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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 26, 2017 9:00am-10:00am EST

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positive now. >> good. >> you're actually a nice guy. >> okay. i'm glad you realize that. >> okay. >> lauryn, save us from this because i can't take much more of his compliments. i was actually liking mean david. i don't know what to do with nice david. >> did it sound believable? >> it is. i don't know which team i side with either, so i'm just kind of a bypasser in this feud you have going on here. so we'll see how that works out as the show progresses. but as the morning progresses, let's talk about the weather, because as the morning goes on, the winds are going to only increase in speed. we've got a blustery day out there. glad to have you along on this sunday morning. beautiful sunday morning. absolutely gorgeous at 9:00. temperatures in the 40s. we've made it up to the 50s. it just changed at 9:00. 51 degrees is our temperature right now. we're going to be right around that 50-degree mark. a lot of places stuck in the 40s. sustained winds at 9 miles an hour, but look at some of the gusts out there. everybody should have some gusts as we cin
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afternoon. so it's going to be a blustery, brisk day with temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. we are talking about, again, some windchills. we'll talk about when those winds die down and maybe the chance of rain. that's all coming up in just a little bit. guys? >> all right, lauryn. stop laughing. thank you very much. let's turn our attention to a tragic development coming out of prince george's county. police there are investigating a murder-suicide involving a mother and her son, just an awful story. this is a look at where that chilling scene formed late last night in landover, right in the heart of the holiday season here. and we're told officers went to do a welfare check at a home just a few miles away from fedex field, and they found the two severely injured. they died at the scene. news4's derrick ward is live there this morning with the latest on what we are learning. what do we know, derrick? >> reporter: well, good morning. this involves that house you see there on the corner, the tan house with the red trimming. and it is indeed a sad tale,
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we are learning from neighbors. it involved a woman who had lived in this house with her husband and two small children up until about a month ago. this house was rental property and it was back on the market. now, last night, neighbors tell us that they saw both of the cars out here that belonged to the family. first, it was the mother's car in the designated parking space. and then a short time later, the husband's car showed up in his designated parking space. they say they saw the husband come back to this car and franticly make a phone call. shortly after that, police arrived. and the story unfolded, from what we are learning from police, as indeed, a murder-suicide. it involved a mother in her 30s and a child, a young child, we are told possibly a toddler. now, we don't have any more information about the identities of either of these folks. they say -- people say that they've seen them around the complex, they were friendly, they spoke, but they didn't know a lot about them, just that they had left for a
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suddenly, the car showed up. shortly after that, police showed up. again, prince george's county police are looking at this as a murder-suicide. they say both victims suffered trauma and were pronounced dead here on the scene. we are live in landover, derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> derrick, heartbreaking story there. let's go to the district now, all new this morning, a disturbing scene in dupont circle after someone shot a man in the face. d.c. police are on the search now. they're looking for a man in a black sedan who took off from that scene. it happened at dupont circle and massachusetts avenue, just after 1:00 this morning. emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital. he was conscious and breathing the last time we checked. police need your help. if you know anything, give them a call. time is 9:03. a george mason university student's cap and gown will never be seen on the graduation stage because this morning her family is having to plan for her funeral. she was hit by a car just steps from her home. news4's darcy spencer talked with her close friend, who wants her to be remembered as
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wholesome person. >> reporter: samantha igvall was just weeks away from graduating from george mason university. monday night she got off the metro at the minnesota avenue station, walked across the pedestrian bridge and was crossing here at kenilworth terrace, just steps from home, when she was struck. she died friday afternoon. kevin rodrigues is a close friend. >> i messaged her that i want to be there for her graduation. she purchased a gown, a hat, and she was like trying those things on. so, it came out of nowhere. >> reporter: igvall graduated from wilson high school in northwest d.c. in 2012. she was excited about getting her global affairs degree from mason in december. friends and relatives say after graduating from mason, she wanted to work for the state department to travel across the world to help people in the middle east and in asia. rodrigues says she was involved in the international friendship connection on campus. this was the last photo they took together, just two days before she was hit.
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from the dictionary to define her as a person, and that's why it's such a terrible loss, because i'm pretty sure all of her friends can second me on that. we feel such a major void. >> reporter: samantha came to the united states from bangladesh when she was 14. her family now asking for prayers as they plan for her burial service. >> she was a very, very wholesome person, personalitywise, very kind, and i would want her to be remembered as that, someone who wanted to serve the world. >> reporter: in fairfax, darcy spencer, news4. >> the driver of the car that hit her did stop to call police. so far, that driver is not facing charges, but the investigation here continues. if you've got a moment, take a look at your screen right here. three young children from the same family went missing after thanksgiving and now d.c. police need your help finding them. missing are 8-year-old leanda rice, her 11-year-old sister, leandra, and their 14-year-old
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they were last seen on south dakota avenue in northeast d.c. on thanksgiving day. authorities say family did not report them nimissing until friday. they may be with their mom, emily rice. new developments in the russia hacking probe. the fbi had failed to notify scores of u.s. officials that they were targets of a russia-aligned hacking campaign. that is according to an "associated press" investigation that's just coming out. now, this all involved fancy bears, the russian-government-aligned espionage group. the u.s. reports they did 80 interviews with those associated with the group but the fbi only gave a heads-up in two of the cases. the bureau gave a statement saying in part "the fbi routinely notifies individuals and organizations of potential threat information." well, this morning on "meet the press," chuck todd is going to have an exclusive interview with anita hill, and he's also going to have some conversations with house minority leader nancy pelosi and ohio senator rob portman. chuck's going to join
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about an hour right here for news4. a reminder, you can see "meet the press" every sunday at 10:30. it is sunday. your time is 9:07. so, what have you got planned for the day? maybe headed to brunch? lauryn ricketts tracking your storm team 4 forecast, what you can look forward to weatherwise in just a moment, tuss. and coming up, bad news for the wizards. >> yeah. >> point guard john wall going to be on the bench for a while with an injury. we're going to give you a timetable on his return when "news4 today" continues. stick around.
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welcome back. bad news for the wizards. not having the best of luck these days. not only have they lost three of the last four, but they may have lost john wall for a while, maybe the next two weeks. the nba point guard was going to receive multiple injections to reduce fluid that's built up in his knee. that inflammation started when wall had knee-to-knee cont
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the mavericks earlier this month. now, if he recovers and all goes according to plan, he could be able to come back december 9th. that's when the team goes up against the l.a. clippers. good luck to him. they need him. he's really good. >> yeah. from the hardwood to the football field, the redskins are off on this football sunday, but they are still gearing up for a big rivalry. >> they're going to take on the dallas cowboys. that's on thursday. if you want to watch it, you're watching the right channel right now. just leave it on through the week. it will be the second time this season for the two teams to face off, hopefully provide a chance for the redskins to redeem themselves after their loss back in october. >> yeah. cowboys have had a rough couple of last games. and it'd be nice to just continue to pour it on the cowboys. >> i think around here, anybody just says the cowboys are going down, we feel good about it. >> nobody feels bad for them. >> not at all. 9:10 is your time as we look live outside. let's give you, the capitol wheel? look at that. >> beautiful. >> i don't think jim handly is running that today. it will be sae.
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ricketts in a moment. >> are you saying he's not up to the task? >> not quite as smooth. also, we will take you inside a news4 i-team investigation uncovering how criminals are actually targeting the police. that's when "news4 today" continues. 's running a small business is demanding. continues. 's
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it's going to be a little breezy out there today, not necessarily windy, but we're going to have some gusts up
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really, the sustained winds anywhere from about 10 to 20. so, if you're headed out maybe for a jog, just dress in layers. temperatures right now in d.c. around 50. outside the beltway, a lot of areas in the low 40s at this point. so, again, we have got a little bit of a windchill, but full sunshine. when's our next chance of rain? we'll talk about that with that ten-day forecast in four minutes. guys? >> and we're going to see you outside pretty soon, right? >> you keep pushing us. lauryn, stay in as long as you'd like. >> thank you, david. >> you're welcome. time right now is 9:14. hey, police protect our families and our streets, of course, and they carry a badge and a gun, but a news4 i-team investigation is revealing local crooks are targeting the cops, actually. >> that's right. scott mcfarland with the i-team reports on this, and he says they're not going after money, but something else, something that puts us all at risk. >> reporter: the what-ifs are disturbing. it felt like a normal school day earlier this year at albert einstein high school in
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until the call came. parents like cynthia -- >> you always think of the worst things that could happen. >> reporter: a school resource officer stopped a student in a car acting suspiciously. the 18-year-old ran before being arrested. >> we don't know what the person's intent was, but you always think, well, what if? what if the person had brought it into the school? what if the person had used it in the school? >> reporter: police discovered not only was the car stolen, but they say in the trunk, mario alvarado had a stolen ar-15 assault rifle. alvarado has pleaded not guilty to a federal firearms charge. perhaps more surprising for parents is from where and from whom the gun found here was taken. police say it was stolen a week earlier from the cops, from rockville police. these weren't stolen from a marked cruiser. >> no. these were stole agan from an unmarked detective's vehicle. >> reporter: outside his house. >> yes. >> reporter: the news4 e-team found law
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targeted for firearms. we requested firearms logs from nearly two dozen local and federal police departments, and we found that rockville police gun is one of more than 350 local and federal police guns stolen or lost just since 2011, nearly three dozen in d.c., 28 in prince george's county, 10 in alexandria, 8 from virginia state police, 6 in prince william, 5 in montgomery, 4 from metro transit police. >> individuals that are known to possess firearms legally become the targets. >> reporter: kevin o'keefe is chief of operational intelligence with the atf and says as with private gun owners, police weapons could often be the target of a car break-in. >> i think the people breaking into cars are looking for anything of value. >> reporter: five of the six stolen in fairfax county since 2012 were taken from officers' cars, the trunks or glove boxes. calvin walker is serving a life sentence for robbing and shooting a teenager in hillcrest in 2011 using a gun he stole from the car of an off-duty florida police officer parked at the springfield metro
9:17 am
found, but the 34 stolen or lost in d.c., two are listed as recovered. this glock and rifle stolen from an fbi agent's vehicle near eighth street in northeast d.c. are still missing, 18 months later. calvert county sheriff tells the i-team they haven't found the rightful owners of a cache of police guns stolen during a traffic stop. we asked the police policies and many require rifles or guns be locked when stored inside cruisers and there are different policies for when guns are inside the trunks. some require guns be locked in cayces even when inside the trunks. others require ammunition be removed. some limit how long they can be in here. and in rockville, they changed the policies guns were stolen in may. >> we don't want our weapons in view of the public going in and out of officers' homes. >> reporter: city policy requires police firearms stored in the trunk also be locked in a vault in the trunk. parents at einstein high school
9:18 am
private citizens or police, need to be diligent about locking up. >> i don't want firearms getting out to the community that shouldn't be there. >> reporter: because the what-ifs are scary when police guns end up in the wrong hands. scott mcfarland, news4 i-team. >> well, the i-team has spent months investigating stolen guns across the country with help from more than a dozen other nbc stations and the non-profit journalism organization the trace. if you want to see their results, visit our nbc washington app and click on investigations. show you this happening right now, volcanic ash advisory on one of the world's most prized travel destinations. we're talking about bali, yeah. that's not clear skies. mt. agung on the indonesian island erupted on saturday, covering the pristine landscape, and all those ashes there. the ash cloud you can see even disrupted some international flights, stranding about 2,000 passengers. they were left waiting for their flights to start up again. this is actually the second eruption in just a week.
9:19 am
there. well, people in san diego may not have the smoothest commutes this morning, and that's because of the fog you see there. they call that the marine layer in san diego. you see, you can catch that. >> did you google that? >> did you catch that? >> yeah. >> the national weather service issued a dense fog advisory for the city yesterday afternoon and into today. however, flights coming in and out of san diego are continuing to run on schedule. one of our photographers, nick, actually, his family's from san diego, and he's there. so we'll check in with him. >> no kidding. >> that's the marine layer. it comes in and burns off. >> a.m. clouds, p.m. sun is southern california. i haven't even looked at their weather, but that's what it will be today. >> you know nothing about meteorology. let's leave that to her. >> thank you, david, for siding with me. >> you don't know what bucks i bring. let me talk about reading something. tom, our production assistant, said he's been getting a lot of twitter hoopla that you guys need name tags. >> you think so? >> so, here you go, adam. >> oh,
9:20 am
>> david tuss. >> there you go, adam culver. make sure you get david -- >> i coordinated the peacock on this, too, it's blue so it goes with the tie. >> look at that. >> people don't know that we never have sat together before in the five years that we've worked together. and for the longest time, people have been mixing us up on the streets. >> all the time. >> they say he covers transportation, think i go to cuba. that's what it is. that's why we're having fun with this. >> i think it will never happen again because our director and producer are -- >> so sick of us talk being it. >> like, please go. there's nothing happening in the weather today. it's like a minute and a half now on weather! >> he says, shut up, you guys! >> stop talking. all right, we'll have more fun with that in a little bit. >> thanks, lauryn. >> let's talk about the weather. yeah, you're welcome! you're welcome for the name tags. keep everyone on the straight and narrow. it's getting blustery out there. winds are picking up. we'll have wind gusts up to 30 miles an hour, but it is a beautiful day out there, gusty, though. temperatures warming up this week. today we slide a little bit. temperatures are going to be in
9:21 am
move up as we go through this week. and then we've got some rain chances by friday, but that's going to be the next time we do have some rain out there. temperatures 40s and low 50s at this point. that's pretty much where they're going to stay. we do have some wind gusts up to about 20 miles an hour up to 29. we'll have a potential to see wind gusts up to 30 for all reporting locations today. so a breezy day out there today, but winds calm after about 4:00 or 5:00 this evening. that's when the sun goes down. so, they'll settle down during the overnight and we'll just get cold overnight. and temperatures warm up tomorrow. but again, temperatures staying in the 40s and low 50s. that's about as good as it's going get today. so if you're headed out to brunch, just know it's going to be dry, but much cooler with those breezy winds. so if you're running errands as well, you're going to be dealing with those winds until about 5:00. but clear skies overnight and that temperature drops. not dealing with any rain, though. look at the storm team 4 radar, looking good on that front, and pretty much good
9:22 am
as adam was saying, we do have, even though a little bit of fog in southern california, the planes are still getting out of there. some light, spotty rain and snow showers in new england as well as the pacific northwest, but that's about it. so, watch that wind, especially driving around the mid-atlantic. otherwise, we have rain in the pacific northwest and spotty snow in the new england area. otherwise, temperatures today around 50 degrees. we're going to be in the mid-50s on monday with a much wide lighter wind. 60s by tuesday and wednesday. we dip a little bit on thursday, but friday our next chance of rain. pretty quiet workweek ahead in terms of weather. guys? >> i'm mark murray of nbc news. we are now almost two weeks away from that special senate election in alabama between republican roy moore and democrat doug jones, and here is where that race stands. after allegations of sexual misconduct rocked his campaign, including with a 14-year-old girl when he was 32, moore is trailing jones by eight points,
9:23 am
jones also is outraising moore and outspending him over the airwaves. despite those disadvantages in the race, however, moore retains this advantage. we're talking about alabama, where donald trump beat hillary clinton by 28 points in 2016. and so, it's difficult for any republican to lose in state, but moore isn't your typical republican. in 2012, when he successfully won his race for state supreme court chief justice, moore underperformed mitt romney by nine points in alabama. the stakes in this race couldn't be any higher, with the state of the gop's tax plan and control of the u.s. senate potentially up for grabs next year. the contest takes place on december 12th, two weeks before christmas.
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ne's ever said microwaved. you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche. panera. food as it should be. former "glee" star naya rivera has been charged with domestic battery. she was celebrating thanksgiving in north carolina where her husband, ryan dorsey is from. dorsey told authorities rivera struck him on the bottom lip and head while on a walk with his wife and son. rivera was taken into custody but later released. it is that time of year when you can find cinnamon in just about anything, whether you like it or not. >> i like it. a latte, it's nice. >> everywhere. and while all those treats aren't going to necessarily help you lose weight, the spice actually might. >> this is really reassuring news this morning. "usa today" reports that university of michig
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essential oil in cinnamon could fight obesity. >> wow! >> it makes cinnabon worth it. >> exactly. >> i think this is how it works. a new study shows that the oil produces fat cells to start burning energy. i don't understand any of this, but researchers say that you should not be using this as a weight loss treatment until more information can be studied. >> until more information can be studied. but in the meantime, enjoy your cinnamon! >> absolutely. >> coffee, whatever. there you go. all right, let's take you outside. clear skies as we look live at union station. the breeze kind of slowed down. we're going to check in with lauryn ricketts as she's tracking some of that travel forecast. for your family and friends therei
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time right now 9:30 on this sunday morning. and right now on "news4 today," prince george's county police investigating a murder-suicide involving a mother and her son. they were found severely injured last night at a home on countrywood court in landover. they died at the scene. news4's derrick ward is live on the scene with latest coming up at 10:00. to egypt, where they have declared three days of mourning following friday's mosque terror attack. more than 300 people have lost their lives. isis has not yet claimed responsibility, but it's the country's main suspect. the wizards have lost john wall, and hopefully, just for the next couple of weeks. the nba point guard is going to have to get injections in his knee to help reduce a fluid build-up there. he's scheduled to return to the court on december 9th when the wizards go up ain
9:31 am
but first, thank you so much for joining us on this sunday morning. i am adam tuss. >> and i'm david culver. angie goff is off, which is why -- >> she's going to be off for a while. >> i know. >> she just had a baby. >> she did. >> which is why the two of us are together. and david, i've got to say, i'm enjoying this. >> i am, too. >> it's nice to sit with you. >> i'm going to be serious, not sarcast sarcastic. i am enjoying it, too. >> good. >> i'm being serious. >> we've been trading barbs all morning. >> i'm trying to be nice. on social media, they're saying i wasn't being nice. i'm trying to be nice. >> the funny thing is you're a nicer guy than i am. i don't know why it's not coming through. >> that's true. and you know who can vouch with that, lauryn, 100%. >> she's not really taking sides, though. >> yeah, what happened when i yelled out to adam tuss at 5:50 this morning, said hey, can you get my mike? what'd you do, adam? >> i just kept walking. >> exactly. >> then you came back to my desk. you're like, i heard you, i just kept on walking. >> and david brought you the mike. >> and he wrapped it
9:32 am
>> that would look like nordstrom. it was really well done. >> it was great. love working with you guys. we're all really sarcastic, so i'm not sure he's telling the truth right now. all right, let's tell you the truth about the weather. one thing, it will be colder than yesterday. made it up to 60 degrees. today we have that wind out there. it's picking up now and we'll have gusts throughout the day. it will be windy but a beautiful morning, full of sunshine once again today. we'll be in the 40s and low 50s. coming in at 9 miles an hour, but we have some gusts up to about 25 miles an hour. it's going to be a little blustery as you go through your day today. steady temps in the 40s and 50s, then winds calm as we get to about 5:00, 6:00 this evening, mostly clear skies and cold during the overnight. so, dry today, but how about your monday as you make your way back to work? we're going to talk about that. and if you're traveling today, we've got that forec
9:33 am
coming up in just a few minutes. guys? >> all right, lauryn. we'll check in with you then. this morning you might run into quite a bit of traffic this morning in laurel. that's where a church, we're talking massive, is opening along brae braygreen road. the royal house chapel international-grace2grace chapel is opening as we speak. the ceremony got under way at 9:30. this $8 million facility has 91,000 square feet. >> whoa! >> and what's in there? an indoor basketball court, fitness room, an outdoor playground and even a digital media lab. >> wow. >> out of breath just running through it. that's huge. >> sounds like a cool place to go. >> i know. >> going to attract people on sundays, for sure. >> yeah! all right, more than 20 children got to spend this thanksgiving holiday with their new forever families. it happened right here in the district. >> love these stories. this past week, d.c. judges finalized the adoptions there, and news4's barbara harrison was all part of the special day. ♪ >> reporter: with the presentation of the colors, the
9:34 am
court in the district of columbia was officially under way. there were welcome messages from the judges and other officials, musical selections to set the mood. ♪ wise men say and then it was time to begin. >> we've got 26 children, 26 children being adopted today here in the district of columbia. [ cheers and applause ] first up, jaquell. >> reporter: his parents were thrilled when magistrate judge jan albert prepared to sign the decree to make them a real family. then three brothers, tyrell, tyrese, and tyrone. calique was next. his mom and dad said it's he who was adopting them, and they couldn't be happier. and dressed like a little princess, 4-year-old breanna was next. and then 13-year-old tyronn, who was there with his new dad and extended family. >> congratulations. >> reporter: blessing was dressed all in red, just like r
9:35 am
becoming her mom through adoption. what a little blessing. and this family counts their blessings every day. 3-year-old neveah wants to be a pastor, just like her new dad. >> you have a new family. who's your new family? >> daddy is! >> reporter: shemiah was feeling shy, but anxious to lead her family to judge julie breslow to sign her decree. and another smiling, new mom was ready to take home her lovely little girl, kimoni. noah was getting a big brother, elijah, today, and a whole host of godparents who came to court in support of their mom. then there was dimarco, sharing a smile with his new grandparents today, who joined them. >> i was in a foster home -- >> reporter: at 16, george was one of the oldest adoptees of the day. >> so, i asked my social worker, you know, can i be somewhere that someone can, like, really care for me? >> i wasn't even looking to adopt. i was really looking to
9:36 am
not? >> reporter: and there were more. 2-year-old aniah, and almost twins adam and audrey, 1 and 2-year-old natural siblings. they'll get to grow up together with their new parents. isaiah gets a new brother. and here's 4-year-old ethan, who held tight to his mommy. and looking pretty in pink, leniah, who is 2 years old. and the fourth adoption for her parents. and finally, lovely kalasia. at 16, she was ready for a real forever home and unexpectedly adopted by relatives. >> who's this you've got with you? >> i have my mom and my dad. >> who are they? >> well, they're actually my first cousins. today they adopted me. >> reporter: an exciting time for all of these children and their parents, who begin life together as families forever. barbara harrison, news4 washington. >> always a sweet
9:37 am
live look. >> whoo! >> breezy like sunday morning. >> yeah? >> did i take your line? >> no, but you were supposed to sing it. >> you go ahead. >> done. ♪ breezy like sunday morning lauryn is going to check -- i see the look on your face. you like my singing. lauryn is going to track the winds for you. don't go away. [ sigh ] good sunday morning, everyone. and we've got to wait a couple of days for a big game here in washington. redskins visiting the cowboys this thursday night, right here on nbc 4. back-to-back thursday night football games for the skins. the burgundy and gold hoping to see jamison crowder come up with a repeat performance, because on thanksgiving night, crowder feasting. seven catches, 141 yards and a touchdown. crowder looking to keep it going. >> it was a big week. you know, in this league, you've got to have a short memory, whether it's a good game or a bad game. you know, we've got to get ready to go down to dallas.
9:38 am
challenge. it's going to be tough. they came here, beat us the first time, so going down there, like i said, it's going to be a challenge, but we just have to prepare and get ready to go. >> jamison and i have had good rapport since he showed up as a rookie. in 2015, he had a ton of production. last year he had some incredible games. there were times where even with pierre and deshawn, we would walk away saying crowder may have been our best receiver today. he's very talented. >> crank it up to ten! "sunday night football," steelers taking on the packers. antonio brown with a monster game his last time out. 144 yards, three touchdowns for brown. you can watch him and the steelers tonight, starting with "football night in america" at 7:30, kickoff at 8:30. hope you enjoy your g game bisu
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tomorrow, david, is cyber monday. did you know that? >> yes. >> do a little shopping online. >> mm-hmm. >> and get ready to see some giant slashes on prices of toys. >> take notes. >> i've got some stuff to pick up. >> retail analysts say tomorrow's the best time to check off toys from your holiday list. and to help
9:41 am
liz mclaughlin shows us this year's hottest toys. >> ah. >> reporter: this is looking to be an eggcelent holiday for toys that feature the elements of surprise. >> big surprise! >> reporter: hidden doll toys in the lol surprise and hatchimals. >> twins! >> reporter: are topping many christmas wish lists. >> don't know what hatchimal you're going to get necessarily when it hatches. once it does, there's an interactive feature where you can teach it and you learn with it. >> reporter: that interactive element is driving many of the top toys, including the lovabella doll that moves and talks like a real baby and learns as you play. but the finger link monkeys -- >> oh, he just gave me a kiss! >> reporter: -- are perhaps getting the most love this holiday season. >> shows you how robotics are making them more cute and brings them to life. >> it reacts when you pet it, falls asleep when you rock it, and it's just $15. >> finger links monkeys are reliv
9:42 am
to other items on the toy list. >> reporter: low priced but high demand. >> these are selling like hot cakes. our data shows they are, in fact, on the endangered species list of availability this year. >> reporter: toys are already selling on ebay for two to five times the retail price. >> savvy shoppers will have to balance getting the absolute lowest price with the risk of out of stock. >> reporter: but for toys that aren't in short supply -- >> the biggest discount of the year is going to be on cyber monday for those toys. >> reporter: keeping the surprise under the tree and off the credit card bill. liz mclaughlin, nbc news. all right, thinking about chopping down a christmas tree today? adam tuss, you did that recently. >> i did it yesterday! i chopped one down. it was a lot of fun. and lauryn is tracking the forecast if you're going to do some chopping today or some shopping. get it? >> oh, because they rhyme, yeah. >> chopping and shopping. th at's good.
9:43 am
9:44 am
9:45 am
meanwhile, if you're headed out to the malls to do some shopping out there, as we get into the holiday season, it's going to be a little blustery as you make your way to your shopping destination, so both hands on the steering wheels. otherwise, temperatures rising to right around 50 degrees. we're going to be in the 40s and low 50s throughout the day today, but plenty of sunshine. no rain, no snow, nothing to worry about with that. but do we have any on that te
9:46 am
>> three, two, one! >> oh! wait. >> uh-oh. >> the top lit. >> wait. >> what about the rest of the tree? wait for it. there it goes. >> there it is. >> eun yang. we love you, eun. she was the emcee to light the city center christmas tree last night. 75 feet tall. but you see there, the top lit up first and then the bottom was just getting warmed up before it all turned on. this is the fourth year for the event that eun has emceed. >> you know, it was that one loose bulb that she had to climb up and -- >> it's always the one bulb. >> the one bulb that she found. good for you. the christmas spirit on display in tenleytownship. all of the stores decorated with a winter theme. the winner was middlefield music, with the legend of the tenley yeti. you can check it out with ors
9:47 am
all season long. you've got some time. all right, for the second year in a row, montreal, canada, displaying a christmas tree that is, well, let's call it less than perfect. >> you've got to see this thing. nbc's sarah levit went to montreal to check it out and find out what locals really feel about its look. >> reporter: putting a star at the top of this tree might be hard. it's the centerpiece of the village, what organizers are calling the antithesis to the traditional christmas market. passersby see different things in the tree. >> the hat from harry potter. >> whoville christmas. >> the halt of an elf. >> i think it's a tree with personality. >> reporter: remember last year's tree? it was supposed to rival new york city's rockefeller spruce. instead, montreal made headlines for all the wrong reasons. so, what kind of headlines do you expect from this year's tree? >> here we just want to celebrate diversity and celebrate imperfections. so if we've got some other nights like ,
9:48 am
and it's just like an open debate. >> reporter: the droop is deliberate. >> i kind of like the looks of something that's a little bit more interesting these days. >> in my head, it would be large, full of lots of colored lights and ornaments, the exact opposite of the monstrosity behind me. >> i think what you do with it is what makes it a special tree. >> reporter: and besides selling christmas trees to montrealers, the village will also be selling ugly vegetables. the point? that nature is perfectly imperfect. >> how do we feel about that christmas tree? it needs a little support? >> you know what, it's perfect just the way it is. >> okay, sure. you would say that. >> i think it needs -- a little energy, surge of energy. i think it needs the vibrancy of the town. >> hey, ricketts. >> hey, lauryn how are you? >> i have no idea what that package was about. >> you didn't see the top of the christmas tree. >> oh, with eun? >> thanks for watchin
9:49 am
>> do you at least know what's going on with the weather? >> do you know what's going to happen around here? >> i've been working on our weather forecast. >> what have you got? >> i've got some breezy conditions. how about that? boom, done. >> lauryn, thanks. >> hey, and back to you guys! all right, yes, we've got some windy conditions out there. >> they're never going to let the three of us together again, ever. >> breezy conditions out there as we continue through this sunday. beautiful sunday morning, though. plenty of sunshine out there and that's the way it's going to be today. temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. but again, we're going to have a little bit of that wind out there, northwest wind, up to about, i'd say 10 or 20 miles an hour for sustained winds, and then we'll have some occasional gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. so much cooler out there compared to yesterday. yesterday we were at 60 degrees. while we are going to have a gradual warm-up. so, if you didn't make it outside yesterday, we've got some more 60s on that ten-day forecast. not today, though. temperatures are going to be in the 40s and low 50s. pretty much what you see right now is what you'll get for the remainder of the day, 40s
9:50 am
50s for daytime highs. not every reporting station having a gust right now, but that will be on the increase through the midday hours, but we are seeing some gusts up in the 20s. so, we'll have the potential to see some wind gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. so, if you're decorating and up on that ladder, maybe hanging some lights, watch for that, because technician going to it breezy, but plenty of sunshine. no rain or snow, nothing like that. football watching good on this sunday. even your zoo lights or neighborhood lights, if you're going to go view them, i know it's a little early, but some areas have them set up. just bundle up. we've got nothing on the storm team 4 radar right now. and even across the united states, looking quiet on this travel day. pacific northwest a little bit of rain and a few light snow showers in the new england area. so, one thing that you're going to have to watch if you're traveling out of the mid-atlantic, out of the d.c. area, watch that wind, especially along the eastern seaboard. we're going to be breezy here. and along the eastern seaboard. as i said, some rain in the pacific northwest and spotty snow showers ine
9:51 am
temperatures today right around 50 degrees here in d.c. out the beltway, temperatures in the 40s, so we have a little bit of a windchill, but the wind will die down after 5:00 tonight. light winds tomorrow as you get ready for school or work. it's going to be chilly, but we're going to warm into the low to mid-50s for daytime highs tomorrow. 55 for your monday and again, plenty of sunshine out there with ia much lighter wind. and gradual warming tuesday, wednesday. we're at 60 degrees. so, dry. thursday we're in the upper 50s. and then by friday, that will be our next chance of rain, even looking good as we continue through the weekend. we've got more new s i love you, couch. you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet, backsweat, and gordo's... everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink.
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this new type of prescription definitely cannot be found in cvs or walgreens or rite aid. it's kind of a natural healing that you can only find outside. >> nbc's medical correspondent dr. john torres explains this new remedy. check it out. >> blueberries? what other berries do we find on this trail? >> reporter: for lauren huddle and her family, a day like today used to feel impossible. >> i have pretty bad anxiety and depression, too. i just wanted to stay inside and not do much, and it wasn't working. it was getting worse and worse. >> reporter: lauren's 9-year-old son was dealing with similar issues, so the huddles' family physician wrote them a prescription, not for pills or drugs, but for a big dose of mother nature. five times a week, spend 30 minutes at this park near their home. >> i consider it more important than any medication i can prescribe. >> reporter: it's a grong
9:55 am
ecotherapy. pediatrician dr. robert zarr started park rx america, a national initiative which now includes more than 50 doctors in 11 states. why not just go to a gym? what's the evidence behind going outside? >> scientists have actually looked at this. and what we found out is that moving outdoors is actually better, more therapeutic value for your health than moving indoors. >> reporter: studies show ecotherapy can help patients with depression, attention deficit disorder, and chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. and for kids who now spend more time than ever staring at screens, damaging their eyes, looking around at trees and leaves can actually protect their vision. so, how do you get the most effective dose of nature? patients should focus on three key elements -- sounds of birds chirping, visuals of trees and leaves, and the sound of streams or rivers. >> we're starting to see nature and parks not just as a place to
9:56 am
recreate, but literally as a place to heal yourself. >> reporter: lauren huddle got her prescription just three weeks ago. >> going out there little bit by little bit, i noticed my temperament was better and my anxiety started to greatly decrease. >> reporter: when good health is as simple -- >> he's still going! can you catch up to him? >> reporter: -- as a walk in the park. dr. john torres, nbc news, washington. >> yeah, you want to get outside? let's take a look out there. maybe a nice day to walk on the mall, but bundle up. >> that's right. tauryn rickets tracking it for
9:57 am
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we're pretty sure no one's everg asked howsaid microwaved. eggs, you deserve a breakfast made with respect. try the new bacon, egg, and cheese on brioche.
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heading into the 10:00 hour here on "news4 today." and coming up, a simple night out turns scary for many in the district. we're going to give you new details on the search for a shooter near dupont circle. and adam, this is just coming into our newsroom, a bombshell revelation about possible russian hacking into the u.s. election. we're going to fill you in on what we're learning about who could have begun targeted here. we've got a busy morning this sunday morning. thank you for being with us. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm david culver, and we have made it through much of the show. >> we have. it hasn't really been a struggle. it's been good. >> well, not for you. no, it's been great, honestly. it's been fun. >> yeah. we've been having a lot of fun with this all morning because we never usually work together, people confuse us and i keep explaining this because that's why we think is so funny. and our referee has done a
10:00 am
job. >> lauryn ricketts even brought us name tags. that's not for you at home. that's for our own colleagues here. >> yeah, it's been fun this morning. and yeah, i've got to stay inside the studio, thanks to you guys, and didn't have to venture outside, because i was just refereeing this whole thing just to see what would happen. but we've got about 30 minutes left, so we have a little time to figure out what's going to happen with you two at anchor desk. but it's been a lot of fun right now, and a lot of fun if you're out and about because we've got no rain, no snow, and calm conditions. but you can see what looks like a cobweb on that camera. it's blowing in the wind on that right-hand side. it is windy out there. breezy to windy. we are at 51 degrees. we're going to be at 51 through the 10:00 hour. temperatures pretty much in the 40s and 50s for daytime highs today, but with plenty of sunshine. now, we do have some breezy conditions today, gusts up to about 30 miles an hour. those will calm after about 5:00. what does the rest of this workweek have in store as you make your way back to work after a holiday weekend? we've got the details ono


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