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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 12, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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unfortunately, most people don't. about 60% of us never have our cars winterized. >> reporter: as you heard, many of us driving every day. driving in the colder weather season, unprepared. don't be in the number this time around. have those four items in your vehicle. also, too, a first aid kit is needed in your car all season long and a working cell phone with backup battery power. i'm justin finch. news 4. back into the studio. >> i thought he was doing well. if you want to find out more tips, head to the nbc washington app and you'll find all of the updated forecast information you'll need during this cold snap. >> 4:30 now. breaking news concerning metro's orange line. >> chris lawrence is at the live desk with the details. >> someone got shot at a metro station in northeast d.c.
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police are searching for two people who may be connected to what happened at the minnesota avenue station. police are looking for these two men. they got into an argument with another man. someone started shooting. these two took off. the third man shot in the arm is expected to be okay. adam tuss is headed to the rail station. coming up at 5:00, he'll explain what drivers need to do this morning to stay safe on metro. back to you. >> thank you, chris. it's 4:31. a serious wrong-way crash left one person dead and another critically injured in maryland. this is a look at footage from chopper 4. this is the outer loop not far from fedex field. that car and truck you see there collided head on around 9:30 last night. they're trying to figure out why one of the cars was going in the wrong direction. updates in the nbc washington app. we have new information on
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hero hit and killed on i-270. sander cohen's funeral will be held sunday. he had pulled over to help fbi special agent carlos wolff who crashed his car friday night on 270 northbound. another car hit and killed those men. cohen was also a volunteer firefighter. arrangements for wolff have not been announced. new york is recovering from a terror attack. this is the scene officials feared. a suicide attacker detonating a bomb in the city's subway system. take a look at surveillance video of the attack. akayed ullah detonated a device strapped to his body at 7:30 in the morning. this happened at the port authority bus terminal. not far from times square. commuters scattered for cover. >> everybody just ran to the
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>> it was a big explosion. the i am pangt of the explosion pushed everybody around. >> three people, including the suspect, were hurt here. he is still in the hospital in serious condition. ullah, from bangladesh, told police he carried out the attack in the name of isis. today voters in alabama will head to the polls to vote for their next senator. this is a race the entire country is watching closely. >> they got on national television arguing their case. after avoiding 40 years. >> it's time, folks, that we say no more. >> last night republican roy moore and democrat doug jones held last-minute campaign events. moore held a rally with steve bannon and jones with charles barkley. moore has been accused of acting inappropriately. prest
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urging voters to vote for moore. joe biden robo called for jones. the allegations against moore are part of a national conversation happening around sexual harassment. new numbers from facebook reveal more than 30 million people have posted about the #me too since mid-october. the me too stories generated more than 100 million posts, reactions and comments. the hash tag encouraged both women and men to come forward and share their stories. this evening, jewish people across the u.s. and around the world will light the first candle on the menorah for hanukkah. the 8-day festival of lights will feature special prayers and foods. it celebrates the holy temple in jerusalem. at 3:00 this afternoon, there will be a concert and ceremony to light the national menorah on the ellipse in downtown d.c. one of the biggest concerts of
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people to the capital one arena last night. ♪ >> she performed her hit song havana. she was one of the celebrities who hit the stage for the 99.5 iheart radio jingle ball concert performance. the lineup, a lot of names. included fallout boy, kesha. logic. >> he's from maryland. >> i know. this year's official charity was the ryan seacrest foundation which helps sick children. >> $1 from every ticket was donated to the foundation. they always have an interesting lineup depending which city.
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all right. it is 4:35. another check on weather and traffic. >> talk to melissa about the roads in a second. what was that, chuck? >> she performed somewhere. >> she did. i saw it in the video. there was a concert. she sang and danced. >> that's always good. you'll need to do a little singing and dancing later on to keep the blood flowing. >> i know. it's going to get cold around here. it's pretty chilly here. it's going to get cold later. is the bottom falling out? >> absolutely right. away we go everybody. don't be fooled by the fact -- when you see the forecast, near 50 for a high today. don't be fooled. that's early on in the day. probably around lunchtime today. temperatures will be doing the downward spiral by later on in the day. still a south wind early this morning. it doesn't feel so bad yet. current temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. if i were you, i'd grab the heaviest winter coat you have
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later on today, with a howling wind, temperatures will be going down down down. now over to sheena. >> that sounded a little ominous. we have the weather a letter. it's really going to start to change as we go into the later afternoon hours. take a look over the next 18 hours. we're going to see temperatures peaking closer to 50 degrees. then they'll be dropping off by 6:00 p.m. once the sunsets, many areas could quickly get into the 30s. look as we get closer to midnight, around 20 degrees. here's how it pans out for your wednesday. actual temperatures. look at that throughout the day. in the 20s. now look at the windchill. we'll be staying in the teens most of the day. single digits early on tomorrow morning. it is going to be bitter cold around here. melissa mollet bundle up. grab the gloves tomorrow morning. >> i have them today as well. i'm a bit of a wimp. >> southbound 95. the a.m. ramp to d
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the crash has cleared out of of the way. you don't have to worry about that. >> westbound 66 after 123 with two lanes getting by the work zone. that is cleared as well this morning. inner loop after college park, still hanging around. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. chances are, he's been all over your social media feed. the young boy who ignited the internet with his story of being bullied, why he's surprised at the outpouring of support from everyday people and celebrities. after she nearly lost her life in the las vegas massacre, a maryland woman is finally out of the hospital. the latest on tina frost's recovery. it's a big change impacting eur ara.
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why do they bully? why do you enjoy taking innocent people and finding a way to -- it's not okay. >> you may have seen this viral video on social media. that is keaton jones visibly upset while describing to his mother how kids at his knoxville, tennessee, school tease and bully him all the time. he's called ugly, make fun of his nose and tell him he has no
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friends. while he has a lot of friends now, after his mother posted the video, a lot of people expressed -- sbug delanie walker and dale earnhardt jr. he's been invited for premiere of movies and concerts. all speaking out against bullies. that boy is reacting to his new fame. he said he was surprised how much attention the video is getting. >> he's happy to be the voice of other children too afraid to speak out. >> makes me feel good that i'm making a difference all around the world. gives them the voice they might not have to speak out about it and explain how it's not right to bully. >> we mentioned before how much support he is getting from the public. his story has inspired a viral campaign called stand with
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been viewed more than 20 million times. there was controversy because his mother had also posted pictures in the past of him posing with a confederate flag. it still stands that bullying of kids is not something to be encouraged or supported. >> i think one of the biggest ways to fight bullying is to take a stand. not be a bystander. it may not feel like the super heavy coat. but you may need it anyway. >> you'll look a lot smarter if you have that with you when you walk out the door. later today, it will be windy and way, way colder. sheena is looking at any snow chances as well in a few minutes. it's the heartwarming story that is the essence of what it means to be a community. how neighbors came to the rescue of a family when their housey rupted in
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we want to get to breaking news at 14 before the hour. >> chris lawrence at the live desk. what do you have? >> there's been an earthquake, major earthquake in iran. we're getting word on this. 6.1 magnitude. it was in the northeast part of the state. it's coming about a week after they got another quake on the western side of iran near the border with iraq and about a month since a major quake there left about 600 people dead. the thing about iran is, the country sits on a major fault line. like california, it's prone to earthquakes. in fact, about 14 years ago, a major quake there destroyed an entire city killing about 26,000 people. in this case, we haven't yet heard any reports of injuries or damage. again, this just happened. we'll be sure to bring you updates as we learn them. back to you, aaron. >> chris, thank you. president trump is using an attempted suicide
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>> the president and attorney general, jeff sessions, want to stop the kind of visas they say the suspect used to enter the country. news 4's tracie potts is live on capitol hill to explain what kind of visa is embroiled in this controversy. tracie, good morning. >> eun, good morning. the visa that this particular suspect used to get into the country allows immigrants in if they have relatives in this country. the president calls it something that is not useful for the country. he said that incompetent stead of chain migration, we need merit-based immigration where people get points based on whether they speak the language, they have a job offer, what type of skills they bring to the united states. he's using this incident to push for that type of immigration. by the way, a travel ban a different situation. even though it's been upheld by the courts, it targets specific countries. bangladesh, where this suspect came from, isn't one of them. >> tracie, how is this going
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get close to the government shutdown? >> that's interesting. as you know, aaron, the budget talks have been held up over immigration. a big issue is about whether or not children who dpru up grew u united states is a different situation than this suspect who came in on a visa about six years ago. but the budget talks could be held up over this. the democrats are pushing to get that immigration situation resolved now instead of in march. tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. tracie, thank you. it's 4:48. the maryland woman badly injured in the las vegas mass shooting will spend the lol days holiday with her family. tina frost left an inpatient rehabilitation hospital and will spend time at home in crofton as she continues therapy as an outpatient. she was shot in the head in the mass shooting and lost her right
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eye. there are new concerns about hate on a local school campus. at the university of maryland there have been 28 cases investigated this semester. that's according to a report to be released this week. this has been happening inside classrooms but they think more needs to happen so everyone feels safe. >> probably the best thing do is have those interactive and disciplined discussions and have members of the community involved as well. >> trying to keep a positive mind-set. i really love this school. i really hope that things change. >> this all follows the murder of second lieutenant richard collins back in may. the black student from bowie state university was visiting the campus when he was killed by a white umd student. that case is now being tried as a hate crime. a permit by one of the organizers of the violent rally in charlottesville has been denied. you'll remember the uprising that happened when white supremacist protested. one woman died
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that charlottesville officials denied a request to hold a rally that was marked one year since the events. the person who filed the permit was jason kessler, the primary organizer of the unite the night rally. they do not have enough police resources to honor that request. an independent investigation into prince william county's bus service. according to the group's board of commissioners, they had planned to lay off more than a dozen employees. in an anonymous letter, they're claiming that the layoffs were racially motivated. nearly every employee who would be out of a job is a minority. they've postponed the decision until after the investigation. we have new details this morning on a story we've been following for you. according to our news partners at wtop, the catholic archdiocese of washington is appealing the decision that blocks this christmas ad from being posted on
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metro has a policy of not showing ads from relimg us or political groups. a federal judge ruled in their favor. the policy violates its right to free speech. we're working for you and telling you to check your smoke detectors. if you live in maryland and your detectors run on the 9 volt batteries, you have less than three weeks to swap them out. a new state law kicks in on january 1st requiring a smoke alarm to have a built-in battery that lasts ten years. you can get more information on the change in the nbc washington app. this new drone video of a fire that destroyed a home in ashburn. a man was driving by and saw this home on fire. he helped to get two of the kids to safety before the fire consumed that house. the family that lived in the home is new to loudoun county. but in three days, neighbors and total strangers raised $30,000 to help them start over.
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i can't say thank you enough to all these people who don't even know us. >> i am so grateful to belong to such a community. i cannot thank everybody enough. >> the family says it already has enough donations to fill two garages. investigators say the fire start started -- >> this time of the year, a family that has to start over. they're new to the area. they don't have their people around them. >> that's stressful. you need people to help you through that. imagine the fireplaces, people will have them cranked up. be careful with that stuff. >> we have a winter blast coming up. >> oh, sheena. >> i don't want it to come either, eun. but it's coming. we have a weather alert because of it. we're going to call it bitter cold. we're talking about windchills in the single digits tomorrow morning. you'll feel the changes late today. late today you'll feel t
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air really getting here. we're watching higher snow chances now as we go into late wednesday, thursday, maybe part of friday. it's a little clipper system. we don't expect much snow with this. the timing won't be good and it's cold enough to be sticking. temperatures right now feeling like the mid-30s out there. feels like 36 in the district. 34 clinton. 34 leesburg. feels like 33. manassas, dulles, 30 in quantico. another cold morning. if you think this morning is cold, wait until tomorrow morning. i'll show you that in a second. if you're exercising, go to 5:00 p.m. getting much colder. if you are out exercising, you will notice that change late this afternoon. here's future weather. we go through the day today, we're fairly dry. can see a couple sprinkles. then into tomorrow afternoon, we're going to stay dry. look at these temperatures, barely getting near freezing. 9:00 p.m. the model is hinting at this clipper already moving in. not too much snow. maybe an inch or so northern
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thursday morning. we'll be watching that for you. here's a look as we go through the day. the feels-like temperatures this afternoon. 6:00 p.m., dropping into the teens already. we'll be staying in the teens most of the day with the feels-like temperature. there is that arctic blast coming. prepare yourself. it's going to get very cold. the weekend, though, it's looking good guys. we'll take a closer look at the bitter cold coming our way. at least the roads are dry. >> that does help me a little bit. use the seat heater. not much at this point hanging around. 66 to the beltway, on time there. takes about eight minutes. same situation headed out of town this morning. rest of the beltway
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good. no big complaints there. live look 270 at the split rolling along nicely. eun? >> melissa, thank you. new details in the case of a teenager found dead in a wooded area. what we're learning about the hours leading up to his death. she's only 16 years old. but she's already struggled with depression for years. a closer look at how the mental illness impacts
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the university of maryland student said someone tried recording her in a campus restroom. this incident happened late last friday night. the student said there was a cell phone peering over a restroom stall and she yelled at the person to leave. anyone with information should call campus police. a fairfax county teacher has been removed after disciplining a student for not standing during the pledge of allegiance. according to the "washington post," the centerville high school teacher broke district rules when he disciplined the sophomore student. the district says teachers are not supposed to discipline in those cases. the hours leading up to navid sepehri's death. police are calling this a tragic
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bannockburn pool in bethesda saturday night. he was last seen at a party saturday night. police were called to break up the party because of underage drinking. news 4's pat collins learned that sepehri's friends wanted him to call an uber home but he refused. now more parents are concerned about their children's safety. >> it's tragic. >> sepehri was a senior at walt whitman high school in bethesda. friends and classmates put flowers in the area where his body was found to honor the teen. stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. gunshots at a metro platform and the station shut down whochl
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and whether it impacts your commute. >> all eyes on alabama. a final push from both candidates now is up to the voters to decide. who will win one of the most contentious races in the country. first, we are in storm team 4 weather alert mode. take a look at the temperatures on your screen. not bad now. but by the end of the day, it will feel a lot colder around these parts. it is 5:00 a.m. right now. are you ready? >> no, i'm not ready. who thought 40 degrees would feel good? >> we'll take it. wish it could stick around. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we need to get to the all important forecast. we want to prepare for the big change. maybe you should bring a heavier coat to work today. >> we have crews spread out to cover the cold snap for you. let's start with meteorologist chuck bell on the weather deck.


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