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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 17, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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cause of the fire. you can download our nbc washington app. we'll be updating you throughout the morning. back to you. >> meagan, thank you. also developing this morning, a citywide manhunt is under way in baltimore for the person who killed a police officer. detective shawn suiter was shot in the head while i was investigating a murder wednesday night. >> he died yesterday surrounded by his wife and five children. there is now a $169,000 reward for information that leads to the killer's arrest and conviction. baltimore's police commissioner says he's counting on neighbors to speak up. >> we are absolutely certain that the community will step up again and stand with the baltimore police department to bring this heartless, ruthless, soulless killer to justice. >> police believe the suspect may be injured in some way, but they did not elaborate. we've learned scammers may
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trying to profit off your compassion. the detective's family says they're not behind any of those pages. president trump is going after senator al franken after an l.a. radio host accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her. take a look at this photo. it appears to show franken grabbing the breast of a sleeping tweeden before he was elect today the senate. in a tweet, the president called the senator frankenstein and questioned whether franken did anything else to the woman. franken apologized and tweeden accepted it. several joined their colleagues and called for an ethics investigation. >> the allegations are so specific that they have some real credibility. senator franken's own statement and response doesn't deny it. >> unwanted sexual advances are never okay and never funny. >> senator franken says he would welcome an
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alabama senate candidate roy moore still fighting sexual misconduct charges of his own. this morning, according to a fox news poll, he trails doug jones by eight points. alabama's republican party is standing by moore despite national calls for him to drop out of the race. president trump believes voters should decide. the vote scheduled for next month. a fairfax county teacher remains on leave while they investigate an incident that happened on wednesday. a veteran teacher at lake braddock high school pulled off a student's hijab. the teacher says he was trying to remove a hoodie that was over the hijab. the student is angry and embarrassed. principal thomas says the actions were inappropriate and unacceptable. many students agree but don't believe the teacher's intentions we
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>> the reason was he was going for the hood and not because she's muslim or wearing a hijab. >> however, many see it as an attack on muslim women that cannot be tolerated. the school apologized to the family and says the school values diversity. in western culture, hijab refers to a woman's head scarf. it's observing modesty in general. they don't have to wear it around women or male family members. many tend to consider it a cultural symbol and not a religious obligation. the highly anticipated museum of the bible opens in the district. we took you inside for the first on camera look a few weeks ago. the building sits three blocks from the u.s. capitol. it's funded by the family behind hobby lobby.
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the book, not the faith. some question it and question the authenticity of some of the museum's artifacts. people are sleeping outside for a good cause. >> justin finch took part in this effort to draw attention to youth homelessness. justin, how did you sleep? how did you do? >> eun, good morning. i'm sure aaron can attest to this. it's not an easy sleep. here is how and where i did t a few cardboard boxes and a sleeping bag here and my photographer, matt murray loaned me a redskins blanket. it was not much in the gusting wind. it's all for a really good cause. taking part in a nationwide effort to raise money to help homeless youth. i can tell you, these people still bundled up right now at this moment helped to raise more than $140,000 here for covet house
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the work is continuing. every single day they're housing more than 100 young people and oftentimes they're children as well. they have done so since 1995 helping to aid thousands of young people and trans ix them out of homelessness. i want to go over and reach out to one of the people who slept out overnight this morning. i see marty rogers. he's up and at 'em. marty, it was a cold night. how did do you? >> pretty rough. pretty rough. but it was a great night. lots of fellowship. lots of folks out here trying to make a difference in the community. realizing we're one community. >> what's said often is people like you are sleeping out one night for youth homelessness so the youth don't have to sleep out here. how did you feel doing what you did and knowing where the money goes? >> it's really our chance to fulfill a covenant, a promise to those kids
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and really to -- i just left really humbled and inspired by what the young people have endured and what the staff are doing day in and day out 24/7 to make a difference in their lives. if we can raise just a little bit of money to make a difference, it means a lot. >> marty, thank you so much. still work to be done here. their goal is $175,000. they're just shy of that. you can donate going into next week. we have ways to do that on our nbc washington app. we're live in northeast, justin finch. news 4. back to you in the studio. >> really, it's an eye-opening. a humbling experience. i can't wait to hear more about how you got through the night. we want to get another check on your weather and traffic right now. >> a look at the roads with melissa in a second. first sheena parveen with bitter cold temperatures that will
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>> hey, guys. yes, it is colder outside than yesterday morning in some spots. remember, yesterday morning saying that it's relatively mild kparld to the morning before. but now we have temperatures in the low 40s which are quickly dipping into the 30s. 39 gaithersburg. 37 winchester and 45 in the district. we have a little bit of a breeze. the breeze is actually making it feel like the 30s. for many suburbs, temperatures will be dropping into the 30s. the mid to upper 30s. by lunchtime today, only the mid-40s. it's going to be a chilly day to end out the week. we'll talk more about the rain coming up. let's talk about the roads on this finally friday. >> taking a look at a couple of problems happening. the first one is this one in manassas. this is a crash investigation. all lanes block university boulevard at horn baker road. the other one we had, this one in centerville, it's just
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28 on to westfield. this is looking a lot better and now gone. that is the good news here. downtown rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. alternating through that work zone this morning. the beltway is rolling along just fine. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. talk about being in the right place at the right time. why a local teacher might not be here today if it weren't for her students' parents. >> change the way people commute. who thinks the purple line could have an effect on riders help. the tweet a national agency ngnt out demandi president
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welcome back at 4:41. in news for your health, if you get tired of sifting at your desk, you're not alone. people want to sit less and walk more while at work. most people spend 3/4 of their workday sitting. that's according to a german study. they want to spend 26 minutes more a day standing and 45 more minutes walking. so my question is, how -- i guess can we do our job walking around? i guess aaron can. parents jump into action at a back to school night in loudoun county. [ laughter ] >> you're throwing me off. >> they're having a fit
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now in the newsroom. >> she's calling us right now. sit down! >> this is a cool story. >> right. a teacher -- if it weren't for the quick thinking of parents, she may not have made it. >> joanna bean is back in the classroom in ashburn. it was back in august, her heart suddenly stopped. parents trained in cpr and armed with a defibrillator and helped her until emts got there. >> the earlier that day i was alone in my classroom and it was the perfect timing. if it had to happen, it needed to happen then when jeremy and megan could save me. >> she has fully recovered. she's thankful for the nurse and to the parents who helped save her life. i'm sure her little people are glad she's okay too. >> thank goodness they were there. you have to be so grateful that people were there at the right time. you are going to notice a big difference when you walk outside today.
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parveen. >> yes, it is. a little breeze outside is making it feel like the 30s. that's how it's going to feel as we a proefrp the 7:00 and 8:00 hour. actual temperatures around 40 degrees at that time. we have rain for the weekend. we'll talk about the timing straight ahead. the new warning after a rash of home burglaries in our area. how can we think the thieves are gegt inside
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ok, i gotta run... hey wait. there's something i need to tell you. dang. dang. dang. dang. daaaang. see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. aside from the temperatures we have right now which are feeling like the 30s, we're also talking about rain heading our way. coming up, i'll break down the timing and another cold day across your weekend straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena. the latest wave of sexual
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misconduct allegations centers on a sitting u.s. senator. >> senator al franken is accused of forcibly kissing and groping a woman in 2006. tracie potts is live on capitol hill for us. democrats and republicans are calling for an ethics investigation here. what should that look like? >> so is al franken. he wants the ethics committee to look into his conduct that he's apologizing for. what would that look like? lawmakers would evaluate their own, essentially determining if back in 2006 on a uso tour he did anything wrong. in the statement, he apologizes and he talks extensively about this photo that the accuser released where he appears to be groping her. she also talks about him groping and forcibly kissing her while she was awake. she was apparently asleep in the photo. bottom line, he's apologizing for his behavior, making no
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the outcome could be censure or kicked out of the senate. but that hasn't happened since the 1860s. >> what -- >> he calls him al frankenstein. the apartment asking what he was doing in that photo. he was lecturing about sexual misconduct when they were consumed with the roy moore situation. accused of sexual misconduct in alabama. the president tweeting about this overnight. he hasn't come out publicly and made a statement or a comment or any questions about the moore situation. >> all right. tracie potts on the hill. tracie, thank you. there was strange activity on the pentagon's official twitter account yesterday. someone using the account retweeted a post that called for president trump to resign. alabama senate candidate roy moore to end his campaign and for senator al franken to resign from congress. the post was quickly
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someone authorized to use the account, quote, erroneously retweeted content that would not be endorsed by the department of defense. today, the man who admitted to murdering a yoga instructor on christmas. duane johnson pleaded guilty and -- johnson climbed into her car last december and then choked and sexually assaulted her. she was reported missing when she didn't show up at a christmas dinner. her body was found in her car in d.c. the man accused of killing his pregnant girlfriend will face maryland's most severe penalties. they will seek life in prison with no chance of parole for tyler tessier. he's accused of shooting laura wall en in the back of the head. she was 14 weeks pregnant with their child. he was living a double life and romantically involved with other women. the trial will begin in april t
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that's how police describe a group of thieves. several people, one holding a toddler who targeted a jewelry store in falls church. look at the left hand your screen. the safe is open and she's able to take jewels, gold and close to $200,000 in cash. police believe they may have struck before in other states. >> it was very planned and coordinated. they worked together to try and distract and steal. >> police are still searching for the seven suspects in this heist. they believe they could still be in the area staying at a hotel. a scary series of burglaries in fairfax county has people on edge. somebody is stealing garage door openers and breaking into homes. you can see the homes are close together on this map. that leads police to believe the incidents are related. another the same time on thursday morning. two homes in -- inhr
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cases, the homeowner caught the man inside the house going through items. megan mcgrath is headed to fair actionnd the res ton area and tell you how to prevent this from happening in your house. >> the purple line, a university of maryland researcher is looking whether the light rail line will make people more physically active. previous studies found people that live near light rail lines are healthier because they often walk or bike to and from the transit stop. focus groups are being formed ahead of the purple line opening to see before and after results. the purple line set to be completed in 2022. if you're somebody who likes to star gaze a bit, look up at the sky. these next two mornings are just for you. if you look up before dawn, you'll be able to see the annual leonid meteor shower. this happens every year when there's a debris stream of particles. the best place to see it, away
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obstruction. it can be difficult in the city. if you're out in the sticks, it's a good place to be. >> it could be space junk flying by. >> i thought you were calling me space junk. >> decent weather to see it. partly cloudy but tomorrow it will be way different. tonight pretty good. that leads us into a chilly afternoon. we stay dry. that's why sky conditions will be okay later on tonight. we have rain approaching through the weekend. mostly late saturday and we're talking overnight and blustery into sunday. good news about next week. thanksgiving looks good. travel weather looks good right now. i'll show you that in a bit. 40 degrees in washington. actually, this is a feels-like temperature. feels like 40 degrees. rest of the area feeling like the 30s.
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gaithersburg feels like freeze will. breeze outside. making a pretty big difference with the numbers. 35 clinton, 36 manassas. nice and dry outside on radar and satellite. we have more clouds to the north and west. we have a nice storm system from the north and west. that will be here this weekend. here's a look at future weather. here we stay dry. tomorrow we start on the dry side. you will notice more clouds around to start your saturday. rain up to the north and west here. then we could have a couple showers to squeeze in, in the afternoon. most of it comes saturday night. that's 11:00 p.m. that's the cold front approaching. we could have a few quick moderate areas moving through. for sunday, it clears out and we're windy, colder and take a look at that. the computer model giving us enough cold air to bring in snow over the elevations of west virginia. we'll be watching that closely. it's going to be a blustery one for sunday. your entire week, forecast breakdown, for saturday, start mostly cloudy. by 5:00 p.m.,
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60 degrees. that's the warm side ahead of cold front. for sunday, the rain starts to clear. blustery in the afternoon, a high of 61. it will be feeling colder with that wind. two very different days going on this weekend. for monday and tuesday, we're dry to start the week. coming up in a bit, we'll look at the extended forecast. we'll talk about thanksgiving travel and what you can expect for thanksgiving day. let's check the roads on this friday. hopefully not too bad, melissa. >> not too bad. we have this closure in manassas. university boulevard at horn baker road. all lanes shut down. you can get around this. just a warning. if you're head thad way this morning. that happens around 11:30. no word on when they'll be reopening. 66 looks okay. so does 95 here in virginia. no big problems there. if you're looking up above the beltway here, you can see route 1, bw parkway, 29, 95. everything there is looking good
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when you look at 270, no big issues from 70 down to spur. going to take you 25 minutes to -- if you're headed out of town up to 70, also looking nice and clear. eun? >> melissa, thank you. planning your day is about to get easier for uber riders. the new service being offered to help you get around town. the story all metro users don't want to miss. how your hair could delay your train. a warning if you're flying with the kids this holiday season. what you need to know before you take of
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really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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food for families campaign is under way. it provides thanksgiving food baskets for thousands of families, elderly in our community. if would you like to make a donation, go to and search food for families. every dollar counts and no amount too small t all really helps folks. we have a list of places you can drop off things as well. nearly 4 million americans are getting ready to fly to destinations next week and today the tsa is getting ready for them. the agency is doing a show and tell event at reagan national. they'll be demonstrating what foods can be carried on to the plane versus what needs to be checked in. that will also highlight what other items are allowed past security
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take your famous stuffing or pumpkin pie. you have to be allowed to take that on. >> sadly, fruitcake can go through. we are working to help you get your little ones safely in the skies when flying this season. >> even though kids under the age of two are allowed to sit on their parents' lap, a lot of experts recommend taking car seats. unexpected turbulence can jostle anyone or anything unsecured. >> things are hitting the ceiling, things are flying all over the aircraft. we don't want the most precious cargo to be that object. >> major brands like -- have seats that can be taken on to airplanes. all car seats have a label on the side stating in red letters if they can be used for air travel. there's a smaller easily transportable option. the faa approved the care harness. this converts to plane lab belts into a harness. >> that does help. booster seats a
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uber is trying to avoid sticker shock when you take a ride. if you schedule a ride more than an hour in advance, the app will tell you how much it will cost rather than an estimate. >> listen to this. >> if you're looking for a twie spice up your thanksgiving dinner this year, how about a flaming hot cheetos turkey? no, stop. it is a real thing. >> wait a minute. >> reynolds kitchen posted the recipe for this dish online. there are seven steps. in the end, you have a bright red turkey ready to pair it with all of your classic thanksgiving fixings. the hot cheetos are not your thing -- people really love these hot cheetos. they can mimic the crusted turkey effect with ranch doritos -- >> i think it's so good. >> we want to know what you think. head over to the nbc washington facebook p
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you'll be trying this. >> maybe for a decoration. the turkey that sits out. i don't know if i'd eat that thing. >> no. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news. a senior center up in flames. we have the latest on this fast moving fire. plus, home invasion warning. a string of burglaries exposes a scary way criminals are breaking in. what to know to make sure you're not the next target. every night homeless youth in the d.c. area are sleeping out on the streets and overnight. several dozen people did so in their stead so they would not have to. i'm justin finch live at sleepout d.c. 2017. a metro mess.


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