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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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high school students illegally parking their cars in restricted spaces. even found homeowners near schools who transform their driveways into makeshift parking lots. charging students for the right to park their cars. busy places in busy neighborhoods. one footnote. the council will likely take the first step in allowing new restrictions and parking in future sites of the future purple line. scott macfarlane, news 4. right now on "news4 today," a deadly crash involving a food truck. this morning the driver will be in court. five seconds and i thought about it. i said he could kill me. >> carjacked and robbed at the gym. the victim's -- anybody with an early morning routine. donald trump jr.'s tweets with wikileaks.
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public with the private messages. ♪ >> sting. plus from maryland to hollywood. he is belting it out across the country. what is next for the local voice contestant. listen to that. his shot at stardom. whoo! >> you want to -- >> all right. it's 5:01 now. little late. let's get to the -- >> bundle up. on the chilly side early in the morning. >> there are areas of fog in some of the rural areas and the water crossings. most will be keeping a close eye on the american legion bridge. not much for visibility. chilly enough. 40 degrees. add a hint of
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there. the feels-like factor here. the temperatures across the region, temperatures forecasted rather. 39 degrees. maybe a little fog left as late as 8:00. more and more sunshine as the day goes along. a pretty nice day to be outside. afternoon highs, mostly into the low, mid-50s. you can always stay ahead of the weather by using the nbc washington app at chuck bell on twitter. my favorite follower, melissa mollet. >> thank you. you're mine as well. as chuck mentioned, looking good. we had the earlier roadwork happening. it's out of way. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, everything is rolling along just fine. no real roadwork to speak of. two right lanes getting by. the overhead sign work has cleared out of the way. 66 is nice and clear. so is 95 in virginia. taking a look at 95 in maryland, speaking of 95, 32 to the beltway, going to take you ten minutes. guys? >> thank
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it's 5:03. we're following a developing story this morning. neighbors living on 85th avenue in new carrollton are learning that a man was shot to death in their parking lot. detectives spent hours collecting evidence from the scene last night. neighbors started calling 911 around 7:30 p.m. to report gunshots. when officers arrived, necessity found a man in the parking lot of an apartment building. he died at the hospital. 5:03 right now. a family who lost a mother is seeking justice in a deadly crash. you might remember this food truck accident that happened in september in loudoun county. >> now the truck's driver is facing serious charges and will be in court today. news 4's justin finch is live outside of loudoun county court with details. justin? >> reporter: eun, good morning. the kaplan's family lawyer says the charges come as comfort to the family. but that's overshadowed by the pain and the loss this crash has caused. we know that tony dane is
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and striking the audi station wagon of the kaplan family. near leesburg, killing mom erin kaplan. dane is facing several charges, including involuntary manslaughter and the kaplan's lawyer says the family has been following this case. >> knowing that the law enforcement officials have spent months looking into this case and decided that the evidence supports bringing charges is takes them one step closer to believing that justice will prevail. >> reporter: and you might recall that kaplan's son spent 54 days in the hospital. we spoke with him about life after the crash and the loss of his mother. hear from him about that experience coming up on news 4 at 6:00.
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back to you. >> justin, thank you. it is a daily routine for many of us going to the gym. one man's trip to planet fitness in high atville went wrong. he was staring down the barrel of a gun the next minute. >> i got out, set my -- got out, started walking. bam. he was right up on me. >> this location is open 24 hours. the incident happened around 2:30 in the morning. the suspect took the victim's wallet, cell phone and his car. he says he's grateful he was able to walk away alive. the suspect is still on the loose this morning. right now, president trump is on his way home from the philippines. he wrapped up his tour of asia a couple of hours ago. before he left, he called the trip tremendously successful. the president twooeted that his meetings in the philippines will lead to fair trade deals. the president teased that he will be making "a major statement" from the white house w
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to new questions in the russia investigation. >> the latest questions are likely to center on his son after the atlantic reported that donald trump jr. secretly corresponded with wikileaks during and after the campaign. chris lawrence is in the newsroom with more. >> here's why it's important. intelligence think russia uses wikileaks to spread information. just hours after that report by the atlantic came out, donald trump jr. released a series of direct messages that he received from the twitter account. the messages showed trump jr. responding three times. at one point he agreed to ask around about a political action committee that wikileaks mentioned. trump jr. down played the messages and claims a congressional committee leaked a conversation. the messages had been turned over to the committee that's investigating russia's meddling in the election. trump jr.'s
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have, quote, no concern about the new messages. aaron? >> chris, thank you. 5:07 now. attorney general jeff sessions will face another drilling from lawmakers on capitol hill. he's expected to testify before the house judiciary committee and that is where he's expected to face questions about the russia investigation. we're also learning that the attorney general is ordering prosecutors to determine whether a special counsel should be appointed to investigate concerns raised by republicans. those concerns include the dealings of the clinton foundation and the sale of a rau uranium company while hillary clinton was secretary of state. this was a letter obtained by nbc news. it says justice department lawyers will make recommendations to sessions about whether a special counsel should be appointed. to new developments in the sex assault scandal involving alabama republican senate candidate. a new accuser has come forward and going public against roy moore. hear what she has to say and how she says he attacked her as a
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we turn to decision 2017 closer to home. today voters in stafford county could shift the balance of power in the virginia house of delegates. they'll be arguing why their provisional ballots should be counted. officials found 55 absentee ballots at the post office the day after the election. republicans hold a slim majority in the house of delegates right now 51-49. three races are still too close to call. in fairfax county, the electoral board accepted about half of its provisional ballots. the board expects to certify those results today. the contest tant pool is getting slimmer, smaller by the day on the voice. >> that's right. baltimore native devon fleming turned up the competition with i am changing. that's a hard song to sing. from dream girls.
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♪ >> whoo! fleming moved on to the top 12 with that song. come on. his coach, jennifer hudson who won on oscar. >> singing that song. >> see encouraged him to sing that song. >> that says a lot about confidence from your coach. >> you want to see who else will make it to the top 12. there are two more nights of playoffs. you can catch it tonight and tomorrow night. >> to sing like that. >> tough competition boy. you can catch a former voice contestant and nfl player on ellen today. he will sit down with ellen. he's going to talk about why it's important for him to come out in 2002 that happened. he'll share what life is like after performing on the voice. still ahead, an emotional return to late night tv. jimmy fallon's message to his fans after the death of his mother. it is a monologue you'll be hearing about today.
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some areas this morning are below freezing. you want the warm jacket before you step outside. this afternoon, pretty chilly. but we are watching rain and colder temperatures in the forecast. we'll show you what to expect. it's all coming up. plus, new charges in a fraternity pledge's death. the evidence his classmates ear
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welcome back at 5:13. >> new video showing the moment that powerful 7.3 magnitude quake hit iran. you can see a grocery clerk running for his life. there is new video of rescue crews surveying damage and looking for survivors. the government previously said it was no longer looking for survivors. more than 400 people died. more than 7,000 hurt in that region where iran touches iraq. more than 7,000 people need shelter. alabama republican senate candidate rye roy moore. he faces more calls for him to drop out
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mcconnell. >> a new -- she described it in graphic detail. i tried biding him off. instead of stopping, he began squeezing my nneka tempting to force my head on to his crotch. >> moore called a news conference overnight to deny the latest accusations. police on the lookout for a suspect. police say he was robbed at gunpoint near gallaudet. the stole the woman's phone.
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sexually assaulted. contact police if you have any information that might help. right now, las vegas is taking precautionary measures to prevent a terror attack like the one in new york last month. crews are putting in permanent steel barriers. the barriers will protect along las vegas boulevard. they can withstand a 15,000 pound car traveling up to 15 miles an hour. there are new charges stemming from fraternity hazing death at penn state. fraternity brothers are accused of leaving a pledge to diechlt the new charges range from hazing to involuntary manslaughter. authorities say they have recorded video that shows some of what happened that night. the video was apparently erased before investigators obtained the camera. the fbi actually recovered the missing video. the district attorney says it shows fraternity brothers giving the pledge 18 drinks in less than 90 te
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will come together to remember former major league baseball pitcher roy halliday. he died when the plane he was flying crashed into the gulf of mexico. a celebration of life will take place at spectrum field in florida. that's the spring training home of the philadelphia phillies. halliday spent part of his career playing for the phillies. he was a two-time cy young award winner. he was only 40 years old. they were banned from the u.s. being unsafe for children. kin der eggs are coming back to the u.s. the popular chocolate eggs come with a toy. the fda banned the candy because of the choking hazard. but the ones about to hit the store shelves have two separately sealed half of the eggs. one has the edible chocolate treat and the other has the toy. they'll be sold exclusively at walmart for a month starting on black friday. they'll be gone. they're going to be gone. >> i've never
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>> the kinder eggs? >> you put a toy prize in anything edible, kids will take it. >> in the cereal boxes. >> you shove your hand to the bottom of the box. >> you were supposed to wait. >> crackerjacks, absolutely. little cool weather here for the next couple of days. >> i'm going to say that's cold, chuck. >> it's colder than average. i'll give you that. >> we got to save the really big words like cold for january. >> days in a row with temperatures colder than average. 40e degrees in you're in washing on. that feels like this morning
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visibility now 2.5 miles in gaithersbu gaithersburg. about five miles in annapolis. watch out for isolated fog here early this morning. otherwise, a northerly breeze that will keep you cooler than average. with plenty of sunshine. a little chance for rain. early parts of your thursday. here's future weather today. partly to mostly sunny skies. especially more sunshine mid to late parts of the afternoon. clear overnight. typically cold again tomorrow morning. tomorrow, during the day, a gradual increase in clouds. i think more than enough sunshine. by 5:00 when the clouds start to build in, obviously the sun is down. sunsets at 4:55 this time of the year. for thursday, this is 2:00 a.m. on thursday. a risk of a sprinkle or a little light rain very early on thursday. not a big impact from that. plus that rain comes to an end. we'll get back to a chance for gustier wind as we head towards thursday afternoon. friday looks to be on the chilly
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forecast coming up in a couple more minutes. let's go over to traffic. >> good morning, chuck. brand new problem on the blue line. trains single tracking between addison road and morgan boulevard. delays both directions. in brandy wine, 301 at climber drive. flashing traffic lights. remember to treat that as a four-way stop. looking pretty good. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, nice and green this morning. taking a look at 95 here from quantico to the beltway. you are on time. going to take you 18 minutes as you head into town and 18 minutes heading out. a live look at 270 coming up. reinventing retail. stores are putting up a fight against online shopping. up next, a look at the extra perks you can find by shopping in person. for parents, it involves relaxation that a lot of you need. plus, a crash into
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the driver ditched the car, but left behind a crucial clue. yo'll fill
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new ice skating rink. how about that. you have to admit this is a cool view too. this is the rink on top of the watergate hotel. >> this is part of a new family friendly winter venue called top of the skate. it opens on thursday. the rink will offer a skate-up bar. >> wait. on the roof deck? >> oh, no. >> they're going to have boozey hot chocolate and bourbon hot cider. i love the view and the deck. with booze, ice skates and a roof deck. >> it's not enough. you get enough in you. you start thinking you're apolo ohno. right into the potomac. i'm sure they've got safeguar
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i'm sure. 5:24 right now. have you noticed how many retailers have gone out of business. nearly 7,000 closed up shop. >> that's a huge number. what will it take for retailers to win back your business. consumer reporter susan hogan those us how many are reinventing retail. >> retailers that depend on foot traffic are really trying to revamp the way that they do business because online shopping is hurting their bottom line. we found some retailers offering their customers something really different that online retailers can't. that is that personal experience. for example, toys-r-us is planning a parents night out. the retailer will offer refreshments and keep the store open longer so parents can come in, do holiday shopping and what toys-r-us is calling a relaxing atmosphere and another decided to take shopping out of the equation. nordstrom is opening
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with no inventory. you can't buy anything inside the store. instead, it's offering manicures. you can even enjoy a drink off of a full beverage menu and also connect with a personal stylist there as well. all this week, we're showing you how this industry is really reinventing retail. tomorrow, we'll take a look at the toy competition online versus brick and mortar. see you then. all right. there you have it. we'll see if it works whether you want to or not. it's time to start thinking about holiday gifts. i'm in the or not category for this one. what's the most wanted gift this season? it appears most people aren't asking for clothing or gadgets. they want gift cards. see, i have mixed feelings about the gift card. i understand that people want that. you know it's a sure thing. but where is the thought? where is the effort? where is the love? >> this is why i don't play the holiday gifting game. >> 4 in 10 americans hope to
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what's the joy of wrapping up a gift card? >> it's easy, right? >> oh, thank you. and then i lose it. >> you lose it or it expires. >> i don't like to play the guessing game. if i ask you, then i'm wrong. >> diamonds. chocolate. come on. easy-peasy. >> don't forget. nbc4's annual food for families campaign is under way. we need your help to provide thanksgiving food baskets for thousands of families, veterans and elderly in our community. >> consider making a secure foe donation online. search food for families. every dollar counts. no amount is too small. we want to help as many people as we can this year. there's also a list of many locations across the region where you can drop off canned and boxed foods to help those who need it this holiday season. >> well, good morning. it's a cold start. you want the warm jacket
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we have temperatures below freezing in some spots. ft. meade at 30 degrees. 42 in manassas. coming up in a minute, we'll look at what to expect for your morning and through the afternoon with rain ahead in the forecast. not today's forecast but we'll show that you coming up. plus, self-driving cars sounds like the future. but it is happening now. we sent transportation reporter adam tuss to see how
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right now on "news4 today," crash and dash. a driver ditches a car after slamming into a building. new details about the critical clue that could help track the person down. >> reporter: i'm adam tuss. what do the beautiful rolling hills and this environment have to do with self-driving cars? a lot more than you think. i'll tell you about new research happening here coming up. she was such a fan shoeft and everything i did. >> plus an emotional return to tv. jimmy fallon is back one week after losing his mother and a surprise guest helps him pay tribute to her. good morning everybody. it's 5:30
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the whole "news4 today" team is here working for you. we begin with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> she's outside on the weather deck right now. you have the coat and the coffee. how does it feel out there? >> i should have the gloves, because my fingers are getting cold. i've been standing out here for a little while. you can see your breath. that's a hint that it's pretty chilly and you need the warm jacket. it's 40 degrees in washington. 30s on the map. 4 gaithersburg. 32 in manassas. ft. meade below freezing. warren ton, the numbers aren't showing up. it's been around 31 degrees. not much of a change with that temperature. as we go through the day today, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures around 53 degrees by this afternoon. we stay nice and dry today. tomorrow, we'll see increasing clouds and then our chance for rain returns and we're also talking about rain for part of u
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let's talk about roads for a bit. >> good morning, take a look at a couple of problems that popped up here. first of all, blue line trains singing tracking between addison and morgan boulevard. the orange line is being delayed because of all that congestion. just allow extra time if you can. bottom of the beltway, looking okay here. brandy wine, 301 at climber drive, flashing traffic lights there. beltway overall, no major issues. aaron? melissa, thank you. a bit of a setback for nasa this morning. >> not for long. the rocket launch won't happen now. chris lawrence at the live desk with more. that's not the end of it, chris. >> no. it's not. we expected to see the new weather satellite being launched into orbit. they had to scrub the launch. there was a last minute technical problem. officials rescheduled it for
5:33 am
the jpss 1 is supposed to be a powerhouse giving meteorologists a lot more information about hurricanes, floods and blizzards. if all goes as planned, it will help you as well because this satellite is supposed to improve the accuracy of forecasts from three to seven days out. tomorrow morning. eun? >> thank you, chris. looking forward to that. it's 5:33. here's a look at other top stories this morning. president trump is headed home after his 12-day tour of asia. he's calling the trip, "tremendously successful." the president said he put the world on notice that the "rules have changed for countries that want to trade with the u.s." donald trump jr. is accusing a congressional committee of leaking conversations he had with wikileaks via twitter. the communications happened before and after the elections. hours after the report, trump jr. released a series of direct messages he says hee
5:34 am
trump jr. down played the messages. we could learn a verdict in the gang-related murder of a 15-year-old girl in fairfax county. the jury started to deliberate yesterday. prosecutors say the 21-year-old stabbed the 15-year-old back in february. they say the murder was revenge for the part reyes had allegedly played in a previous gang killing. the driver who was behind the wheel of a food truck is headed to court toward in loudoun county. he's accused of killing a local mother. that crash also injured her children and their grandmother. prosecutors say tony dane will now face charges of involuntary manslaughter and reckless driving. police want to find the person driving this nissan. pieces of the car were left behind after it crashed into an apartment building. >> this is on dodge park road in the kentland area of prince george's county. the damage was so bad that two families can't go back home
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surveillance video shows the car drive into a parking spot and then slam into a wall yesterday. this was at the kings square apartments. police are still searching for that driver. we have an update now on that officer involved shooting we brought you as breaking news yesterday. they've charged him with intent to sell pcp and carrying a gun. they did not reveal why their officer shot him sunday night. it happened near the officer chased him near the condominiums. the officer is on routine administrative leave. it's been a week since jimmy fallon's mother passed away. last night he made his return to late night. take a look at this special moment that taylor swift shared with fallon during her performance on the show. ♪ hold on to the memories ♪ swift was not scheduled to perform but she wanted to be there. after her performance she gave
5:36 am
mother was his biggest fan and he's going to go on in her honor. >> she was the best audience. she was the one i was always trying to make laugh and she was such a fan of the show and everything i did. i feel so grateful to be able to do this every single night and i'm appreciative of all the support from all of you that my family received over this past week. we're going to continue to work really hard to bring some light and some laughter into the world. thank you for watching. thank you for helping me and my family recover from this loss. mom, i'll never stop trying to make you laugh. i love you. >> such a sweet and lovely tribute to gloria fallon, his mother. she was 68 years old. that little hand movement he did at the hand was a story they shared. when they were little. they would go to the store. she would squeeze his hand three times and that was i love you and he would squeeze it back. 5:37 now.
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new guidelines mean millions more americans have high blood pressure. why the change will help our health. self-driving cars may seem like a futuristic idea. you can find them on virginia's roads. still ahead, we'll check in with a
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first -- with a digital tracking sis tep. it sends a mess tooj a wearable patch when the medicine is taken. doctors will know that a patient has taken his or her medication. the fda says this will be helpful for patients with bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. the american heart association has lowered the targeted blood pressure from 140 over 80 to 130 over 80. the goal is to help fight heart disease and stroke. that means more patients will need medication. but most people will just need to add more exercise and lose weight to control their blood pressure. doctors suggest cutting back on foods with a lot of salt. >> eating more potassium rich vegetables, sweet potatoes and squash can help
5:41 am
>> butter and sugar doesn't help. >> chuck? >> that and cauliflower, way down on my list. gives me the heebie-jeebies. talking about the weekend. the important part of the forecast is the weekend. saturday could be on the rainy side. as it looks now, melissa, we can get the rain out of here early on sunday. >> sounds pretty good. speaking of butternut squash, looks like that color here. talking about problems on orange line delays because of congestion on silver and blue lines. what's happening on silver and blue? we'll talk about it coming up. fighting back. d.c. once of the most infested in country. keepthose rats away.
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what do you get the person that loves to tailgate? ♪ how about a new tailgate. ♪
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♪ ring in the holidays with buick. ♪ discover the new buick and get 20 percent below msrp on all 20-17 enclave leather models. that's over 96 hundred on this enclave leather. ♪
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a local church says prayers and pot don't mix. now it's decision day in a medical marijuana dispensary debate. >> say no. we want fair trade for the united states. >> president trump wrapping up a trip across the world. now he's weighing in on the problems here at home. the car is designed to do this, which is to let me take my hands all the way off of the wheel. >> they're the cars of the future. and this morning we're getting inside. a sneak peek at the future of self-driving cars on our local roads. and the perfect thanksgiving treat. a look at the stretch pants leaving room for two desserts. [ laughter ] 15 before the hour right now. right now, president trump is on his way home af
5:46 am
to asia. this morning, he's also teasing a major statement when he gets back to the states. >> tracie potts is live on capitol hill. tracie, do we know what the statement will focus on? >> he's given us a hint. he wants to talk about trade and what he focused on during the trip was upside down trade with a number of nations that he wants to correct. the president said before he left manila, he's bringing home $300 billion of that could triple. we may get more details on that when he comes home. he has a full agenda dealing with tax reform, the sexual misconduct charges against roy moore and more piling on to that and other issues including his son and the latest reports of an ongoing conversation during the campaign with wikileaks. so he's got a lot to deal with once he gets back. but the president -- we've gotten notes from our own folks traveling with him on air force one. this morning, still
5:47 am
about trade and what he says was a great trip and relationships built with a number of world leaders. >> tracie potts on capitol hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. 5:47 now. now the prince george's county council will decide where to allow a medical marijuana dispensary. >> some residents in temple hills don't want the dispensary in their neighborhood. >> not in our neighborhood. >> these residents and members of a local church say pot and prayer don't mix. they don't want a dispensary to set up shop next to the connect church in temple hills. not far from joint base and drus. demonstrators are concerned about public safety and the fact that there are so many family activities nearby. >> i'm just concerned that it's not a good fit for my neighborhood. and that there's a time and place for everything. i believe there's a better place for those to fit in county. >> keep an eye on the nbc washito
5:48 am
council today. manage your garbage cans. district leaders say it's one of the simple things you can do to keep rats away from homes or businesses. yuck. d.c. mayor muriel bowser walked the streets and alice of dupont circle yesterday to see the problem firsthand. >> once these bins are overflowing, they're in violation. it probably means they need more frequent pickups at this location. it may also mean and the reason why i asked about these gates, i want to make sure these are the only people using those dumpsters. >> the d.c. department of held sprays underground and fines businesses and homeowners who don't keep a lid on their trash. so far this year, the district has received more than 5,000 complaints about rats. to see how many complaints your neighborhood has, go to the nbc washington app and search rats. pretty soon, it's going to
5:49 am
neighborhoods while visiting your friends or family. the change will likely be approved by the montgomery county council. it will give homeowners a second visitors parking pass. if they live near a school or metro station or in any of the nearly 3 dozen communities with restricted residential parking. particularly common in bethesda, rockville and silver springs. the county council set to change the rules to make it easier for them to limit parking restrictions in their neighborhood. >> now to a story only on news 4. press a button and your car drives for you. if you think that sounds far fechld, we have something to show you this morning. adam tuss has been rolling around in cars like that for two days now. >> he is at virginia tech this morning in blacksburg at a top research center to show us the latest and greatest in self-driving car technology. what have you learned, adam? >> reporter: such cool stuff, guys. good tuesday morning from blacksburg. this is one of the top
5:50 am
facilities in the world now here in blacksburg. you take a look at what's being done here. it's really easy to see why. watch this. >> the car is designed to do this. to let me take my hands all the way off. >> reporter: this is technology that's so brand new, only a handful of news crews have seen it. press a button and the car lets you know that it's in control and it does the work. when you need to take back control of the situation, the car will tell you. >> here in a second, you'll see transfer control back to me. >> reporter: this is where we're headed with our vehicle. cars that can talk to other vehicles, talk to traffic signals, talk to the road to make sure we're moving about safely. >> some people aren't ready for it. they refuse to believe that this day is coming. what would you say to those people? >> well, the day is coming. it's definitely on its way. >> a disneyland of
5:51 am
technology gets a workout daily at the virginia tech transportation institute. highways and major roads a focus, yes. but now researchers even want to see how the vehicles handle rural roads. they're now building a smart rural road as a test track. >> where we're not yet is having fully autonomous vehicles that drive themselves under every circumstance. >> reporter: being planned for the next generation of vehicles. the guy in the car seat costume, the whole thing with the research, and people wanted to react to a car that looked like it didn't have a driver. guess what? i found him. next hour at 6:00, you'll hear from the guy in the car seat costume. stick around for that. next hour at 6:00. >> how can we forget. i'm with the news, dude. adam, when are we going to be able to press a button and the car does all the driving for us? is that in the near
5:52 am
>> reporter: that's the magic question, right, eun? what we've learned, it's not like you flip a switch and that happens. it's layers of automation. until we get to the point where we can just press the button. it's going to be a gradual change rather than just flipping on the switch. >> already seen self-parking. got to grow from that. >> i don't want all of a sudden someone else triedriving for me. live for us in blacksburg, virginia. thank you, adam. >> unless you're in the back seat and there's a sedan driver with a nice -- >> i mean, i think we've heard a lot of the stories go pretty wrong pretty quick. >> you're not going to do a self-driving car. >> not ever. i don't trust it. >> we could get into this day and age where they hover and drive themselves. >> beam me up. >> a little scary that the cars will be driving themselves and we'll be replaced by robots too.
5:53 am
easy. >> we're going to be out of a job soon. if you're heading out this morning, it is on the colder side. we have a lot of 30s on map. if you are standing at the bus stop, warm jacket. we've been telling you this for quite a few days now. wait until you see, next week's temperatures, you will want to keep the warm jacket around. the commute looks good. dry roads. recess, chilly and dry. this afternoon looks good for the kids. you just want that warmer jacket for the morning hours. it's 40 degrees right now, washington. we have thin clouds, low cloud cover. but that's really about it. we're going to see a mix of sun and clouds. here's the temperatures. manassas at freezing. that number was below freezing. around 31 degrees. it's 32 ft. meade. 34 gaithersburg. 40 degrees lorton. 40 quantico. fredericksburg close to freezing at 33 degrees. we're nice and dry there. there you see some of the cloud cover. as far as rain is concerned, we don't have it until early thursday morning. maybe very late wednesday. the cold air
5:54 am
south. if you are exercising today. we'll be below normal for this time of the year. by 7:00 a.m., upper 30s. by 5:00 p.m., once the sun goes down, we'll get back into the low 50s or upper 40s. here's future weather, dry today, dry tomorrow. the rain moves in. as we go into wednesday night and early thursday morning. so that's the time frame we're going to be watching for a few showers across the area. not a big deal. your weekend, we'll have more rain, blustery, colder. next week, highs in the 40s. watching thanksgiving day closely. let's check your roads now with melissa mollet. >> good morning, sheena. a couple of things on the rails here. again on the blue line, still single tracking between addison road and morgan boulevard for late clearing work. on the silver line, trains running between wheelie and stadium armory. because of all of this, the orange line seeing delays because of the extra
5:55 am
chopper 4 over bw parkway at powder mill road. northbound and southbound, again in brandy wine, 301, still the flashing traffic lights. beltway, overall, looking good. we'll take a look at the travel times coming up. the challenge started off yesterday in manassas city. >> the fighting words. remember from that one firefighter. >> that's right. >> the gauntlet has been thrown down now from manassas to d.c. in our firefighter cookoff. >> molette green joins us from fire station in d.c. with the next leg of our cookoff challenge. molette, what do you have? >> we're in southwest d.c. at engine 13 here with chris and jason. they're doing it up. beef and broccoli and egg rolls this morning. so they're bringing the heat here in the kitchen. they've got t f
5:56 am
twirler. lex i duda. doing her thing outside. oh, man, she's going to be competing in norway in the spring. she's one to watch. a local gal. d.c. fired up to win bragging rights. you ready? >> i'm ready. >> it's coming up in the next hour of "news4 today." back to you guys. >> can't wait to see what it looks like. >> thank you, molette. you ever push yourself away from the table at thanksgiving dinner, wonder if that button is going to hold? >> no. you have to wear the stretch i pants at thanksgiving dinner. >> who wears a button to thanksgiving dinner? you are getting it all wrong. people at stove top stuffing. they have created the thanksgiving dinner pants. they have an over the belly stretchy pants. a pocket.
5:57 am
biscuits with you. this is to handle the ever expanding turkey belly that you often experience at thanksgiving. >> just stretch the waistband rather than pop the button. >> if you need them, you may still have time to order them. they cost you 20 bucks. >> i mean, genius. let me tell you, i have might have stretch pants ready. wear a button to the thanksgiving dinner. amateur. a cup of coffee has more impact on your health than you think. balance of power up for grabs. where the key to virginia elections stand now. a woman attacked near a university campus. the information that could help catch the suspect. a food truck driver due in court today accused of running a stop sign and striking a family station wagon killing a mother inside. i'm justin finch. and we're live with a look at the charges.
5:58 am
5:59 am
food truck tra
6:00 am
the big day in court. christmas cha ching. forget about the sleigh bells ringing. stores want to hear the cash register chinging. how they want to get you in the door with no merchandise at all. the thought of being inside a brick and mortar store gives me the hives. thinking about the crowds and the -- >> i like the decorations. i have an out of body experience when i'm in those places. i can't focus. >> whatever the people who buy commercial time, whatever you want to do. the stores are open. >> you're such a company man. >> good job. >> pull your chip card out. that sound. cold again. >> who said it could be cold in november? after our record tying low


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