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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 23, 2017 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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>> al: we'll say it. it's calvin engram right? >> cris: he said say his name. i still have the plate and screws many my ankle. >> al: consider it done. pass over the middle. second down. i looked up a list of the arena players, the best of all time. gruden was fourth. i read it off to him and he said no, no, no, i was third. either way, manning throwing. and caught in redskins territory and king taking the ball to the washington 39 yard line. hustling up to the line to save that time-out. 1:16 but the giants elect to take it right here. >> cris: that was a big tackle by d.j. swearinger on the tackle. it might be one of those catch
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and runs and tough to make that tackle. that is what safeties have to do in the middle of the field. that is such a tough play against wide receivers and running backs that break it up the middle but the good ones can get them on the ground. almost broke that one. >> al: 1:16. at the washington 39 yard line. passed manning in over 100 yards, throwing for 113 tonight. eli hit as he throws and that will be picked off at the 14 yard line. and that will write a finish to it and kendall fuller having a really good year will just about end it. junior galette put the pressure on manning. hit him as he threw. mcadoo could only look on as his team is on the cusp of going to 2-9 and the redskins can run the clock out. >>
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it off is because ereck flowers was holding galette coming off the edge. that was the good news. the bad news was that maybe one of the best slot corner backs in all of football made that play. we haven't talked about him tonight. but not only is he tremendous in coverage averaging a 58 quarterback rating when you throw it kendall fuller but you see him making all kinds of physical plays in the run game. i really like him and it's just that he came up with that big game-winner. >> al: the four fuller brothers, two are still playing in the league, one retired a few years ago. all went to virginia tech. so a couple of kneel-downs and that will take us to our post game. let's go to michele. >> michele: kendall fuller is a guy that is an unsung hero on this defense.
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one of the strongest guys on the back end. playing on another level. he's a ball hog. just proved that. he said i give them encouragement and want to give him a plug. >> al: rand he deserves it. norman has no interceptions this season. of course, they avoid him a lot. fuller now has four. one kneel-down will take washington to a record of five wins and six losses. their next game is next thursday night here on nbc as they meet dallas. the giants next week, a week from sunday will go to oakland. >> cris: pretty impressive to bounce back after the loss at new orleans that had to take the heart out of anybody. it was a 15-point lead, 3:00 to go and come back in a short week and get it done. >> al: get it done. injuries all over the place. the feast is ahead next. volkswen
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after these messages from your nbc station.
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>> announcer: welcome to the volkswagen post game report. >> al: 20-10 washington wins it. a happy 55th birthday given by
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players of the game. how about kirk cousins, two touchdown passes, 242, hung in through six sacks. crowder, a huge night. seven catches, a td and 141. let's go to the feast and michele. >> michele: this has turned into a party, al. everyone is joining in. but the three guests of honor, jamison, kirk dive into your first thanksgiving morcel. pass it around. you guys can share. hey kirk, first thanksgiving game in washington. hosted here and you guys come a way with a win. you're sacked six times. how do you come away with a win? >> it was a grind.
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it always is but we kept battling. i'm proud of the resiliency our team showed. this is a fun moment. >> michele: you talk about the resiliency and in spite of all the pressure you were under, this is a banged up group and they got through it for you. >> i was proud of the way they ran the football in the second half. did a great job of running the ball. they protected well. we had a few slip ups here and there but they covered well. they kept playing and they believe in me and i believe in them. >> michele: they are having a good time with these turkey legs. jamison crowder, you have been coming up with big plays and came up with a few tonight. finally got in the end zone for the first time this season. what was the first thing that went through your mind crossing that plain? >> i was just thankful to finally get in the end zone. it was a blessing. hopefully i can continue to play well down the stretch and score
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>> michele: you guys play a week from tonight. how do you think you're going to be? >> i think i'll be fine. i got banged up like you said but i'll be fine. >> michele: you have been big for them. ryan kerrigan, two sacks tonight and you did not allow the giants offense into the end zone. what was behind this performance? >> just a lot of grit from our guys today. it's a short week. we had to set the tone and we did that. >> michele: you were coming off that devastating loss in new orleans. where do you think y'all got the energy and the focus to cdo wha you did? >> we knew we kind of let our team down against new orleans. we knew to play well tonight and get the job done. >> michele: how was the turkey? >> great. >> michele: there's certainly a lot of meat on the broken. congratulations. i don't know where jamison went. here he is. take that with you. congratulations all three of you. >> thank you. appreciate. >> thank you very much. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving.
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so two spokespeople. got it. k. thanks. at&t it's time for more. it's time for more. buy the amazing iphone 8 at at&t and get a second one to gift, on us. >> announcer: welcome back to the volkswagen suvw post game report. >> roethlisberger throwing end zone. antonio brown spectacular catch. touchdown! wow. >> i do believe i saw my first ever helmet catch. is this a helmet catch mike? >> it's right against it right? >> please tell me that's a helmet catch. >> that was the thursday nighter which you did with mike tirico in pittsburgh. pittsburgh, they're hitting on all cylinders right now. it's a great cliche but no other
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seem to have everything going the right way and get green bay sunday night. >> they had good things working already, the defense going, the running game with le'veon bell and ben roethlisberger, antonio brown, juju-schuster the passing game woke up and it is setting up. steeler steeler steelers/patriots will meet and the green bay packers -- even if aaron rodgers comes back they have to leave him something to work with. >> he conceivably could come back week 16. that would be a game on a saturday night we'll do just before christmas eve against minnesota. if they can get through this game they're looking ahead to tampa bay, cleveland. they have winnable games down the line. who knows. but a big one on sunday night. >> you have to make it easier on brett hundley. the pick in the end zone and it fell apart from there. >> all right. on to pittgh
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steelers practice tomorrow. game is sunday night. off we have go. another game on nbc as washington wins tonight by a score of 20-10. our gang up here, melissa horton keeping us warm and fed on this thanksgiving night. hope you all had a great thanksgiving. our entire gang, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya saying goodbye. the redskins beat the giants. >> announcer: nbc sports home of super bowl lii thanks you for watching this presentation of the national football league.
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on the run. throws. caught. touchdown. jameson crowder. >> the redskins did it. we have live team coverage of the thanksgiving day win you just saw right here on nbc 4. the shopping frenzy is on. we are live with all the mayhem at the malls. the message embattled senator al frenken had for two women accusing him groping. news4 starts right now. >> we have a jam packed show for you on this thanksgiving day. >> after you polished off the turkey the skins feasted on the giants, live coverage ahead. plus the bargain hunters and your black friday forecast. they had, and boy did they. good evening i'm jim handly. >> i'm meagan fitzgerald. for a while the game could have
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>> sherry burris kicks off our team coverage at the live desk on this hard fought must-win game. >> it was. if you woke up from your afternoon nap and watched the game just know it wasn't just the turkey make you go sleepy. not a first half to remember for the skins or giants. but the redskins kicked it into gear in the second half, and when it counted most. curt cousins and the skins slow to start. 3-3 at half. in the third quarter they get it go. cousin pressured on the move finds a wide eep jameson crowder in the end zone. first touchdown of the day by either team. redskins up 10-3. once tied at 10-10 in the fourth quarter. redskins driving and cousins comes through. 14 yard touchdown pass to doctson making an incredible grab to put the redskins up 17-10. they end up
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20-10. right after the game, an excited kirk cuss ips and his offensive line with michele after the big win. >> first thanksgiving game hosted here in washington and you come away with a win. after six times. how do you endpur all of that and come away with a win. >> we kept battlings. i'm proud of the resilientsy our team showed. this is a fun moment. >> fun indeed. out there with their turkey legs. the whole offensive line digging in. certainly a nice way to cap off thanksgiving. winner winner turkey dinner for the redskins tonight. we will have much more and we'll check in with carol live from the fedex field. >> thank you sharery. our team coverage picks up outside feddics field. fans bundling up to take on the weather and cheer on the team. derek, nothing like a win to warm up the
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it warms things up a bit out here today. people were telling us it was brutal to sit out here through this game but most people stayed indeed through the whole thing because they weren't sure how it was going to go until the last few minutes. listen to some of the fans. >> we thought the same thing was going to happen as when they played new orleans but they came through. >> reporter: was it worth spendingure thanksgiving here. >> oh, yeah. never done it before. first time. nice. >> that was the most brutal game to watch, ever. it was cold. we had to suffer through a lot. but in the end it was a glorious feeling. >> not for me. we are very, very sad about it. >> pulled it out. it was awesome. >> reporter: quite a few giants fans that were here. they are not leaving too happy. again, a lot of people say this was indeed a good way to spend a thanksgiving night. live at fedex field, back to you. >> derek thanks. if you haven't hit the stores, you are behind
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believe it or not. bargain u.n. hunters at the macy's in tyson's corner center have been at it for six hours. jackie bensen is live in tyson to explain why shop remembers still standing in line? >> it's almost mid night. look behind me. this place is packed. it's more crowded now than when the stores first started opening at 6:00 tonight and many folks have shopping bags in their hands. people were already lined up and waiting in anticipation when employees of the macy's's at tyson's corner center opened the gates at 5:00 p.m. many shoppers came with their family. >> me, my cousins, they are from new jersey. >> reporter: why did you all come to the mall? >> he wanted to do some shopping in macy's. >> reporter: tyson switched it up this year
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staggering opening hours to avoid the crush that sometimes happens when they all open at the same time. not all the stores were open but there were enough to keep shoppers busy including the female members of this family. >> this is the first time i've every done black friday or thanksgiving thursday out at the mall, yeah. >> reporter: why did you choose to do it this year? >> because we didn't do a turkey this year and we decided to go to the movies this morning and my husband is with the boys at home. and he's watching football. the girls got a chance to come out. >> reporter: and of course all the stores will be open tomorrow. black friday, which actually starts in about eight minutes. live in tyson's corn e jackie bensen, news4. and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> one of my fondest memories was my mom going black friday shopper at the haguerstown outlets at midnight. one cookie
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i want to talk to you about your morning. 35 in the subbers going to be in the 20s. it's dry. with plenty of sunshine by 10:00 a.m. we are hitting 44 degrees. today for thanksgiving, our high 47. we'll be warmer for tomorrow. i'll have more on what you can expect tomorrow afternoon. and also travel weather on saturday and sunday coming up in about 15 minutes. amelia. thank you. developing tonight a new apology this evening from senator al franken. at least three women now accuse him of sexual harassment. the minnesota democrat allegedly touched women inappropriately when taking pictures and forcibly kigsed and groped a radio host. in a statement tonight, franken says he's a warm person who gives hugs. the senator explains he has met tens of thousands of people in crowded places.
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some of those encounters i crossed the line for some women, and i know that any number is too many. franken vows to be more sensitive in the future. nothing in today's statement by the way makes it sound like franken plans to resign from the u.s. senate. new tonight, an awful tragedy in prince george's county. police tell us a pedestrian was killed after getting hit in the road by two different vehicles. investigators found a man at the intersection of metra roaded and new hampshire avenue around 7:30 this evening. the first driver stayed on the scene. the second didn't but authorities say that driver may not have realized they hit one. the u.s. navy ends the search for three sailors who vanished at sea after their plane crashed on wednesday. the transport plane was carrying 11 service members. it went down south of japan headed to the
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rescuers saved eight people. they are in good condition. today president trump said in a year of hardship, we have seen several examples of neighbors coming together to help neighbors. he also highlighted the strength of the economy. >> our stock market has hit a new all-time high. unemployment is at a 17-year low. we've created $5.5 trillion worth of values. >> in his role as commander in chief, trump thanked members of the military for their service. he and the first lady visited the coast guard in south florida. he also video conferenced with troops overseas. the president is spending the holidays at his mar-a-lagoo residence in palm beach. only on news4 a thanksgiving celebration for a young man who almost died in the line of duty. today d.j. smothers jr. invited us to his uncle's thanksgiving day feast. here's a picture of the two of them
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took a terrible turn. you may remember he was critically hurt in august responding to a fire on capitol hill. smotders was rookie d.c. firefighter at the time and says that accident changed his life. >> when something like this happens you definitely look at things differently. just being thankful for life. >> reporter: smoothest says he is not worried about the permanent scars. he is in physical therapy now working hard to getting back to fighting sfirs. >> the redskins weren't the only football team enjoying the holiday. but a bench clearing drawl days ago threatened to cancel today's turkey bowl. >> thanksgiving is over. that means we are counting down to christmas now. why the sooner you buy your tree, the better. 70 donations. >> wow. >> just today. >> oh, yeah. and how a homeless man's
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this story starts with an empty tank of gas, and ends with a life changing amount of money. >> johnny bobity jr. came to kate mcclure's rescue when she ran out of gas on a philadelphia last month. bobity is homeless. he spent his last 20 bucks to fill up her tank. in return for hisselfless act kate started a go fund me page. donations starting rolling in. >>
12:00 am
holy [ bleep ]. >> there is a lot of people out there trying to help. >> needless to say,est he's excited. >> in less than two weeks strangers which donated $275,000 on a go fund me page. kate's original goal was $10,000. new tonight you may want to get your hands on a christmas tree as soon as you can, folks. farmers say there is a nationwide shortage this year. jacqueline powwell a look at the problem and what you may want to do about it. >> reporter: most years it can be a little taboo to buy a christmas tree before it's even thanksgiving. >> never too early at our house. >> never too early. >> reporter: but year the can't wait for christmas types have the right idea. >> are you giving it a hug? >> reporter: for the first time in papa noele's 37 years of business. >> there is not enough christmas trees to go around. >> reporter: the ioner explains a tight kple
12:01 am
real trees a decade ago hurt the industry. >> many farmers in the northwest went out of business during the recession. now -- >> we are seeing the repercussions of trees not going into the ground. >> reporter: he says he sush her r usually ships in a few thousand trees from oregon and washington to sell. but with supplies cut this year he could only get 500. he's importing as many others as he can from north carolina but -- >> everyone in the market is going to run out of trees this year. >> reporter: don't let the look of this lot right now fool you. even though it's full of trees today, he says by the end of the week it could be looking more sparse because peach are catching winds of the shortage. >> in some locations we probably won't have enough trees to get through monday. >> reporter: he will restock his lots as long as possible. >> what do you think about that one? >> reporter: if supply runs out and demand drives up prices. >> don't waitological the lamb. >> don't do it.
12:02 am
rorgtd. we are told the price of christmas trees to spike as much as 50% because of this year's shortage. controversy, clouds, an annual thanksgiving tradition. the woodson warriors came into the d.c. public school's final football game as defending champs. but 17 players are suspended for fighting during last week's semifinal. the remaining team members couldn't hold off the blue knights. we talked to the head coach of the knights. >> talked about playing for our community. we need this championship on this side. we played a good time. they are four-time champions. tough game. it was down to the last play. >> critics say woodson was punished more severely than other teams involved in the brawl but the chancellor says fighting among students will not be tal tolerated. the time score in the 48th annual turkey ball was 21-14. alrighty.
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sunny. that's nice but it's cold. >> it got cold out there on the field. >> it is a cold night tonight. we are going to be waking up with temperatures in the 20s and shirts friday morning. our high today, 47 degrees. overall on friday we will be warming. we are continue the warm on saturday. as we close out the holiday weekend though we cool back down. temperatures right now. frederick coming in at 28 degrees. gaithersburg below freezing at 30. 37 here in washington. clear skies right now. and all sunshine in the forecast for friday. you definitely want the befory coat as you start the day at 37 degrees at 7:00 a.m. with plenty of sunshine by noon we are at 50. 54 for a high temperature tomorrow. not as cold tomorrow night. 7:00 we are right around 46 degrees. i'm showing you future weather -- actually, the clock just hit mid night. it has jumped ahead to sunday. we will move through this graphic. basically, saturday,
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and i can't rule out an isolated afternoon shower north of town on saturday but for the most part as you can see here, the weather tlg having a low impact on your day. small business saturday of course taking place with the.showing you are going to be doing, going in and out 6 stores a light jacket will be just fine. if you are going out to get the christmas tree or hanging the holiday lights it's looking really nice with temperatures near 60 degrees. so your hand won't be freezing outdoors. if you are heading to the penn state or university maryland game, that's where i will be celebrating thanksgiving with my family. you want the warmer jacket. with the game starting during the afternoon hours it's going to be nice around 3:30 at 60 degrees. but as the sun goes down it's going to cool off. i have the planner in here. here it is. penn state, college park, lunchtime a crisp # 5 degrees. 3:00 we are near 60. 6:00 in the evening it is a cool 42 degrees out there with mostly cloudy skies as we head into the late afternoon and evening


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