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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 9, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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urging action. the president pushing his chinese counterpart to move on north korea as he calls on nations to help in containing the rogue country. and you could smell a wave coming. the results last night smell exactly the same way. our republican friends betteter look out. >> signaling a surge ahead, democrats celebrate their election night wins as republicans play the blame game after dismal results. plus new sexual harassment allegations dog kevin spacey, leaving one director to distance himself from the actor just weeks before the movie's release. lin-manuel miranda helps puerto rico rebuild weeks after hurricane malia. ucla basketball players find themselves in some legal limbo in china.
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could actually be bad for your mental health. "early today" starts right now. good morning. i'm fill ep men ma. >> i'm milissa rehberger. president trump is wrapping up his second day in china where he's been holding bilateral meetings with president xi jinping. among the topics, trade and the growing threat from north korea. >> president trump has had some harsh words for the nation throughout his tour, warning kim jong-un not to test the united states. in a joint statement with the chinese president, trump said both leaders are committed to the furl nuclear disarmament of north korea. >> we agreed on the need to fully implement all u.n. security council resolutions on north korea and to increase economic pressure until north korea abandons its reckless and dangerous path. >> nbc's kelly o'donnell joining us now live from
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>> reporter: good morning, phillip. this stop in beijing, china, may be the most complex and important for president trump of the five nations he's visiting in asia over a nearly two-week-long tour. partly because there are economic contentions between the two nations, and this work they're trying to do on north korea. secretary of state rex tillerson says there is no daylight between the two leaders when if comes to a commitment to denuclearize north korea. but we did not get many details about how the two leaders agreed to move forward on that beyond the president saying that both nations want to see the u.n. security council sanctions and resolutions put forward. now, at the same time, perhaps the most thorny part for president trump comes to trade and the economic relationship between the united states and china. for a long time he has been quite critical of china, but he sounded different in talking about their relationship here in beijing. >> both the united states and
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prosperous future if we can achieve a level economic playing field. right now unfortunately, it is a very one-sided and unfair one. but -- but i don't blame china. i do blame past administrations for allowing this out of control trade deficit to take place and to grow. >> reporter: and the secretary of state said that the president's phrasing there may have been tongue in cheek about not blaming china. the economic imbalance is one of the mohs serious issues between the two nations. what is unclear is how much president xi will be working to try to help president trump resolve the north korean crisis as president trump has said it is beyond just these two nations to try to get something done. >> a lot to be sorted out. thank you. this morning, democrats and republicans are taking stock after a
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celebrating and republicans reeling following dismal election results for the gop across the country including new jersey and virginia. just as republicans debate whether they should run from donald trump in 2018. >> the president's former chief strategist says tuesday night's losers had one thing in common. they did not embrace the president. >> one of the things about the gillespie campaign shows you you can't fake the trump agenda. you have to go all in. and this agenda is a winning agenda. do not believe the opposition party. do not believe the fake news and fake media. this agenda is what america needs now. it is what america needs to rebuild its future. and it's a winning ticket. >> for more we go to nbc's edward lawrence on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you heard steve bannon saying republicans should go all in with the president.
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president is an anchor around the gop. now, you may see going forward to the midterm elections democrats using this virginia template to try and tie republicans to the president with campaign ads that make some republican lawmakers nervous. >> i think that this was a referendum. i think it was a referendum on the division and the divisive rhetoric in the country now. i think it's important for republicans to self-reflect all the way starting from the top, all the way down. i do think it was a referendum on the national policies. >> was it a referendum on donald trump? >> i do believe so. >> reporter: talking to "the new york times," pennsylvania republican charlie dent says that if this isn't a wake-up call, i don't know what is. now, white house officials say that the president -- or advised republicans that the president did go after and help the party. he held a number of events and fund raisers to help the party. they say if republicans want to beat this wave coming forward to the midterm elections, they
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to pass tax reform. >> edward, thank you. new numbers from the non-partisan congressional budget office are giving democrats new ammunition to take on republicans' attempts to repeal the obamacare individual mandate. the cbo is projecting there will be 13 million more uninsured americans within the next ten years should the mandate be repealed. the numbers were released days after the president called on congressional republicans to do away with the mandate via the gop's tax reform plan, thereby reducing the federal deficit by $338 billion over the next decade. that's despite the fact that the republicans' tax bill would raise the deficit by over $1.7 trilli $1.7 trillion according to that same report. the cbo proxes come as paul lepage says he will refuse to expand medicaid in his state. that's one day after voters approved a ballot measure to broaden the program. lepage says he will block the expansion until the state
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a way to pay for it. vice president mike pence and his wife karen visited texas on wednesday three days after the deadly church shooting in sutherland springs. the vice president pledged support and offered condolences speaking at a vigil honoring the 26 victims who were killed. >> i know the cherished names of the fallen will live on forever in the hearts of all who knew them. but let me assure you their names will also be enshrined in the hearts of every american forever. >> meanwhile, new video shows the tense moments when police surrounded the gunman's car after he fled the scene. church members now say that just days before, he attended their fall festival with his children. all 26 victims killed in his rampage have now been identified. kentucky senator rand paul is recovering from six broken ribs and fluid buildup in his lungs after his neighbor attacked him a
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home last week. the senator gave the medical update on his twitter wednesday, also thanking his supporters. the alleged attacker, 59-year-old rene boucher is set to appear in court today. he was charged with fourth degree assault but police say he could face more serious charges due to the extent of the senator's injuries. neighbors say boucher and paul have disagreed politically for years but boucher's attorney said the dispute had, quote, absolutely nothing to do with either politics or political agendas and was over a trivial matter. the senator may not return to work for several months. more than a month after hurricane maria hit puerto rico, u.s. officials plan to air lift nearly 3,000 people still stranded in shelters to florida and new york. fema announced they are working to establish host state agreements with florida and new york to accept hurricane survivors and provide temporary housing. the air lifts will be part of fema's transitional shelter assistance program. the agency is offering to pay for flights tow and from the mainland. meanwhile, the creator and or
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winning smash hit "hamilton" is offering the island of his parents assistance in his own way. in addition to aiding relief efforts, lin-manuel miranda plans to bring his musical to the university of puerto rico in january of 2019. miranda, who left the show last year, will reprise his role as alexander hamilton and hopes the show will help boost the island's devastated economy. >> what a treat for them over there. all right. it feels like it took a little longer than normal, but it is finally beginning to feel like winter out there. nbc meteorologist bonnie schneider joining us. >> it's definitely cold out there. looking at temperatures plummeting with arctic air coming in from the north. it's going to make a big difference in the forecast. temperatures that are about 20 degrees below normal as we look towards thursday into friday. we'll be watching for those numbers to drop in cities like washington, d.c. and new york city. so we're going to be getting cold in the mid-atlantic and the northeast as well. bundle up. that's a look at
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day ahead. temperatures are cooling down in the south as well with highs in the 40s in raleigh, in the 50s in charleston, a little warmer as you head towards florida. buffalo, a cold rain today and a high of 48 degrees. so it's looking cool. temperatures are going to stay cold as well as we look towards the first part of the weekend on saturday. i think we'll get a warm-up after that. >> thank you so much. speaking of cold, yesterday was one of the highlights of polar bear week at the columbus zoo. cub amelia gray celebrated her first birthday. zookeepers decorated the habitat and baked her a special cake made of fish meal, peanut butter, molasses, and carrots. the festivities continue when her cousins turn one next week. just ahead, the u.s. rules for those traveling to cuba. plus a bombshell new allegation against kevin
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leading the news this morning, new fallout for actor kevin spacey amid fresh allegations of sexual misconduct. spacey is now out of his latest and already filmed movie, all the money in the world. just weeks before it was set to be released. director ridley scott made the expensive decision to remove the embattled actor and replace him with christopher plummer. it comes as a new claim is made against spacey from a former tv news anchor. that mom is now demanding justice. nbc's kate snow has more. >> i'm here not as a journalist today but as a mom. >> reporter: heather unruh says her son was a busboy at the club car restaurant in the summer of 2016 when he was introduced to kevin spacey. >> he was very excited. he was texting his girlfriend, couldn't believe he was sitti
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spacey. >> reporter: unruh said her 18-year-old son told spacey he was over 21, and spacey bought him drinks, lots of drinks. >> it wasn't until kevin spacey put his hand inside his pants that he really knew he was in trouble. >> he said he didn't consent to that? >> absolutely not. absolutely there was no consent. >> so it didn't just happen once? >> no. and he was frozen. he just -- he just panicked. >> reporter: she says spacey was insisting her son go to a private party, but when spacey went to the bathroom, a woman intervened. >> she told him to run, and that's what he did. >> reporter: she says he ran to his grandmother's and woke his sister, kyla, telling her everything. >> your phone rings? >> my phone rings. >> what time? middle of the night? >> middle of the night, and he says to
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tried to rape me. that's the hardest phone call i've ever taken. >> it's a tough question, but did you want to report it? >> i did. >> but your son wasn't ready to do that? >> he wasn't ready. he was definitely very embarrassed about it. and he was afraid. i mean who's going to believe an 18-year-old kid? >> reporter: he is still afraid, she says. s spacey's attorneys have not responded to repeated requests for comment. the last statement a representative gave to nbc news was that spacey was seeking treatment. >> we know the truth, and the truth will come out. >> reporter: kate snow, nbc news, boston. the u.s. is imposing new restrictions on travel and business to cuba. scaling back new relations opened by the obama adni
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list of dozens of businesses americans should now avoid, all of which have links to cuba military or intelligence agencies. they include hotels, shops, and tour companies. in addition to americans traveling to cuba will now be required to go through a u.s.-based tour guides. the restrictions are part of a new policy announced by the president in june. just ahead, big trouble in china. three american college basketball stars arrested and now trapped in legal limblimbo. you're watching "early today." and joseph, the ability to see monsters. when you choose walgreens, you choose to make a difference... like how every vitamin and flu shot you get at walgreens helps give life-changing vitamins and vaccines... to children in need around the world and here at home. so, really... happy thanks for giving! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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china after being arrested for allegedly stealing from a louis vuitton store. they've been released but remain confined to their hotel. >> the question remains when will they be allowed to come home? nbc's keir simmons has more. >> reporter: for these college hoops stars, an alleged personal foul on a very public stage. detained for hours by 20 chinese police, reports say. accused of shoplifting. ucla's freshman liangelo ball, cody riley, and jalen hill allegedly involved. questioned about stealing reportedly from this louis vuitton store located next to the team's hotel, where they're confined awaiting legal proceedings that reports say could take days or months. ucla says it is fully co
3:50 am
authorities. liangelo's ball older brother lonzo reacting. >> no, i know my people over there handling it. i'm over here taking care of business. >> reporter: the ball brothers, a basketball phenomenon led by their brash and controversial father, lavar ball, outspoken on the family's reality show. >> what better way than the ball boys? >> reporter: brushing off the arrests. >> every making it a big deal. it ain't that big of a deal. >> reporter: this incident, unwelcome publicity while charges could mean a heavy penalty, even possibly jail. keir simmons, nbc news. justice ahead, how drake is preparing for his future wife, whoever she may be. plus speaking of louis vuitton, details on a designer leather-covered throne fit for a king. but of course it will cost you. you're watching "early today." dn she had to buy lots of groceries. while she was shopping for organic fruits and veggies,
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bags for his furthture wife. the rapper hopes to gift the collection of $10,000 handbags to the woman he chooses to settle down with. but is eyeing a $160,000 first edition harry potter and the sourcer's stone book for himself. >> she better like the color. a throne fit for a king. it's not what you expect. it's a golden toilet. you can see it is covered in louis vuitton monogrammed handbags. that went on display in los angeles yesterday at the newly opened trade z showroom. it's covered in level from 24 luxury louis vuitton bags. 24 of those things. the couture toilet is on sale for only $100,000. >> how do you clean a leather toilet? >> i have no idea. we'll have to find out. we can ask p diddy. we'll be right back.
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. good morning everyone. i'm chris lawrence. in 90 seconds, the latest developments in the case of ashanti billie. including what they have about seeing the man who took their daughter's life. the day before the real cold air comes rushing back into the region. plenty chilly this morning. i have a few sprinkles dging od
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good morning everybody. i'm chris lawrence. got to tell you, as you head out the door this morning, you might want to enjoy some of the 40-degree tempe
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feel at home in a forecast i think in january. >> absolutely right. temperatures heading well into the 20s bit time you get up on saturday morning. the same air mass in parts of northern minnesota down below zero last night. it's seriously cold air coming our way. we r we're not going to get below zero in washington. we could be within a couple of degrees of records on saturday morning. a significant change in air masses is coming. snow in much of wisconsin in the u.p. one or two drops early this morning on radar. not all of that is reaching the ground. certainly, a cloudy day for sure. low to mid-40s. won't budge today. make it above 50 for a couple of hours. more about that cold snap coming in a few minutes. thank you, chuck. we're also following breaking news in d.c. someone was sho


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