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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 28, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we wouldn't be here without our military. we're building it up stronger, bigger better than ever before. and general mattis can testify to that. and the other thing they want tax increases and we want major tax decreases. so they decided not to show up. they have been all talk and they have been no action. and now it's even worse. now it's not even talk. so they are not showing up for the meeting. i'll say this, in light of the missile launch probably they'll be here fairly quickly or discussions will start taking place pretty quickly. i think that we are in a very good position in terms of meeting we just had over at the capital with the republican senators it was outstanding. i think we have tremendous support. i was just informed that we had unanimous vote from the republican side at least we we have a unans
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tax bill, and i think we're going to get it passed. i think it's going to pass and it's going to be very popular. it's going to have lots of adjustments before it ends. but the end result will be a very, very massive, the largest in the history of our country, tax cut. lots of good things are going to happen including bringing back to our country of -- it probably will end up being over $4 trillion, money offshore that's stagnant that companies and are just not able to bring it back. so, i think it's going to be a number over $4 trillion. corporate will be able to compete now against the world. if you look at china, if you look at so many other countries, you look at many other countries, china is at 15%. they're lower than us. we're getting it down to a level that is either going to be lower or right in the ballpark so we can compete much better with our companies, our great, great companies. and th
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lots of other things. i'm very happy to see that the consumer confidence level is just about the highest it's ever been. in fact, i don't want to make any mistakes in front of the press because you'll get me on it, but to the best of my knowledge it's the highest it's ever been, consumer confidence has been setting records, confidence in the people leading their country. i will say i think it's going to go better and better. i do believe that this vote on taxes, which are really tax cuts and reform is going to be very, very important. so, we had a good day today. we had a phenomenal meeting with the republican senators. we had -- it was very special, that meeting. in many respects, i wish you could have been inside that room. it was very, very special, the camaraderie. somewhat of a love fest. they want to see it happen. they want to see it happen, not only for the republican party. i think much more importantly, they want to see it happen for the country because they know how po
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for us to compete and win. and with that, i maybe will start with paul ryan to say a few words about where we stand with different things and and then mitch mcconnell. >> i'll say i think it's deeply regrettable our democratic colleagues chose not to join us today. for a bill to become a law congress passes a bill and the president passes a bill. congress and the white house always negotiate legislation. we have important work to do, deadlines to meet. we have a military in need of our support and that work needs to happen now. and i just think it's very regrettable our democratic colleagues in leadership chose to not participate because we have to negotiate these bills to get this work done for the people we represent and especially to help our military with these difficult situations we have. and i just hope that our friends in leadership on the other side of the aisle will choz to participate so we can get the people's work done. >> thank you. >> mr. president, i would just add that i've been in this position under a cou
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i can't recall ever turning down an opportunity to go down to the white house. as the speaker mentioned only one person can sign a bill into law and that's the president of the united states. you cannot negotiate the omnibus spending bill without the person who signs the bill in the room. so, i think the democratic leaders in the house and senate need to understand the way the government works. and the administration has to be a part of the ultimate negotiation over what the spending level is going to be for the next year. >> well, we are very far apart because our views on crime and our views on immigration and the military, so many are different. but a lot of things have happened even over the last two hours with respect to the missile launch. we want our military funded and we want it funded now. it's going to be bigger,
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ever before. but we want to get going on that now. so, that is the difference in all fairness from this morning. when i told them that we are way, way far away. and with that i may just have general mattis say just a couple of words about what he has found out. general, do you want to say just a couple of little pieces of information? >> the president, senator, speaker, a little over 2 1/2 hours ago north korea launched an inter-continental ballistic missile. it went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken. it's a research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missiles that could threaten everywhere in the world basically. and in response the south koreans have fired some pinpoint missiles out into the water to make certain north korea understands that they could be ta
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but the bottom line is it's a continued effort to build a threat, a ballistic missile threat that endangers world peace, regional peace, and certainly the united states. >> thank you, general. and we will take care of that situation. thank you all very much. i appreciate it. thank you. >> you've been watching an nbc news special report with the president responding to north korea firing yet another missile this afternoon. the first missile launch from the north in more than two months. president also was responding to the goings on on capitol hill today where the senate is considering the republican tax reform plan. >> announcer: news4 at 4:00 begins with breaking news. >> and we begin with several breaking news stories as we come on the air this afternoon, including that apparent ballistic missile launch by north korea. first the virginia man shot by u.s. park police earlier this month has d.
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after a short car chase along the george washington parkway. >> investigators say the chase began in alexandria when the driver of an suv left the scene of a crash. the chase continued for several miles and ended at fort hunt road in fairfax county. at some point the driver was shot. >> now, his family told the washington post he was shot three times in the head and died last night. they say he was not carrying any weapons. still, a lot of unanswered questions at this hour. we have a crew talking to a family attorney right now and we will of course bring you updates throughout the next three hours right here on news4. >> and we are working more breaking news right now. the nuclear safety of the world called into question again after north korea fires another missile. scott macfarlane is at the live desk working the latest on this story. scott? >> yeah, pat, president trump addressed this issue just a few moments ago, so did his defense secretary. he said it was a, quote, situation that we will hae.
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missile one that went higher than ever before according to the defense department. the launch happened 1:30 eastern time. the first launch of a missile in two months, it comes a week after the president designated north korea as a state sponsor of terror. the missile traveled about 620 miles, according to the report. it splashed down into the sea of japan and right now the pentagon is still evaluating this launch. but from the defense secretary a few moments ago as he was seated at the same table as the president, this launch went higher than before, it was an inter continental ballistic missile, one they characterize as research and development by north korea. and the president said we will, quote, take care of that situation. pat, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. and yet another breaking story at this hour. we're going to show you live pictures of a deadly crash on the inter loop of the beltway. here is a look at the scene. we are told a pedestrian was hit and killed between new hampshire avenue and i-95. no word yet on how this happened. we are making calls on this right now and we'll get you more informatiho
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>> first at 4:00 a sobering warning for people who use ride sharing. a woman said she requested an uber this afternoon. when she got in the car, she says the driver held her down and sexually assaulted her. police say they arrested this man for the attack after a short investigation. news4's kristin wright explains how they tracked him down. >> reporter: police say the 22-year-old woman requested the uber from somewhere in manassas. for privacy reasons police won't say exactly where she got into the uber. it was about 3:15 in the morning saturday. the woman requested a ride home to woodbridge. but police say the uber driver stopped his car someplace in dale city, held the woman down inside the vehicle, and sexually assaulted her. after the attack, police say he took her home and she got away. police arrested christian avalo yesterday. they tracked him down at home in manassas.
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assault. this is appalling and our thoughts are with the rider during this difficult time. the driver has been removed from the app. uber says he was one of their drivers for eight months and passed a background check. in northern virginia, kristin wright, news4. >> first at 4:00, it's not whether you have a few extra pounds. it's where you have those pounds that matters. we'll explain the new health risks. >> a christmas ad rejected. they are taking on metro. next both sides of this brewing battle. plus. ♪ ♪ >> you remember last year's big grammy winner? >> news4's tommy mcfly has the artists dominating this time around. >> and i'm tracking a small chance of rain toward the end of the workweek that will bring cooler temperatures to the area. i'll have the latest time line comin
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now we know where prince harry and meghan markle will get hitched. i'm tommy mcfly with your celebrity 60. but first, stateside the grammy nominations were announced this morning with jay z leading the pack. he's got
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has 7, and bruno mars has him with 11. when celebrities of a certain age trend twitter, angela laz alonso bury is doing fine. she found herself in a bees nefrt. when women make themselves attractive and unfortunately it back fired on us, and this is where we are today. referencing the sexual misconduct allegations that seem to accumulate by the day. bono said u2 would never, ever, ever, ever as a band go golfing. well he, they decided to go back on that for a great cause on world aids day. you can actually bid on a round of golf with the boys. former president obama is going to be there as well. reese witherspoon, charlie, all part of the star studded band. and kensington palace told us prince hair and i meghan markle will be married in may at windsor castle. i'm tommy mcfly with your
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celebrity 360 on news4. >> first at 4:00. the catholic church is suing metro. >> that's right, the arch diocese filed a lawsuit claiming the transit agency is violating the church's freedom of speech by refusing to sell advertising space to the diocese. >> news4's mark segraves is live for us with what metro and the church have to say about this. mark? >> reporter: yeah, good afternoon. you know, this is not the first time that there has been controversy surrounding advertising on metro buses or at metro stations. but 2015 metro put out this new policy they hoped would alleviate all that controversy. but now it's actually this policy that has landed them in court with both the catholic church as well as other nonprofit groups. this is the ad the arch diocese of washington wanted to place on the back of metro buses this christmas season. the catholic church was willing to pay, but citing a policy instituted two years ago metro rejected the ad because metro
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nature. >> it's definitely perplexing. this ad doesn't have any overt religious symbol. it has shepherds and a starry winter sky and it invites people to a website called find the perfect gift. and so i don't know what people would find objectionable. >> reporter: now, it's not just the catholic church. the aclu, peta, a right wing commentator, and pro abortion group have all joined together to sue metro as well over their restrictions on selling advertising. as for metro, they tell us that this policy is clear and they're standing by it. that's the very latest. pat, back to you. >> all right, mark segraves, thank you, mark. well, it is perfect weather to drive around or take a stroll and see some of the wonderful holiday light displays that have popped up all around state parks around the region. here is a bird's eye view courtesy of chopper4. if your house is all decked out for the holidays, we want to hear from you.
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is in search of the best holiday displays in the area and doug may even come out to your house in december to do the weather live. how about that? all you've got to do is send us a photo on twitter, facebook or instagram with the #dougsholidaylights. >> beautiful. this is the time of year right now today if you want to put those lights out. it's so mild. >> it would be an awesome idea to take advantage of today's weather if you don't have time tomorrow. get the tree, hang the holiday lights. doug is going to kickoff his holiday lights on thursday as the one house lighwhite house k christmas tree. we'll keep it dry during the evening hours. before i show you current temperatures, i want to show you weather headlines. it's mild again tomorrow. so many folks coming into work today saying, this weather is so amazing for late november. asking you guys on facebook and twitter if you think the same. a lot of people saying yes, but some people ry
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snow. i'm going to tell you now it is not on the ten-day forecast unfortunately, but it is going to be cooler to finish off the workweek. and then as we look to the weekend, right now it's looking dry and crisp. here is a look at your current temperatures right now. we're in the 50s and low 60s. 63 in leesburg, 57 degrees right now in washington. and tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. we are right around 44 degrees. so, not as chilly as this morning but you'll still run at least a light jacket. plenty of sunshine from start to finish. it is a blue bird kind of day, by lunch 60 degrees, mild during the afternoon hours, high tomorrow of 64. even a touch warmer than today. it's crisp, cooler this evening 54 degrees at 7:00 p.m.. the bus outlook tomorrow not as cold. have your lunch outdoors tomorrow. at least go outside to grab the lunch. mild again for late november. again, we are running about 5 to 10 degrees above normal. getting the tree tomorrow evening after work and school nearly perfect. a realli
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as we look to thursday, we are going to be cooler. one reason because we have more clouds in the forecast. so, we'll start off as partly cloudy skies. we finish our thursday with mostly cloudy skies and a high of 55. there is the chance of showers after midnight on thursday on into friday morning before 7:00 a.m., so, for most of us unless you're really early commuter are going to be completely dry on friday. and then breezy throughout the day with a high temperature of 53. plenty of sunshine by the afternoon hours. on saturday, a high temperature of 52 degrees. we have the girls on the run. in frederick taking on 5k can the candy cane dash. i'll be there for the event. the weather not looking too shabby for early december. 8:00 a.m., the festivities get underway. it's going to be cold, 33. you definitely want a warm jacket and gloves for the run, but it could be far worse. we're keeping it dry and as the race is wrapping up around 10:00 a.m., 42 degrees at that point. as we look to sunday, the winds pickup during the afternoon hours
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we should be this time of year. low to mid 50s. breezy on monday, low 50s, and it's not until the end of our ten-day forecast that we start to see some 40s showing back up. for the most part, some nice mild overall weather in the forecast, ladies. >> thanks, amelia. >> thanks. stores are letting you place orders online and pick them up at the store. maybe you've done it. >> yeah. but does it save you any time? we put six major retailers to the test. first at 4:00. >> and aia virginia couple says they were tuned out. they turned to news4 for a better reception. >> a pedestrian struck and killed on the inner loop between new hampshire avenue and i-95. major traffic delays in that area right now. we are gathering new details. so stay right there. we'll bring you breaki
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from a camera that can capture high-flying video to a smart coffee brewer, there is a gift out there for everyone on your christmas list. he wrote the book on garage et nation and he's joining us now with some great
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the elephant in the room, or in this case the raindeer. >> i got it for 20 bucks on it's great like a large thrift consignment store online. >> i'd wear that in a heartbeat. >> this is a head turner, literally. >> what are we starting with? >> first up for the kids, it looks like a snickers bar. when you open it up it's a flying camera. we have one set up down here. hopefully it will do it for us. basically what you can do is take video pictures wherever you want with this thing. it's not designed for fancy flying. just taking cool pictures. there it is. it goes about 5 feet, snaps your picture, snap, video picture, push the button and it lands. couldn't get easier than that. >> wow. my son loves remote control cars, trucks, anything remote control. >> i grew up obsessed with remote controls. this is sharper image rc flip. a car either side. fl a
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the only thing i can demo is a cool 360 turn. 19.99, target, kohl's, bed bath and beyond. really cool product. >> for those of us who can't go through the day without our cup of joe. >> this is from b. more. this is their connected brewer. it connects to your smartphone or tablet and you can set up different brewing, the beans, soaks them. you get great coffee and actually have favorite lists and whatnot. you can work it through echo. for example, alexa, ask b. more for brewer status. >> the brewer is online and ready to go. please select the brew or run -- >> those are the words everybody loves to hear in the morning. >> really interesting you're having an el salvador coffee. >> rich, good cup of coffee. >> last but not least, this is from jbl. this is their sound gear. this is cool. you put it on like this a
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subwoofer in the back. the sound bubble, your own personal sound zone. you're still connected to the world so you're not isolated but you have a great sound. it's great for walking the dog or vacuuming. >> it's not so loud that it's offensive. >> it's for you to hear. you don't have anything in your ears and you can still hear traffic and whatnot, at the same time you have your own sound around you. really smart from folks at jbl. i love this product. >> steve, thank you as always. >> and my book gadget nation makes a good stocking stuffer. shameless plug. >> i have to tell you, anything you could want, there is a gift out there for everyone. >> i like the coffee brewer. >> love it. and that sound machine, my kids -- that's the last thing they need. they already listen to me enough. can you imagine having that around your head? >> i don't know about the flying camera. i don't see much use for that. well, maybe you're looking to book a trip. >> that's right. where we found the deals today and why now is a good time to book your flight. >> and we'll explain the health
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few extra pounds in certain parts of your body. fiis is news4
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breaking news now at 4:30, a young virginia man has died after being shot by park police. officers were chasing him earlier this month after a hit and run accident. >> and right now we're making calls on an awful crash on the inneop
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prince george's county. a pedestrian was hit and killed between new hampshire avenue and i-95. no word on what the person was doing on the highway. >> and new report, north korea has launched another ballistic missile. the launch is the country's first in months. it comes a week after president trump designated north korea a state sponsor of terror. >> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> purple line construction will transform the maryland suburbs, but as you know, change is never easy. community leaders are trying to calm growing pains with promises. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins is live in college park. tracee, tell us about the promises being made. >> reporter: well, the promise is to try and maintain affordable housing and also support for small businesses. so often when we see urban renewal, these are the folks who get left behind. and this time county executives from prince george's county and montgomery county are saying they don't want to see that
4:31 pm
in front of a hotel, part of the university of maryland. and also on the university of maryland's campus proper, today they actually did the signing for this new community agreement inside of the hotel. now, what they're saying here is that this is not a legally binding document, but it is a document that they are hoping generations of leaderships will remember years from now when the purple line is complete in 2022. they are hoping that the folks who are in office will remember to look out for everyone. >> i have been around long enough to remember what happens when we developed spifr sprinil. and we did it in a way and i am sorry for how we did not protect many of the small businesses in silver spring because of revitalization. and we are not making that mistake today. >> the difference will be the folks who actually live in those areas have the opportunity to live there now alon
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line, will have the opportunity to live in the new development. that they won't be priced out of there. >> reporter: again, this is not a legally binding document. what they said this document was about is heart, and the hope that everyone will remember when they are building along the purple line to look out for the little guy. reporting live in college park, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> all right, thank you, tracee. >> well, tonight is the fall finale of "this is us." and when you tune in a lot of things might look familiar to you. >> that's because a major part of the story line involves d.c. it starts with the teenage version of randall filling out college applications. he looks at several brochures then focuses on the one from howard university. >> i keep saying harvard, my kid, harvard. >> i was actually wondering if we could visit a different school. >> jack and young randall do indeed visit howard. the actors were in town two weekends ago shooting scenes for the episode.
4:33 pm
at 9:00 here on nbc 4 to see how it all unfolds. >> here's a crazy store you for you. a d.c. cop takes a plunge while going after an atv rider. jim handly is in the newsroom with a story we are working for you on at 5:00. it's hard to watch that. it's crazy. >> it is indeed, susan. when you join you in just a few, it was a dramatic fall and it was caught on camera then posted online. ahead at 5:00 tonight, what we are learning about this incident between a police officer and a guy riding that atv down a city street. pat collins working on this story for us. plus, arrests on capitol hill today as lawmakers in the house put their tax reform bill up for a key vote. we are taking a look at how this bill could impact you if it passes. coming up at 5:00, we are talking to nbc's tom costello. he's going to take a look at how it will specifically impact homeowners and that trickle down effect that it will have for everybody her
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5:00. susan, back to you for now. >> looking forward to having you. thanks so much, jim. >> in news 4 your health it is not the amount of fat that increases your risk for heart attack, stroke or diabetes. rather it is where the fat is stored in your body. that is according to a new study just released today. researchers looked at the differences in fat distribution among a group of obese men and women. they found those who had fat deposits deep in the belly, in the muscles and liver were more at risk for heart attack and stroke. think of it as beer belly. overall, men had more of this fat around the mid section compared to women, but women were more prone to have cardiac issues as a result of that belly fat. >> well, you still have a few days to donate a stuffed animal that could help a child cope with an unexpected emergency. police and fire fighters in montgomery county give the stuffed animals to children who are vick timds of domestic violence, traffic accidents, fires or some other trauma. the goal is
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safe and loved. news4 was there this morning as people came by and donated their stuffed animals at the store in der wood. the woman who started the drive received her own stuffed animal as a child when she was involved in a crash. >> when i was 5 years old i was involved in a car accident, and the officer gave my brother and i stuffed animals. >> it helps our providers be able to talk to the child and the animal and explain to them both and maybe show on the animal what they're doing in the treatment and the activities that they are going to be helping the young one with. >> you can drop your donations off at the at your door floor store in der wood through this thursday. nothing is -- makes you feel more comforted than a stuffed animal. and for children it has to feel so good. >> so special. such a comfort to them. they deserve that. >> for sure. >> well, this giving tuesday, we are helping you find the best places to give. the new kind of personality test that can help you decide where to donate.
4:36 pm
campus with a new strategy to crackdown on hate. we'll break down what's changing there. >> and do you deck your home out for the holidays? here at storm team4, we want to see doug can go out to your house, submit your entries. here's the info. just #dougsholidaylights. coming up after the break i'll have your four zone forecast for what you
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well, if you're looking to get away, you may want to book that airline ticket today. it is known as travel deal tuesday, and experts say it's like the black friday for flights. the travel app hopper says airlines offer deep discounts on the tuesday after thanksgiving because most people have already booked their holiday tickets. so, while there are still some good deals right now, you probably missed the best deals. i did not. those showed u
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9:30 this morning. >> you must have known. >> i have to say, i got a good deal. >> you got lucky. >> yes, i did. >> well, if you love ordering those gifts online but hate waiting for them to ship, there is a solution for you. >> many retailers are offering same day pickup in the stores and cnbc tested how well those worked for six of the country's top retailers. they found target was the fastest at getting your order ready. pickup was available just 33 minutes after the order was placed. kohl's came in second at 46 minutes. home depot had orders ready in just over an hour. macy's came in at fourth with orders ready in just over two hours. lowe's came in 5th, and wal-mart took the longest with orders ready in about 6 1/2 hours after they were placed. >> it's something straight out of home alone. a burglar in a bath robe stuck in the window. we'll show you how the night worked out for him. >> but first the news4 consumer unit working for you.
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couple who says a company tuned them o when their tv wuten before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, couple who says a company tuned them o when their tv wuten please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that
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haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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some breaking news. if you are just joining us at 4:45, you are looking live at the scene of a deadly crash on the inner loop of the beltway. we are told a pedestrian was hit and killed between new hampshire avenue and i-95. no word yet on just how this all happened. we are working to get new information and updates for you. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. >> more breaking news at the live desk. a federal jury here in d.c. has found hamed not guilty of murder but they convicted him of terrorism related charges. prosecutors accused him of leading a rampage aimed at killing personnel and plundering u.s. property at the
4:45 pm
defense attorneys argued there wasn't enough evidence in the case. u.s. ambassador chris stevens was killed in that 2012 attack along with the state department information management officer. and two more americans died in a motor attack at a nearby cia complex. susan? >> all right, scott macfarlane, thanks so much. so, you probably heard this before. they just don't make appliances like they used to. well, that's exactly what an alexandria couple told us when it came to their $4,000 tv that lasted less than two years. frustrated, not getting the help they say they needed, the couple said the company tuned them out and that's when they called nbc 4 responds. david gates celebrated his retirement by buying this top of the line samsung tv. he splurged on all of the bells and whistles that were offered to him to complete his dream home entertainment center. >> we loved the tv and it's really everything that i had hoped for. >> it was everything he hoped for until th
4:46 pm
>> started seeing a little -- on the screen, at first it was a minor annoyance but it wasn't a major obstacle. >> then it happened again and again, until eventually that blue line was there all the time. >> so, i called best buy first because that's where i bought it from. and they said, well, you're out of warranty. they said it's only a 12-month warranty on a $4,000 set. >> and he was told since he never purchased an extended warranty, he was out of luck. but david tells us no one offered him an extended warranty, which he says he would have purchased if asked. >> and after spending $10,000, it's inconceivable to me that we would have balked at an extra $500 for an extended warranty. >> samsung sent out a tech who according to the gauges at mitted the tv was defective, but handed david the estimate. >> $2,445 to replace the panel which includes a whole new screen. >> nowt
4:47 pm
tune out the company and contact nbc 4 responds. we contacted samsung and we were told someone would look into this case immediately. and they did. >> i got a call from someone in the office of the president of samsung corporation and said, mr. gates, we're going to give you a repair on your tv. >> for free? >> at no cost, yes. so, i'm thinking, hallelujah. susan hogan. >> i know. if you have a consumer problem you need help solving, just let us know about it by phone. you can call us at 844-nbcdc 44. or go online at >> you got a real fan there, hallelujah, susan hogan. >> i know, right? >> thank you, susan. >> you're welcome. >> well, after another warm november day, the sun is going to cool us off. how cool? >> we're talking about lows in the upper 30s to mid 40s. the
4:48 pm
7 -- the sunset today is at 4:48. mere seconds away. a beautiful sunset at that because we have clear skies in the forecast right now. take a look at storm team4 radar. barely a cloud let alone a raindrop. we've been in a really dry pattern and this continues to be the trend for the most part over the next ten days. now, we do need the rain. unfortunately it's just not in the forecast. so, your evening planner, we're down to 57 degrees. clear skies tonight means we cool off nicely. by 11:00, we're in the low 50s. so, taking the dog out late tonight is going to be chilly but not going to be frigid out there by any means. and then we head to your four zone forecast. starting in the d.c. metro area, we have four micro climates, the dc metro area, eastern zone, western zone and then back in the mountains. each of them, the weather varies a little bit. here in the d.c. metro area, here's what you can expect tomorrow morning. this includes areas like gagtsz, bethesda and camp sprien
4:49 pm
40s. 44 in washington, 41 degrees in bowie and we're coming in at 40 degrees tomorrow in burke. a cool start, but nice walk to work weather. if you take the bike, just spectacular with the gorgeous afternoon. we then head out to our western zone. this includes frederick, ashburn, manassas, warrenton, culpepper and orange. temperatures there tomorrow morning a little bit cooler but not as cold as they were in morning. and it's the perfect afternoon to head out and get the christmas tree or hang the holiday lights tomorrow. now, as we head out to the mountains, you can see not too bad out there tomorrow morning. starting off with temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. our mountain zone includes areas like luray starting off at 39 degrees and martinsburg starting off at 42 degrees. and a mild afternoon as we close out the month of november, which i'm having a hard time believing already. as we head out to our eastern zone this includes areas like la plata and honeytown. temperatures tomorrow afternoon east of the d.c. metro area 10 degrees above normal but w
4:50 pm
here's your storm team4 four day forecast. thursday we'll be cooler so enjoy the 60s tomorrow. because after that they're gone. our 64 tomorrow turns into a 55 for a high temperature on thursday. and notice the cloud cover. more clouds out there on thursday. we finish the day with mostly cloudy skies. maybe a shower around friday before 7, 8:00 a.m., but most of the day is dry and then, pat and susan, take a look at the weekend. no raindrops and temperatures in the low to mid 50s for a high. not bad for the first weekend in december. >> looks good. thank you, amelia. so, we've had black friday, cyber monday, both chances to buy things for your friends and yourself. today it's your chance to give back. it's giving tuesday. a day when we are all urged to make donations to charities or to volunteer. and it seems like our area is pretty charitable place to live. according to wallet hub, utah is the most charitable state in the country. maryland comes in number two, and
4:51 pm
7. of course, this is a popular time of year to donate, to get those last-minute tax deductions. the big question is, who do you donate to? >> luckily there is a really cool tool to help you decide. 94.7 fresh fm tommy mcfly is here to show us how to customize just for us. >> think of it as an online dating service or personality test for nonprofits. you've been hearing giving tuesday all day. what if you don't have a nonprofit you love or you're nervous about donating your hard earned cash. who do you trust? catalog philanthropy. >> the catalog started in 2003 and it's the only local guide to giving in the d.c. region. we help match donors with amazing small nonprofits. we have 120 local experts that vet all of the nonprofits. anybody that goes and gives through the catalog can rest assured the organization you are giving to is one of the best in the region.
4:52 pm
d.c. holiday market. it was the first time nonprofits from all over the area had come together in person to kickoff giving tuesday. take a look at this. the catalog for philanthropy set up a find your website. it matches your personality with a charity based on your likes and dislikes. it asks you questions like what do you do on a rainy day or what was your favorite class in high school, and it bases it on 400 local charities. and they find the things that are important to you. they give you some matches and you can check them out for yourself. they have all been vetted. i just checked in with the catalog for philanthropy. at 4:00 there were over 2090 washingtonians who helped out. there were over $240,000 raised just through the catalog just this year. >> very neat. >> fantastic. all right. keep the giving going. thank you, tommy. we are working new stories for you ahead at 5:00. first, have you seen this video? a local police officer trips while trying to catch a driver on an illeg
4:53 pm
news4's pat collins on the problem, and why police haven't been able to stop it yet. >> and park police officers now involved with the killing of a young man from virginia. a live report straight ahead. >> you're watching news4 first at 4:00.
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a burglar dressed in a bath robe and slippers got stuck while breaking into a home. surveillance video captured the break-in last saturday. it is unclear why he was wearing slippers and a bath robe. after a few minutes he managed to wiggle his way out of the kitchen window. no one was home and the police have not arrested the man. officers are not saying what he stole. now to a different kind of desperate situation. geologists are concerned that mt. agung in bali could erupt any
4:57 pm
100,000 people have been forced to evacuate. amelia draper is monitoring the situation. amelia, this is just fascinating to watch. >> absolutely, pat. this volcano has a large enough eruption it could lead to an overall global cooling. something we'll continue to monitor. now, it's closed the airport on the indonesian island of bali for the second day in a row and has disrupted travel for tens of thousands. nbc's chapman bell reports. >> reporter: a volcano is affecting nearly 60,000 people and that's all due to an airport closure on the indonesian island on bali. it's people who are ready to fly to the island and also people trying to leave the island. an airport spokesman saying more than 440 inward and outward flights have been canceled today, and this is all for safety. >> we have to wait until it's over so we can do nothing. >> reporter: mt. agung continues to send a massive ash cloud into the air above it. some 10,000 feet up into the
4:58 pm
reached heights of 30,000 feet above the island and poses a deadly threat to aircraft. but it's not just travelers affected. authorities are also pleading for locals to evacuate an area around the volcano. indonesia's disaster raised the rating to its highest level. they expanded the exclusion zone as lava continues to pool in the crater in the island's highest volcano. mt. agung's last major eruption was 1963 killing around 1100 people. authorities really trying to do all they can in preparation while dealing with the unpredictability of a volcano. chapman bell, nbc news, london. >> the news continues right now with jim and susan. >> breaking now at 5:00, a man shot by u.s. park police is now dead. big questions unanswered tonight, and news4 just finished speaking to his family attorney. >> falling down, a drati
4:59 pm
encounter between a police officer and a man on an atv. but what's the story behind this video? >> arrests on the hill. protesters make their voices heard while lawmakers debate taxes. ahead, we take a closer look at what it means for your wallet. >> and the issue pitting metro against the catholic church with a christmas ad in the middle of it all. >> and breaking right now at 5:00, a young man has died, more than a week after being shot by police. >> tonight his family devastated, angry and demanding answers. >> u.s. park police chased the suv and shot him on a back road earlier this month. he just died from his injuries last night. >> news4's jackie benson just spoke to the grieving family's lawyer. she joins us live with their story. jackie? >> reporter: 11 days, 11 d
5:00 pm
that the name of the man who was shot that night is dijan gezar, he is 25 years old. he is an accountant who works in his family's firm. he is a graduate of both langley high school and bcu. he was shot by u.s. park police and they did confirm this with a press release and information that night, and the next day. after what was described as some type of hit and run accident on the gw parkway, police officers along with fairfax county police pursued him into a residential area of the mt. vernon section of fairfax county that night about 8:00, and u.s. park police officers fired on the vehicle that he was driving. it's a small suv. it was wrecked on the side of the road. when we arrived there that night, his family has been at the hospital all of this time as he clung to life. and a short time ago we spoke


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