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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 30, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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taking videos and doing nothing to break the fights up. we are told that teachers and staff are being kept in the dark about the fights and learning about them sometimes from students. we were sent nine videos from a source who is employed at gaithersburg high school, saying the videos show students fighting inside the school and on school grounds. we are told that the videos were shot on student's cell phones and posted by students on social media. we have not independently verified when these videos were taken, but our source who works in the school says they are recent and show current students fighting. our source doesn't want to be identified, fearing violence, saying some students are out of control. >> the kids, they know that there's no consequence for what they do or if there are, they're very minimal and they don't match the actual act that they did or the behavior they
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exhibited. >> reporter: the students have an instagram page dedicated exclusively to gaithersburg high fights. the montgomery county public school system says fight video sharing is making matters worse. >> we're frustrated that students are posting videos to instagram and that people are redistributing these videos because what it does is glorifies these conflicts. so, it encourages a student to act more and to perform more of these fights because they see it on the news, they see it on instagram. and they want to -- they want to be a slcelebrity. we ask them don't record the fights, don't give power and strength so this sad behavior. >> reporter: a school spokesman tells me that the principal here at gaithersburg high school today met with teachers and staff to set up new guidelines for the reporting of student fights so that immediate disciplinary action can be taken. that's the latest live from gaithersburg, jim, back to you. >> chris, that begs the question, what is the
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for it? we hear they are frustrated. are there consequence? they must know who some of these kids are. >> reporter: yes, there are appropriate disciplinary actions that could be taken. in-school suspensions, suspensions from school for repeat offenders, and they say that that needs to be imposed and it needs to be understood by everyone here, students, staff and teachers. >> chris, thank you. >> we have breaking news now out of prince george's county. police impersonator has been arrested. police say michael bell of upper marlboro dressed up like an officer and stopped somebody on the street, and then rainped th in the back of the fake cop car. bureau chief tracee wilkins has the chilling details. >> reporter: yes, prince george's county police say they want to get this man or find if there are any other people they believe had don tact with this
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be other victims. prince george's county police want you to take a hard look at this man. police say 36-year-old michael leon bell of upper marlboro has been pretending to be a cop. and on sunday morning sexually assaulting a young adult male. >> he has been charged with several charges, two include rai rape and impersonating a police officer. >> reporter: he works for another security company. they say he had this badge made for his company. it looks like a prince george's county police badge. the car he drives, a 2007 ford crown vic looks like a cop's car with an emergency light in the back. he said he is an under cover police officer. >> he's wearing a badge. he has a flashlight out much like a police officer would. and a badge that looks like a police officer badge. >> reporter: according to charging documents, bell got the victim to get into his car by promising him a safe ride out of a dangerous neighborhood in
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perform sexual acts. >> reporter: bell took the victim's i.d.. and after serving a search warrant they found other i.d.s and worry there are other victims. prince george's county police want to hear from anyone who has had interaction with bell. again, they do believe that there may be other victims. he is in custody at this point, but, again, they are concerned that other people may have been victimized by this man allegedly pretending to be a cop. reporting live in palmer park, i'm tracee wilkins. back to you all in the studio. >> tracee, thank you. former today show anchor matt lauer says he is embarrassed. he is ashamed. he lost his job yesterday because of accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior at work. since then, more women have complained to nbc. pat muse joins us to explain what happened while you were at work today. pat? >> jim, matt lauer is now breaking his silence. in a written statement, he apologizes to his accusers
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disappointment others are experiencing. lauer calls the past two days, quote, humbling. he goes on to say, quote, some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized, but there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. since nbc made the firing public, two more women have approached the company with their own accusations. "the new york times" reports a former employee says she was sexually assaulted in lauer's office in 2001. women told vanity magazine, they complained to nbc executives in the past, but were ignored. nbc says no one currently in management knew of complaints about lauer before monday night. about 30 minutes from now, we dig deeper into the ideas that americans have about the people we see on tv every day, and we analyze new allegations against another famous man. erika? >> pat. john conyers won't be pressured to resign. his lawyers delivered that
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called on her own colleague to step down. conyers is in a hospital tonight. the michigan democrat is being treated for a stress-related illness. former employees say he made unwanted sexual advances toward them. marian brown claims she was fired for refusing conyers. she tells nbc's today show, she reported the behavior, but the harassment didn't stop. >> violating my body, propositioning me, inviting me to hotels. he has undressed, you know, down to his underwear. and, again, it was the proposition of sexually satisfying him. you know, different things like that. so, this continued on throughout the years. >> conyers denies the allegations. he's 88 years old, and the longest-serving member of the u.s. house. >> a fifth woman is accusing senator al franken of uc
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stephanie kiplen is an army veteran. she told cnn it happened at a photo op in iraq. franklin was on a uso tour. he put his arm around her for a picture and cupped her breast. the minnesota democrat says he takes thousands of photos and never intentionally touched anyone the wrong way. breaking right now, we are getting reports of an east coast earthquake. did you feel it? the uss, u.s. geological survey says it was northeast of dover, delaware, registered as a magnitude 5.1. we have received calls from many of you in our newsroom this afternoon. people have felt it in bowie, annapolis, and falls church. we also checked with our friends at our nbc station in philadelphia and they say people until that region felt it, too. we'll continue to work this story as we learn more about it. but first we want to head to meteorologist
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get the word on the quake. 5.1, what time did this happen? >> this happened moments ago. new information literally coming in moments ago, this has been downgraded to a 4.4 magnitude earthquake and that's where it was centered. likely due to the ramapo fault line. getting the correct announcer on that. you can see centered in dover, delaware, but we were getting reports in germantown. people here at our station, even the news director felt a little bit of a rumble here. no reports of any damage yet, but again, this is just coming into the newsroom. but people could feel the earthquake. as far as we know, about 90 miles away and up in philadelphia probably a little more intense there. and about 40 miles away from where that earthquake was centered. again, this just coming in, magnitude 4.4 earthquake, registered. this is likely the strongest magnitude earthquake the mid-atlantic has seen since about 2011. stay tuned for more details as we get them coming into our
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chief meteorologist doug kammerer has your forecast from a pretty special spot. >> one of his favorite places over the years, doug is at the national christmas tree lighting. we saw the motorcade moving 30 minutes ago, right? >> and we are getting closer. >> it's getting very close. you have kathie lee gifford, dean kaine, you can see they have right in front of the tree. ivanka trump, jared kushner, they just made their way in with the kids. so, you know we're getting close when the family has made their way into the front row there. you see kathie lee and dean starting to go off here. again, kathie lee gifford of course with the today show, dean kaine formerly -- he's done a lot of things since then. remember he used to be superman. that was on a different network. for four years. superman dean kaine. here goes the navy band right here. now the president actually walking up right now. take a look, guys. president and the first lady melania making their way up. you can see them about to make their way up to the stage and take it. do we have that live feed, s,
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we're turning off our lights to make sure -- we have to turn our lights off to make sure exactly what's going on. >> merry christmas. >> here you go, guys, we're going to listen in. >> i want to thank you very much, kathie lee. we're here at president's park. we want to wish everybody a merry christmas, happy new year. have unbelievable holidays. and we are now going to light a very beautiful tree and i'll ask our first lady to get ready and maybe we'll do a count down from 10. so, we'll go 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [cheering and applauding] >> good job. good job. ♪ ♪ >> wow, wow. absolutely beautiful. i mean, just gorgeous tonight. they've got the lights going on.
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but they have the lights flashing through. you can see the pictures. really just a phenomenal sight here. as you look from the tree right up toward the white house, the president, first lady taking a walk in front of the stage coming out in front of the glass interestingly enough. making their way out to say hello. they're going to be sitting down with the crowd here right by rock over here to the left as they make their way down as the navy band continues to go on. a perfect night for this. you can see the tree lit up perfectly as well. just gorgeous. really a great thing to go to see. and if you're missing tonight, if you're not able to come down tonight, this is going to be right here right on through december 26. come on down. they're going to have nightly performances. the nightly performances by the way start december 6 and run through the 26th. they're going to have those performances going from 5:00 in the afternoon until about 8:30 at night. performances from around our area coming to the president's park to put on a little bit of a show for you. we're going to send it back in
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i do love this event. you said it a minute ago, jim. i really do, i love this event every single year. >> we know you do. you have a ringside seat. right on que, we have the beach boys coming up. we're going to dip in and out for you throughout the evening. thank you, doug. crimes of opportunity caught on camera. targeting the presents you just bought online. and ways you can outsmart those crooks. >> plus a doctor working at an urgent care busted for writing fake prescriptions. what we are learning about the widespread case against him. >> an update on the consumer investigation you saw only on news4, a local mover accused of ripping off consumers has his day in court. but it's what he had to say to us after the hearing you've got to see. it's not your company? >> i don't know who that is, i don't know what that is. >> and stay with us. we continue to follow that breaking news. the earthquake felt on the east coast in our region, t. live covooer
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back to our breaking news, we are hearing from a lot of you right now on twitter. we're getting reports of that east coast earthquake. you may have felt it. the u.s. geological survey reports it was centered northeast of dover, delaware. it registered a 4.1. this happened about 4:47 this afternoon. we received calls from a lot of you into our newsroom. folks felt it in bowie,
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amelia, you heard from somebody from hyattsville, erika -- >> i got a tweet from somebody from hyattsville. what are you seeing on your map? how far out does this extend? >> what i'm seeing on twitter and facebook, people felt it as far as 100 miles away from the center. the fault is where the plates started shifting. you can see in dover, right around the chesapeake bay. first it came out as magnitude 5.1. now it's been downgraded to magnitude 4.4 earthquake. we have not heard of any damage or any injuries from this er earthquake right now. the latest information coming into the newsroom, this earthquake happening about 15, 20 minutes ago. we are working on the exact timing as to when it happened. it could be felt as far as about 100 miles away. the tremors in our area lasting for a mere maybe five seconds at the most, erika. we are continuing to work on gathering more information and we'll bring it to you as it becomes available. >> all right. good news here is we are not
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injuries so that's always great to report. thanks, mel. i want to switch gears now. a local doctor faces life in jail for writing unauthorized prescriptions, many of those prescriptions went to waitresses at a hooters restaurant. news4's mark segraves was in federal court today when william vaughn iii appeared before a j. mark joins us live in greenbelt with this story. mark? >> reporter: hey, good evening, erika. we are out here in u.s. district court in greenbelt as you said. where william s. vaughn iii fak faced a federal judge on 56 charges of writing prescriptions for nonmedical purposes. the doctor left the courthouse a short time ago. he didn't have any comment to anyone as he left here today. we asked him for a statement. he declined to give a statement. what we can tell you is that prosecutors say over the course of several years, he wrote prescriptions for as many as
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3,000 aderol pills. most of those pills were written to people who worked at hooters restaurant. for the past three years he worked at an urgent care facility in rockville, maryland. we are told that the owner of that urgent care 2facility did not know what the doctor was doing as far as writing prescriptions and did not know, in fact, he had lost his medical license and his dea registration number. we can tell you that prosecutors again said that the people who bought the pills were four employees at hooters in rockville and in laurel, maryland. and prosecutors have not charged him with practicing without a license, but he did lose his license back in september and back in july he relinquished his ability to write medication. prosecutors also said he was using another doctor's name and registration number to write some of those prescriptions. again, he's facing life in prison, 66 counts. he was released today. he'll have to be back here. prosecutors say he could be facing even more charges. the fbi field office in baltimore
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anyone who was a patient of this doctor who may have gotten prescriptions written to them in the past several months. that's the very latest. we're live out at u.s. district court in greenbelt, maryland. mark segraves, news4. >> all right, mark. thank you. we want to return to the breaking news, the earthquake on the east coast felt in our region. let's go now to the u.s. geological survey and paul cruise owe is on the phone with us. paul, what can you tell us about when this happened and just how significant or strong this earthquake was? >> the earthquake was at 4:47 eastern standard time. and our magnitude is going to be 4.1 for this earthquake. >> how unusual is something like this in our area here, mid-atlantic? >> very unusual. talking with some of the other seismologists here, none of us can remember working a quake in delaware. >> let's talk a little about the size of this earthquake, paul. is this enough to cause damage or to injure
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>> we would not expect to see significant damage or injuries from this quake. normally we don't see damage or injuries until quakes get up into the mid 5 magnitudes. >> would we feel any after shocks from this or was this a one and done and do we have any idea how long it lasted? >> well, i can't predict the future, but after shocks are a possibility. but keep in mind that aftershocks are always smaller than the initial quake. >> and how long did that initial event last? do we know roughly? like 20 seconds or more toward a minute? >> oh, i doubt it lasted that long. we don't have a duration on that at this point in time. i haven't seen that measurement come in. but usually when people have really big quakes they report durations of 20 seconds. so, i would just suspect that most of the time when people feel a magnitude 4 quake they are just feeling a few seconds of vibration.
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>> gotcha. compare it to something we felt years ago where the center was in virginia. and i'm trying to recall how long that lasted or the strength of that earthquake. do we recall the magnitude of that down in virginia? >> yes, that was a magnitude 5.3. >> 5.3. much stronger. i can remember feeling that. i was in prince george's county that day covering a story. i can remember pavement. what might people have felt in this? >> well, the closer they are to the epicenter, the stronger the shaking would be, of course. but i wouldn't expect that we would see much more than stuff falling off shelves, things like that. >> all right. paul caruso. >> cracks in sidewalks. >> thank you. they were hired to fix up homes in your neighborhood, but they are increasingly being targeted by
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string of crime. >> plus another live look at our national christmas tree. doug is back in just a few. find out when it may actually start feeling li
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well, it doesn't feel like the holiday season, but it sure does look like it outside. i was just
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first time lighting the tree and we get an earthquake. is there some connection? >> i'm sure doug didn't feel anything where he was. >> let's check in with him. president trump just lit up the national christmas tree. our chief meteorologist doug kammerer continues our live coverage from the elipse. hey, doug. >> yea, hey, guys, when you mentioned earlier when we had the breaking news, it was 5.1 into portions of delaware, 5.1, that seems high because we would have felt that here if it was that high. a lot of times the usgs does revise that. it's down now into the low 4s. i didn't feel it. nobody here mentioned they felt anything from that earthquake. but, yeah, kind of amazing what's going on there. delaware, don't really hear of that very often. this is actually the texas tenors that are up there. the three guys right there up there, they were on the "america's got talent." they've been performing nationally, really around the world after "america's got talent."
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before them, we had the beach boys. the beach boys were up there as well. they sang a couple of great songs including their great christmas hit they have, too, the beach boys. always loved the beach boys. i got to sing with the beach boys one time. did you know that? might have known that. i got to sing -- i got to sing ba-ba-ba. that was all i got to say. >> that was you? >> you remember that? you remember that? that was great. i got to go on stage with them. that was fantastic. so, guys, a beautiful setting tonight. just look at all the lights. not just the lights on the tree. the 56 trees around the national christmas tree, they're all lit up. 56 for the 50 states as well as the 6 territories. also all of the lights. these are new this year. you see the pillars of lights that are going up. really just makes it, adds to what a great night it is. want to mention the fact we have some great weather tonight as well. a much different weather pattern tonight than we've seen in the past if not nearly as cold. we're not dealing with any rain just yet but we are tracking bo
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not just tonight but over the next couple of days. amelia draper is inside. it's a great night tonight. fortunately i'm not shivering out here. temperatures still in the low 50s. >> that's amazing. we were talking about it, doug. i remember you going down there one year when there were wind chills in the teens and 20s. we're talking about cold and rain. obviously we have to be talking about the earthquake as well. i want to take you back. i think everybody in this area remembers the earthquake in august of 2011 on that tuesday afternoon. that was an impressive earthquake with a magnitude of 5.8. as you heard from usgs, anything above a magnitude 5, that's when we start to talk about damage and really feeling the tremors for more than just a few seconds. today we're talking about a 4.1 magnitude earthquake. seeing a lot of different magnitudes being put out there, but we just spoke with an official from usgs and they're reporting the magnitude to be a 4.1. they should be updating that on their website andnl
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momentarily. at that magnitude damage is unlikely. hearing from people in montgomery county they only felt the rumble a few seconds. this is where the earthquake was centered in dover, delaware. we are saying it is a 4.1 magnitude. what we are tracking on the map as far as rain goes, this line here in west virginia, this moves through our western zones by 8:00 p.m. by 9:00 it pushes into the metro. maybe flirting with the district and arlington. by midnight we return to dry weather. a high temperature tomorrow, guys, of 55 degrees. a bit breezy, plenty of sunshine. a nice finish to the workweek. saturday and sunday for the weekend, we keep it dry, low to mid 50s. i'm going to have more on your storm team 4 ten-day forecast, ye erika, that includes a cool down. we'll send it back to doug. that cool down next week, thursday, friday and saturday. luckily the tree lighting is not at the end of next week. >> yeah, let's not even call it a cool down, call it a cold down.
5:29 pm
temperatures only in the 30s, wind chills in the 20s. yes, it sets the stage with the cold air here and it looks like it's going to last for a while. we could see a couple chance forz some snow. not expecting a lot now. trust me, but we are staying on top of it for you as we move on through the next couple of days. the texas tenors just got down.
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right now
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continue to follow that breaking news. the earthquake felt here on the east coast. >> the u.s. geological survey says it registered as a magnitude 4.1 is the number they are now confirming. the epicenter was northeast of dover, delaware. the earthquake was felt locally in cities all around the dmv, in fact. >> rumbles were felt as far north as connecticut. the usgs tells us it's not expecting much damage out of this. our meteorologist amelia draper is in the storm center with a look at this map. amelia? >> well, first, jim, i want to take you back to the magnitude 5.8 earthquake we have had here in august in 2011. most notably, it caused all of that damage to the national cathedral, the scaffolding still up there. to this day as they continue to repair, but when the earthquake -- when an earthquake is below a magnitude 5, you typically deept see damage and today's earthquake was a magnitude 4.1. but still the largest earthquake the area has felt
5:33 pm
back in 2011, and the earthquake to the happening at 4:47 in the afternoon. now, this is, though, the large largest earthquake to happen in delaware in 45 years. i want to show you the map again. magnitude 4.1 earthquake. here is where the epicenter of the earthquake was, and we are getting reports over 100 miles away close to warrenton of folks in our area that felt the earthquake. some people only felt it 2 to 3 seconds which is what you would expect with a magnitude 4.1, jim. >> all right, mel, thank you. new developments in a consumer investigation you'll see only on news4. >> a local mover accused of ripping off customers faced a judge and his accusers today. but after the hearing made an outrageous claim. >> i don't do moving. i don't know what you're talking about, ma'am. you have the wrong guy. leave me alone. >> consumer reporter susan hogan has been out in front on this story. she joins us with what happened today in co
5:34 pm
confronted him. >> well, the owner of this moving company, first of all, he showed up 45 minutes late to court, without an attorney, and then spent the next hour trying to defend himself. he even made eye contact with me. when we caught up with him outside after the hearing, he denied his own identity. >> this is the address you give in your contract, right? >> for what, what service is this? >> your company, your moving company. >> moving company, i don't do moving. >> juan carlos martinez. >> that's not me. >> juan carlos martinez insisting he's not the same man we just saw in court. >> you were not just in court? >> no. for what? >> you were just not in court talking to the judge -- >> no, for what? about what? >> for violating maryland's system of protection laws when it comes to moving. >> what exactly? >> moving furniture. >> whose furniture? >> martinez even denying he's the owner of swift van lines
5:35 pm
allegedly ripped off these two customers. we showed them the video we just shot with martinez. >> alphonso and john, is this juan carlos martin cincinnati reds >> yes. >> yeah, that's him. >> both confirmed there is no denying who this guy is. >> that's the guy that i gave the check to. >> al wilkins and john bar nard hired martinez and swift van lines to move them over the summer, but they say martinez broke the law by charging them each more than 125% of the estimate. and then holding their goods hostage until they paid. the attorney general's office filed charges against martinez for violating numerous consumer protection laws. on thursday, a judge extended a temporary restraining order that prohibits martinez from continuing those practices until a hearing is held in january. >> i don't understand. >> we wanted to give martinez a chance to defend himself on camera, but he continued to tell us we have the wrong guy. >> you
5:36 pm
games. >> i don't know -- >> you are completely denying any of this right now. you sat in court. we were in court watching you. the judge basically told you, you can no longer do what you were doing. >> what was i doing? i don't do moving. i don't know what you're talking about, ma'am. you've got the wrong guy. honest. leave me alone. >> the charges filed by the attorney general's office seek an order permanently prohibiting swift van lines from charging more than 125% of estimates and refusing to deliver a consumer's goods. they are also asking forest institution for those victims and fines for violating the consumer protection laws of all of my years of doing this, i have not had happen to me where he out and out denied he was in court. >> a little bit of an identity -- >> you sat in court. i don't kw
5:37 pm
>> we rode the elevator with him, too, talking about an uncomfortable moment. he's going to be in court good. >> great job, susan. >> thank you, susan. here we go, folks. does it get any bigger here? the redskins in a must-win mode right now ahead of thursday night's showdown with the cowboys down in dallas. >> sheree burruss joins us live in dallas in just a few minutes. >> i'm adam tuss. is american airlines facing a pilot shortage for the holidays?
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it is the end of hurricane season and boy has it been one to remember. we had three major storms make landfall and they did not millions, but billions of dollars in damage across the southern part of the country and u.s. territories offshore. meteorologist amelia draper is here with a closer look at just how bad this season was. mel? >> yeah, well, this is the costly est hurricane season on record. of course when we think back to the season, harvey, irma and maria definitely come to mind. of course i was down there covering harvey, an experience i will never forget. let's take a look back. why are we taking a look back today? today is the last day of november. the hurricane season officially coming to an end. however, i do want to let you know we can see a hurricane really in any month. but the
5:41 pm
to november, on average, we had 12 named storms. this year very impressive with 17 named storms. and not just that, major hurricanes. so, category 3 or higher. typically we'd expect two. this year we saw six major hurricanes. we saw three hurricanes make land fal landfall, lead to catastrophic damage. as i said, harvey, maria and irma. the cost totaling $203 billion. that number will likely continue to rise and lead to 262 deaths. that's a look at this hurricane season. a very impressive hurricane season. hopefully as we go into the winter months and start to forecast snowfall, we won't have too many blizzards. doug's forecast coming. here's a look at the hurricane season. >> so glad it's behind you. and we remember your phenomenal work down th
5:42 pm
amelia, thank you. it's more than a >> dere decade in the making. prince george's county preparing to make its long awaited medical center. it's called the capital region medical center. it is a $523 million, 26 acre hospital in cheverly. it will be completed by 2021. when it's done it will be part of downtown largo. a completely revitalized area they are comparing to downtown silver spring. >> they are called porch pirates and they are already hard at work. >> ahead, we have some ways to protect yourself as you wait for your deliveries to the door. >> and we have live team coverage tonight of the national christmas tree lighting. there it is. it is a beauty. stay with us. our chief meteorologist doug kammerer is down there. adam tuss is talking about the traffic tie-ups as well. stay with us.
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and we continue to follow breaking news. reaction pouring in on social media and here in our newsroom after an earthquake is felt on the east covert. people in bowie, bethesda, silver spring, upper marlboro, glenn bernie, all around the district reporting they felt rumbles from a 4.1 magnitude quake. it was centered just northeast of dover, delaware. we're going to have another report from amelia in the storm center in just a couple minutes. >> new reassurance tonight on what could have been a holiday travel nightmare. too many american airlines pilots booked time off around christmas. thanks to a technical glitch, our transportation reporter adam tuss with the fix and the impact it could still have on you. >> reporter: tonight american says it will working to fix this iss
5:46 pm
actually hundreds of flights which are unassigned to pilots. as the computer glitch at american causes some anxiety about a holiday pilot shortage, travel experts are weighing in. >> it sounds like they're pretty confident. as we speak they are filling those flights. >> reporter: jeff kaplan with airline publication weekly says american itself will have to pay up for the scheduling mistake. >> i think in the end it is rap goi -- it's going to be okay. they have reserve pilots. time and a half, for what's not overtime. these people will have to fly in the same places they would have anyway, just getting paid more money. >> reporter: american put out a statement out of the 200 flights american will offer in december, only a few hundred are currently unassigned to pilots. pilots are stepping up to the plate and picking up trips to ensure customers are taken care of. but where american could end up losing business is with
5:47 pm
travelers who haven't yet chosen a flight. right now those who haven't made a flight might be booking a different airline. book here now at reagan national as another american flight comes it into the jet bridge, despite all the issues american says it actually hasn't canceled a single flight in december. we'll see if that changes. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. we've got some new video to show you. thieves caught stealing packages. they're called porch pirates. he breaks the box open and gets away with diapers. this happened on the 4,000 block of 13th street. you have a look out guy. he goes around to the next house. he's there on that porch. and then he steals the packages from that house as well. d.c. police hope that somebody recognizes these guys and calls the police. all right. so, here's what you can do to protect your presents. sign up for alerts. some carriers offer text or e-mail alerts to
5:48 pm
when exactly a delivery is going to be made. require a signature. that is another option, especially when you have big ticket items that are going to be delivered. consider sending packages to your work address. your research. >> you do the research on the companies you hire to do work on your house, right? now robbers are also researching construction crews. there is a new trend targeting the people you hire for handy work. our kristin wright explains how workers can protect themselves. >> reporter: d.c. police are looking for a black get away car and a string of armed robberies targeting construction workers and landscapers. commander leslie parsons tells me the thieves are going after a very specific victim. >> suspects have been targeting members of our latino community while they are working on home renovation sites or homes under construction. >> reporter: the robbers hit the hillcrest neighborhood in southeast yesterday. it was the middle of the morning. two roofers were out working on this house when two people wearing masks showed up.
5:49 pm
one of them had a gun and said, give me the money. so, they handed over a wallet and a phone. mary and hughy kelly live in hillcrest. they were worried about something like this happening. >> we have lawn service ourselves. we make him bring all our stuff and lock it in the yard while he's working. >> reporter: monday in northeast armed robbers held up three locations in the same neighborhood minutes apart. police have these tips. >> not to carry a large sum of cash. also, we want them to keep their phone in a safe place, not to display their phone or let people see they have their phone. >> reporter: surveillance cameras got pictures of the get away car in northeast. police don't know the make and model but the paint is coming off the hood and detectives want to find it before someone gets hurt. in the district, kristin wright, news4. >> are you ready? it's game night for the redskins. and for us here at nbc4. the burgundy and gold taking on the dallas cowboys, and n
5:50 pm
tonight is a big one for both. >> yeah, jim. it's actually a unique opportunity here for the redskins. we are in the tunnel right now of at&t stadium. the dallas cowboys have struggled. anyone tonight on redskins could be the star to lead this team to a much needed victory. back here this is where the work really continues, back at practice. now they're here walking through this tunnel, and there's been times this season where we've seen the redskins sort of get off to a slow start. so, as they walk through this way out onto the actual field, kirk cousins and this team knows as soon as they hit this turf, it's game on. >> we always talk about starting fast and finishing strong. and we have an opportunity here to finish strong. if we do, we can put ourselves in a great position. but start thursday night in dallas and we have no reason to look further. >> both us and dallas, every game counts for us right now. we're in the same boat. we're playing for a wild card, trying to get in.
5:51 pm
us. they've lost the last two games at home. they're eager to have a win so we have to go out there and do what we do best and pay attention to details and execute. >> reporter: and back live here, they sign a jersey and the team will be wearing those burgundy colors. live from at&t park, sheree burruss, news4 sports. >> we can't wait. sheree we'll be checking back with you late tonight and at 6:00. you can watch the game on nbc4. thursday night football coverage begins at 7:30 after nightly news, with kickoff set for 8:25. of course, news4 at 11:00 follows the game immediately with hopefully winning reaction. >> let's hope so. all right. it's a very special time of the year want to check in with chief meteorologist doug kammerer who is down at the elipse for the national christmas tree lighting. >> yeah, guys, we have kathie lee gifford performing a
5:52 pm
she co-wrote with the country artist with her. they co-wrote that song for this event. between this and other acts, they had wynonna. that was coming up. president trumpec was actually dancing when wynonna was up there. steam roller played their famous christmas song. that is one you have to hear every single year. love man heim steam roller. the only thing i can say about this year, that is different than the last two years, a lot more lights. i don't just mean on the tree. the tree actually changing colors as well. this year, you can see the white going around the tree. looks a little like snow. that changes colors, the lights around the tree. really looks great as we move on through the rest of the evening tonight. you have the next couple weeks, you have almost a month to enjoy this because you can come down each night. they're going to have performances monday through friday from 5:00 to 8:30 at night. different performances and performers from around the region coming in to provide you with entertainment. also your saturday and sunday looking good, too. saturday and sunday, actually start
5:53 pm
next couple days, let's go to amelia so he to see how it's going to be as we move on through. rain coming in tonight, but not expecting a lot. >> we'll have rain from 8:00 p.m. to midnight. i'll have more on that in a moment. everybody talking about an earthquake this evening. 4.1 registered in dover, delaware. this location for an earthquake actually exceptionally rare according to usgs and this happening in delaware is the largest magnitude earthquake in delaware. 4.1 tied as the largest earthquake in delaware going back to 1871. kind of impressive, but once you get below a magnitude 5, there is little to no damage and you typically only feel it for about 2 to 3 seconds, but the folks that felt it are weighing in on facebook and twitter. and we want to hear what you experienced. some people saying, i was wrapping christmas gifts and i was sitting down on the ground in my house. so, i definitely felt it. it felt like the house was going to explode. but we have heard no reports of damage yet.
5:54 pm
you could feel this earthquake. all the wait down just to the tip of north carolina. 200 miles away. about 125 miles into our area, and then up into parts of connecticut which is about 160 miles away from the center. so, this, of course, reminds us of our earthquake back here in 2011. that earthquake much more impressive, magnitude 5.8. again, today's magnitude 4.1 earthquake. and then as we talk about our weather, we'll have showers tonight from 8:00 to midnight. tomorrow it's sunny, it's dry, guys. 55, breezy grizzly, the weekend looking fabulous. arctic air moving in. thursday and friday, high temperatures only around 40 degrees. >> all right, amelia, thank you. when we come back, a five-car crash on a maryland roadway ends with the death of a teenager. >> ahead what we are learning about the victim. >> the heart breaking crash in
5:55 pm
teenager dead as he drove his little brother to school. before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network. so get fios. now, just $79.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee, with a 2-year agreement.
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5:57 pm
if you felt the ground move beneath you this afternoon, you were not dreaming. that was an earthquake, a magnitude 4.1 quake struck just northeast of dover, delaware. we're requesting to have a complete report for you in just a few minutes. now to that deadly five-car pile up in wheaton we told but yesterday. today we learned more about the iv
5:58 pm
his name was i don't knyonatan . he was taking his little brother to school. amee cho tells us why it was such a tragic loss. >> reporter: he was known by his initial, y.t., he was also known for three special words. >> always saying "i love you" to everyone that he cared about. everybody definitely looked forward to being in class with him. >> reporter: one of those people, jordan reed. the two men on the basketball team in high school. they have been inseparable ever since. >> that's my best friend. my brother, you know, he's a good son. he's good to everybody. >> reporter: he had just graduated a few months ago. jordan was there to cheer him on. >> just seemed like your little brother cross that stage, i was screaming his name that day. i lost my voice. that ten seconds he walked across the stage was one
5:59 pm
>> reporter: the two had dreams of moving to los angeles together. they hung out just a few days ago. y.t. promised to take jordan out for his birthday. >> i said, i love you, man. he's like, i love you, too. he said, i'll see you later. >> reporter: it was the last time he would see his best friend, but he's determined to make y.t. proud. >> he would always tell me i could play division 1 basketball. i know he's going to be with me every step of the way. everything i accomplish from here on out, he knows i love him and i know he's looking down on me and he loves me, too. >> reporter: they are trying to figure out what caused the crash. the family has a gofundme account. amee cho, news4. >> now at 6:00, breaking his silence. matt lauer saying sorry as more women come forward with sexual conduct complaints against him. >> plus breaking news after an alarming arrest in our area. now the search is on for more victims after this man was charged with flashing a fake
6:00 pm
driver he pulled over. >> dramatic video with fists flying in the halls of a local high school. one employee says parents don't know the whole story. >> they know there is no consequence for what they do. >> why she says the school isn't doing enough to keep students and teachers safe. >> growing calls for the longest serving member of congress to step down. plus a celebrity caught in the web of scandal. >> announcer: news4 at 6:00 breaking news. >> did you feel it? people felt the ground shaking under them after an earthquake in delaware. >> we sent you a breaking news alert. it happened over an hour ago and rumbles were felt all along the east coast and as far north as connecticut. >> reports are pouring in on social media. take a look at what some of you had to say on facebook and twitter. so far no reports of major damage. >> let's get right to amelia


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