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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. breaking news, good morning. breaking news. a u.s. navy plane crashes into the pacific. 11 on board, eight of them pulled to safety. nearby aircraft carrier now involved in the rescue mission to find those still missing. we're live with the latest. death of a teen idol. ♪ pop star david cassidy, the heartthrob from "the partridge family" dies at the age of 67. this morning the tributes pouring in as we look back at his life, his struggles and his career. new accusations, three more women come forward with allegations of sexual harassment against journalist and broadcaster charlie rose. his long-time colleagues
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the scandal and his firing. >> i'll tell you what i am is raw. >> but rose himself down playing the accusations. >> want to say anything to the accusers? >> it's not wrongdoing. >> those stories plus the daring escape of a soldier defecting from north korea across the dmz caught on camera. outrage after uber reveals they covered up a hack. and thanksgiving extravagan extravaganza, everything you need to know, from the forecasts to the flights to the food. including 30 of the nation's top chefs, today, wednesday, november 22, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie from
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>> thank you. thank you for joining us, and we start with breaking news overnight. we have a u.s. navy aircraft carrying 11 crew members and passengers crashing into the pacific ocean. it happened southeast of okinawa, japan. nbc's keir simmons has the latest on this story for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. an increasingly tense rescue operation continuing this morning. the u.s. navy confirming on twitter that eight people have been found alive. the c2-a greyhound aircraft carrying 11 crew and passengers crashing into the philippines overnight at around 3:30 in the afternoon local time. the plane had been headed to the "uss ronald reagan." that ship then spearheading the search operation. in a statement earlier the navy saying those rescued are in good condition, while search and rescue efforts for three personnel continue. the aircraft was part of a naval exercise with 14,000 u.s. personnel participating. the cause of the crash not immediately kn
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fatal accidents this year, leaving 17 sailors dead and prompting the removal of eight top naval operators. another crash again, eight people have been rescued so far. no news of the further three on board the navy withholding their names while, matt, family are informed. >> we'll stay on top of that search and rescue mission as it unfolds. >> absolutely. now to some sad news out of the entertainment world, the passing of david cass city. he was beloved by a generation. first on the hit show, "the partridge family" then as a pop star in the 1970s. natalie morales has more on his life and career from los angeles. hi, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. well, it's hard to explain how big of a star david cassidy was back in the 1970s long before social media existed. he was on a hit show. he was on the cover of every teen magazine and he had teenage girls swooning. he
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career that lasted for decades but he also battled substance abuse and he was recently diagnosed with dementia. ♪ ♪ i think i love you >> reporter: this morning the world is remembering pop idol david cassidy. ♪ the former superstar best known on the sitcom "the partridge family." ♪ ♪ wonder and smile >> reporter: the show about a family forming their own bubblegum pop name. his good looks and charisma helping to attract more than 14 million viewers every week. and as many fans inspiring the term cassidy mania. in 1972, in an effort to shape his teen idol image he posed nuor
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he would continue to perform most of his life, appearing on "today" multiple times over the years. but the actor and singer battled a string of health issues and struggles including alcohol abuse. leading to multiple run-ins with the law and a stint in rehab. last february, cassidy spoke to "access hollywood." >> 49 years of doing this it's a long time i just don't have it in my body any longer. >> reporter: but just days after this interview and after stumbling on stage during a concert, cassidy revealed he was battling dementia. something his grandfather and mother both suffered from. saying quote, i was in denial, but a part of me always knew this was coming. and opening up about the diagnosis to dr. phil. >> when friends of yours or family members begin to say to you, remember i just told you this two days ago, and there's no memory of it.
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that's when i began to be very concerned. >> overnight, cassidy became the top trend on twitter with fans and celebrities mourning the loss. friend and fellow entertainment harry connick jr. tweeting, cassidy was always so kind. and beach boys front man brian wilson reminiscing that there were times when the two started writing songs together. an icon who helped define the term teen heartthrob now gone too soon. well, david cassidy got the role on "the partridge family" because of his good looks but he convinced the producers to let him sing and in fact cassidy and shirley jones were the only two cast members who actually sang on the show and on "the partridge family" records. everyone else was lip syncing. guys, back to you. >> sad news. thank you. let's turn now to the growing controversy surrounding broadcaster and journalist charlie rose. this morning there are new sexual misconduct allegats
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officially fired the legendary journalist on tuesday. nbc's stephanie goss has the latest. >> reporter: three women have come forward with new allegations against charlie rose. he was fired by the network just 24 hours after multiple women accused him of sexual harassment for his work on "the charlie rose show." pbs cancelled that show. it had been on the air for more than 25 years. overnight, cbs this morning gayle king appearing on stephen colbert to talk about her now former co-anchor, charlie rose. >> there's some anger, sadness, compassion. there's concern, you know? you can hold a variety of emotions around one particular incident, one particular person. so i can't really say i'm one thing. i'll tell you what i am is raw. >> reporter: but still king says this is a turning point. >> i don't think it's going to do back to the -- because women feel
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women are no longer to afraid to speak up but the best part about it is they're being believed. >> reporter: the original "washington post" report triggering others to come forward including sarah gordon, a former intern for the show. >> i take a step back and i breathe, what's the intention here. >> reporter: she went to rose's apartment to deliver mail he showed her a graphic sex scene from a movie. >> he asked me how does this make you feel? i did not run but i'm like, well, okay, i guess some people are really into this. i'm not. >> reporter: gordon says rose did not touch her in any way. >> i must be the luckiest man in the world. >> reporter: years later he would become an integral part of the team that helped to improve rates at cbs, but the network suspended and then fired him within one day. in a statement the president of cbs news wrote in part -- despite charlie's important journalistic contribution to our news division, there is
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organization than ensuring a safe, professional workplace. "the washington post" reporting which led to the 75-year-old's firing included allegations from eight women of a range of misconduct from nudity to groping and lewd calls. late tuesday, cbs said three women came forward with accusations. before the cbs accusations rose apologized in a statement. adding that he did not believe all of the allegations were accurate. he had this to say when approached outside of his manhattan apartment monday night. >> you want to say anything to the accusers, the people accusing you of the wrongdoing? >> it's not wrongdoing. >> reporter: "the washington post" is working on a follow-up article saying more than a dozen new accusers have come forward. >> i would say that that's the general gist of the e-mails seem to be that women have had an inappropriate encounter with him. >> reporter: nw
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lasseter, the cofounder of pixar studios announced that he's taking a six month leave of absence for what he's calling missteps that had made employees feel disrespected or uncomfortable. writing in a memo to pixar employees i especially want to apologize to anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of an unwanted hug or any other gesture they felt crossed the line in any way, shape or form. he has been accused of an unwanted advance toward a she that jones. she is a co-writer of "toy story 4" scheduled to be put out later this year. president trump has finally weighed in on the controversial republican senate candidate roy moore who denies multiple allegations of inappropriate sexual harassment with teenage girls. after days of not talking about that issue, mr. trump
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made his position clear. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you. president trump here on vacation. but take nothing break from twitter up and at it early this morning before 5:30 a.m., tweeting not about the u.s. navy plane that crashed in the philippines. but instead about the nfl and lavar ball. lashing out at the father of one of the ucla basketball players just released from china, describing ball as a poor man's version of don king. an ungrateful fool, the president writes. saying in all caps, it was me who helped get your son released. all of this as the president is defending roy moore and casting doubt on moore's accuser. president trump breaking his silence on moore, dismissing allegations of sexual assault against him. >> roy moore denies it. that's all i can say. he denies it. by the way, he totally denies it. you know, you have to listen to him also. u'
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years ago this did not happen. >> reporter: days after the white house appeared to distance itself from moore saying they'd leave the choice to alabama voters a dramatic shift. the president all but endorsing moore declaring his rival doug jones unacceptable. >> we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. jones. i have looked at his record it's terrible in crime, terrible in the borders and in the military. >> reporter: president trump going against the republican establishment tide as well as his own daughter ivanka who said there's a special place in hell for people who prey on children. jones' latest ad highlighting the comments. >> ivanka trump said there's a special place in hell for those who prey on women. >> i believe the women. i think that answers the question. i believe their stories have credibility. i believe them. >> reporter: moore speaking out ov
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>> i never dated underaged women. i never engaged in sexual misconduct with anybody. >> reporter: the president himself faced more than a dozen allegations of sexual misconduct as a candidate. accusations he denied. now as president he's praising the parade of women sharing their stories of sexual assault. >> women are very special. i think it's a very special time. because a lot of things are coming out and i think that's good for our society and i think it's very, very good for women. i'm very happy a lot of these things are coming out. i'm very happy -- i'm very happy it is being exposed. >> reporter: the scandals hitting both republicans and democrats. the house ethics committee launching an investigation into it longest serving member -- democratic congressman john conyers of michigan. conyers acknowledging he settled a claim of wrongful termination with a staff member. she ced
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because she refused to provide sexual favors. conyers writing many a statement, i expressly and vehemently denied the allegations made against me and continue to do so. my office resolved the allegations. president trump is not ruling out campaigning for roy moore. saying he'll let americans know next week. matt and savannah? >> thank you. here's a story that people are talking about, a massive data breach at uber. the troubled car hailing service disclosed on monday that the personal data of 57 million drivers and riders were exposed but what's worse is that this hack took place in 2016, more than a year ago and that is just the beginning. nbc's stephanie ruehl has more on this. this is a bad news/worse news. the company got hacked and then they paid off the
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knows about it anyway. take me through it. >> and this all happened under travis kalanick. the hackers say we'll delete it, and no one tells anyone. you have to disclose this to the government and to your customers. they didn't. so it's a huge relationship breach. the new ceo found out and say we need to tell everyone, but guess what, in a lot of states you need to disclose it if you're breached so they can hit with huge fines. don't worry about uber, they're worth $50 billion but the cover-up, just like your kids, the cover-up is worse than the crime. >> just like in washington. the cover-up is worse than the crime. what is the information that got stolen because now they know where everyone lives and secondly, what are the chances that the hackers can stick to their worse and not release it because they got 100 "k"? >> reporter: a great point. they told the
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worry, we deleted i. the head of security then was fired. the company says they're looking into it. obviously they say they'll tighten up the security measures but they lost a lot of trust and they had a black eye. >> and they have competitors right out of the gate. >> thanks very much. switching gears now, holiday travel and your weather forecast. about 51 million people are expected to travel on this holiday season. that is the highest number in more than a decade. and the mad dash is already on for the roads, to the airports and well beyond. we have to look ahead at what you'll be facing. we'll start with al with the all-important weather outlook. good morning. >> well, savannah, good morning. we are talking about worst case scenario in the northeast right now. we have rain going on. lake-effect snow and i-95 will be a bit of a mess. the airports will be a big problem, laguardia to up to boston. syracuse looking at problems. i-95, rain and slowdowns. as we move on into
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tomorrow, thursday, we're going to be looking at cold, sunny weather in the east. heavy rain down in the southeast. the biggest trouble spot on thanksgiving day is going to be out west. seattle and portland looking at big problems and we're looking at a real road delay from redding all the way up to seattle back to missoula. friday, as people start doing that all-important shopping, well, we're looking at above average temps out west. showers and thunderstorms in the southeast. the biggest trouble spot in florida with airports from jacksonville all the way down to miami being affected and wet roadways including i-75 including those going to the theme parks. >> the early birds who are thinking of traveling here in the new york area -- get your umbrellas out there. al, thank you very much. if you're headed to the airport this morning you're not alone. nbc's tom costello is at washington's reagan national airport with a look at what you can expect when you get there. tom, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, matt, good morning. we are on the
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headed off to jacksonville shortly. this is one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. actually, the busiest day will be sunday, but not only are the roads packed, we have got the airports packed and airplanes are packed. 98% full that means it will be tough getting there if you miss your flight. not a lot of elbow room. we gave you this tip yesterday. listen to this. if you leave at 6:00 in the morning you have an 88% chance of leaving on time. by 9:00, down to 2%. look at the most delayed airports and no surprise they're dominated by the big hubs across the country of course. so that includes san francisco, as well as newark and oakland and houston's in there and chicago. there's a whole long list. the best on time records over the course of the past five years again dominated by good weather cities. honolulu no surprise, they're number one. they always are. but you have in there the southern cities, atlanta and charlotte and ft. myers and the
7:19 am
get on the road early. it's going to be jammed. i have to give you one more tip. tsa this year as of now is asking everybody to remove any electronic device larger than a cell phone from your carry on that could slow things down a bit. be prepared for that when you get to the check point and sunday will be a real mess in terms of volume. back to you. >> thanks very much. if you live here in new york, hearing honolulu is the number one airport makes you mad. all right, tom will be back in the next half hour with a look at how airline customers are using social media to solve travel headaches. 89% of the 51 million travelers will be hitting the road and that includes "today's" national correspondent craig melvin. he's braving big apple rush hour with some tips about the best time to drive. how is it looking? >> reporter: well, savannah, not so bad. we are on the george washington bridge,
7:20 am
of the 51 million that you mentioned about 41 million are driving that's the highest number in a number of years. the best time to drive actually right now. if you don't want to grab the keys and hop in the car right now though, the suggestion is that you not drive anywhere between the hours of 3:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. that's the absolute worst time to hit the roads and you can expect some delays if you're headed home on saturday afternoon or sunday afternoon. so those are some of the tips to help you avoid the traffic. meanwhile, the gas prices, the highest they have been since 2014, up 26 cents over last year. how about the rest of your forecast? >> there's what's going on around the country. we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. still a lot of clouds outside. there are some lingering rain drops right along into the east of 95, down into southern maryland right now. these are quickly coming to an end, so mess of the rain is already done. a gusty northwest wind moves on later on in the morning. temperature wise, low 50s right now. we'll only warm up a degree between now and the rest of the day. chilly weather for your thanksgiving and cold weather for friday shoppers as well. >> guys? >> all right, thanks very much. coming up, a north korean's
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plus just in time for the busy holiday travel season, how social media can help you the next time you have a problem with the airlines. but first, on a wednesday morning, this is "today" on nbc. at the airlines.
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and coming up, wow. hoda, look what coming up, wow, hoda -- >> no excuses, we have 30 great tips in time for thanksgiving. you all ready? [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for your local news.
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unstopables by downy. for a fresh too feisty to quit. this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:26 the your time on this wednesday, november 22, 2017. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. a young man was found shot to death in a wooded area in district heights. he was discovered late last night near this townhouse development along sunvalley terrace. police would like to hear from anyone who may know something about this crime. and take a look at this. if you're headed to the airport this morning, make sure you get there early. there are already long lines of people trying to get through security at reagan national airport. follow our transportation reporter on twitter for the latest. now a check of the roads,
7:27 am
melissa mollet? >> the worst time to leave is 3:00 p.m. or after. top of the beltway is slow. approaching 295, slow as well. southbound 95 at center port, it's blocked and 95 though looking good if you're headed northbound in maryland. >> thank you, melissa. now a check of your forecast next. ♪ what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it.
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what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ good morning, everybody. i'm storm 4 meteorologist chuck bell. rain gradually coming to an end, it will turn back to sunshine and breezy later on today. northwest winds up near 40 miles an hour. then tomorrow, a sub freezing start and a chilly day tomorrow. be our coldest thanksgiving in the last 15
7:29 am
business saturday get out there for sure. no chance for rain after today. >> all right, chuck, thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> for now, back to the "today" show after this short break.
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all right. we're bac all right. we're back at 7:30, wednesday morning. the day before thanksgiving. get out your elastic pants. we have a huge crowd kicking off the holiday a little bit early right on our plaza. >> show you the shot one more time of the 30 chefs in our studio. >> wow. >> all quiet right now. >> gobble gobble gobble. [ laughter ] >> they quiet down quickly a minute ago and it sounded like a hockey game. so we'll talk to them and get great tips in a little bit. >> it's incredible, look at how many celebrity chefs. >> yeah. leftovers for everyone. let's get a check of the headlines right now beginning with the latest on the u.s. navy plane crash. >> breaking ni
7:31 am
into the pacific ocean near japan. a desperate search this morning for survivors. we don't need a liberal person in there, a democrat. >> breaking his silence, president trump defends embattled senate candidate roy moore, dismissing allegations of sexual assault against the former alabama judge. >> he totally denies it. you have to listen to him also. 49 years of doing this, it's a long time. i just don't have it in my body any longer. >> the passing of a pop star. ♪ >> former teen heartthrob david cassidy of "the partridge family" fame dead at 67 after a battle with dementia. as reactions pour in this morning. fast and furious, growing wall street concerns after tesla is burning through cash, spending nearly half a million dollars an hour in it bid to disrupt the marketplace. the company saying it's all a part of the plan.
7:32 am
and one lucky bird -- >> drumstick, you are hereby pardoned. >> president trump pardons his first thanksgiving turkey while jokingly taking a stab at his predecessor's pardons. >> i have been informed by the white house counsel's office, that it cannot be revoked. >> tuesday, wednesday, november 22, 2017. >> someone said tater tot? >> well, we have 30 sets over there. we'll start the half hour with a rare and daring escape across the dmz. a north korean soldier take a look, defecting making a mad dash for his life. it was all caught on camera. nbc's keir simmons has that story for us. good morning again. >> reporter: savannah good morning again. this is a scene from a cold war spy movie here you can see a north korean defector running from that jeep. running for his life as
7:33 am
open fire. it was all captured on camera including a daring rescue. in the dramatic footage, released overnight, a military jeep hurtles toward the demilitarized zone. a border considered one of the most dangerous in the world. inside the vehicle, a north korean soldier risking his life, heavily armed border guards there to intercept him. his colleagues, firing 40 rounds. he is shot at least five times. his motionless body slumped against a wall. the footage released by the u.s. led u.n. command then shows a daring rescue. south korean soldiers crawling to him and dragging him to safety. just last month, inside north korea, we visited the border area known as the dmz. our military guide took u
7:34 am
defector is seen and to the heavily guarded border where north and south are steps away from each other. that's the border between north and south. the escape an embarrassment for north korea which insists that they're kidnapped or lured by the south and it's also a diplomatic violation. north korean soldiers briefly crossing over the border. opening fire it saw for first time in three decades. the soldier now recovering after two operations. lucky to be alive. running for freedom, escaping with just seconds to spare. another look at that extraordinary footage. that north korean soldier just crossed the border that is one of the issues as well as many people are saying, savannah, that they're surprised this didn't turn into the wider firefight at the border. it's so tense. >> it is. >> you think of the restraint on the part of the south korean soldiers not to fire back. it could have ended differently. >> and the rescue as
7:35 am
mr. roker? >> well, let's look at what's going on. we have warm weather out west. i mean, it really feels more summer like than fall like. in fact, you see los angeles is 91 degrees today. portland up to 61. then as we move into tomorrow we're looking at more of the same. we will see the temperatures rising from rapid city, records possibly in great falls. tucson on into burbank. then as far as the rest of the country is concerned, snow showers in the northeast. and we are looking at the record highs in the southwest. a flood threat continues in the pacific that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happeng yr neck ofheoo. >> good morning. the rain has moved out of the area. still some wet roads a few sprinkles left over but a lot headed up into new england where of course we could be seeing some travel delays later on today as well. temperature wise 51 degr
7:36 am
right now in washington. not too cold outside but as you're commuting around today, we'll have developing sunshine. tomorrow, things look quiet weather wise. black friday, sunny skies. >> and don't forget you can get the weather you need especially this travel weekend on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up, your airline is a tweet away. how social media can be your best friend when it comes to traveling during the holiday season. plus, steals and deals. celebrating the little stores that make a big difference in our community. sheinelle has a warning from the girl scouts that sparked debate. and 30 chefs and 30 microphones on this day before thanksgiving. we'll get some great tips coming up but first these messages.
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7:42 am
access to one of them. hey, tom. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this is concourse bravo here at american airlines in washington, d.c. american says their busiest travel day is going to be on sunday. when everybody tries to get home. today we are at 98% full on the flights. that means it will be tough to get elbow room but americans tweet tweet is up and running at their command center in dallas. 86,400 seconds are crammed into every 24 hours. >> -- to miami. >> reporter: the biggest air loin in the world uses every one of them. more than half a million passengers. arrivals, layovers, departures, and 4,000 tweets a day. >> oh, goodness, that's kind of serious here. >> reporter: at the american airlines op center in dallas the social media team also works around the clock. >> so this person right here is ta
7:43 am
>> reporter: reading and responding asap to facebook and twitter posts. >> this person has been tweeting since 4:40 this morning. >> reporter: somebody had a flight cancel because they could find the captain. >> right now we have weather in laguardia, new york. >> reporter: or a planeful of people who need to be rebooked. >> we need more information on where the weather is at. delays are due to traffic because of this cold front that's bearing down on the northeast. >> social media is realtime feedback from our customer. >> reporter: american set up the hub six years ago, revolutionizing the way they reach out to the airline and how the airline reaches back. while we were there, gabriel tweeted american from miami after getting delayed in a tsa line. sacrifice you make when they give your friend's seat away and you stay behind to wait for another flight. we caught up with him in
7:44 am
right away. seconds later they had booked my flight. they had done everything for me. >> reporter: the power of social media driven home this year as nearly every airline faced backlash from cell phone videos that went viral. today, every airline has a social media hub to prevent situations from going viral. with passengers reaching out from the terminal and the plane. >> it's important that we hear from the customers sitting on the plane because their perception is what really counts. >> what's the most common tweet, the complaint you get? >> it's delays. >> reporter: whether it's air traffic control or weather related 'tis the season for delays with the airlines just a tweet away. and they're boarding for miami here in washington. american says you'll be surprised how many take the time to compliment the crew members with a tweet. for example, a flight attendant and a flight attendant recently told me it made her day when she got one of those tweets. by the way, if
7:45 am
out. an airline employee, you can of course call, you can e-mail. if you're into snail mail, you can write. whatever you want. guys, back to you. >> smoke signals? >> imagine paying a compliment to someone. >> that's cool. >> i love that. thanks. coming up next, sheinelle is in the orange room. what do you have? >> the girl scouts have a tip for you, for your kids and it sparked a debate online. what is all the fuss about? we'll tell you right after this. ♪ put a little love ♪ in your heart. yeah. ♪ take a good look around... ♪ and if you're lookin' down... ♪ put a little love in your heart ♪ ♪ and the world... ♪ the world! ♪ will be a better place ♪ for you... ♪ for you... ♪ and me...and me... ♪ you just wait... ♪ and see... i'm pretty good at that. ♪ put a little love in your heart...♪
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7:50 am
we're back, on a rainy wednesday morning. sheinelle is over in the orange room for [ cheers and applause ] we are back in a rainy wednesday morning. sheinelle, what have you got? >> the girl scouts have an unexpected warning ahead thanksgiving. it discourages the parents to force their child to hug a relative. forcing them to hug this relative because they gave them a gift can set the statement for questioning whether she owes another person any type of physical affection. it goes on to say that many children may naturally want to hug and kiss family members, and that's lovely, but if your daughter is reticent don't force her. this has sparked a heated discussion online. holly writes no one should be forced into physical contact. they aren't comfortable with, the end. but others feel differently. this is so sad. you can teach them
7:51 am
stranger danger without neglecting grandma a hug. what a dark world we live in that we can't show our family love. do you agree with the girl scouts' stance on hugging. 58% say yes. 42% say no. now, the girl scouts did say that this doesn't give the child permission to be rude. but that there are other ways to show appreciation that don't require physical contact. i'm kind of torn on this. my kids do a backwards hug. i'm telling them to turn around. i don't know. >> they go through phases they're very affectionate and then phases that they don't. >> i'm torn on it. i'm like, give a hug, give a hug. but maybe that's not right? >> i think you give grandma a hug. all the chefs are buzzing about this. what do you think? >> thumbs up or thumbs down? >> back with your local news.
7:52 am
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this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 7:56 is your time now on a wednesday, november 22, 2017. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to check on your commute right now with melissa mollet and your first 4 traffic. a lot of people are hitting the roads. >> no doubt, lots of people are hitting the roads for the highway so we're keeping a close eye on 95 maryland and no problems and 95 in virginia. a couple of issues. southbound at 123, a crash on the right shoulder is slowing things down. then south of that here you can see at center port parkway the left lane is blocked. >> thank you. we'll take a quick break now and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
well it's a perfect nespresso hold on a second.orge. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso.
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7:59 am
good wednesday morning. the rain has left the area. maybe a few sprinkles south of the district, but we are left with cloudy skies. we will see increasing sunshine later on today. 56 degree, not too cold out there. here's the rain now in new jersey through new york. up towards boston. that's where we can have some travel delays later on today. but developing sun, 54 for a high. tomorrow, cold in the morning below freezing and cold through the afternoon. >> thank you. back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, gabby douglas speaks out. the olympic gymnast opening up on social media now saying she too was abused by u.s. olympic team doctor larry nasser. the three-time gold medallist apologizing to former teammates aly raisman for controversial comments that douglas made about women and wardrobe. we are live with the latest. plus, black friday begins. a sneak peek at the deals already under way before you even basted your turkey. what you need to know. all-star thanksgiving, we have 30 of our favorite chefs here live with the top tips and tricks to make this thanksgiving
8:01 am
one to remember, "today," wednesday, november 22, 2017. ♪ >> we came all the way from alabama! [ cheers and applause ] >> next up -- talking with savannah. ♪ >> it's my 50th birthday and i'm celebrating on the "today" show. >> we're from south carolina! >> from chicago to new york. happy thanksgiving. [ cheers and applause ] >> we welcome you back to "today" on a wednesday morning, the day before thanksgiving. everyone is so excited to be here. not that young baby, but look at that crowd. we'll say hi to those good folks. >> that is a crowd. coming up, we are getting ready for turkey day in a big way. we have crowd of chefs.
8:02 am
more than you can shake a stick at. so many -- [ cheers and applause ] they're here. they have turkey tips and tricks. everything you need to pull off the best thanksgiving ever. look at all that talent. >> awesome. >> that's what happens when you open the wine early. >> exactly. now do the macarena. >> got a busy morning to get to. let's start with your news at 8:00 and unfortunately, breaking overnight, a u.s. navy plane with 11 crew members and passengers on board has crashed into the waters off of japan. nbc's keir simmons has the latest on the rescue operation. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning again. unconfirmed reports now from the japanese defense minister that the crash may have been the result of engine trouble. three people are still missing. eight rescued the u.s. navy says. it crashed into the philippines overnight at around 3:30 inth
8:03 am
the plane had been headed to the aircraft carrier "uss ronald reagan" and in a statement earlier the navy said those rescued are in good condition and search and rescue efforts for three personnel continue. it was part of a naval exercise with 14,000 u.s. personnel participating. but it crashed during a routine flight the u.s. military says. it will raise questions though. the u.s. navy has seen two fatal accidents in that region. matt? >> all right, keir simmons on the story from london, thank you very much. other news now, gabby douglas has added her name to the growing list of young women who say they were abused by former u.s. olympic team doctor larry nasser. >> yeah. douglas shared an emotional post and asked her followers to quote, please hear my heart. three-time gold medallist gabby douglas took to instagram to say
8:04 am
i didn't publicly share my experiences as well as many other things because for years we were conditioned to stay silent and honestly some things were extremely painful. the statement comes a week after her teammate, 23-year-old aly raisman revealed in her book that he molested her as well. >> from the moment that i realized that it happened to me, i wanted to, you know, talk about it. society -- some of the things are hard for people to come forward. you have to stop that because it's awful. >> reporter: on social media she added just because a woman does a sexy photo shoot or wearing a sexy outfit doesn't give the man the right to shame her or not believe her when she comes forward about sexual abuse. 21-year-old gabby douglas responded with a controversial post that has since been deleted. it is our responsibility
8:05 am
women to dress modestly and be classy dressing in a provocative way entices the wrong crowd. the post drew wide criticism. simone biles says she expected more from her teammate. douglas later apologized and she elaborated. first i want to reiterate my apology for responding the way i did to a comment that one of my teammates posted. i know some of you may take this as insincere, but i still wanted to provide context. douglas added, i know that no matter what you wear, it never gives anyone the right to harass or abuse you. it would be like saying that because of the leotards we wore it was our fault that we were abused by larry nasser. and now criticism of douglas turning to support as the olympic star says she'll never stop promoting strength and courage. usa gymnastics released a statement that says, usa gymnastics unde
8:06 am
requires fortitude and we admire the strength of gabby and in speaking out publicly to hold a predator accountable. the conduct for which nassar is accused is appalling and we are sorry that any athlete was harmed during her or his gymnastics career. nasser is expected to plead guilty and will likely face 25 years in prison. >> this morning, fans are remembering former teen idol david cassidy who died overnight from organ failure. he played lead singer keith partridge on "the partridge family." the hit show led to real life success as a pop star and sold-out shows at major stadiums and arenas. cassidy also struggled with alcohol and substance abuse. he revealed in february that he was suffering from dementia. his publicist said he died surrounded by those he loves with joy in his heart. he was 67 years old. >> 67, so young. >> i
8:07 am
let's turn to thanksgiving now. and obviously, this weekend is a big shopping weekend. the stores are rolling out black friday specials so where are the best deals? nbc business correspondent jo ling kent has more. >> reporter: hey, good morning. this holiday shopping weekend is going to look very different because for first time ever, more americans want to spend their money online. 55% of americans say they'll be shopping online this holiday season versus just 44% say they're going to be shopping in person. that's for the first time ever. of course we scoured the online deals for you. here's what you need to know for tomorrow. thanksgiving day the best deals are actually in electronics. over at best buy, there's a sony 60 inch you can save $400. over at walmart, 64 inch tv, save
8:08 am
offering a samsung galaxy note 8 t phone, and the 8-plus, you can save $350 on those and of course websites as well. amazon, walmart, target, macy's are rolling out discounts. not just on thanksgiving day but also on black friday, by the hour in a lot of cases. but the best in store deals here are really in person. these brick and mortar stores want to get you in the store. what they're doing at jcpenney, they're raffling off coupons, $100 coupon off of a purchase of $100 or more and at macy's. a mail-in rebate. you get ten free items so the stores really getting creative to get you in the door and they're hoping that you'll shop till you drop on thanksgiving day. >> aggressive. great, thank you very much. >> throwing money at you. that was a boost, and we have a morning boost -- >> you'll love this. this little girl this morning,
8:09 am
from england who is passionate. she is completely focused and totally adorable. take a look. >> i live -- [ indiscernible ]. >> [ indiscernible ]. >> that ladies and gentlemen 3-year-old sophie. she is reciting the tae kwon do creed. they do it before every class. fellow students and society as a whole. look at sophie. she's a quick study. adorable. this video by the way has been viewed 12 million times. >> tell me that sophie is going to walk in right now. i have an urge to squeeze her. >> i know. >> i love her. >> so sweet. >> adorable. much more ahead on a busy wednesday morning including
8:10 am
yes, during the big holiday shopping season. >> see what megyn kelly is working on. >> hey, russell simmons now stands accused of assaulting a 17-year-old woman while brett ratner looked on. she is here live on her first interview. top at the hour. >> thank you. it is chef-apalooza. all-star thanksgiving with no less than 30 world renowned chefs. 30 tips on everything from turkey -- but first, these messages. and my hygienist says it does but they're not all the same. who knew? i had no idea. so she said, look for one that's shaped like a dental tool with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to gently remove more plaque. and unlike sonicare, oral-b is the only electric toothbrush brand accepted by the american dental association for its effectiveness and safety. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro.
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8:14 am
of small business saturday. a day where you get to return that love, because shopping small makes a big difference. so, this saturday get up, get out, and shop small. normally, this would be normally this is a time to -- first we had thanksgiving, then friends giving and now, folks, to trends giving. families across the country turn to the internet with questions ahead of the big meal so we have compiled a list of google's most searched food words. we have called in ten of our favorite chefs to share some kitchen secrets you'll be thankful for. >> okay. the most popular search term
8:15 am
turkey. to bobby flay. >> people ask me how many hours per pound for the turkey and frankly that's not a good way to judge if your turkey is done. 160 degrees for the breast for the white meat and 170 degrees for the dark meat then let it rest for an hour. to make sure that your thermometer is working you can either put it some ice cold water or boiling water. boiling water will be 212 degrees but even easier, ice water. put it in there for about ten minutes and you want it to be 32 degrees. this way that you know your thermometer is working. >> another top searched item, gravy. jeff? >> so the secret to lump-free gravy, remember roux is hot, stock is cold and if you're using a slurry of cornstarch and water, you want it to go in cold as well. if you use an immersion blender it blends it really fast. >> slurry, by t
8:16 am
hoda speaks after thanksgiving. >> wow. that came out of nowhere. people want to know more about stuffing. what can you tell us? >> yes, you know when you're cooking and your food just doesn't have that flavor that you want, the italian -- it's porcini. you pass it through a little coffee grinder and you get yourself this delicious powder. you put it in the stuffing. >> oh. yum. >> you can put it in your meatloaf. your meatballs. you can even dry rub in the sauce. you can use this all over. this is going to be your secret. my secret too. >> nice, nice. can we go to young joe -- let's talk vino. >> no one asked me about turkey or gravies, but they ask me about wine. i reinvented the ice cube for thanksgiving. so when your wine gets warm at the table, you take your cranberries, freeze them till they're hard like marbles then
8:17 am
glass. instant ice cube. it's decorative, delicious, it does not dilute your libation. >> very nice. people are googling cranberry sauce and sonny anderson has some advice on that. >> are we team texture? it's all about the texture. a way to add texture to it, you know jeff did that in the kitchen. you can add dried fruit. think about it, you have cranberry sauce. you can add dried cranberries, sage, apricots or nuts. it makes it into a kind of chutney. delicious. team texture. >> and brussels sprouts, take it away. >> thank you for that shout-out. i love brussels sprouts and i start to think about them at breakfast. you know why? because that bacon fat is what i save and get them crispy and delicious. doest
8:18 am
>> i'll take the baken. >> there you go. >> brussels sprouts, bacon fat t way to go. >> people are searching for green bean recipes. >> well, a secret i learned growing up, my father would blanch them in boiling water and add a pinch of baking soda to that and you get that extra green vibrant color in the middle of your mashed potatoes and stuffing. nice and green. >> all right. >> what else are we googling? matt, you're up. >> when making your mashed potatoes, nobody likes water in it. if you have a great kitchen and not a food processor, bake your potatoes and/or boil them. press them to the grate. this is the first pressing if you will and nobody likes to peel potatoes. you don't get water logged potatoes but it's precrus
8:19 am
amounts of butter and cream. >> i love that. >> first cold pressing. >> let's go on to pecans, or pecans. this from j.j. johnson -- >> as you run out of everything else, run to the store, buy your favorite pie. but what i do is i grab the pecans. i throw them into the pan with baking soda, brown sugar, saute them nicely. don't tell anybody you bought the pie. >> oh, nice. >> by the way, a lot of people are googling the word pie. we have one more tip. >> it starts with a good crust and people don't have a food processor to really grind that butter into the tie live little pieces so take a stick of butler, pop it in the freezer, grate it on the box grater.
8:20 am
not. it gives you the flakiness throughout the crust. >> who would think? a good tip. i want to thank all of our chefs. by the way we have a whole half hour of this all-star thanksgiving coming up. but first, al has a check of the weather. >> yes, i do. check it out, and see what i have going on. so the travel weather looking ahead toward the weekend, we're basically not going to be looking at it too many -- at too many problems, but what we'll see on saturday, there we go. well, it's going to be okay. looking at some wet weather, some snow up in northern new england. our maps are a little slow, i get all that stuffing -- i guess all that stuffing -- gusty winds around the great lakes and the west is very wet. sunny and mild conditions on saturday. the pacific northwest is going to be the real rough spot with airport delays from seattle all the way down into sacramento. the roads are going to be a bit of a mess too. heavy rain and a threat of big storms and then on sunday, t
8:21 am
around the northeast with some that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a few rain drops are into the parts of southern prince george's county and racing out over the bay and we're just about done with all of our rain chances around here. temperatures not all that cold now. in the upper 40s and lower to mid 50s. this is as mild as it will be for much of the day. it will be breezy and sunny this afternoon. and a cold thanksgiving coming your way tomorrow. small business steals and deals is sponsored by american express. founding partner of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. and now to our special edition of steals and deals as we're gearing up for small business saturday with exclusive deals to jump start yourli
8:22 am
shopping. jill martin has some bargains. good morning. these are independent businesses. >> yes, supporting across america. today you can sit back, sit by your computer and order what you need. starting with sparkle. this is the general miller jewelry. so it's yellow or white gold, 14 karat gold plating. one of the best sellers so this is just a beautiful necklace. >> we love jennifer miller around here. >> great to layer. i know you layer necklaces all the time. celebrities include j.lo and mariah carey. it's 74% off. also makes a great gift fore the holidays. >> beautiful gift. >> if you're traveling. >> got to love that. body scrubs. >> the sets, retail -- it's a two-piece set. i'm into splitting things up. putting a bow on it. different scents. the retail is
8:23 am
is 35. 50% off. >> candles? >> how beautiful these are. to put out or obviously to bring as a beautiful gift even as a centerpiece. the retail is $112. so you see that beautiful -- >> yeah, i love that. >> so you can pick any one of those. all different combinations. six different. the retail $112, the deal is $46 so 59% off. >> good. they have the different scents that you can look up online. okay. next -- >> this is super fun. something we have never done. the henry charles -- it's $114 retail. it's a pouch bundle so there's three in a pack. and like a little bag of happiness. work hard by makeup. this is a fun gift. retail is $114. that's 63% off. >> you get three of them. >> three in the bundle. >> good. >> these are alisa adams throw
8:24 am
blankets. i want to show how big they really are. just because this is a great wrap and indoors, outdoors. cuddly, in front of the fire. it's the alpaca blanket favorite. 26 different stripes and you can go on to see. the deal is 88, 78% off. a good deal. sold in high end department stores. >> very soft and sturdy like you said. you can have it out door by the fire. >> i think your child is old enough to use it. >> okay. >> this is a bag in a set. the retail is $90. you pick your theme. and it has everything to make a video that goes on to the app that you can share with your family. >> wow. >> so you dress up, there's a background. then your kids can put a little show on for you during the holidays. it's the good housekeeping toy of the year award. 38
8:25 am
something for everybody. >> there are different kits you can buy. >> depending on what your child likes. >> if you want to run through the products one more time. we have the necklations, the body scrubs, and the henry charles pouches, get three of those in this set. alicia adams alpaca throws. and the box play sets, a super cute idea. if you have any questions, head to be sure to tune in next week for the steals and deals, holiday blowout. are you ready? i know you have to rest up this weekend. coming up, our 30 chefs are here to show you how to pull off a perfect thanksgiving.
8:26 am
this is a "news4 today" news break. >> good morning. 8:26 now on a wednesday, november 22. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get a check on the roads with melissa mollet. how is it looking this morning? >> so far we're okay. we have a little bit of a slowdown on 95 southbound here in virginia. beltway looks okay, aaron. tom of the beltway we have the normal slowdown and the rest is nice and clear. inner and outer loop. 66 inbound, we still have that crash on the right shoulder on 95, slow at southbound, slow on the right shoulder. >> thank you. a check of your forecast right after this. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
our first little peek of sunshine in northwest washington and more and more sunshine as the day goes along. most of the rain is just about over, it's moving on out
8:29 am
40's now. mainly in the low 50s for highs. tomorrow a cold thanksgiving for you. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather on the nbc news washington app.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] oh, yeah. ladies and gentlemen, the most exciting band in the land of marching -- the university. how are you guys? >> hi. >> great to see you. this brings back such memories of my college days. i can't tell you. >> all we have been hearing about all week. >> yes. >> the bobcats are coming. >> which won't start. stand up and cheer for all of ohio, for tonight -- well, forget it. >> awesome. >> so great to have u
8:32 am
tomorrow. can't wait to see you. >> you also got great moves by the way. pretty awesome. >> i want to take up the trumpet immediately. >> i love the plumes. >> it's cool. third time in the parade so we're really proud of them. catch them, all the music, the floats, the balloons and excitement, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m. starting here on nbc. >> thanks a lot, guys. >> i don't know if you have heard, but it's our all-star thanksgiving. we have 30 chefs with the most important things to know before thanksgiving. yes, we're talking turkey, sides, drink and decor. >> like the "star wars" bar of celebrity chefs. >> so what do you have coming up? >> there's a woman named carrie clausen kegly who said she had a disturbing encounter with russell simmons and brett ratner. we'll have that on our show. then a turn to a story of
8:33 am
where you were, and a 16-year-old boy who had a fateful encounter with a marine. that will leave you cheering for humanity as we go off into this thanksgiving holiday. >> thank you. we have a check of the weather. >> yes, we do. what about the parade weather, it will be on the chilly side, but it will be lovely. plenty of sunshine. temperature about 40 degrees by noon. when santa comes into herald square. now, the rest of the country for today, we are looking at some -- a flood threat in the pacific northwest. snow showers around the great lakes and some wet weather in the west coast of florida. tomorrow, we have more -- a perfect parade weather wherever you're having your parade. heavy rain down in florida. record highs continue in the southwest. and more rain and mountain snows. you have a cow bell don't there, you didn't use the cow bell. no cow bell. well, we have that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:34 am
>> good morning. the rain from early today has really cleared out. expect some travel delays in new england. temperature wise in the mid to low 50s. some neighborhoods in the upper 40s. travel weather at the airport is looking good and into friday it looks pretty good too. we have sunny skies in the forecast. for your thanksgiving day, afternoon temperatures around 47 degrees after morning lows below freezing and the weekend looks dry too. ♪ all-star thanksgiving is brought to you by walmart. rock this christmas with walmart. >> all right. it is time to turn to our all-star thanksgiving extravaganza and first we're talking turkey from seasoning to slicing, cooking and carving. we have ten talented chefs to share their best turkey tips. >> okay.
8:35 am
roxanne, melissa, judy, bobby flay. hi, chefs. >> good morning. >> it's crazy. we can make this circle around, it would be awesome. tell us about your tip here. >> so first thing is when the turkey comes out of the oven make sure that you let it rest. i usually let mine rest for an hour. it won't get cold because it's been in there for a long time. if they're too warm, the juices will come out. and then to carve the turkey i take the whole -- both sides of the breast off completely. and then i slice then. as opposed to making thin slices i make thick slices like this. i keep it in the same shape as the breast itself and put it on to the platter. there you go. >> i love it. looks and smells beautiful. jeffrey tell me what you've got. >> take your turkey out -- it's important to get it dry. at least you can put a dry rub,
8:36 am
uncovered. >> you put the rub on and then put it in the fridge. >> yeah. get the moisture out. people put on plastic, don't do that. before you cook it, take out the wish bone. you'll have a much easier time with carving -- >> it makes that big of a difference? okay. how do you -- never mind. >> oh. whoa whoa. >> okay. chef, what have you got? >> should i leave? one of the bays to cook the turkey to ensure you have it moist between the -- you need to butterfly it. one side of the spine and now watch. the other side of the spine. >> oh, my. >> it's all right. it's all right. then you have stock right here. flip the bird over and then you lay it out. and by seasoning it with salt,
8:37 am
you'll have it be moist. you don't have a problem with it being dry in the breast. >> super impressive. yeah. >> my favorite tip -- warn the hosts when you're going to do that. >> you like the spices to keep the fat level down. >> it's easy to get flavor and a great way to get flavor into the turkey, the best way to use spices by roasting them in the hot pan for a minute or two, dry hot pan, no oil. grind them up in small batches to use. you can use a coffee grinder, anything. >> so in the bird or on the board? >> use the spice rub with the salt to get the skin crispy. under in the cavity and with the aromatics. >> by the way -- that was really good.
8:38 am
>> every time i come back -- >> you got it. you have a special ingredient. >> in cooking there are three things that make things great, fat, acid and salt and when you remember that, you season anything, but particularly your turkey. a little bit of citrus makes a difference. lemon or lime or an orange. after you season the bird, i have garlic, smoked paprika and i put it in a little bit of peanut oil. a little bit of citrus goes a long way. it changes the palette for sure. >> here we go again. hold on. roxanne? >> what do you have? >> the key ingredient is called mayo. >> where is it going? >> my favorite tip is house made mayonnaise, fresh eggs. put that underneath the skin of your bird. >> why? >> oh! hey. >> why did you do that? >>
8:39 am
the same time. >> welcome to youtube. >> here we go. >> all right. melissa? melissa has an important tip especially if the color of the bird doesn't seem right. >> when you take your bird's temperature, get a good thermometer. when you put it in it should be 165 at the thigh. say you carve it, it's 165 and it looks -- >> kind of pink. should you cook it some more? >> no. some birds are naturally bird. if you bought a fancy bird, i might be a little bit pink. trust the thermometer. and look at the texture. if it looks like jelly, put it back in. >> all right. nice talking to you. >> then you have this separated here, right -- >> so anybody that knows turkey knows that the breast -- the white meat and the dark meat actually cook at different rates so the legs being a little bit
8:40 am
heartier cooking method. we braise them and remove them from the bird. put in some aromatics, some wine, some stock. let them nestle in there. then we'll pull them out. serve them alongside your breast and the nice thing, you can actually use all of this liquid in here. skim it, make a nice gravy out of it. >> i saw al nibbling on this. >> so we're frying our turkey. >> one of the best ways to prepare it is to deep fry it. it's a commitment, health and safety issues. why not hack hack hack it up. pieces. i like to put in a crust. and look at that golden brown, succulent. seal in all the juices. extra crispy. you have a good -- it's absolutely delicious. juicy, crunchy. >> i see why you're nibbling, al. >> pretty good. anybody else got vertigo? >> a little bit, al. >> sonny, you have a
8:41 am
us. >> yeah. a juicy turkey, what's so funny, bobby? bobby is always making fun of me because he loves me. so the easiest way to get a glaze out of your pantry, one part of jam or preserve, two parts stock. so here i have some apricot jam and blackberry as well. turkey or chicken stock. rosemary, thyme and sage. mix that in a pot right there. go right over the top, here, al, taste it. reach around and let me know what you think about that. >> very moist. >> it brings the sweet preserves when you add the stock to it. >> fantastic. thank you. i want to thank our all-star chefs. remember, spin us around more! you can find all the tips and more at it's a chef lazy susan. coming up next, how to dress up your fancy
8:42 am
but first, this is "today" on nbc. come on! >> thank you, washington, for supporting the food for families. your generosity means local families in need won't go hungry on thanksgiving. >> still time to donate at nbc >> nbc4, working for you.
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8:44 am
we're back with our special food all-star thanksgiving. now the bird is roasting and time to focus on the side dishes. guys, good morning to you. gravy, and you say forget the flour. >> exactly. use tapioca starch it will come out velvety. nice and smooth and delicious. because the last thing you want is lumpy gravy. >> great idea. how do you get the potatoes creamy? >> use yukon gold. they're dense, they come out insanely creamy. i like to use a ricer. put the potatoes in, skin on, push them through the ricer. they come out, then add your milk and
8:45 am
>> i ran out of stove top space, what do we do? >> you have so much stuff on the stove top, you hold it on the stove top like so and there you go. >> thank you. to savannah. >> thank you. we're going to start by taking andrew, cranberries to the next level. >> i want to introduce you to cranberry blitz. >> oh. >> which is a three minute cranberry sauce. you mix cranberry juice, maple syrup, orange marmalade and cinnamon. pour it over the cranberries, use your toaster oven. three minutes in the toaster oven, a blitz. >> all right. speaking my language. >> when you're done at the parade you'll be making your mashed potatoes and take your butter wrapper and put them over the top. they stay warm and you didn't use plasticr
8:46 am
recycling. artie introduces us to the stuffing. >> the stuffing. so i'm a grown-up fat kid so i'm borrowing from the brownie theory. to get that perfect ratio, put it in a muffin pan or you can do a loaf pan as my mom used to do. it doesn't matter. any stuffing works in this. >> you make the stuffing and throw it in the offen. >> put it in the muffin into if oven. >> thank you. >> okay, let's start with you, ms. lydia. what's your tip for this side? >> i really -- i love the flavor, the glaze. on your vegetables. >> yeah. >> on your turkey. some bay leaves, honey. you reduce it to half. this is what you get. >> ladle that on top? >> just drizzle it on. >> look at lydia. >> all right. alex? you have a great place for the potatoes to go. >> yes. this is a great parking space. instead of the rack, elevate your turkey, get it nice and brown wh
8:47 am
underneath. then you have a built in side dish. >> that's genius. how come no one knows about this? tom ka lick owe, you said you have to get busy right now. >> yeah, in the restaurants we make it ahead of time. this is the beginning of the stuffing, then we have the turkey stock or chicken stock for the gravy. make that in advance and freeze it. put it in the containers, label it. all ready to goer to thanksgiving. >> it's not so stressful. you're not chopping -- we know how you do it. tom, what do you have? >> replacing the bacon with some nuts, you toast them up, they give you a crunch. >> don't need that bacon after all? >> not if you give me some fat and some crunch with the nuts. up next, thanksgiving drinks, dessert and decor. we'll keep going with the all-star team. but first, this is "today" on nbc. first, this istoday" on nbc. "
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
♪ we're back with our all-star we're back with our special for the thanksgiving. now it's time for desserts, drinks and decor. here is our a list, laura, lucinda. >> adam and donatella and joslin. good morning. >> let's start with the dessert -- >> so you basically to save time this is how you store it. keep them in the fridge, go back into the fridge. pumpkin pie. apple or pear pie, put a nice clean dish towel over it. that'll be fine. then little things like cookies and brownies, seal them up nice and tight. >> i love it. chloe, do you have something on the top? >> nobody likes an aerosol can on their thanksgiving table. so we'll make whipped cream. i chill it so that the
8:51 am
>> oh. >> you scrape the team off the top. with it some powdered sugar. it's a dairy free whipped cream. >> such a great idea. j.j. johnson, decor, talk to me about this. >> i'm a chef, but i'm always about the party. so all my friends that can't make thanksgiving i ask them to send in a childhood photo. as you can see right here. then i set the table that way with my wife that's a way to get the conversation going. >> j.j., great idea. what have you got, laura? >> i like to do all my shopping at the grocery store and that includes the centerpieces. go in your pantry, wherever you keep your mason jars, add some cranberries to your base, little bit of rosemary. and add a sweet candle and water and it floats. it is or go juice. >> so pretty and festive. >> it smells fantastic. and whatever i have laying around, it goes all over the table. everyone loves it. >> i love that. thank you very much. you're going to make
8:52 am
dessert here. >> this is what i call -- you have cranberry sauce. whipped cream. you fold it together. >> yeah. >> super easy. then you layer it into the glass and you have a parfait. it looks fancy and delicious. >> it took you two seconds. >> two seconds. >> that's my kind of dessert. >> thank you. >> adam, show us what you'll do with that dental floss. >> i'm not going to use it on my teeth to my dentist's chagrin, if you have a cake you don't need to cut wit the knife. you can give it the -- the treatment. sleep with the fishes. eat like a king. >> right. >> never go against the shark -- leave the gun, take the cannoli. >> that's right. >> tell me about this. >> doing a couple of alternatives. apple crisp and a quick tip. use instant oatmeal with the apple cinnamon in there to give it
8:53 am
alternative to pumpkin pie. >> you're combines pies. >> if you want pies, combine them in one. bake it together. make one good one. make sure you eat all the leftovers. >> you have a lot of what rumphs on that. >> thanksgiving sangria is perfect for leftover wine and berries. some brandy. >> that's great. thank you. cheers, joslin, what do you have? >> well, as you're making pie you want to make a beautiful lattice for all the guests. all you need is your cooling rack. put it right on top of here. use a pizza cutter and go straight down the line. you can have them even. >> perfect. perfect. thank you all. great tips. we appreciate it. all the tips at back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> way to go.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
i said pass the stuffing. i can't get past the stuffing at the kid's table. >> that's right. we want to propose a toast to our chefs and say thanks to you who have been sweet and those who have been savory throughout the year. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving! [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. up next, your local news. happy thanksgiving. this is a "news4 today" news break. >> 8:56 is your time now on a wednesday, november 22, 2017. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. we want to get a check on your commute right now with melissa mollet. and your first 4 traffic. good morning. >> good morning, so right now the beltway, ina
8:57 am
loop, no problem. southbound 95 crash on the shoulder you can see that delay into woodbridge. >> thanks. we'll take a quick break now and check your forecast when we come back. i thought i knew everything about garth brooks. well, it turns out she doesn't. but now i do. i just finished his new book. yes, he wrote a book. i'm so proud of him. it's not a book.
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good morning. we're watching rain heading up towards new england so not good travel weather there. locally the rain has cleared out. clouds are starting to clear out too. not that cold outside. mostly the mid 50s right now as you're computing today everything looks good. tomorrow looks good, just cold. we stay nice and dry friday and into the weekend but for thanksgiving morning temperatures below freezing. so bundle up, eun. >> all right, thank you, sheena. get the latest news and weather any time on the nbc washington app. have a great day.
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this morning on "megyn kelly today," music mogul russell simmons accused. we'll talk live to the former model who says simmons sexually assaulted her while a famous director watched. then, hopeful holidays. two teens caught in gunfire. a hero marine and a story of hope and survival. all-star thanksgiving. three celebrity chefs with recipes even i might be able to pull off. all that on "megyn kelly today" right now. hi. [ applause ] hello. hi. welcome. hi. hi, there. welcome, everybody. happy day before


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