporter: soon the subjects become more intense. bobby has just asked the teenagers what stresses them out the most along with school and sports, they say -- >> not getting the work done in the house so it falls apart. >> relationships are huge. they can be difficult sometimes. ep
6:24 am
to speak up kb their own feelings, it urges them to reach out to adults who can intervene when needed and help with treatment and it teaches them how to navigate that tricky line between being a caring, trustworthy friend and sounding the alarm. >> and that was doreen gentzler reporting. for more information on the program, head over to the nbc washington app and search changing minds. if you work in montgomery county, you could be getting a pay raise. the county council unanimously approved a bill to increase the minimum wage. county executive ike legget says he will sign it. that bill raises the minimum wage to $15 an hour from the current 11.50 an hour. decision 2017 coverage continues ahead. women across virginia are raking up the wins. we'll tell you where some of them made history
6:25 am
commonwealth. metro leaders say they need this from you, an extra penny but will you have to pay up and when? i'll tell you the new proposals that's out. >> good morning. i'm chuck bell out here on the weather deck this morning where it is a chilly start to the day with a cold north wind. how about so sunshinmee?
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announcer: "news4 today" starts now. it is 6:28. good morning. thanks for joining us on this hump day. i can't say it as well as you can. we have decision 2017 team coverage for you ahead. >> some big developments and races in our backyard that could have implications from the virginia to the white house and beyond. justin finch is live in louden county. chris lawrence standing by in the newsroom. we want to get you out the door on time. >> let's get to that breaking news
6:29 am
the latest. >> we're talking about a six mile backup as you're heading northbound here. chopper 4 showing you those delays. 95 north before the beltway. very, very slow here this morning. as you look at the map, you can see those issues as well. we have just some lanes here getting by at this point this morning. let's send it up to chopper, brad, we have another problem just south of this as well. >> reporter: that's right. clearing out at the front of the line approaching the mixing bowl but bear with me as i swing the camera around. there was a disabled vehicle blocking the center of the roadway northbound just after the fairfax county parkway and somebody was able to stop and carefully move that vehicle out of the way. let me show you what happens when you have one lane blocked on 95 northbound headed towards the beltway. this happened very quickly. it looks like your best option is going to be the express lanes. those are moving at a pretty good pace. live from chopper 4 back down to you. >> let's take a look on the beltway. outer loop after the toll road crash inth
6:30 am
head up here. inner loop between river road and i-270. have a crash reported there as well. staying green for now. let's hope it stays that way for some time. headed now to meteorologist chuck bell. it is getting cold out there. i'm not a huge fan of this. >> a lot of people are not a huge fan of this after a very warm month of october and warm start to november here. the north winds have moved in and the colder air is settling down on us. it's here for a while, too. that puppy jacket you haven't needed much of lately, you'll neat a a whole lot. cloudy sky in washington. clearer skies farther north you to go today to the pennsylvania border. 30s to around 40 degrees to get your day started. cloudy, cold and damp today. any sunshine is up in parts of northern maryland. not a pleasant day to be on the outside for today. a lot of clouds the next few days. more about that cold wind and the freezing temperatures over the weekend coming up.
6:31 am
>> thank you. virginians hit the polls and they are sending a lot of new faces to richmond. democrats did well yesterday winning all three statewide races and picking up 16 seats in the house of delegates. >> two more seats would give the democrats a majority there and that could still happen. several races are too close to call but what everyone will be talking about today is democrats holding on to the governor's mansion for the next four years. >> ralph northam beat ed gillespie 54% to 45%. northern virginia turned out big for northam including a 20 point margin in louden county. big battleground. northam is the first doctor to be governor. he says that is a skill that will help him unite virginians after this bruising race. >> we need to close the wounds that divide and bring unity to virginia, whether you voted for me or not, we are all virginians and i hope -- i hope to earn your c
6:32 am
>> ed gillespie gave his concession speech about 9:00 last night and offered his support to the governor elect. after the election, president trump took to twitter to slam gillespie saying that gillespie worked hard but quote, did not embrace me or what i stand for. throughout the race the gillespie camp struggled with how to deal with president trump. and we saw surge in the number of women running for virginians general assembly this year. 51 in total. last night's election brought a number of historic firsts for female candidates, mostly democrats. winners include the first asian american, two latino women and a transgender woman elected to the house of delegates. there could be a recount on the way in one virginia delegate race in district 50. first time candidate dante tanner defeated house majority chairman tim hugo last night. he represented western fairfax county in 2003. taer
6:33 am
race will go to a recount since the candidates were separated by less than the maryn. >> one of the democrats who won a seat was a former tv anchor who ran in memory of his girlfriend. chris hurst quit his job at a tv station after his girlfriend allison was killed during a live broadcast. he tells nbc news politics was how he found purpose after her death. hurst campaigned hard on universal background checks for guns. he won virginia's 12th district. we'll have more on the elections and you can see all the results right now in the nbc washington app. our top story this morning, president trump is in china right now. it's his third stop in asia and he's making his most significant push on trade right now. overnight he meant with chinese president xi jinping in beijing. he will have a meeting with the business leaders tonight. a deadly crash shut down part of d.c. 295 for several
6:34 am
the road is back open. d.c. police say someone crashed on kenilworth avenue near benning road but not -- that's not what caused the crash. a former charles county teacher has been indicted on sex abuse charges involving an underaged student. latoya parker was a teacher at st. charles high school. while she was a teacher parker solicited an underaged student. d.c. city council voted unanimously yesterday to raise the sales tax to 6.5%. >> that amounts to less than a penny but all of it will go to cover metro cost. transportation reporter adam tuss is in fairfax right now. is this money going to make a big difference? >> reporter: absolutely, aaron. and this is what we're talking about here. this is all it's going to take to make metro safely and reliable. the d.c. council certainly seems to think so. they think that raising it by just a penny will actually help fund the system and so many regional leaders have been thinking about ways to help fix
6:35 am
things that could be done to fund the system in a reliable manner. here's what you need to know. this would basically raise a cent every dollar that is sold in the district and that would equate to about $500 million annually to help fund the system and the general manager says that that money is absolutely necessary to go toward the safety and the reliability of the metro system. something we've been hearing so much about over the coming years. here's the kicker. just because the d.c. council voted for this doesn't mean it's a done deal. maryland leaders and virginia leaders also have to approve this funding mechanism to make it work and there's no consensus right now that that's going to be done. so d.c. is put its funding proposal forward, maryland has its own idea and virginia has its own idea. they'll have to see what sticks, guys. back to you. >> live for us in fairfax, thank you. a grade tampering scandal, an alleged
6:36 am
students graduate. unlocking your home to strangers. amazon thinks it has the key to the future of delivery. what you need to know a
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so your next tweet can go a little longer, a lot longer. >> i'm excited about this. >> i think it's too much. too much. >> twitter has officially doubled the character limit from 140 to 280. >> it's going to take you so long. >> i'm ready. i got my peter piper picked of pack of pickled peoplers. >> now you're just showing off. >> they began testing the new format last month. that old 140 character limit sometimes it caused people to spend more time editing their tweets or not sends them at all because they had to keep shortening and shortening. the company hopes the new limit will get folks to tweet more and more often. >> who has time to read 280 c
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it'll be okay. >> all right. today mark the launch of amazon key. it's the new service available to amazon prime members that would allow delivery drivers to enter your home and leave packages just inside the door. that would happen with your permission of course. you'll have to buy a kit. >> i put this poll on twitter, would you use the service? so far 90% said no way. leave the packages on the front door. >> eun. a lot of people spell your name wrong. >> that's correct. eunyang@nbc. the state of virginia now waking up to what many consider some surprising election
6:41 am
i'm justin finch. here what voters have to say. breaking news right now if traffic. a three mile backup on 95 here in virginia before the beltway. chopper 4 showing us how painful that is for a lot of folks this morning. sheena? >> good morning. we're looking at cold air across the area this morning. temperatures in many spots are in the 30s as you make your way out. grab the warm jacket today. windy and colder by friday, widespread freeze, saturday morning so we will be watching the temperatures very closely as ngu're maki
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virginia, we have witnessed yet another democratic sweep today. >> reporter: democrats score big. the first key wins in the trump era. >> congratulations. >> thank you for everything. >> danica! >> reporter: one for the record books, history is made in our backyard. the first transgender person elected to the state legislature in virginia. a political tidal wave, a power shift in the virginia house legislature, the ripple effect that goes well beyond the commonwealth. we have live team coverage across northern viria
6:45 am
now clear what drove voters to the polls. >> it's unfortunate. i am not against the republican party but i'm pretty against trump, so -- your time is 6:45. our decision 2017 coverage begins with a democrats -- with democrats waking up in pretty good mood because of the elections in battleground. >> ralph northam the sitting lieutenant governor hanley won the governor's race. democrats also won lieutenant governor and attorney general offices. >> people across the country are still talking about danica roem in the suburbs of prince william county. she made history as the first openly transgender person elected in the state legislature in the united states. one of the biggest stories developing this morning is the very real chance the democrats could take control of the house of delegates thanks in part to voters here in northern in
6:46 am
to explain what's at stake. >> this is completely unexpected. democrats need to take 18 seats to gain the majority in the house of delegates. right now, they have 16 so far, but four other races are so close we could see recounts. these are all within a couple hundred votes. now a lot of the democratic success has been fueled by these first time candidates. we saw them won out last night. some of them beating incumbents who held their seats for decades. the last time democrats won more than five seats in a single year, look at that, 1975. and heading into this election, analysts were saying, it would be a stretch for democrats to pick up ten seats. they already have 16. could get more, aaron. >> thank you. we continue our team coverage of decision 2017. justin finch is in louden county. >> voters there turned out big yesterday for ralph northam. justin, what are you hearing from voters this morning a
6:47 am
what mattered to them in this election? >> reporter: yeah, we've been asking voters all morning why they think virginia got so much attention yesterday and why they turned out to the polls. now voters say more than anything that they want to come together over issues and not be torn apart by them this morning. we've been asking was there one particular issue that drove you out, one man said not so much. he more showed up he said for a sense of progress. he wants to see change here in the state of virginia. now nbc news exit polling finds that the issue -- what was not a major issue was the president, donald trump. he was not a factor for many voters here in virginia, however on the converse, some other big issues were, including health care, gun policy and immigration. and on both sides of the aisles, voters said they wanted to send a message to their state lawmakers and the result has now been as you have mentioned, this wave of democrats now elected to office here in virginia from a governor's office all the way down to the
6:48 am
two newly elected latinos. >> i am happy that honestly a transgender person did win. that was pretty interesting. i like to see where else virginia's going to go from there. >> i am not against the republican party but i'm pretty against trump, so that's why i voted democratic. >> reporter: and as for virginia turning out to be a trend setting state that will likely turn out to be true, dnc chair tom perez saying virginia will be a blueprint for upcoming elections. back in to you. >> johnson, thank you. as we mention the huge night for women in virginia, seven in our area beating incumbents for seats in the house of delegates, one in particular has been tnd
6:49 am
danica roem is the first transgender candidate to win a seat. people say they're celebrating a historic win with her. >> danica! >> roem beat out long time incumbent bob marshal whose known for ole posing lgbtq issues. >> she called herself a single issue candidate for her focus on solving traffic issue on route 28. there's a lot to talk about from last night's election. >> mark murray, we look at this governor's race in virginia. we've been watching the polls since the debate that we hosted and the spread here between ralph northam and ed gillespie is much more than anybody was thinking in the last few polls. >> ralph northam had the structural advantages going into the race given the history that if you occupy the white house. you looked at president trump aets job approval rating. a lost that added
6:50 am
northam having the slight advantage. i don't think anyone was thinking it was going to be nine points. there's just the sheer turnout. you had humongous turnout in suburban northern virginia and in places where ralph northam exceeded barack obama and hillary clinton's margin in key places like fairfax county, louden county, alexandria and when you do that and then, you know, the southwest is about the same, that gets you a very big democratic win. >> mark, democrats won the governor's race in new jersey and new york as well. the city mayor race in new york, so what does this say about the landscape of politics especially going into the midterm elections. >> the wins are behind the democrats back. nothing say guarantee in politics. we have a year to go. democrats and particularly those house of delegates races where contest that's people aren't watching at all. you really can look at the enthusiasm and if you're the republicans that saw last night
6:51 am
profile republicans who announced their retirements including frank lobiondo in new jersey creating a very competitive race there, the retirement's plus the political wins is a -- is a sign of potential trouble for republicans a year from now. >> all right. we know your team is still crunching numbers and putting some perspective. all these races so a great place to get information. if you want to learn more about the results as well as the races in maryland, you can head over to the nbc washington app for the election results and analysis. >> now we want to turn our attention to the commute. melissa mollet and your first four traffic. >> still have this breaking news. as you're headed northbound on 95, passing fairfax parkway before the beltway is where that crash was this morning. we had a disabled vehicle before that. right now near the -- you can see chopper 4 showing all those delays. three mile backup. better than
6:52 am
now it's a three mile backup this morning. 66 is looking okay. you can see on the beltway here outer loop after the toll road we still have that crash in the left lane. montgomery village avenue between frederick avenue and 270, traffic getting by in the center lane because of a crash there and in clarksburg southbound 75 at louisianadale road we do have a vehicle fire. 270 you can see those slow downs going 35 miles per hour from germantown, looking pretty normal. 66 inbound is okay 95 northbound have a hard time recovering this one here this morning going 22 miles per hour. going to take you almost an hour from quantico to the beltway. >> cloudy skies over washington on a chilly wednesday morning and getting a little sunshine today if you're living up in north maryland. no sunshine south of the city at all. after yesterday, a cloudy and
6:53 am
national. so needed rainfall yesterday and today, not much rain possibility, maybe a few sprinkles south of the city, really mostly just clouds with some mist and drizzle and it's going to be chill. upper 30s around 40s. jet stream down to our south, as a result there's no warmup coming. not today, not tomorrow, not through the weekends and honestly most of the next seven to ten days are likely to be colder than average. quite a shock to the system after that mild october. here's a little light rain down here towards charlottesville and fredericksburg, by significant, less than an inch. here's future weather. a lot of clouds from washington southbound. nil rain chances staying well down to our south. highs today, upper 40s to around 50 degrees. 50 in frederick,
6:54 am
only 45 for a high today in fredericksburg with no sunshine at all. your warm coat, yes. umbrella, you could probably get away without the umbrella. tomorrow, another cloudy day with a possibility of some drizzle but it'll be a smidge warmer. there's that ten-day forecast now. we'll be weather alert for friday night and saturday morning. the first killing freeze of the winter season is here. windchills could be down in the teens on saturday morning. >> thank you. 6:54. d.c. charter school is under investigation for possibly failing to report suspected child sex bees. >> it is a story the news4 i-team is breaking today. scott macfarlane. >> reporter: d.c.'s attorney general's office tells the i-team how charter school handled the case of alan coleman. the school fired coleman in march 2015 days after learning he was suspected of sexually abusing a 14-year-old student
6:55 am
earlier. the d.c. police tell news4 they didn't hear about coleman until a year later when the victim came to them. coleman's pleaded guilty to child sex abuse likely faces years in prison. he didn't comment to the us after court. capital city public charter school declined to answer our questions too. declined to be interviewed. and issued a statement instead saying we're competent that we discharged our responsibilities properly in this matter. we've cooperated with law enforcement in all phases of its investigation. the i-team has learned in the year between coleman's firing and his arrest, he found a new teaching job in a different school district with some great references from some of his former capital city public charter school colleagues. for now, scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. this morning virginia has a new governor
6:56 am
ralph northam beat ed gillespie 54% to 45%. northern virginia turned out big for northam. david culver is in richmond this morning for the governor elect's first press conference. democratic danica roem is the first transgender elected. she beat long time bob marshal in the 13th district race. look for updates in the nbc washington app. maryland governor larry hogan is weighing in on the grade changing controversy in prince george's county. this comes after the chairman of the school board sent a letter to two members asking them to identify whistle-blowers. hogan called the request very concerning. you can get more on this in the nbc washington app. president trump is in china right now. it's an important stop on his trip abroad especially as he makes a push on trade. you can see what he's done so far and what he's done next on the "today" show. >> we still have dela
6:57 am
4 traffic this morning. better than it was but still hanging around. >> the weather is called outside, you want the warm jacket. if you have not stepped outside just yet many areas in the 30s. 49 for a high today. cloudy but dry. same thing tomorrow. 55 but we have a freeze coming a big one saturday morning. it's going to be cold out there. >> i'm not looking forward to it. >> that is the broadcast this morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for your weather, traffic and local news. >> make it a great wedneay, everysdbo
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>unoo mornin sn>> rebuk a gh election night for ugh pdemp and the gop. dra covictoes in via new jersey.y. ththvi message sent by voters a whth preside is pointing fi at this morningby >> breaking overnight.s prnt visits china to be that leg of his asian trip bu fog stops him from visiti o ts >er path you take down thisz. dkh increases the peril yac >>a path, new details dark ein abt t texas church shte incling his escape fr a mental health facility anea to kill


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