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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 16, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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right now on "news 4 today," a father sharing how his 11-year-old son is doing after a friend accidentally shot the boy. the story you'll hear first on 4. and how close is president trump to actually getting that gop-backed tax bill on his desk? we have an update on the vote count. plus, it is cold out now, but how soon can we see a little warmup? wouldn't be bad, right? lauryn is tracking the temps for us. welcome in on this saturday, the 16th of
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i'm david culver alongside my friend megan fitzgerald, in for angie. when i say the date -- >> i was thinking, how many days left until christmas. >> are you ready? >> are you done with your shopping? >> no. >> i had my mother buy some gifts for me. i feel bad. i don't like to shop. i don't. >> that's the way to do it. >> if you're shopping today, lauryn says, it'll be chilly but, what, it'll heat up a little bit? >> heat up a little bit. yesterday, we were at 31. today we'll be in the mid 40s. i can't believe you havendon't christmas shopping. we'll talk about the weather later. we need to talk about the problems you'll have the next few days. so i have christmas on my ten-day forecast. that's coming up in 15 minutes. right now, let's pay attention to the w
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cold. temperatures are anywhere from the 30s to the 20s. some areas in the teens throughout the morning. we'll warm right up. we have a little breeze out there today. temperatures will be in the mid 40s. if you're doing reads across america, thank you very much. it'll be a nice day by the time we get to the afternoon. a little breeze but nothing too bad. the ten-day forecast with the christmas forecast is coming up. >> laiuryn, thank you. we are following breaking news where homicide detectives have been working throughout the night in marlboro. a man was found dead across the road from six flags america. the man had a shotgun wound when they found him around 11:00 last night. police are still looking for a suspect. follow updates in the nbc washington app. first on 4 this
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story after a friend shot the little boy by mistake. the father says his family has compassion for the shooter, who he describes as a good friend and purple heart recipient. harry says his 11-year-old son, caleb, likes spending time at the friend's house. two weeks ago, he called to say he accidentally shot his son while putting his gun away. caleb was rushed to the hospital. >> he was traumatized. to him, they weare like best friends. he's taken therapy because of what happened. ptsd kicked in after all of this. i couldn't lose both a friend and my son at the same time. >> caleb is recovering at children's hospital here in d.c. he's already gone through multiple surgeries. the road to recovery is expected to be long and expensive. if you want to learn about the effort to help out with the bills, head over to the nbc wa
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caleb." we've been following the investigation death of a bethesda teenager. the 17-year-old was found dead in a wooded area over the weekend after a house party. authorities confirm that he died accidentally from a combination of alcohol poisoning, drowning andhypothermia. a lot of democrats are saying the gop tax bill is helping the rich and not midd middle-class america. we take a closer look at what the final draft would look like. >> reporter: republicans making somewhat of a victory lap now that the final version of the tax bill has been made public. >> when you final your taxes, this is the last time you will file under this monstrous,
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>> reporter: major changes include raising the child tax credit. it doubles the standard deduction and eliminates the obamacare requirement that everyone must buy insurance. the last-minute adjustments, raising the child tax credit, swayed marco rubio's vote from a no to a yes, paving the way to pass the senate. the president saying this bill could fill a campaign promise. >> i think it is going to do very, very well. i think that we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as next week, which will be monumental. >> we really took it down to the foundations and began to rebuild it the way the american people wanted in the 21st century, not 30 or 50 years ago. >> reporter: democrats claim this tax bill will add to the federal deficit and benefits the rich, not middle-class, working americans. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> you can expect more discussion about the tax bill coming up on "meet the press" this weekend. it is complicated.
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moderator chuck todd will have exclusive interviews with west virginia senator joe manson and ohio governor john kasich. you can catch that right here on nbc 4 at 10:30 tomorrow morning. today is a big day at arlington national cemetery and 1200 locations across the world, where folks are showing their support for the fallen. wreaths across america. the ribbon holiday wreaths can be place at the foot of every gravestone to honor those who served our country. opening ceremony will be at the front of the women in military service memorial. that's the front entrance of the memorial bridge. 8:15 this morning. news 4's jackie benson will be live in arlington to show us how it is coming along. if you take metro, part of the red line will be closed today and tomorrow so metro can finish replacing their
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they've been limited the number of trains at the brooklyn and takoma stations this week. shuttle busses are replacing the trains at the stops. metro hopes to restore full service by monday. on the other end of the red line, more changes will be happening there starting next friday. metro is working to waterproof the tunnels, which means service changes. single tracking will happen on some stretches between friendship heights and grovener until february. it'll happen on nights and weekends. question for you, you think the new i-66 express lanes are highway robbery? some of you drivers think so. the picture here, a $44 toll. this popped up during the morning commute thursday. our news partner reporting that is a new record since the toll lanes opened a couple of
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an accident on 395 at the time. lawmakers are calling for changes for these high tolls, especially for the solo drivers. but they say, look, if you don't want to pay that, bring another rider into the car with you and you can rivde hov for free. the employee who accused sexual misconduct from former "today" show host matt lauer, apparently terrified. why her attorney says her identity may be compromised. we'll tell you why an area jury went out of their way to help a housekeeper who they
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you know, geico can help you save money on your homeowners insurance too? great! geico can help insure our mountain chalet! how long have we been sawing this log? um, one hundred and fourteen years. man i thought my arm would be a lot more jacked by now. i'm not even sure this is real wood. there's no butter in this churn. do my tris look okay? take a closer look at geico. great savings. and a whole lot more. after posting this next story on the facebook page, i've been hearing from a lot of you. after being accused of stealing jewelry from a fairfax home, a local jewelry convicted a
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housekeeper of stealing. >> naturally, you'd think prison time, right? but the jury spoke up collectively to cover the cost of her sentence. sandra mendes ortega confessed to stealing three rings from a home last year. she was convicted of a felony and could have faced 20 years in prison. instead, the jury gave her a $60 fine and offered to compensate her. ortega told us she was a 19-year-old mother who wanted to provide for her kids. >> i could see in her that she was a good person. one of the female jurors pulled out a $20 bill and said, i want to help pay for her fine. >> now, the victim told the "washington post" that ortega never fully accepted responsibility for the crime and she initially denied stealing the ring before giving them back. 6:11 is your time on this saturday.
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what do you have planned for today? maybe doing christmas shopping. you have a few days left. we'll tell you how many layers you should pile on if you're heading out. award season blackout. hear why many women in hollywood may be wearing the same
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just about an hour from now. if you're headed to wreaths across america as a volunteer, thank you so much. i have to tell you, it is going to warm up. yesterday was 31. today, the mid 40s. by noon, i believe we can make it to the low 40s. slight breeze out there. again, it is not going to be too bad. go ahead and keep that sunshine, the shades around because we'll have plenty of sunshine. we have your full forecast, including christmas. we'll be talking about that. first, melissa. >> i have a look at your first 4 traffic for the weekend here. talking about the rails. on the red line, remember, we do have a segment of the red line shut down for some emergency work, so the brooklyn, fort totten and takoma stations will be closed. we have the shuttle busses running through those instead. the green line, probably your best alternate there. are orange and blue lines will be running every 24 minutes this weekend. the silver line operating between wiehle-reston and
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yellow line, regular weekend sk intervals. the woman who first came forward to level accusations against matt lauer is living in fear. that's according to her attorney. nbc's stephanie gosk explains why and has more with the latest woman to speak out. >> reporter: the backlash has been blistering and, at times, vulgar. >> what is happening to me on social media, some of the comments, is exactly why we don't speak out. i'm being labeled a home wrecker and a whore and an attention seeker. >> reporter: zinone was 24 when she was an production assistant. she said it was consensual. >> he was flattering me and knew i was good prey. i fell for it.
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fired plat lawyfire ed matt lauer for inappropriate sexual misconduct in the workplace after a different woman came forward to the company last month. little details are known, including the relationship with lauer or her identity. >> my client is terrified and does live in constant fear that people are going to, you know, track her down and figure out who she is. >> reporter: the woman's lawyer says nbc hasn't done enough to protect her. can you be more specific on where they've fallen short? >> nbc has a duty to maintain confidentiali confidentiality. they haven't done that. >> reporter: he wouldn't elaborate or provide details. he said nbc acts quickly and responsibly in a former statement. the network has protected the employee's anonymity all along and will continue to do so, said nbc. lauer's attorney
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comment. >> if these women are being doubted and people need to see proof to believe what these women are alleging, then i'm the proof. >> reporter: stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. >> y >> you can expect to see the metoo movement on the red carpet. female celebrities may wear black to support the allegations against many famous men. >> we'll see what happens. it's been running rampant through hollywood, our industry. back at 6:18. a lot of folks will be wearing several layers this morning. >> so cold. >> it was cold yesterday. >> it was cold yesterday. it was cold this morning. >> yeah. >> i had sweatpants on understand my dress. so cold. >> i hear you. >> did you have any issues getting in? >> i didn't. i didn't. i did notice -- i was wi
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dinner and it was slick on the roads in certain spots. >> yeah. i thought it was really shiny in some areas today, especially overpasses and exit ramps. slick spots out there because the temperatures are so cold this morning. we'll be watching for that on the roadways so please take your time if you're headed out early this morning. the temperatures will continue to warm up as we go through the day today. 15 degrees above where we were yesterday. all right. we're warming up this weekend. next change coming on wednesday. that's going to be the big change. we're back warming up each day until wednesday. then we're tracking the holidays. i do have that on the forecast. we go out ten days here at nbc. i have the christmas eve forecast and the christmas day forecast coming up. current temperatures out there now. 20s and low 30s. we have a little bit of the snow still on the ground. it is pretty chilly out there earlis
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you'll want to go ahead and grab the warm jacket, hat and gloves, just everything. also, grab the sunglasses because you're going to need them. temperatures around 37. by the time we head to the 9:00 hour, a little lower but we go up from there. the weekend outlook, maybe you have holiday parties, clear skies, nothing to worry about. the road should dry out because we have a little breeze today. again, a little it of a breeze. the breeze will continue perhaps tomorrow. spotty rain on sunday. again, just a spotty rain shower. that's it. we're going to show you that. right now, we're really dry. you may be seeing this if you're pulling up your radar, maybe a little flurry activity trying to fall in through maryland. again, we are dry. having a hard time reaching the ground. mid 40s for today. again, a slight breeze. warmer today. plenty of sunshine. cloudy tomorrow. tomorrow, we'll also have temperatures in the mid to upper 40s. spotty shower or sprinkle will likely be the second half of the
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here's your futurecast. clear out this today. plenty of sunshine. even looking good this afternoon. we head into your sunday, and that's when we'll start to see the clouds roll in. again, temperatures will still make it to the mid to upper 40s. we could have a spotty shower here or there into the afternoon and early evening. that's it. then it's out by the time we head back to work on monday. a look at your forecast. again, a slight breeze out there today but plenty of sunshine. look how the temperatures come up. 48 on sunday. again, spotty sprinkle possible. we will have a mix of sun and clouds on monday. mid 50s. 60, yeah, 60 tuesday. then things change on wednesday. temperatures fall on wednesday. breezy with temperatures in the 40s. light chance of a shower on thursday. i took it out right now because it looks like it may stay south but i want to mention that. look at this, as we head into your christmas eve and christmas day, temperatures will be in the 30s. this has been kind of consistent over the last couple model runs.
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it won't be good for traveling. possibly snow for christmas. little too early right now but, again, that's what it looks like right now. guys? >> lauryn, thank you. popcorn at the movies is a must for a lot of folks, but in some theaters across the country, the popular treat is getting a makeover. >> wait until you hear about the new popping when
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whether it is a father, friend or husband, it is not always easy to shop for the guys in your life, especially during the holidays, right? there are new, cool gadgets that might make the perfect gift. we have more on the top tech gift ideas. >> reporter: if you know any golfers that could use some direction -- >> there it is. >> reporter: -- this golf sensor slides into the glove for a 3-d analysis. or use a virtual reality headset to play a game without having to go outside. playstation vr is recommended, which can also be used to watch movies. >> you don't need a big, expe e expensive tv to watch it. they just lowered the price. >> reporter: get a robot to
6:26 am
your lawn itself. for an inexpensive smarthome option, you can control the lights without lifting a finger. >> $22 right now. you can voice control it with ale alexa. >> reporter: phonecase is a no-brainer, and these nomad models use real leather for a rugged look. headphones that won't break the bank, these are $25 and and good reviews on sound quality. >> you lose them when you're jogging, at a hotel, it's not the end of the world. >> reporter: for those who lose things, the finder that could help you locate the perfect gift. liv mclaughlin, nbc news. >> good ideas. >> very good. let's take you to the movies. for all you junk food lovers out there, a heads up, if you go to
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get your hands on some cheetos popcorn. >> the partnership was announced on their web yn sisite. it includes the flavored popcorn and actual cheetos. >> carb
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>> announcer: "news 4 today" starts now. >> welcome back in on this saturday morning. i'm david culver. >> i'm megan fitzgerald in for angie goff. a bit of a chilly start to the day here. >> in some areas, could still be slick out there. lauryn ricketts tracking it all from the storm team 4 weather center. what you got, ricketts? >> it is going to be a little slick in some spots. be careful, especially the shininess on the pavement out there. i saw a little coming in. i'm listening to traffic because, of course, we do weather for wtop, as well. 103.5. tune it to them once you're in your car. i was listening to mary doing the traffic before weather. there hasn't been too many incidents right now, but as the sun comes up, we have to see what could happen. be careful when you head out on the roadways because most of the temperatures are below freezing at this time. beautiful night. the sun coming up at 7:20. here in d.c., we're 28 degrees. we could drop a few more degrees before the sun comes up. then we will start to move the temperature right on up. in fact, we are going to be in the 40s for
6:31 am
maybe a few flurries. it is really dry at the surface. most of us staying dry. how does it look at we continue into next week? we have a big warmup before a big cooldown. plus, we'll talk about christmas. that's coming up in 15 minutes. >> lauryn, we will check in with you then. meantime, a pedestrian pulled from under a car after getting hit this morning. happened in silver spring mean piny branch road and arla street. the person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. if you're headed that way, piny branch road is closed between barren and flower street while policewater is back on for many businesses and homes. there was a water main break between 13th and 14th street yesterday afternoon. it caused unusually busy restaurants to shut down at the height of happy hour and friday night's dinner rush. repairs were finished ar
6:32 am
7:30 last night. we're here. the last full weekend of holiday shopping. but retailers are already feeling the holiday cheer thanks to soaring sales numbers. experts say the biggest reason, online sales. they've shot up more than 10% from last year. high consumer confidence has shoppers ready to spend. if you're still looking for gifts, maybe a last-minute deal, you might be better waiting. >> this weekend isn't likely to have as many deals as you'll see next weekend. if you can handle the stress of delaying your shopping trip, you probably will see better deals. >> if you shop online, keep the last-minute shipping dates in mind to guarantee delivery by christmas. you may need to buy the gifts by monday or tuesday of next week. what they're doing here is giving you an insensitive to be a procrastinator. >> which is my motto. don't wait. procrastinate now. >> i'm in the line. i s
6:33 am
longer. >> we have until monday or tuesday to order. if you're looking for a place to see the best holiday lights this weekend, you might think about heading over to hyattsville, maryland. the city just came out with their annual list of best decorated houses for the holiday. >> shomari stone got a chance to check them out. >> i feel happy and proud and full of holiday cheer. >> reporter: michelle feels a sense of christmas accomplishment under bright lights. >> definitely proud. we like to celebrate the holidays. >> reporter: she just found out she won second place in hyattsville 2017 holiday decorating contest. we talked to her on the front porch. >> it was pretty cool to be honored with this award. >> reporter: the first place house has candy canes and rainbow lights. this one, a large bow over the front door. >> it's been more decorations this year. it is fun to drive around and see the lights. >> reporter: the judges
6:34 am
with the snowballs, reindeer, icicle lights, a penguin. oh, you can't forget snoopy. >> i think snoopy brings us back to our childhood. >> reporter: michelle put up her lights a couple weeks ago. she climbed this ladder and wrapped them around this tree. people who drive around here, like her neighbors, like her dedication and christmas spirit. >> a lot of these homes are quiet around here, and she's loud with her christmas enchoose ya -- enthusiasm. >> brings joy to a lot of people in the neighborhood. >> reporter: and brings joy to ziggy. >> he likes the lights because people stop and ask about them. >> reporter: everyone is feeling the christmas spirit in hyattsville. shomari stone, news 4. no matter the call, firefighters in prince george county will respond. take a look at this video shot by somebody in company 30.
6:35 am
that was shivering and frozen in a culvert. company 30 got the scared dog to safety. he is now with animal control. as we saw there, it is the best time of the year to check out all those homes that are decked out for christmas. check out this home. we visited this on east broad street in falls church. life-sized decorations there. you don't need to visit some of these homes at night. taking a trip to louden county might be worth a day trip. pull up a bench and have a seat. i want to tell you how these were turned into these. most towns and businesses like to decorate with anything from candy canes to wreaths or even just other greenery that represents the season. purcellville likes to
6:36 am
no two ornameenaments are alike. they got the money from auctioning off the benches from last year. >> each is unique and makes the town look festive. >> we are a small town. part of what makes us special is being a small town and you have all these artists that got together to volunteer their time and talent. >> i chose this design because i wanted to do a retro christmas. this is actually from the 1940s. >> all of the artists make christmas in purcellville special. >> reporter: next year's plans already in the works. >> we're hoping to have more paintings done next year. it'll be ready for summer. >> the ride with santa on the fire truc
6:37 am
counting down for the biggest wedding in 2018. i can't wait. >> will we get an invite? i don't think so. what you need to
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are you ready for this? i am ready for this. i cannot wait. we are counting down here. 154 days until the royal wedding. >> is there a countdown now? >> yeah, there is. this is exciting. they're the cutest couple. prince harry and american actress meghan markle will walk down the aisle on may 19th of next year. they'll marry at the st. george's chapel inside the grounds of one of the queen's main residences, windsor castle. it's where prince charles married his second wife, camila. the two chose an intimate setting, rather than westminster
6:40 am
abbie, where kate married prince william. >> very small, i'm sure? >> how many people are invited? >> 800? >> you and i will go, right? >> i want to focus on lauryn ricketts wedding first. >> that is true. ricketts is getting married, too. that countdown is a bit shorter. switching gears here. a man wearing a red hat and carrying a sack full of toys stopped by a rec center to surprise kids. >> it was not santa claus. none other than former president barack obama. you can see him surrounded by smiling kids and a small child in his lap. this was at the boys and girls club of d.c. this week. he tweeted the photo and wrote, quote, there's no better time than the holiday season to reach out and give back to our kmu communities. pretty cool. bundle up. it'll be cold. lauryn will be back to let
6:41 am
know when we'll start to see temperatures warm up a little bit. a preview of the incredible voices of young d.c. students as they get ready to hit the stage and mark a milestone inside their newly renovated school. you're watching "news 4 today." ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ ♪ santa claus is coming to
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weekend for any activities and, yeah, we're in the swing of things. holiday parties, you'll be clear, especially tonight and through the day tomorrow not too bad. decorating, a little bit of a breeze. i believe it'll be completely fine for that. shopping, a lot of last-minute shoppers. we have two sitting at the desk in there. we have some spotty rain on sunday. that's about it. full forecast, including your christmas forecast, coming up in about three minutes. >> way to call us out. >> that's what we do. the "today" show is next here on nbc 4. >> let's see what they're working on. we'll head up to new york right now. sheinelle jones and craig melvin standing by. good morning. >> good to see you. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today," the most sweeping changes to the tax plan in decades are one step closer to becoming reality as more republican senators say they'll vote yes to the plan. what does ea
6:45 am
also this morning, if you're planning on flying this holiday season, don't miss our "rossen reports" investigation about exploding batteries. the dangers batteries can pose and how you can be safe when flying with them. and we'll share our favorite holiday traditions and fondest memories this christmas season. >> i want to make sure we get to yours. you have good childhood pictures. >> working on it. >> sheinelle. you should see her when she was a little girl. >> sure. >> those stories and more when we get started in a bit on this saturday morning. >> opening up the photo album. >> see you then. if you love holiday music, not too late to take in opening night this weekend at the new duke ellington theater. it's a performance by 29 young singers who you're likely to see performing one day on broadway. >> no question about it. nothing like a performance this time of year especially. their upcoming show includes everything from classic motown and classic opera all with a christmas theme. barbara harrison, of course, is here with a
6:46 am
ellington school of the arts. >> reporter: at washington's newly renovated duke ellington school of the arts, sounds of the season are about to play out on stage. ♪ hang all the mistletoe ♪ i'm gonna get to know you better this christmas ♪ >> reporter: the show choir gearing up for a weekend of holiday entertainment. ♪ a very special christmas >> reporter: the director of the group, dr. holmes, is actually a graduate of duke ellington and a former member of the show choir. >> this is the duke ellington show choir. they're a group of young singers who enjoy singing, dancing and acting simultaneously. >> reporter: the holiday show includes performances in two different vocal styles, giving students a chance to show off their versatility. there will be
6:47 am
jackson 5. >> let's have the beginning of "santa claus is coming to town." ♪ santa claus is coming to town ♪ >> it's a lot of oldies but goodies. you'll see the temp-tations. ♪ >> reporter: you'll get to see tina turner. ♪ merry christmas >> reporter: all singing classic holiday tunes we all love and adore. on the classic side, the show choir will perform the classic christmas opera, "the night visitors." ♪ >> this particular production is special to us because it is a revival of sorts of a tradition we had a long time ago. because we're in this new building, we wanted to take the
6:48 am
opportunity to bring it back to our home space. ♪ >> reporter: duke ellington school of the arts will foe sshe the many talents of its students throughout this event. this is something they choose to participate in. it's a lot of work. >> i think that's what makes it so much fun, is it is something you love to do and you're working hard at it. >> reporter: you don't mind being the backup? >> not really. it is all part of the show business. >> a lot of blood, sweat and tears but it'll be amazing. >> reporter: whatever they dream of becoming someday, these students hope people will leave the show as excited about their futures as they are. ♪ good night >> perfect. thank you. >> so talented. wow. david is going to sing a little something for us coming up. there's another performance by the show choir.
6:49 am
afternoon. tickets are just $25. they're pretty incredible. >> yeah. >> think about the combined talent vocally of this group here, and i think it all goes to people like that, those kids are awesome. >> they're incredible. let's talk weather. it's cold. i'll be an optimist here, it'll warmup. a heat wave by ten degrees? >> we could, if you want to call it that. 60 degrees by tuesday. >> no kidding? >> i didn't think you knew that. >> no! 60? >> 60 by tuesday. >> i love that. >> then we start to fall again. >> merry christmas. >> in time for christmas. >> i don't know if i like this. >> a lot of people like cold. >> remember the last two christmas christmases, it was warm and hum humid. >> i liked it. i'm probably solo on that. >> i'll take that in march. >> exactly. when we're out of the winter season and, you know, it's so cold in january and february. i'll take it in march. i'm with you, david. it does look like things are going to warm up before we sta
6:50 am
if you're getting tired of this cold, we'll get a little something for everybody. beautiful out there. we do have some clouds out there. we have clear skies elsewhere. as we continue through the morning, the sun coming up in 30 minutes, 7:20, the official sunrise early on this saturday morning. current temperatures out there, 20s and 30s. with the little snow we got on the ground yesterday, around the surface, it is cold. watch for patchy black ice out there. a lot of shiny surfaces. be careful. as you make your way out your front door, as well. even the front porches and everything, the stoops, still a little iced over. again, temperatures in the 20s and 30s. maybe drop a degree before the sun comes up. again, it is going to be a chilly start to this morning. by this afternoon, going to be a lot warmer. yesterday we were at 31 degrees. again, a lot warmer than yesterday. we'll top out in the mid 40s today. running errands this afternoon, looking good. there could be a little breeze, but only rolling at 10 m
6:51 am
not too bad. mid 40s for today. plenty of sunshine out there today. look at our temperature trend. today in the mid 40s. tomorrow we're going to be at 48. average temperature is at 47. by monday, we're in the mid 50s. tuesday, we're at 60 degrees. then we start to drop. temperatures will fall through the day on wednesday. then we're pretty chilly toward the end of next week. not a lot going on. maybe a few flurries. it is really dry. not a lot hitting the ground. however, if you are traveling today, we do have late-effect snow to the north and west of us. up through cleveland, coming down through western pennsylvania. good skiing conditions out there, i'm sure, especially in some of the pittsburgh suburb ski resorts. tomorrow, we're looking at warmer conditions. temperatures are going to be in the mid to upper 40s. the sun going down about 4:48 tomorrow afternoon. let's look at the spotty shower chances because we have spotty shower chances for tomorrow. mainl t
6:52 am
evening. most of the day looking good. however, we'll have the cloud cover moving in. by tomorrow afternoon, we could see light showers. you can see breezy conditions by wednesday. that's when the temperature starts to fall. a slight chance of a shower on thursday. then christmas eve and also christmas day. a mix possible. not good for traveling. it could start as early as saturday night. i worked last night with doug. this has been the trend over the last couple days. we'll see how it plays out. still ten days away. things can change. we'll have to see. >> possibly a white christmas. >> we'll see. >> wow. >> okay. still struggling with what to get mom for christmas, megan? >> yeah. >> this party in a purse might be a hit. >> you want it to be the best gift. it's your mom. >> we're running down the list of gifts for our moms she'll absolutely love this christmas. >> oh. >> this one right here -- >> that's a lauryn ricketts gift. >> that's when "news 4 today" conti
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all right. we're talking about christmas cocktails and, you know, getting in the mood. anyway, we already told you about holiday gifts for dad. now it's time for mom. >> talk about mom. nbc's liv mclaughlin is going to show us the latest tech gifts for mom she's sure to love. >> reporter: for the chef of the family, or even those that might struggle in the kitchen, the instant pot smart cooker can make dinnertime
6:56 am
their instant pots. it's a rice cooker. a yogurt maker. pressure cooker. of course, a slow cooker, as well. >> reporter: this bluetooth version lets you download recipes and control the instant pot from your phone. for an appliance upgrade, the s samsung family hub refrigerator lets you see what you have while at the store and order from home. it lets you sync schedules and share messages that could benefit the whole family. if a new handbag is on her wish list, the porto vigneauereporto party with a punch. >> in the back, there is a secret compartment for wine. >> reporter: this uses aed
6:57 am
to pour a glass without damaging the cork. >> pour one glass from the bottle and it is as though you never opened the bottle. >> reporter: complete the setting with an aroma diffuser. give mom less stress this holiday. nbc news. >> you show anything with wine, and these two are like, wait a minute. >> rewind the tape. >> talk about technology. you can put the thing in or whatever is it is like you don't open it. >> you know what? >> at least the purse keeps you hydrated, right? >> touche. >> that's it for us. thank you for joining
6:58 am
for mild-to-moderate eczema? it can be used almost everywhere on almost everybody. the face of a fisherman? the hand of a ranch hand? the knee of a needle pointer? prescription eucrisa is a nose to toes eczema ointment. it blocks overactive pde4 enzymes within your skin. and it's steroid-free. do not use if you are allergic to eucrisa or its ingredients. allergic reactions may occur at or near the application site. the most common side effect is application site pain. ask your doctor about eucrisa.
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good morning. american revolution. house and senate republicans reach a deal on the biggest revision to the tax code in a generation. one that will affect every american. corporate taxes slashed. the tax bracket for most americans cut. the obamacare insurance mandate gone. some big winners and some big losers. the bill would be the first big legislative victory for the president. what does it mean for you? we're live with the latest. courting disaster. a video going viral, showing one of president trump's nominees for federal judgeship unable to answer the most basic legal questions and admitting he had virtually no trial experience at a senate confirmation hearing. >> have you tried a jury trial? >> i have not. >> civil? >> no. >> crina


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