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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 21, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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missing pieces can be tied to later crimes. stolen guns are a big part of a growing problem. >> tracking the numbers and guns recovered during violent crimes. >> first at 6:00, burglary crews smashing their way into gun stores across the country. these break-ins are on the rise and guns are turning up on our streets. we follow the trail from one crew robbing stores in virginia to another gun at a murder scene. see what they did. >> i don't know what we do if this got in the wrong hands. >> they protect our streets with a badge and a gun. sometimes they lose the guns. they've uncovered hundreds of guns, more than a dozen local departments and one ended up at a local high school. >> we don't know what the person's intent was. you always think,
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i-team investigation. see what gun owners can do to protect their guns from being used in violent crimes. >> police departments are considering doing to keep their guns from becoming missing pieces. that breaking news. a behemoth fire with area homes and businesses. you see the flames here. it could be a while before crews get this under control after we've learned what's fueling the flames. a virginia bus driver and aide accused of assaulting a boy with autism. not once but twice. now the school district is responding. >> but first, whether it's by train, plain or automobile, we're helping you get ready for traveling. it's 5:01. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. we're helping you and your family get to where you're goi
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kicking off our team coverage with sheena parveen. sheena, how is it feeling outside? >> it's cold outside, eun, as we both know. walking in this morning. if you are about to hit the road, the good news is we're nice and dry. extra assurance for you. travel does look good across the northeast. even the mid-atlantic. a couple of trouble spots. if you're heading farther south, we'll talk about that in a couple of minutes. it's 32 in leesburg. the little bit of a breeze we have is making it feel colder. it's 33 in manassas. 29 in lorton. 42 degrees in quantico. as you are stepping outside this morning, by 8:00 a.m., around 40 degrees. it's going to be chilly to start your day. milder this afternoon. chuck is up in a minute with a look at your travel forecast. see if the roads are getting busy out there. >> good morning. taking a look at the roads, sheena, you can see the beltway is rolling along nicely. a lot of normal roadwork will be shut down for the thanksgiving
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southbound 395, the ramp to quaker lane still has the three-vehicle crash blocking the ramp this morning. as we widen out a little bit, the repairs under way there. edsel road between south whiting lane. the water main should be out of the way by noon. live look at 95. northbound here at prince william parkway. looking okay. normal volume headed northbound. melissa, thank you. we want to check in with news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss. >> reporter: he's in laurel right now. how is the traffic moving? >> reporter: who is ready for some fun? who is ready for some thanksgiving travel fun? i know you both are, aaron and eun. out here not too bad right now. things looking pretty good on 95 in this particular section of maryland. it is early of course. aaa has said today is the worst travel day before thanksgiving. for so long, it was wednesday.
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they've pointed out where the worst spots to get stuck in traffic is. that is going to be 95 in the fredericksburg area. if you have driven through there at any point, you know how tough of a ride it is. they're saying that particular spot, if you are headed to a place like north carolina, southern virginia, that's where you're going to run into the most traffic. now take a listen to aaa as they talk about tuesday becoming the new wednesday. >> tuesday is now the new wednesday in terms of travel. people used to leave on wednesday. now to get a jump on traffic, they're leaving on tuesday. don't be surprised if in a few years people start leaving on monday. >> reporter: yeah. we'll see the earlier and earlier. some people, frankly, have gotten out of town because it's so tough. why is tuesday the new wednesday? really today, guys, we got a lot of people who are still working. that rush hour commute mixes with people who are coming up
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get thanksgiving travel fun. deep breath, we'll all get through it, right? >> right. deep breaths. >> adam, thank you. 5:05 now. we're keeping an eye on flight delays also. this is a live look at flight aware delay tracker. so far so good at reagan national, dulles and bwi marshall t there are delays in philly. no other significant delays at any airports you might be jetting off to. for a closer look at what you face across the country weatherwise, want to check in with chuck bell. >> he's at union station this morning. good morning, chuck. what are you seeing out there? any bad weather? >> reporter: very quiet weather in washington today. that's excellent news and quiet weather down the eastern seaboard. that's also very good news. greeting people as they come in, in various spots. one from pittsburgh. they said it was chilly in pittsburgh. they
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one of the ways you can do this, you can stay ahead of the weather using our nbc washington app. just go to the app store and download it and search nbc washington. you'll be able to find our travel app. that will allow you to find out more about travel weather where you're going. we'll have a check of the travel forecast around the country coming up in a few more minutes. for now, back into the warm, comfy studio. >> thank you, mr. bell. even if there are not significant delays, keep in mind, there will be a lot of extra people. the airports near us are some of the busiest in the country. >> when comparing the number of passengers and number of flights, reagan national is expected to be the 25th busiest this week. dulles ranked 23rd busiest. bwi marshall comes in just ahead. bwi marshall is trying to make it -- the airport is offering free parking for the first hour in hourly
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the arrivals area will be less congested. shuttle, taxis and ride sharing vehicles will now have to pick up and drop off passengers on the departure level. all these changes will be in effect through mid january. >> the hope is that this will create an atmosphere will people move through more quickly and smoothly. >> especially from now all the way through the christmas holidays. only after january. they're going to try to make that smoother. >> do you have the pre -- >> i went down to the airport and did my interview. >> it's like a whole new world. >> the next step is global entry. >> i have that. >> you do? >> i haven't used it yet. >> union station is expected to get busy as travelers head out of town. a lot of people will take the rails, not just drive and take planes. >> we're going to try to take a look at what the travel situation is like on the rails in a second. of course, we want to let you know that we are wor
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and warnings all week long. download the nbc washington app if you don't already have it. we'll send you alerts about closures and delays no matter where you are or where you're going. breaking news at 5:08. details on the massive fire in michigan. >> massive is right. when you take a look at this thing burning, basically late monday night, a high pressure gas line exploded in a suburb of detroit left neighbors stunned and wondering what happened. our sister station spoke with consumer's energy says they've shut down the line. right now they're allowing the fire to burn itself out. no one has been injured. but witnesses say that sound was so deafening, it could be heard up to a quarter of a mile away. eun,
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>> developing story on "news4 today." back at home, we're getting a unique view of a house fire in prince george's county. a firefighter captured these flames as they rolled up to the scene. the flames on top of the garage. it tore through the home on mchenry lane. capturing the was minutes later as they tried to douse the hotspots. monday's fire in the chimney and spread to the garage. a local funeral home shut down. taking advantage of grieving families. the funeral home in northwest d.c. is named in a lawsuit. filed a suit that's alleging the business charged grieving families for services it did not provide. d.c.'s attorney general says the funeral home is operating without a license. the funeral home says it's not making a statement about this case. all remains moved to the office of the chief medical examiner. >> one of three missing teens from prin
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been found. police say thomas, the girl in the middle of your screen here has been found. they say she was found safe in d.c. however, ashley leem is and kamar i can't wright are missing. they say the young women may have been in a silver honda crv. >> they really do make those sounds, the turkeys. >> today is one of the few presidential acts. just about everyone can agree on. pardoning the national turkey. the president will carry on with tradition, pardoning drumstick or wish bone at the white house. usually he does both. the 70th anniversary of the event and holidays have arrived early at the executive mansion. here you're seeing mel anya tru -- mel anya trump. after the pardon, they will travel to
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holiday at mar-a-lago in florida. >> they live this luxurious -- i-team report all on your own. come back all happy and full. >> feathers coming out of my mouth. 5:11 our time. chilly out there. that won't last for long today is what i'm trying to say. >> very good. >> we'll give aaron some tums and he'll be just fine. >> it is chilly to start off your tuesday morning. as you are commuting, if you're hitting the roads for travel, especially nice and dry out there. we'll take a look at the rest of the thanksgiving forecast coming up. a major news network anchor suspended. the latest person to be implicat implicated. a growing sex scandal rocking the country. a pilot makes a belly landing at a
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welcome back at 5:14. union station is expected to get really busy as holiday travelers head out of town. >> justin finch continues team coverage with a live look from there
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for trains and buses. justin? >> hey there, aaron, eun. we're here with the early risers this morning at union station. take a look. the gates are not crowded just yet. looking to my right here. there are even no lines, no long lines here at starbucks yet. if you are traveling by train or bus. this is the time to leave to beat the expected crowd that are set to come this afternoon. alexander and victoria potts are doing that this morning. they're on the way to new york city. have to ask you, did you plan this strategically to leave early? >> absolutely, sir. we're looking forward to getting a rush on the travel and getting to new york city bright and early this morning. >> thousands of people traveling via trains and buses. you're among that group. what are you doing to brace yourself for that onslaught? >> i think this -- what was the question? >> how do you prepare yourself for the crowds coming your way? >> you know, i think we're pret
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so we're used to it now. >> we've got a pretty good agenda for the day. check out rockefeller center, do some ice skating, hit central park. have a nice time. >> thank you so much for joining us. the potts' are doing it just right, leaving early, beating the rush. hundreds of people leaving early. >> smart passengers. leaving early. thank you justin finch much. fairfax county police want people to keep out for abuse of children with autism. this comes after two public school employees were arrested for assault. school bus driver james duffy iii and aide edmond bailey are accused of assaulting the 11-year-old boy twice in one week. police say the incidents happened last month. a staff member witnessed the second assault and intervened. duffy is on administrative leave and bailey resigned. a
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public schools says their actions "do not reflect the expectations of fscs or the dedication of the employees who care deeply of all students especially those most vulnerable." 5:17 now. veteran television host charlie rose will not be on the air today. he has been suspended from cbs news as well as pbs amid sexual harassment allegations. eight women who worked with rose or wanted to work with him have told the "washington post" that rose made unwanted advances toward them. the reporter who broke the story says on twitter that her inbox is flooded with more women who are speaking up. rose has apologized for his behavior saying that he is "greatly embarrassed" however he says that not all of the accusations are accurate. it's 5:17. now to an incredible video you'll only see on news 4. this is really worth watching. take a look.
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plane without any working landing gear. the pilot circled the runway at st. mary's airport for more than 90 minutes yesterday before deciding he had to go for t he landed the plane on its belly. listen to the radio calls from st. mary's calling dispatchers after they learned the pilot was in trouble. >> what are the indications. we have a crash or what? >> sounds like a hung landing gear. >> after landing, look at that. the pilot, anthony james ka posey, gets out of the plane and stands there waiting for firefighters. no big deal. i made an emergency landing on the small plane's belly. didn't crash. the crane was used to remove the plane from the runway. >> pilot circled the airport for all that time to burn off fuel and avoid an explosion. exactly the way you're supposed to do it. >> very experienced. to stay
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makes a difference. >> he was like hey. >> he was like, hey. all this week on news 4, we're visiting local families to try favorite holiday dishes. >> yesterday, aaron and i tried the broccoli cheese rice casserole. today, melissa and chris are doing the turkey. >> had an opportunity to head to leesburg to make mashed potato stuffing. >> one word describes this recipe. yum. >> all right. >> the mashed potato recipe is my grand mothers. i spent a lot of time with her. you could smell that stuffing coming in the door. my grandmother loved the thanksgiving dinner. it starts with mashed potatoes, it then has bread and other stuffing ingredients and it goes inside the turkey. it's not a dressing. >> it goes on the side. >> right. >> mashed potatoes in the
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mashed potatoes, however you want to make them. then what? >> you take your loaf of bread, stir it up. >> like you're feeding a duck. >> exactly. then you need to chop your onion and celery fine. i do think that the bread is what absorbs a lot of the juices from the turkey itself. you want to beat your eggs. >> this is just you kind of make it cohesive, right? >> exactly. >> two or three pieces of poultry seasoning. >> you're going to stir that and stuff your bird. cook it according to your directions. >> wow. mashed potato stuffing. >> now we get to enjoy the fruits of our labor. >> so hot. >> i can see this. it tastes like
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potatoes and the average bread stuffing. >> i've never heard such a thing. you mix the mashed potatoes. >> i saw a note from the executive producer. >> talk about the stuffing. i felt like i had pitched like eight innings. i'm going to town mashing up the breadcrum breadcrumbs, my shoulder is hurting. melissa is sitting over there with her chop, chop, chop. >> i have to try that. >> let me check in with sheena parveen to get the forecast. >> i don't feel bad at all for chris' shoulder hurting. i don't know if anybody else does. >> it looks really good. i'll have to get the recipe. >> making things for thanksgiving. if you're doing any last minute shopping. maybe it wouldn't be last minute for you. today is only tuesday. i'll show you that forecast. if you are running to the grocery store in a second, good news this
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drive for holiday travel. colder temperatures for thanksgiving. dry for black friday shoppers. we're actually going to get out there and go shopping. feels like the 30s. >> feels like 29 degrees. feels like 34 in washington. 31 dulles. 37 is what it feels like in quantico. clemson below freezing at 30 degrees. if you are running to the grocery store for thanksgiving shopping, 9:00 a.m. >> you want the jackets, chilly about the mid to low 40s. if you are heading there, dry roads by 4:00 p.m. upper 50s. here's a look across the northeast and into new england. we're looking at dry conditions. only problem spot around florida. as we go through the day. we start to see rain approaching very late tonight and into early wednesday. we'll be watching that. before sunrise -- it's going to get colder. let's see how the roads
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good morning, melissa. >> we're going to take a lock at 95. all of the routes franking 95. they're also rolling along nicely. 95 in virginia. nice and smooth as well. stuck around through the thanksgiving holiday. 66 into town out of town. no big problems there. as we zoom in southbound, 395 the ramp to quaker lane. we had a crash blocking the ramp. the beltway is just fine. guys? >> thank you, melissa. >> it's an iconic location santa visits every yeefrmt may see flagship store in new york. if you plan to visit the big apple this year, there's one thing you must do in order for yo
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5:26. you know what time of season
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north pole soon. >> if you want to see santa inside the flagship in macy's, you need to make an appointment. >> wow. >> for the first time macy's is requiring appointments to give santa your wish list. >> macy's says the new arrangement is meant to cut down on wait times. families can sign up online to get on to santa's calendar. >> i look at my calendar, imagine santa is a thousand times worse than mine. santa will be at the flagship store from thanksgiving to christmas eve. sign up early is my advice. have a very -- the hat that president trump wants to see under everybody's tree and it sticker shock that comes with it. dangerous encounter at the
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gave children nightmares and made parents change their morning routine. what police want you to know about a flasher showing up near local schools. a roadside scare and a narrow escape. yikes. the danger to watch out for on the roads before you head out on your holiday get away. holiday hack. the political present that could get -- could be a re
5:31 am
buster. for a lot of folks, today is get away day. good morning everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. i am eun yang. if you are hitting the roads today for the thanksgiving holiday, you are not going to be the only one. there will be thousands of your closest friends all over the roads with you. >> we have team coverage on your weather and traffic. meteorologist chuck bell out at union station this morning. let's start, though, with sheena parveen on the storm team 4 weather deck? >> i'm trying to bounce around to keep warm out here. it's pretty chilly. we have a breeze making it feel colder. before you head out, bundle up. the good news, we are nice and dry. bone dry out here. as you are traveling and commuting, you should not be looking at any weather issues. here's the current temperature across the area. 40 degrees in washington. but it feels like the mid-30s when you factor in the wind. 36 is the temperature at dulles. 32 leesburg. 32 in frederick. 42 in quantico. as you walk outside, coat
5:32 am
temperatures in the mid-40s. here's a look at airport travel today and tomorrow. looking pretty good. the only rain chance we have is very early tomorrow morning. it's not for everybody. we'll show you the timing and the breakdown of that, plus, of course, your thanksgiving day forecast. that's all coming up. speaking of travel, let's check the roads. >> brand new probable lechlt 295 northbound at the 11th street bridge. report of a brand new crash here. goshen road, that intersection is shut down. we spoke with montgomery county police. property damage, no injuries. hopefully that's out of the way here pretty soon. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking good here right now. no big worries there. on 95 going to be worried about the 95 here of course throughout the next couple of days. in maryland, from 32 to the beltway, it's going to take you 20 -- 95 in virginia here. north of prince william parkway, inbound, you can see the fo
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outbound, no problem. eun? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:33. right now here is a look at your top stories. we start with this massive fire in michigan. look at those flames. a high pressure gas line exploded in a suburb of detroit late last night. a spokesperson for consumers energy says they shut down the line. they are letting the fire burn itself out right now. no reported injuries. school employees arrested for assaulting a boy who has autism. school bus driver james duffy iii and aide edmond bailey are accused of assaulting the boy twice in one week. the incidents happened last month. a staff member witnessed the second assault. duffy is on administrative leave. bailey resigned. >> making it easier to fly and pick up loved ones this holiday season. the airport is offering free parking for the first hour. it's also adding 50
5:34 am
the southbound lot. shuttles, taxis and ride sharing vehicles will now have to pick up and drop off passengers on the departure level. try to make it easier through the holidays. a mother says she is not comfortable letting her daughter walk to school alone anymore in temple hill. >> this comes after a man exposed himself to the little girl. prince george's county police say that man also targeted a little boy. both incidents happened near benjamin stoddard middle school. our county bureau chief, tracee wilkins spoke with the girl and her mother. we're not showing either of their faces. >> walk into school and a man who was in his car, he was playing with his private part. it scared me that night. i couldn't go to sleep. >> parents received a letter home on friday to tell them about what happened. this morning, there will be extra police near the school. >> 5:34 right now. breaking news we're learning about lost hikers in our area. chris
5:35 am
we have been on the phone with several local officials. here's what we know. we've been told the lost hikers are in an area between the chain bridge and potomac river near where d.c., maryland and virginia all meet. now, keep in mind how cold it is outside today and it's even colder down there by the water. we don't know how many hikers are lost or if they're injured. anyone who hiked that area knows how bushy some of those trails are. we're going to update you as we learn more. eun? >> thank you, chris. instead of preparing for thanksgiving, a rockville family is planning their son's funeral. 22-year-old david new well was hit and killed by a drunk driver in south carolina last week. tonight there will be a candlelight vigil for nooul at the swim association in der wood. he attended mcgruder high school before heading to college in south carolina. he was on his moped andea
5:36 am
the day before he died, he delivered a speech about the dangers of driving drunk. >> he was a strong advocate for not drinking and driving. he was supposed to get a ride home for thanksgiving. instead we'll going to be planning his funeral. we'll never see him again. >> he will be buried in the same cemetery as montgomery county police officer noah lee aught a who was also killed by a drunk driver. if you're not looking at your tv, you got to see this. it's video of a drunk driver slamming into a patrol car. this is dashcam video capturing the chaos here. three officers were helping stranded people last week when the crash happened. the back of the police car took the brunt of the damage here. but the officers and two other people had almost no time to get out of the way. you saw
5:37 am
of the way just in time here. >> seconds before someone would have died in that crash. >> thank goodness. -- remember how quickly an impaired driver could -- to help someone out. or when they have to pull someone over. move over laws. when someone is pulling over. >> the reason -- >> election day fallout. the races that are still undecided. the new controversy that could have a big impact on the final result in virginia. >> plus, no rush to get a christmas tree, right? the
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5:39 am
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it is 5:40 right now. today marks two weeks since election day. two seats in virginia's house of delegates are still undecided. a new ballot controversy is complicating things more. at least 83 voters in fredericksburg and stafford county feed the wrong ballots. bob thomas is beating joshua kolby 82 votes for the 28th district seat. the election board meets again tomorrow to discuss this error. if cole wins, there will be an equal number of democrats and republicans in the virginia
5:41 am
if you're still wondering what to get the person with efrk, how about this? >> the trump campaign store is selling make america great again holiday items. the list of items include a hat embroidered with christmas lights. one of the hats will cost you $45. president trump repeatedly told supporters he's in favor of saying merry chris ms. and nkrc happy holidays. why the court had to make an unexpected change. the great thanksgiving get away is upon us. take a look at the traffic already out this morning. i'm adam tuss. i'll tell you the best time to leave and the worst spots to get stuck in traffic. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we're going to make holiday travel great again. on a,
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washington app. it's available to you absolutely free. a check of the holiday weather forecast at all three major airports coming right up. right now a look at the roads. northbound 295 at the 11th street bridge. a new crash there. we'll look at
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flash in the street. inauguration day. nearly one year later. hundreds of protesters are getting their day in court. >> brazen and bold. burglars stealing guns from homes. that's not all. what the news 4 i-team discovered after months of investigating. and good morning everybody. live here at union station where everybody is getting ready to hit the roads and the rails and the airways. local airports. good weather for departures or ariv
5:46 am
at dulles international, bwi marshall. good weather today. a little chance for rain early tomorrow. but i think by the time you get to the -- by the time the sun comes up, we're getting back to sunshine. a complete check of the week ahead and the thanksgiving forecast coming up. stay with us. here at the live desk, we're following breaking news. we learned that president trump will get on the phone and talk with russian president vladimir putin tomorrow. the two leaders are expected to talk about what's happening in syria. you may remember, a joint statement released by the state department said that while meeting on the sidelines of the a peck summit, president trump and president putin confirmed their wanting to defeat isis. mr. putin is meeting with bashar al assad. it's the second time assad traveled to russia to meet with putin during syria's civil war.
5:47 am
chris, thank you. now at 5:47, a big -- for months the president has said he will take away funding for sanctuary cities. >> now a judge blocked that executive order permanently. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill to explain what that means for the cities you live in. >> good morning. it means the cities will keep millions, sometimes billions of dollars in federal funds that have been threatened if they refuse to cooperate on immigration with the federal government. the judge said it's unconstitution unconstitutional. the president tweeted it's a ridiculous order. ridiculous ruling. he plants to see this through to the u.s. supreme court. it's a permanent block. but that doesn't mean it won't move through the court system. plus, there are other cases still pending. >> all right. tracie potts. live on
5:48 am
the trial of six people accused of rioting on president trump's inauguration day. the first in more than 200 facing charges. go, go, go. >> you may remember the scene here that played out in downtown d.c. windows were smashed. a limo was set on fire. but because many of the protesters were wearing masks, defense attorneys argue that it's hard to prove their clients are the ones who cause damage. prosecutors say they're guilty because they made the choice to participate. each faces decades in prison if convicted on all charges. the trial is expected to last several weeks now. it will take a year and a half to complete the trials of all of those arrested. you need to check out the new video of an armed carjacking in the district. it happened at a gas station on kenilworth avenue in northeast. it happened really fast. two suspects approached the victim in his suv. you can see the suspect force the victim out of the
5:49 am
then a second suspect robbed the man and sped off in his gray mercedes-benz with maryland plates. if you have any information about this crime, call police. brazen burglars stealing guns, and even from police. the i-team spent months investigating the impact that the stolen guns can have on our streets. >> jody fleischer and scott macfarlane are here with how the missing pieces can be tied to later crimes. >> stolen guns are a big part of a growing problem in our area. >> we spent months tracking the numbers. >> an increasing number that aren't found at all. >> first at 6:00, burglary crews smashing their way into gun stores across the country. that's break-ins are on the rise and the stolen guns turning up on our streets. we follow the trail robbing
5:50 am
found at a murder scene in maryland. see what this store owner did that kept the crew out. >> i wouldn't want to live with myself if this got in the wrong hand. >> the badge and a gun. we found police lose those guns. >> uncovered hundreds of guns stolen from police or lost. more than a dozen local departments. one ended up at a local high school. >> we don't know what the person's intent was. but you always think what if. don't miss our two-part i-team investigation. tonight at 6:00, see what gun owners can do to protect their guns from being used in violent crime. >> police departments are considering new policies to prevent their guns from becoming missing pieces. now back to you. a major changes come to go i-66 on two separate stretches. in two weeks, new toll lanes taking effect in the belt lanes. construction started monday on the belt lanes stretching from
5:51 am
gainesville to the beltway. >> 3, 2, 1. >> all right. >> and this project is happening outside the beltway. it's different than new tolls which are set to take effect inside the beltway just a couple of weeks as we just said. today is expected to be one of the busiest days on the roads all year. aaa calls today terrible turkey traffic tuesday. what a name. >> wow. >> news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is on i-95. >> sorry. >> all the ts in there. tuss is talking about turkey traffic today. >> look at you. he's impressive imt. >> reporter: tuss' terrible traffic turkey tuesday today. it's going to be tough. how about that for another t, guys. take a look at the traffic here that's already building on 95 south in laurel. we have a tough stretch coming up over the next couple of days. of course, you alre
5:52 am
going to be tough the next couple of days for in period. take a look. aaa is putting out a graphic for where the worst traffic will be the next couple of days. they say near fredericksburg. that's where the worst traffic will be regardless. people are already out hitting the roads. making sure they get an early jump on things. a man driving from richmond to new jersey. >> you get what you asked for. if you're waiting until 8:00 to get out here this morning, you're in trouble. >> reporter: yeah. don't wait until 8:00 to get on the roads. it's definitely going to be tough. we have tips for you to plan ahead for what you can do to make it a bit less stressful on you the next couple of days. you want to wa void other city's rush hours if you can. don't just plan for our rush hour. to do that, you can take breaks. go to a rest area, have dinner, lunch, whatever you can do
5:53 am
get around that rush hour period. if you get into trouble, know that road patrols are out in force. be patient and help will come to you. back here live along 95 as people are out and about. they think today is tough, guys because rush hours are mixed with people coming and going through the 95 corridor. but we'll all have to be a bit more patient. deep breaths. we'll get through it, guys. back to you in the studio. any more alliterations? >> i think you did a good job. >> we'll try to think of something else before we're done. >> there we go. >> thank you, adam tuss. we do have team coverage all morning long to help make your holiday travel easier. you're taking a live look right now at reagan national airport and a lot of air travelers going to be heading out. tomorrow is the tough day for air travel. right? the roads today will be bad. justin finch is at union station. we'll have a look at how people are doing on the rails as well. the weather always a
5:54 am
deal when people get ready to travel for the holidays. people want things to be calm and rain-free, all that stuff. >> we're getting really lucky. i will say, all the way to the midwest, chicago is getting lucky. normally this time of the year, we see chicago with some of the most delays, down to atlanta. we're actually in the clear right now. looks really good. it's surprising. when i saw no delays expected for chicago the next few days, i was surprised. this morning, we're dealing with dry roads, nice and dry. going to stay dry today. if you're flying out to florida, we'll be checking on that in a minute. feels like 35 degrees. 41 is the actual temperature in washington. if you are heading out this morning, of course, the warm coat, again. maybe the puffy coat, scarf, gloves. here's the feels-like temperature. feels like 31 in dulles and gaithersburg. 29 in lorton. 30 in clinton. we have a lot of numbers out there that are below freezing with the breeze. as you're commuting today and t
5:55 am
chance of showers. mostly south and east of the district. so maryland has the best chance of that. as well as parts of virginia. by tomorrow afternoon, we are looking nice and dry for travel. nice dry conditions all the way over to chicago. it's greet news at news in the or southeast. you do notice rain flaring up around florida. we expect some delays later on today. but check with your airlines before you leave if you're headed in that direction. >> future weather -- showers moving in. mostly south and east of the district. but we could see delays in areas like new jersey up towards new york and boston as we go into tomorrow morning. tomorrow around lunchtime, we could see delays in boston. then that rain quickly moves offshore. >> thanksgiving, freezing morning temperatures. dry roads for travel. you want that -- around 47.
5:56 am
for a daytime high. we're mainly dry. black friday looks pretty good too. let's see how the roads are looking so far. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. chopper 4 over 95 in maryland. over here, looking nice and clear. i was going to tell you 95 in virginia was fine. we just had this pop up. 95 north before triangle. crash reported here this morning. keep an eye out for that. northbound 295 at the 11th street bridge. still have that crash reported here. in gaithersburg. goshen road at mid county highway. the intersection blocked by the crash. sounds like property damage. republic, ball road at hidden creek road. blocked by a crash. looking good in maryland. in virginia, everybody is behaving themselves. quantico to the beltway, a little slow. >> it's 5:56. this is the season of giving. you an
5:57 am
hats and scarves to those who can't afford their own. >> helping them stuff the box with -- molette green is at the king street metro station with more on the drive today. >> reporter: absolutely. we're taking your donations at the kings street metro station and stuff the bus. come on up. we want you to see what is happening here. taking your food donations right here. then as we go a little further back, we're taking your clothing donations all for those in need this holiday season. the holiday is fast approaching. we want to be able to help those in need. dash bus, stuff the bus happening in the 6:00 hour. all the details on how you can help out with this great cause coming up in the next hour. "news4 today."
5:58 am
5:59 am
pack your patience, folks. you're waking up to one of the worst days. the absolute worst to hit the roads. news 4 is working for you to avoid the drama. watching the weather from your neighborhood down the 95 corridor. the forecast you are going to want to watch if you're traveling or staying
6:00 am
plus a presidential pardon. a thanksgiving tradition kicks off today in washington. all right. you know holiday travel doesn't get any easier. every year we come to this point and it's going to be tough. that's what we do. the "news4 today" team is working for you, doing what we can to make it easier as you head out the door. >> we're covering every angle of the get away. look at the team spread out from the roads to the rails, the buses. live from union station to the streets in your neighborhood. >> we begin with your forecast. and first 4 traffic headlines. meteorologist chuck bell is at union station with what you need to know. good morning, chuck. >> reporter: good morning. a busy morning at union station so far. people coming and going. i've been talking to people. off the bus at north carolina. a lot of people out of dmv for


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