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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 24, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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been in the past. but don't kid yourselves, folks. the lines are still pretty darn long out there. check out chopper 4 over tyson's corner center and tyson's galleria. bumper to bummer. >> 270 headed to clarks burke reportedly a mile and a half long this afternoon. we have team coverage for you tonight, including the forecast for the rest of this busy shopping weekend. let's start, though, with news4's tracee wilkins live at the tanger outlets in oxon hill. tracee has been spending time with several thousands of her friends and neighbors. thanks, tracee. >> reporter: and i promise i've been working the entire time. i did not buy one thing this time. but 70% off at the coach store, which is why there is a line to get inside. 60% off at banana republic, another 60% off at the gap. this is what black friday is all about. there are tric
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someone coming out who was earlier than me shopping. >> reporter: once inside, time to strategize. >> nike, the gap. >> he wanted to get some shoes or something. >> ooh, come on, i love the crowds. let's go. >> reporter: is it christmas shopping or shopping to be shopping? >> it is shopping to be shopping. >> reporter: and there are deals to get with some outlets offering as much as 70% off of already mashlrked down items ate tanger outlet. >> gap is 60% off. nike has been, em, 30% off. we won't talk about coach because that's kryptonite. [ laughter ] >> we started last night. yeah >> reporter: really >> came back this morning. >> out all night last night, back this morning ready to go again. >> reporter: the retail industry is expecting $1 trillion for national black friday and $1.6 billion for cyber monday. some say they're doing both, b
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others? >> i never do online shopping. >> reporter: never, why? >> i like to go to the store, try it on. >> reporter: do you think you'll do cyber monday? >> i probably will. >> reporter: for many, the deals come second anyway. it's really more about the day itself. >> it's fun to be out in stores and amongst the people and the energy, holiday decorations. i'm not disappointed when i hear christmas music. ♪ ♪ >> we're going to shop till we drop. >> reporter: shopping till we drop, that's what a lot of people are doing here. lines to get in, lines to get into some of the stores and here at tanger outlets they are extending their hours. they'll be open until 10:00 p.m. tonight, opening again 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, they're going to do that until christmas. reporting live in oxon hill, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you all in the studio. >> go back and shop. tracee, thanks so much. now let's go live with chopper 4 and brad fretas flying over springfield town center mall. brad, you've been all over for us this afterno
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worse from your vantage point? >> reporter: that's the great thing about chopper 4. we can get all over the place. we started off in montgomery county, we went up to clarksburg. now we're down over springfield mall in virginia. and it is easing up a little bit. fran co franc franconia was backed up toward the mall. people are moving pretty smoothly here. it looks like for every car that leaves, one car shows up. it's still pretty busy. brad freitas from chopper 4. back to you. >> thanks so much. shoppers are skipping the mall and starting their holiday hopping online. between midnight and 10:00 this morning shoppers had spent $640 million online according to adobe analytics. that's an 18% increase over last year. there was also a big jump in online purchases on thanksgiving day. adobe says as of 5:00 p.m. thursday, shoppers have spent more than 1 1/2 billion dollars and that's up nearly 17%. and cyber monday expected to be he
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in history, spending projected to come in at around $6.6 billion. >> we'll be doing oir part. smaller retailers are gearing up for what they hope will be a big day tomorrow. small town saturday. they hope it means foot traffic in and out of stores. david culver will have expectations later this hour. consumer reporter susan hogan will show us what local malls are doing to try to bring back some of the shoppers they've lost to online retailers. it's part of her series on reinventing retail, and that's coming up a bit later on news4 at 6:00 tonight. >> well, the weather certainly not deterring any of the shopping action. a look at traffic along the 270 spur, this is near west field montgomery mall. another packed spot. >> slow going, especially in our slow motion camera there. >> doug, people are going out shopping, maybe a movie. what can they expect tonight? >> you know, guys, weather wise
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we saw a cool day today. not bad, with sunshine. it was really nice after what was a chilly thanksgiving. outs there temperature wise, 47 degrees. that was the high on thanksgiving. our high earlier today was in the low to mid 50s across much of the area. you notice back to the west we are still in the 50s. 40s to the east, 50s to the west and our air will be coming from the west. and that means some warmer temperatures during the day tomorrow. as we move on through the rft est evening hours, 47 light now dropping to about 46 next hour, to about 41 at 11:00. so it's going to be a chilly night tonight. of course if you are heading out make sure you bundle up for it. talking about a warmer saturday and a chilly sunday. we'll talk about the sunday forecast, travel, big travel day on sunday. i'll mention that for you, too. and the roller coaster as far as temperatures go continues. much more on that. see you back in about ten minutes. >> thanks, doug. changing gears now, a man who lost his mother in a deadly fire this morning had just recently suffered another major loss this month. a tragic development in a story that seemed like it just couldn't get any
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news4's derrick ward live now in capitol heights. he's been there talking to neighbors and learning more about this family. derrick, tell us about what they've been going through. >> reporter: well, you know, it's been a tough time for them. they were actually here earlier. they were too emotional to talk to us on camera. they did share some information about the family. fire fighters just left this neighborhood a couple of hours ago. it wasn't part of the initial response, but they came back as a preventive measure. something they do after tragedies like this. the tragedy that unfolded in this house just behind us before dawn today. a raging inferno ripped through a home and shook this neighborhood in capitol heights early friday morning. >> very frightening. flames were coming from everywhere. >> we had to deal with some bars on the windows and doors, and because of the very heavy fire conditions, report of somebody trand trapped, we sent fire fighters in. >> reporter: 80-year-old elaine james pulled from an upstairs
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she died a short time later at a nearby hospital. a she was very quiet but very friendly, very welcoming. never saw you without speaking. >> reporter: james has lived in the neighborhood for more than 35 years. her adult son was taking care of her and her husband lawrence james who died just two weeks ago. >> i feel so bad for them because he just lost his father. now turn around and bury his mother. yep. >> reporter: the son who is in his 50s was able to get out of the house and he was treated for smoke inhalation. investigators say there were no working smoke detectors in the home though they don't know what caused the fire. fire fighters plan to check 200 homes in this neighborhood going door to door and offering new smoke detectors where needed. tragedies like this tend to make people more aware of the need for smoke alarms and escape plans. >> i have smoke detectors and i have monoxide detectors and i have told my family, you know, how to get out of here if anything does happen.
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pursuit, too, but one that can be performed before there are flames, before lives are lost. and it was a busy 24 hours or so for prince george's county fire fighters. 30 minutes after this fire there was another one in beltsville, and then earlier today they were wrapping up a fire in fort washington. this is kind of that season for them. especially important to get that message out in the wake of this tragedy that happened behind us. this house here in capitol heights. that's where we've live, derrick ward, news4. leon, back to you. >> thank you, derrick. a lawyer for president trump says no one should draw any conclusions from a change in communication between the president's legal team and lawyers for former national security advisor michael flynn. "the new york times" was first to report the latest developments in the investigation into russian election interference. they say that within the last 48 hours, flynn's lawyers cut ties with the president's lawyers. the times reports that this could be a sign that flynn is cooperating with robert mueller's probe, or negotiating a deal for himself.
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obama is one of the top trending topics on twitter in washington today. many defending the 19-year-old harvard freshman after videos were posted online showing her kissing a young man and blowing smoke rings. some of the most vocal support from women who know what it's like to be the daughter of the president. ivanka trump tweeted malia obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school-aged peers. she is a young adult and private citizen and should be off limits. chelsea clinton says malia obama's private life as a young woman, a college student, a private citizen, should not be your click bait. be better. >> when congress comes back to work next week they're going to be dealing with the fallout from the burgeoning claims of sexual misconduct. and this could overshadow a deadline coming up in december to prevent a government shut down. nbc's edward lawrence now digs deeper into the accusations and the apologies. >> reporter: another accusation and another apology from senator al franken as more women claim
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he grabld their backside at campaign events. senator franken released a new statement, saying, i'm a warm person, i hug people. i've learned in recent stories in some of the those encounters i crossed the line for some women and i know that any number is too many. >> i think al franken does need to speak out. i think discussing this all by press release is not sufficient. >> reporter: franken says he has no plans to step down from the senate as he is facing an ethics investigation. a democratic colleague in the house congressman john conyers facing similar problems from now a third woman. >> i've been called to come up and he was walking around in his underwear and i was just so shocked. >> we don't have the encouragement for those individuals who believe that they have been sexually harassed to come forward and feel comfortable in making that complaint. >> reporter: the accusations against republican congressman joe barton took a different turn. he admits a consensual sexual relationship. but adds when he broke it off, the woman threatened to use rege
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that's illegal in texas. prompting a criminal investigation about how explicit pictures and messages were anonymously posted online. sexual misconduct allegations continue to dog alabama senate candidate roy moore. less than three weeks from the special election, and polls show the race is tightening because of the controversy. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> when we come back tonight on news4 at 6:00, president trump among those reacting tonight to a devastating attack on a mosque in egypt. terrorists killing hundreds. we'll have an update to this developing story in just a couple of minutes. >> plus a holiday tradition at arlington national cemetery may be in trouble. time is running out for all of us to help make sure it is a holiy wreath at edav
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a developing store any egypt now. still no claim of responsibility for an attack on a mosque that left more than 200 people dead. president trump just spoke with egypt's president by phone, condemning the attack. nbc's ali aruzi has the latest. we want to warn you some of the images you are about to see are disturbing. >> reporter: egypt was hit by the deadliest ever militant attack. the details interest still coming through, but worshippers attending friday prayers this morning were massacred. more than 50 ambulances
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the hospital after the attack which seems to have been well organized by the heavily armed perpetrators. egyptian officials say militants and four off road vehicles bombed the mosque and fired on worshippers. the gunman also shot at people as they left the mosque. and the ambulances that were rescuing the victims. the egyptian military forces have conducted airstrikes in the area. the strikes have been concentrated in several mountainous areas surrounding the mosque where militants are believed to have been hiding out. back to you. >> we are learning new details tonight about a north korean soldier who was shot during a dramatic escape across the border into south korea last week. the man's surgeon says he needed two body's worth of blood transfusions to save him. he was shot multiple times by former comrades. the 24-year-old is also being treated for several preexisting conditions, including tuberculosis, hepatitis b., and a case of massive internal
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worms. doctors say he is struggling psychologically and having nightmares now about being kidnapped and taken back to north korea. >> closer to home now, in a matter of a few weeks, volunteers will be out placing christmas wreaths on every grave at arlington national cemetery. wreaths across america has been doing this to honor americans every year since 1992. but this year they're worried they may not be able to afford all the wreaths that they need. news4's amee cho has more on how you can help. >> reporter: wreaths as far as the eye can see, a beautiful tribute to those who served our country. volunteers placed those wreaths will save the names of the fallen to keep their memory alive. >> we say you die twice, you die once when your heart stops beating and you take that last breath, but you die a final time when your name is said for the very last time and you're forgotten. >> reporter: they want to make sure that never happens. they can't do it without help. every penny used to buy the $15
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the group normally puts a wreath on more than 245,000 graves. this year they only raised enough money to cover a third. >> i hate to put that last wreath down and see there is a stone that doesn't have one. >> reporter: it happened before in 2013. volunteers skipped an entire section of graves. >> and it killed me, it really did. i said, we've got to do something to make sure that we cover all because how many people come to arlington on wreath day, your loved one, son, daughter, mother, father are next? we hope people won't forget our veterans and be willing to step up and help us. >> reporter: if you'd like to donate, we posted a link in the nbc washington app. just search arlington wreaths. at arlington national cemetery, amee cho, news4. >> well, it's one much our favorite times of year and places to go. the national zoo is lit up tonight with some 500,000 lights. the annual zoo lights display is open now through january 1st.
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started to file in for opening night. this is a new addition this year, a glow in the dark play zone for kids. doug kammerer featuring the light-up l.e.d. games activities is always free, but there is a charge for certain attractions. it's a great night for it tonight. i like the music how they're synchronized with the music. really gets you in the spirit when you listen to those things. are these -- these were just shot this evening. that's amazing, yeah. >> i will be down there live december 13th. i'll be down there in two weeks. december 13th is also -- it's also my anniversary. >> holly happens to be in the studio. good memories. >> i just wanted to remember that, december 13th, sweetheart. that's right. a lot a lot of people out and about today. great day no matter what you're doing. quite nice after what was a chilly thanksgiving. today not bad, high temperatures in the low 50s. today we we get warmer. rf
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lap in frederick. shoppers out in frederick during early portions of today. a lot of people out there, performers on the street as well. tomorrow small business saturday downtown frederick a great place to do some of that shopping. especially at local shong. we all love to do so much. out there right now, it's on the cool side but not bad. 47 degrees, winds outs of the south now at 6 miles per hour. as we move on through the next couple hours 41 in winchester, 42 right now down towards honeytown and 42 degrees towards fredericksburg. it's starting to cool. notice 38 in culpepper. it's going to be a cool night tonight, but not overly cold this time of year. radar nothing to show you. we're all dry and we're going to stay on the dry side. not just dry for us, but the eastern half of the nation. d.c. to baltimore, down towards boston up towards the -- down towards the raleigh area, back towards chicago. i am tracking this system here. it's a cold front coming through parts of minneapolis. bringing them some rain so you know we're talking about warmer air out ahead of it. that is exactly what we're going to see tomorrow. temperatures will be warmer. going for a high in
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50s even near 60 rm to. that is all the way up to new york city. notice the colder a starting to make its way in. if you are traveling early on sunday, know you're in for a cooler day on sunday. temperatures about ten degrees colder and with the wind, the wind chill will be 10, 20 degrees colder as far as temperatures on sunday. get ready. sunday will be a chilly afternoon. tomorrow not chilly at all. sun to clouds, sunshine early, clouds late. a great afternoon. high temperature around 60 degrees at the airport. many of you staying in the upper 50s but still quite nice. if you're heading to the university of maryland game as we take on penn state, we need this game. i know we haven't had a great season. if we win penn state, we're kind of eligible, i hear. 59 degrees 3:00, game time 3:30. tailgate looking pretty good. by the time the game is over, you'll feel the wind up there. 49 on sunday. notice the big temperature change there, by 11 degrees, but it will feel colder with the wind.
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55 on your monday. 61 on tuesday. and then as we move in towards the middle of next week we have another small system coming through. it's not going to do a lot other than bring temperatures down a little bit for friday. high temperature next friday about 49. but if you notice this ten-day forecast, much different than the ten days i've been giving you last ten weeks. temperatures at or above average. just about the entire ten-day forecast. the only exception will be this sunday and next friday. that's about it. not much in the way of chances for rain. no snow just yet. >> not yet. still waiting. doug, thank you. next time you use your smart trip card on metro, you might have to keep a closer watch on your balance. we'll tell you about a rule change tonight that could impact how you ride in the new year. >> plus, celebrating traditions that are older than america itself. a new focus for the thanksgiving holiday
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chicago's magnificent mile wasn't only packed with shoppers today, but protesters were out in force today as well. for the third year in a row, their goal is to bring attention to police misconduct in the city. in particular, the 2014 death of laquan mcdonald at the hands of a chicago police officer. mcdonald was shot 16 times and officer jason van dyke is now charged with first degree murder in the case. three other officers are charged as well for their alleged roles in a cover up. >> native american groups all over maryland are in baltimore today for a celebration of heritage and culture. >> american indian heritage day part of the
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calendar, it's a chance to learn about some of the untold stories surrounding thanksgiving. >> news4's chris gordon takes us inside the celebration. >> reporter: maryland is one of only a few states across the country that celebrate american indian heritage day. it has become part of maryland's thanksgiving tradition. in 2008, the legislature passed a law recognizing the contributions, heritage and culture of the almost 60,000 american indians living in maryland. american indian heritage day follows thanksgiving. >> we don't want to disrupt the history that has been told, but there is some history there that is short. >> you know the first thanksgiving is not really what they told us in school. it was a lot of massacres. and we helped the europeans when they came over here. and w
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advantage. >> reporter: for the first time ever, port discovery, the children's museum in baltimore that provides educational experiences is hosting this year's celebration of american indian heritage day. >> i think it's really important for kids and adults to be exposed to the indigenous people. there needs to be more awareness. >> reporter: american indian heritage day has given the tribes a chance to share their customs and traditions and to celebrate thanksgiving with a renewed sense of pride. reporting from baltimore, chris gordon, news4. >> up next at 6:30, getting ready to shop small. what some local business owners have riding on small business saturday. >> plus, news4's susan hogan explains why sales aren't the only things malls are used to getting your business any more. >> and a gift you can't put a price on for dozens of
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families. talking to news4 about
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 6:00. >> here's a live look now at the beltway near the malls at tyson's. a lot of pavement there, leon. never see that on a friday, do you? much less a black friday. traffic not too bad here. but moving
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the parking lots on this black friday. hey, if you've still got plans for tonight, let's check in again on what to expect when you head out the door. >> doug kammerer standing by to telling us how many layers we're going to need, doug. >> i think two, you can get away with the jacket, maybe the coat tonight. the longer you stay out, the temperatures will continue to drop. right now 47 degrees d.c., 44 out there towards ocean city if you're heading to the malls this evening, maybe you're just getting done eating some of the left over there. 46 by 7:00. down to 40 degrees by 11:00. it will be colder in the suburbs, mid to upper 30s by that time, by around 11:00 tonight. the coats definitely a necessity tonight. tomorrow, however, you probably won't need the coats at all. but don't put them away just yet. your updated forecast in just a couple minutes. >> you got it. now with six hours to go before black friday ends, the roads and parking lots still packed with shoppers. some stores have been open more than 24 hours and
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trouble spots today and they were at major retailers. lowe's website was down for a while, and macy's stores had trouble processing payments with plastic. >> well, many of you have made black friday a family tradition by hitting the big box stores, big savings. but tomorrow local store owners want you to think small, or at least shop small at independently owned stores. news4's david culver is along king street in old town alexandria as the store owners prepare. >> reporter: when you look at a locally owned store right here, say, on king street, one shop owner told me, remember you're looking at someone's dream. the focus for many of these shops on small business saturday is, of course, to make money, but it's also about building relationships. >> my daughter ali. >> reporter: inside the pen post, amy rutherford meets customers, now friends. >> get to build relationships
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all about. >> reporter: her small business, a throw back. pens and paper, stationery. she's found a loyal following amongst millennials. >> they're tired of their phones and they want to sort of -- the nostalgia of writing a letter. >> reporter: much of black friday focuses on the busy malls and big brands. many of us in such a rush. with all these bags can i ask how the shopping was today? we had to run to catch up with this shopper, her hands full. >> i think i'm going to wrap it up, i'm done. >> reporter: you're done? >> i think so. it's almost like 11:00. >> reporter: you don't know what time it is. >> i don't even know what time it is. >> reporter: back on king street, it's always 5:00. inside the hour, at least. >> small businesses are so important. i feel like today more than ever. >> reporter: a cocktail boutique filled with unique glasses. they are among many oklahoma at stores here hopi -- local stores hoping you'll stop
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saturday. >> it is the exclamation point of what we're doing. >> reporter: along with small business saturday they have carolling going on, prize patrol all hoping to attract families. reporting in old town alexandria, i'm david culver, news4. >> we asked you on our facebook page this evening in our flash survey, which retail holiday is your favorite being black friday, small business saturday, cyber monday, or giving tuesday. so far, most of you say it's all about cyber monday. no surprise here. he's on? >> we hear that over and over again today. these black friday deals out there may have given you a reason to leave the comfort of your home and visit your local mall. retailers rely on mall owners to get the customers in the door. this one day won't cut it. it's not enough. consumer reporter susan hogan shows us how experience can be more valuable than a sale. >> reporter: we see a lot of malls stepping up their game and thinking outside the box
6:34 pm
what you are about to see is the latest trend to reinvent the way we shop. it's all about the experience. it's all about changing why we go to the mall. the west field wheaton mall in montgomery county is banking on events like this to bring us back and it's working. >> today this is what brought me in. >> reporter: the last time she stepped inside a mall was four months ago. on this day she left d.c. to come all wait out to the suburbs not to shop, but to check out the event. >> i love art. >> we're at a renaissance for the malls. >> reporter: he helps them reinvent retail. >> we're looking at attractions as opposed to anchors being the focus as to why people want to come to the mall. >> reporter: some developers have transformed malls and strip malls into outdoor walkable communities like pike and rose in rockville and the old laurel ml.
6:35 pm
in alexandria, virginia, the springfield mall became the springfield town center after a $250 million renovation. it hosted its inaugural taste of springfield over the summer with local food vendors from all around the area. speaking of food, it's another experience. the food court at west field montgomery mall has been replaced with a dining terrace. >> i come here a lot curing lunch solely because i like the selection of restaurants they have here. >> traditional cheese, italian meat, vegetables. >> i'm a restaurant guy. >> reporter: a local restaurant guy who filled a vacancy at montgomery mall, he offers gluten-free options like cauliflower pizza crust. >> that's what people are demanding now so i think, you know, you're seeing the healthy fad casual restaurants doing well. >> reporter: this demand for change is really sweeping the entire country. and malls need these moments to connect with you. in fact, this was really interesting. millennials, foa
6:36 pm
the experiences and also the services almost more than the products inside. back to you. >> okay, cauliflower crust. leon and i -- >> like it here. >> up next at 6:00 tonight, metro changing the rules for smart trip cards. how it could affect you the next time you ride and why metro tells us it had to make the change. >> plus, deer season not just for hunters. news4 working for you with what u do if yo
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really? really? really? really? really? see zero in a whole new way. get zero down, zero deposit, zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty.
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i'm melissa mallay with the traffic and the rails. look at the red line. no trains this weekend between silver spring and fort totten. the takoma station also closed because of construction happening on the line. they will have free shuttle buses on the red line between silver spring and fort totten. orange and
6:39 pm
weekend schedule, same situation. blue and yellow lines this weekend, regular intervals there. and then on the green line, same deal there. no big delays or anything to speak of at this point. now, if you're traveling for thanksgiving, couple little things to think about here. the best day to return to the area, the sunday after thanksgiving early in the morning around 6:00 a.m. is the advice. worst day, saturday after thanksgiving at 4:00 p.m. that's going to be a tough one for folks. now, you want to remember your alternates. you can use 301 instead of the bottom of the beltway, bw parkway instead of 5 in maryland and route 1 instead of 95 in virginia. hope you all have a great holiday weekend. >> another metro heads up for you here. a big change coming to your smart trip card next year. judging by twitter a lot of you aren't very happy about this. starting january eighth, metro says you'll no longer be allowed to carry a negative balancing on your card. that means no more taking the $3.50 trip when you only have three bucks on the card and
6:40 pm
metro says it lost $25 million over the past 17 years because of riders who never reload after racking up that negative balance. also today, metro will announce it is expanding its monthly unlimited pass to all pricing levels with select pass riders pay for 18 days of travel at a discounted price. you'll now be able to choose the price point of your typical rush hour trip ranging from 2 to $6. >> well, we have about a month left of fall and with less and less daylight each day, this is the time of year when deer can really come out of nowhere and surprise you behind the wheel. tonight news4's justin finch shares some tips about what to do if you hit a deer. >> reporter: there's always another car to fix at bethesda's auto body dimensions garage. in the fall work picks up. this time of year i can see it getting busy. >> this time of year, we're always busy. this time of year it does with the deer.
6:41 pm
russell, shop manager, hears the stories. >> the deers come out in the road. they see the headlights, bolt out and front impact collision happens on the car. >> reporter: a minor damage can be a major blow to your wallet. it doesn't look that bad. what would you say this will cost? >> probably about $1500. >> reporter: 1500, not bad. the average deer claims state farm insurance finds is just above $4100. up from last year. and a reminder from aaa that deer strikes should be covered under your auto insurance's comprehensive coverage. should you hit a deer the first thing you want to do is park your car in a first place. you'll want to get out of your car and take a look around and survey your vehicle for any kind of damage. and then take out your smartphone and take photos of any damage that you see and also use that phone to take down any names and numbers of witnesses and, of course, call 911. justin finch,
6:42 pm
weekend for a couple dozen kids in our area. still to come here at 6:00, news4's barbara harrison introduces us to some families made whole on adoption day. >> how happy they are. and doug is back with a closer look at your weekend. which day will be the colder of the two if you've got some big plans and what to expect in your stn-day foreca
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it's a d.c. tradition. the downtown holiday market opened today and it is the perfect spot to shop small tomorrow. this is the 13th year. you'll find it on seventh and 9th streets northwest. open
6:45 pm
8:00 december 23rd. exhibitors rotate so you may want to check it out more than once. they are constantly getting new inventory there. you can get some really cool stuff, paintings, jewelry, unique stuff. >> it looks like a pretty cool spot to hang out. >> it is. >> this is really cool, though. more than 20 children got to spend this thanksgiving holiday with their new forever philips arena here in the district. >> how much we love this every time this year. d.c. judges finalize their adoptions and news4's barbara harrison was part of the adoption day celebration. >> reporter: with the presentation of the colors, the 31st annual adoption day in court in the district of columbia was officially underway. there were welcome messages from the judges and other officials. musical selections to set the mood. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: and then it was time to begin. >> we've got 26
6:46 pm
here in the district of columbia. [cheering and applauding] >> first up, jaque lerks. >> reporter: his parents were thrilled when the judge prepared to sign the da career to make them a real family. -- decree to make them a real family. then three brothers. kalek was next. they say it was he who was adopting them and they couldn't be happier. dressed like a princess, 4-year-old breyona was next. 13-year-old tyrone was there with his new dad and extended family. >> congratulations. >> reporter: blessing was dressed all in red, just like her grandma diane who was becoming her mom through adoption. what a little blessing. and this family counts their blessings every day. 3-year-old neva wants to be a pastor like her new dad. you have a new family. who is your new family? >> daddy is. >> reporter: she was feeling a little shy. but anxious to lead her family to
6:47 pm
her decree. and another smiling new mom was ready to take home her lovely little girl, kimoni. mellow was getting a big brother elijah today, and a whole host of god parents who came to court in support of their mom. then there was dimarco sharing a smile with his new glands parents who joined him. >> i was in a foster home. >> reporter: at 16 george was one of the oldest adopt ees of the day. >> i asked my social worker, can i be somewhere that someone can really care for me? >> i wasn't even looking to adopt. i was looking to foster. and then i met george and, why not? [ applause ] >> reporter: and there were more. 2-year-old anaya and almost twins adam and audrey, one and two-year old natural siblings, they'll get to grow up together with their new parents. isaiah gets a new brother when his mom adopts 3-year-old. and here's 4-year-old ethan who
6:48 pm
looking pretty in pink lanaya who is two years old. and the fourth adoption for her parents. and finally, lovely kalasia. at 16 she was ready for a real forever home. and unexpectedly adopted by relatives. who is this you have with you? >> i have my mom and my dad. >> reporter: who are they? >> they're actually my first cousins. today they adopted me. >> reporter: an exciting time for all of these children and their parents who will begin life together as families forever. barbara harrison, news4, washington. >> okay, we cover stories 365 days a year. you never see bigger smiles than on that story right there. the kids and the parents. that is so exciting. >> fabulous. absolutely fabulous. >> how about thanksgiving to remember? >> sure is. >> just an awesome story. >> isn't it great? about a cool as the weather. >> that's not fair, n
6:49 pm
it's a wonderful thing. >> kudos to barbara. >> love that barbara continues to do that for us here. let's show you what's going on outside now. national harbor camera, thinking of heading to national harbor? it's looking great. first i want to show you what i want to be doing this time of year. >> 3, 2, 1. >> oh, yeah, counting down the season and the season began today out there at snow shoe and snow shoe mountain in west virginia. you know they got some snow out there. they have a lot of natural snow and of course they've been making snow the past couple of weeks as well. other ski resorts that are open, seven springs. i love this guy. look at that. t-rex on the snow board. national harbor looking good toward national harbor. it's going to be a good one, great afternoon if you're thinking of heading to the harbor tomorrow. temprature tours now on the cool side. 46 in rockville. already down to 40 in college park. 45 in camp springs. it's going to be a little chilly, not bad at all. no rains to talk about. we need to see some rain. we've been very dry. noo
6:50 pm
soon, though. as a matter of fact, it is dry from new england all the way down toward the southeast towards the atlanta area back to the west. a little bit of a system trying to move in during the day tomorrow night into sunday. that will allow for chilly temperatures to invade the mid-atlantic and northeast. thanksgiving travel forecast, this is really for sunday. as everybody going home for thanksgiving. if you're leaving d.c. heading back toward atlanta, no problems there. florida looking good there. the only real issue is back towards seattle. got friends and family going back to seattle, it will be rainy for them. but, hey, it's seattle. it's what they expect this time of year. as far as saturday goes, if you're thinking about getting out small business saturday, we've been talking about that all day today, trees, new christmas tree looking good there, too. putting up the christmas lielts. a perfect day l really looking good for sunday not so much. if it's colder and we're going to see some rather windy conditions. penn state coming in towards university of maryland, that game on the cool side. fitness forecast tomorrow, 52 degrees at noon. more clouds in the afternoon still getting up to a high
6:51 pm
i'm going 60, but only 49 on sunday. much cooler on sunday. but it does not stay cool. we warm into the mid 60s by tuesday and wednesday. most of next week really looking pretty good. >> great, thank you, doug. >> coming up in sports, maybe mid ship man in action, bouncing back from a loss to
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> announcer: this is the xfinity sports desk.
6:54 pm
get some get back. >> they lost to notre dame. i knew you didn't have enough football going. keep the party going. there is no question of the commitment of the naval academy's players. that commitment is over shadowed by commitment that started with five straight wins spiralled downward to five losses, four games, all defeats by 10 points or less. into houston, the mid ship man carried that commitment and the urgency as well. the coach was there. his navy team snapped then number 6 houston's unbeaten start last season. cougar is out for some revenge. they got late first no score. the king on the quarterback keeper, nobody touched him. navy at this point down 7-0. 9 yard score there. you know what, the mid ship men responded quickly. he scampers in, >> nice. >> triple option working. all tied at 7. next possession, anthony garjulo. yeah, he
6:55 pm
that's what you do go up the middle. navy grabs 14-7 lead. second half is different. offense stalls, king a keeper again. this time from two yards out. that ties the score. then king shows off the arm. he's going to find steven dunbar in stride. if we do the math, carried that, a 61-yard score. navy falls to houston, 24/14 the final. last night redskins hosted their first-ever thanksgiving game. for most of the night it was a turkey. for a long while it was more about punch than points. the offense did have some meat carried by jameson crowder, 141 yards receiving. you know what, also when it counted the most, kirk cousins was able to connect to josh doctson late in the fourth quarter. skins stopped the giants 20-10. an ugly win but gut check win for kirk cousins and the skin. >> yeah, you know, this game just tests you every week. you know, you have those moments throughout the game that
6:56 pm
emotionally you kind of get punched in the gut. that interception return was certainly one of them and you know, we always live by that mantra, what's important now. you always go to the side line and rework it and say, all right, now it's a tie game. we move forward and play good situational football going forward. we found a way to win. our defense kept us in the game all night long. was proud of the resiliency we showed once again. >> during the game a baffling sequence. looked like one of our staff meetings. it took place in the fourth quarter game. maurice harris was stopped short of the gain on the third down. coach jay gruden decided to bring in the punt team to kick it away. wait a minute, then changed his mind and calls the time-out to go for it. but out of the time-out, there is our staff meeting and the play clock runs out. a lapse of the judgment. the redskins at a critical time. according to jay gruden, simple explanation for all that confusion. >> what happened was we wanted a measurement. they wouldn't give me a measurement. i said punt it. i was sdi
6:57 pm
saw it was 4th and less than a yard. i was going to go for it. we sent out three tight ends back. lo and behold we didn't know verp vernon davis was going to file a shoe off. football follies alerted and burn. that's a okay, we punted and defense got another stop. our defense was playing so well, might want to back-to-back back them up. >> i knew another shoe was going to drop. the wizards john wall is questionable for tomorrow's home game, trail blazers, the left knee has been bothering him a week. i missed sunday in toronto. it was a one and two road trip wall called terrible now he's a question mark tomorrow. and again, the capitals are in action taking on the nhl's best tampa bay lightning. full highlights coming up at 11:00. >> it will be a tough one. >> vernon davis only has a shoe contract with one shoe. just one shoe. >> never read the contract. >> thank you,
6:58 pm
everybody. nightly news coming up next. >> we're coming back at 11:00. hope to see you then.
6:59 pm
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tonight, black friday frenzy. stores packed, shoppers out in force, sales soaring. who will win this season's shopping war between online and in-store deals? the deadly terror attack on a house of worship. hundreds killed as they prayed. is isis behind the horror? new reaction from the white house to signs that michael flynn may have cut a deal. is president trump's former aide cooperating in the russia probe? actress uma thurman breaking her silence about sexual harassment in hollywood. her powerful, angry message to harvey weinstein. new warning. the phone scam growing nationwide. >> they can actually mimic somebody's phone number now? >> absolutely. >> how to protect yourself. and the kindness of a stranger.


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