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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 24, 2017 6:00am-6:58am EST

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card. >> that's all the reason to get eatuss. aaron and eun have the morning off this morning. ple out and about. trying to work off the holiday stuffing or the mosmashed potath the shopping. >> it's really a cold morning. >> it is a cold morning. we have 20s on the map here. if you are exercising, bundle up. the temperature has dropped in the district to freezing. we'll keep seeing the temperatures get colder until sunrise. sunrise is the coldest point of the day. now by 8:00 this morning, 36 degrees. by 10:00 a.m., good news. dry road all day for any traveling you may be doing. black friday, driving from store to store. 42 degrees by then. by lunchtime. sunny, 48 degrees. so a fantastic day to get outside. but, again, here are the temperatures. if you're about to step out. scarves, gloves, coat.
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d coming up. let's check the roads see how it's looking. jack? >> anybody is out there early this morning, it's been a quiet start. nothing in your way. we're hearing of a new crash over the wotp traffic center. headed north of 32 up towards -- on the left side of the roadway. unclear if there's injuries involving a number of vehicles. for now pay attention if you happen to be leaving the capitol beltway north towards charm city. >> back to you. thank you jack. we begin with breaking news. a story we've been following as it's developing all morning long. one woman and a firefighter taken to a hospital early this morning after a fire. >> we've learned that the woman is critically injured and elderly. i believe she's in her 70s. we've been following the
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justin finch who is in capitol heights this morning. we'll go to him live in just a few minutes with what else he has learned out there on that scene this morning. flames, they shot in the air at the fire. at this fire that you're looking at now in annapolis. right now fire officials trying to figure out how this three-alarm fire got started. that blaze broke out around 1:00 this morning at a condo building. as you can see, those flames were just pretty incredible there. we're waiting to hear if there were any injuries. keeping an eye on the nbc washington app for updates here. a thanksgiving tragedy touched a prince george's county. police tell us there are two separate cars that hit a man in the road in adelphi. he died at mess rot road and new hampshire avenue. the first driver stayed on the scene but the second one drove away. they think that driver
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hit someone. d.c. fire and ems spent the holiday trying to shut down a significant water main break in northwest. that happened last night. at least two homes between 9th and t streets were flooded in all of this. look at that mess. crews got to the scene late last night but realized they needed help from d.c. water. we'll get you updates on this story as soon as we get that information. time right now is 6:03. it is that time again. time to hit the stores for black friday. many folks were out last night with turkey still on their breath. fresh and they went to the mall. >> stomach still full. a new wave of folks out again this morning. consumer reporter susan hogan is among the shoppers at tysons corner center. susan, are you shopping while you're there? it makes sense. >> take advantage of the deals. >> i don't have nigh credit
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i'm not doing any now. she's actually -- inside of victoria's secret with my credit card and perfume. i don't know what she's up to. i know what these ladies are up to. i am joined by schuyler and her mom trish. thanks for joining us. you are taking a little break from the shopping. >> yes, indeed. coffee. >> starbucks had a huge line, which is where i found you guys. did you find good bargains? >> we found some great bargains already. we already made one trip to the car. >> how about you skye? >> i love coming out with my mom and it's an experience getting up in the middle of the night every year. >> you have a strategy, too. you knew what time to be here. >> we've done this before and had long lines. we get here by 4:00 and we're done by 8:00. in and out when it's not as busy. >> ladies, thanks for joining us. i appreciate it.
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putting the purchases inlk thos purchases. the first and foremost, hide your purchases. if you do return to your car, make sure you put them in the back where no one can see then. cover them up with clothing if possible. also, save your receipts, you guys. this includes both the ones you received while shopping in the stores on black friday. as well as ones for sieb monday. you can see if you were correctly charged and read return policies in the stores before you actually go home with them. if there is an extended return window, you need to know about that. sometimes return policies on black friday are different than they are normally. we're here at tysons corn certificate center. right now there's a lull in the crowds. because this is kind of that time where people, if they came
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coffee. hey everybody. having fun. >> they're all fueling on their caffeine. then there were a few people sleeping over here as well. there are some bargains out here. after this live hit, i'm going to try to find my daughter because she's lost in the crowds with my credit card. great. >> she's missing from you. >> i got bad news for you. you're not finding her. she's gone. >> thank you, susan. having fun out there. >> thanks, susan. we have put together a list of things you need to know as you shop throughout this black friday and throughout the season. for safety kits and strategies, head to the nbc washington app and search black friday. the redskins, your fans have a lot to be thankful for this morning after the win over the giants last night. >> whoo! so happy for that win. it was also the first for the
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thanksgiving game at home. >> i can't believe that. >> that's surprising ne.ourarol the sidelines last night. >> reporter: we have little rest and a lot of guys out, the redskins get a win that they needed desperately. hosting the giants on thanksgiving day. final minutes of the fourth quarter. game tied at 10-10. kirk cousins finds josh doctson. what a throw. better catch. 14 yards and the 17-10 lead. this time the seven points would be enough. game stealing interception by kendall fuller. the flight marshall ground the giants. redskins win 20-10. a victory that tastes as good as it feels. >> having the win on thanksgiving, all the guys in the locker room, trainers, coaches, sacrificed this day. any time you walk away with a
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at home, it's leg. >> quite a feast. still ty' hungry. cowboys are up next. thursday night football next week on nbc. from fedex field, carol maloney, news 4 sports. >> as you can imagine, the fans spent their time at fedex field, they were excited that win. of course. take a listen. >> we thought the same thing would happen when they played new orleans but they came through. never done it before. first time. >> that was the most brutal game to watch ever. it was cold, we had to suffer through a lot. at the end it was the most -- >> nice. who doesn't love a win. again, the redskins will be on the road next week. they have dallas. the cowboys on thursday. >> i'm a little worried about that one. the game will air at 8:25 on nbc4. even though dallas got clobbered. >> they did
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always a tough matchup. that breaking news. one woman and a firefighter taken to the hospital this morning after a fire. >> news 4's justin finch is live in capitol heights with the latest. what can you tell us? >> reporter: hey there, molette. we got new information from the county firefighter, public information officer, mark grade i. you shared with me that the woman injured has passed away. >> she did succumb to her injuries. >> reporter: you mentioned there was effort in trying to pull her from this home earlier? >> indeed. firefighters when they first arrived on the scene, they had a report of someone trapped on the upper level of the home which is where the bulk of the fire was located. snultly, th simultaneously, they went in to perform search and rescue. she was brought out where the medics worked on her, including cpr, transported
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hospital w not initially throug front door but our secondary efforts to get all access of the house, we were hampered by bars on the doors and windows. >> reporter: thank you so much for the information. that woman, in her 70s died from her juror is involved in this fire. a firefighter was also injured as well. he suffered burns as a result of this. as a result of this fire on the 6800 block of wilborn drive, you can see -- it's on the upper level where mr. -- he said the fire was heaviest at times and taking down the flames. it all began around 3:15 this morning. 911 calls about this fire. arrived to the scene and found this active at this time. 35 firefighters across the county were here responding to the scene out here. they are now at this time bringing it under control. stamping out the hotspots a
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pulling in the os risk a soeshed with this fire on the ground. just a short time ago, we learned that the woman rescued from this fire, a woman in her 70s who lived in this home with her son, has died as a result of her injuries. i'm justin finch, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> tough news. >> unfortunate update to that story. let get a check of the forecast. sheena parveen is here. >> if you're headed out. anyone heading out for black friday shopping, here's what it looks like the next few hours. the temperatures won't be warming up too quickly. 7:00 a.m., around freezing. many suburbs in the 20s. plenty of sunshine and dry roads for your travel. we'll look at the forecast and the weekend plans, coming up. thanks, sheena. plus the kids made wish lists, now it's time to track down the toys. up next, a look at some of this
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best times to bu
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a woman died after being injured in an early morning house fire. flames broke out at this capitol heights home just after 3:00 this morning. >> fire crews say that the woman was in her 70s. firefighters had to pull her from the home on wilbur avenue. only had minor injuries. justin finch is live on the scene and will have an update coming up. meanwhile, we're waiting to learn the names of three missing u.s. sailors. yesterday the u.s. navy called off the search for them after their plane crashed south of japan on wednesday. now, eight sailors are rescued and in good condition. the transport plane was h
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to the "uss ronald reagan" when au family of a t texas. >> trooper allen was gunned down during a traffic stop at 4:00 in the afternoon. the suspected gunman used a rifle to shoot the trooper. >> he was arrested after driving away from the scene. trooper allen had been with the texas highway patrol since 2002. he leaves behind a wife and three children. you may remember the case of oscar pistorius. he's the south african olympic athlete convicted of killing his girlfriend in 2013. a south african court has more than doubled his sentence. pistorius was originally sentenced to six years. he's going to spend 13 years in prison. authorities say he killed reevastein cam after a valentine's day fight. he always maintained that he thought she was a burglar and
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her. want tokecorner. the black friday shoppers are out early this morning whether it's for a toy or the latest fashion trend, the shoppers they're on a mission. speaking of toys, as parents, we want nothing more than to give our kids their favorite toys. >> so you don't have to hear them say i wanted this toy. nbc's liz mclaughlin shows us the hottest toys of the season and how to score the best discounts. >> this is looking to be an eggcellent holiday. the element of surprise. >> hidden doll toys in the lol surprise and hatchimals. >> don't know which one you get when it hatches. once it does, there's an interactive feature where you can teach it and you learn with it. >> driving many of the top toys,
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including the love a bella doll. ite real baby and learns as you play. >> these finger lynx monkeys are getting the most love this holiday season. >> shows you how robotics is making things more cute and bringing them to life. >> the monkey reacts when you pet it. falls asleep when you rock it and it's just $15. >> finger lings monkeys are low priced. >> but high demand. >> they're selling like hotcakes. our biggest shows are in fact on the endangered species list of availability this year. >> toys are already selling on e-bay for two to five times the retail price. >> savvy shoppers will have to balance getting the absolute lowest price with the risk of out of stock. but for toys that aren't in short supply -- >> the biggest discount of the year is going to be on cyber monday for those toys. >> keeping the surprise under
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there you go. >> it's go time. >> i heard nothing about the american girl doll. my kids are in love with those things. >> sure. i feel those maintain a steady presence there. the hatchimals are popular. >> expensive price. >> they do as a matter of fact. >> i got feelings about this. >> are you going black friday shopping? >> i'm like the worst shopper in the world. >> me too. >> i like to do lunch with the family and -- but not in the mall shopping necessarily. >> it's really hectic. i start to have an out of body experience when there's so much stuff going on. i get disoriented. >> it's the people that can drive you crazy. >> the people that drive you crazy. >> there's pushy shoppers out there. >> show you -- showed us moves earlier. >> i got karate. >> karate moves. you get
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claustrophobic. this morning, if you're waaybe t you ate yesterday. bundle up for that too. later on today, nice and sunny. staying dry. >> 32 degrees is the temperature in the district. everybody except for annapolis is at or below freezing. annapolis coming in at 33 degrees. frederick 27. 25 dulles. 25 lorton. 27 degrees in clinton. slowly start to warm up. 8:00 a.m., 32 degrees. by 10:00, 42 degrees. nice and dry around the northeast. mid-atlantic states for any travel that you may have, if you are doing any traveling on the roads, black friday today, looks dry. we're looking at the dry roads but a chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon. not a big enough chance to cause weather delays at the local airports. weatherwise, we're looking pretty good at reagan, dulles.
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through next week we have a couple days near 60 degrees. let's check the roads on your black friday. where you shop first. >> good morning, jack. >> we had a crash on maryland 95 northbound after 32 towards 175 along the left side of the roadway. hopefully minor in nature. thant heard of a tremendous -- haven't heard of a tremendous amount of equipment headed there. >> 50 westbound underneath route 7, that was a reported crash. authorities are headed to the scene. the beltway in good shape. no worries to speak of if you're doing black friday shopping. headed back home, you should find for the most part nothing in your way. adam, molette, back to you. thank you so much, jack. your holiday gifts may be a little cheaper when you get the deals this weekend. but the tree, the live tree that you put the gifts under, that's going to cost you more. >> yeah. we're going to te
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>> reporter: it could happen to you at any time. you're in the car and you strike a deer. what do you do next? i'm justin finch with what experts are recommending as we
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6:24. fall is here. less daylight and more of these guys out there. the deer. there's a higher chance that you could hit one on the roads all over the area. >> they're everywhere.
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pulling it a ub deer. >>. >> reporter: there's always another car to fix at the bethesda auto dimensions auto body. >> this time of year, deer mating season, i can see it getting busy in here. >> we're always busy. but this time of year it does with the deer. >> every year shop manager bob russell hears the stories. >> most of it is the deer bolts out to the road. deer in the headlights. they see the headlights, bolt out and the front impact collision happens on the car. >> even minor damage can mean a major blow to your wallet. >> looking at this. you got a dent in the front. doesn't look that bad. what would you say this would put you back? >> about $1500. >> not bad. the average deer claims state farm insurance finds is just above $4100. up from last year. a reminder that deer strikes should be c
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survey your vehicle for any kind of damage. then take out your smartphone and take photos of any damage that you see and also use that phone to take down any names and numbers of witnesses. of course, call 911. >> justin finch. news 4. wow. good tips there. thank you so much. be careful driving this morning. the deer and also it's pretty cold. you want to bundle up before you head outside doing black friday shopping any time soon. we're in the 20s for much of the area. even in the district 32 degrees right now. coming up, i'll show you what to expect if you're out and about today driving around. also for the weekend coming up. thank you, sheena. tracking that breaking news. a woman has died after a fire inside a capitol heights home. we're there live with what may
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died and a in capitol heights firefighter is in the hospital after flames broke out inside this home. news 4's yus continue finch is there. we're going to check in with him in a bit for an update. good morning everyone. i'm molette green. >> i'm adam tuss. adam and eun have the morning off. the whole news 4 team is working for you. susan hogan is checking out the black friday sales at the mall. >> tough squlob for hjob for he >> jack taylor is checking out the traffic. let's start with sheena parveen in the weather center. >> good morning. if you're headed outside, you need to know how cold it is before you step out. we're at freezing in the district. 32 degrees. now the sun is about to come up. you will notice completely clear skies out there. 32 degrees in washington. there you see that sunrise about to take place. as we go through the afternoon
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ask home, by 7:00 a.m., 32 degrees, dry roads. sunshine through the afternoon. by lunchtime, 48 degrees and by the afternoon, we're looking at highs in about the low 50s. coming up, though, we'll talk about what to expect going into the weekend. we have a small rain chance saturday. i'll show you the timing of that in a bit. for now, we'll check the roads. how are they doing, jack? >> sheena, good morning. we had an early crash on 50. arlington boulevard westbound near route 7, leesburg pike. this crash may be on south street at arlington boulevard. same area. the westbound lanes south street may be blocked. you may be under police direction through the stretch. be careful police. going northbound after route 32. we had a crash along the left side of the roadway. heard of a crash southbound on new hampshire avenue near powder mill. authorities should be responding we
6:32 am
of capitol heights. >> one woman died. justin finch is live with an update. >> reporter: we're still watching developments at this home behind us here. take a look now. it is charred black on the upper level. firefighters are inside. still working on the hotspots and get a sense of where the fire sparked in this home overnight. i want to take you to video that we have at this time that shows the intensity of these flames. they found here at this two-story house on the 6800 block of wilborn drive just after 3:00 this morning. inside were two people. a woman in her 70s and her son. i am told her son was able to escape. but that woman in her 70s. she was taken to the hospital in critical condition. we learned a short time ago that she has passed away as a result
6:33 am
we know as wellburn and was tak hospital for treatment. what made this fire so intense, we understand, is just the layout of the home and trying to get to it. knock it out. it was reported first as an entrapme entrapment. firefighters came here prepared. take a listen. >> coming out on the fire. it probably took us about 15 minutes to -- at the same time, we're trying to search and find the trapped female. the fire grew in intensity and definitely gutted that first level of this home. >> reporter: so what you are hearing there was a fight on several fronts here. a woman to rescue, a fire to fight. all happening at the same time. that woman was pulled from the home, taken to the hospital where she has died as a result of her injuries. right now, the search is on for a cause. i did ask to see if a fire alarm was working at the
6:34 am
o when that fire went off. we're here throughout the morning and we'll bring you any details as we get them. live in capitol heights, justin finch. back to you. >> justin x thank you. here's a look at some of the other top stories we're following. take a look at these flames. firefighters battled this fire for several hours. right now, they're trying to figure out how this three-alarm fire in annapolis got started. it broke out around 1:00 this morning at a condo building. we're waiting to learn if there are any injuries. keep an eye on our app for more. we now know the name of the person killed yesterday morning on the beltway in virginia. 30-year-old christopher padilla died after running into a stopped tractor-trailer. it was pulled over ativ van dor street. the car ran into the back of the tractor-trailer.
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it's run og a weekday schedule. the rails opened up and will stay open until 1:00 a.m. the red line will shut down starting tomorrow for two weeks between silver spring and ft. totten. >> redskins beat the giants. the team won 20-10. 'skins have a week to get ready for the matchup against the cowboys. that's a thursday night primetime game again. the cowboys lost their thanksgiving matchup to the chargers. they got crushed for the second week in a row. >> i'm sorry dallas fans. >> i'm not sorry at all. the ballou high school knights, they are d.c. football champions this morning. they beat woodson. the warriors fell in this game in the annual turkey bowl. 21-14. woodson was the
6:36 am
defendingg, scoring touchdowns on the first two possessions. for the first-year coach, it was a huge win. >> talk about playing for our community in ward 8. we need this championship. we played a good team. they're four-time champions. you know, i mean, tough game. it was down to the last play. >> the woodson warwarriors, the were down 17 players. they were suspended because of a fight during the semifinal game against eastern high school earlier this month. eastern players were also suspended and will serve one game punishment at the start of the next season. love football. but this thanksgiving almost didn't happen for a local firefighter. months into his job, d.c. firefighter smothers jr. was critically hurt responding to a scene. this was the scene back in august. smothers is recovering well. they welcomed kristin
6:37 am
>> you know, something like this happens, you definitely look at things differently. being thankful for life. >> smothers says he's not worried about permanent scars that he has. he's in physical therapy and working hard to get back to actually fighting fires. okay. so thanksgiving is over. it's out of here. are you ready for christmas? you may not be. but up next, we're going to tell you why you want to buy that christmas tree as soon as possible. plus, black friday feeding frenzy. we're going to check back in with consumer reporter susan hogan live at tysons corner mall
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what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it. ♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪
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you may want to move up your plans
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past years. this is partly because of thess. now prices are up 50%. this is because fewer people bought trees, less trees were planted and now there aren't as man toy go around. molette. 50% more? >> 70 bucks already. >> yeah. when you chop your own tree down, you have a greater appreciation for that live tree, right? adam? >> that's what he's going to be doing this weekend. in a plaid shirt. >> very excited about it. >> in the cold weather. >> don't you start with me either. >> we want to see you social media'ing about your excitement. i want a facebook live about how you're exactly chopping this tree down. i say use your bare hands. but you probably need an ax. if you're exercising, stay pretty chilly most o
6:42 am
forecast this black friday coming up. if you're headed in the area and around virginia in falls church, you'll find we have on 50 westbound the reported crash out near route 7. it's on south street west. all lanes blocked but the crash southbound new hampshire avenue near powder mill road. another accident montgomery county authorities headed to the scene in conjunction with prince george's county. back to you. jack, thank you very much. did you know today is black friday. >> yeah. >> are you up early to head out to the stores for the sales? if you're not, guess who is? susan hogan is out there. >> reporter: i am. deals, deals, bargains. oh, my. there's a ton. what are people finding on black friday? is it worth the trip?
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6:45 am
. a deadly fire on wilbur avenue in capitol heights. a woman in her 70s died when she was pulled from this home. a firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. justin finch is live outside that home. an update coming up. the other fire broke out in
6:46 am
fire officials are trying to refiblaze -- three an alarm blaze. it happened in a condo building around 1:00 in the morning. we're waiting to learn if there were any injuries here. keep an eye on the nbc washington app for an eye on that story. a tragedy touched prince george's county. two separate cars hit a man in the road at adelphi. he died last night. the first driver stayed on the scene but the second one drove away. they think he may not have realized he hit someone. a water main break in northwest last night. look at that flooded street. at least two homes between 9th and t streets impacted here. that water is quite a sight. d.c. fire made it quickly to the scene. but they realized they needed help from d.c. water. we'll get you more details on this as soon as we get
6:47 am
information. okay. black friday shopping is kicking in to second gear this morning. all morning long, we've been hanging out with susan hogan who has been in tysons at the -- in the middle of the frenzy there with serious shoppers. >> talking with folks on a mission this morning. what have you found, susan? >> reporter: first off, you have to be really quiet because poor zack, 11 years old, he's wiped out. his family wiped this poor kid out. so many people have been coming out here having such a great time. i mean, this really is a time to be together, a time to find bargains and a time for just having fun. >> i'm looking for things for my grandkids and my son. i have a bunch of nieces. one of them just slipped away. >> without you. >> whatever i see. whatever
6:48 am
>> reporter: i'll tell you, they are so much fun. they were here a little bit for themselves, a little bit for their grandkids as well. here looking for a bargain. if you are watching us, obviously from home and you don't have any thoughts about coming out to the malls, you can definitely shop from your couch. a few things that you should know while you're doing that, going online. you want to prepare your online retailer account. what we mean by that is, go to each website that you know you're going to shop the stores, plan to shop and make sure that your shipping and billing addresses are up to date. also your credit card information. another thing you should do is install a free browser plug-in. along those lines, browser extension such as they will generate coupon codes at checkout for you. there's a few other things you can do. make sure you get the browser
6:49 am
plug-ins in. rsh load you especially if you know there's going to be limited time that certain things that you want are on sale. so you want to save the valuable shopping time by pre loading those in your cart. with cyber monday on the way, again as you know, this is so -- you have to be extremely careful to make sure all of your software on your computer is up to date including your os, browser and other apps as well. you want to be safe with cyber monday which is monday of course. we're back here live at tysons corner center. when we got here at 3:30, it was packed. there's a little bit of a lull right now. at 7:00, we're told nordstrom's opens, which is why a lot of people are here waiting for that store to open. macy's has been open since thanksgiving. it's been a lot of fun out here. a lot of bargains. a lot of the malls. we have a lot of this information
6:50 am
today, what time the malls are open, what time they're closed. search what else, black friday. by the way, that -- i'll be right back. my daughter did come back and yeah. she came back with two bags. and she's like, mom, i bought you something. she bought me some pajamas and look, you got free slippers. she paid on my credit card. i'm not quite sure. after spending all this money, i really don't think the slippers are all that free, guys. >> just saying. >> not at all. as a matter of fact -- >> she said she got you something. she set you up. actually it's not going to fit you and she's going to take it. >> exactly. you must know her very well. >> susan, track her down. >> so adorable. >> she did give her the credit card. >> right.
6:51 am
>> redskins fans are lot tincri york. >> the team won 0. take a look. >> cousins in trouble. on the run. throws. caught. touchdown jamison crowder. >> not only did the redskins win, but they celebrated a first much this was their first thanksgiving game where they hosted a thanksgiving game. how about that? jay gruden had no problem praising his team after. >> it's always very pretty when you win. doesn't matter statistically or what happens. our defense played outstanding, they played a great game of football. >> don't think the players spent the holiday without getting holiday eats. the team chowed down on the massive turkey legs right there on the field. >> look at him. >> the redskins will play next thursday. they've got to deal with dallas here on nbc. >> he's got two legs. drumsticks. >> my
6:52 am
>> looks like it would get caught in his beard. >> who cares. >> did the giants get a turkey or not? >> only the winning team. >> take the turkey away to the winning team. >> they get sent to the bus and drive up the turnpike. >> the giants were the turkeys. >> oh, look at you molette with the jokes. >> all right. did you -- you should have told me you came up with it. >> it is black friday. a lot of you heading out for friday morning shopping, if you are brave enough to stand the crowds out there. dress warmly. temperatures are in the 20s still. commute, dry roads. that's fantastic. air travel, if you are maybe traveling back home or if you know someone who he is, we have good weather locally. if you're exercising, it's a nice day to be outside but pretty cold this morning. 24
6:53 am
25 dulles. in the district, it's 32 degrees. 29 in quantico. 27 clinton. annapolis at 33. mid to upper 20s as we get closer to the shenandoah valley. black friday planner, still around freezing. many spots still in the 20s. 48 degrees and sunny. 4:00 p.m., we top out around 53 degrees. dry if you are heading out this evening as well. here's a live look across the northeast. nice weather again for travel. we're not looking at any rain moving in until tomorrow. 6:00 p.m., we could have a few light showers. not a big deal. i don't think it will be enough to cause any delays weatherwise. by sunday, we are dry. so your entire weekend forecast, chance of a shower later in the day on saturday. near 60 degrees tomorrow. sunday, sunny and breezy and cooler with highs around 50. into next week, we have a dry stretch with a couple days near 60. by friday, the rain chances do return. or no, we're going to check
6:54 am
hey, jack. >> sheena, thanks. good morning. hopefully your drive there is uneventful as the shopping. at this point little going on. near powder mill road, an earlier crash. beware of that. otherwise, falls church, south street westbound, near arlington boulevard, sounds like the westbound lanes of south street are closed at the scene of the accident. you'll be under police direction. it is very quiet in you're headed out. good luck with the deals. >> back to you. thank you, jack. we continue to follow the breaking story out of capitol heights this morning. >> one woman died after an early morning fire. justin finch is live with an update. >> reporter: molette, an investigation is ramping up into this fire. it left a firefighter critically injured, as well as a woman died as a result of her burns a short time ago. we can tell you, they found heavy fire here on the scene wh t
6:55 am
3:00 this morning to th in capitol heights. on the top level. also reports of entrapment. they brought the woman out, got her to the hospital where she eventually died as a result of her injuries. again, that woman in her 70s has died. a firefighter suffered burns. is being treated for those at this time. we're live from capitol heights, justin finch, news 4. back to you. >> sad update to the story. thank you, justin. time is 6:55. here are the four things you need to know. condo building in annapolis went up in flames. it happened on fairview avenue. we're waiting to hear of injuries or a possible cause for the fire. we're waiting to learn the identity of a pedestrian keld in adelphi. prince george's county police say the person was hit by two separate cars. only one stayed on the scene. follow-up dates in the nbc washington app. the redskins still celebrating their win over the giants t
6:56 am
washington's team won thanksgie game. it's now on to dallas where the team will go up against the cowboys next thursday right here on nbc4. we're working for you on this black friday. before you head out, check out the tips and strategies to start your shopping experience out right. no shoving or pushing. >> don't throw any elbows even if tempted. you might get claustrophobic. it's cold. looking at the 20s in much of the area. 53 by this afternoon. sunny. tomorrow, near 60. more clouds move in. chance of an afternoon shower. otherwise, we cool back down for sunday. 50 for a high and breezy. next week a couple days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday will be close to 60 degrees. the next rain chance moves in. bundle up before you head out. or if you're chopping down a christmas tree this weekend, it's going to be good weather for that. >>
6:57 am
with an ax. i think more o sawing. maybe they'll give me an ax. >> you want to get into all this? i'm going along with the family experience here. driving to a train, cutting down the tree. put it on a train, putting it back on my car and bringing it home. going to be a great time. you want to come? >> special time with your family. >> don't forget to take pictures. >> you're going to get a live update. >> facebook live? >> thanks for joining us everybody for "news4 today." >> "today" show coming
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. ready, set, shop. black friday begins. crazed customers wading into the frenzy overnight, as 115 million people are getting in line or going online today, where are the best deals? and where's the longest wait? we'll take you there. breaking news, oscar pistorius' sentence nearly double. the blade runner handed the unexpected verdict this morning for shooting and killing his girlfriend. why was his original sentence overturned. off-limits. lawyers


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