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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2017 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. parade parole. millions of spectators are lining the streets of the big p apple has stepped up across the street. we'll talk to the police who have been working around the clock. we'll also check in with matt and savannah for a preview of the congressional controversy. the senior house republican apologizing for his nude photo scandal and laufnches an investigation into what he's calling a revenge act. john says he's not retiring in the face of allegations of sexual harassment.
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new details in the baltimore cop shooting. the officer who was killed with his own gun set to testify in a corruption case the very next d day. a touching look at you on our troops in afghanistan are celebrating thanksgiving today. "today" november 23rd, 2017. >> this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on this thanksgiving day morning. i'm kr jones.
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at times square, good morning to you, guys. >> reporter: guys, good morning to you, are you warm enough inside the studio, 72 degrees, it is good. >> they looked comfortable. >> reporter: yeah, it is chilly out here for the 91st macy's thanksgiving parade. things are going get started a little while. one of the broadway shows is going to be performing here. we are excited. not only the performers are ready but the balloons and floats and security, of course. >> reporter: no question about it. security is a major priority. nbc rahimi ellis is several blocks from us here to talk about that aspect of the story, rahimi, good morning to you and -- happy thanksgiving and g
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as you know, this is a big apple tradition unlike any other. authorities are stressing there is no credible security threat against the city or the parade. as the anticipation is mounting for the start of the main event, the idea of having been and being safe is on everyone's mind. security efforts are front and center as millions are expected to line the streets of new york this morning for the parade. >> these events come off flawlessly each year because so much good work is done to plan them and then to bring them together. >> but visible deterrents are on full display. inn skrees increased security, counterterrorism squad, happy weapons team and canine control on high alert. police have been more visible throughout the city since last month's isis inspired truck attack in lower
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eight people were killed and several more injured when a motorist ripped through a popular crowded bike path on halloween afternoon. and last november isis singled out the 2016 parade specifically as an excellent target. this year officials saying there is no credible threat, but they aren't taking chances. every intersection along the route is blocked off with the police presence. there are also sniper teams and helicopters as well as portable radiation detectors. >> good afternoon, everyone. >> on wednesday the inflation of the parade balloons also met heightened security as hundreds of thousands flocked to the city's upper west side to catch a glimpse of their favorite floats taking shape. the extra level of security didn't stop the fun. >> it's really cool to see all the balloons. >> the presence of the police has helped us relax and realize that it's secure and it is family
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even officers who will be with the balloons as they make their way down the parade route, and they're going to be talking with other officers monitoring the wind that might come up and could cause problems. that's not expected to happen. but authority are saying one thing they want them to do -- the one thing they're always saying around this city and that is if you see something, say something. they need everybody's help in order to stay safe this thanksgiving day parade. back to you guys. >> rehema, that is such good advice as also. bring in two very important people. the commissioner of the new york city police department, james o'neal. terrence monahan. happy thanksgiving. >> great to be here. >> commissioner, obviously we're so excited about the parade and you do all our worrying for us. what can you tell us so people know that the city is safe and the parade route is safe? >> the city is really safe. the crime numbers that we have
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unprecedented. we haven't seen numbers like this since the 1950s. i'm thankful for all of the great work of the men and women of the nypd. terry can give you some of the details of what we're doing. >> chief, it's a balancing act, isn't it? on the one hand, you want to secure the two miles or so of this parade route. on the other hand, you want people to come out here and feel like it's thanksgiving and it's festive. >> exactly. and it is. you're going to see smiling cops all over the place. you'll also see cops with hep weaponry along the route. we'll have cops you're not going to see positioned all along to keep everyone safe. the entire route is secured. no cross town traffic. no cars can get on to the route. we look at everything that happens around the world and we adjust and we make everything different as we go along to get things better, keep it safe. so everyone can have a very happy thanksgiving parade here. this is the safest city in america by far.
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absolutely amazing. this is going to be a great day. >> i hope it's the safest few blocks in the city as well. >> brooklyn's finest, the bronx's finest. this is a hometown event for both of you guys. >> born in brooklyn, spent a lot of time in the bronx. i love this city. i love this job. i'd also like to take a second to thank the men and women of sanitation department. they're manning all those trucks for us. >> you've got to learn one thing for the commissioner. you've got to step back. you're casting a shadow on that beautiful face. you've got to make sure he gets his moment in the sun here. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving. >> we look forward to the nypd marching band in a little while too. >> it's always one of the great events in this city every year, craig and sheinelle, we're going to come back in a little while
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we're going to give you all of our fun facts and just so you know, we're going to be quizzing you as well. >> you might want to study. >> let me start googling. >> thanks for the heads up. >> president trump is spending the holiday at his mar-a-lago estate in florida far from the growing sexual misconduct scandals rocking washington. the latest new investigation as a senior house republican gets swept up in a controversy. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, sheinelle. the president began this holiday, no surprise, on twitter sending a happy thanksgiving message to the country and recounting some of his top priorities. he will also send good wishes to the men and women in uniform later today via video conference from mar-a-lago. but for a couple of veteran lawmakers in congress for decades, this holiday is anything but care free. overnight the longest serving texas
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joe barton turned the tables on an embarrassing episode and said he may be the victim of a potential crime. revenge from a broken sexual relationship. after a nude selfie and inmate messages were exposed on the internet. he responded to a report and confirmed that u.s. capital police are investigating how barton's most private image and words spilled into public view. the post sights an unnamed woman who provided a secret audio recording. she claimed a five year sexual relationship with the congressman. she says she believed barton was involved with other women, contacted them and shared material he had sent her. and said barton warned he would report her to police if she revealed intimate details. nbc news has not verified her account. overnight the congressman responded. this woman admitted that we had a consensual relationship. when i ended that relations
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my private photographs and intimate correspondence in retaliation. hours earlier barton acknowledged he had sexual relationships with what he called mature adult women during a separation and apologized for his judgment. still another politician under new scrutiny. michigan democrat john con yais zard denies allegations made by two women. now a third a committee staffer is making a different accusation. harsh treatment. >> he became increasingly verbally abusive and would berate me loudly. >> sloan, an ethics lawyer, worked on the house judicial committee in the mid '90s. his lawyer has conyers maintains his innocence and will not resign. >> i'd been called to come up and he was walking around in his underwear and i was just so shocked. >> reporter: representative conyers has the title of being the dean of the he
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his lawyer says if allegations force people to require a lot of people would be out of work in this country. the michigan democrat plans to have a new conference about all this after the holiday break. sheinelle, craig. >> kelly, thank you. >> we turn now to baltimore where new details are coming to light about a police detective who was murdered last week. that officer shot dead just one day before he was set to testify in a corruption probe into the activities of other officers. nbc tom costello has that report. good morning. >> reporter: good morning you to. the detective wasn't just any officer who was shot and killed. he was also a federal witness against other police officers. the police commissioner says this case remains a homicide investigation. this morning baltimore police say detective shaun suter shawa ll
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before he was set to testify before a grand jury investigation. >> we have evidence of a struggle between the detective and his killer. the detective was shot and killed with his own gun. >> that evidence, police are pointing to suter's clothing and to a brief radio transmission he made. they're working to enhance the audio. 43-year-old and his partner were looking for a witness to an unsolved 2016 homicide last week when they saw the shooter, quote, engaged in suspicious behavior. as suter approached and tried to start a conversation, the suspect shot the detective in the head. >> we do not know where the shots came from. we have officers in location. everybody take cover somewhere. okay? >> now, word that suter was set to testify before a federal grand jury investigating a group of baltimore police officers who worked together on a firearms task force that have been charged with stealing money, property, and narcotics over two years. >> there is no information that has been communicated
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other than a stellar detective, great friend, loving husband, and dedicated father. >> an 18 year veteran, the father of five, was not the target of any ongoing criminal investigation. police did take two people into custody for questioning but released them. the reward for information leading to the killer is now 215,000n $215,000. there's also a go fund me page. >> on the other side of the globe american troops are observing thanksgiving in afghanistan with old traditions and new ones. hans nichols is there. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you can see, it is already meal time here in afghanistan for the first brigade combat team 82nd airborne. for them it's a taste of home. for the rest of us it serves as a reminder we're still a country at war. f
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trump has sent to afghanistan, the war is a combination of fighting. and fun. at the annual turkey bowl, it's officers versus enlisted from the first combat brigade of the 82nd airborne. no one wore rank. but they did keep score. the enlisted won. >> so this gives us about an hour where we can just relax. and see each other in a more relaxed environment. >> reporter: in anticipation of all that turkey, morning workouts were a little more intense. >> if you haul it, you can have it. >> now in its 16th year, the u.s. mission has two prongs. targeting the taliban from the sky and training forces including afghan police officers on the ground. cooking thanksgiving dinner for almost 3,000 soldiers is its own military exercise. >> what's an army trick? you're out here, an army afghanistan trick against dry turkey? >> sir, that's classified.
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we can't discuss that. >> reporter: and then a helicopter mission to deliver the meal while it's still hot to an operating base. the so-called red devils prepare outgoing rounds. they're firing mortars about five miles away. 30 second air time. you have some taliban positions just up there. ru lieutenant ricky taylor is on his ninth deployment. he's noticed big changes since the war beginning. the u.s. has swapped its combat role for a support one. the army is much more supportive of soldiers when they needed on the home front. >> how much time do you get with your new boy? >> two days, but it was great to have that opportunity to go home, to see the baby. >> inside a makeshift chow hall the benches rest on food boxes. the officers serve the enlisted with all the trimmings. back home many of the young soldiers wives are eating for two. >> do you know if you're having
7:16 am
a boy or girl? >> boy. >> the troops expect to make it home for their baby's arrival even if it's before their deployment ends. one thing that's striking is just how many of them have had multiple deployments, how many holidays they've missed back home. at the same time they're embraced by their brothers and sisters at arms and i think they have a message for you back home. >> happy thanksgiving. >> guys, back to you. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> we are thankful for their service indeed. let's check in with al rocker. he is at the starting line of the parade. hey there, uncle al. >> hey, guys. my niece and nephew there. you'll have to come on up here. it is beautiful. we're at 77 central park west where the parade is going to kick off. it is a bright blue sky, about 32 degrees. beautiful morning. forecast for the parade, we are looking at temperatures in the low 30s to start things off. but by noon
7:17 am
to herald square, it will be about 40 degrees. weather not quite so nice down in florida. that's where we have some showers and thunderstorms essentially from southern -- from central florida all the way up into the pan handle. before it's all over, over the next freig48 hours some picking three to 4 inches of rain on into jacksonville. the rest of the country remarkably quiet. that's the good news. we're looking at a flood threat in the pacific northwest. record highs in the southwest. heavy down down in florida. we're getting to your local photograph coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good thursday morning. temperatures are still feeling like the mid to low 20s. feels like 25 in the district. cold start to your thanksgiving day. through the afternoon we're only going to top out around 47 degrees for a hiechgh. sunny skies staying chilly. for tomorrow mostly sunny. high in the mid 50s. across the weekend we're dry, so great for travel. a dry stretch into next week. r guys, tom tur re is ready to gobble down central park west. we've got bands warming up. this is going to be a good 91st macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> thank you, al. we'll come back in
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coming up, a rare look inside the most private address of america's most public figures. camp david. good luck finding it on a map. >> we've got your ticket to the mace see a thanksgiving day parade as we get a look at the rehearsal of "dear evan hansen." first your local news. ♪ ♪
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because shopping small makes a big difference. so, this saturday get up, get out, and shop small. 7:26 is your time now on this thanksgiving day. it's thursday. good morning you to. >> we begin with breaking news in fair fax county. emergency crews and virginia state police still on the scene of a deadly crash on the belt way. the person in the car still wedged under neneath the tracto trailer has died. we'll send out an alert when the scene has cleared completely. local volunteers with food and friends are working to feed thousands who are in need. they're preparing 3,500 thanksgiving dinners for people facing life challenging illnesses. the redskins take on the giants tonight at fedex
7:27 am
kickoff set for 8:30. there is still time to buy tickets for as little as $11 on stub hub. pregame coverage right here on nbc 4 begins at 7:30 tonight. we'll have a check on your forecast right after a short break.
7:28 am
good thursday morning. in the district 32 degrees. we have mostly sunny sighs through the area. 25 is what it feels like. as we go through thanksgiving, 10 -- in the mid 50s, but we'll be below that. later on this evening temperatures start dropping off on the mid 30s by tomorrow morning. bund de bundle up if you are black friday shopping. the weekend is dry for any travel going on. a great thanksgiving shaping up
7:29 am
>> thank you. another local news update coming your way in about 25 minutes. >> for now, back to "the today show" after this break. happy thanksgiving.
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back now at 7:30. matt, savannah and al covering the parade this morning. >> we're going to come in with this. first a check of the headlines. high flying spectacle. the 91st annual thanksgiving day parade just hours away. on lookers are jockeying for position and security is tighter than ever. >> the nypd has the strongest anti-terrorism capacity of any police force in the country and we're using it to make sure that yo
7:31 am
>> desperate search. the u.s. navy look for those three service members now missing for more than 24 hours after their transport plane went down in the pacific ocean. >> war ships have joined the u.s. ronald reagan as well as scores of helicopters and planes to find these missing sailors. prison bound, disgraced gymnastic doctor pleads guilty to molestation charges after being accused by more than 100 women and girls including olympic stars. >> you used that position of trust in the most vile way to abuse children. in the nick of time. officers drag a woman off train tracks in australia moments before the train speeds by. orlando police visit a local children's hospital to say good night to young patients. >> these kids here, it brings a tear to my eyes.
7:32 am
>> "today" thanksgiving, november 23rd, 2017. >> a beautiful story. >> thankful for all of those who are protecting and serving. >> we begin with a new clue and new hope in the urgent rescue mission for a missing argentine submarine. with seven days in and oxygen levels likely to be low the search is growing increasingly desperate. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving to you, my friend. a heart breaking holiday for the relatives of those on board this submarine. we are now entering the second week since it was lost. an argentinean navy spokesman saying it is a critical phase. the search intensified for the missing submarine and fears deepening for the crew members lost somewhere be neneath the waters of the atlantic. if the sailors are alive, their oxygen supply is set to
7:33 am
the argentine navy indicating an unusual noise. trying to determine if that noise was an explosion. exhaustive analysis in the united states a spokesman said show its coincided with the last known position of the sub. more than a dozen countries, including the u.s. and now russia taking part in the search. president trump tweeting i have long given the order to help argentina with the search and rescue mission of their missing submarine. 45 people aboard and not much time left. may god with be them and the people of argentina. the number of crew on board is 44. and a break in the bad weather is set to end. more rough seas. more bad news for the sailor's families. some complaining they are getting little information and questioning about the aging vessel was at sea. many sti
7:34 am
we want them to come back, this man says. if you hear us, we want them to return. i was just getting the news from reuters that a u.s. navy plane has detected an object in the area near where the submarine disappeared. it's not clear yet what that object may be, but sheinelle and craig, the argentinean navy urging the families not to give up hope. >> thank you. let's throw it back to matt and savannah on today's parade route. good morning, guys. >> good timing. look behind us. we're just about to have a rehearsal for the broadway show anastasia. one of the four or five broadway shows that will be part of this macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> of course we've got to talk about the character balloons, the marching bands. 1,100 rl
7:35 am
man in charge of it all, the ceo of macy's. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> this is your first thanksgiving parade as ceo. what does it mean to you to be standing here and about to have this big event? >> well, it's an amazing day, amazing weather. we couldn't have ordered a better day for this. i'll really looking forward to greeting all the crowds, cheering on the performers, our 10,000 volunteers, this is an amazing event. >> you talk about your 10,000 volunteers. talk about what this parade means year in and year out to the people who work at macy's the. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade is like the dna of our company. we have 140,000 employees and y it's our great opportunity to say to america and the communities we serve, happy thanksgiving. >> by the way, there's a new act this year. macy's employees auditioning to sing. tell us about that. >> this is like my first thing coming up. it's the macy's, it's a singing
7:36 am
one of our great employees came up with this idea. we auditioned our amazing employees, so they're coming from 24 states, from hawaii all the way to staten island. we have 40 year employees. we have two and a half month employees, they're all here to sing to america. >> savannah mentioned it's your first year as ceo of macy's. i'm not sure if you know all the rules, but at some point in the middle of the parade, savannah and i in years past have been allowed to use the v.i.p. restroom. you get that, right? >> we are going to make sure that happens again this year. >> thank you. we just have to do some important business there. thank you so much. >> no pun intended. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> let's go a little bit uptown and check in with mr. al rocker. >> hey, guys. the newest balloon in the parade, olaf is flying hey. we've got the perfect weather for it, very light winds. of course the deal
7:37 am
beautif beautiful weather. first time in the parade, laura alaina, country star. you are so excited. >> i am. i am. >> you're brimming with excitement. >> i am so excited. this is one of the best thanksgivings i've ever had and it's just getting started thank you so much for letting me do this interview and i can't believe that i'm here today. it's crazy. i watch this parade every year with my family. >> which float are you on? >> on the green giant. >> what song are you going to be singing? >> "doing fine" my new single, a song about my family. it felt fitting for thanksgiving. >> enjoy it all. it goes by in an instant. have a great time. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's chilly out there. right now 32 degrees but the sun is on its way up. doesn't seem like it's going to be working much. we're going to peek in the upper 40s today.
7:38 am
you're headed to the redskins game taking on the giant. temp t temperatures will be in the low 40s. make sure you're bundled up. the outlook keeps us dry through the weekend. upper 50s by saturday. >> that's your latest weather. of course you are going to be finishing -- you start your football day with nbc. you're going to finish your football day with nbc. that's because we've got thursday night football. it's a thanksgiving feast. the giants flying in to fedex stadium. that's right, to take on washington. land over maryland, clear, cold, 37 degrees. get that trip ready. loosen your pants and watch football night in america on
7:39 am
thanksgiving night. >> al, rocker, it never gets old to me. >> we'll take it. coming up here on thanksgiving morning, unless you're the president, you probably don't know a lot about camp david. we're giving you a behind the scenes look. >> dylan is in the orange room with the sneaking way some shoppers are getting in line. >> the way more and more children are getting sent to the e.r. with sports injuries. >> and if you're escaping the kitchen, some stores are rewarding you with dis counts today. first these messages. so... you like it. little bit. nothing gets a reaction like a gift from kay jewelers. where everything is 25% off. save 25% off all rings, all necklaces, and all bracelets. that's 25% off everything! november 17th through 26th. at kay, the #1 jewelry store in america.
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zicam. get your better back. now in delicious fruit drops. we are back on a thanksgiving morning with a look at an american institution that it's never been open to the public. >> for 75 years presidents have been going to camp david
7:44 am
the former commander about his new book inside camp david. peter, good morning. >> reporter: happy thanksgiving to you. president trump and his family spending their thanksgiving here at palm beach, but the traditional presidential retreat of camp david is one that you can't find on most maps. of course, this president prefers the glitz and glamour of his mar-a-lago property, but he has joined in at some point heading to camp david to avoid the cameras, congress and the press. for all the perks, the press and secret service protection, for america's most public face, it's the president's most private space. so many fall in love with. rear admiral was camp david's commander under presidents clinton and bush. >> it's got to be the most exclusive place. >> he takes us inside camp id
7:45 am
you and i. they have their likes and dislikes. they like sports, tv, puzzles, they like to be left alone. camp is the place where they should do that. >> reporter: it was ike who name today after his grandson david. after 75 years, this get away in the mountains of maryland has been the place to power down, saddle up and unwind. where else would secret service let president obama get in a shootout, george bush go sledding with the terminate or, or at the height of the cold war let the soviet leader behind the wheel with the president? >> president nixon landed breshnev. no agent. they almost wrecked at the bottom of the hill. >> reporter: later presidents clinton and obama both taught their daughters to drive there. >> they have golf cart one. that's it. >> is it like caddy shack? is that the most souped up golf cart? >> you talk about overdoing it. wa
7:46 am
president almost slipped on the floorboard getting in. >> his first day on the job he got an unexpected guest. >> we find out the president's coming that night. so the media, oh boy, i had to usher my family, my wife and two daughters, go down to the super 8, i'll check in with you later, but i'm in the game now. >> it's a place so peaceful, three presidents have tried to make mid east peace here. >> we pledged we would answer no questions. >> very rustic single story cabins. nice amenities, but not plush, not gold, not brass. >> doesn't sound very trump like. >> probably not. >> before visiting president trump said you'd like it. you know how long you'd like it? for about 30 minutes. after spending father's day with his family, he call camp david a very special place. >> the camp was eager, worried, excited to host the president. i believe he's seeing the value of getting away from it all.
7:47 am
president be without a camp david? >> most presidents have said we would go stir crazy without it. it was where i got my best relief. it's their place to get away. we all need down time, even our president. especially our president needs a down time. >> it really is a rare and cool look inside camp david. fdr actually named it initially shangrila. still unclear how many more memories president trump will make there. >> for more about the book head to >> what's next? >> you will not believe the incredible and shady length some shoppers are going to hack the black friday lines. we'll tell you all about it right after this. ♪ i'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain ♪
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7:52 am
jay offered his best buy shirt for $110. austin says hit me up in you're in the market for a target name tag. for an extra $10 i'll throw in the red shirt and khakis. walmart says they're aware of the practice and said it will not help anyone get into or out of the store any faster. >> dylan, thank you. coming up, we'll have much more from the macy's thanksgiving day parade including the sneak peek at the brand new musical. coming up after your local news.
7:53 am
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7:56 is your time now on this thursday, november 23rd, 2017. thanksgiving day. good morning you to. we start with breaking news this morning. one person is dead after a crash on the beltway in franconia. state police say a car ran off the road and hit a transatlantic -- tractor trail or. we turn now to a story that demonstrates the generosity of our community. local volunteers of food and friends are working to feed thousands of people who are most in need. they're preparing 3,500 thanksgiving dinners for people facing life-challenging illnesses. we'll take a break and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning. happy thanksgiving to you. my favorite holiday of the year. through the 7:00 hour we have been in the 30s. it's been a chilly start. as we head to the afternoon, we're going to warm up into the low 40s. plenty of sunshine. if you're standing in any black friday lines, bundle up. 30s tomorrow morning. i'll talk to you soon.
8:00 am
it is coming up, prepping for the parade. >> nypd has the strongest antiterrorism of any police in the country. >> how law enforcement are ensuring safety for the thanksgiving day parade. matt and savannah are live on the scene. plus why wait till friday with retailers pulling out all the spots to compete for your cash, we'll tell you where and when to fine the best black friday deals right now. and last minute turkey. everything you need to know to whip up a feast with all the fixings. we'll teach you how to make a meal that will have your loved ones giving thanks. today, thursday
8:01 am
2017. first stop the plaza: what are you most excited for today? >> food, family and football. >> so it's an extra special holiday for you? >> it's also my 40th birthday. >> what's the number one thing on your thanksgiving day bucket list? >> to visit "the today show." >> happy turkey day from "today." >> and welcome back to "today." we appreciate you being with us. we are grateful for you. >> there's a positive energy in the air. it's going to be a good day. >> we've got lots to get to. first let's check in with matt and savannah. they are about 15 blocks south of here in herald square getting ready for the no91st annual macs thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgivin
8:02 am
we've been doing this for a number of years now. we've started to become aficionados at parade trivia. 17 character balloons, 28 legacy balloons, 26 floats, 1,100 cheerleaders. about 1,000 clowns. there are some other things you need to know. 12 marching bands. you know of course the band that everyone's waiting for, right? >> the ohio state marching band. >> the ohio university marching band. >> that's right. the 110. they were on the show in the plaza yesterday. they're here as part of the parade today. >> we're going to ask you questions and start easy. how long is the parade route? do you know? >> two miles. >> four miles. >> 2.5 miles. you were close. >> back in the 1920s, sheinelle, they used to do something with
8:03 am
that they no longer do. >> take them home. >> no. at the end of the parade, they would let them fly into the air and they had little return addresses on them and if one of them landed in your yard and you return today to macy's, you will get a prize. >> that's a great idea. >> that's cool. that was my next answer. >> what is the tallest character balloon this year? >> the turkey. >> olaf. >> olaf, very good. how about this one. what was the first year that the parade was actually televised? >> the '50s maybe? >> 1964. >> earlier. >> 1946. no, i did not host it that year. >> our final question is, who has hosted the parade for 20 years straight? any guesses? >> al roker. >> matt lauer. >> al would be a part of that as
8:04 am
it's so much fun, guys. it really is. we've got a great day for the parade. people are already gathering here in front of macy's department store. it all gets under way at 9:00. >> we'll see you in a bit. >> i'm excited. something i used to watch every year and now we're here. >> it is a tradition in my household. my apologies to the good folks at athens university. it is a busy thanksgiving day morning. let's get right to the news. there's a new scandal in washington. this one surrounding a republican congressman and an explicit photo. nbc white house correspondent kelly o'donnell has it covered from palm beach florida where trump is celebrating this thanksgiving holiday. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, craig. let's start off on the holiday note. the president will send good wishes to the men and women in uniform this morning via video conference from his mar-a-lago home. he also began the day with a tweet
8:05 am
thanksgiving hours before his own family sits down to a holiday meal. but this will not be a relaxing holiday for texas republican congressman joe barton. there were embarrassing nude photos and sexually charged messages that flashed all over the internet and overnight the congressman said the u.s. capital police are investigating whether the disclosure of those messages is a potential crime. "the washington post" has spoken to a woman who says she was involved in a sexual relationship with barton for several years. she became aware that she was involved with other women and shared some of that material with them. barton says that he did have consensual relationships with a number of women while he was separated from his second wife. he apologized to his constituents saying he should have used better judgment. craig. >> kelly o'donnell for us there in florida. thank you. new dweevelopments in last week's unsolved shooting death of a b
8:06 am
shaun suitor was a federal witness ready to testify in a corruption case just one day after he was killed. baltimore's police commissioner also says suitor was shot with his own gun. there was no reason to suggest it was part of a conspiracy. no arrests have been made. >> some good news. especially for early risers. there's a new study that suggests drinking coffee may have some really health benefits. researchers reviewed more than 200 medical studies on coffee and concluded that three to four cups a day can lower the risk of heart disease for the purposes of this study, a cup was considered eight ounces of coffee. coffee also linked to a lower risk of some cancers, diabetes, depression, and dementia. but it wasn't all good news. researchers say that drinking coffee during pregnancy could be harmful. it was also linked to a small increase risk of fractures in women. it wouldn't be thanksgiving without food, football, and of course black friday. this yr
8:07 am
rolling out deals all week to compete for your cash. nbc business correspondent joleen kent is here to help you get a start on your shopping. >> one day early. it's been going on all week. happy thanksgiving, guys. we've got so many shoppers choosing to take advantage of sales online. rolling out discounts to get you to shop in person. here is what is open and when. k-mart and gap first thing. 6:00 a.m. getting started with those deals early. gap will be opening their doors early as well. at 2:00, maybe you've eaten, j.c. pennjc penney is hoping earlier. again, you've got to go in person is the thing. 4:00, and this may vary in your time zone, old navy is going to be opening up around 4:00. sometimes it's earlier.
8:08 am
thanksgiving day is actually a good time to get some discounts on gaming consoles and games themselves. old navy's got deals 50% off sweaters and pants. all of those black friday deals at old navy are going to be in place today. then at 5:00, macy's, toys r us and kohl's is opening up an hour earlier. you can get a free coffee maker if you show up in person and get a mail-in rebate and free a apparel. an hour later, thanksgiving day, 6:00, target is an hour later than last year. you've got sears, ulta, dick's sporting goods. then you've got the big one. the
8:09 am
but if you want to go shopping this morning before you have that turkey dinner, you've got to know those black friday deals actually don't start until 6:00 p.m. but once those deals go into place, maybe you want to line up early and get there before the lines are long, you get tvs, home appliances, all of that stuff. the clothing, the winter stuff, you may want to wait until cyber monday, especially for laptops and sometimes for those tablets as well. look, a lot of retailers like macy's included, they're actually going to be closing tonight. so if you choose to go later in the evening, maybe just sweep it off and go first thing tomorrow morning on black friday and save yourself some trouble. >> i will tell you one of those stores i was there the other day getting sweaters for the kids to take pictures for the holidays. the clerk told me to put them back and come back on friday. she said trust me, put them back. you'll save money. >> that's because you have to buy 12 sweaters for all those kids. coming up here
8:10 am
morning, a baby bump. lots of life changes for christi tegan. >> sports injuries costing nearly $1 billion a year in hospital bills. >> superstar willie nelson swings us into his busy schedule. still releasing albums and touring at 84 years old. >> if you're looking to pan out your thanksgiving meal, we have some last minute suggestions. in this home we are grateful.
8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:14 am
back now on thanksgiving day morning. let's trend. first of all, take a look at what's trending on twitter right now. the mace see a thanksgiving day parade. holiday stress relievers. now to inspiring story that has taken the internet by storm. there's a new jersey woman. she was driving on an interstate near filphiladelphia. she was driving on a deserted highway and she runs out of gas. not knowing what to do, she pulled over, left her car and started walking to the nearest gas station. that is when she met johnny. he was a homeless man who was sitting on the side of the road. he approached her. he told her to get back in her car and lock her doors. and then, check this out, johnny uses his last $20 to go buy her gas. johnny asked for absolutely nothing in return. so kate and her boyfriend
8:15 am
a week. they would take him food, take him clothing. i should mention johnny is a ma reason corp veteran. also an ex-firefighter. clearly he's got a fantastic heart. kate decided she wants to do something more. she starts a go fund me page to help him get back on his feet. check out his reaction when they told him they'd raised $1,700. >> as of right now, we have that much. $1,700. >> that changes my life right there. >> it gets better. johnny, grateful. his selfless gesture really inspired a lot of folks. quickly bringing that total to more than $130,000 in counting. i will tell you that just ten minutes ago,
8:16 am
minutes ago, it was 122 or 125. we're going to check in. i think it probably goes up. >> that is so fantastic. i hope somebody gives him some resources to help him use that to get back on his feet. >> that's what thanksgiving is about, right? >> that is fantastic. >> so excited for the 1,700. he can be set for a while. >> we're going to keep following that store. you've got a little thanksgiving day pop story for snus us. >> sean cassidy, tributes pour in for his tribute who decide tuesday. sean shared a heartfelt message. when i was a little boy and my brother would come to visit, the first call to business would be a punishing pillow fight. he would tell me stories of our father often taking a leap off my top bunk. i tried to calf htch him but i r could.
8:17 am
sad, extraordinary days we shared, none more than the last few days at his side. thanks for the support. now to chrissy tegan. we talked about her big twitter survey. should she get bangs or not. more than 157,000 people chimed in. the verdict was no. but she did it anyway. she instagramed this video of her new do. she shared even bigger news that everyone is so excited about. her daughter luna with the adorable announcement. take a look. >> what's right here? >> baby. >> she captioned the video it's john. this will be the second child for teigen and legend. congratulations to them and big sister luna. finally jimmy fal on. not every thanksgiving feast is picture perfect. in case you overcook your turkey, here's something to list your spirits. jimmy asked
8:18 am
biggest thanksgiving fail. check it out. >> she said two years ago my aunt forgot the turkey and my cousin forgot the dirt so thanksgiving was potatoes. he says you should have used the pie pan. look at this photo. oops. my grandpa was making mashed potatoes. she staired right at me and after she put them back in and said don't you tell a soul. >> i guess what happens in the kitchen stays in the kitchen. >> that's funny. >> i'm just imagining that. it grosses me out. >> all of it. in honor of thifanksgiving, police officers are hanning out turkeys instead of tickets. >> instead of giving you a ticket, what i want to do is give you a turkey for thankiv
8:19 am
>> will that be all right? >> oh, bless your heart. >> okay. god bless you so much. >> thank you so much. >> just slow it down and be kaft. >> thank you. >> we're cutting you a break. >> oh my gosh. oh my gosh. god bless you. >> they probably started off so mad. they were much happier to get out of the ticket than maybe get the turkey. either way it's a win. especially if you didn't get your turkey. >> we want to discourage people watching from going out and driving 90 miles an hour. let's go back to al roker. how is it looking out there? >> i've got to tell you, it is spectacular. it's perfect. it feels like thanksgiving. we've got scrap ready. we've got a beautiful day to kick off the parade starting at 9:0
8:20 am
going on. weather wise it's not a terrible day across the country. things pretty quiet. we start off with our parade forecast. by the time santa hits herald square, it's going to be about 40 degrees. a beautiful day. the rest of the country today quiet. that's the great news. there is a flood threat, though, in the pacific northwest. record highs in the southwest into southern california. cold and sunny in the northeast. heavy rain making its way down through florida. tomorrow for people going out shopping, we've got showers lingering through florida. staying mild in the southwest. great day mid atlantic states into the northeast and a few showers left back through the pacific northwest. you got turkeys ready to go? i've got to tell you, i'm not talking about me or matt. we're talking about this guy. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> well, it's a cold start to your thanksgiving. look at te
8:21 am
temperatures. everyone's feeling like the 20s. throughout your day today we're going to stay sunny and dry. by lunchtime around the mid to low 40s through the afternoon. 47 for a high temperature. unseasonally cool. tomorrow morning mid 30s. stay dry for the weekend. good for travel. even dry next week with a couple 60 degrees. >> and that is your latest weather. guys. >> thank you, al. we'll come back you to. we turn now to our special series. it's all about kids and sports today. we're taking a look at the rising number of injuries in child athletes. >> now one of the most renowned children's hospitals in the country is looking to prevent them before they happen. >> young athletes are taking a lot more at -bats, corner kicks. with all that practice and games it's also leading to more
8:22 am
visits are sports related contributing to nearly $1 billion a year in hospital bills. and with many children being pushed to specialize in one sport at a younger age, that also means focusing on just one set of muscles that take a repeated strain over and over again. an increase in repeated stress injuries leading to more sprains, strains and tears. as well as arthritis, with some athletes still in college. surgeries to repair torn acls in teenage girls jumping 59% since 2002. >> we're seeing a different pattern of injuries to the knee. we're now seeing acl injuries in these young children that we never saw before. we are seeing complete acl injuries in 6-year-olds. >> parents are turning to a place ahead of the curve. the center for sports medicine is part of boston children's hospital. their goal, to prevent injuries before they happen and to provide the best care
8:23 am
event that they do. >> if you care about any athlete getting injured. >> in the nearly five years that it opened its door it teamed its specialist with young athletes helping them use muscle groups they might not be using and instructing them to better ways to approach exercise and drills. making them better athletes but more importantly healthier individuals. >> i find myself at dance being able to take the things i learn here and take them back to my studio and teach other people about them as well as help myself and my teachers have noticed a big improvement since me coming here. >> emmy has been coming here for five years. her brother c.j. since he was just eight years old. >> i've gotten faster, stronger, and i've more lateral agility than i did before coming here. >> how do you think that translates on the field? >> i can move quicker. i can throw a baseball harder. i can get somebody out faster. >> their mother amy
8:24 am
ensure her child athletes would grow up to be healthy adults. >> it's starting to be a topic of discussion among parents as we sit on the sidelines and see these kids run from game to game and sport to sport. we want them to be passionate about what they do, about you we want them to be safe. >> the center is also a resource for kids who have been injured like olivia who has been on the ice her entire life. >> how long have you been playing hockey? >> probably since i was around two years old. >> you start walking at one. how is that possible? >> nine months ago olivia suffered a torn acl, one of the fastest growing injuries in child athletes. >> this girl hit me from behind and my knee kind of snapped and went one way and my body went the other. >> was it ever on your mind that you could hurt yourself like this. >> i thought i was indestructible. if i was on my own, i wouldn't be able to do it. >> with trainers and parents on the same team, young a
8:25 am
>> science behind how a child's body grows has not changed. but the demands we're putting on their body has. >> we asked parents about some of these questions. when it comes to taking additional steps to prevent injuries for their kids, they were split evenly. about half of parents are not taking extra precautions. we'll see if these numbers start to rise. but it's a big deal. you have kids so young, as young as six tearing their acl. tomorrow we'll tag a look at the rising cost of sports. coming up, willie nelson. 50 yo first your local news. wilie nel first, your local news. a look rising cost of sports. coming up, willie nelson. first your local news. t a look rising cost of sports. coming up, willie nelson. first your cane. a a look at the rising stf or. comi ulion first yoocs. k a look at the risingosoo mup, llel f yr cane. e a look at the risingosofpos. g , ll nso roulol ws
8:26 am
good morning, it's 8:26. happy thanksgiving. our headline this is morning, emergency crews and virginia state police are still on the scene of a deadly belt way crash. the person in the car -- the car that was under the tractor trailer died early this morning. look for an update in the nbc washington app when that scene clears. we turn to a story that demonstrates the generosity of our community. local volunteers with food and friends are looking to feed thousands who are in need. they're preparing 3,500 thanksgiving dinners for people facing life changing illnesses. we will have a check on your forecast when we come back. sta
8:27 am
bring i was up all hours.. i couldn't sleep. i did some things... that i wasn't proud of. but then... havertys saved me.
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8:29 am
thanksgiving day. here's your planner. 47 degrees for a high. so we're going to be pretty chilly. we're dry for black friday and dry for the weekend. >> it only happens once a year. well it's a perfect nespresso morning here, george. hold on a second. mmm. ♪ [mel torme sings "comin' home baby"] hey there. want a lift? ♪ where are we going? no don't tell me. let me guess. ♪ have a nice ride. ♪ how far would you go for coffee that's a cup above? i brought you nespresso. nespresso. what else?
8:30 am
[ cheers ] 8:30 on 8:30 on this thanksgiving morning. we have a great crowd here on the plaza. i love it. you guys like craig's scarf this morning? are you warm? >> i am quite warm. >> do you see that? i said -- i asked them questions. i thought -- h
8:31 am
>> dow know this man? >> no. >> you're not the only craig around. >> do we have a crowd moment? >> yes, we do. >> on this thanksgiving we want to give people a chance to tell us what they're thankful for. let's go down the line. what are you guys thankful for? >> my boss for making this trip to new york possible. >> that's amazing. what about you? >> the new england patriots. >> i knew we put you here for a reason. what are you guys thankful for? >> my fiancee. >> it's our birthday. >> and you're so close to speaking in unison. >> what about you guys? >> our family. >> so sweet. we're thankful to everyone here for being out here on a very chilly thanksgiving morning. >> happy thanksgiving. >> what are you thankful for? >> i'm thankful for you guys and
8:32 am
i'm thankful that today at 2:00 i'm clicking my heels and going to kansas. >> you? >> this time last year i was this pregnant. i couldn't even get the turkey out of the oven and now i have a little boy who is probably going to eat an entire thanksgiving plate, so i'm very thankful for my family. >> we're going to check in with al at the parade. also catching up with the 84-year-old willie nelson. he is still at the top of his game. he's released a new album. he's also touring the country. >> if you're doing everything left minute, elizabeth is here with some delicious side dishes and desert. that will help fill out your menu. >> that will be helpful for you. >> first, al uptown in the parade frame with one final check of the weather on this thanksgiving morning. >> today's thanksgiving day parade weather is brought to you by
8:33 am
>> and guys, we're up here at 77th and central park west where they kick off the parade. joining me, this is the second time at the parade. we've got nick, jeff, and justin. say hello, ladies and gentlemen, to 98 degrees. they are back. this is your 20th anniversary. does it seem like it's been 20 years? >> it's felony by really. it seems like it was just yesterday we were starting out. it feels great to be back. >> and this is the -- you guys have a second christmas album out. >> we do. we worked on it this summer. it's out snow. our single "season of love" is out. it feels good to do a second version of a christmas record. >> we've been having awe question, a discussion behind the scenes here. you were a boy band. are you now a man band? >> we are a gramps band now. 20 years later we're like the old man band. we've still got it, though.
8:34 am
just give us those signature moves. just one. >> there it is. >> i can do that. i have a lot to be thankful for. thanks so much. happy thanksgiving. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> it's 34 degrees right now in washington, d.c. 32 in leesburg. we are off to a cold start this morning as we head throughout the day, we're only going to the upper 40s. plenty of sunshine after you eat and you're stuffed, you're headed to the redskins game to watch them take on the giants. temperatures will be in the low 40s and falling. make sure you're bundled up. check it out. pretty dry. i will note that we are going to see an increase in temperatures on saturday. our sponsor verizon wants to help you get a 360ew
8:35 am
just go to verizon youtube channel. guys, back to you. cha craig, what is that you are wearing? was that a wreath? was it a -- what was that? >> did you like the scarf? >> oh, it was a scarf. okay. i wasn't sure. >> al, roker, always good to see you. happy thanksgiving, i'm thankful for you. >> now to today and thanksgiving, all about the pioneering work to be done. >> today we meet 8-year-old cameron scott. he's a superhero loving boy who is still flashing his winning smile even as he battles his biggest villain, cancer. kerry sanders shares the story. >> cameron, how are you? >> young cameron scott deserves a day like
8:36 am
you like legos and you like superheroes. how about you forget what we're dealing with and head over there? let's go. >> about a year ago doctors diagnosed the 8-year-old with a rare brain cancer. remarkably today cameron is cancer free. >> today we are celebrating a very special hero. someone who is small but mighty. his name is cameron and just like heroes, he is a fighter. [ applause ] >> on this day in the florida sunshine, cameron and his family share a much-needed vacation. grueling cancer treatment give way to care free excitement at the legoland resort. >> here we go. one, two, three. that was so awesome! great job,
8:37 am
is fascinated with superheroes. >> batman, his philosophy is, well, all of the other superheroes have super powers. batman uses his brain. he thinks. >> no one could have thought a fall down some stairs and resulting back pain would lead to a discovery of cancer. >> it was like an out of body experience. they initially showed us the back and his spine and the doctor looking at the pictures turned to the other doctors and said i need another mri. i need you to scan upward. >> so when that second mri came back and revealed a tumor on the base of the brain, how did you even process that? >> i'm dad. and i have to be strong for everybody. i just felt we're going to fight. >> cameron underwent an extensive four-hour surgery to
8:38 am
then on to st. jude for followup treatment. cameron's cancer, a procedure pioneered led to an invaluable discovery. >> though we caught it, it was a single disease. now it is comprised of four different types. he has a hedge hog type. >> although his tumor had a funny name because of its prickly tumor, there was nothing fun be it. >> it had spread down its spine. >> with that complicated road map they those a highly targeted treatment. >> this is a tumor which was present when he was diagnosed and now after treatment you can see there's no tumor present. how did you pay the medical bills? >>
8:39 am
i haven't seen a bill. >> st. jude covered everything. >> at only 53 pounds, cameron endured six months of exhaustive ke chemo therapy and radiation. a superhero in his own right. >> i feel like i've been through everything. >> cameron now an honorary batman himself. the caped crusader's family forever grateful for st. jude's. >> i stay humble and thankful and, like today, you know, today, today means a lot. it means a lot. it makes me feel like everybody loves me and i'm special. he's my hero. >> for "today" kerry sanders, nbc news, winter
8:40 am
>> such a beautiful story. nch t n the national out reach director is here. >> he's cancer free. >> he's cancer free. the most exciting words on the planet. >> st. jude discovered there were four different types of brain cancer. we didn't realize that before. how did that help with his treatment? >> it showed that it's not one cancer, it's four different types c types. children who were getting these protocols weren't being cured because they thought it was only one. it turned out cameron had the worst one. hea he was treated with the most aggressive chemo and radiation. this new trial is now being run at 20 other sites around the world. all the da ta will come to st. jude's and we'll be able to
8:41 am
that's the exciting part. >> marlo, thank you. we're thankful for the work st. jude's doing. up next, country's original outlaw, willie nelson inviting al aboard his famous tour bus. what happened on that bus, mr. roker?
8:42 am
8:43 am
the 84-year-old says he's been making music since he could string two words together. >> i impersonated him for halloween, but he is one of a kind. with a multi-city tour and a grand new album with his kids, willie nelson shows no signs of slowing
8:44 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, willie nelson. >> with the voice of a story teller, and the soul of a rebel, 84-year-old willie nelson has been called country music a living legend. >> first of all, thank you. i've never been on a tour bus before. this is pretty cool. >> really? welcome. >> what keeps you going? >> i think the music itself. there's a magic there that goes through all boundaries. hits right in the soul. people like it. ♪ ♪ >> and nelson has the fan fare to prove it. he sold more than 30 million records in the united states alone. >> you were known primarily for country music and then you did stardust. you did those standards. >> i've been doing those songs all my life back before i knew how gr t
8:45 am
and the boys album coming out. there's a lot of songs in there that young people have never heard. >> following suit, the multi-grammy winner released an album of classics earlier this year recorded with his sister and his two sons. ♪ >> what do you think they think about playing with the old man. >> oh, i think they're getting a kick out of it and it's giving them a new way to go with their music. >> it seems when i listen to your music, there's always been a softer side to you. >> i hope so. i hope the hard part doesn't show up too much. >> the signature, i'm jealous, because i could never do that. when did you start doing that? >> my grandmother had braids and my sister and i used to braid her hair every night. sort of tlaherapeutin
8:46 am
wasn't going to the barbershop, it was just natural to braid it and put on a bandana. >> you're an author, a song writer. you're a real activist. which one gives you the most satisfaction? >> music. that's an easy question. it's where my heart is and that's why i'm out here. >> if you had to talk to your 24-year-old self, is there anything you would tell him? >> i could tell him everything and he'd say okay. mistakes, i made a thousand. whether i would go back and change anything or not, i don't know. because that would obviously change where we are right now. >> do you ever think about slowing down? >> after every show.
8:47 am
with all the living legends, the one true point that each one makes, including willie nelson, do what you love and just keep doing it until you can't do it anymore. he has no intentions of slowing down whatsoever. >> cheers to that. >> that's cool. thank you for that, al. >> happy thanksgiving, guys. >> happy thanksgiving to you. up next, speaking of thanksgiving, some last minute thanksgiving dishes to save the day for all of you procrastinators out there. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
a special thanksgiving day edition. today just might be the olympics of eating . if you're short a dish or two or simply out of space, don't panic. today's contributor has some quick recipes for us that you can basically pull out of a hat. >> look, i mean, the day has started. we're halfway tug
8:50 am
the only thing that's going to save you today. we're going to make crock pot mashed potatoes. look, number one, we're not using any valuable space. that is high rent right now on that stove because we've got turkeys, we've got dressing, we've got things that need to be in there. all we do is we have our potatoes. we cut them up. because that way we don't have to peel them. we're tired at this point. we're exhausted. it's been a long day. all the family's here. we're worn out. so now this is two hours in a crock pot on high or four on low. and then we have our potatoes that are already finished. you're just looking in amazement. >> just looking what i could do. >> you could definitely do this. this is sour cream. we have a little bit more mayonnaise. i'm sorry about that. it's
8:51 am
mississippi where we take our lipitor and wash it down. we don't play in the south. now we have a little bit of garlic. >> a little bit of garlic. >> it's fun. it's the holiday. so now we'll go ahead and. we've put our mixer in, directly in. look. you think -- >> i can do that. >> that way we don't have an extra bowl to clean. everything's in here. then once it's all mixed up, we leave it and then it will stay warm. now we've got really, really hot potatoes. you're making me a little nervous. you're making me a little nervous. we're moving on. >> men love power tools, don't you? you just can't help yourself, can you? >> is that called a power tool? >> it is in the kitchen. >> so what are we doing for gravy? >> we have our turkey. it's already done. we pulled it out. we've got the rack out. now we're going to strain these
8:52 am
make sure that you have a bowl under this. i'll never forget the year that i strained it. i had the strainer in the sink. and all the drippings went down the drain. >> you do want to make sure that obviously you have a bowl under there. don't be like me. so it's just flower, pepper, salt. you want to go ahead. we have our butter and then we're going to add our flour. we need to cook that. let all of the flour cookout. i'm going to let you go there. we've already got this done. do you see now nice and pretty that is? now we're going to add in our drippings. remember with that turkey, when you're basting it, make sure you've got some bay leaves, pepper corns, some fresh herbs so this broth is going to be full of flavor. >> really quickly. >> this is our bread pudding. this is everything in your pantry. sugar, day old bread, some
8:53 am
raisins, a little bit of butter. >> amazing. >> i'm finishing off this plate. >> save some room. >> this is fantastic. >> thank you so much. >> happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> elizabeth brought her entire family. >> they're all here. >> from mississippi. >> you don't travel light. >> all of these recipes posted on we'll be back in a moment on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
thank you so much for spending your holiday morning with us. we have an update on that homeless veteran whose heart warming story we shared. the total raised on his go fund me page has skyrocketed. >> i knew. >> $150,000. you predicted that, craig. >> we expected that. >> a lot have reached out to us on social media with questions about how to contribute.
8:56 am
>> we may have another up date tomorrow. have a fantastic thanksgiving. >> macy's thanksgiving day parade is next. stay for your local news and weather. 8:56 is your time on this thursday, november 23rd. 2017. good morning to you. happy thanksgiving. this thanksgiving local volunteers with food and friends are working to feed thousands who are most in need. they're preparing 3,500 thanksgiving dinners for people facing life-challenging illnesses. the redskins take on the giants tonight
8:57 am
kickoff and at 8:30. there's still time to buy tickets on stub hub. our pregame coverage begins at 7:30 on nbc 4. we'll take a quick break and check your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
blue skies, sun's up. temperatures, though, still pretty low. 35 degrees to start us off on our thanksgiving holiday. really chilly out there. we're only heading to the upper 40s this afternoon. ma if you're headed to the redskins game, make sure your bundle up. it is going to be a chilly one. temperatures this evening spec'd to be around 42 degrees and dropping overnight. >> thank you. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. have a great thanksgiving. . and big plans. so how do i make the efforts of 8 employees... feel like 50? how can i share new plans virtually? how can i download an e-file? virtual tours? zip-file? really big files? in seconds, not minutes... just like that. like everything... the answer is simple. i'll do what i've always done... dream more, dream faster, and above all... now, i'll dream gig. now more businesses, in more places, can afford to dream gig.
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