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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  December 14, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> you look out for that. >> yes. >> stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. breaking news. a popular roadway shut down because of an accident. we're looking to see if it impacts your commute to work. >> two words you've probably never heard. net neutrality. who it could dramatically change your online experience. hawks or hoax? didn't happen. >> i'm telling you, unless it comes from dan snyder's mouth, you don't believe it. >> i'm not believing it. he has up and down he's not going to change the name. we do want to get a look at our forecast first. 36 degrees right now. >> not bad. it's still cold out. you're still going to walk outside. if you're standing outside for a longe,
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gloves. we've done a windchill. actual temperatures in the 30s. we're above freezing for most of the area. but if you look at northern maryland, we have some 20s, 30 degrees in frederick, that's also where we have a few to no flakes moving through. here's the system we've been watching for a couple of days. it's a clipper. it's mostly in pennsylvania. yesterday evening, we had a few snow showers pass by briefly. a few near hagerstown, martinsburg and frederick seeing a few flurries this morning. we could have slick spots in parts of northern maryland. as the kids step out at the bus stop, mainly dry. feeling colder, feeling below freezing with the breeze. it's going to stay breezy as we go through the afternoon today. look at that. back in the low 40s later on. we'll be in the 30s again tomorrow. take a look at the forecast coming up. roads not too bad weatherwise, melissa. >> not bad. i have to say thank you very much for the dry roads, sheena. always helps in the morning
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us. rockville pike, lanes are open here this morning. you don't have to worry about that anymore. that was the fatal crash. we'll talk more about that. 270 looking good. you don't have anything in the way headed southbound. no delays or anything like that. same thing headed northbound. spur looking good. you don't have to worry about this. 66 a live look at 123. everything is going into town and out of town nicely. guys? >> thank you, melissa. 5:02. breaking news right now. rockville pike back open after a fatal accident involving a pedestrian. this happened near the rockville metro station. >> we're told a man was hit in the crosswalk by a vehicle there. the road was shut down for hours during the investigation. traffic is moving again now, though. still, breaking news in silver spring. >> meagan fitzgerald at the live desk with a death investigation. meagan, what's going on? >> eun
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for sure for residents in a highrise apartment building in silver spring. want to show you videos. take a look at your screen. this was a heavy police presence outside of the elizabeth house on fenwick street. montgomery county police tell us they got a call at 9:00 last night for an assault. when they arrived, they found two people dead inside. there's still no word on exactly how the individuals died. but we're working to learn more. keep an eye on your nbc washington app. we'll push updates as soon as they're available. back to you. >> thank you, meagan. two men who dedicated their lives to help their communities will be laid to rest. >> sander cohen and fbi special agent carlos wolff were killed on i-270. megan mcgrath is live there where cohen's funeral will be held. megan? >> reporter: good morning. just a tragic accident that took the lives of these two men
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had dedicated their careers and lives to helping and protecting others. later today, their family and friends will say a final farewell. lieutenant sander cohen was a deputy fire marshal here in maryland. the governor will actually speak at his funeral at benay israel later today. he stopped to help a motorist who had crashed. he was on the side of the road when he was struck and killed by a passing car. lieutenant cohen was not only a fire marshal, he worked as a ro rockville volunteer fireman. he was a colleague from that fire station that responded to the crash and gave cpr. now, the crash that cohen stopped for involved fbi special agent carlos wolff. wolff was standing with cohen on the side of the road. he was also struck and killed. wolff is survived by his wife and two children. his family says he loved serving his country as part of the
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he was just 36 years old. now, lieutenant cohen's funeral is at 11:00 a.m. this morning at the synagogue in rockville and special agent wolff's funeral will happen at the church of the redeemer also later today in gaithersburg. we are expecting a large turnout for both funerals as friends and family say a final farewell. back to you. >> maeg megan, thank you. you will run into road closures because of the cohen funeral. montrose road between montrose parkway and east jefferson will be open to local traffic only. the cleesh you are begins at 7:00 a.m. and will last until early afternoon. the procession to the cemetery about begin around 12:30. the man prosecutors say is responsible for ramming his car into counter protesters in charlottesville will appear in court today.
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prosecutors say james fields jr. was behind the wheel of this car when drove into the crowd in august. you may recall it was a violent confrontation between white nationalists and -- massage envy therapist is expected to appear in court. he's accused of improperly touching two women in d.c. he's also being investigated in cases in bowie and georgetown. one of the d.c. cases has sparked a lawsuit against massage envy. one of the alleged victims is suing the company for $25 million. you've probably heard about tires and rims being stolen off cars, right? now, something even more unusual. >> entire doors are being taken in a matter of minutes. darcy spencer working for you this morning. she's live in
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from happening to you. darcy? >> reporter: good morning. i actually covered a couple of stories recently where car owners came out and found their tires and rims stolen, their cars up on blocks. this is a different situation. take a look here. it happened in this apartment complex parking lot in arlington in october. for one victim. another victim from baltimore. let's show you the video. can you imagine, you're going to work this morning, walking out to your car and finding that your doors are gone? this is what's happening to car owners. police are describing this as something very unusual. car experts tell us the thieves can probably get this done in five minutes or less. >> when you have specific parts on a car taken and -- somebody is putting an order in for that to someone. >> usually people steal the entire car.
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honda cars, for particular parts. we're working for you this morning. what we're being told. keep your car door locked. chances are the doors were locked. but it can serve as a deterrent. they can still break the glass. have a car alarm to alert you that there is a problem. >> darcy spencer live for us in arlington. pbs talk show host tavis smiley is the latest to be suspended over allegations of misconduct. the company hired an independent firm to investigate. pbs didn't specify the nature of the allegations but said the inquiry uncovered multiple credible allegations inconsistent with the values of pbs. >> smiley has been with them since 2004. smiem i says he was shocked by the accusations and he never acted inappropriately toward any co-worker throughout his career. most
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manigault newman who was fired on on a show. the former reality tv star had a confrontation with chief of staff john kelly and was ultimately pushed out of the office of the public liaison. physically told to leave the office. they had to physically remove her from the white house it was said. but the agency insists that didn't happen and all they did was deactivate her badge. the resignation goes into nekt next month. john mccain is back in the hospital as he continues to battle brain cancer. like any daughter would be, megan mccain is worried. she's a co-host on the talk show "the view." former vice president joe biden sat down with her and spoke to her not as a politician but as a father and friend. >> one of the things that gave
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beau courage, my word, was john. your dad, you may remember, when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my beau. beau talked about your dad's courage. not about illness. but about his courage. >> mccain has the same type of cancer that killed biden's son beau two years ago. the arizona senator is being treated at walter reed. such a touching moment there as he tried to comfort megan mccain. speaking about beau's courage. how much you pay for basic internet service could be decided by the federal government. >> the federal communication commission is set for a final vote on this. meagan fitzgerald has moore. >> this is probably something you've heard about and not know what it means. you could be paying more to surf
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>> the preferential treatment to certain content, could charge you more for basic services. the rules approved in 2015 were intended to keep the internet open and fair to everybody. they bar internet providers from speeding up or slowing down traffic to certain websites and apps. but today, the fcc vote could change that. >> i don't think it's going to be the end of the world immediately. but it definite live opens the door. they can't go to somebody else for better service if they don't like their service now. >> the republican controlled fcc is expected to pass the repeal 3-2 across party lines. net neutrality supporters say they will take the fight to court. meagan fitzgerald in the newsroom. it's a pretty exciting day if you're a fan of wawa. they're getting a first wawa location opening at 9:00 this morning. that new store is downtown at 19th and l streets
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wawa is going to open up to ten more locations in d.c. within the next two years. i would bet in the square, they're going to be packed with people looking for subs and what not. >> apparently, the subs and the coffee and the milkshakes. it's not as cold as it was yesterday. but it's still pretty blustery, sheena. >> it is still cold this morning. by the way, wawa has good pre-made food. just saying. few flakes in the area. we'll talk more about that and what you can expect for the morning drive coming up. this time last week, his son was still alive. now a local father is trying to come to terms with his son's
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he's angry with police for not doing enough to dpiend his son sooner. navid sepehri's father sat down with our pat collins. he asked us not to show his face. he said he found his son's body in the woods in a small pool of water. the teenager went missing after a party saturday
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his father says police didn't take the case seriously. >> nothing, nothing to help us. sitting in a shopping center drinking coffee. >> there were other officers nearby in the woods who heard navid's father exclaim that he had found his son. >> police believe the teenager's death was an accident. an official cause of death has not yet been determined. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the live desk. spacecraft carrying crew to russia and italy, landed back on earth this morning. take a look. >> the first crew member making his way out of the hatch. >> the three astronauts spent six months at the international space station. they landed in kazakhstan. nasa's randy -- he was with his arms up, marked his second trip to space and his first long
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pretty cool stuff there, guys. back to you. >> it really is. meagan, thank you. in case you missed it, there was a cool meteor shower last night. >> the imminent meteor shower last night. there's still a chance to catch the sky show. you can see it through the 16th. the gym net -- it's apparently the only meteor shower caused by a rock comet. >> i knew that. >> i'm going to take a wild guess that aaron is not going to see it. >> if you show me pictures, i will. >> we'll find some on the internet. i'm not going to see it either. if you want to watch it, it's going to be chilly at the time. we have clouds around now. not really good viewing, especially in the overnight hours if you were north of d.c. we had a few snow showers move through from the clipper system that mainly stayed in
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but we could have a few showers move through northern maryland. maybe a few flurries last night. bus stop this morning, still a warm coat. northern maryland because of that, we could be seeing slick spots with temperatures this morning below freezing. we're watching a few flakes right now on the radar. if you're exercising today, not as brutally cold as yesterday. we're still going to have a breeze around. not as bad this afternoon. the pm drive. dry roads. looking at everything pretty nice and cooperating for your drive each this morning. unless i mentioned, you're in northern maryland. temperatures below freezing. it feels like 29 in washington. feels like 28 in gaithersburg. clinton feels like 25 degrees. if you remember, yesterday morning we had a lot of areas that fell below 10 degrees, some spots near zero. that's not the case today. hagerstown, a little bit of snow falling. martinsburg as well. this is fairly light. near 81 keep
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falling would be sticking because it's below freezing. near front royal, marshall, winchester, could be seeing flurries. rest of the area looking dry. there's the snow from last night. northern maryland could see slick spots. that's going to be in your thursday commute forecast for the morning hours. again, this is mainly northern maryland. dry roads through the afternoon with temperatures back in the 40s. low 40s today. a chance much flurries tomorrow. little colder tomorrow. you'll notice the upper 30s. little bit of a change in the weekend, though. forecast showing 53 next monday. i'm looking forward to it, melissa mollet. but this morning, still dealing with the cold and the breeze. >> i'm looking forward to that as well. taking a look at a couple of new problems that popped up, sheena. we're talking about metro. on the orange line, single tracking between new carrollton and cheverly because of the late clearing track work. the yellow line, a delay here on the yellow line to mt. vernon square outside of
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beltway. taking a look at 95 in virginia. quantico to the beltway, going 60 miles per hour. that trip would take you about 19 minutes. now it's a little slow into woodbridge. normal of course for this time of day. taking a look elsewhere. 395, live look. looking good into and out of town. >> i love this video. it's a must-see clip of the morning. what led mees preschoolers to turn a nativity scene into a brawl. whoa. remember to tune in for elgin en -- ellen
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instead of a friendly waiter or waitress, how about a robot serving you at a restaurant? the restaurants in india replaced human waiters with robot servers. >> the customers seemed to enjoy it. they researched ways to revolutionize things. they look creepy to me. they placed their orders by phone at their tables and the robots deliver the food and drinks. demand for the robots is expected to increase over the next three years. what if there's a question about the menu? what if you need extra something? >> or i want to have a conversation about what's really good. >> is that your favorite dish? what goes well with that? what wine would you recommend? >> that's what i am saying. >> he can't tell me what goes well with my food. have you noticed the size of glasses of wine have become bigger. >> the size of wine
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grown significantly since the year 1700. researchers say the size of wine goblets increased seven times. >> explains a lot. the overall concern -- >> people are bigger now. you need more. >> we talked about cups of coffee. this might not be one cup of coffee. >> i love the drinks. not one or two, but 11 marath s marathons. a holocaust survivor is thinking about running his 12th. he's 81 years old. wow. six miles a day, rain or shine. he completed his eighth in october. he's run the boston marathon three times and also a volunteer at the holocaust museum. he remembers when he
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family were thrown into a ghetto. 32 of his relatives died. he says he is a voice for those who did not survive. >> hope the younger generation, what they heard from us to be able to continue and say yes, i was there. i heard individuals speak about the holocaust. that gives me a good reason to say, okay, i did my part. >> living history. amazing. also gives talks to law enforcement groups and students. 81 running marathons and volunteeri volunteering. wouldn't you want to sit down and have a conversation with him for a few hours. >> can you imagine? >> 5:26 now. redskins rumors running rampant. what you should know about the washington redhawks. and door drama. don't see this too often. how criminals are getting creative and how to prevent yourself from becoming a next ic
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morning. this is still cold out there. it's going to be breezy this afternoon and some of you could be seeing flakes falling this morning. moving into northern parts of frederick county. also hagerstown seeing flakes falling. flurries possible in the
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that breaking news out of montgomery county. a pedestrian hit on rockville pike. what to expect next. mccain hospitalized. the reason the arizona senator can't return to work on the hill. redskins to the redhawks? word of a name change. we did fact chicking aboecking . i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. good morning. we begin with team coverage on your weather and traffic. melissa mollet is tracking developments in your first 4 traffic but we need to get to the forecast. >> sheena, berkeley county schools on a two-hour delay this morning. any theories about why? >> i'm guessing because we have snow falling or slick spots on the roads. we have a clipper up to the north. mainly in pennsylvania. but take a look here. we're seeing some snow falling in west virginia this morning near
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county starting to see this approachi approaching. near winchester, much of the shenandoah valley, we could see flurries near martinsburg as well. any snow falling this morning that we're seeing. most of it staying to the north. it would be sticking. temperatures in these areas are below freezing. the feels-like temperature is below freezing for almost everybody. feels like 30 degrees washington, 30 frederick. 26 martinsburg. it feels like 25 degrees in clinton. again, we could be seeing the slick spots in northern maryland. we had a few snow showers move through yesterday evening. as far as the temperatures for today, not as brutally cold but breezy and chilly out there. let's check the roads here. most of the area nice and dry, melissa. >> i have a new problem here. just measuring it for you. this is about a two-mile backup. southbound 95 after powder mill road. overturned vehicle with one lane getting by this morning. sounds like it could be there.
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going 23 miles per hour as folks stay by on the single lane to get southbound there. rockville pike near veers mill road, it's now open this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, everything is looking okay. single tracking on the orange line between new carrollton and cheverly, because of late clearing traffic, delays to mt. vernon square. aaron? here's a look at the top stories this morning. 5:32. two men who dedicated their lives to helping their communities will be laid to rest today. lieutenant sander cohen and carlos wolff were killed on i-270 last week. cohen stopped to help wolff who crashed his car. cohen was a state fire marshal. another car hit and killed both men. tavis smiley has been suspended over allegations of misconduct. after more than one complaint, the network has now hired an outside law firm to investigate
5:33 am
the announcement and says he never acted inappropriately toward any co-worker throughout his entire career. later today, the federal communications commission will vote to repeal most of the agency's internet regulation rules. it means your internet provider could give special treatment to certain content and charge you more for basic services. the republican-controlled fcc is expected to pass the repeal 3-2 across party lines. 5:33 now. video of a possible hate crime inside casa ruby. that's the lbgt organization here. it shows a person inside and taking off. the person has not been caught. this happened tuesday just before 2:00 in the afternoon. now to a disturbing case of voyeurism involving a child. a 23-year-old of tem will hill
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partially undressed child in a school bathroom and shared it on snapchat. d.c. police say it happened earlier this month at a school on independence avenue near armory. we've reached out for more information about the age of the victim and exactly where this happened. this morning, the driver stripped naked and rode a flatbed truck tuesday afternoon remains in a hospital. the 32-year-old faces a long list of charges. police say his rampage started after a crash on route 28 near dulles airport just before rush hour. officers are trying to figure out whether flores was under the influence of drugs or alcohol or whether he had experience in medical emergencies. metro is work to go make your commute easier. the transit agency is adding or change bus service to 35 routes in the area to improve on-time performance. here's an example. they're launching a new service to the n
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it will add more trips to the pentagon transit center in virginia and modify routes around the station. new routes start on sunday. go to the nbc washington app for more information on the routes. the redskins are not changing their name. at least not right now. >> yesterday a lot of people were getting ready to buy redskins -- or washington redhawks gear. take a look. it was part of the hoax making it seem like the redskins announced the organization changed team names to become the washington redhawks. it was eventually revealed, the fake website was created by native american advocates to "help us all imagine how easy and powerful changing the mascot could be." redskins responded with a statement saying, this morning the redskins organization was made aware of fraudulent websites about our team name. they went on to say the team name will remain
5:36 am
the team owner has emphatically said he never plans to change the team name. the brawl over baby jesus. kids going at it for all to see. the video you want to share this morning. >> ride sharing attack. a driver accused the arrest and action taken
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this is my favorite video. favorite of all the day. >> parents laughing after two preschoolers in tennessee got into a scuffle this week. but it's for a reason that most parents will understand. apparently a 2-year-old dressed up as a sheep wanted the baby jesus doll in their nativity scene. >> i mean, everybody wants baby jesus. >> of course. >> mary, 3 years old, wasn't having any of that. >> you see the sheep. she's dancing with baby jesus. she's all happy. here we go. see, she wants to be the star. you see that. mary comes over. look. she said oh, no you don't. give me back my baby jesus. the sheep is -- >> but mary, did you know? >> that's your baby boy. >> cute. >> apparently only feelin
5:40 am
hurt, no one seriously injured. you want to shine. she was mad because she was a sheep. i should have been mary. i don't know what the people would think. >> another little baby decided she couldn't wait. >> after a 911 call taker in d.c. did everything she could over the phone to make sure she was delivered safely. she arrived here. look at this beautiful baby girl. november 5th andre smither called d.c. 911 to report his wife was in labor and that the baby could arrive at any moment. on other end was call taker desiree damon who told andre what to do. after a few minutes, the baby was born. take a listen to the phone call here. >> sir, can you look to see if you see any part of the baby? i need you to keep checking. >> i see the baby. >> you see the head? >> someone had asked you that question, aaron, you would have been
5:41 am
>> yep. >> damon, the dispatcher was able to meet the baby this week. you can see right there. damon is just happy that the baby is happy and healthy. beautiful. congratulations. 5:41 is our time right now. mccain's medical scare. the senator is back in the hospital. new concern for the lawmaker battling brain cancer. i'm darcy spencer in arlington. imagine walking out to your car and finding the doors are gone. that's what's happening here. i'll explain and tell you what you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a victim. not as brutally cold this morning. but still feels below freezing out there. you still want the warm coat. the winds, because we will have a breeze out there. feel 7 degrees colder in the district. take a look at what's in store for the afternoon and weekend coming up. melissa? >> breaking news
5:42 am
southbound 395 at route 1. a box truck on its side here. take a look at this. vehicle overturned. we have
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we are the tv doctors of america, and we may not know much about medicine, but we know a lot about drama. we also know that you can avoid drama by getting an annual check-up. so go, know, and take control of your health. it could save your life. cigna. together, all the way.
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just coming into the newsroom, we're learning about several school districts on a two-hour delay this morning. berkeley county public schools in martinsburg, west virginia, along with morgan county and hampshire county will open two hours late. snow is the cause. making for slick and potentially dangerous roadways. berkeley county, morgan and hampshire county schools all on a two-hour delay this morning. eun and aaron, back to you. >> meagan, thank you. president trump is making a final push for the gop controlled congress to finalize a tax reform bill before the end of the year. >> but the democrats are
5:46 am
news 4's tracie potts is on capitol hill with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, eun. they want to wait until the new democratic senator from alabama shows up in washington. unlikely that will happen. five things you need to know about the tax plan. it drops the rate for the wealthiest americans to 37%. for corporate tax rate between -- a little bit more than republicans wanted. some of the popular deductions, home mortgage interest and state and local taxes would stay with limits and it gets rid of the affordable care act mandate to buy insurance. >> tracie, people have been listening to this debate for a couple of weeks about this tax plan. what does this mean for everyday people? how will they really feel it in their lives? >> it's sort of tough to figure out. immediately, president trump says almost immediately the president says by february, you'll start to see payroll changes in your checks. but in terms of your
5:47 am
depend what you earn, what you have to deduct. if you have medical expenses. that's going to increase your taxes because that deduction is going to go away. people who have kids in college may see their taxes go up because some of those interest deductions are expected to go away. but, if you don't itemize, you double the standard deduction, you might see a benefit. it's really hard to tell. it's individualized without a clear picture of how a large swath of the middle class would benefit or not. >> tracie potts, thank you. it's 5:47. the recount continues for virginia's 40th district. the district includes parts of fairfax and prince william counties. after the first day of recounting, republican delegates hugo was still holding on to his lead over tanner. hugo currently leads by just over 100 votes. if certified results hold,
5:48 am
their majority in the house 51-49. this morning, arizona senator john mccain is back in the hospital as he continues to battle brain cancer. like any daughter would be, megan mccain is worried about her father. she's a co-host on the view. former vice president joe biden sat down with megan yesterday. he spoke to her not as a politician but as a father and a friend. >> one of the things that gave beau courage, my word, was john. your dad, you may remember when you were a little kid, your dad took care of my beau. beau talked about your dad's courage, not about illness, but about his courage. >> mccain has the same type of cancer that killed beau biden's son two years ago. the former vice president's son beau two years ago. the arizona senator is being treated at walter reed. >> touching moment there. for anyone taking
5:49 am
morning, a man who tried to sexually assault a woman in his car may still be posing as a driver. take a look. this is a picture of what the man looks like. uber has removed him from their app. police say during a ride sunday morning, he tried to sexually assault his passenger near capitol. she managed to escape and he drove off. you've heard about tires and rims being stolen off cars. now something even more unusual. >> entire doors. taken in a matter of minutes. darcy spencer working for you this morning. she's live in arlington with the latest on how to prevent this from happening to you. hey, darcy. >> reporter: good morning. i just can't imagine walking out and finding that situation when you go to your car in the morning. you definitely want to keep your doors locked. if you can, invest in a car alarm system. you never know, it might scare them away, you might still have your doors. ta
5:50 am
this crime happens in an apartment complex parking lot in arlington. also a good idea to park in a well-lit area if you can. we spoke to an owner who had this happen to him and now he doesn't even want a car. he takes public transportation. you can understand that. now, police are even calling this unusual. car experts say that these thieves can do this in about five minutes. here's how one victim reacted. >> came down to walk my dog. i noticed around these spots, my car had the passenger side door, the front door and back door removed. >> reporter: arlington county police are investigating. at this point the thieves got away. no arrests have been made. back to you. darcy, thank you. ten minutes before the hour right now. we warmed up a degree. >> whoo. >> in the last hour. a whole degree. >> looking for that silver lining. >> get rid of the warm coat now. it's balmy outside.
5:51 am
yesterday morning hurt. i mean, your skin would sting a little bit once the wind hit it. this morning, it's breezy. we have a windchill and we're watching a few snow showers. that's because we have a few snow showers that moved into those areas. northern maryland could see slick spots because of showers yesterday evening. not as brutally cold. your weekend looks good too. temperatures will be back in the 40s. here's a look now. the snow is making its way out of martinsburg. still areas could see slick spots there. temperatures are below freezing. heading towards boons borrow, frederick could see snow there as well. as we go into the next few hours, i expect some of this continuing. but we could be seeing snow flurries in fauquier county, shenandoah valley as well. it's because of this big clipper system. it gave parts of the area some snow showers yesterday
5:52 am
mainly northern maryland. it's breaking up and falling apart currently. philadelphia seeing snow from that right now. >> through the day, clearing conditions. more sunshine this afternoon. still saying chilly. currently 37 degrees in washington. frederick at 30 degrees. again, northern maryland, temperatures are cold enough to cause anything falling to be sticking this morning. it's 38 degrees in quantico. 31 in clinton. bus stop forecast. warm coat for the kids this morning. temperatures in the 30s. by the afternoon, we'll be back in the low 40s. but breezy. tomorrow, another chance for snow flurries. temperatures will be colder tomorrow. back in the 30s for daytime highs. more clouds around too with that snow flurry chance. we go into the weekend. look at that forecast. 45 saturday, 47 on sunday. and next week, we even have a few 50-degree days in the forecast. that's going to feel pretty nice, melissa. let's check your roads on your thursday morning. >> breaking news in first 4
5:53 am
chopper 4 over a bad crash. 95 southbound at 212. powder mill road. two overturned vehicles. take a look at the backup building very quickly by the minute. about a three-mile backup as you head southbound on 95 approaching 212 this morning. very, very slow. you can look at the delays. both on the left side of the roadway. southbound 395, route 1, crystal city. overturned box truck right now. not causing too much of a delay because it is outbound here this morning. you can see the right side is getting by there. kind of a big morning for folks here as far as having to leave early. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking okay here right now. as far as your travel times, 270 looks good. none of the problems on these routes. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car
5:54 am
today. good morning. i'm at cnbc headquarters. walmart is providing workers with a way to get paid earlier. the largest private employer teaming up with a startup called each to offer a financial services app. it also allows employees to access cash before a scheduled payday up to eight times a year for free. walmart will cover the cost of the app for both full and part-time workers. meg, thank you. it's 5:54 right now. with christmas 11 days away. >> it's 11. it's all you got, sister. >> the clock is ticking for holiday shoppers. retail insiders say those who missed black friday may find bigger bargains in the days ahead. right now is the time to get plugged in on a new laptop apparently. today is the day to go to work on tools and hardware that are typically on sale. plan to get the video games
5:55 am
sale for the rest of the month. >> in the lead-up to christmas, some retailers will have special offers and promotion that is they have been saving for the last-minute shopper. >> of course, the sooner you buy the better. a lot of packages to go out. target is diving deeper into the grocery game. the company is buying grocery delivery startup company shipped inc. for $550 million. this is going to be a challenge for amazon. the all cash deals -- >> got to think about that. >> this is going to allow them to order other items and have them delivered same-day. no word on when this will be available nationwide. the key is the shipping cost. are you willing to pay -- insta cart does that. but it charges you ten bucks if you want it same day or in a couple of hours. >> you will pay. it's a matter of convenience.
5:56 am
paprika. >> $10 just for that. we're still working for you and throughout the holiday season. >> molette green spent yesterday morning with a group from america's adopt a soldier program. many of you were asking how you can adopt a soldier this holiday season. the group is trying to send 300,000 cards and messages to service members before christmas. if you'd like to help the efforts head to the nbc washington app and search america's adopt a soldier. the holidays are often full of joy and celebration. they're also a time of reflection for a lot of people. >> molette green is live with a holiday tribute lighting up a neighborhood. molette, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. we're outside this morning. we're in the hadley community here in gaithersburg. outside of a well-known house in the neighborhood. known for its impressive
5:57 am
for 14 years, the family in this home has been paying tribute to a young man named kevin. a young man able to bring this entire community together during his battle against cancer. why this tribute here? this house of lights tribute continues years after kevin's passing. much more on that coming up in the 6:00 hour from the hadley community here in gaithersburg. >> molette, we'll check back in with you in a little bit. the real scoop behind the reason omarosa left the white house. >> but she said he was my monster. actress salma hayek opens up about harvey weinstein. how the movie mogul responding next. two men who dedicated their lives helping others. friends and family say a final farewell later today.
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are hearing about several school delays in maryland and west virginia. >> breaking news in first 4 traffic. melissa mollet, your first 4 traffic, melissa, what's going on here? >> take a look at this breaks news in first 4 traffic. we're
6:00 am
park. chopper 4 over this problem this morning. southbound, 95 at powder mill road. already a three-mile backup. two vehicles here are overturned. they are obviously quickly trying to get this out of the way, cleared up so that folks can continue their route here. only going about 23 miles per hour. brad freitas is up above right now. tell us what's going on and perhaps an alternate. >> melissa, you're right. a team effort between maryland state highway administration and local towing companies. both of these vehicles were overturned about ten minutes ago when we first referred to this breaking news. the delays are extensive as i scroll over here. the headlights start at the icc. which may be a good option if you're headed toward the rockville area, montgomery county. the bw parkway as well if you're headed towards the beltway at this hour.


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