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tv   Today  NBC  November 29, 2017 7:00am-8:58am EST

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good morning. breaking news overnight, matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. our chairman has released a statement saying, a colleague had come forward reporting behavior in violation of our company's standards. we'll have more ahead. serious threat. kim jong-un, bragging about north korea's most provocative missile test yet. a weapon capable of reaching anywhere in the u.s. it endangers world peace, regional peace and the united states. >> president trump responding with this vow. >> it is a situation we will handle. >> the question this morning, how? and face of a serial killer? a 24-year-old suspect arrested in the string of deadly shootings that has
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florida neighborhood. the tip from a local fast food chain that led to his capture today. wednesday, november 29th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." hoda is here with me this morning. this is a sad morning here at "today" and nbc news. nbc news chairman andy lack sent the following note to our organization. dear, colleagues, on monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented, after a serious review, a clear violation of our company's standards. as a result, we've decided to terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he has been at nbc news, we were also presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated
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create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected. and any action that runs counter to our core values are met with consequences. we are saddened by these events. we will face it together as a news organization and do it as transparent a manner as we can. that's from our chairman. we learned this moments ago, just this morning. as you can imagine, we are devastated. and we are still processing all of this. i will tell you, we do not know more than what i just shared with you. but we will be covering this story, as reporters, as journalists. i'm sure we'll learn more details in the hours and days to come. we promise to share that with you. hoda, i mean, you know, for the moment, all we can say is we are heartbroken. i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear, dear friend and my partner. and he is beloved by many, man
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people here. and i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague that came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. and we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced these weeks. how do you reconcile your love for someone with the recognition that they have behaved badly. and i don't know the answer to that. but i know this reckening that so many organizations have been going through is important. it's long overdue. and it must result in workplaces where all women, all people, feel safe and respected. as painful as it is this moment in our culture, and this change, had to happen. >> yeah, it did. this is a very tough morning for both of us. i've known matt for 15 years. and i've loved him as a friend and a colleague. and just like you were saying, savannah. it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know, who walks in this building every, single
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we're both woken up with the news kind of pre-dawn. and we're trying to process it and make sense of it. and it will take some time for that. >> we're processing it with all of you at home. and we promise to be transparent and be straightforward and continue this important conversation. >> absolutely. >> there's no real way to do this. but this show has been on the air for more than 65 years. and we're here because of you. we're supposed to bring you the news. we're going to do that. we're going to keep doing it, doing it together, all of us, the crew and the people who love this show. we will go on with the news. >> we will. our top story has to do with north korea. dramatic and dangerous development in that crisis that rogue nations newest missile lanch. it was raveling for 53 minutes and 600 miles before slashing into the sea of japan. >> kim jong-un boasted about it. saying they can strike anywhe
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>> the president has vowed to take care of it. he has talked by phone with leaders in japan and south korea. and the u.n. security council is holding an emergency meeting about the launch today. let's get to nbc's chief global correspondent, bill neely. he's in seoul for us this morning. hi, bill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. just last week, the u.s. declared north korea a state sponsor of terror and slapped new sanctions on it. this morning, north korea's leader, kim jong-un, is as defiant as ever. he has responded by test-firing an intercontinental ballistic missile, his most powerful yet. overnight, north korea boasting of missile success. announcing on state tv it launched a new type of intercontinental ballistic missile, calling it the hwasong-15, and claiming the entire u.s. mainland is now within its range.
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according to north korea. another act of defiance that has washington on-edge. >> if there's a war with north korea, it will be because north korea brought it on itself. and we're headed for a war if things don't change. >> reporter: the missile flew 3,000 miles up. but it traveled a distance of just 620 miles, crashing down, says the pentagon, in the sea of japan. >> it went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken. >> it is a situation we will handle. >> reporter: on tuesday, the president offering few details on how the u.s. will respond to this, the 18th test rocket, launched by north korea since he took office in january. his vice president taking a hard line. >> the kim regime in north korea would do well not to test the resolve of this president. >> reporter: experts fearing a north korean missile could reach as
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an intensifying situation, only worsened by a war of words between president trump and north korea's leader kim jong-un. >> they will be met with fire and fury, like the world has never seen. >> reporter: mr. trump threatening kim in august and taunting him twice in september. >> rocket man is on a suicide mission. rocket man should have been handled a long time ago. >> reporter: earl yeier this mo, kim retaliated calling president trump an old lunatic. trump firing back in a tweet. why would kim jock uninsult me by calling me old, when i would never call him short and fat. the security council will hold an energy meeting this afternoon. yes, yet another one. and there may be calls for tougher sanctions, which so far aren't stopping, either kim or his missile. savannah? hoda? >> bill, thank you. >
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arrest in the hunt for a possible serial killer in tampa, florida. the suspect taken into custody after a tip from a local mcdonald's. nbc's tammy leitner has the latest on all this. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. police say 24-year-old howell donaldson iii, is responsible for four murders here in the tampa area. the most recent one happened right where i'm standing behind me. these killings have put the entire city on-edge. overnight, police making a stunning announcement. >> i'm pleased to announce, tonight, we will be making an arrest in the seminole heights murders. >> reporter: taking a man into custody they believe is responsible for four murders, that has shaken the city of tampa for nearly two months. >> we will be charging four counts of first-degree murder, for howell emanuel donaldson iii. >> reporter: police arrested howell
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after apprehending him at the mcdonald's earlier in the day. taking him in, following a tip that he was carrying a firearm inside the restaurant. the murder spree launched an exhaustive 51-day operations, with units for multiple agencies blanketing neighborhoods all over tampa. >> tonight is the beginning of when justice will be served. and then, the process will occur when this individual rots in hell. >> reporter: police had been searching for a man seen in surveillance videos at two of the crime scenes. since october 9th, there's been a total of four victims. all killed within a seven-block area. all covered by the cover of darkness. anthony balboa, shot walking home. monica hoffa, found dead in a lot. benjamin mitchell, killed while waiting for a bus. and 60-year-old ronald felton,
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overnight victims families and friends became emotional after learning of the arrest. >> i'm overjoyed right now. i'm shaking because i should be. my hands are sweaty and i'm joyed that we caught this killer. >> reporter: donaldson has no major run-ins with law enforcement. only a couple minor traffic infractions. at this point, police say they have no motive for these murders.tammy leitner in florid. the push for a sweeping tax overhaul has cleared a major hurdle on capitol hill. a new clash between the president and democratic leaders is creating speed bumps and negotiations to avoid a government shutdown. nbc white house correspondent, kristen welker, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. in a few hours, president trump will travel to missouri to sell his tax reform plan, with senate republicans aiming to vote on a bill by the end of the week. the president tweeting overnight, great day f
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cuts and the republican party. but our biggest winner will be our great country. but it's the snub by democrats that is roiling the white house this morning. this morning, with a possible government shutdown just ten days away, a major setback, after democratic leaders pulled out of a bipartisan meeting with president trump to discuss a funding bill. the president, no stranger to the power of tv, playing up their absence for the cameras, with two empty chairs and name tags for democratic leaders, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi. >> they decided not to show up. they've been all-talk. they've been no action. and now, it's even worse. now, it's not even talk. >> reporter: it's a rift between the president and top democrats, who had started working together. but on tuesday, the president blasted, quote, chuck and nancy on twitter. saying, i don't see a deal. >> three hours before our meeting, before he heard anyt w
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>> reporter: the drama comes as senate republicans scramble to pass a tax reform bill by the end of the year. president trump angling for his first legislative win, rallying his party on capitol hill. but the senate's long-term impact on your taxes are clear. according to the tax policy center, all income levels would see a tax cut by 2019. but ten years from now, after many of the bill's provisions for individuals expire, the scales could tip. some lower and middle-income americans could pay slightly more on average than they do now. but for the top 1%, the vast majority would keep an average cut of $42,000. all of it comes amid a renewed focus on old controversies. "the new york times" reporting this morning that advisers say president trump is holding on to a handful of conspiracy theories that have no grounding in fact. among them, former president obama's birth certificate. "the times" saying in rec
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closed-door conversations to question itsauthenticity, an issue he put to rest in september 2016. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: "the times" also reporting that in recent days, president trump has continued to see doubt about his appearance on the "access hollywood" tape. >> i said it. i was wrong. and i apologize. >> reporter: an issue he apologized for right after it was released. the white house addressing "the times," reporting on monday. >> the president hasn't changed his position. if anything, that the president questions, it's the media's reporting on that accuracy. >> reporter: meanwhile this morning, the president up and retweeting several links from an apparent far-right twitter user, that appears to show bad behavior of muslims on camera, including destroying a statue of the
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all will create competing headlines as the president heads to missouri today. >> thank you. pressure is mounting on john conyers to resign from congress, amid new accusations of sexual harassment. kasie hunt is on capitol hill with that story. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning to you. congressman john conjuyers is increasingly -- after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. conyers denies all of the allegations and is refusing to give in. overnight, democratic congressman john conyers spotted on a delta flight, returning home to michigan, under intense pressure to resign from congress. another former staffer coming forward to tell her story, accusing him of three, separate unwanted sexual advances 20 years ago. >> he just sat there. he didn't say anything. he just took off his clothes, down to his naked -- down to his
7:15 am
your bedroom. >> reporter: deanna maher, one of four women to accuse conyers of inappropriate behavior, from abuse, to unwanted touching, to taking meetings with female staffers in his underwear. a spokesman defending conyers. >> he changes clothes in his office. most of us have walked in on him accidentally without knocking and have seen him in his underwear. big deal. >> reporter: conyers has denied all of the allegations against him and stepped aside from his powerful post on a house judiciary committee on sunday. initially house leaders defended conyers who once worked for martin luther king and is the longest serving member of the house. pelosi, who this weekend praised conyers as an icon, sent a letter tuesday, asking the ethics committee to investigate the allegations
7:16 am
he paid a staffer over $0,000 to settle allegations. then, another woman filed a lawsuit against him for harassment that she dropped. over thanksgiving, melanie sloan described her experience working for him this way. >> he became increasingly verbally abusive and would berate me loudly and over ridiculous things. >> reporter: leaders of the congressional black caucus negotiating with conyers behind the scenes, meeting with him yesterday. concerned more allegations could come out. >> they are very serious allegations that have been made. and if they are true, they are awful. and they should have consequences that follow. >> reporter: with conyers back in detroit and not here on capitol hill for normal business, it's not clear what he will do next. in a written statement, the cbc says any decision about resignation is completely john's to make. hoda? savannah? >> kasie hunt on capitol hill. 7:16
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>> dealing with the news of a friend of 30 years and we're all trying to process it. will deal with it along with you folks, as well. let's give you a quick look at what's going on, as far as our weather is concerned. ve we're looking at weather cooling off around the great lakes. strong winds across the plains. foggy down through sunshi through the southeast shower down there. west coast, looking fairly dry. that's what's going on. we're going to get to your local foreca coming up in the n
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good morning, everybody. live picture over downtown washin under clear sky. temper are in the 30s and it's going to be another plan on afternoon highs in the that will be nice indeed. 65 today. a little cooler tomorrow with dry weather return that's your weather. guys? >> al, thanks so much. coming up, we have new details on the royal wedding and meghan markle's plan to get a jump-start on her royal duties. what has parents and advertisers boycotting youtube. and how the site is responding this morning. but first this, is "today" on nbc.
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i have the greatest job in the world. wednes november 29th, 2017. good morning. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. in news this morning, to day virgin top election official he will tell the house oversight commit why he decided to use electi we have his explanation already he was shot while investigating larry hogan will be among those a public vigil will be held in
7:27 am
first 4 traffic. >> breaking news. choppe 4 over this problem that got a little bit better here in you ca see this is the inner right now the crash, everything as chopper zooms out, you can >>
7:28 am
outdoo today. chilly in 30s and 40s. manass to 26 now. 44 annapolis. 43 now in washington. temper by hour, we still in the upper 50s by 5:00. highs day generally in the even little warmer towards
7:29 am
tomorr also not too bad of a >> all right. chuck, thank you. another local news
7:30 am
good morning, everybody. welcome back. it's 7:30. it's wednesday morning. it's the 29th of november, 2017. as we mentioned earlier, this is a sad day for us at the "today" now and at nbc news. our chairman, andy lack, released a statement this morning, announcing that matt lauer has been terminated for behavior and violation of company standards. the decision came after a serious review of a detailed complaint from a colleague. >> we're going to move, now, to a check of the morning's other headlines. starting with breaking news in the north korean crisis. >> missile crisis. north korea tests its longest and most powerful ballistic missile yet. >> it went higher than any previous shot they've taken. >> the rogue nation claiming the
7:31 am
entire u.s. mainland is in range of a strike. >> it's a situation we will handle. serial killer caught. >> we will be making an arrest in the seminole height s murder. >> police arrest the man who they say is responsible for at least four tampa area murders. >> tonight, justice will be served. las vegas heist. a wig-wearing armed robber steals cash from the bellagio casino and escapes. super bowl-winning quarterback, eli manning gets emotional after being benched by the new york giants after 14 seasons. >> how hard is this hitting you emotionally? >> it's hard. been hard -- you know, a hard day to handle this. and pretty amazing. >> go for it. >> wingsuit fliers jump from the top of a mountain into an open doorway of a plane. >> today, wednesday, november 29th, 2017. >> rather impressive right there. >> something special r
7:32 am
are learning about the royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle. there's a lot more to be dpoen do done before the event in the spring. kelly cobiella is at windsor castle. >> reporter: where i will be for the next six months, most likely. good morning, hoda and savannah. it is a cold day here at the gates of windsor castle. but in six months' time, wedding bells will be ringing. historic windsor castle, set to seal the union of the most modern of royal couples. said to be the queen's favorite castle and she has a few. harry went to nearby eaton school and loved visiting his grandmother here. and also the scene of jubilant celebrations. st. george's chapel has been the si
7:33 am
now, the wedding of the first american princess. >> because i'm from the states, you don't grow up with the same understanding of the royal family. >> reporter: a good royal history, but have they ever seen a royal wedding on this scale? >> i don't think windsor will know what's hit it. it's just got little tea shops and little souvenir places. and there's lots of union jacks. and it's the kind of place that tourists head for if they come to britain. >> reporter: in the states, a glimpse of meghan's mother. >> are you happy? >> reporter: americans here are thrilled. >> it's exciting. >> i'm disappointed it wasn't me. but good for meghan. you know? it's really, every american girl's dream. >> i think it's fantastic. >> reporter: and praise from her future mother-in-law. >> it's america's loss and our ga gain. we're all delighted. >> reporter: and it could be good news for the country.
7:34 am
almost 9% when william and kate got married. and with the dollar's strong buying power in britain, and the fun of a royal wedding, it could just prove irresistible. this really is a more private setting than the likes of westminster abbey in london, where william and kate got married. but harry and meghan are trying to include the public. it's a smaller venue. only seats about 800. >> they have room for us. >> i think she's pitching a tent out there for this month. >> thank you, kelly. we move to al and get a check of the weather. >> it happens we have the weather for the month of may, the averages. at windsor, england. 63, the average low, 46. the days with rain, about 13. if you did, the last 15 years, ten of the es
7:35 am
ago, 80 degrees the coolest high. 50 back in 2010. now around the country, mild day across the eastern seaboard. strong winds ahead of the system out we temperature nice. that's what's goin on around here's what's hamg in your neck >> good mornin right here at have a clear sky overhead this mornin on the cool side, in the 30s to that will not last long. the sunshine should have flo aftern high expected to be we turn to extra cloud cover and a little rain drop or two it. check out our friends on the weather channel on cable. >> all right, al. thank you so much. now, to a frantic search for a missing high school student in
7:36 am
florida. officials believe the 17-year-old may have run off with a coach from her school. kerry sanders joins us with the latest on the search. hi, kerry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. the missing student is 17-year-old caitlin forsina. she's a star soccer player here. investigators believe she is with 27-year-old ryan rodriguez. up until caitlin went missing on sunday, he was a soccer coach here at the school. this morning, she could be anywhere, from florida to canada. they think she took off with 27-year-old ryan rodriguez, a soccer coach at her high school because the two were captured on video at an atm, withdrawing $200. her parents despondent. >> we don't know why you're gone. it doesn't matter. we don't care. we want you to call or text or
7:37 am
traveled down this rural home says caitlin likely can't text or call because they found her cell phone in her room. it had been wiped clean. her bedroom window left open. footprints outside leading to the main road almost a mile away. her car parked where she left it on sunday. >> here, you have a coach that is involved. that makes the situation -- i mean, more serious because that person is in a position of authority. >> he was my assistant coach. >> reporter: more than just a coach, rodriguez is a family friend. hired in part because caitlin's endorsed him. >> it has to always be with people because i said, just because of the issue it can bring. >> reporter: tuesday night -- >> we ask that you send her back home to us. >> reporter: the school board fired rodriguez. >> it's tragic. we want her to come home
7:38 am
xhu community wants. and please watch caitlin sina. >> reporter: caitlin is not in imminent danger. but everyone wants to hear from her. >> let us know that you're okay. let us know that you're okay. everybody is concerned. we just want to know that you're okay. >> reporter: both caitlin and ryan rodriguez's families tell deputies they just want this to end now. investigators say technically, ryan rodriguez is not charged with any crime. but he could eventually face an interfere with a child custody charge, which in the state of florida, is a felony. >> kerry, thank you. just ahead this morning, why youtube is apologizing to parents and deleting thousands of videos. and then, we're going to give kids a very special superhero make over. it is a story you have to see. and al has a candid conversation with a living
7:39 am
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what's yfat amy.? you call yourself "fat amy"? she has no underwear on. oh my god! she's turning. no. [ screaming ] please just retire. is that like a intimidation thing because world war 2. boom. one last show together. your gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ becca. what are you doing? if you cry, i'm gonna cry. i'm not doing it. don't make that face. this is my regular face. your gonna miss me when i'm gone ♪ rated pg-13. we're back, now, at 7:42, with a new controversy for youtube. >> disturbing content found on that video sharing site is leading to an apology and a crackdown from the company. jo ling kent has this story for us. hi, jo. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. parents and advertisers are turning up the pressure on
7:43 am
thousands of inappropriate videos and search results, preying on children surfaced on their site. youtube says it's working to fix the problem as it groppapples h to regulate the massive amount of content uploaded every day. youtube under fire for allowing users to post disturbing videos that reportedly show children in abusive and other inappropriate situations. videos that have been viewed millions of times. the company being criticized for search results that auto complete with predator suggestions like, how to have sex with kids. the videos and search prompts first reported by buzz feed news have been removed by youtube. this comes as advertisers like adidas, deutsche bank, and mars, pulled their advertising, after they learned they were running alongside inappropriate content. youtube yanked more than 150,000 videos and
7:44 am
videos targeted by child predators. 50,000 channels attempt to pass as family-friendly but are clearly not. in a statement, youtube says, content that misleads or engages children is abhorrent and unacceptable to us. we have policies against these videos and enforce them aggressively. jessica johnson is keeping a closer eye on her kids' screen time after her son came across inappropriate content when searching youtube. >> it is shocking all these videos are allowed to make it past whatever filter they should have had to begin with. >> reporter: in an interview with nbc news, the head of youtube kids addressed criticism of other inappropriate animated videos that slip through kid-friendly filters. >> even a fraction of a percent of content that is
7:45 am
or unseatible fuitable for fami too much. >> reporter: but some youtube creators are pushing back. the dad behind funnel vision that posts videos of his own family for 4 million subscribers say youtube is going too far. >> the last couple days, we had over 20 videos flagged as not appropriate. >> reporter: youtube viewers watch a billion hours of video every day. this battle is just beginning as the largest video platform tries to protect content and protect kids. guys? >> a big and important job, jo. thank you. coming up, we're bringing early holiday cheer to young and truly remarkable superheros among us. you're going to love these
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7:51 am
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7:56 am
down. now take a look as things reopen map. inner loop of the beltway and >> all right. melissyou. we'll take a quick break and
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
temper in the 30s and 40s it's g to be a nice day to hightoday, a very mild 65 degree friday a bigger chance fo >> clubbing, thank y for the "today"
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, breaking overnight, matt lauer has been terminated from nbc news. a statement released by our chairman says a colleague had come forward with a detailed complaint of inappropriate behavior in the workplace that violated company standards. plus, defiant launch. north korea fires its most powerful missile to date. >> it went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken. >> the rogue nation claiming the missile can reach the entire u.s. mainland as the white house reacts. we're live with the very latest. ♪ and pint-sized heroes. >> so excited, i can't take it.
8:01 am
>> hoda introduces us to a group of kids fighting the strongest fight imaginable. >> you have to be strong to fight this? you feel really strong? >> they are showing just how strong they can be. >> superheros. >> today, wednesday, november 29th, 2017. good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." we're glad you're with us on this wednesday morning. we want to get right to your news at 8:00. we begin with the announcement you just heard. our colleague, matt lauer, has been terminated by this network. stephanie gosk is here with more on it. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. just before the "today" show went on the air this morning, andy lack sent a note to the company, announcing that matt lauer was leaving the company. on monday night, we received a detailed complaint about a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represented after serious review a clear violation of our company's standards. as a
8:02 am
terminate his employment. while it is the first complaint about his behavior in the over 20 years he's been at nbc news, we were presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe and protected. and to ensure that any actions that run counter to our core values are met with consequences, no matter who the offender. we are deeply saddened by this turn of events. but we will face it together as a news organization and do it in as transparent a manner as we can. here's how savannah and hoda reacted to the news at the top of the show. >> we just learned this moments ago, just this morning. as i'm sure you can imagine, we are devastated. and we are processing all of this. i will tell you right now, we do not know more than what i just shared with you. we will be covering this story as reporters, as journalists. i'm sure we will be learning more details in t
8:03 am
and we promise we will share that with you. and, hoda, i mean, you know, for the moment, all we can say is we are heartbroken. i'm heartbroken for matt. he is my dear, dear friend and my partner. and he is beloved by many, many people here. and i'm heartbroken for the brave colleague who came forward to tell her story and any other women who have their own stories to tell. and we are grappling with a dilemma that so many people have faced these last few weeks. how do you reconcile your love for someone with the information they behaved badly. i don't have the answer to that. i know this reckoning that organizations are going through are important. it's long overdue and it must result in workplaces where all women, all people, feel safe and respected. as painful as it is this moment in our culture and this change, had to happen. >> yeah, it did. this is a ver
8:04 am
i've known matt for 15 years. and i've loved him as a friend and as a colleague. and again, just like you were saying, savannah. it's hard to reconcile what we are hearing with the man who we know, who walks in this building every day. we were woke up with the news pre-dawn and trying to process it and make sense of it. and it will take time for that. >> we're processing it with all of you at home. and we promise to be transparent and be straightforward and continue this important conversation. >> absolutely. >> and there's no real way to do this. but this show has been on the air for more than 65 years. and we're here because of you. we're supposed to bring you the news. so, we're going to do that. we're going to keep doing it and doing it together, all of us and the crew and people who love this show. >> yep. >> and so, we will go on. >> yes, we will. >> with the news. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the company says the accuser described inappropriate sexual behavior throughout 2014. and because of the seriousness of the sa
8:05 am
with information that it may not be an isolated incident, nbc decided to terminate lauer's contract. >> stephanie, thank you very much. now, on to other news. north korea is claiming its newest missile test fired on tuesday could reach targets anywhere in the united states. nbc's correspondent bill neely is in seoul, with the alarming threat. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. the white house appears to be playing down this threat saying it's no surprise. just last week the u.s. declared north korea a state sponsor of terror and slapped new sanctions on it. this morning, its leader, kim jong-un, is as defiant as ever. he has responded by test firing this intercontinental ballistic missile. his most powerful yet. this morning, north korea putting the world on-edge with yet another missile launch. succ
8:06 am
newly-developed intercontinental ballistic missile called a hwasong-15, that says it could deliver heavy nuclear warheads anywhere in the continental u.s. the missile flew high, roughly 3,000 miles up, according to the south korean ministry. but it traveled 620 miles. the pentagon says it crashed down in the sea of japan. >> it went higher, frankly, than any previous shot they've taken. >> reporter: the first missile launched since september, it comes as president donald trump and senate republicans are trying to pass a tax code overha overhaul. >> it is a situation we will handle. >> reporter: but trump giving no details or signal of a change in strategy, just how the u.s. will respond. so far, the north koreans have test-fired rockets 18 times since the president took office in january. experts fearing, a north k
8:07 am
as new york and washington. another act of defiance by pyongyang, keeping anxiety high. >> if there's a war with north korea, it would be because north korea brought it on itself. and we're headed towards a war if things don't change. >> reporter: well, south korea has responded, test firing three missiles of its own. this afternoon, the united nations security council will hold an emergency meeting, yet another one. and there may be calls for still more sanctions, which clearly so far, simply aren't stopping kim or his missiles. hoda? >> all right. bill neely in south korea. thank you. police in tampa, florida, say their hunt for a serial killer who terrorized that city for two months is over. they announced the arrest overnight of howell donaldson iii. he has been charged with fatally shooting four people since early october. detectives got their break tuesday when a
8:08 am
mcdonald's told police that donaldson had brought a gun to the restaurant. the weapon was recovered and donaldson was taken in for questioning. there was a dramatic scene at a united nations war crimes tribunal at the netherlands. the judge had upheld the 20-year prison sentence of a bosnian official convicted of crimes during the bosnian civil war. the defendant yelled i'm not a war criminal and drank from a small bottle. the hearing was halted so the man could be given medical attention. relief is on the way this morning for thousands of tourists stranded by the volcano eruption on the indonesian resort island of bali. the area's main airport has reopened after a three-day shutdown. a large plume of volcanic ash made it too dangerous to fly. people who live on that island are being told to move to
8:09 am
a lot more to get to this wednesday morning, including the special reason we're turning these adorable kids into superheros for the day. and a look at meghan markle's new life. and a hollywood legend with a legendary voice. al's candid conversation with james earl jones. all that, plus we are cooking with one of our favorites. padma lakshmi, not me or when you've crossed fruit of the loom off your list, you know your holiday shopping is complete.
8:10 am
[♪ ] ( ♪ ) ( ♪ )
8:11 am
we're back. it's 8:11. we have more of our special series we're calling "heroes among us." >> love this one. i recently came across the work of photographer josh rossi. he had taken this stunning picture of kids battling diseases. with his blessing, we decided to expand on his work here in new york, with little heroes. >> i knew something was wrong. i didn't know what. all of a sudden, she couldn't walk. >> it was over a period of time that she finally understood with the "c"
8:12 am
>> the symptom, it was sure a type of cancer called leukemia. >> he took it like a champ. and it began, oh, dad, don't worry. we're going to be all right. we're going to get through this. >> they diagnosed me with cancer. and the illness was called leukemia. >> it's a big word, isn't it? >> same thing with me. >> same thing with me. >> same thing with you. >> you have to be strong to fight this. why is it important, you guys, to be strong kids? >> because we do not want to have cancer anymore. >> if you could have a superpower, what would your superpower be? >> flying power. >> flying and invisibility. >> and can jump. >> muscle power, to kill cancer. and giving children candy and the candy has
8:13 am
immediately. >> you're like a cloud. amazing. >> my superhero is sky dancer. she dances on the clouds. and she changed the weather. and she stopped crimes. >> reporter: the kids will create four original superheros. >> like a candy blaster. toll the rescue. >> that's cool. that's like past flames. >> speed boy. >> reporter: to bring their ideas to life -- >> the cape has little velcro on it. >> reporter: we joined forces with fashion design graduate students from f.i.t. >> her name is supershiner. her golden light, it's like it shines so she can see. 'cause if it's dark out, how are you going to be able to see a bad guy? >> that looks good. >> i like the rainbow effect. >> reporter: the designers spent weeks creating the perfect
8:14 am
supersuits. >> it will be covering this part. >> we made that together. you made that. are you excited? >> yeah. >> awesome. >> hi. so excited, i can't take it. >> i miss you so much. >> reporter: our heroes unite at new york's pier 59 studios. who ready for the photo shoot? >> me. >> reporter: let's do it. superheros. >> this is cool. >> reporter: armed with suits to match their new identities, our brave heroes are ready to take on the world. >> one, two, three, new pose. >> reporter: and the kids are in good company. behind the camera is celebrity photographer, victoria will. >> that's it. look right here. i'd like to see some dance moves. there you go. and switch arms. one, two, three, go. >> reporter: sure, we added
8:15 am
touch of make-believe. but these guys are so similar to their alter egos, it's hard to tell where the kid ends and the new superhero begins. >> she's a warrior. she has a light about her. she's a star. >> he's a fighter. an he works to make everybody else happy. so, that's the combination between him and captain cure. >> he is always full of energy. yes, he's a superhero to me. >> she's just always bright. even in a dull sky, that's really her. she a superhero. >> one, two, three, go. yeah. great job, you guys. >> guess what? our superheros have flown in from saving the world. we have malai, aidan, chloe and kevin. hi, guys. are you so excited? >> yes. >> you'll get some awesome superheros. malai, what was your superhero? >> sky dancer. >> a
8:16 am
we're going to show each one of your pictures. we're going to show malai. let's take a look. not only putting it up here on the screen. we're putting it up in the jumbotr jumbotron, up on top of the building. that's you. what do you think? >> that's good. >> you like it? thumbs up? >> on top of the what? >> on top of the jumbotron. >> we'll show you in a minute, guys. >> aidan, i hear you're captain cure, right? >> yes. >> we need to put you on the jumbotr jumbotron, too. >> let's take a look. and -- >> here it comes. >> yeah. >> wow. >> there you are. >> all of new york can see that right now. >> everybody that -- >> that's rockefeller center. you are, you're next. who was your superhero, chloe. >> supershiner. >> let's take a look. >> wow. >> what do you think? >> i was like --
8:17 am
>> you know how to pose, my friend. >> so cool. >> they said i was like a model out of a magazine. >> you are like a model. i was going to say the same thing. >> kevin, who is your character? >> speed boy. >> speed boy. let's see how fast you look. look at that. yes. >> that's cool. >> that is pretty cool. what do you think? >> looks like you're coming out of your heels. >> you look fast. >> the faculty members from f.i.t., the school of design, have taken your group photo. they added their own magic. i'm calling your crew the comeback kids. this picture, check it out. we got one for everybody? look. here's yours. >> all together. >> and that's your picture of y'all together. what do you think? >> they're great. >> do you love them? we want to thank all the awesome people from f.i.t. >> yes. so good. >> bring them all in. hold on. >> hold on. >> where is surm
8:18 am
can you see? >> oh. >> wow. >> shiny. >> you are shiny. yes. >> you did an awesome job. >> we will show everybody. >> you were awesome superheros. we want to say thank you for everything you did. thanks to the people at f.i.t. they were awesome. mr. roker, you have a little weather for us? >> you want to surfac temperature are below averag there you go. now what we're seeing la nina, also the great lakes. but dry in the south. and sure enough, hit that button again. that's what we've seen for novemb it's actually been stormy out west. very dry in the south. and dry in
8:19 am
time? thank very much. in fact, look at this. seattl billings, san franci all above average rainfa okay. and go to the south, we got more helpers. okay. it's dry in new orleans and who wants to hit this button for me. >> okay, go ahead. >> yeah. right here. there you go. and it's even dry here in the northe drier than average. tlook way. now what you're going to do is say that's what's going on here's what's happening in your >> here's what's happening in >> al and i are going to be replac by throws kids outsid have a sunny sky overhe plans. outdoo recess for the kid at school and outdoor lunch time for those of us early enough out
8:20 am
day. temper and 40s to get your started. aftern highs to day will be we love. >> there goes speed boy. all right. that's your latest weather. >> kevin does not walk. he just ruppns. i love that. thank you, al. >> that was great. on the road to the royal wedding we go. >> that's right. this morning we are focusing on meghan markle's road to becoming a princess. we are going back to kelly cobiella, who is at her permanent position at windsor castle. good morning. >> reporter: the prince and meghan markle head out for their first royal engagement together on friday. a chance for the british public to see this princess-in-training up close.
8:21 am
has married a british royal. but unlike king edward viii and wallis simpson, meghan will become a royal and british. >> i think america's been waiting a long time for a princess. and it's about time, too. >> reporter: while times have changed, some things remain the same. the pomp and circumstance, the protocol, the etiquette. there's a lot to learn. just ask expert lord furmoy, as a boy, he served the queen. first lesson, saying hello. >> how do you do? i'm lord formoy. >> reporter: how do you do? i'm kelly cobiella. >> we never say pleased to meet you. it's how do you do? and you never answer the how do you do? it's a rhetorical question. and we generally don't care. >> reporter: should we try it again? see if
8:22 am
time around. okay. moving on. what should you know when you have tea with the queen and her corgis? >> have you met the queen? >> i have, yes. >> what was that like? >> and the corgis took to your straight away. for 33 years. this one just nothing. >> wagging the tail. >> very sweet. >> reporter: at tea, where you put your feet matters. >> have some tea. >> reporter: i feel like everything i do. >> okay. we need to improve on how we're going to sit. there's a nice way to sis. and there's a nasty way to sit. move your leg slightly to the back of the chair like that. run your hands down your dress. and gently cross your legs like that. >> reporter: and then, the curtesy to the queen. >> we bob at the same time. as you go down, you say, your majesty. >> reporter: your majesty. >> there we go. perfect. >> reporter: there's a protocol for
8:23 am
the weather, vacation spots are in. politics, your job and money are out. in your opinion, will she fit in as a princess, as a duchess? >> she has every, single attribute. she has the character. she has the strength. she has the sense of humor. she will do well. >> reporter: like kate, the duchess of cambridge, meghan's fashion and style will stay in the spotlight. that white coat set off a sellisell ing frenzy. gabriel hackworthy has followed meghan's fashion. what's the difference between meghan markle and the duchess of cambridge? >> i think meghan has been interested in fashion. she had her own line with a canadian retailer. and she tends to look to high-fashion accessories. she will wear a classic dress but a pointy,
8:24 am
it's a fine line for kate, i think, what she can and can't wear. i think meghan has a lot more fun. a lot more leeway to have fun with fashion. kate has to be a lot more strict. >> reporter: one thing she's already mastered, the royal art of charity. and she will join william, harry and kate, as a patron of their royal foundation. >> she's gone out, visited africa and india. she's been aligned to charities that have mirrored prince harry's work in recent years. and together, as a power couple on the world stage, i think they can be a really formidable force for good. >> reporter: of course, all eyes will be on her fashion choices on friday and on her hellos and handshakes. i i'm guessing she will do a little better than i did. >> you are our princess, kelly. you did a great job. thank you so much. can you imagine all the
8:25 am
>> the curtesy. i don't know if i can nail the curtesy. >> crossing your legs under the table. jill is back just ahead, and she has a new patch of holiday "steals & deals." this time, the kids that we all need to shop for. she has great ones. get your dialing fingers ready. we'll have that and more after a check of your local news, your weather and messages.
8:26 am
8:26 o this wednesday, november 29th. let's a check on the roads meliss is in your first 4 >> good morning. big delays here, aaron. inner loop of the beltway, finall of the way. we still have a delay up to the south bound on 270 on the outer well. southb after university, one lane getting by that crash. fairfa county parkway, a crash there. >> all right. thank you. we'll have a check on your
8:27 am
8:28 am
i'm bell. a sky overhead. a beautiful day in front of you today. temper now in the they'l be a nice big warmup today. aftern temperatures well up clear skies into the evening as well.
8:29 am
tonigh tomorr in the 50s with get the latest news and weather before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios.
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♪ 8:30, now. it's wednesday morning. it's the 29th of november, 2017. this the night that we light up that beautiful tree. >> it is tonight, yes. >> holidays are here. the tree is present. one thing missing. 5 million things. 5 million lights. >> 30,000. >> or 5 million. >> or 5 million. >> one goes out. >> they all go. you can watch this happen live during the christmas in rockefeller center celebration, 8:00, 7:00 here on nbc. >> don't we say the tree gets lit. >> and so do we. jill martin has "steals & deals" on everything. the kids on your list could possibly ever want.
8:31 am
cooking up a hearty winter dish that you can make tonight. and i'm going to be chatting with one of the most influential actors to grace the stage and screen. and perhaps one of the most famous voices of all-time, mr. james earl jones. >> i want him to record my outgoing greeting on voicemail. he's amazing. first, let's get a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we h beauti along the west coast. for the tree lighting ceremony, 3:00. 6:00 tonight as the sun goes down,53 degrees. by the time that beautiful tree look for showers and developing mild plains. we'll be beautiful day there. anothe storm system coming in that's what's goin on around here's what's happening in your
8:32 am
way. absolu of charge today. plenty sunshine all day long. all you can see over downtown washin great looking temper now 44 in washin 34 lorton, virginia. 47 in annapolis. so forecast for the next if used to the 60s, 65 today. back in the upper 50s tomorrow. breezy and chilly >> and that is weather. today marks 100 days to the pair ra olympics. the paraolympians get their shot at gold. para alpine skier, tom walsh. excited to have you here. after you battled a rare bone disease, you thought you might never be skiing again. now, you have a potential to head to pyeongchang.
8:33 am
the world. i was told i wouldn't ski again. >> and if that's not enough, a certain olympian, i understand, promised to go to prom with you after your finished your treatment? who was your date? >> when i was going through cancer, life changes. you're not able to do everything you love. i have a great friend who i grew up with. and she asked me to go to prom with her. and it's cool that we have competitive key careers now. >> we will be seeing you both in south korea. what's your motivation right now? >> just to go as fast as i can. i'm competing for all of the people who can't be with us today because of cancer. i want to represent and do the best for those that can't compete in the sport. >> we're looking forward to seeing you in korea and south korea. be well and see you again. thomas walsh, thank you so much. savannah? >> thank you so much, al. we made it. day three of ourst
8:34 am
and jill martin has been chi checking off everybody on the list. the ladies on monday, the guys on tuesday. and this morning, all about the little ones. >> good morning. >> we order now, we get in time for christmas? >> absolutely. free shipping in the continental u.s. on all of the items. >> we know kids love the screen. >> in moderation. >> exactly. >> this is something for the whole family. the azpen tablet. you can watch movies, scream games. h.d. resolution. it's carried in best buy and other retailers. the deal $299. the deal, $118. that's 61% off. >> wow. you can play content, anything like that? >> i feel like a lot of parents, this is like, oh, i'll give it to you in the back of the car. >> i'll give it to you with a timer. what's this? >> very popular now. the gab
8:35 am
virtual reality. that's one choice. or the headphones. these cat ears are the supergroovy thing right now. you get the cat ears for the kids or the ones for adults. you can go to the deal, $19. that's 68% off. >> so cute. remember in our day, you want the small headphones. now, the big headphones, that's what everybody wants. >> you can rock those. >> vale can. >> she would love that. >> the train set. it's big when you put it all together. picture a huge classic train set. it's the holiday train set with light and smoke. this includes one heavy-duty locomotive, 3 cargo carts and 16 track pieces the you put it together as a family. retail 69.66, the deal, $33. that's 59%
8:36 am
can find that online. >> everything on today >> these are cool. >> these are fun. it's fun for adults, too. i mean, this is great. and sort of a step-up from when we were growing up. the picasso tiles building set. it's 3d magnetic building blocks. it's learning fun. you really learn shapes and sizes. retail, $119.99. the deal, $49.5950% off. and books. we love to read to our kids. >> vale, charley, haley, books for your kids. random house. retail $43.90. 12 little golden books. there's ten books in a set. you get -- >> what? >> there's different -- you can go on and you see all of the classics. i said that wrong.
8:37 am
12 different sets. >> that each have ten books in them. got you. >> different amounts. if you go on, you see the amounts and all the different books. >> we're a hot mess on this one. >> the retail, $43.90. the deal, $23. up to 54% off. >> check it out online. >> all classic books. you'll love them. >> i love this one. the butterscotch blankets. personalized blankets with four color combos. >> so cute. i love that. and charley. >> over here. >> we have haley joy over here. >> yeah. >> we have all these different ones. the retail $149. the deal $69.50. that's 52% off. >> charley doubling up. the tablets from azpen. the head sets by gabba good
8:38 am
book sets. and the personalized blankets from butterscotch. if you have questions go to and check out our new "today" shop. tomorrow, we have gifts for everybody else on your list. still to come this morning, the perfect meal for a chilly night from padma lakshmi. first, she's here.
8:39 am
8:40 am
one of our favorite series, we're back with "today living legend. al, you scored a great one. >> i can't believe it. i got to spend time with james earl jones. an icon we know, with an unmistakable voice. >> it's kind of the way it is. >> thank you so much for sharing one of your favorite restaurants. >> i'm enjoying it immensely.
8:41 am
>> coffee, some danish. >> reporter: when james earl jones speaks, everyone listens. >> i am your weathfather. >> you played both ends of a spectrum as a father. on one hand you're darth vader. on the other hand, you're muf a mufasa. >> we are all connected in the great circle of life. >> reporter: legendary lines from a legendary voice. >> people will come, ray. people will most definitely come. >> reporter: the acclaimed 86-year-old actor has appeared on stage and screen for most of his life, playing unforgettable roles that have influenced generations. >> your only job was to look after akeem. how could you let him come to such a pass? >> reporter: i remember the first time i saw you acting. we saw "dr. strangelove." i was in fourth grade. and i thought, there's somebody that looks like me in the movies. >> ino
8:42 am
identity. i got that role because i was black, by the way. stanl stanl stanl stanley kubrick wanted a rainbow on that airplane. >> reporter: for a good portion of your childhood, you stuttered. >> it's tough for me to talk about. my english teacher made sure i could sound words. i can say things that great writers wrote. i would never have thought of it myself. >> reporter: that's a heck of a way to overcome stuttering. >> don't you try and go through life worried if somebody like you or not. you best make sure that they are doing right by you. >> reporter: there was a quote, you talked about how -- you consider yourself a journeyman? you're taking ro
8:43 am
i can't imagine you as a journeyman. i've seen you in "cat on a hot tin roof." >> if you're successful and rich, people halt yte you. i want people to love me. >> reporter: if james earl jones today had to give james earl jones when you're 25 or 30, some sort of advice, knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself 50 years ago? >> the only thing you owe yourself or the world is during this time, is who you are and what you're doing. and the time around you. that's the big chore right there. >> reporter: what would you like to be remembered for? >> nothing. no. only what you remember. >> oi, al, that was beautiful. >> and what was amazing is he still is looking for what he says his one, great role. >> what? come on. >> how is this possible? >> he has his ten great roles. 20 great roles. >> and could not be a sweeter man. >> the
8:44 am
is the stuttering. the fact he went through that and came out on the other end and said the thing about reading great works. >> and it comes in the most courageous way. >> and possibly the most difficult. >> that was awesome. >> did you ask him to read you a bedtime story? i would have. >> i should have asked him to do my voicemail. >> that would have been -- next time. james, call us. awesome. we are back. we have a recipe for a hearty chicken stew. padma lakshmi is here. first this, is "today" on nbc. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane]
8:45 am
es told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella! cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
8:46 am
we're back with "today food." we head out west for inspiration, with padma lakshmi and host of "top chef," ready to kick off the 15th season. you're in colorado. >> we are. we're in colorado. it's a beautiful
8:47 am
i'm a city girl. to be dropped into this natural landscape, i felt like i was out in the wilderness. it's so gorgeous. everywhere you look it's like an ansel adams photograph. one of the things we're going to do is make a recipe inspired by colorado. they eat a lot of meat and potatoes in colorado. but they also eat a lot of poblano chilies. i'm going to make a warm and comforting three-pepper stew. other thanhe tomatillos, and the poblanos. one lemon with two pounds of boneless chicken. i like to use thighs. they have more flavor. you're going to let that marijuana na marinate for about the time it takes to prep the vegetables. >> could you do this in the
8:48 am
they're an excellent thing to use in the winter. they're prevalent in mexican cooking. and here, you have bell peppers. you have the poblano peppers, which are milder. dried apricots and potatoes. other than this, not much else that's going to go into this. so, i, as you know, love to use spices. we're using fennel seeds, which you want to fry in the oil before you add your aromatics. >> that gives you extra flavor? >> yeah. it flavors the oil. and the oil will flavor the vegetables. these are the bell peppers and poblanos with the onion. after that cooks down for a couple minutes, all you're adding is garlic, oregano, salt and pepper. >> you want big chunks of pepper. >> that's your third pepper. i dry
8:49 am
pan. and crushed them. >> that's your tip. and taking spices and either toasting them or -- >> you want to wake the flavor up. people ask me what spices should we get. and i say, you probably have all of the spices you need. you just need to use them to greater benefit. spices lie dormant in our pan tr try for a long time. and that releases the oil and the flavonoids. >> let's check in with our tasters downstairs. >> padma, it's insane. >> so much interest. your olives and the tangyness. >> and the chicken. >> and you have parsley in your teeth. >> do i? it's cilantro. >> they love it. you put in your tomatillos. >> you put in three or four cups of water and let that break down. it will get nice and soupy. once that happens, you're going to add your chicken. you're going to add -- here. stir that up, al. you're goio
8:50 am
and here is what gives you the extra layering, of sweet and sour flavor. here's the potatoes. it's a one-pot meal. you don't have to add rice or quinoa. spanish or italian green olives. that give you a briney, salty saurness. it's so easy to make. >> there's no thickener. >> nothing. you want to cook this down about 40 minutes to get this consistency. and this is great on a gold winter night. a crowd pleaser. i would make twice as much because you can freeze it. it freezes beautifully. and it will be better the next day. i want you to try a hot plate of this. you can give another squirt of lem lemon. >> oh. >> if you like sweetness
8:51 am
don't be afraid of dried fruit in your savory cooking. it will cook down. if you don't like fruit in your cooking, add a pinch of honey or sugar to balance out the brightness and the spiky green of the peppers. >> this is amazing. guys -- i'll bet you dylan's bowl is almost cleenl. >> it is. look at her. >> she is showing the bowl was hot. >> guilty. >> padma, thank you. >> look at hoda's bread. >> thank you so much. and don't forget, you can find the recipe at and catch "top chef's" season premiere. is that tom on there? >> i hope not. >> next thursday, december 7th at 10:00 eastern on our sister network, bravo. we're back in a moment. first this, is "today" on nbc.
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8:54 am
welcome back. we have charlie here along with olivia, his trainer. i can't believe it. this is charlie's last day in the studio with us before he heads off to train with his veteran, stacy. >> we're not sad yet. you're actually going to bring charlie back again. this is not good-bye, is it? >> correct. they're going to start their team training tomorrow. and we're going to be able to check in with you guys, at least once, during the time they're training together. and we'll come back at the end of it, as a graduation sendoff. >> how are you doing? >> it must be hard to say good-bye. >> this is the bittersweet part of puppy raising. i'm unbelievably proud of everything he's going to go on to do. >> you are amazing. you did some great work. >> thank you. >> he is an incredible dog. but you're a huge, huge part of that. and so devoted. i don't know if people realize everything you do behind the scenes. is charlie going to get to sleep in more
8:55 am
>> i don't know. ask stacy. >> i hope so. >> i will. >> you will, exactly. exactly. so, how do you know? when -- how do you know he's ready? it's a passage of time. don't they meet benchmarks and that kind of thing? >> we do quality check-ins to make sure their skill sets are where they're supposed to be. both for the dog and for the client. he's excelled all along. and he's just been a dream. >> would you think -- >> have you ever had anyone like -- a dog like charlie? >> i thought that the first dog i raised would be my number one. but he gives him a run for his money. >> i won't forget stacy's face when she met charlie. it made us feel so good. i remember watching that moment out there. >> i remember as i give him up. >> exactly. "megyn kelly today" is just ahead. hope you'll watch tonight, the big tree lighting here on nbc. get you in the holiday spirit.
8:56 am
we're back after a
8:57 am
well. colesv university, crash. and then independence street, circlehere, it is purple. that means we're stopped. >> all right. melissyou. we'll take a quick break now and chick your forecast when we come back. stay
8:58 am
8:59 am
it's going to be a nice day for so nice and mild today. not so warm tomorrow. back into the 50s for highs. breezy and cooler through friday a better chance for rain which
9:00 am
good morning, everyone. i'm megyn kelly. we begin this morning with this news. earlier this morning, nbc news chairman andy lack, sent the following note to our organization concerning matt lauer. on monday night, we received a detailed complaint from a colleague about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace by matt lauer. it represents after review a violation of our company standards. as a result, we decided to terminate his employment. it was the first complaint about his behavior in 20 years at nbc news, we were presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident. our highest priority is to create a workplace environment where everyone feels safe


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