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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 29, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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neighborhood. police picked him up overnight. >> chris lawrence is at the live desk with the latest on this major arrest. chris, how did this happen? >> eun, aaron, they got a tip. police haven't released a lot of information about the suspect, but here's what we do know. the man's name is howell donaldson iii. he was arrested at a mcdonald's in tampa. there were probably a lot of families in there when the arrest went down. they've been searching for a suspect since the killings started in early october. they got a tip at a fast food restaurant. that was at mcdonald's. he doesn't appear to have a criminal history but one co-worker says she always knew something was off about him. >> when he's working with us, he's a strange dude. he's a different employee. >> these are
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you see them on your screen. they were killed within blocks of one another in a span of about five weeks. we are going to bring you more updates about donaldson and his arrest as we get more information coming into the newsroom. back to you. >> chris, thank you. right now there is relief for tens of thousands of tourists who have been trapped on the resort island of bali since monday. the airport is back open after the erupting volcano forced it to close. the volcano spewed enough of the after. the volcano's last major eruption was 1963. that one killed 1100 people. today the baltimore police detective who was killed nearly two weeks ago will be laid to rest. maryland governor larry hogan will be among those speaking at today's service for detective sean suitor. he was shot w
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a murder. he was a d.c. native. there will be a public vigil this afternoon. we have more information on the event and investigation in the nbc washington app. we've heard lots of information about assaults involving uber drivers. the latest case out of prince william county is particularly terrifying. 37-year-old picked up a woman in manassas saturday morning. during that trip he is accused of holding her down and sexually assaulting her. police arrested him on monday. he had been driving for uber for eight months and had passed a background check. and you may also remember this case out of d.c. police say a man posed as an uber driver and assaulted a woman. this happened earlier this month. the woman and her friends went into that car that had an uber sticker near dupont circle. the pair had not booked the ride through the app though. the woman says the driver took her tome
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raped her in the parking lot. the driver claims it was consensual. he had already been fired from uber. so this is a question a lot of people are asking. how can you make sure you are safe when you are using one of these ride sharing services? >> we're working for you this morning with some tips to think about before requesting your ride. news 4's justin finch is driving through northwest d.c. with more on this. justin, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, it's so simple to pull out your cell phone and get yourself into an uber or lyft and let your guard down. that is what you don't want to do. we teemed up with law enforcement for some simple tips the next time you take a car service. take a look here. very simple four ways to stay safe. one, you want to get in the right car. verify that the driver behind the wheel is the one you see on the app and the name matches as well. also, be a bace
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your safety belt on and be observant as you are in the car. share your travel details with friends offr loved ones. make sure someone knows where you are, where you're going, even send your location from the app or from your smartphone and also to trust your intuition. follow it. if something feels off or strange, try to get out safely or alert police and law enforcement. >> a few extra steps but so worth it for your safety. justin finch live for us this morning. thank you. today sexual harassment will be the top issue on capitol hill. the house plans to take up an anti-sexual harassment resolution. it would require training for all members and their staff. virginia congresswoman barbara comstock has been at the forefront. she says she won't rest until, quote, we take out all the trash
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>> i think it's important that whatever bad apples are here, that they move along. >> comstock says she wants more reforms in the office that helps negotiate secret sexual harassment settlements. also on capitol hill virginia's top election official will face some tough questions, mainly why he decided to use paper ballots instead of voting machines in this month's election. news 4 has learned that the commissioner of virginia department of elections will tell the lawmakers that he had concerns that election machines could be hacked. he will also say it was a scramble to get paper ballots ready in two months before the election. his decision may have led to voting irregularities in stafford county and fredericksburg. it is that time of year for holiday traditions and tonight you can watch the rockefeller christmas tree coming alive. >> 2, 1. go! >> there
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event. more than 50,000 lights will make this year's 75 foot tree glow through the holiday season. tonight's event will also feature performances from gwen stefani, harry connick jr. and cee-lo. >> savannah guthrie and matt lauer and the rest of the "today" team will be hosting that. you can see them at 8:00 on nbc 4. >> once the rockefeller tree is up -- >> it's time. >> i can't wait to get my tree up. 4:36. >> another look at the roads with melissa in a minute here. first, chuck, and what you can face or what you might face as you head out the door this morning. hey, chuck. >> good morning to both of you. good morning, everybody. wednesday off to a quiet start this morning. that's excellent news. temperatures are mostly in the 30s to around 40 degrees. as you're planning to get outside, enjoy your wednesday. that's a strong recommendation that you get out and enjoy it. it's going to be a fantastic day. bus stop forecast for you here over the next couple of hours.
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this morning but we will end up with plenty of sunshine. temperatures in the low 60s by noontime, melissa, and then staying in the upper 50s as late as 5:00 or 6:00. sun down at 4:47. >> thank you, chuck. i like us on that bus there. i've never seen one in person so i like that. >> taking a look here at the roads starting with the rails actually here this morning. no trains, reminder, between silver springs and fort totten. tacoma station closed until december 10th because of construction on the red line. queen street northeast near west virginia avenue, that has cleared out of the way. you can see that's gone. inner loop of the beltway after connecticut, two right lanes getting by the work zone. as you widen out, look at the routes into town and out of town. everything else is looking quite good. a volunteer with local school athletes accused of
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soliciting a minor. how police uncovered the proposition. it is a tax plan that has congress split and we're looking at how that could impact you. the changes that are on the way for your mortgage. a lot of kids may want it for christmas. how one of the hottest toys out there is
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z2m7fz z16fz y2m7fy y16fy you're watching news 4 today. >> welcome backs.
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4:40, there is a new warning out about the dangers of drones possibly hitting commercial airplanes. >> arao figures alls are taking a closer look at what such an impact would look like in midair. >> some sort of a lighted drone just flew right over us. >> there already have been several close calls. commercial airlines are set to withstand some strikes of birds. they found the damage from a drone versus a bird could be worse. >> i think we should be aware that even a small drone can cause damage into the airframe. >> now with more drones in the air, regulations on where you can fly them protects the public, but they have to be followed and enforced to keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe. beware if you're trying to book your winter get away. southwest airlines is having trouble with its website. the glitch has been happening since monday. mostly affects making
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reservations. some passengers have reported having trouble checking in and checking flight statuses. southwest apologized yesterday and said it is working on a fix. today is the last day to take advantage of jetblue's annual anniversary sale. jetblue flies out of rig begof national. you can fly to boston for under $160 from any of our local airports. a trip from bwi marshall to orlando the same. you can fly from charleston to ragan for less than $120. i heard charleston is a nice place to visit. i've never been. >> i've heard that, too. the number one spot of best places to go in the world. >> i should go. there are interesting points here. they happen in the middle of the week, you can't fly on the weekends. the sale only covers travel from december 5th through the 14th, so not during the holidays, not during christmas, and then it picks up again in january after the holidays,ch
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>> midnight is your deadline. you have the discount deals in place until midnight tonight. 4:43 right now. chuck bell keeping an eye on the numbers. what are you seeing out there, chuck? >> mostly 30s to around 40 degrees. not a bad way to get an early wednesday morning started here. it is going to be a winner of a wednesday today but it may be our last day staying this mild for quite some time to come. little rain chance coming up. future weather and the weekend coming up. and breaking news in nevada this morning after police say a man opened fire from a high rise building in reno. the new video just coming in from the scene as well as what we're learning about the gunman. and we're staying on top of the latest from north korea where the country claims to have filed a
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breaking news at 4:46. south korean president is warning that the situation could be aggravated and get out of control. moon and trump held a phone conference following the north's latest missile launch. both strongly condemned the test. >> moon's spokesman said this latest missile launch showed an improvement in capability of the north korean missile. for the very latest let's go to nbc's tracie potts on capitol hill. good morning. >> hey, good morning. two big concerns here, the fear that that missile could reach all the way to the east coast and that it may have the capability of carrying a nuclear warhead. also this morning, south korea concerned that the u.s. will respond without their okay. that is their biggest concern here. we're expecting today that the united nations is holding an emergency meeting. china already speaking out saying they don't want to see the u.s. acting alone.
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>> tracie, let's change gears here just a bit and talk about taxes. senate republicans are going to bring their tax cut to a vote. it's their last chance to score a legislative win this year but how promising is it after the president stoked some partisan flames with democrats? >> reporter: right. that's going to have a bigger effect on the budget. that deadline is coming up next week. when it comes to taxes, aaron, the president had a big win here. he showed up here yesterday and then that bill moved on and got out of committee clearing a major hurdle with the two most skeptical republicans on board. so now they still have to have a full vote. that could happen later this week. they still have to reconcile it with a very different house version, but it is moving forward. the president today will be talking about that later, but the budget, that's something where we saw the democrats not show up. those empty chairs next to president trump but behind the scenes they tell us democrats and republicans are working together. they already have an outline in place to try to beat next week's dene
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>> tracie potts on the hill. thank you. 4:47. the deadline to pass the tax reform bill and avoid a shutdown is next friday. the house plan eliminates state and local deductions for the average tax filer. the senate version puts a cap on the property tax deductions. that cap would be set at $10,000. current house proposal would also not allow you to write off any interest on a new $500,000 mortgage. taxes here are among the highest in the country. nationwide we could see home values drop by 15% in high income areas like ours. the boss of the consumer financial protection bureau at least for now is mick mulvaney. a federal judge ruled he could keep that job. president trump appointed him over the weekend after richard cordrey resigned. he appoi
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senator elizabeth warren is demanding mulvaney resign. i'm chris lawrence here at the live desk. keeping tabs on a frightening situation that unfolded overnight in the tourist city of reno, nevada. police say a man with a hostage opened fire from the eighth floor of a high rise condo tuesday night. the suspect was killed by a s.w.a.t. and that hostage is okay as well as all the people who were down below that high rise, but we are hearing from a witness who had to take cover and says she is understandably shaken. >> i came out to see what was going on until i heard everybody, get inside, get inside so i came back inside. i'm so shaken. >> it's understandable. this reminded a lot of folks of that mass shooting in las vegas that we witnessed two months ago. in this case, again, no reports of any injuries. at the live desk, i'm chris
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>> thank you. the family of 25-year-old virginia accountant wants to know why he was shot by u.s. park police. he died ten days after park police shot him in the head three times earlier this month. a u.s. park police spokesman would only say that officers pursued his suv into the mount vernon area of fairfax county after a hit and run on the gw parkway. an attorney for the family says they're still having trouble accepting what happened. >> i don't think there are words to describe how heavy the shock was because of the circumstances. like i said, it's one thing if somebody goes out and is riding in a car with somebody and been drinking too much and you have an accident, okay? this was not an accident. >> the family insists he was unarmed. the fbi is now leading the investigation and will not say why park police opened fire or whether he was armed. a mon
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prince gorges county school is facing charges for soliciting a minor. carl joseph was an athletic trainer for the girls basketball team in brandy wine. he texted a nude photo of himself to an under age victim. joseph was arrested earlier this week after another student told a teacher. d.c.'s school chancellor is expected to speak later this morning about al will he galgss that teachers at ballou high school felt pressure to pass chronically absent student. every 2017 graduate had been accepted to college. now a new investigation by npr and wamu radio found only 57 students were on track to graduate in april. somehow 164 received diplomas in june. the investigation also found half of the graduates missed more than three months of school. d.c. schools would not respond to a request for comment last night. check the nbc washington app later today for an update. "this is us" is still
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night's fall finale. no spoiler alerts. i dvr'd it. part of the episode was shot at howard university in d.c. a few weeks ago. there are clips on the national mall. you'll recognize them. you won't have to wait too long for new episodes either. "this is us" returns january 2nd here on nbc 4. i watched the kate episode, the kevin episode. >> yes. >> i need the tissue box right by my side every single time. >> you do. >> just the music gets me. on last night's episode -- >> you better stop. you better stop right this second, mister. >> he can fill me in. i've never seen a single episode. >> chuck, i'm telling you, it's worth it. nbc -- oh -- >> i was waiting for a rerun of the oklahoma/west virginia game. >> no spoiler alert. it ended with the same score which made me ve
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>> clear sky again this morning. temperatures will continue to be on the cool side for the next couple of hours. right now at national airport at 45 degrees. light south wind now and that southerly wind is going to provide a big, fat warmup for everybody later on in the afternoon. right now mid 30s from frederick to leesburg. mid 40s from mart continuesburg to leesburg. 50 degrees currently in annapolis. planner for today, after a seasonably chilly start, it will be really nice today. temperatures in the low to mid 60s for highs this afternoon. sun is down just after 5:00. hometown highs, 59 in gaithersburg. 65 the high here in washington. 66 in fredericksburg, even pushing 60 up across the shenandoah valley. there's the leading edge of what will turn into a slight cooldown for tomorrow and friday. it will take the real nice warm weather and move it back into the comfortable range. future weather shows zip poe ha
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by this time tomorrow maybe a few extra clouds around but really we're going to wait until late in the day tomorrow. there could be a few sprinkles or light showers of rain after 8:00 tomorrow night and ending before 4:00 a.m. on friday morning. there's your ten day forecast. 65 today. 50s tomorrow. low 50s friday. nice over the weekend and next significant chance for rain, melissa, comes up tuesday, wednesday of next week. that's ahead of much colder weather. >> i like today. that's what i'll say, i like today the best. taking a look at the roads. it doesn't want to participate. right now the beltway is looking quite good. we had some earlier at the top of the beltway here. that looks like that is gone. inner loop there, that is out of the way now. we don't have to worry about that anymore. from 95 here down to the beltway, 95 in maryland. 132 down to the beltway. nice and clear here this morning. no problems southbound. no problems
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66 and 95 in virginia. it's something your kids probably watch a lot, but this morning youtube is under fire. why the company just yanked hundreds of thousands of videos involving children. and life is about to get easier when it comes to applying for financial aid. the changes college bound students andheir fa tmi
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you're watching "news 4 today". ahhhh. >> man, did you see that? you're looking at a pretty wild encounter between a d.c. police officer and a few atv riders. looked like a stunt gone wrong here. this happened along the busy 14th street corridor in northwest over the weekend. police were following a group of atv riders when one of the officers tried to jump on to an atv and missed. it is illegal to ride atvs on the streets of d.c., but after that failed attempt at a stop the atv riders were able to get away. this morning youtube is still dealing with fallout after terminating hundreds of thousands of accounts berating a family friendly content. youtube removed more than 150,000 videos after multiple big name advertisers pulled ads over disturbing content involving children. another glitch in the system
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with more inappropriate phrases. parents are upset over what their kids saw on the site. >> some things popped up on his computer while he was just innocently looking for some tips on a madden game. >> to hear more from -- or more reaction from parents and youtube coming up later this morning on "today." apple is promising a fix for a bug that puts your private information at risk. that bug allows anybody with access to your mac computer to use a generic user name to log on without a password. that will give them access to change your computer's settings. the glitch is only possible if you use the latest version of the operating system mac os high sierra. this cannot be done remotely. the easiest way to prevent it from happening until it's fixed is not to let your mac out of your sight. if you've ever filled out the form for college student loans you know how long and
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cumbersome that can be. that could be changing. education secretary betsy devos is promising to make the financial aid procedure easier. that can include filling out everything through an app. they're considering different options for streamlining the entire process. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. north korea fires another missile, and this time it says it can reach all of the u.s. an accused serial killer stopped in his tracks. how a mcdonald's worker may have put an end to the murders. working for you after several recent attacks involving ride share services. what you need to know before you or your kids get into an uber or lyft. >> 2, 1. go! >> and live from new york, it is the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. we have a sneak peek of some of the festivities. and it's going to be a great nig


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