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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 30, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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college students say they were raped on campus. why a new victim wants to join a lawsuit against howard university. get ready for a throwdown in dallas. the 'skins are headed to dallas with the season on the line. >> how many times have we been in that position. season on the line, must win, must win. >> the cowboys haven't scored a touchdown in three months. this should be the time to beat them. >> it should be. >> it should be. >> i'm tired of being disappointed, chuck. don't give me any hope. >> if we lose 6-3, i will feel bad. >> we need a win. >> mapping expectations. >> we need a big win on saturday, oklahoma over tcu in the title game. >> that was the next thought. you're on your own for that one, chuck. >> i thought you would be -- there's a live picture along the south lot of the
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house. all the preparations for this evening. we'll give you the forecast if you're going to be one of the,000 of people down there. we'll give you that forecast in a bit. >> a mostly cloudy morning. temperatures mid-30s across the suburbs. in the low 40s up and down the i-95 corridor. low to mid-40s in southern maryland. as you plan out your thursday, cloudy and chilly this morning. i'm optimistic we'll get a fair amount of sunshine late morning into the early parts of the afternoon. after 8:00, could be a couple of sprinkles around. if you're going to the tree lighting. they turn the lights on at 5:15 or so. there's the highs today. no more 70s. it may have been the last 70 for the season yesterday. >> took a couple walks yesterday. had to take advantage. taking a look at the roads, chopper 4 at the top of beltway.
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inner loop and outer loop of the beltw beltway. if that sticks around, it's going to cause backups through that area. prince george's county into town and out of town as you head in towards the beltway or outside of the beltway, looking fine. fairfax county parkway to the beltway, it will take you nine minutes. we'll look at 270 and that problem on 295 coming up. melissa, thank you. we're following breaking news this morning. there is new video showing north korea's missile launch. >> chris has more at the live desk. >> you can actually see it leaving the launchpad in the north -- the missile can reach any target in the united states. north korea's government released the new video of what's card a bigger, more advanced missile complete with a mobile launc
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destroy. some of the video shows kim jong eun -- kim jong un inspecting the missile. if it's loaded down with a real nuclear warhead, possible it might not have the power to travel anywhere close to the u.s. eun, aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. this morning, another woman is asking to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. >> our news partners at wtop report that the woman was sexually assaulted by a repeat offender. derrick ward is live at howard to break down what exactly is going on here. good morning. >> good morning, again. being identified as jane doe number 6. that would imply there are five other women in the federal lawsuit. she claims after she was sexually assaulted on campus by
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2016, the university slow to investigate. they haven't been keeping her posted on the status of the investigation. in november, now she still doesn't know. she says by dragging its feet, the university has allowed this attacker, her attacker to attack another student. our sister station, wtop reports that this woman joins five other women who filed lawsuits. an incidents that happened in 2014 and 2016 and who claims that howard university's handling of their cases has made it difficult for them here on campus. this latest woman to join this lawsuit says she saw her attacker on campus after being told that he was not there and the two of them ended up in the same dormitory. howard university has released a statement and in part it says that howard university takes this very seriously. that is all allegations of sexual assault, sexual harassment and domestic violence and gender-based discrimination are occurring on the
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as of july, they had filed a motion to have the suit dismissed. so far, no ruling on the motion. howard university, derrick ward, news 4. developing this morning, we're learning about new allegations against matt lauer nearly a day after nbc news announced his firing. the host has not commented about the allegations. >> the incident he was fired for happened at the 2014 olympics in sochi, russia. there are at least two other complaints against him. a report by variety magazine alleges a pattern of misconduct. lauer allegedly extended late-night invitations to his hotel room while covering the olympics. another woman claims lauer exposed himself to her in his office. magazine also says several women were ignored by nbc news when they complained. >> nbc news denies that allegation. it issued a statement reading "we can say prior to monday night, current nbc news
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of any complaints about matt lauer's conduct." jimmy fallon did not go easy on him during the opening monologue last night. take a listen. >> nbc has fired matt lauer from the "today" show after he was accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. if you're wondering where in the world is matt lauer, he's probably at a bar with charlie rose. that's our guess. >> charlie rose was fired earlier this month from his job as co-host of cbs this morning after allegations of sexual misconduct against him. >> nbc news promised transparency as it investigates the accusations against lauer. you can look for more updates on the "today" show airing after "news4 today." we're hearing from another media star fired for sexual miss condition duct. minnesota public radio terminated garrison keillor yesterday. he told a massachusetts neap
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he added he can't believe "somebody else can torch it in one morning." keillor says he put his hand on a woman's bare back while consoling her. he apologized when she recoiled and she forgave him. mpr says there are no other known allegations against keillor. d.c. police are trying to figure out how a man died. we're working to learn more details about the death investigation. he was found dead at 13th and m streets northwest in the logan circle neighborhood. police were called to the scene just before 6:00 p.m. police have not revealed the victim's name. a survivor of the las vegas massacre is celebrating another birthday. tina frost turns 28 years old today. tonight the community will honor her with a fundraiser. the restaurant will donate 20% of all sales to the christina frost
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silent auction from 7:00 until 9:00. > in skbrus a few hours, the national christmas tree will be lit up for the holiday. take a live look from the ellipse right now. gates open at 3:00 p.m. if you don't have a ticket, you probably want it avoid the area. most roads around the national mall will be closed starting at noon. we have a full list of the closures in the nbc washington app. i tweeted that out. we'll check back with megan mcgrath for a preview of tonight. that's coming up at 6:30. also tonight, a huge, huge thursday night football matchup for the second week in a row. the 'skins are playing in primetime. the team is headed to dallas to take on the cowboys. carol maloney has a preview of the must-win face-off. >> big night for the redskins. big night here on nbc4.
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burgundy and gold is visiting the dallas cowboys. every game a must win. then they need help. just to think about making the playoffs. bracing for a battle in big d tonight. kirk cousins trying to win there for the first time in his career. the road is never easy but the 'skins have proved they can get it done. the season's two wins, three losses away from fedex field. including their most recent road game which of course they should have won in new orleans. now, the road wins they do have are impressive. in l.a. versus the rams. in seattle. the 'skins know what works and they know what doesn't. >> you know, any time you go on the road, you want to go into whoever's place, try to turn that place into your home, try to silence the crowd. >> we have to make sure we have to answer their momentum with momentum of our own and try to maintain that level of consistency throughout the course of the game. the games that we've lost on the road, we've failed in two minutes. short yardage situations. ad
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penalti penalties. if we can stay away from shooting ourselves in the foot, we have a great opportunity to win. you can watch the redskins, the cowboys on nbc4 tonight. we'll have reports at 5:00 and 6:00. "football night in america" picks up coverage at 7:30 p.m. kicks off at 8:30. no matter what happens the rest of the way, the dmv is much happier place if they can beat the boys. rest up. it will be a late night. carol maloney, news 4 sports. breaking news overnight. new video of a rally for president trump. a look inside the chaos here and why police are just releasing this video now. >> shutdown showdown. paychecks on the line to gridlock. that could shut down the government right before christmas. it is a chilly start to the morning. as we go through the afternoon, we'll see the clouds increase and rain chances move in. temperatures in the district, 44 degrees. some suburbs in the 30s. in just a
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tree lighting forecast. the national christmas tree lighti
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good thursday morning. we're looking at a chilly start to your day. one thing you'll notice is a change. we'll see more clouds throughout the state today. temperatures when you wake up and walk outside, 43 degrees by 7:00 a.m. near 50 degrees by 9:00 a.m. not as warm as yesterday. we'll show that you forecast, plus the tree lighting forecast coming up. melissa. >> big delays on 295 southbound. chopper 4295 southbound as you approach -- take a look at the backups building. two problems on the beltway. we'll talk about all of this coming up.
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the search continues for a missing florida teenager. she's believed to have runoff with her 27-year-old soccer coach. she left her control phone fully erased and took out money from an account. her mother is heartbroken. she spoke to "today." >> did we do something? what could we have done or said that called for this? >> deputies say the soccer coach is netechnically not charged wi any crimes. he could be charged with interfering with child custody. in florida, that's a felony. now to a disturbing story inside d.c. a woman says she was attacked and the security officer at the scene did very little to help her. logan says she was heading up the escalator tuesday afternoon, twice she asked a man in front of her if sheco
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first the man didn't respond. at the top of the escalators, he turned and punched her in the face. look at her eye there. logan says there was an officer there, security officer. he did nothing to help her. >> why was my phone -- my phone was on speaker while the security officer was on top of me. he didn't give me no type of sis tan. >> logan says she can barely open her eye now. amtrak is investigating the case. protesters in phoenix -- just released about 30 hours of body cam footage and cell phone video from that night. the -- smoke and tear gas make it hard to see -- the video show a man sucker punching
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projectiles into the crowd. the department refused to release records from that night. but the police chief is defending what her officers did to subdue those protests. eun, back to you. >> chris, thank you. it's 6:17. another federal government shutdown is looming now if an agreement is not reached. the spending bill to fund the government will expire next friday. >> there may not be a deal to prevent it. republicans refuse to add them in. but they will need at least some democratic support. the bill needs 60 votes to pass. all right. we're talking about the weather. we have some beautiful days and now it's kind of on the cooler side. >> 70 degrees yesterday. >> so nice. if you're going to bust the forecast, bust it so people are happier. >> yes. >> forecast at 65
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that was already 12, 13 degrees above average. >> yes. >> five extra bonus degrees. no additional cost to you. >> thank you, chuck. >> today will not be 70 degrees. in fact, not only -- there may not be any 70s for the year. i'm throwing that out there. a big shot of intense cold air arrives here a late next week and it might, dare he say it, yes. there may be a snowflake a week from tomorrow. it's still a long ways out. but the cold air is coming. so enjoy the relatively mild weather we have now. mr. lincoln not complaining this morning. chilly but not too cold. 44 in washington with a light northeast wind. plenty of clouds. late morning into the afternoon, the decent amount of sunshine coming. temperatures will rise from the mid-30s to 40. now up to a high near 55 to 59 degrees today. so you need your jacket this morning. no umbrella needed for the daylight hours. there could be a few sprinkles after dark today. >> the daily grade
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we're going b-plus today. 59 degrees with clouds, then sun. chance for sprinkles after 8:00. we can track the weather on our nbc washington app. find me on chuck bell on twitter. >> up 50ers at 4:00 as you're sitting in traffic and getting into the area around the ellipse. as the tree gets turned on, temperatures in the low to mid-50s. good weather for the tree lighting this evening. no super cold air in the next five days. it follows a serious chance for rain tuesday, wednesday of next week. for now, it's time to hear from melissa mollet. >> at this point, we have a couple of things to tell you about here. one of them chopper 4 over this problem. d.c. 295 southbound at nanny helen borough. you can see the left side of the roadway is blocked similar to something yesterday morning. starting to see the delays headed
6:20 am
outbound, you're okay on 295. inner loop before braddock road. in the main lanes, we have one crash here blocking two lanes. then the express lanes, another report before braddock road with one lane getting by the crash in the express lanes. taking a look inbound at 210, we're slow as you head northbound on 210 approaching the beltway. 95 here in virginia, quantico to the beltway, going 33 miles per hour. going to take you 35 minutes. your slow spot is as you head into woodbridge. hearing about a new problem on 270. we'll talk about that coming up. thank you, melissa. holiday flights with no one to fly the planes. american airlines is scrambling. what led up to the drama and what travelers need to know about their flights. tis the season for the holiday cards. how to find the best quality for the family photos and the best buy for your budget. get ready to laugh. chelsea handler will be trading jokes with ellen. the fun kicks offt a
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see holiday tradition in a whole new light. join in the joy of christmas town at busch gardens. with over 8 million twinkling lights. more than anywhere else in america. enjoy coasters and thrills. and celebrate with holiday shopping and shows. bring your family to busch gardens and you would even say it glows. christmas town. where christmas shines brightest.
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. 6:43 right now. union station officially decked out for the holiday. they held the norwegian christmas tree lighting ceremony. it was a gift to d.c. >> beautiful. >> look at that. it really is. it symbolizes the -- the goal is to see gratitude for the help people received during world war ii. d.c. lit the tree every year since 1997. >> the giant leaves, i love it. >> a lot
6:24 am
photo albums these days. everything gets stored there. the holidays are a good time to print out some of the pictures for cards or gifts. >> once a year. >> not all printing services are the same. our consumer reporter susan hogan is working for you with what you need to know. >> consumer reports checked out ten online photo printing services. they looked at everything from the ordering experience to editing options to cost and of course, quality. so let's take a look at how things checked out. walgreens had the best quality for $.30 for 4 by 6 prints. walmart and amazon had excellent quality for $.09. they looked at editing options like cropping, a feature that should enhance a photo, but -- >> they were cropped so severely that they cut off people's heads. >> review your order
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all of the photos examined were better and cheaper than the ones most of us print out from our home printers. back to you guys. >> did you make a list? >> walmart, amazon. speaking of amazon, hit a new record on cyber monday. >> it was the biggest shopping day in the company's history. sales increased 30% from last year. amazon says orders made through the app increased more than 50% compared to last year. the most popular cyber monday product for amazon was the echo dot. a fake doctor delivering babies and a mother's hysterical labor. what patients are doing about it now. >> reporter: there it is. the national christmas tree. it is dark now. but that is all going to change in a matter of hours. i'll tell you everything you need to know if you're headed to the ellipse. good morning. it's a chilly start as you walk out the door. make sure
6:26 am
still another day where it's unseasonably mid. l
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a live look this morning at the white house. the lights aren't even on yet. we're already counting down to the lighting of the national christmas tree. this is a time honored tradition around here during the holidays. >> we have team coverage for you from the road closures to the security changes. melissa mollet has your first 4 traffic and megan mcgrath is live on the ellipse. >> first, we want to get to the all-important forecast. our team of meteorologists looking at the next chance for rain. sheena parveen on the weather deck with what we can expect today. hey, sheena. >> good morning, guys. it's a chilly one as you're about to step outside. no rain right now. that's good news as you're about to make your way out for the morning commute. you want a coat for the morning hours. but by this afternoon, we'll be warmer than normal. not as warm arrest yesterday. more clouds around. it's 44 degrees right
6:30 am
washington. dulles is 34 degrees. gaithersburg at 39. frederick at 36. clinton, 42. quantico, 47 degrees. fredericksburg has dropped to 37 degrees. so for your thursday morning commute, we're looking at dry conditions. dry roads out there. even by lunchtime. but you will notice more clouds around. by 5:00 p.m., once it starts to get dark out, once the tree lighting begins, we'll still be dry. temperatures dropping into the mid-50s. the rain won't be here until 8:00 or 9:00. we'll take a closer look at the timing. a check of your tree lighting forecast as well. let's check the roads with melissa mollet on this thursday. hey, melissa. >> good morning. again for the tree lighting, we're going to have the closures, parts of 17th and 18th and 14th and 15th around the ellipse closed. this is 295 southbound as you approach the borough. headed into the district, you can see those delays are going to be similar to a problem southbound on 295 yesterday
6:31 am
morning, unfortunately. >> inner loop before braddock road, two lanes blocked in the main lanes. the express lanes also one lane getting by the crash. as you can see, the rest of the beltway is looking okay this morning. southbound 270, right shoulder blocked by a crash. everybody seems to be getting by okay. just an orange and yellow color. remember on the red line, no trains between sill letter spring and fort totten. takoma station also closed. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:31. the national christmas tree lighting will bring thousands of additional people to downtown washington today. >> preparations under way down at the ellipse. megan mcgrath continues our team coverage. >> megan, you've been preparing us for years. anything we should know about this year? >> reporter: well, there are a few things you shouldn't bring that you might not know about. by and large, it's similar. got to get here early. get into your seat at
6:32 am
the stage is ready to go. they did their dress rehearsal last night. in addition to doing the national tree, the lighting of the national tree, they have 56th, state and terry -- this is one of the ornaments done by the elementary students on smith island. it's an oyster shell. painted on it are two native maryland birds. a lot to see here. in addition to the national tree, of course, take a look. this is a video from last year's big event. this year, of course, president trump will be flipping the switch and lighting the tree. that's going to take place at 5:00 tonight. there's a range of things happening here. different acts really designed to cater to everyone's taste. >> one of the things that makes the lighting so special, it's unique in its own way. like always, we have a range of talent.
6:33 am
a great range of talent tonight. >>. >> kathie lee gifford and dean cain are hosting this year. if you have a ticket, get here, get in your seats by 4:30. the security gates open at 3:00. things not to bring and this might surprise some people. you cannot bring selfie sticks. sorry about that. no tablets, no ipads. also no bags. they're also saying included in that no diaper bags, no purses. certainly keep that in mind if you're headed down. >> good to know. megan mcgrath live on the ellipse. thank you. whether you're going or trying to avoid that area, we're work for you with everything you need to know. things you can't bring in the nbc washington app. search tree lighting. 6:33. here's a look at the morning's top stories. a howard university student is asking to join a federal university saying the school has been slow to investigate her allegations of
6:34 am
wtop is reporting she would be the sixth student to say she was raped at the university. the woman was assaulted by a repeat offender last year. it accuses the university of retaliating against victims who report assault. >> there are new reports of sexual misconduct against matt lauer this morning. report by variety magazine claims the former "today" show co-host had a pattern of inappropriate workplace behavior. she was fired by nbc news late tuesday night. lauer has not commented on the allegations against him. the redskins are preparing for tonight's big game. they're already in texas ahead of the thursday night football matchup against the cowboys. kickoff set for 8:30 here on nbc4. now to a disturbing story out of prince george's county. for nearly a decade, a man posing as a doctor treated pregnant women at prince george's hospital center. >> turns out, though, his credentials were fake. jasmine tinsly says he fraudulen
6:35 am
license and that put her and her baby at risk. he was the obstetrician when she gave birth five years ago. he pleaded guilty to a federal fraud charge and served jail time. they claim the hospital failed to do its homework. i'm just findsing out that this man was a fake at the end of the day. it's really hurt me. >> they should have checked his social security number. they would have learned that he's a fraud. >> prince george's hospital center tells news 4 that it will vigorously defend this lawsuit. the doctor held physician licenses in maryland and virginia. both of which were in good standing. the hospital executives admit he had a complex and sophisticated identity theft scheme. today the man accused of randomly killing four people in tampa, donaldson was a serial
6:36 am
killer. a tip led police to donaldson. a co-worker found a gun inside his bag at work and told a police officer. that was the gun used in all four murders. we're learning new details about the russia investigation. a usa today reports that jared kushner had been questioned by special counsel robert mueller. according to the article, that questioning centered on former national security adviser michael flynn and what kushner knew about flynn's dealings with foreign countries. you may remember flynn was forced to resign as national security adviser after officials concluded he misled the white house about his contact with russian officials. holiday travel trouble. one airline may be added to santa's naughty list this year. what's being done to help passengers that may not make it home in time for christmas. graduation scandal. students who were a no-show in school allowed to walk.
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welcome back at 6:40. we have new reaction to a bombshell report on a school graduation scandal in d.c. >> mayor bowser and the school system's chancellor are calling for an internal investigation. there are allegations that teachers at ballou high school felt pressured to pass students. they found 57 students were on track to graduate last april but 164 received diplomas in june and half of the graduates missed more than three months of school. some parents are worried about the quality of their kids' education. >> not getting an education, the right education and being passed on. passed by. not fair for our kids at all. >> despite the report, no one has been fired. 15,000 american airlines flights around the holidays
6:41 am
a scheduling glitch allows to many pilots to take vacation during the busy travel picks. they plan to use reserve pilots and staff pilots incentives to pick up flights for up to 150% of their hourly pay. >> you may want to update your snapchat. it's unveiling three designs. they report the stories and messages from people you talk to and view the most will be to the left of the camera. stories from celebrities and the search bar will be featured to the right of the camera. snapchat users can download the new version on friday. new overnight, north korea's new threat. the missile inspection and the proof and video that has the world on edge. . >> reporter: the number now stands at six. that's the number of women filing a federal lawsuit against howard university for its handling of rape cases on campus. details coming up on news 4. outside this morning, we ha
6:42 am
early morning skies. sun coming up just after 7:00 a.m. a lot of clouds this morning. plenty of sunshine before more clouds and a few sprinkles this evening. detailed forecast coming up. problems on the road. 295 inbound here. chopper 4 showing the big delay. new issues on
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
breaking news. new this morning, the first look at north korea's historic missile launch. new reaction to the threat and who says this brings us closer to war. >> rapes reported on campus. howard university accused of failing to help students. the new case that will land a historic school in court. a pattern of misconduct. long-time nbc anchor matt lauer fired over allegations of inappropriate sexual misconduct. new overnight, late night talk show hosts did not hold back. >> he went on to attack nbc news executives and kim jong un was like, did you go through that missile yesterday or -- >> promising the lowest prices all year a
6:46 am
get the best buys. this morning, another woman is asking to join a federal lawsuit against howard university. >> our news partners at wtop are reporting that woman says she was sexually assaulted by a repeat offenders and the university has been slow to investigate. news 4's derrick ward is live at howard with what we need to know. derrick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning again. this woman is only identified as jane doe number 6. she joins 1 through 5 in a federal lawsuit. she claims that after she was attacked at a dormitory on campus by another student back in april of 2016, that the university dragged its feet with the investigation. she says by delaying it allowed her alleged attacker to attack another woman. now, these other women, the other five women already in this case started filing their cases from incidents back from 2014 to 2016. they say it's
6:47 am
them on campus after reporting these. one person said her attacker was off campus but she ran into him and he ended up in the same dorm. the university released a statement and it reads in part that the university has been and remains committed to diligently investigating any such allegation to ensure a safe and healthy community for our faculty, staff and students. university has filed a motion to dismiss this case. that motion has not been ruled on as of yet. >> live at howard university, derrick ward. developing this morning, new allegations against matt lauer nearly a day after nbc news announced his firing. the former "today" show host hasn't commented about sexual misconduct allegations. >> it happened at the 2014 olympics in sochi, russia. there were two other complaints against lauer. a report alleges a
6:48 am
misconduct. lauer extended late-night invitations to his hotel room. another woman claimed lauer exposed himself to her. several women were ignored by nbc news when they complained. nbc news denies that allegation and issued a statement reading in part, we can stay unequivocally prior to monday night, current nbc news management was never made aware of complaints about matt lauer's conduct. jimmy nafallon did not go ey on matt lauer during his opening monologue. >> nbc fired matt lauer from the "today" show after being accused of inappropriate sexual behavior. if you're wondering where in world is matt lauer, he's probably at a bar with charlie rose. >> charlie rose was fired from cbs this morning after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against him. >> nbc news
6:49 am
the accusations against lauer. look for updates on the "today" show in a few minutes after "news4 today.." new overnight, we're hearing from another media star fired for sexual misconduct. minnesota public radio terminated garrison keillor. he told a massachusetts newspaper he's bewildered to be fired from the show he worked on for decades. he added he can't "believe somebody else can torch it in one morning." keillor said he put his hands-on a woman's bare back while trying to console her. he apologized when she recoiled and she forgave him. mpr says there are no other known allegations against keillor. > . you can actually see it leaving the launchpad. north korea's government released the new video of what's considered a bigger missile with a better engine along with a
6:50 am
mobile launcher that will make it more difficult to destroy. some of the footage shows kim jong un inspecting the missile and celebrating the launch on wednesday. experts say it's a leap in technology. but this missile carried a dummy warhead. it's loaded down with a heavier real nuclear warhead. it's possible the missile may not have the range to hit certain targets in the u.s. >> eun. >> thank you, chris. >> a survivor of the las vegas massacre is celebrating another birthday. tina frost turns 28 years old today and tonight. community will honor her with a fundraiser. it will be held at the green turtle in gam brels. at 11:00 a.m., they will donate 20% of all sales to the tina frost trust fund. >> her family is holding a silent auction from 7:00 until 9:00. today, d.c. mayor bowser will break ground on a new housing and retail development. the rent at 965 florida avenue northwest will be the future site for more than 430
6:51 am
apartments. there will be a whole foods market there as well. this project includes money to include buildings along the intersection of florida and sherman avenues too. >> it's now time to get an update on the morning commute. >> 6:51 is our time. we'll look at first four traffic is melissa mollet. >> good morning, guys. taking a look at a couple of new problems. new hampshire avenue, brand new disabled vehicle in the right lane causing some delays. you can see the slowdowns southbound on 95 leading into the outer loop. also painful for folks this morning. this is another issue. inbound on 295. southbound in the cheverly area, this is chopper 4 showing us this delay. shoub as you approach nanny holland road. the left lane still blocked. southbound 270 at the lane divides crash on the shoulder. we have debris there. be careful if you're headed southbound. it might be slow. before braddock road, it's
6:52 am
also, the express lanes before braddock, one lane still getting by that crash. 270 north here, just before -- as you head southbound, right shoulder is blocked by a crash here this morning. travel times, 270 south looks okay. top of the beltway looking all right here right now. 66 inbound is all right. 95 northbound, a little slow quantico to the beltway. listen to wtop when you hop in your car today. good morning, ms. parveen. good morning, ms. mollet. take a look at the beautiful sunrise. a look at the clouds. we managed to get a sliver in on the horizon. we're still looking at the clouds through the day today. 44 degrees in washington. some areas in the 30s. 34 dulles. 35 manassas. 34 in clinton. 36 in frederick. winchester at freezing. 32 degrees. front royal 34. we will be getting a little bit warmer than normal again today. if you're walking the
6:53 am
animal rescue. walking your dog by lunchtime, 56 degrees by the afternoon. more clouds around. we'll be topping out around 59 for a daytime high. milder than normal. future weather showing 8:00. showers approach. mostly north and west of the district. fairly light. by 10:00 p.m., some of the showers continuing to move through. we do clear out by early tomorrow morning. that's all part of a cold front. we'll talk about that weekend forecast in a minute. let's check the tree lighting forecast. the national christmas tree. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sheena. finally, one of our favorite days in washington. turn the lights on on the tree in the ellipse. it's going to be good weather for that. the clouds will be thickening back up. any rain chances hold off until after 8:00 this if you're going to be down there. it will be seasonably chilly. time to turn the lights on, on the tree, after
6:54 am
you'll be wandering around downtown after that, temperatures will fall back into the 40s after 8:00 this evening. future weather for your friday, nothing but sunshine. start to finish for tomorrow. that is excellent news indeed. wake-up temperatures in the 40s. only in the low 50s tomorrow. then the weekend looks really nice. if you're getting that christmas tree. dry weather saturday and sunday. how about the rest of the ten-day, sheena. >> not too bad. nice dry weekend like you mentioned. into next week, we'll see a better rain chance tuesday into wednesday. temperatures drop off. we're also watching the end of next week. right now, it's pretty far out. temperatures will be much colder and we'll be watching for any chance for precipitation. more details on that as we get closer. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. 20 days of door busters promotions tomorrow. the lowest price it charg
6:55 am
they'll range from tvs to smartphones and laptops. they won't be revealed on the website until the day of the sale. you can get a look at it by checking a calendar. revealing the -- on the designated day you can grab it as long as you have -- >> landon, thank you. coming up on 6:56. here are four things to know. new video showing north korea's latest missile launch. also released video of kim jong un inspecting the missile. "today" show will have more on this developing situation. there are new reports of sexual misconduct against matt lauer. nbc news announced yesterday he was fired after a complaint of inappropriate sexual behavior. the latest updates on the "today" show in a few minutes. wtop is reporting a sixth woman is asking to join a l
6:56 am
university. the woman says she was assaulted by a repeat offender and the university has been slow to investigate her case. keep an eye on the nbc washington app. we'll update the story as we learn more. the national christmas tree lighting is tonight. road closures around the ellipse begin at noon. if you're driving in d.c., try to rah void that area. you can find a full list of the closures in the nbc washington app. outer loop near colesville road slow because of a disabled vehicle. riverdale, cheverly, that area very slow because of a crash. this is this it from above. chopper 4 showing you that problem on the left side of the roadway on 295. the delays quite lengthy, guys? fortunately, nothing compared to yesterday's delays. those were horrible. 59 today with clouds this morning and more clouds later on in the afternoon. a few sprinkles after 8:00 this evening. then we're bone dry for friday all
6:57 am
that's excellent news for people who need to travel and get out shopping. thank you chuck. that is the broadcast. we appreciate you joining uts. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes. until then, enjoy your day. we'll leave you with live pictures from the ellipse. you can tune in at 4:00 today. doug kammerer will be live on the ellipse all evening for the big show. make it a great thursday everybody.
6:58 am
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good morning. troubling allegations. more women come forward with accusations against matt lauer in the wake of his firing from nbc news. their stories both shocking and disturbing. we will have the very latest. new firestorm. president trump facing criticism here and abroad for re-tweeting unverified anti-muslim videos. the president pushing back on twitter overnight. on the run. that missing florida teenager spotted in north carolina with a soccer coach from her high school. >> just give me a call if you can't give anyone else a call. please. >> this morning, an emotional plea from her distraught family, desperate for answers. those stories plus the glitch that left thous o


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