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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 8, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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reading through those charging documents. what are they saying? >> 45-year-old eric brown, a navy veteran, currently homeless, and taking jobs as a day laborer is being charged with kidnapping ashanti billy. i've been combing through the charging documents the last hour or so. the fbi thinks it not only has video evidence, but phone records and dna linking this man to the case. interestingly enough, brown was actually busted on charges of trespassing, and soliciting a prostitute, something unrelated to this case. through a tip, and some extensive questioning, agents have arrived to this point in the case. the young woman's colleagues say brown was no stranger to their shop. he was there a lot, they say. he hit on billy, would make crude comments towards her. billy was reported missing mid-september. ten days later, her body was discovered 300 miles away in north carolina. authorities say
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records show internet searches for things like north carolina, amber alerts, and missing man and woman. again, still going through this. we'll have a few more details when i see you next. back over to you guys in the studio. new at 5:00 tonight, disturbing 911 calls, a man admits to killing his wife and his stepdaughter. he also says he tried to kill his son, too. prince georges county bureau chief on the explanation he gave in court today. >> reporter: may 13th, 2013, in west laurel, the day after mother's day. ronnie rainy calls 911. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> i killed my wife, i killed my daughter. and i shot at my son. i intended to kill myself. >> reporter: four years later he's sentenced to life for the murder of his 50-year-old wife and stepdaughter ariel shelton. he was sentenced for the attempted murder of his 15-year-old son who narrowly escaped his father's
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part of her family. >> after 4 1/2 years, i have come to have some peace. and i have closure now. >> reporter: for years, his attorney filed motion after motion claiming his client was mentally ill. today in court, rainy said parasites are trying to eat him alive. he also said, judge, i don't know what happened that day. i know what happened, but i don't know why it happened. but on the 911 call, the day of the shooting -- >> my wife is cheating on me. >> reporter: the judge ruled rainy knew what he was doing when he killed his family, since he hid his car behind the house. >> she finally took a stand and said, you know what, i don't want this anymore. i want out. i'm done. and he didn't want it to be done. >> reporter: this is the hat that the 15-year-old was wearing when his fair tried to shoot and kill him. you can still see the bullet hole here. i talked with the family how young r.j. is doing
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they're saying not well, after witnessing his dad shoot his mom and sister, and then try to kill him. christie wilkins, news4. police are trying to track down a man who attacked a woman who they say jumped out of a bush as she was walking to work this morning on walnut street in a residential section of wood bridge. the victim told police the man grabbed her shirt and ripped it. she struggled, managed to get away from him and she was not physically hurt. investigators say her attacker had a gray hoodie and black sweatpants on at the time. turning now to our weather forecast. and the big chill, folks, coming our way. >> are with etalking about a true freeze later this week? >> yeah. yeah. and this is about average for the d.c. area. if we do see a freeze coming up tomorrow night, really into friday night into saturday, at dulles, i know we're going to get there, it will be the latest freezes ever at dulles airport. if you think it's a little ear i
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late. right now we have plenty of cloud cover today. that kept the temperatures down. rain has stayed to the south. a couple of sprinkles around the southern zones. but that's about it. most of the rain continues to be well down to our south, around richmond, norfolk area. richmond's only 44. 49 in d.c., 47 in hagerstown. our average high is 63. average low is 43. look where we'll be by saturday. yeah, temperatures only in the 30s, and many of you will be in the 20s. we're talking windchills as well. some of those could be in the teens. the coldest air of the season by far moving on in. much more on that in the forecast in about 15 minutes. >> see you then. now to decision 2017. the race for virginia governor, many are still wondering how democrat ralph northam easily cruised to victory over gillespie. >> it appears the so-called trump factor may have played
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57% of voters in virginia said they disapproved of president trump's job performance according to an nbc exit poll. perhaps more importantly, half of voters in virginia said trump was a factor in their vote. and they oppose the president by a two-to-one margin according to this survey. david culver is just back from richmond tonight where he found the governor-elect wasting no time getting to work. david? >> he started his day in northern virginia, we started in richmond, made our way back up here. northam said he's only got four years as governor so he wants to get right into it, laying out his priorities in a gathering for his reporters and supporters. he talked about his plans for the economy, health care and gun control. >> i think that we as a society, we as virginians need to come to the table and have a discussion and find things that we can agree on, and that is responsible gun ownership and do what we can
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any more of these tremendous tragedies from occurring. >> reporter: ralph northam said his win over gillespie signaled a message from voters, that they're tired of the negative. >> the divisiveness, the hatred, the bigotry, the politics that is tearing this country apart. it's not -- that's not the united states of america that people love. it's certainly not the commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: as for the greatest challenge ahead? this doctor says it's the growing opioid crisis. >> it's an issue that does not discriminate. and as a physician, i will bring people to the table and make sure that we do everything that we can to offer these individuals help, that have this addiction issue. and also to prevent it. >> so, what do we know about the future of terry mcauliffe, the outgoing governor? any presidential plans for him? >> it was one of the questions we asked. the two were together, they had lunch together in the executive mansion. we met up with the pair after they hadhe
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lunch. in the governor's mansion, as you mentioned, it was that presidential bid. potentially presidential run. he wants to dive into redistricting matters with former president obama and eric holder. he wants to help in some 36 governors' races in other states, all of that to say he did not rule out. >> fair enough. >> and the lunch date was nice? >> it was great. six courses. anyway -- >> yeah, yeah, cardboard sandwich in the car coming back here. >> in the governor's mansion for northam, the kegarator. >> good work. >> good to be back. only on news4 tonight, our cameras captured the pivotal moments at the government center, 100-vote error was caught. and the 40th district seat that looked like it was turning blue, stayed red.
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challenging the delicate that stretches from hay market to clifton. this is one of five races that could face a recount and leave the balance of power in doubt for about a month. we are getting some new reaction from the virginia woman who pulled off a historic upset last night. danica rome became the first transgender candidate to be elected to a u.s. state house. she beat longtime incumbent bob marshall. she said she wants to be the voice of all the people in district 13 including those who voted for marshall. rome spoke on msnbc earlier about the win and the emotional calls she received from former vice president joe biden. when she met mr. biden after his son bo had died from cancer, bo pushed hard for transgender rights in delaware. >> the vice president, you know, i
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transgender people like me. he looked at me in the eye and he said, we mean that. we mean that. >> the platform was improving infrastructure, particularly fixing route 28. last night in virginia, it was also a big night for women in politics. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey. a woman was walking to the metro when a bicyclist hit and killed her in northwest washington. now for the very first time we're hearing from devastated relatives who say the family revolved around her. our sha mari stone that you'll see only on news 4. >> i'm angry. it was such a senseless death. >> devon is heart broken over the tragic loss of her mother, 65-year-old jane bennett
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kiplinger magazine. she shares her story only on 4. when you think about your mother, what comes to mind? >> my mom was the center of our family. and so it was really unexpected. she was killed six weeks before i got married. >> reporter: she stepped off a curb at 13th street northwest, and i street, about 6:30 in the evening on march 9th. police say 27-year-old stanley kaufman roga hit her with his bicycle. she fractured her skull when she hit the concrete and died the next day. >> it was something that could have been prevented, and it happened because someone wasn't paying attention. >> reporter: police say kaufman roga was given a ticket for not obeying a traffic device. he's cooperating with the investigation. we reached out to kaufman, no one was home.
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sha marry stone from news 4. jane bennett clark's family hired attorneys. they filed a civil lawsuit against kaufman roga. >> to obtain civil justice for the family. who has been through a tremendous tragedy. >> reporter: and to bring attention to pedestrian safety in d.c. >> my mom died, and so i feel really devastated about that. >> reporter: in northwest d.c. -- >> she was a great citizen obviously. >> she was. >> reporter: shomari stone, news 4. she couldn't help herself when she saw the president's motorcade driving by. but her gesture cost herr job. now she's talking about if she has any regrets. plus, the president couldn't get here partly because of weather. but the trip to the dmz ahead of the winter olympic games in south korea. new tolls coming here to
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we're now just weeks away from new electronic tolls kicking in along i-66. the changes come with a lot of new rules. transportation reporter adam tuss has more on what you should be paying attention to. >> reporter: along i-66 inside the beltway, things are about to change in a big way. and not everyone's ready. >> i was just looking at their building up the hov signs. i don't understand
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toll, when it's toll. >> reporter: she lives next to 66 in the falls church area. she does know that tolls are coming here. and that she can pay to use the lane. >> my husband and i were talking about, it could be expensive just to drive to work. >> would you do it? >> if i'm running late and need to be there, there are days i will do it. i also metro some days. >> reporter: i-66 is basically going to operate like the beltway express lane, but only in rush hour direction. so pay attention here. you can always use the lanes for free if you're hov-2, but you can also now pay to use the lanes. in the morning the eastbound direction will be tolled, the afternoon the west-bound direction will be tolled. the average toll inside the beltway is expected to be about $5 or $6, that's $5 or $6 for the promise of a speedy commute. the transportation leaders hopes this encourages more people to car pool or take mass transit. still, others like kate say the changes don't matter, she'll never even consider 66.
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traffic? you don't want to pay to get around the traffic? >> not for 66 that i avoid anyway. >> reporter: whether you ride or not, be aware the change is on the way. they don't say exactly when toelg will start, we know it will be sometime next month in december. there's a meeting tomorrow with the transportation secretary and he could announce a date. back to you. >> with president trump out of the country, vice president pence is standing in as our country's chief consoler. the vice president and his wife touched down in texas late this afternoon. they're meeting with families of victims and survivors of that horrific mass shooting inside a church in sutherland springs. mr. pence is also planning to take part in a prayer vigil later this evening. meanwhile, defense secretary mattis has ordered a review of the handling of criminal records that should have been keeping the gunman from illegally buying weapons. president trump is in china right now. he
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beijing to do more to address the nuclear threat from north korea. bad weather yesterday forced the president to scrap a visit to the dmz. the heavily fortified border that separates the north and the south. our reporter went to the dmz, and she reports that while the region is under some heightened political tension, south korea believes its unpredictable neighbor will have little impact on the olympic games. >> reporter: looking out from the unification observatory, you get a unique view of korea. pristine beach in the shadow of the mountains. what you can't see are the hundreds of troops guarding a dangerous border. this is the dmz. the demilitarized zone is the stretch of land that divides south korea and north korea. it is a reminder of the terrible war that split a nation, tore apart families and claimed tens of thousands of american lives. it was established
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the armistice agreement that ended the korean war. the dmz is 160 miles long and 2 1/2 miles wide. while the actual zone is demilitarized, just beyond that border is one of the most heavily militarized areas in the entire world. >> translator: when you see this here in the center, that's the line for the korean, south korean side of the demarcation line. >> reporter: the public can only visit the dmz with a tour group that must be booked in advance. this guide shows visitors the point of interest. >> translator: because of the weather, we only have a very clear vision over there. >> reporter: he talked about diamond mountain because of the pinnacles are known to sparkle in the right condition. this peak is
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mountain in north korea. he talks about the beauty of the hegum river. but he doesn't talk about the meaning behind the observatory's name, unification. he doesn't mention the rising international tensions due to recent weapons testing from the north. but politics is an ever-present attraction here. during our visit, the interim leader of a centrist party in south korea came to tour the dmz. he said the people of north korea are often forgotten as the focus remains on the nuclear threat. >> translator: they are so close to us and not able to see all of the games. >> reporter: while the south says it's not focused on the potential impact the north might have on the winter olympics and tourism, leaders from around the world are paying close attention to the wider implications.
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mattis visited the dmz at the end of october. he said that the u.s. stands with the korean people in confronting the continued provocations from north korea and promised a diplomatic solution. >> our goal is not war, but rather the complete verifiable and irreversible denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> reporter: how to reach that goal remains unknown. but part of the olympics' mission is to search for diplomatic solutions to international conflict and to promote unity through sport. and at a place called unification observatory at the dmz, there is hope. hope that the world will see beyond these borders to the potential for peace. news4. tourism experts in south korea expect to see an increase in tour groups during the games. to see more reports about south korea, check out her facebook page. he spentht
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doing his civic duty. when president obama arrived for jury duty today. tracking really cold weather coming into our region. you'll want to break out the serious winter gear. ♪ [doorbell] ♪ ♪
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all right. doug, we were just
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this tonight, i was down there about noon today, the wind whipping off the water, it was freezing. >> if you're inside one of those things, you open the windows up, you probably had them closed today. >> we did, with the heaters cranking. >> 63, that's pretty nice. we were nowhere near that today. temperatures about 15 degrees away from average. now, the good news is, temperatures tonight will be right around average. average low in d.c., 43. let's take a look at what we're dealing with right now. the sun is down. the sunset today was at 5:00. so from now all the way through mid-january, the sun goes down in the 4:00 hour. 49 degrees, winds out of the north at 12 miles an hour. the northerly winds giving us a little bit of windchill, in the mid-40s. it's cool for sure. 46 the current temperature in leesburg. nothing on the radar. we haven't seen anything. there's been a few sprinkles in our southern zones this afternoon. once again, we're going to remain on the dry side as we move through the rest of the
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one thing you see here, the cloud cover from the mason-dixon line to the south, we'll be socked in with the clouds again tomorrow. notice the last frames here. watch this little area of moisture coming in. it's not really rain, but what it shows you is we've got more of a north-to-northeasterly flow, that will keep us in the clouds all day tomorrow and may give us a chance for another shower activity. here we are tonight at 11:00. still with the cloud cover. tomorrow morning waking up to more clouds. isolated showers, maybe some areas of drizzle. around noon, the shower activity back to the mountains. then it starts to make its way toward the east. by 3:00 into parts of montgomery county. during the evening rush along i-95, we could see light showers, maybe drizzle setting up then, too. good idea for the coats and umbrellas tomorrow as you step out the front door. high temperature 53. cloudy and cool drizzle with showers possible during the day. not expecting a lot, 30% to 40%
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afternoon. friday, temperature of 42. a windchill on friday in the low 30s, maybe even upper 20s by friday evening. very cold day there. 42 degrees on your saturday. after a low of 29. 29 in the city. what does that mean for you folks in the suburbs? how about 23 in leesburg. 21 in manassas. this is the actual temperature, not the windchill. 19 in winchester and 24 in gaithersburg. extremely cold morning on saturday morning. once again, that's why we're going weather alert friday into saturday because of the chance for the cold weather. speaking of cold weather, we've got the winter weather outlook. that am doing up tomorrow on the show 4:00, 5:00, 6:00. if you want to know how much snow i think we'll have, that's coming up tomorrow afternoon. next week, average in the 60s. i don't see any 6 0s next ten days. a chance of rain and maybe a big storm coming up early next week. >> oh, boy. thank you, doug. it was the finger seen round
5:27 pm
now that cyclist in that picture is talking about whether she has regrets. plus, a big night for women in virginia politics. we'll hear from two first-time candidates about what inspired them to run. a woman killed inside her silver spring home. her fiance confesses to the crime. we have
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news at 5:30. an arrest in connection to the disappearance and murder of a 19-year-old woman from prince georges county. eric brown is in custody in connection with ashanti billie's death. she was last seen at a naval base in virginia beach. brown would go there, and flirt with her. in wood bridge, a woman said a man attacked her as she walked in a residential neighborhood on her way to work. the woman said the man jumped out from a bush and grabbed her shirt. she got away unharmed. police still looking for the guy. and a father gets multiple life sentences for killing his wife and stepdaughter. he also tried to shoot his own son. the murders happened four years ago inside of the family's home in prince georges county. in newly released 911 calls today, the man claims his wife was cheating on him. a fight, phone call, a stunning confession, tonight we're learning graphic new
5:31 pm
montgomery county woman. >> prosecutors say it all started over money. the man snapped, then strangled his fiancee inside their silver spring town home here. megan fitzgerald is in rockville tonight where prosecutors called the deaths blood curdling. meegan? >> reporter: prosecutors are describing this case of extreme violence. inside a courtroom the judge agreed and said 56-year-old anthony strong is a danger to the community, so he's being held tonight without bond. court documents are revealing new information about what happened inside this home on branbury manor court monday night. prosecutors say 50-year-old anthony strong called 911 hours after he strangled and suffocated his fiancee, shania blackwell. investigators say it happened inside the master bedroom after an argument. >> it was
5:32 pm
they had shared accounts, and it seems that, you know, the -- his fiancee had been taking moneys from his accounts. >> reporter: strong told detectives and a 911 dispatcher that he snapped. chopper 4 flying above capturing the moment strong was arrested on tuesday morning. this is just one of thousands of domestic violence cases montgomery county police say they investigate every year. >> most of the time it's husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends or some combination thereof. it's usually over some sort of argument, whether it be money or infideli infidelity. >> reporter: the lieutenant is with the special victims division at the montgomery county police department. he says there are several resources available. >> we have a facility here in the county to place victims and their fa
5:33 pm
from their aggressors for a period of time. >> reporter: law enforcement officials encourage victims to get help before it's too late. now, police say they do not have a record of any 911 calls being made from the couple's house, aside from the call made yesterday morning. strong is being charged with first-degree murder. he's due back in court on december 1st. back to you. >> thank you. we're hearing this evening from a local woman who lost her job after she got caught on camera giving president trump's motorcade a one-finger salute. julie briskman flipped the bird when the presidential motorcade drove by as she rode on her bike here in virginia. she told msnbc's katy tur she wanted to voice disappointment with the administration, but all she had was her finger. when asked if the office of president deserves more respect, she had this to say.
5:34 pm
respects women. i don't think that he respects minorities. i don't think he respects the office. i don't think he respects the idea of having a cabinet of advisers. so i don't respect him. and luckily i don't live in a country where i must respect him or there's severe consequences for me. >> well, severe consequences, now she has no job. briskman lost her job after telling her company, a government contractor, that she's the one in that photo. msnbc reached out to the company which did not respond. during that interview, briskman also said that she's proud of virginia, and the message that voters sent by electing a number of new democrats in yesterday's election. former tv news anchor chris hurst, you may recall in 2015 his fiancee and colleague allison parker and her photographer adam ward gunned down during a live tv interview in the roanoke area.
5:35 pm
too painful. he ran as a democrat. he will be representing the 12th district of virginia. that includes the area that surrounds virginia tech. one of the biggest headlines of the virginia election last night, the wave of women swept into office. most of them are first-time candidates. and several are from prince william county. that's where we find our bureau chief, julie carey. long night for you, julie. >> reporter: we're at democratic headquarters. lights are out right now, but they're celebrating the end of a very busy campaign season. campaign mail still up for one of the female candidates. they tell me they are determined to change both the agenda and the tone in the general assembly. at an election party in prince william county, 4 of the 11 women newly elected to the house of delegates most from northern virginia, most knocking off incumbent men. >> it t
5:36 pm
>> reporter: paula left her job in cybersecurity to run for office. driven by the election of donald trump. >> we were so hurt that -- it felt like we dialed back hundreds of years of accomplishments and progress. >> reporter: in loudoun county, wendy stepped from the women's march right into her first campaign, emboldened by the solidarity there. discontent with the president and a march fueled hundreds of motivated volunteers, some 300 working out of her war room. >> a lot of women woke up to that and realized that, guess what, we have a voice. and we have strength and we have power. and here we are. >> reporter: still, last night's victory hard-fought, full of sacrifice. >> when we won, i just broke down and cried. because we went through so much to be here. >> reporter: now the women turn their attention to the message from voters, about what's important. >> medicaid is definitely something, fighting for our
5:37 pm
>> reporter: along with that agenda, these women also plan to set a different tone in richmond. >> i think it will be a point of view of a lot of people going in that we need a kinder and more understanding and a more accepting culture. >> reporter: now, right now, there are only 17, just 17 women in the 100-member house of delegates. when these 11 women are sworn in in january, that percentage of women is going to surge by 60%. >> julie carey, thanks. apple using technology to securing its phones. how close are we to use facial recognition to pay for purchases at stores? temperatures feeling like we're in the mid-40s. but feeling almost 25 degrees cooler as we head into the weekend. i'm going to break down exactly what yo can expect cuom
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a d.c. charter school is under investigation for possibly failing to report a suspected child sex abuse case. >> it's a story that the news4 i-team is breaking today. here's our investigative reporter, scott mcfarland. >> reporter: d.c.'s attorney general office said it's investigating how people at capital city public charter school handled the case of allen
5:41 pm
coleman. we've learned the school fired coleman in march 2015, days after learning he was suspected of sexually abusing a 14-year-old student from a prior school years earlier. the d.c. police tell news4 they didn't hear about coleman until a year later, when the victim came to them. coleman's pleaded guilty to child sex abuse, likely faces years in prison. he didn't comment to the news4 i-team after court. capital city public charter school declined to answer our questions, too, declined to be interviewed. and issued a statement instead saying, we're confident that we discharged our responsibilities properly in this matter. we've cooperated with law enforcement in all phases of its investigation. the news4 i-team also learned in the years between coleman's firing and arrest, he found a new teaching job in a different district with recommendations from his former colleagues. for now, scott mcforland,
5:42 pm
i-team. local road crews gearing up for winter. the new addition to a snow fleet that could make a big difference in keeping our roads clean. a blast of cold weather is headed our way. so when is it going to arrive, and h
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
all week long, news4 is helping you get ready for this. first day of winter is about six weeks away. news4's kristin wright is in gaithersburg, where they unveiled new tools for residents out yonder. hey, kristin. >> reporter: hey, wendy. well, in montgomery county, the leaders here say that this particular salt dome is the largest on the east coast. as you can see,
5:45 pm
and tons of salt. montgomery county told us that they recently did a practice run to get ready for the snow that we know is coming. and they say it went really well. and that they're ready. remember this? winter is on its way again. montgomery county leaders promised they're ahead of the storm that we know will eventually hit. >> this is important. and we're going to get the job done. >> how much salt? >> 27,000 tons. >> reporter: the salt's ready. >> trucks come in through here. they basically dump the salt. and then one of these front-end loaders pushes it up and it starts filling from all the way back there until they have the whole thing filled. >> reporter: the maryland department of transportation showed off their fleet, a big fancy snow blower, new plows and a tractor-trailer sized truck to treat the roads. montgomery county d.o.t. and
5:46 pm
sidewalk plows are brand-new to the fleet this winter. >> it has a salt spreader, and it holds a few hundred pounds of salt that we can spread on these paths and sidewalks. >> reporter: and hopefully it means faster cleanup. >> we were using shovels and walk-behind snow blowers, so the process was a lot slower. but this year we expect to improve our efficiency in the snow removal process. >> reporter: so the plan is to fill this salt dome all the way up to the rafters. now, about the sidewalks, montgomery county has a map online that shows exactly which sidewalks in the county are the responsibility of the montgomery county department of transportation. so take a look at that map, so you know before that first snowstorm which sidewalks are your responsibility and which are the d.o.t.'s. back to you, wendy. >> all right, thanks, kristin. impressive salt dome there. what does win
5:47 pm
when it comes to the cold and the snow? doug and the rest of the storm team 4 are fine-tuning your winter weather outlook. watch for it tomorrow here on news4. >> this has been a week-long drum roll for doug and he hasn't even given us a hint, except we'll have more snow than we saw last year. >> it wasn't a lot, 3.4 inches. not much at all. measly as far as what we normally get. our average is about 15 inches per year. this year, hmm, yeah, could be more. out there right now, looking at what we're dealing with tonight. that's cold air, very cold air the last couple of days. average high temperatures in the low 60s. we've only been in the upper 40s all day. 47 degrees at 7:00. down to about 43 by 11:00. 43 is the average low for this time of year. so we're supposed to get this cold. we do have a couple of showers, and really, these are more sprinkles than anything. towards southern maryland, back to the west, they'll try to ma
5:48 pm
temperature-wise, we go from the upper 40s today, to saturday. yeah! 30 on saturday morning. i think most areas will be a lot colder than that. with more on how cold you may be in your area. we're talking four-zone forecast. with that, we're talking amelia. >> hey, doug. before we get to saturday morning, friday's going to be a storm team 4 weather alert day when you factor in the temperatures in 40s and winds anywhere from 10 to 25 miles an hour. we're talking about brutal windchills for this time of year throughout the day on into the evening hours. in the d.c. metro zone, a lot of great high school football games taking place this friday. but look at the feels-like temperatures you're going to have to deal with, from 25 to 25 degrees out there. you don't just want the warm jacket, you want the gloves, you want the hat, you want the scarf. the average first freeze inside the beltway falls around november 8th, so we're right on track with that happening on saturday morning. as we head out to our western es
5:49 pm
there happening in mid-october. so this is one of the later time periods, in fact, one of the latest on record for everywhere, and doug, a lot of us going to see the growing season come to an end. any plants you have outdoors you're worried about, bring them in now. even after that, it stays cool throughout the day on saturday. really chilly. >> even on sunday, too. growing season ending means no more lawn mowing, that's good news. 53 on your thursday. 42 on friday. 42 degrees on saturday.
5:50 pm
average low is 43. so that's some really cold air. 20 degrees below average on friday and saturday. 51 degrees on sunday. then, well, we're only in the low to mid-50s as we make our way through next week. look at this. monday, sunday into monday, we've got a chance for not just rain, possibility for a strong storm. i'm going to continue to watch that for you. but right now all focus on the cold coming in on friday. >> all right. thank you, doug. pioneering new technology in japan is letting people shop using their face. japanese electronics giant nec developed the facial recognition technology. shoppers grab the stuff off the shelves, look into the camera, and once the shoppers are identified, they add up the price of the purchases and walkers check out. no news if the technology will be here in the u.s., if ever. >> you have to have good days and bad. you know what i mean? >> i would like to know if i look terrible, it
5:51 pm
recognize me. >> you never look terrible. i can see days crawling out of bed i could not buy diddly. the upset this past weekend. the players are figuring out how to keep it going. carol maloney is at redskins park, play-off talk, carol. >> play-offs? only week ten. they're eight games in, 4-4 record. yeah, what seattle taught us on sunday is that this team, the redskins, they can compete with anybody anywhere. now the challenge is, to take one of the most stunning upsets in recent memory and do it again. and again. business as usual here at redskins park. practicing is underdogs. minnesota vikings come to town sunday. it's not too soon to talk about the play-offs. the redskins right on the fringe of the play-off picture. now the challenge is
5:52 pm
there. >> when everything's right in front of you and you have a chance and you're playing for something with eight games to go, that's a starting point. as long as we can control our destiny with the games left to play, there's not a whole lot more you can ask for. >> the situation we do have, oh, my gosh. we can be down in the dumb ms right now. we can really be in low places. but we're not. all the injuries, setbacks, we still are at 500. >> eight games to go. >> nobody outside that locker room thought you would even have a chance on the road, in seattle. one of the toughest places to play. with 30% of your roster injured. or playing hurt. so crazy. how do you build off that? >> well, we build off of it by going to work. that's where it starts, that's where it ends. we get in here and we do our job. and bring out lunch pail on sundays. put our hard hat on and we go to work.
5:53 pm
already this week. more with josh norman and why he cut after practice workout short today. but the injury situation definitely improved and we're going to have more on that, too, coming up on news4 at 6:00. >> that's great to hear. carol, thank you. it is a springboard for higher political office. >> now a guy who has never been elected before is about to take over that office. we'll find o a littleut
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
not easy to see, but that is president obama reportingr jury duty earlier tay in chicago. despite living here in the district, the obamas do own a home in the windy city's south side. >> mr. obama clearly the most popular person in that building today. everybody trying to snap a picture. ultimately the judge dismissed him. surprise, surprise. like any other potential juror, he'll be paid $17.20 for the day. that will buy a sandwich or something. now, a closer look at one of the big winners in last night's virginia election. democratic lieutenant governor-elect justin fairfax. >> fairfax is going to go down in the history books, because last night our bureau chief said he's just the second african-american elected statewide since the civil war. >> tom sherwood tells us the 38-year-old lawyer from
5:57 pm
said for republicans has a terrific resume. >> reporter: justin fairfax today, former virginia congressman tom davis talking election returns. >> what do you think? you're on the ticket. >> yeah. no, i was. >> who is this justin person to whom you refer? >> he's the new man. >> reporter: the new man swept victory with 60% of the vote over republican vogueel. >> it was a powerful night with incredible series of victories. >> reporter: a 38-year-old lawyer, former prosecutor, a graduate of duke university, columbia law school, but first raised by a single mother in d.c. in the '80s and '90s. >> my mom sent all four of us to college and me to law school. >> reporter: the father of two says his life is blessed. >> like so many families in virginia, you know, we've gotten to live the american dream. >> reporter: fairfax says democrats won with a message in massive turnout with
5:58 pm
like chris. >> i met him a couple of times at meetings and fund-raisers. >> reporter: adam evan was in the thick of it for democrats. >> sure. we've never seen anything like it. 900,000-plus doors knocked on, more than 900,000 calls, 1.5 million text messages in the last four days. >> reporter: volunteer heather ketler upset over trump's win decided to knock on doors for democrats. >> my goal was to leave them with a positive impression of a democratic woman. >> reporter: all part of an effort for justin fairfax to be the first statewide african-american office holder in virginia since governor doug wilder back in the 1990s. tom sherwood, news4. an arrest in a high-profile murder. a retired navy veteran is locked up in connection with the death of ashanti billie. >> for the first time tonight we're hearing from the maryland
5:59 pm
insights into the case that started at a military base in virginia and ended in north carolina almost two months later. >> news4's erica gonzalez has the latest developments. >> we've got a lot to get through. so let me first start with this. 45-year-old eric brown is a retired navy veteran, homeless, working as a day laborer. he's been arrested for kidnapping ashanti billie, but he was first brought in on unrelated charges. well, now the fbi says they have video evidence, internet phone history and dna linking him to this case. ashanti's co-workers say that brown was at the sandwich shop a lot, that he tried to hit on her and said crude things. so now let me take you through a time line. this has been going on nearly two months now, september 18th, billie is reported missing from little creek. by the 23rd, her car was found abandoned. five days later, her clothing found near a dumpster.
6:00 pm
september 29th, now we're talking ten days after she was initially reported missing, her body was found in charlotte, north carolina. now, officials say that location is also key in this case. it's not far from brown's childhood home. waiving his miranda rights, brown told investigators the night of billie's disappearance he was in fact on base, but that at some point he blacked out. that he couldn't remember much. and told investigators, i'm going to read you here from the charging documents, that he could not say if he did anything to the victim. he also confirms that he could not say he did not do anything. tonight her parents say that they are angry. as veterans themselves, they say they are angry that another veteran, allegedly, did this to their child. >> this is a coward that took our child's life. i said before that he didn't deserve to breathe the air that she breathes. i still feel the same way today.


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