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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 14, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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death suit against tony dane. right now, president trump is on his way home from the philippines. he wrapped up his tour of asia a couple of hours ago. he spoke to reporters calling the trip tremendously successful. he tweeted that his meetings will lead to fair trade deals. the president teased he will be making "a major statement" from the white house when he returns. when he returns home, he'll face new questions in the russia investigation. >> this comes after the atlantic reported that donald trump jr. secretly corresponded with wikileaks during and after the campaign. hours after the report, trump jr. released a series of direct messages he says he received from the wikileaks twitter account. it shows junior responding three times. at one point he agreed to "ask around" about a political action committee wikileaks mentioned. they believe russia used wikileaks to
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information. they claimed a responsible or congressional, rather, congressional committee leaked those conversations. now to the growing scandal involving alabama republican senate candidate roy moore. this morning he faces growing calls for him to drop out of the race. those calls are coming from the high-profile republicans, including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. now a new accuser is coming forward. moore forced himself on her when she was a teenager. she described it in graphic detail. >> i tried fighting him off. i yelled at him to stop. but instead, he began squeezing my nneka tempting to force my head on to his crotch. >> roy moore called a news conference to deny the latest accusations. he says they are "absolutely false." moore went on to say he did not know beverly young nelson
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"never did what she said i did." attorney general jeff sessions will face another grilling from lawmakers on capitol hill. he's expected to testify before the house judiciary committee where he's expected to face questions about the russia investigation. we're also learning that the attorney general is ordering prosecutors to determine whether a special counsel will be appointed to express concerns related to republicans. the sale of a uranium company while hillary clinton was secretary of state. this according to a letter written by an assistant attorney general. it says justice department lawyers will make recommendations to sessions about whether a special counsel should be appointed. in decision 2017 now, stafford county voters will shift the balance of power in the virginia house of delegates. too close to call. stafford county will allow voters to cast provisional ballots to come in person to argue why their ballots should be u
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the court is -- 55 absentee ballots after the election should be allowed. a slim majority in the house of delegates 51-49. in fairfax county, the electoral board accepted about half of its provisional ballots. the board expects to certify those results today. hearing about the deadly storms in washington state this morning. at the live desk with details. chris, what's happening here? >> severe wind and rain hit western washington on monday. it's left thousands of people without power. wind gusts up to 70 miles an hour brought down this large tree on to the middle of the road. in another part of the state, one person was killed when a tree fell on her car. two women and a little girl were sitting in the car when that tree came down on top of them. a woman was killed. her sister is still in critical condition. the only saving grace here is the little girl, the
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in the back seat wasn't hurt. >> chris, thank you. a check on your weather and traffic this morning. another look at the roads in a minute with melissa. first, to chuck and sheena and what you'll face as you head out the door. >> you definitely need a warm jacket. we have temperatures that are below freezing this morning. >> hard to believe, so many freezes in a row. temperatures cooler than average. make eight days in a row colder than average. our longest such streak of colder than average weather since may. it has been a while since we've been progressively this long under average. temperatures to get you going. >> below freezing. gaithersburg at freezing. manassas at 31. milder inside the city limits. 41 degrees. >> on the whole, the -- it will turn into a good day. highs today up near
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let's go over to sheena and find out more about that. >> at least we're staying dry. that's a good thing. we have more rain and a forecast. before the week is over, not a big deal. we're watching your weekend forecast. the warm jacket before you head out the door. next rain chance is going to be either very, very late wednesday into very early thursday. again, it does not look like a big deal. but as we go into the weekend, that's the rain we're watching to make your weekend plans. we have rain and cold once the -- we have cold blustery conditions. we have a few clouds out there. overall, things are nice and dry. we're going to stay this way until early thursday. then the next chance for you to grab your umbrella before you head out. not today. that's good news for the roads out there. let's look at how the roads are doing. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. a couple of things happening right now. the first thing, outer loop on the american legion bridge.
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zone. westbound university near the beltway. right lane getting by the paving. rest of the beltway, looking okay. westbound 66 after 28. centerville, two right lanes getting by the overhead sign work. taking a live look 95 at poe hick road. no worries about. flying in on 66, you can see that trip from fairfax county parkway to the beltway, going to take you eight minutes. aaron? shocking new details sus surrounding the death of an american green beret. something a lot of pro football players are doing. now high school students have the constitutional right do it as well. where players can take a knee during the national anthem. now all eyes are on california as a satellite is minutes from blasting into space. nasa is very busy this morning. these are live pictures near the international space station. a resupply
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with the station this morning. a lot to tell uyo
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more than a year after the biggest breach ever at the nsa and they still have no idea who did it. a group called the shadow brokers is claiming responsibility and is taunting the agency in online
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connection. but analysts say it's unclear if there were foreign hackers or someone on the inside. the breach exposed sensitive intel gathering techniques. there is a new twist this morning in the killing of an american green beret in mali. >> two navy s.e.a.l.s are suspected of strangling him. they left out information when questioned. another report claims the victim was killed after he discovered the s.e.a.l.s were pocketing money from a slush fund to pay local informants. some are not buying this information coming out of the new report. >> there is no rivalry. the only competition is between each other in order to make each other better. >> nbc news confirmed that mel ger told his wife he was worried about his safety and she suspected foul play. fox news host sean hannity called keurig's decision to pull
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his services. some are responding with videos like this one, destroying their coffee makers and calling for a boycott of the popular brand. this move came after a number of twitter users -- the allegations against alabama republican senate candidate roy moore. so you are going to want your scarf and gloves today but also sunglasses, chuck bell? >> yes, indeed. finally sunshine and a little fog early this morning. the four things to know about the next four days. plenty of sunshine today. tomorrow nod a bad day either. sheena has all the highs and lows of the next ten days in a few minutes. if you follow transportation reporter adam tuss on twitter, you probably saw it.
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clave leather. ♪ good morning everybody. it's our favorite time of the day at nbc4. it's 4:44 in the morning. temperatures in the 40s in many spots. some places even down below freezing. a little bit of a bundle up factor. of the rest of the day is a-okay. thanksgiving is next thursday. a week from this thursday. sheena has a check of the forecast as well. stay with us. >> it's coming up on 15 before the hour. he's making his way back to d.c. this morning. he wrapped up a 12-day tour of asia that he's calling tremendously successful. >> tracie potts is following -- trade were big focuses of the trip. any progress made on those issues. >> north korea not
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between the president and kim jong un on trade. the president talking about that this morning aboard air force one. from our folks traveling with the president that he says he's bringing back $3 billion that he expects to triple. he's promising more details when he gets back. another big issue that the president has to deal with, including the sexual misconduct allegations against roy moore, a white house spokesperson says the president will review that once he's back here. the push for tax reform on capitol hill. right now, big differences between what the house and the senate want to do. he's got to jump back into it. as of this morning, the president focused on trade saying that he was able to make trade deals and build some relationships with asian countries on this 12-day trip. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. tracie, thank you. 4:45 now. preventing sexual harassment will be a big
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hill. lawmakers will hold a meeting on capitol hill to review training on this issue. the goal is to prevent sexual harassment in the congressional workplace. it gets under way later this morning at 10:00. now to a story that's getting a lot of attention on our nbc washington app. we could get a verdict today in the gang-related murder of a 15-year-old girl in fairfax county. the jury started deliberating yesterday. 21-year-old stabbed a 15-year-old to death back in february. that murder was revenge for the part reyes had allegedly played in a previous gang killing. we're also learning new details in the murder of a kfc employee in montgomery county. detectives say the suspect there, martinez, was in the country illegally for the second time. he's from el salvador. he's charged with murdering a woman. he attacked the 21-year-old mother when she tried to end a relationship with him. police found her body behind a dumpster in wheaton near the
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worked. the prince george's county council will make a decision on a medical marijuana dispensary. they want to set up shop next to a church in temple hill not far from joint base andrews. they're concerned about public safety and the fact that there are so many family activities nearby. >> i'm just concerned that it's not a good fit for my neighborhood and that there's a time and a place for everything. i believe there's probably a better place for those to fit in the county. >> keep an eye on the nbc washington app for any decision that comes down from the count council today. police are trying to track down the driver of a nissan that crashed into a building and took often. take a look at the surveillance video. it shows the car driving into a parking spot and then up and into the wall of the king square apartment this is the ket lance area. it caused the
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buckle. crews made temporary repairs last night but two families are not able to return home. it's been quite a controversy for the nfl. now school officials in spotsylvania county are weighing in. county athletes have a constitutional right to take a knee. this conversation comes after cortland high school football players knelt in protest during a national anthem before games last month. the freelance star say the actions drew criticism at a school board meeting. six of the seven school board members say they cannot force students to stand during the national anthem regardless of their personal opinions. manage your garbage cans, one of the simple things to do to keep rats away. one of the things mayor bowser said. >> once the businesses are overflowing that they're in violation. it probably means that they need
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location. it may also mean and the reason why i asked about the gates, i want to make sure these are the only people using those dumpsters. >> the d.c. department of health sprays underground and fines businesses and homeowners who don't keep a lid on their trash. so far this year the district received more than 5,000 complaints about rats. if you have any complaints in your neighborhood, go to the nbc washington app. >> i can't. i think the rats in d.c. have become so many that regardless of how many trash cans, there will be a few sticking around. >> it's hard to deal with that in urban areas. >> my husband tells me, this is what you signed up for. you live in d.c., this is what you -- >> who could forget the moment -- >> need ninja turtles. >> remember our news 4 transportation reporter
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being driven by a guy in a car seat costume. >> trying really hard that guy was. >> after a couple of months, adam tracked down the guy and found out it's in the name of serious research. >> remember this video? >> oh, there is somebody in the vehicle. >> remember how the guy in the car seat didn't say a word when i was banging on the window? well, we found the guy. >> oh, man, this is going to blow up. i don't think there's anything i can do to stop it now. >> meet josh, he's been a researcher with virginia tech for five years, studying the world of self-driving vehicles. this is his first official interview since that day. >> who are you? >> what are you doing? i am with the news, dude. >> he says all was going well with the fake driverless van research until we came along. >> i was pretty stressed o
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it was stressful 30 minutes. especially after that tweet about running the red light. like i was shooting -- >> we later went back and checked the videotape and you were completely safe on all that. >> josh has been a good sport and when all the media attention came, he told his family that it was him behind the wheel. for now, though, unmasked, he continues his research. >> you know, when adam approaches and says i'm with the news, dude, you're in trouble. if he approaches your car and that's what he says, good luck. >> window up, go faster. nothing says good morning like a nasa satellite launch. nasa's newest weather satellite was supposed to take off just about four minutes ago. >> we just learned that it's a no go for now. the joint polar satellite system will eventually provide scientists and meteorologists with information about hurricane --
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they're getting ready there. it will play a critical role in improving the accuracy of forecasts from three to seven days out. >> they haven't said exactly why they scrubbed the launch here, but it looks like there might have been a technical issue. they scrubbed the launch there. you're looking from the international space station. this is the ss -- resupply ship about to dock with the international space station. >> i recognize it. [ laughter ] >> this is an orbital product. they're up and watching this docking. it's supposed to happen in eight minutes. there's a grab. >> obviously. >> if you will. they pull the supply ship. >> are you making fun of me? >> no. this is compelling video. >> i love all things nasa and we all nerd about it. two great things. >> it's loaded up with stuff they're going to need on the space station. >> we need that satellite too
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we need it to go up soon. >> we need it to get up there. we're anxiously waiting for the data. >> try again wednesday morning. >> okay. >> oh, good. >> we'll be anxiously watching that video until it actually takes off. we'll have it live for you, too. this morning as you're about to step outside, it's colder through much of the area. we have temperatures at or below freezing through parts of our region. next rain chance will be thursday morning. we are looking pretty dry right now. rain and cold both come this weekend after the rain. the cold sets in, it gets windy, blustery. we'll talk about that after we talk about the rain for thursday morning. right now, 30 degrees in gaithersburg. 31 in manassas. 34 in clinton. 34 -- 41 in the district. 43 winchester. martinsburg. we have koeflder temperatures this morning than yesterday morning. satellite and ra
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we have a few low clouds around. that's really about t as we go through tuesday, dry roads for your commute. temperatures around 53 degrees for much of the area. future weather showing us staying dry today. we'll stay dry. increase in clouds late tomorrow night. the approach of rain, that moves through overnight and into early thursday morning. next chance of showers, not a big deal. doesn't look like too much until we go into the weekend. >> potentially into early sunday. it gets windy and cold. there's the turkey. thanksgiving at the end of your sunday forecast. we get closer. let's check the roads on this tuesday morning. good morning, melissa. >> taking a look at the roads. i like this dryness right now. >> top of the beltway everything is looking clear. bottom of the beltway through prince george's county. you can see no issues. this is just cleared. outer loop.
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inner loop and outer loop looking okay. on 66 after 28. >> eun. >> melissa, thank you. parking about to get easier in the area. >> could come as early as today. just in time for the holidays, nbc4 wants to give you $4,000 to help your holiday shopping. every day you have a chance to win. >> all you have to do is watch "news4 today." >> enter the location and >> he had a chance this week. it ends
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thanksgiving is just around the corner. we really need it this time. working for you in the community. people in need. if you'd like to help. you can make a donation online or find a location near you to drop off any canned or boxed goods. i always feel like the beginning of thanksgiving is a reminder. the season of giving. it doesn't mean just for families and friends. that's for people in t
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>> also doing everything else. >> 4:58. one county is making it easier to park in neighborhoods while visiting your family and friends. >> scott macfarlane after an i-team investigation that shows people struggling or breaking the rules to park in montgomery counties. >> changes will likely be made official in a vote of the montgomery county council giving homeowners a second visitors parking pass. a part of that restricted parking system. about 30 neighborhoods are part of this permit parking system. especially down county. restrictions are needed to keep people from parking in neighborhoods near schools and near metro stations. the council will vote to make it easier for neighborhoods to get out of the restricted residential permit parking system that are tired of the restrictions to want to free up more systems in their -- in may, a news 4 i-team investigation reveals
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high school students illegally parking their cars in restricted spaces. even found homeowners near schools who transform their driveways into makeshift parking lots. charging students for the right to park their cars. busy places in busy neighborhoods. one footnote. the council will likely take the first step in allowing new restrictions and parking in future sites of the future purple line. scott macfarlane, news 4. right now on "news4 today," a deadly crash involving a food truck. this morning the driver will be in court. five seconds and i thought about it. i said he could kill me. >> carjacked and robbed at the gym. the victim's -- anybody with an early morning routine. donald trump jr.'s tweets with wikileaks.


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