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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 9, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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5:00 a.m. breaking news now. another deadly shooting on a d.c. street, not the first -- a break in the case. a homeless man arrested accused of killing a culinary student. questions about how he managed to make it to a military base. a protest brings parents together to a packed school board meeting. why a new budget plan will impact their children's future. >> counting down to christmas. what to know about the tree that will soon be set up on capitol hill. >> it is 5:00 a.m. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. thanks for joining us on this early thursday morning and we're talking about christmas. the temperatures are creeping up in that direction, i'll tell you right now. christmas eve, the whole team working for you today. >> we'll get a check on the forecast.
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shooting investigation we just mentioned. it's impacting the road as well. melissa mollet has a look at that. >> good morning, guys. take a look at what's happening because of the shooting investigation in northwest. here are the closures. just talked with justin finch. georgia avenue shut down between longfellow and jefferson, illinois. between kennedy and jefferson. that area there all closed down because of this investigation. they think it will be that way until 8:00 a.m. it will be a surprise for everybody if they open it much before that. >> an early factor. right lane blocked by the work zone. the beltway is looking okay. >> guys? warm coats required now. start looking for the scarves an the mittens. old man winter throwing a first shot of significantly colder air back in our direction. could be the coldest weather since last winter
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end. part of northern minnesota are below zero. very cold air coming our way. temperatures this morning in the 40s. a lot of clouds around. a few sprinkles around as well. that's the way we carry it through the day. more clouds than rain chances for today. future weather shows the best chances for sprinkles from washington southbound. even northern maryland could get in an the act a little bit. most of the moisture pooled up to the south. temperatures are in a big range this morning. we're 50 degrees in southern maryland with the clouds and the light rain. it's 38 in thurmont, 38 in hagerstown. if you're planning out your day today, not a big jump in temperatures. most areas in the upper 40s and low 50s at most for today before much colder weather comes our way for tomorrow. a cold northwest wind sets up shop. i'll talk about how low we'll go on saturday. back to the news. >ch
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breaking news. d.c. police are looking for a suspect in an overnight murder. >> chris lawrence at the live desk now. police, still on the scene there? >> right now, detectives are investigating a homicide on georgia avenue. around midnight, someone shot two people near georgia and kennedy. one of the victims died. as we take a live look at the scene right now, you can see a lot of officers still? the area. we know they have blocked off a stretch of georgia avenue. it is something to account for if that's part of your normal commute. justin finch is on the scene. he's been working his sources and get us up to date in a few minutes. >> chris, thank you. there is a break in the murder case of this prince george's county woman. >> we've told you about ashanti billie for weeks now. we know the man accused of killing her is
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>> megan mcgrath is live in upper marlboro with more. >> reporter: ashanti billie graduated behind me in upper marlboro. her kidnapping and disappearance devastating to her family and friends. now a break in the case. 45-year-old erik brown has been charged with kidnapping and police say that brown, they have more detail about brown who you're going to see in this video -- after his arrest yesterday. they say that brown is a homeless retired veteran that he was frequently on the virginia naval base from which billie disappeared. that he visited the blimpie's sandwich shop where she worked almost daily. witnesses reported seeing brown trying to flirt with ashanti billie on several occasions and on one occasion making crude sexual comments to her. they have phone records and dna evidence linking brown to the case. billie's body was found behind a church in north carolina. the location close
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childhood home. billie's mother a veteran herself is angry. >> i was angry before and now i'm angry again. this was a veteran that did this. she was a child of veterans. she's been around the military her whole life. >> reporter: police say that erik brown told investigators that he was on the naval base when billie disappeared. but that he blacked out and does not remember what he did for several days. back to you. >> megan mcgrath live for us in upper marlboro. thank you. five minutes after the hour. we turn to the latest on that mass shooting in sutherland springs, texas now. apple is offering the fbi its help in gaining access to gunman's cell phone. detectives believe that his iphone could hold crucial information as to why devin kelley opened fire inside that church killing 26 people. vice president mike pence paid
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wednesday night. pence spoke to the grieving community and offered condolences and support. >> we gather today to grieve with those who grieve but also we gather in the resolve that this evil must come to an end. >> first baptist parishioners tell nbc news that the shooter, devin kelley, and his children attended the annual fall festival at that church five days before the shooting. president trump is in china and right now he is on his way to his final event in beijing. there is a state dinner in about 20 minutes. >> during his trip, president trump met with business leaders. china ease premiere and president kping ping. pet talked about the trade deficit with china. he said he doesn't blame china for doing something but there has to be a level
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there will be more later this hour. ralph northam made his first appearance on wednesday as virginia's governor-elect. during the first appearance, he said he will work with the white house and pledged to fight for responsible gun control and affordable quality health care. his biggest challenge will be how to stop the growing opioid crisis. northam was one of many democrats who swept tuesday's elections. congressional republicans are trying to figure out how to win back voters. i think it simply means we got to deliver. >> it's important for republicans to self-reflect all the way, starting from the top all the way down. >> tuesday's losses may not be over for the gop. four delegate race this is virginia still have to be called. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. they risked their lives to save others during a shooting at a congressional baseball practice in june. today the five u.s. capitol police officers will be
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by their department. this is video of the officers receiving the medal of valor from president trump earlier this year. the gunman opened fire injuring several including steve scalise. as if you needed another sign that christmas is around president corner, listen to this. crews will be cutting down the christmas tree that will eventually go on display at the u.s. capitol. it's an engel man spruce nearly 80 feet tall and coming from a national forest in montana. the actual tree lighting takes place in early december. 45 days left until christmas. our producer alex just told us. all the shopping and preparations. >> no. >> you hear that. >> christmastime in -- look at tony. good job with the music. >> thank you. serious note here, new
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accusations of abuse. new details from an alleged victim's mother. >> facebook trying to fight revenge porn and it says it needs nude photos to do it. the controversial new program it's testing that's just ahead. make sure you have the warm jacket before you step outside this morning. temperatures are mostly in the low 40s out there. but by saturday morning, you may not want to go outside for very long. we'll show you why and w
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pressuring congress to pass the d.r.e.a.m. act. it would row tekt young undocumented immigrants from deportation. president trump says he will let the obama era program expire in march without congressional action. democrats want legislation passed by the end of the year. parents and students in montgomery county desperately need money to improve a crumbling school building a newly released budget does not include additional spending for poolsville high school. angry parents along with
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decision. the families in poolsville were not happy with the attention they were getting. parents want to see some change. >> we're really upset that poolsville is not getting the attention we think it deserves. >> the school board listened and will vote on the high school's repairs. the woman caught on camera throwing urine on a metrobus driver will be sentenced. opal brown pled guilty last month. she tested positive for pcp following her arrest in august. in this disturbing video, you can see an mta employee dragging an unsuspecting rider. it was captured on a phone at the church avenue stop around 9:00 monday night. this is in new york city. church avenue, i think is actually in brooklyn. harris tol
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a man was asleep in the last car as the train pulled into the station. the when the passenger didn't wake up, the mta worker aggressively dragged him off of the train. facebook is testing out a pilot program to help prevent revenge pornography. but you have to give them the pictures first. here's how it works. users upload their intimate images to facebook via messenger. a team reviews the pictures and the material, which violates facebook policies. the company creates a digital footprint so the image matching technology can prevent future uploading. facebook is testing out this program in australia first. >> the whole idea of sending explicit photos in any form sounds like a recipe for disaster. maybe facebook can figure out how that's going to work. okay. let's move on. the latest in the growing
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spacey. >> he's now being completely cut off of his latest film. all the money in the world was set to premiere next month. he'll be replaced by crist mhrir plumm plummer. the main characters being brought back in to reshoot. >> meanwhile, the mother of -- >> he says to me, mom, kevin spacey tried to rape me. >> that is former tv news anchor heather unrue. she says her son was 18 when spacey assaulted him in a restaurant where he works. spacey's attorneys have not responded to these allegations. but the actor is seeking treatment now. the houston astros may have won the world series, but one 4 year hold girl's night was filled with heartbreak. >> broke my heart. >> it's going to be okay. >> aww. >> scarlet sanchez is a diehard
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devastated to find out that he proposed to his fiance daniela rodriguez after game 7. remember that proposal live after that interview. this week they surprised scarlet at the nbc station in houston. she even said that rodriguez is cute and also a princess. i mean look at her. the hearts were breaking all around the world after he proposed. he has good taste in rings, too. did you see the gigantic thing he put on her finger. >> my friend billingsley is a friend at that station in houston. he had the pictures on his facebook page the other day. such a cute little moment with the player and the young fan. >> 4 years old? >> 4 years old. >> she's going to meet another kid on the playground. >> absolutely. >> are y
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>> no. >> no? you know you like it. >> you secretly like it. what would you have to complain about if it weren't cold once in a while. doug kammerer, our chief meteorologist is going to give his winter weather outlook this fine afternoon. stay tuned on all of our platforms and i can give you a little hint. the forecast is for more snow this winter than last winter, keeping in mind, of course, last winter we only had 3.4 inches of snow, most of it in the month of march. that was our first below average snowfall year in quite a wall. back in 2011-12 paltry amounts there. i'm pulling for someone in the 18 to 20-inch range. you have to tune in to see what doug is going for. 46 degrees under a cloudy sky in washington. 41 in gaithersburg. 42 also in manassas. a cool and cloudy start to the day today. not much sunshine.
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there could be a little sprinkle or drizzle. light rain off and on. really not a lot of moisture today. just a lot of cloud cover around. there you can see on the radar, most of the rain, the steadier light rain is south of us. south of the richmond area down towards the virginia, north carolina border. booer so we're on the northern periphery. a couple of sprinkles. that's about it. future weather handling what's out there pretty well. all clouds during the day today. the skies will clear out after the sun goes down this evening. after the wind picks up. we'll be cold around here tomorrow even with sunshine. windchills in the 30s tomorrow. by saturday morning, these are the records. 26 is the record at national airport. 16 dulles. 21 at bwi. here's what i'm forecasting for saturday morning. down very close to the record. be ready for a very cold start. here's a peek at the next couple of days. cloudy today. blustery and cold tomorrow. another chance for rain on
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we'll have the ten-day coming up in the next half hour. for now, it's melissa's turn. >> taking a look at the breaking news. this is still in effect here in northwest washington. because of the issue on georgia avenue. as far as that double shooting from overnight, we still have the closures. georgia between longfellow and jefferson. illinois between kennedy and jefferson and 9th near kennedy street. police activity there. this is another problem that's going to kick into gear here. northbound 95 at dumfries. right shoulder blocked by a vehicle. doesn't seem like a big deal. eun? >> melissa, thank you. remember last year when pokemon go was popular? kids trying to find the pokemon go things? there appears to be a mashup in the works with harry potter. people trying to make money. pokemon go developers are creating an augmented reality game featuring harr
5:20 am
they will be featured on an app called wizards unite. wizards unite. that could launch next year. in the game, they will fight legendary beasts and team up with others to take on the enemies. >> little excited about it, huh? >> i love harry potter. >> fans can see their favorite characters on stage. harry potter and the cursed child will premiere on broadway next spring. >> i've read all the books. i couldn't watch the movies, i was afraid it might ruin the books for me. >> pokemon go, people in capes running around. >> full-on costume, yes. it's not a cape. i think it's a -- >> whatever. >> muggle? is that the right word? >> muggles are the people. anxiety and depression are more common in teens than ever before. this week, we're helping to change minds about mental illness. w
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ahead. lin-manuel miranda headed back to hamilton. but not on broadway. the stage where he'll soon be spotted. that's still ahead. coming up today on nbc4, ellen celebrates her 2500th episo episode. one of her favorite guests, wanda sykes is stopping by. she'll help ellen remember some of her moments over the years. set the dvr for ellen at 3:00. stick around for news 4 at 4:00.
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whbeat the odds so i can play with my grandkids. so i can celebrate 50. when i was 14, they saved my heart so i could bring family together. so i can help cardiac patients just like me. so i can serve my country. so i can do what i love. so i can give back. so i can play in the junior olympics.
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so i can do this. so i can race my friends. children's national didn't just help us grow up, they helped us grow up stronger. all week long, we've been talking to teenagers and looking at how they deal with anxiety and
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continues as news 4's doreen gentzler shows us signs that every parent should look out for. >> if you are ever hearing from a teacher or hearing from a friend that your child is behaving a little bit differently or a little more withdrawn than usual or doesn't seem very happy, that is a very, very big warning sign that something else is going on. >> dr. ava dooms is a local child and adolescent psychiatrist. she sees a lot of young people with anxiety and depression. she identifies other signs that your child could be struggling. if your child is suddenly spending time with a different group of friends or your child is not engaging as much with parents, siblings and friends. >> evaluate, perhaps talk to your pediatrician or talk to a school counselor and see if you might need to take it a step forward and get help for your
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children get regular downtime and that they learn coping skills. >> reading, spending quiet time, downtime without devices and electronics. >> we had the entire week long series on teens, anxiety and depression in our nbc washington app. search changing minds. flipping the finger to the presidential motorcade. it cost a woman her job. now she's sharing her story and whether she regrets it. former presidents are just like us. or are they? a look at president obama's trip to jury duty just ahead. it's cold outside. you want the warm jacket again this morning. if you don't like this cold, you really are not going to like saturday morning. tomorrow alone, it will be windy. as you step outside, temperatures mid to low 40s. in a bit, we'll talk about what to expect today and look ahead
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we'll check back in with justin finch, live on the scene of a deadly shooting overnight. your t
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that breaking news, a deadly shooting in d.c. it's not the first time t
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neighborhood on edge. >> plus, assaulted on the way to work. the search for the man behind a dangerous attack. a slight warmup before a major cooldown. the storm team 4 forecast that will make you want to bundle up. i'm just cold thinking about it. >> i'm with you on that. >> goodness, gracious. good morning everyone. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. if you haven't dug out your heavy coat from the closet, this is the weekend. >> i brought out two puffy coats just in case. we have this morning, a little bit of relief. meteorologist sheena parveen is outside with more on that. >> we want to start with a check with melissa mollet impacting a road, and a shooting. >> we're talking about northwest washington. georgia avenue here. you can work your way to the left or the right. we have a closure between longfellow and jefferson. illinois between kennedy and jefferson and also 9th near kennedy as well. that entire section shut down fors
5:31 am
this morning. no doubt, it gets busy for folks. broken down tractor-trailer was on the shoulder. now blocking two right lanes. there's a fuel spill along with it. haz-mat crews out there right now starting to see some delays. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no big problems there. 270 looking okay from frederick to the spur. now let's head outside to talk to meteorologist sheena parveen. it's chilly out there. >> it is, melissa. i don't know if you noticed how big chuck was smiling when we first came out. it was you, chuck and myself on camera. chuck is going to be out here tomorrow morning. he's smiling because it's cold. he knows i'm cold right now. but tomorrow morning, it's going to be colder, it's going to be windier and i'm going to assume that chuck is probably going to like that, too. we shall see. currently it's 46 degrees outside. you want a warm jacket before you step out. by 10:00 a.m., 49. by lunchtime around 50. clou
5:32 am
most of the rain around fredericksburg and farther south. that's fairly light rain. that's as far south as it will stay. the rest of the area could see a few sprinkles. the clouds and chilly temperatures hang around. colder air arrives tomorrow. a freeze watch into saturday morning. those are the counties shaded in blue. coming up in a bit, we'll talk about what the morning temperatures will be when you wake up saturday morning. it's going to be very cold. that's all straight ahead. >> sheena, thank you. it's 5:32 right now. we're tracking breaking news. >> a deadly shooting that happened early this morning on georgia avenue northwest near kennedy street. justin finch is on the scene with the latest. justin, what's going on? >> reporter: eun, we can tell you, police are processing quite a few scenes this morning. one involves this apartment building at 9th and kennedy streets northwest where we are right now. i'm told in that parking lot, a man was seen being put on to a
5:33 am
stretcher after being shot. looking down towards georgia avenue and illinois avenue, the streets remain closed and will be closed throughout the morning. this is the result of a double shooting that happened about midnight in the area of 9th avenue. we know one man died from his injuries, another man is expected to survive. however, in this case, police say that the shooter was able to get away. now, looking back live, you can see again these closures will remain throughout the morning. i'm told perhaps into the morning commute. this is also not far from the area of 1300 rit en house where a 16-year-old boy was the victim of a shooting back on tuesday, a few days ago. he died from his injuries. his friend is expected to survive. neighbors off camera are concerned about safety. they're concerned about guns after this latest fatal double shooting near their home. we're live in northwest, i'm justin finch. news 4, back to you. >> justin, thank
5:34 am
morning. this homeless retired navy veteran, erik brown, is charged with kidnapping and murder. prosecutors found his dna on ashanti billie. she disappeared off a naval base. billie was just 19 years old. well over 24 hours after polls closed, there are four delegates across virginia still too close to call. they could go into recounts. if the gop keeps the seats, it will have a 51-49 majority in the chamber. we'll keep updating the vote count in the nbc washington app. president trump hammered trade, military partnerships and north korea during his trip to china. take a look at the live pictures now. he's attending a state dinner right now in beijing. later today, the president will travel to vietnam. right now the search is on for the man accused of attacking a woman as she w
5:35 am
this happened yesterday morning. this is a sketch from police. the victim says a man jumped from behind a bush along walnut street in woodbridge. she says a man grabbed her, ripped her shirt but she managed to get away and call police. as veterans day approaches, a local medal of honor recipient is opening up about the day a suicide bomber killed four service members and nearly killed him in afghanistan. before joining the army florence grow berg graduated from the university of maryland. he just wrote a book called "8 seconds of courage kgs" and talks about the attack and what earned him the me al of honor. i sat down with him and his fiance and talked about how difficult it is for him to discuss this. >> and the pain and the doubts and self-doubts and the survivors' guilt, it was really tough for me. i was on the brink of figuring out ways to end it all. through the support of my
5:36 am
i was able to get myself out. >> it is still pretty difficult for him to talk about that day. tonight on news 4 at 6:00, he talks more about the attack. what it was like to stare death in the face and what it was like for him coming home after dealing with all that. the book is just an incredible story of courage as it's titled and survival and brotherhood and really well-written. >> how fortunate for us that we get to hear his story and the struggles he went through. >> he travels around the world talking about this, what he's gone through and his friends who died, too. >> incredible individual. it is 5:36 right now. >> this morning, an american veteran will get a new best friend. look at him. if you watched the "today" show, you know about charlie. the puppy with a purpose. he trained with a group of america's vet dogs for 14 months. this morning, charlie and his
5:37 am
military veteran partner will meet for the first time. that's going to be really fun. he served the country for eight years as president. now he's serving jury duty, sort of. a look at president barack obama's visit to court just ahead. first, a message from pope francis about what not to do next sunday. it's s
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the time is 5:40. crews will break ground on the new world war i memorial. it will be at the koern of 14th street and pennsylvania avenue northwest. the ceremony begins at 11:00 a.m. a lot of top military brass will be there for the ceremony. the views today are from a battlefield in france and play a pivotal role during the war. president obama is like the rest of us. he fulfilled his civic duty on wednesday. he reported for jury duty in chicago. as you can imagine, all eyes were on him. >> thank you. thanks everybody for serving on the jury or at least being willing to. >> cell phone video shows mr. obama greeting other potential jurors. he was ultimately dismissed by the judge as you might imagine as he walks through
5:41 am
security detail. >> can you imagine if he had to sit for a trial. the commotion it would cause. >> not happening. like the other potential jurors, he was paid $17.20 for the day. >> wonder if he gave it to charity or something. you've never been called for a trial. >> i've been summoned for jury duty once in d.c. >> that's it? >> didn't have to sit through the whole thing. >> every two years like clockwork. she was fired for giving a finger to the presidential motorcade. now the woman behind this viral photo is speaking up. hear what she has to say. that's head. i'm meteorologist chuck bell. we're inching closer and closer to a weekend. but you need to know, by saturday morning, that's the coldest morning since last spring. yes, indeed. some cold weather may be challenging the records as well. sheena has the ten-day forecast coming up. breaking non
5:42 am
a five-mile backup. we'll explain why and bring you video from chopper and also a problem in northwest. the no matter how the markets change... the at t. rowe price... our disciplined approach remains. global markets may be uncertain... but you can feel confident in our investment experience around the world. call us or your advisor... t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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right now on "news4 today," president trump's overseas tour continues. he's come to china with criticisms. we're tracking his trip every step of the way. >> i don't think that he respects the office. >> you've seen the photo. now hear her story. the woman fired for flipping off the president's motorcade comes forward. intervening with our digital addiction. the message from the pope. he hopes to inspire you to put that cell phone down. >> it's hazelnut heaven. but nutella has a new recipe. what to know about the changes coming to this guilty
5:46 am
first at 5:46, we're tracking breaking news this morning. a deadly shooting on georgia avenue in the district. this is live pictures from the scene where police say a man was shot and killed, a second person hurt. >> here's another view. several streets in the area are blocked right now. melissa mollet will have another update on how it impact your commute. that's a few minutes away. we're going to check back in with justin finch for a live report at 6:00. president trump is taking place at his last event in china. >> he spent several hours negotiating trade and north korea. news 4's edward lawrence is live on capitol hill this morning for us. edward, what do we know what came out of the talks on trade? >> american and chinese companies signed $250 billion worth of trade deals out of this. first, let me show you live pictures. this is a raw feed out of beijing, china, where the state dinner is actually taking place
5:47 am
president trump just had a toast that he made to the host nation there in china. on trade, the president says -- president of china says that his trade going forward, his economy would be more open and transparent. the president, donald trump, says he blamed pass administrations for the imbalance. >> united states and china will have a more prosperous future if we can achieve a level economic playing field. right now, unfortunately, it is a very one-sided and unfair one. but, but i don't blame china. >> the president going forward is hopeful for the trades between the two countries. >> all right. edward were there any agreements on how to deal with north korea? that was the focus of the entire trip. >> the only agreement that came out, chinese president said he would follow the u.n. sanctions in place. they say they're going to stick
5:48 am
the united states would like to see china do more, but china unwilling to go farther than saying they will honor the sanctions. >> edward lawrence, live on capitol hill. edward, thank you. a virginia woman is demanding answers after she was fired when a photo of her went viral. >> you have probably seen this picture by now. this is julie brinkman riding her bike. she gave president trump's motorcade the finger. you can see it blurred out there. she talked with msnbc yesterday. she says she doesn't regret what she did. >> i don't think he respects the office so i don't respect the office. a friend of mine said all of virginia was riding the bike with you to the polls yesterday. i'm very proud of my state. >> bringsingman says that other other people at her company have been reprimanded for social media posts but allowed to keep their jobs.
5:49 am
msnbc reached out to her company but they did not -- >> i think they're -- >> it's now 5:49. new rules will kick in that make it tougher to travel to cuba from the u.s. the rules are designed to steer money away from cuba's military, intelligence and security services. this is only a partial rollback of policy changes made under president obama that were designed to push warmer ties between the two countries. pope francis is calling out church leaders and parishioners who use cell phones during masses. on wednesday, the pontiff says the services are not a show. the pope has been lenient on a number of issues in the catholic church but this upsets him when he looks up and sees hundreds and thousands of people taking pictures. >> i could see that. he wants people to be paying attention to the message. true confession, i have the holy bible and following along, i'll -- >> they don't have books in your church.
5:50 am
you have to bring your own or you can follow along on the app. if i'm feeling inspired, i take notes on my notepad. >> there is a certain celebrity around who he is. people want to take pictures. >> if the pope tells you to stop, you might want to stop. >> he calls you out by name. we have breaking news in first 4 traffic. trouble on i-95 in virginia. melissa? >> we have a five-mile backup northbound 95. this is because of a problem at dumfries. broken down tractor-trailer blocking the two right lanes and before that, at triangle, left side blocked by a crash. we're getting quite slow quite quickly here this morning. very, very slow looking at chopper 4. showing you what's going on from above as well. northwest, still the closure as well because of the shooting here from overnight. we have police activity. georgia avenue between lo longfellow and jefferson. illinois between kennedy and jefferson. all of those closed this
5:51 am
morning. up top now, southbound 270, crash in the right lane. as far as travel times, okay on 270 and the beltway. 66 not bad. 95 northbound, you can see the major delays. quantico to the beltway. going to take you 48 minutes. hi, sheena. >> good morning, melissa. well, the roads are at least dry for most of us. so that is the good news. but it's cold enough this morning for a warm jacket. today, cloudy and chilly. we have a few sprinkles in the forecast throughout the day today. tomorrow, cold and windy. a cold front will move through. wind increase and it will only feel like the 30s for friday. through the afternoon. you want the warm jacket tomorrow. don't forget we told you that. saturday morning, widespread freeze across the area. sunday will be chilly and dry. from here on out for a while, temperatures will stay below normal for this time of the year. 46 is the temperature in washington. 42 manassas. 43 clinton. if you're in winchester. the temperature is 39. if you're
5:52 am
a few sprinkles around. overall cloudy with highs in the low 50s later on today. here's a look at the radar. this is not heavy rain at all. we have a few sprinkles mostly wefts district and around fredericksburg. the wider picture shows where the real rain is. that's steady rain mainly south of fredericksburg. it will mostly remain south of the district. here's the next cold front. tomorrow will be cold and windy. there's the arctic air up to the north and west. up in canada, that's the cold front that will swing through and bring us this. the freeze watch. this is for saturday morning. all the counties shaded in blue here. temperatures at or below freezing. we expect 20s. bring the pets inside. speaking of the cold and the winter and all those types of things, of course, we have our winter weather outlook at 4:00 p.m., starting can doug kammerer. he's going to show you what we may be seeing as far as
5:53 am
snowfall. tune in for that. we stay dry. all eyes on saturday morning, guys. >> sheena, thank you. 5:53 right now. as the temperatures fall, a lot of people will head to the ice skating rinks. one rink has a special anniversary coming up. >> news 4's molette green is live in rockville to tell us about art on the ice. molette, are you on ice skates right there? >> reporter: no. i decided to let the professionals, the young competitors to keep skating. keep going, guys. we want to see your skills. it's not about the ice rink. it's about what's embedded in this ice rink here at the rockville town square. art on ice. that's what it's all about. a nonprofit group made all of this happen, to bring attention to the importance of art in the community. so we're going to talk about all that of in t
5:54 am
i have anya, sonya and ga tan yoe. competitive skaters with me. >> do that spin for me. do that spin. do it. >> there you go. >> nice. >> she's good. >> looking good. >> awesome. >> molette, thank you. lin-manuel miranda may have to ask the smithsonian for his costume back. hamilton is returning to the stage as the founding father, alexander hamilton. ♪ >> it's all for a good cause. miranda will star in a three-week run of the show in puerto rico. he already planned to bring the show to the island but it will help get the local economy running again. he'll be there for a limited three-week run in january of 2019. >> i feel like he can do no wrong. i n t
5:55 am
with his wife. >> got to have a -- >> nutella has a new recipe and people are not happy about it. the company says it added more sugar and milk powder but less cocoa. >> what? >> the color is also brighter. people are up in arms. they take their nutella very seriously. they're angry and condemning this change on twitter. some went so far to create the hash tag nutella gate. >> they said our country underwent a fine tuning. >> people are going to show up with signs. they don't want to mess with it. if you need an extra caffeine bump, starbucks has a buy one, get one free beverage with the purchase of a holiday beverage. they'll be served in the give good cup. they'll be offered from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and lasts until monday. >>
5:56 am
starbucks. >> you paying? >> sure. >> turns out, i can't believe it. there is such a thing as too much christmas music. come on. a new study says the sights and sounds and smeflts holiday can add stress reminding us that we have to buy gifts and throw parties. i'm not throwing any party. >> the psychiatric association says more than 60% of people experience major stress during the holidays. write down christmas scents and -- >> i love christmas music. >> i'm a bit of a -- >> ebenezer. >> i wouldn't go that far. the music is soothing. i do love christmas music. >> i know you do. this christmas, you like that song. >> and i like chris brown's version. i'm not apologizing for that. it's a good song. 5:56 right now. next on "news4 today" at 6:00 a.m., a big night for music fans. controversy, though mixed in with a little country.
5:57 am
find out the big moment everyone is talking about. >> it wasn't carrie underwood's dress. a new dead i shooting overnight. what we're finding out about the impact to the community. she disappeared from a virginia naval base and was later found dead. a retired homeless veteran has been charged in the case.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news. murder overnight. a shooting investigation and the impact to a local neighborhood. a murder, arrest in a case. country's music's biggest night that took a jab at the so-called twitter in chief. >> maybe next time he'll think before he tweets. good thursday morning. thanks for waking up with us. >> hi. >> hi. >> good morning. we have a busy morning. we have a lot going on. chopper 4 is on the way to breaking news involvingue
6:00 am
we're tracking the developments in news 4 traffic. >> good morning. that's right. this breaking news in dumfries. chopper 4 on the way to 95. that's a major delay here. almost six miles at this point this point. 95 near 234. a broken down tractor-trailer now blocking two right lanes because it was involving a fuel spill. in northwest, georgia avenue shut down between jefferson illinois. shut down between jefferson. also 9th in northwest because of a police investigation. southbound bw parkway, a new crash. hi chuck. >> it's going to be a chilly start to the day. temperatures this morning in the 40s. a lot of clouds around. most of the rain is on the south side of our viewing area. down towards richmond and the north carolina border. that's the


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