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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  December 14, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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devastating news. they may not be able to return home until after the holiday. what was behind the fire that forced more than a dozen families out of their houses? >> why are sweater wraps rolling around the region this weekend and for a graetd cause. i'm tommy mcfly with the exclusive holiday cheer coming up on news4 at 4:00. >> this is the must-have toy of the holiday season and scammers unfortunately know it. but can you tell the fake from the real deal? we're working for you to make sure your cash doesn't fall into the wrong hands. >> first at 4:00, fallen heroes remembered. two men who dedicated their lives to helping others and finding justice are laid to rest. >> their lives were abruptly cut short friday night. fire marshal sander cohen and fbi special agent carlos wolff both died when a car hit them on the side of i-270. news4's chris gordon starts our coverage from the funeral of fire marshal cohen. >> reporter: a state police color guard brings
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rockville. >> present arm. >> reporter: full honor for deputy marshal sander cohen who died in the line of duty at the age of 33. he to assist carlos wolff after an accident. both men struck and killed along the highway. speaking at the funeral, maryland governor larry hogan recognizes cohen's courage. >> i'm here today as the governor of maryland, representing all the people of a grateful state, to honor the sacrifice of one of our true heroes, a man who dedicated his life to public service and who never hesitated to offer a helping hand right up until his last breath on this earth. >> reporter: police and fire fighters coming from across the state of maryland and beyond, i s
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state fire marshal's office. >> sander was very, very well known across the state as a whole and part of his job as a state fire marshal he touched the lives of a lot of, lot of different people across the state. more locally here, sander was a local guy. he grew up here in potomac. went to church hill high school. lots of friends in the area. >> reporter: cohen's flag draped casket, the procession along montrose road, lined with fire equipment and tribute. chopper4 showing lines of fire fighters along the icc, saluting as fire marshal cohen passes, leaving behind a legacy of service and sacrifice. reporting from montgomery county, chris gordon, news4's. >> lieutenant cohen was trying to help fbi special agent carlos wolff. there was a private service this morning for woeful at the church of the redeemer in gaithersburg. the special agent leaves behind a wife and two children.
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university. in a statement, his family called him an amazing father, husband, uncle and brother who made us all very proud. the family says woeful loved serving his country as part of the fbi and complete strangers as well. >> another lawmaker plagued by sexual misconduct allegations is leaving congress. texas republican blake farenthold said he will not seek reelection next year. the allegations from three years ago have come under renewed focus in recent weeks . a former aide sued farenthold in 2014 claiming he made sexually suggestive comments and behavior. he soettled the case with $84,00 in taxpayer money. several other women made claims against farenthold. he denied them all but he did admit to cultural problems in his office. this is the latest est in a wave of lawmakers who have resigned in recent weeks. democratic senator al franken will be stepping down
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eight women accused him of sexual misconduct. and arizona republican trent franks stepped down last week amid reports he asked a former aid to carry his child. >> well, this is not the way anybody wants to start the holiday season. chopper4 over an apartment fire earlier this afternoon in maryland, now dozens of families forced out into the cold. going to have to find someplace else to stay and it could be sometime before they are able to return. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins at the seen in lanham. >> reporter: it's cold and it's windy. and now dozens of families are displaced after this fire that's happened in lanham. prince george's county fire says that it started on that second floor apartment in a vent, and then spread through the walls and the ceiling up to that third floor unit. they believe that this was accidental and electric in nature. they are still investigating. the good news is no serious injuries here on this scene and everybody made it out
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14 units that can no longer be lived in until they are able to deal with all of this. some folks are going to be displaced for several weeks. we talked with one person who lives in this apartment complex who helped his neighbor. >> the minute i seen him, i was like let me help him try to get out the building. they were evacuating the building. nothing special, something anybody would do. he was in a wheelchair. >> reporter: several families displaced here. 14 units cannot be occupied at this time. some people are going to be out of their homes for several weeks through the holidays. in lanham, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> an awful scene in silver spring. a man shot and killed his elderly mother and then killed himself. now police in montgomery county are trying to figure out why. they found them in fenwick lane. derrick? >>or
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something like this actually happened here last night. even more shocked to learn the circumstances. they have identified both the suspect and the victim. the suspect is the son, 61-year-old garvey of bethesda and his mother of bethesda. police were called at 8:45 last night for the report of an assault. when they got here they found the son dead from the gunshot wound. they searched the apartment on second avenue in fenwick lane. they found the mother as well. they were alerted to this after relatives of the two had called to express their concern over the welfare of both of those people. again, we don't know the circumstances around this, but as we hear from someone who knew the victim, she was a matronly figure in the neighborhood who would often be seen around this neighborhood. >> it may have been some weeks, probably last month, but i seen her off and
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shuttle bus when she'd be going to appointments or she has to go to the grocery store. >> reporter: again, that reported assault last night that ended up with two people dead here in silver spring turns out to be a murder suicide involving a son and his mother. we are live in silver spring. derrick ward, news4. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. erika? >> five years ago today at this time the numbers were still going up. and the horror was still becoming real. after the death settled, we learned a gun plan ended the lives of 20 little children inside sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, and along with the nearly 2 dozen children, six adults were killed. it was supposed to be the shooting that changed the debate about guns in this country, but it hasn't. ♪ ♪ >> a group of people gathered outside the
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association this morning, still pushing for better background checks and new regulations. many of the parents who lost their children have made gun rights advocacy their life's work since that tragedy. former white house press secretary jay carney remembered the victims, tweeting this message saying it was the worst day at the white house. i saw my normally stoic boss break down. i lost my composure at the briefing. as a parent i could not comprehend the horror of sandy hook. i think of the innocent children and the brave teachers all the time, end quote. >> developing right now, get ready for the fight over restriction-free internet to get much louder. the fcc just decided to unravel an obama era policy that guaranteed equal access to the internet. the end of netanyahu tralt rules marks a big victory for internet service providers. this repeal could change the way you use the internet and how much you pay for that. just before the fcc made its decision, there was some drama
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more on that with nbc's blayne alexander in about 25 minutes. >> all right. time for a first check with storm team4. today we are taking your forecast outside. >> yes, turn things up a notch. doug kammerer out in north potomac showing one of the biggest light displays in the area. hey, doug. >> another day with doug's holiday lights. i cannot wait until the sun goes down and we see this house because this house, they are lit up from head to toe from the top to the bottom. all the way up the driveway to -- it's going to be a great afternoon for it. it is on the cold side, you know it's cold. let's look at the temperatures. show you where we are right now because i have to be honest with you, i don't think i have on enough layers. i have seven shirts on. i may have needed an eighth shirt. look at the numbers. wind chill is the big thing. we are seeing winds gusting upwards of 10 to 15 miles per hour. any wind blows right through you. 31 now in the d.c. area, 20s back to the north and west. the cold air definitely here and
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tonight, the actual temperature downtown is 39. but we're going to drop quickly once that sun goes down, down to 32 degrees by 7:00 into the 20s by 11:00. is you know it's going to be a cold night tonight. you need people to help warm you up. do we have people? we've got people! [cheering and applauding] >> they are all ready to go! and we just woke somebody up. we just woke them up. don't worry, don't worry. no, okay -- okay, we're good. we're going to send it back to you guys. cannot wait for you guys to meet the family here. they have a new addition, by the way, too. that's not him. >> okay. >> another one. >> you wake them up you have to put them back to sleep, doug kammerer. that's not fair. >> i have plenty of practice. i'm ready. whatever i need to do. >> all right, thanks, doug. we'll check back with you in a little while. >> thanks, doug. fingerlings, they are this year's must have
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deal. can you tell the difference? we're working to keep you from being scammed. >> a church van, a get away car. the pastor's strong message to the guys in this video. >> we'll take you inside and
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a working for you
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alert today. >> don't fall for a fake when it comes to one of this year's hottest holiday toys. >> consumer reporter susan hogan joins us with what to look out for. case in point. this is it. >> i can make a lot of money on this. bad boy on ebay. >> as you know, every year there is one toy hard to put your hands on. this year it's this thing called a fingerling. it has been sold out for weeks. that means fakes, fraudsters, scamming you into buying a knock off monkey. take a good look at this fake fingerling compared to the real deal. subtle differences. the fake left off the name -- actually fingerlings from the packaging. batteries is misspelled. beware the fake toys are sold by third parties on legitimate websites. the maker is suing more than 150 companies for knocking off its toy or selling them. as with any knock off
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realize is there are potential safety concerns, of course, counterfeit toys bypass federal safety inspections. >> concerns with counterfeit products are that, one, they could pose a choking hazard, particularly if they are small parts. the second concern would be that there are unhealthy toxin s in the product. >> here are a few ways to spot fake fingerlings. of course look for misspelling on the packaging as we showed you, suspiciously low prices. and if the package is missing the company's name, which is called wow ee, it's a fake. all right. >> or baby monkey. >> yeah. and you know, the reason why these are so hot is that they sell a ton of them. you put them on your finger and you pet them and they talk to you and they're kind of cute. but weird at the same time. >> every year it's something. and please don't tweet
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don't facebook her, she's not selling that one. >> no. >> you better watch your back. >> no kidding. >> thank you, susan. >> you know what's not fake? the light show we're going to be seeing here tonight. >> the real deal. >> we send things back out to doug kammerer. it's time for doug's holiday lights once again. he's happy to be outside. he's got a nice bunch of folks gathered behind you, doug. >> absolutely. i'll tell you what, erika, quite nice here. look, we have a new arrival just in time. you mentioned it, we have not just the new arrival. this baby is 3 1/2 weeks old. that's actually why they have the stork here, cody duke for november 20, 6 pounds 12 ounces. this is robin, her husband kevin. he's the one that put up all these lights, even after having a brand-new baby. he said he actually got to take some time to go out there and get the lights done while everybody was in there with the boy. i have to start with
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kevin, this is huge for you. you have four kids. you know, you started off with? >> three girls. >> three girls. and you didn't find out what you were having. and? >> it's a boy. >> it's a boy! yes! he got his boy. and you said we have to try for one more. >> that's right. yeah, one more. one more still, one more still. >> one more still? oh, kevin says no, no, no. you're the one that put out for the lights. you knew your man kevin would not do that. why did you put out for the lights? >> well, you guys are the cream of the crop. and you know how difficult it is to watch the news sometimes, whether it's politics, harassment, road rage, causing some naked guy who attacked a truck on the highway. and you're doing your part with #dougsholidaylights to bring if he is tichl -- festivity and
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and share this hidden gem of north potomac with the washingtonian community? >> we cannot wait to see the lights go on once the sun goes down. it makes such a huge difference as we saw last week. guys, i'm going to step away. we're going to do the weather. we're going to take a sthhot fr that camera way up there. wave at that camera. temperature wise out there, you know it's on the cold side, guys. i've got everything on today. the ear muffs, i've got the gloves on, the big old ski gloves, too. here are the numbers. we have the clear skies. you notice that. temperature wise out there, it's still on the chilly side. 39 degrees right now. winds out of the north at 14 miles per hour. that wind is what creates those wind chills. look at these wind chills. 24 now in gaithersburg, 28 leesburg. 31 in manassas. so right here in potomac, north potomac, we're already 25 for that wind chill when the wind does blow through. nothing on the radar, but this is going to change i think tomorrow. mostly into this
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the west here. it's not going to do much overnight tonight, but eventually once it moves off the coast, it's going to develop off the coast and eventually bring us some snowfall into some parts of our area. not everybody is going to get it. let's look at future weather and show you what we're talking about here. this is a cloud cover tomorrow morning. we're starting at 8:00, and you notice everybody seeing the cloud cover tomorrow. as we move on through the afternoon, by noon not much going on. but we're going to start to see some snow developing from d.c. south and eastward. best chance of snow is once again south and east of i-95 in towards parts of southern maryland here. that's what we're going to be watching as the storm system develops. as we move on through the afternoon, it's gone. this is another quick hitting system, just like last night's. so, it's not going to give us much. it is going to create those colder temperatures. let's look at the four day forecast. i want to show you what we deal with with those temperatures tomorrow. high temperatures a little cooler than they were today. we have a high temperature tomorrow of 36 degrees. it is going to be cold with that chance of snow south and east of
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but even washington could see flurries. 45 on your saturday. about 47 degrees on your sunday. 54, though, 54 on monday and 56 on tuesday. so, we actually do warm a little bit. and even into next week -- into next week, temperatures are not all that cold. so the frigid air is finally getting out of here. we want that frigid air to go. you guys want warmer weather slightly, slightly? but we still want cold weather for christmas, right? yes. do we want snow for christmas? >> yes! >> yes. and it's going to snow -- i don't know if it's going to snow for christmas. we're not there yet. we'll have more for you from #dougsholidaylights. nicely done. a lot of stuff going on out there. we all need to bring a little joy. we're bringing it to you today from north potomac. >> those poor kitds. >> very slick for you to have your fan club president show up there. >> no kidding. the kids will be tweeting you and facebooking you wondering where the snow is on the 24th and 25th, d
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[ laughter ] >> all right. thank you, sir. >> see you in a bit. serving up holiday meals and smiles, the beloved tradition for first responders is missing for the first time ever. >> and this is sure to turn a few heads. why these cards are getting the ugly christs letter what do you think? hey, think ben will like it? yeah, was i the only one hearing the angelic music? i'm serious, i never know what to get him. just tell me you got him fios too. sigh. mrs. layne, fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. that, plus this sick console, he'll be like whaaaaaattt. your new tech is best on the 100% fiber optic network. so get fios. now just $79.99 per month
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finally, a website that tells you if there are any sexual conduct allegations. i'm tommy mcfly with your celebrity 60. meghan markle and prince harry protocol, she is going to spend christmas with the queen, usually for those married in the family. lindsay lohan asking for tickets to bali to host a new york new year's eve party. according to us weekly they said no thanks. meryl streep, tom hanks, steven spielberg running around town, they are in town for the post movie. i will have red carpet action for you on news4 at 11:00. it's tough to keep track of all the alleged creeps in
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enters the picture. it's a website that you can search your favorite shows and see if the cast has any allegations of sexual misconduct against them. type in "full house." coast is clear. or maybe you love nbc's will and grace. all clear. you can search house of cards. we all know how that one is going to end. i'm tommy mcfly with your celebrity 60. on nbc4. >> you don't really need an excuse to visit d.c.'s first wawa store. they are giving away free coffee to celebrate the grand opening. the it officially opened up for business this earn montgomery. located at 1111 19th street northwest downtown. look at that crowd. more than 9,000 square feet, it's larger than any other wawa. and it's a bit more upscale as well. it has exposed brick, subway tile, nat
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you like that stuff. another location in georgetown is now under construction. wawa plans to open as many as ten stores across d.c. a decade's long d.c. police holiday tradition lives on, but with a twist. >> the annual brian t. gibson holiday dinner has been serving meals for law enforcement and their families by his parents shirley and harrison gibson. officer gibson was shot and killed in 1997 as he sat at a traffic light. togeth to get through the holidays the parents prepared a dinner in gratitude for law enforcement. the number of guests has grown and grown from over a dozen to several hundred. the gibsons have officially retired from the event, but the event is still going strong. thanks to some help from the capital area law enforcement association. >> good to see that. he is the man police say crashed his car into a crowd of counter protesters. >> it dominated the headlines
4:27 pm
national stage. how the tension from that day is still high as the suspect goes to court. >> and what is a church van doing parked outside the scene of a high end robbery? the holy heist caught onamera c
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>> announcer: you're watching news4 at 4:00. >> right now at 4:30, high
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a man accused of ramming his car into a crowd and killing a 32-year-old woman is sitting in a courtroom about to face a judge. it is still hard to watch. that was the chaotic scene this past august. james field, jr. drove his car into a group protesting a racist rally. the crash killed heather heyer and injured several others. >> bureau reporter david culver is following the developments in this case. david, what is this hearing today all about? >> reporter: this is a preliminary hearing and it is happening down in charlottesville. it is against james field, jr., charged with second degree murder. this is to determine whether there is enough evidence to go to trial. we should also tell you there are three other defrts who are also in the charlottesville courtroom facing lesser charges and this just came in moments ago. we have learned that those three cases have been certified to go on to a grand jury. that means within the moment, fields is going to be going in front of a judge. given how violent the clashes became this pastu
4:31 pm
down there. dozens of police are intact cal gear. they are surrounding this courthouse today. these are images tweeted out from our sister station in charlottesville and we're going to get video to add to that in the next hour. i am told there are two police choppers. they are patrolling snipers on area roofs. all because of this we saw in august. chaos rocking charlottesville following one of the largest gatherings of white nationalists and far-right extremists in a decade. they were upset with the city council vote to remove a confederate statue. after that rally, hundreds of white nationalists and counter protesters both converged in downtown charlottesville. and it got violent at times. later as counter demonstrators were peacefully marching this is what happened. it is so disturbing to see. the car driving across the downtown mall, ramming the crowd, and ultimately killing heather heyer. her mom told the daily beast said she will be at the hearing.
4:32 pm
in a moment or so we are expected to hear fields is in front of a judge. this, by the way, leon and erika, the first time heather's mom will come face to face with the man who killed her daughter. >> that is going to be quite a moment. >> a lot of emotions down there. we'll keep on t. >> david culver, thank you. all right. we go now to the future of the internet and what today's repeal of the net neutrality rules mean for you. the fcc actions today say they are giving corporations too much control over what we see and do online. the rules were heavy handed and discouraged investment in broadband network. blayne alexander live on capitol hill tonight to explain what this all means. a lot of people talking about this today, blayne. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, erika. so, bottom line, you're not going to see any change in your internet today or tomorrow, but those who are against the move today say that this now opens the doors for major internet providers to take advantage of
4:33 pm
the internet and regulate what we see. minutes before a contentious vote, a security scare. >> on the advice of security we need to take a brief recess. >> reporter: bomb sniffing dogs brought in, but nothing found. the vote proceeding as planned. >> the item is a president doed. >> reporter: the fcc ending net neutrality. designed to keep the internet open and fair. if i wanted to post a sign on youtube or hulu, there is nothing stopping internet providers from charging more or speeding up their own content and slowing down others. the issue split along party lines. the white house and internet providers argue the government is micro managing the internet. >> it is not the job of the government to be in the business of picking winners and losers in the internet economy. >> reporter: but supporters of net neutrality say without regulation, internet
4:34 pm
giants including nbc parent company comcast would have too much power to regulate content. >> they will have the right to discriminate and favor the internet traffic of those companies with whom they have a pay for play arrangement and the right to consign all others to a slow and bumpy road. >> reporter: and protesters say the move would silence smaller voices. >> people of color, black people, black women, who would not be heard. >> reporter: now some consumers are already calling on congress and the courts to decide. and already here on capitol hill, lawmakers are suggesting legislation regarding today's decision. erika? >> blayne alexander on capitol hill for us tonight. blayne, thank you. all right. we want you to weigh in on this story. should you have to pay for faster internet? our nbc flash survey
4:35 pm
nbc washington facebook page. most of you say no, you shouldn't have to pay. >> it's coming. it's coming. reality tv star turned white house staffer omarosa talking about her departure from the white house. >> jim handly coming up at 5:00. hi, jim. >> yes, still the talk of the town. it is a high profile exit and a lot of speculation about what happened. ahead at 5:00 what she has to say about reports she was escorted off the white house grounds and what the white house is saying about it this afternoon. also ahead at 5:00, her story is an example of how wurn person can make a huge difference. 25 years ago, this nurse started a program to help babies abandoned by drug addicted parents. well, now she is being honored for her work and our kristin wright will have her inspiring story. we'll see you with those stories plus a good deal more on a busy thursday in the news. >> all right. you got it, jim. months of hard work and a whole lot of homework have led
4:36 pm
the teen whose tech genius just crushed the competition. >> and we are getting closer to sunset which means we are about to crank up the power for doug's holiday lights. hi, doug. >> the lights will be coming on. they're on right now, but when the sun goes down you'll really be able to see them. we not only brought the community out. we brought the storm team4 by 4. mb somebody is driving it. excuse me, sir, this isn't your sleigh. >> this is an upgrade. >> we'll be back with more, doug's holiday lights coming up after the break. if you take a left on up here,
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children's charnts foundation teams up with wal-mart today to warm things up for some really deserving kids in d.c. today. they staged a pop-up store downtown today where i joined them then handing out coats to kids who came in, were able to shop and pick out
4:40 pm
wanted them sefldselves. a big shout out to the wal-mart store chain that helped out. dcf decided to give the kids a chance to make their own gingerbread ornament to put on their tree and eat when they got home. the plan is to hand out 4,000 coats to elementary school kids. >> they get to choose what they want to wear. they get to choose. >> makes it more special, especially for the girls. you know how it works. >> absolutely. nbc's molette green was out in hadley farms community with a look at a special holiday tribute to a neighbor who passed away. kevin mullen died after a long battle with hodge kinz lymphoma. when he was first diagnosed one of his neighbors added his name in holiday lights to the decorations to help lift spirits. 14 years later that tribute continues. neighbors also hope the
4:41 pm
fight against cancer, and just a stellar display, a beautiful tribute there to kevin. >> an awesome message, awesome. well, how would you like to travel around town in style? >> we're not talking about what you're wearing. we are talking about what your ride is wearing. why these cars are all decked out in ugly holiday sweaters. >> ugly is the word. and a van that served a local church stolen and used as a get away vehicle and that's not the
4:42 pm
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
surveillance video captured the brazen crimes three men who police believe are responsible for a string of seven burglaries in the past two weeks. >> and in one case they used a church van as their get-away vehicle. >> news4's shomari stone talked to police who are asking for your help to track these guys down. >> it's
4:45 pm
>> reporter: gregory armstrong is an assistant pastor at young's memorial church of christ in southwest d.c. he's upset someone stole the church's van and used it in a burglary. >> our prayers are the person will have some remorse about what they have done. >> reporter: take a look. surveillance video captured three men pulling up in the stolen church van on the 1,000 block of h street northwest around 5:00 in the morning last tuesday. they broke in the front glass it door, stole clothes, and got away. >> we are hopeful the public can assist us in identifying these suspects. >> reporter: police believe the men are responsible for breaking and stealing from seven retail stores in d.c. and maryland since december 1st. a surveillance camera captured a guy breaking into benson's jewelers on the 1300 block of f street, northwest. he walked across the room to a display case, grabbed jewelry, and climbed back out the shattered window. he also drove away in a dark-colored van. police are searching for
4:46 pm
officers were able to find the church's van. >> we are glad that they have recovered the van. >> and to add insult to injury, young's memorial church of christ van is used to transport elderly people. right now it is being processed for evidence. police urge anybody with information about these burglaries to call d.c. police. >> that is just so wrong on so many levels. >> yes, it is. >> so many levels. >> we hope they get busted real quick. >> absolutely. the sun is going down so we'll have a light show coming up fairly soon. we need to schcheck and see wha the weather is going to be like. >> that's right. storm team4 amelia draper. hey, mel. >> you heard doug say it is coal. wind is dying down. we're in the 30s right now. 39 degrees in washington, but already down to 33 in gaithersburg and 39 right now in manassas. clear skies out there, really beautiful sunset. i posted it on my facebook and twitter pages. just a golden glow across the
4:47 pm
a.m., you see all white here on future weather. there is the time stamp up there. not so, but just cloud cover here. we start off the day with maybe a few peeks of sunshine, but clouds quickly fill in throughout the day as we look to lunch time right around the noontime hour. notice snow showers starting to develop, but notice where they are developing. mainly along and especially east of 95, so, down through southern maryland, stafford, king george counties as well as the northern neck. if you're east of 95, you could see about an inch or less potentially of some snow falling tomorrow afternoon. notice here with future weather at 3:00 it is already pushing the snow out of the area. however, i do think we could see snow hanging on "a little bit longer" if you're east of 95. everybody west of 95, you're saying what about me. maybe the chance for some flurry iz tomorrow afternoon, but i think most of us stay dry, just with plenty of clouds around. but then we clear out tomorrow night and that means we're in for another cold evening. exactly what we would expect in mid december. take a look at the school day forecast tomorrow. at the bus stop, make sure the kids are bundled.
4:48 pm
winds it's still cold. 26 degrees. by recess, cloudy skies and we're right around freezing, 32 degrees at that point. at pickup it's chilly, 36 degrees and at that point some of us dealing with snow showers. though some of us mainly east of 95, so with our four zone forecast, your eastern zone, southern maryland, stafford and king george county, you're looking at snow showers between noon and 7:00 p.m. so, some slick spots certainly possible if roads aren't treated. d.c. metro zone, in fact the rest of the area, just the chance for some light snow showers. otherwise cloudy and cold tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow only staying in the 30s. as we look touch-tone weeken th temperatures in the 30s. we'll have more on the storm team410 day forecast coming up in a little bit. we want to send it to north potomac where doug is out there with the holiday lights. hey, doug. >> hey, amelia. we have everybody out here ready to go. we even have signs they made for
4:49 pm
us. they were ready for us to come in here. this is the donello family. you have the gold antlers and other antlers. this is robin. we have kevin right here. kevin was so excited for us to come out. he loves being on television. aren't you excited? [ laughter ] >> when are you guys leaving? [ laughter ] >> robin, introduce me to your family here. >> this is jordana over here, number one. lila number 2. kenz i number 3, and baby cody number 4. no antlers. he has an elf hat. >> she said she'd have many more, but kevin is like, no, we're done here. i want to say thanks, they are here as well. they are giving away -- [cheering and applauding] >> giving away nbc4 gear. we brought the storm team4 by 4. we brought the green screen for you. we'll be doing the weather 5:00 live from the green screen. the sun going down right now. it already looks a lot different out here. when do you start putting the
4:50 pm
thanksgiving, get them up a couple days, hopefully get the weekend to do it if i'm not doing other jobs around the house. >> even with four kids, what other jobs might you have? >> pampers, a lot of cleaning. >> you've got the 12-year-old. how old are you, 8? 10. 8, 10, 12. >> 7. >> and? >> 3 1/2. >> 3 1/2 weeks. so, you have a little bit of help here as well. that's always going to help. cody is all set to go. we're going to come back, guys, we're going to come back in about 15 minutes. everybody on our mass camera, i love it, it shows the lights. [cheering and applauding] >> and again, we even have santa claus down here. he took time a away from his busy schedule umenyiora to coco potomac. we'll send it to you guys. having fun out here. see you at the 5:00 hour. >> the neighborhood is looki
4:51 pm
>> thanks, doug. >> all right. how about doing some cruising this christmas? very merry cars rolling around the dmv and some ugly holiday sweaters. >> we sent out the fly to get the scoop. tommy mcfly joins us live in northwest d.c. all right. let's see this hideous thing. >> oh, look at this beauty, erika, leon. look at this. this is lift merry mode. it launched earlier this afternoon and these are cars wrapped in actual sweaters. when you get a merry mode lift ride you're getting an exclusive look. there are karaoke inside. there are just all kinds of holiday awesomeness. for the elf or the frosty or mrs. clause in your life. these cars are rolling around the district. and you bet, actually yarn. these are turning heads. >> we see people smile. they want to take selfies. they want to get in the car. when they see in the back there is the ability to
4:52 pm
to your favorite holiday songs they get even more excited. ♪ away we go, laughing all the way ♪ ♪ ha ha ha ♪ >> it's a different mood. that's why i like it. >> you notice when people get in the car, they have business, something they need to do, or do you think people will be excited about this? >> i think people will be excited about it. just driving down the street, seeing people in their business suits and they stop and to look and take pictures and video, i think they'll be all in for it. >> so much knitting went into making this whole thing happen. so much holiday cheer. now, every fare you take in merry mode actually benefits martha's table which is so cool. but it's only happening for a limited time. and i will tell you coming up on news4 at 5:00 how long you can enjoy these and snag a ride of your own. >> the driver can only put up with so much of
4:53 pm
karaoke. let's be honest. thank you, tommy. >> from the local classroom to the national stage, meet a local kid who won a life changing competition and it might just change the lives of others, too. >> this is news4 first at 4:00.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
his principal calls him a stem superstar. a local high school student just took home a big scholarship from a prestigious science competition and news4's chris gordon shows us how he did it. >> this year's grand prize goes to andrew cuomo. >> reporter: at montgomery blair high school in silver spring, students in andrew cuomo's research class held a watch party to see him compete in the prestigious siemens foundation national competition. >> students in the room were so excited. there was so much energy and excitement and noise and clang
4:57 pm
so, it was really fun. >> reporter: andrew cuomo made his classmates proud by winning first place honors. his entry? a special code protecting high-stakes auctions from threats of collusion and fraud. it's high-tech stuff. now he has a $100,000 scholarship and a future filled with possibilities. >> i have a lot of options, i'm keeping those open. i want to do computer economics. >> reporter: andrew said he was lucky to find a mentor. he asked university of maryland professor who rarely works with high school students, but he said yes to andrew. >> he did great. i'm proud of him. he's a really sharp guy and he really lived to his potential. >> reporter: montgomery blair high school specializes in math, science and computer technology. >> i'm beaming with pride, yes. i actually called him downo
4:58 pm
scared him because i was like, hey, superstar! he's our stem superstar here. >> reporter: principal johnson says andrew has set a high bar for the 3100 students here at montgomery blair high school. but she thinks they're up to it. chris gordon, news4. >> now at 5:00. >> present arm. >> a hoe of support for the local fire fighter and fbi agent killed in a crash. how a community has come together to acknowledge two heroes. >> a decision that could impact how you search, binge and shop online. >> a deadly rampage in charlottesville faces the mother of the woman he is accused of hitting and killing for the first time. >> first responders from as fara way as louisiana standing at attention today for a fallen hero. >> they lined up outside a
4:59 pm
the icc to say good-bye to one of their comrades. >> state fire marshal sander cohen lost his life friday night just trying to help someone in need. >> that someone just happened to be an fbi agent who crashed along i-270. another car hit both men as they were sitting on the side of the road. >> news4's chris gordon starts our coverage tonight from the funeral of fire marshal cohen. >> reporter: police and fire fighters from across maryland come to pay tribute to deputy state fire marshal sander cohen. he died in the line of duty. coming to the aid of fbi special agent carlos wolff who had an accident on i-270 friday night. both men were hit on the highway and died. maryland governor larry hogan pauses at the flag-draped coffin and then calls cohen a hero. >> it's just one of the many people all across our state who are heartbroken by a young life tragically cut much too short.
5:00 pm
at 33 years old, sander cohen's life and his years on this earth were brief, and his mark in this life will be lasting. >> reporter: cohen's rabbi who was also a close friend says cohen wanted to make the world a better place. >> sander lived and died because he cared about people and he would do anything for them. >> reporter: cohen's casket was loaded onto an antique fire truck. this outpouring of support from on-duty fire fighters is possible because neighboring fire departments are covering emergency calls. >> there is plenty of support, answering 911 calls and support from our communities in the region to ensure that our folks were here today to be able to honor sander and his commitment to the community. >> reporter: chopper4 caught this awesome sight as the procession drives to the montgomery county cemetery where cohen was buried in a private cem


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