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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 30, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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the sexual predator on campus. why a sixth victim is asking to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. staying silent. matt lauer keeps quiet despite two new allegations against him. the bombshell against the former "today" show host. >> the countdown is on until the lighting of the national christmas tree. those aren't the only lights around town. why you could be staring at brake lights as a result of this joyous time of year. >> yes. stay away from the entire area all day. don't even pretend. just get away. >> taillights are red, red and green christmas. there's a little something. when your face turns red, that's another -- >> not a good red. >> nothing says happy holidays like a little road rage. >> this is like a much nicer day than usual for this ceremony. >> it's great. >> it was a lot colder last
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year. it was in the 30s. >> this will be a pleasant chachk pace. in the early morning darkness, a little chilly. but not that cold by last day of november standards. >> that's right. tomorrow, december 1st. the beginning of meteorological winter. >> last day of fall today. first day of winter tomorrow. current temperatures, upper 30s, low 40s. we'll take that as a mild enough start. planning out the day today. clouds early this morning. we'll get a decent amount of sunshine. late morning into the early parts of the afternoon. that should allow temperatures into the mid and upper 50s for a time. more clouds come back in later on in the evening. today's high near 59 degrees. over the next couple of days, breezy and cooler tomorrow. not bad over the weekend as well. we'll take a check of the temperatures and a big drop in temperatures late next week. melissa? >> yesterday i had the short sleeves. today, not so much. northbound 95
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two left lanes getting by the work. that's just reopened. no problems on 95. in maryland, inner loop and outer loocht beltway looking good. we had roadwork on the inner loop that's gone. through prince george's county into -- on 5 and 210 this morning, 301 also looking good. taking a look at 270 from 70 down to the spur, going to take you 26 minutes southbound. northbound also rolling along nice and green. guys? >> thank you, melissa. it's 5:02 this morning. another woman is asking to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. >> our news partners at wtop report that woman was sexually assaulted by a repeat offender. the university has been slow to investigate. derrick ward is live at howard to break down what's going on here. derrick? >> reporter: good morning again. these are troubling allegations against the university. it is not the first set of allegations like this.
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dou jane doe number 6. she says when she was assaulted by another student, the university was slow to investigate that assault and it actually made it difficult for her. she says it allowed her attacker to attack another woman. another student on campus. she joins five other jane does, women who say they were attacked between 2014 and 2016 and who claim that the university's handling of their cases made it difficult for them on campus. the latest litigant says she saw her attacker on campus after being told that he was not there and they actually ended up in the same dorm. now, the university has released a statement. they say that they are committed to investigating and solving this case. also, that their commitment to investigating is evidenced by a rigorous enforcement of the university's title 9 policy on prohibited sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination in educa a
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to have this case dismissed. that motion is yet to be ruled on. live at howard university, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. derrick, thank you. 5:04 right now. in a few hours, the "today" show will come on the air without matt lauer behind the desk. he's the latest to be fired over allegations of sexual misconduct. >> this wave of allegations started with hollywood producer harvey weinstein. since then, people have come forward accusing many others, louis c.k., jeremy piven, snore al franken, glenn thrush, journal charlie rose and john conyers and that's not a complete list. the news about lauer broke yesterday morning when the "today" show came on the air. he still has not commented. >> developing this morning, nbc news received at least two additional complaints about matt lauer. the incident he was fired for happened apartment the 2014
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a report by variety magazine alleges a pattern of misconduct. he extended late-night invites to his hotel room while covering the olympics. another woman claims he exposed himself to her in his office. several woman were ignored by executives when they complained. >> nbc news denies that allegation. it issued a statement reading "we can say unequivocally that prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of any complaints about matt lauer's conduct." jimmy fallon didn't go easy on lauer during the monologue for "the tonight show" last night. listen. >> nbc has fired math lawyer from the "today" show after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. if you're wondering where in the world is matt lauer, probably at a bar with charlie rose. that's our guess. >> the "today" show team was on in primetime last night.
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savannah guthrie, al roker, hoda cot by joined lester holt. they did not mention lauer. hearing from another media star fired for sexual miscond t misconduct. minnesota public radio fired garrison key lower. he's bee willered to be fired from the show he worked on for decades. he can't believe that somebody else can torch it in one morning. he said he put a hand on a woman's bare back while consoling her. he apologized when she recoiled and she forgave him. mpr says there are no other known allegations against keillor. airports it in bali are crowded. >> the winds are shifted enough for some planes to take off and land on the island. take a look at new video coming into the live
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airlines are sending extra flights to bali to evacuate thousands of tourists, families stranded since mt. agung started spewing smoke and ash. they're urging anyone within six miles of the volcano to get out of the potential blast zone and get to an emergency shelter if they can. the winds finally blew away some of the ash, blew some of it away from the airport and cleared a path for planes to get in and out. thank you. people are trying to figure out how a man died. we're still waiting to learn more details about this death investigation. that man was found dead at 13th and m streets northwest in the logan circle neighborhood. police are called to the scene there just before 6:00 p.m. police have not revealed the victim's name at this point. today, a survivor of the las vegas massacre is celebrating another birthday. tina frost turns 28 years old tonight. the community will honor
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with a fundraiser. starting at 11:00 a.m., the restaurant will donate 20% of all sales to the christina frost trust fund. her family is also holding a silent auction tonight from 7:00 until 9:00. in a few hours, one of the biggest holiday celebrations in our area will begin. tonight the national christmas tree lighting. while the event is beloved for ringing in the holiday season. it's one of our most dreaded nights in terms of traffic. >> yes. >> closures begin around the national mall at noon today. this is a look at all the roads that will be shut down to traffic. we've posted this information in the nbc washington app. avoid the area if you have to drive. megan mcgrath is on -- he's done this for many years. tell us what we need to know. >> reporter: i have done this for many years. every year they sort of changed the theme of the stage. right up front here. take a look for yourself. we have a giant wreath in the background.
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and gifts. this goes back to 1923 and the coolidge administration. tonight, of course, president trump will push the button and light the national christmas tree. take a look at video from last year's event to give you an idea of what we're expecting here tonight. kathie lee gifford and dean cain are going to host the event this year. acts include the beach boys, wynona and the texas tenors. there will also be a special thank you tribute. >> one of the things we're doing this year is recognizing our first responders who have played an important role in responding to natural disasters in 2017. >> reporter: and as is the case every year, there are some items that you're not allowed to bring. here are the unusual ones you might not think about. tablets and ipads. selfie sticks. all bags including purses and diaper bags and not allowed to
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now, you have to be in your seats by 4:30 if you are attending. again, you need a ticket. so to make sure you're in your seat by 4:30, arrive early. the security gates open at 3:00 in the afternoon. you will have to pass through security and the big event starts at 5:00. back to you guys. megan, thank you. you don't have to have a ticket to see the tree lighting tonight. you can watch it from home, of course. doug kammerer will be there live all evening starting on news 4 at 4:00. at least 75,000 lights should be turned on during the 5:00 hour. the weather should be okay for tonight's tree lighting. not bad, sheena. >> not bad at all. it will be cooperating nicely. because the rain will not be here until after the fact. that's the good news. not much rain in the forecast. one thing you'll notice today, more clouds than yesterday. the commute, though, is looking good this morning.
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upper 50s. as you are commuting later on, remember the traffic near the christmas tree lighting. it's going to be a mess. at least the roads will be nice and dry. a closer look at the tree lighting forecast coming up in a bit. and also how your weekend is shaping up straight ahead. just into the newsroom, new video of north korea's latest missile launch. what one u.s. official is saying about a war between the two countries. >> new details about the man who they
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the man accused of killing four people on the campus will make a court appearance. he's called a serial killer. a tip from a co-worker at mcdonald's led police to him. she doesn't think of herself as a hero. >> a lot of people are saying what they'll do in a situation like this. when something happens, it's totally different. i'm so proud of my wife for handling that the way she did. >> the co-worker found a gun inside donaldson's bag while at work and told a police officer. the same gun was used in all four murders. the tipster received a $9,000 reward from a local
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korea's latest missile lawn. north korea released video showing kim jong un inspecting the missile before the launch tuesday night. they claim the latest missile could hit the u.s. the pentagon confirms it went farther than any before. at a security council meeting, nikki haley says the u.s. does not want war. but if it comes to that, the north korean regime would be utterly destroyed. we're learning new details about the russia investigation. a new report that jared kushner has been questioned by special counsel robert mueller. according to the article, the questioning centered on michael flynn and what kushner knew about flynn's dealings with foreign countries. you may remember flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser after officials concluded he misled the white house about his
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russian officials. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. protesters in phoenix disrupted a rally for president trump. now we're getting a new look at how police responded. that demonstration happened in august. but phoenix police just released 30 hours of body cam footage and cell phone videos from that night. the smoke and tear gas made it hard to see more than a few feet. the videos show a man sucker punching someone and protesting throwing projectiles at others in the crowd. the aclu filed a lawsuit against the phoenix p.d. saying the department refused it release records from that night. the police chief is defending what her officers did to subdue those protesters. back to you, aaron. >> chris, thank you. it's 5:16. right now, the senate is in the middle of debating tax reform. if passed, it would be the
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system in three decades. senate republicans voted along party lines to force a floor vote over the next several days. with no democratic support, republicans can only afford to lose two votes. coming up, edward lawrence will explain why this is setting the stage for a contentious floor night. the redskins just hours away from a big night on the field. for the second week in a row they'll be playing in primetime. thursday night football. >> they are taking on our rivals. the dreaded dallas cowboys in texas. news 4 sports carol maloney has a preview. >> big night for the redskins. big night here on nbc4. burgundy and gold visiting the dallas cowboys. every game a must win. then they'd need help just to think about making the playoffs. >> racing for a battle in big d tonight. kirk cousins trying to win there for the first time in his career. the road is never easy. but the 'skins have proved they can get it done.
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losses away from fedex field. including their most recent road game, which of course they should have won in new orleans. the road wins they do have are impressive. in l.a. versus the rams. in seattle. the 'skins know what works and they know what doesn't. >> any time you go on the road, you want to go to whoever's place. try to turn that place into your home and silence the crowd. >> we have to make sure we have to answer their momentum with momentum of our own and try to maintain that level of consi consisten consistency. short yardage situation, have to keep turnovers or penalties. if we can stay away from shooting ourselves in the foot, we'll have a good opportunity to win. >> you can watch the redskins and the kouscowboys here on nbc tonight. reports on 5:00 and 6:00. footba"football night in americ picks up the coverage.
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no matter what happens the rest of the way, the dmv is happier if they can beat the boys. carol maloney. >> for sure. be nice to get revenge and feel good to beat the cowboys. >> it really do. must-do stuff these days. >> you know it's been an exciting month for nationals pitcher max scherzer. more congratulations are in order. >> the cy young award winner is now a father. scherzer and his wife erica welcomed a baby girl. >> look at her. >> born on tuesday. scherzer says that everybody is happy and healthy. good looking kid. >> she's beautiful. i want a closeup to see if her eyes are different colors like max's eyes. wouldn't that be cool. >> she came out going 94 miles an hour. >> she has an arm on her. >> congratulations to them. >> happy for him. >> babies everywhere. melissa's baby, eun --
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she's sitting right next to you. >> i'm old. where is my hearing aid and bifocals. we've got a cloudy sky overhead. no raindrops. won't need the umbrella for your morning commute. might have a few drops later on this evening. probably not until after 8:00. most of the day x don't need to worry about that umbrella. 44 degrees right now under the cloudy skies. light wind out of northeast. temperatures in the upper 30s for the shenandoah valley. closer to 40 in quantico and fredericksbu fredericksburg. afternoon highs today, it will be a nice day. won't be 70 degrees like yesterday. that was a rare treat here in the end of november. today, mid to upper 50s. again, a fair amount of sunshine during the middle of the day before more clouds come back in after 5:00 or 6:00. if you're headed to the tree lighting this evening, plan on temperatures falling into the upper 40s and low 50s. there's our little bit of a rain chance coming our
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the cold front going to come through late tonight and into the pre dawn hours of tomorrow morning. the clouds are lifting on out. so we'll have sunshine late morning into the mid parts of the afternoon. here's a look at future weather. clouds lowering and thickening. by 9:00, a chance of fading sprinkles through the i-95 corridor. right back to dry weather first thing tomorrow. tomorrow back to sunshine and 55 degrees. here's a look at the whole five-day forecast. 59 today, 55 tomorrow. mid-50s over the weekend. other than a sprinkle this evening, we'll be dry for the next five days. ten-day forecast in the next half hour. it's now time for traffic. >> good morning, chuck. right now, still have a problem in alexandria. this is south gordon shut down between duke and wheeler because of that water main break. traffic is being pushed around. we have police out on the scene. water company does know. rock creek parkway at the kennedy center. traffic opening through the work zone in
5:22 am
beltway along this morning. taking a look at 66. fairfax county parkway to the beltway. on time, 66 miles per hour. you're going to get there in eight minutes. we'll take a look at that situation on the red line. the long-standing work coming up. thank you, melissa. delivered babies and treated their mothers for years. the only problem, he wasn't a real doctor. how he escaped with practicing illegally for so long. remember to tune in later today for the ellen degeneres show. today, ellen welcomes chelsea haler. you cnda
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many of us use our phones for -- >> 2,000 pictures on here. not a one printed. the holidays are perfect time to print out the pictures for cards, gifts. >> thought about
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not all printing services are the same. susan hogan working for you with what you need to know. >> consumer reports checked out ten online photo printing services. they looked at everything from the ordering experience to options to costs and of course, quality. let's take a look at how things checked out. walgreens have the best quality for $.30 for 4 by 6 prints. walmart and amazon had excellent quality for $.09 each. they looked at auto cropping, a feature that couldance a photo. but -- >> some photos were cropped so severely that it cut off people's heads. >> review your order closely before you click buy. consumer reports says that all of the photos examined were better and cheaper than the ones that most of us print out from our home printers. back to you guys. you don't want pictures
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the wild scene unfolded at the drive through. the unexpected intervention when a suspect tried to get away from the cops ziefrnts plus, a fake doctor delivering babies. a mother hysterical during labor. how the phony doctor tricked a local hospital a nd
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fake doctor exposed. a man she trusted with their lives. airline glitch. thousands of holiday flights have no pilots. what's being done to help passengers left in a lurch. we're getting ready for the christmas tree lighting. will it awaken holiday grinches on the road? santa sitting in the car having a fit. >> you know what it's like rush hour on a normal night and then you add the road closures.
5:31 am
lighting. >> stay away from that area. that's our advice for this morning. >> yep. but good morning. 5:30 right now. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. the "news4 today" team is up early. melissa mollet is keeping an eye on that commute. >> we have our team of meteorologists working on your forecast. what are you laughing at, chuck? >> you two. you're worked up about this traffic downtown. >> don't g we're empathizing. enough of you. let's go outside. sheena parveen on the storm team 4 weather deck. >> in all reality, there's going to be road rage. for the ones who are going to get there on time, it's going to be a great night for tree lighting. we'll look at it that way. good weather for the tree lighting. you want your coat out there and this morning. temperatures across the area in the 30s for some spots. but we're really not as cold as we have been. so we are looking at the mid-40s for the district right now. 44 lorton. 42 in manassas. always the cooler spot on the
5:32 am
map. 37 dulles. 36 degrees. winchester. but for today, for the tree lighting, we're looking at temperatures right around the mid-40s this morning. but later on through the day, you'll notice clouds increasing. temperatures by 5:00 p.m., once it starts to get dark out, cloudy but dry. 57 degrees. we'll be chilly once that sunsets. the clouds will be bringing a few showers. but it looks like after the tree lighting is over. at least that's good news. we'll show you a closer look at the timing and how much colder it makes the weekend. let's check the roads are melissa mollet. >> hopefully no road rage. >> it's a little early for that. a reminder on the red line, no trains between silver spring and fort totten. this is through december 10th. takoma station closed because of construction. they have buses running this morning. 270 here at montrose road northbound and southbound. looking fine here through rockville. no big complaints there. 66.
5:33 am
[000:32:59;00] we see a little bit of red there. 95 northbound as you approach woodbridge. normal for 5:30 in the morning. south gordon street closed between duke and wheeler because of that water main break. eun? >> thank you, melissa. >> a howard university student is asking to join a federal lawsuit saying the school has been slow to investigate her case. wtop is reporting if added, she would be the sixth student to say she was raped at the university. the woman says she was assaulted by a repeat offender last year. in court documents, it took the school more than a year to deal with her case. the federal lawsuit also accuses the university of retaliating against victims who report assaults. >> new reports of sexual miss condition doukt against matt lauer this morning. the former "today" show co-host, it says, had a pattern of workplace behavior.
5:34 am
he was fired late tuesday night. lauer has not commented on the allegations against him. avoid driving near the national mall today. we mentioned it before. the christmas tree lighting is tonight. you're looking at video from last year's events. they start at noon, early on the nbc washington app. we'll check in with megan mcgrath for live previews in just a few minutes. the redskins are praying, i mean, preparing for tonight's big game. >> praying and preparing, same thing in my book. >> they are already in texas. ahead of their thursday night football matchup against the dallas cowboys. kickoff set for 8:30 right here on nbc4. >> it's 5:34. this is a shocking story out of prince george's county. for nearly a decade, a doctor treated pregnant women at prince george's hospital. but he wasn't a real doctor. turns out his credentials were fake. one of his victims tells news 4 her experience was a nightmare.
5:35 am
>> during my delivery, i thought i was losing >> chris lawrence has more from this mother and her lawyer on why they say the hospital is at fault here. chris? >> yeah. aaron, jasmine tinsly says he fraudulently obtained a medical license putting her and her baby at risk. she was the objestetrician when she gave birth. there were fake documents from his social security number to passport to birth certificate, u.s. visa. immigration documents, medical diploma and letters of recommendation. he pleaded guilty to a federal fraud charge and served jail time. the attorney who represents these women claim the hospital failed to do its homework. >> the fact that i'm just finding out that this man was a fake at the end of the day is really hurt me. >> maybe they should have checked his social security number.
5:36 am
they would have learned that >> prince george's hospital tells news 4 it will vigorously defend this lawsuit. they say he held physician licenses in virginia and maryland both of which in good standing. hospital executives admit that he had a complex and sophisticated identity theft scheme. eun? >> chris lawrence. thank you. today we'll see a major milestone for the new university of maryland medical center. they will be on hand in largo for the groundbreaking. it's the latest move in the effort to transform health care in and around prince george's county. the state of the art medical center will remace the current one in cheverly. a touching tribute to a police detective killed on the job. detective john suiter was laid to -- sean suiter was laid to rest yesterday.
5:37 am
thousands father of five. detective suiter died after being shot in the head with his own gun while investigating a murder earlier this month. the $215,000 reward is offered for information that leads to his killer. a local restaurant employee lends a hand or rather his shoulder to a virginia police chase. >> this is all caught on camera, too. take a look. you can see a few people standing in a parking lot in this surveillance video. then you see the handcuffed suspect run toward the restaurant there. the employee was there. he ended up blocking that suspect with his shoulder. took him to the ground. police were there to make the arrest. again, the suspect being charged with having drug paraphernalia. graduation scandal. students who were a no-show in school allegedly allowed to walk. what parents say really happened at a d.c. school and what the mayor is doing about it now.
5:38 am
>> plus, cats or dogs.
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5:40 am
finally, an answer new reaction to a bombshell report on a graduation scandal in d.c. >> mayor bowser and the
5:41 am
chancellor are calling for an internal investigationft lieu high school felt pressure to pass chronically absent students. an investigation found 57 students were on track to graduate last april but 164 children received diplomas in june. half of the graduates missed more than three months of school. the parents say they're worried about the quality of their kids' education. >> not getting an education, the right education. just being passed on. passed by. not fair for our kids at all. >> despite the report, no one has been fired. holiday flights with no one to fly the plane. american airlines is scrambling. what led up to this drama and what all travelers need to know about their flights. >> reporter: it's the beginning of the holiday season. tonight is the lighting of the
5:42 am
national christmas tree. i'll tell you everythingyo do down. the weather will be cooperative this morning. if you're headed down there, you may need your jacket. it will be chilly. this is thursday now. better known as little friday. both saturday and sunday should be dry and a fair amount of sunshine as well. highs in the 50s over the weekend. sheena will look at the whole ten-day forecast with i big drop in temperatures. you won't want to miss it. we'll take a look at the roads. our travel times and this issue long-standing on the red line coming up
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5:45 am
. we're following breaking news in prince george's county where police need your help to find a missing teenage boy. take a look. this is a 14-year-old boy who the last time he was seen was in oxon hill on lake drive not far
5:46 am
from the he's about 5'7", weighs about 115 pounds. his family hasn't seen him since wednesday. they're hoping someone sees his picture, calls in with information. aaron, eun, back to you. chris, thank you. it's 14 before the hour. right now the senate is one step closer to passing tax reform. last night republicans voted along party lines to force a floor debate the next several days. >> that could lead to a number of amendments and tense moments. edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with more on how republicans can't afford to lose any support for this bill. edward? >> exactly, eun. there's only 52 republicans in the senate. they can lose only two of them. there's a number of the senators, republican senators who are expressing concern with this bill. for example, senator bob corker saying that it could add too much money to the deficit over ten years. other republicans worried that independent projections show that families or americans
5:47 am
making under $75,000 a year taxes. there's a lot of concern now. right now the bill is in a 20-hour debate period where amendments can be added. voted up or voted down. once that's finished shall the final vote could be voted on tonight. >> edward lawrence on the hill this morning. edward, thank you. 5:47 now. this is my country and he's making me feel unsafe. that's how one northern virginia muslim woman reacted. president trump retweeting a series of anti-muslim videos. the president retweeted unvetted videos that had been posted by the leader of a far right national list group. julie carey visited the mosque in falls church shortly after the tweets. >> we look to our president as an american citizen for safety, for guidance, for protection. here he is dividing us.
5:48 am
dividing his own citizens. you have to ask, what is that >> the president's press secretary says it's all about the president sending a message that a threat exists. she says whether the videos are real is beside the point. >> this morning, deputies are looking into new reports as kkk flyers found in bags throughout small towns in virginia. the "washington post" reports a woman found one of the bags on her driveway in rappahannock county. inside the message urged recipients to join the ku klux klan. another neighbor says a flyer she found attacks jews and their synagogues. new developments in decision 2017. virginia democrats are officially calling for recounts in at least two races. democrat dante tanner trails hugo in district 40 which includes parts of fairfax and prince william county. in newport news, ten votes
5:49 am
separate democrats shelly simons and republican incumbent delegate daviane yans i. >> stafford county republican bob thomas won by 82 votes over democrat joshua cole. 147 voters received ballots for the wrong house district in that race. one of our area's biggest holiday celebrations is just a few hours away. we're talking about the national christmas tree lighting which is tonight. >> it is beloved for ringing in the holiday season but one of our area's most dreaded nights on the roads. take a look at this map. it will show you where the roads will be closed to traffic starting as early as noon in some cases. all this information in the nbc washington app. the short story here, avoid the national mall if you're driving. >> news 4's megan mcgrath is on -- what should people know if they're planning to head out tonight? >> reporter: there are things you can bring and things you can't bring, of course the traffic an the parking and all
5:50 am
of that is an always a terrific event. the location here, you can actually see the national tree behind me. that's a colorado blue spruce. it is dark now. but it's all going to change in a matter of hours. this is a tradition dating back to 1923 and the coolidge administration. tonight president trump will do the honors. push that button and light up the tree. take a look at the video from last year's event. you can get an idea of what to expect this year. kathie lee gifford will be one. hosts. some of the action includes the beach boys, the texas tenors. there will be a special thank you tribute also. >> one of the things we're doing this year is recognizing our first responders who have played an important role in respond to go natural disasters in 2017. >> reporter: and so they've changed up the stage a little bit this year. something to keep in mind.
5:51 am
there are items you can't of course. here are things you might not think about. ipads and tablets. not allowed to bring them. selfie sticks, leave them at home. also, all bags, that includes purses and diaper bags and you're not allowed to bring any food or drinks. the event itself starts at 5:00. but they want everybody back in their seats -- in their seats, rather at 4:30. you have to pass through security. get here early. those security gates open at 3:00. give yourself enough time to get here and get in place. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath, live on the ellipse this morning. >> the people heading out early, it's not as cold as it has been. >> it's not as cold. we'll be in the 50s by the time those lights come on. that's good news if you don't like the cold weather. it's also good because we'll be staying dry. we have rain in the forecast for late tonight.
5:52 am
it's not going to be here as you're getting your thursday started and about to head out the door for the morning commute, we're looking at clouds around the area. but we have nice dry roads that always makes things easy. bus stop, the kids want a warm coat. by the afternoon, be near 60 degrees. dry and chilly, though, for the tree lighting. even though we'll be in the 50s once the sun goes down. late tonight, that's when we have a few showers after that christmas tree lighting. currently, 44 degrees in washington. 44 in lorton. areas like dulles coming in at 37 degrees. frederick is 36. 37 in fredericksburg for the bus stop this morning. we stay dry. 43 degrees by 7:00 a.m. 45 by 8:00 a.m. 3:00 p.m. for the kids at the bus stop, getting out of the bus heading back home. we'll be closer to 60 degrees. you'll notice the clouds around. here's your forecast for the white house christmas tree lighting. temperatures by 6:00 p.m., will be still in the 350s. 52 degrees by 8:00 p.m.
5:53 am
we have cu i think we'll see a little bit of sunshine before more clouds move in. that's because of a cold front headed our way. right now, even though the clouds are here, we are nice and dry. future weather through the day, not until 8:00, 9:00, few showers start to move in. this is not going to be a big deal. these are mostly very light showers and not everyone will see them. they will be clearing out in time for your friday morning. friday looks good, dry, breezy but cooler. 55 for a high. over the weekend, we're colder. 52 for a high saturday. the weekend looks nice and dry for whatever you're doing. maybe if you're getting a christmas tree this weekend. looks good on your cars. speaking of your car and the drive this morning, let's see how the roads look. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. taking a look at the roads in a minute. the rails on the red line. still have the situation on the red line where we have this partial closure. no trains, of course, between silver spring and fort totten. takoma station closed for
5:54 am
construction. th instead. chopper 4 over bw parkway at the beltway. everything looking okay there right now. still shut down between duke and wheeler because of a water main break. traffic being diverted. your slow spot will be manassam. no major problems on the beltway. as for travel times, 270 south, no issues. top of the beltway looking good this morning. taking a look at 66 and 95, all very normal. eun? >> thank you, melissa. you may want to visit the app store on your phone and pass an update. >> nap chat is unveiling a new personalized redesign. a tech reports that stories and messages from people you talk to and view the most will now be to the left of the camera. add stories from social media stars and the search bar will be
5:55 am
featured for the right of the new version by friday. >> you better get on that. >> i'm so looking forward to it. >>. thousands of flights fort holidays may not have pilots to fly them. >> they're trying to avoid canceling thousands of flights. this allowed too many pilots to take vacations during the travel week. even if you have a flight, it's not time to panic just yet. >> around the holidays you don't have that margin for error. an airline can't afford to have something go wrong. we are still more than two weeks away from the affected flights. as sudden as it feels, it's not really that sudden in airline terms. >> american says it already plans to use reserve pilots.
5:56 am
also offeri incentives to pick up flights up to 150% of their hourly pay. all of a sudden pilots canceling vacations and coming back to work. mayor bowser will break ground on a housing and retail development. it will be the future site for more than 430 mixed use -- mixed income amounts. 142 will be affordable housing. there will be a whole foods market. this project includes more than $500,000 to include buildings along the intersection at florida and sherman avenue northwest. bei bei is on the mend. zookeepers at the national zoo say the popular panda had increased mucus in his stools. sorry if you're eating breakfast. he had concerning symptoms that included no appetite. he was offered small amounts of
5:57 am
bamboo and honey i know you were curious about his condition. now you know. >> glad that mucus is he -- whatever. call it a battle of the brains. we're talking about dogs versus cats. are dogs smarter than cats is the question. according to researchers at vanderbilt, the answer is yes. a dog's brain contains more than twice the neurons of a cat's brain. neurons are associated with thinking, planning, complex behaviors, too. dogs have roughly 530 million neurons, compared to a cat with 260 million neurons. >> man's best friend. dogs really make the connection, he loves you. he runs up to me and greets me at the door. >> they are slick. >> little scary. you know what i mean? next on news 4 at 6:00, bragging rights and a chance at the playoffs on the line. we're counting down to the
5:58 am
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6:00 am
new video -- college college students say they were raped on campus. why a new victim wants to join a lawsuit against howard university. get ready for a throwdown in dallas. the 'skins are headed to dallas with the season on the line. >> how many times have we been in that position. season on the line, must win, must win. >> the cowboys haven't scored a touchdown in three months. this should be the time to beat them. >> it should be. >> it should be. >> i'm tired of being disappointed, chuck. don't give me any hope. >> if we lose 6-3, i will feel bad. >> we need a win. >> mapping expectations. >> we need a big win on saturday, oklahoma over tcu in the title game. >> that was the next thought. you're on your own for that one, chuck. >> i thought you would be -- there's a live picture along


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