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tv   News4 Today  NBC  December 16, 2017 8:30am-9:00am EST

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7:00. it is cold though. temperatures still below the freezing mark. again, watch for some of the slick spots out there. temperatures right now, upper 20s to low 30s. we're going to continue to take that temperature into the mid 40s today. we're going to warm it up even more. we may have had a few flurries trying to flow through the area, but otherwise, we are looking good right now. we are dry. could we be dry for the rest of the weekend? we'll talk about that and the christmas forecast coming up. guys? >> lauryn, thank you. we're following breaking news in upper marlboro, where homicide detectives have been working through the night. a man was found dead across the street from six flags america. police say the man had a gunshot wound when they found him around 11:00 last night. police are still looking for a suspect. follow updates on our nbc washington app. this all new this morning. emergenc
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individual was hit. it happened this morning in silver spring near the intersection of piny branch road and arla street. you're looking at the scene there. the person rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. there may be lingering delays. you may find piny branch is closed between flower and barren as police investigate. a maryland father sharing his story after a friend mistakingly shot his little boy. he says his family has compassion for the shooter, who is not only a good friend but also a purple heart recipient. mark harry says his son, caleb, liked spending time at the home of his neighbor. two weeks ago, mark got a call from his friend saying he'd accidentally shot caleb while he was putting his gun away. the friend jumped into action and took caleb to the hospital at joint base andrews. >> because to him, they are like best
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he's actually taking therapy for what happened because ptsd kicked in after all of this. i couldn't lose both a friend and my son at the same time. >> powerful words there. caleb is recovering at children's hospital here in d.c. he's already gone through multiple surgeries. the road to recovery is going to be a long one and a pricey one. if you want to learn how you can perhaps help out, head to the nbc washington app and search help caleb. we've been following the investigation surrounding the death of a bethesda teenager. the 17-year-old was found dead in a wooded area over the weekend after a house party. authorities have confirmed that he died accidentally from a combination of alcohol poisoning, browni idrowning and hypothermia. his dad believes more could have been done to find his son. if you are taking metro, part of the red line will be closed today and
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metro can finish replacing a communications cable. metro has been limiting the number of trains at the brooklyn, fort totten and takoma stations this week. today, free shuttle busses are replacing trains between the silver spring and rhode island avenue stop. metro hopes to restore service by monday. on the other end of the red line there, more changes will be happening there starting next friday. metro is working to waterproof the tunnels, which means services will change. single tracking will happen on some stretches between friendship heights and grovner until february. the work will happen on nights and weekends. the new i-66 express lanes, are they highway robbery? some of you drivers think so. drivers snapped this photo here. that is a $44 toll that popped up during the morning commute on friday. our news partner reporting that price is a new record high since the toll
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weeks back. vdot said traffic was heavy and there was an accident on 395 at the time. lawmakers are calling for changes of these high tolls for solo drivers. here's what vdot says. if it stresses you out and you don't want to pay that much, bring another rider into your car to avoid the fee and ride hov. the final version of the republican tax bill is now out, but a lot of democrats are saying it only helps the rich, not the middle class. nbc's edward lawrence takes a closer look at what the final draft looks like. >> reporter: republicans making somewhat of a victory lap now that the final version of the tax cut bill has been made public. >> this april 15th, when you file your taxes, that is the last time you will file under this monstrous, broken tax code. >> reporter: major changes include raising the child tax credit, it doubles the standard deduction and eliminate the obamacare requirement that everyone must buy insurance. the last-minute adjustment to raising the child tax credit
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vote from a no to a yes, waive g i -- paving the way to pass the senate. the president saying this bill fulfills a campaign promise. >> i think it is going to do very, very well. i think that we are going to be in a position to pass something as early as next week, which will be monumental. >> we really took it down to the foundation and bebgan to rebuil it the way the american people want it in the 21st century. not 30 or 50 years ago. >> reporter: democrats claim the tax bill will add to the federal deficit and benefits the rich, not middle class, working americans. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. happening right now in arlington, arlington national cemetery showing their support for wreaths across america today. volunteers stepping forward. ribbon holiday wreaths being placed at the foot of every headstone to honor those who served our country. many of you are participating. jackie benson is also there. we're hoping to hear from her
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still to come, we're just getting started on this saturday. the nbc employee who reported alleged sexual misconduct from former "today" show co-host matt lauer is terrified. hear why her attorney says her identity might be compromised. why an area jury went out of their way to help a housekeeper they convicted of stealing.
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after i posted this story on my facebook page, it got a lot of you responding. different opinions on this one. after being accused of stealing jewelry from a fairfax home, a local jury convicted a house keeper of stealing. >> natural i, you'd think prison time is next. instead, the jury took up a collection to cover the coasts of her sentence. sandra mendes ortega confessed
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fairfax county home last year. she was convicted of a felony and could have faced up to 20 years in prison. instead, the jury gave her a $60 fine and offered to compensate her. ortega told us she was a 19-year-old mother of two who wanted to provide for her kids. >> i could see in her that she was a good person. one of the female jurors pulled out a $20 bill and said, i want to help pay for her fine. >> the victim told the "washington post" that ortega never fully accepted responsibility for her crime and that she initially denied stealing the rings before giving them back. don't want to add stress to your weekend, but time is ticking. we have christmas coming up. have you done your shopping yet? today may be the day you plan to head out there. we'll check in with lauryn and see how many layers you need as you go out and about. award season
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maybe if you're doing last-minute shopping -- we have two people at the anchor desk who maybe need to go shopping today -- this forecast is for you, david and megan. temperatures will be climbing to the mid-40s, 15 degrees warmer
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plenty of sunshine. nothing to worry about as you go through the day. again, plenty of sunshine. we have our forecast. that reaches all the way to christmas. next weekend, ten-day forecast at nbc. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. first, let's talk to melissa. >> i have a look at your first 4 traffic, talking about the rails. on the red line, we do have a segment of the red line shut down for some emergency work. the brooklyn, fort totten and takoma stations will be closed. they'll have shuttle busses running through the stations instead. the green line, probably your best alternate there. on the orange and blue line, they're going to be running every 24 minutes this weekend. the silver line, operating between wiehle-reston east. yellow line, regular weekend schedule. see you monday morning for "news 4 today." >> thank you. the woman who first came forward to level accusations against matt lauer is living in fear. that's according to her lawyer. nbc's stephanie gosk
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why and has more on the latest woman who is speaking out. >> reporter: the backlash against addie zinone has been blistering and vulgar. >> what is happening to me on social media is exactly why we don't speak out. i'm being labeled a home wrecker and a whore and attention seeker. >> reporter: zinone was a 24-year-old production assistant when she began a sexual relationship with lauer, the high-profile anchor. she tells us it was consensual, but she felt enormous pressure. >> i was so naive, and the most important, infleuential man at nbc news, who i idolized, came to me to prey and i fell for it. >> reporter: a different woman came forward to the company last month, prompting lauer to be fired. little is known aboute
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details or identity. >> my client is terrified and lives in constant fear that people are going to, you know, track her down and figure out who she is. >> reporter: the woman's lawyer, ari wilkenfeld, says nbc hasn't done enough to protect her. >> can you be more specific on where they've fallen short? >> nbc has a duty to maintain confidentiality. they've not done a good job of doing that. >> reporter: wilkenfeld would not elaborate or provide details. in a past statement he wrote nbc acted quickly and responsibly. an nbc news spokesperson said the network protected the employee's anonymity all along and will continue to do so. we reached out to lauer's representatives who declined to comment. zinone said she spoke out to support the women staying anonymous. >> if these women are being doubted and people need to see proof to believe what these women are alleging, then i'm the proof. >> reporter: stephanie gosk, nbc news, new
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you can expect the metoo movement to show up on the red carpet this season. reports are hinting that female celebrities may protest sexual harassment by wearing black. showing solidarity following recent sexual assault allegations following the many famous individuals. taking a live look outside. look at the monument. looks like a beautiful day. a little deceiving in that when you step out there, whew! >> from the inside looking out, it looks stunning. >> yeah. >> lauryn ricketts is tracking some of this. >> little chilly. >> lauryn, i can hear your shoes as you're running into the studio. you were doing radio. hold on. you need to catch your breath? >> yeah. i'm out of breath. i'm used to being out of breath and running in to do weather. >> i know. >> it's embarrassing. the weather center is really not that far from the studio. >> it's not a great day to be running outside. >> definitely not. just run inside. guys, whew. all rig
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my bag. we have to get like 30 doors to get through here and i couldn't find the badge and i was running. okay. >> david, don't laugh at her. >> it is sunny and pretty. let's get to our temperatures. it is cold, 29 degrees in washington. everybody right around that 30 degree mark. so, again, temperatures are below that freezing mark in some areas. still watch out for patchy black ice out there. i saw it this morning coming in. again, a little of the shine on the roadway. be careful. we are going to continue to watch up. we have a slight breeze out there today. it'll help dry out the roads for later on tonight. if you have holiday parties tonight, it should be fine on the roadways. we don't have precipitation today. we are dry today. the sun going down quarter tho : 00. make sure you have the sunglasses, especially if you're decorating outside. slight breeze but shouldn't be an issue.
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otherwise, we're looking good for anything you want to do today. looking at the radar. storm team 4 radar, we are clear. we are dry. if you're traveling, lake-effect snow showers, especially north and west, into western pennsylvania. good skiing. a lot of ski resorts opening today. 45 is the temperature today, warmer than yesterday. 15 degrees warmer than yesterday. maybe a slight breeze. the next several days, we continue to warm up. sunday, temperatures are in the upper 40s. by monday, the mid 50s. tuesday, 60. average temperature should be 47. we're around there today and tomorrow. then the temperatures go up for your monday and tuesday. temperatures again tomorrow will be in the mid to upper 40s. we will have some sunshine tomorrow, but then clouds will roll in. spotty shower or sprinkle possible by tomorrow afternoon/tomorrow evening. then as we head into the rest of the day, let me show you the future cast, plenty of sunshine. a good looking day out there today. cold tonight. warming things back up to the 40s
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that's about it that we could see tomorrow afternoon through tomorrow evening. not a lot of us going to see it. we dry back out for monday. monday, the temperatures in the mid 50s. 60 by tuesday. then temperatures drop. it'll be windy on wednesday. temperatures fall through the day. maybe a slight chance of a shower or sprinkle as we get to thursday. it was there yesterday. i took it out because it wasn't there today. again, it's be flip-flopping. one thing i want to concentrate on, right here. sunday is christmas eve. monday, christmas day. i was working with douglass nig -- doug last night. we could have a wintry mix continuing through monday. it is ten days out. however, it'll be something we're watching. it was there last night and this morning. we'll watch that as we get closer to your christmas holiday. >> lauryn ricketts, let me say this, she runs in here though with high heels on. it's skill. >> thank you. that's why i'm tired, scuffling my feet here. i'm going to sit down.
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i'm out of breath picking up my cup of coffee. >> she's the best. so she was talking about the holidays and so are we. do you know what you'll get mom for christmas? >> you saw, it's on the ten day, so we're getting even closer. nbc lea nbc's liv mclaughlin has gifts for mom. check it out. >> reporter: for the chef of the family, or even those that might struggle in the kitchen, the instant pot smart cooker can make dinnertime easier. >> people are obsessed with their instant pots. it's a rice cooker. a yogurt maker. pressure cooker. of course, a slow cooker, as well. >> reporter: this bluetooth version lets you download recipes and control the instant pot from your phone. for an appliance upgrade, the samsung family hub refrigerator lets you see what you have while at the store and order from home. it lets you sync schedules and ha
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benefit the whole family. if a new handbag is on her wish list, the porto vino packs a party in a purse. >> this is where fashion meets functi function. in the compartment on the back, there is a wine dispenser. you can always have your glass of vino within arm's reach. >> reporter: for opening, this needle system pours a glass without damaging the cork. >> pour one glass from the bottle and it is as though you never opened the bottle. >> reporter: complete the setting with an aroma diffuser. like this one. give mom less stress this holiday. liv mclaughlin. nbc news. >> interesting. how would it not affect the quality of the wine? i don't know. anyway, moving on. popcorn at the movies is a must, as we all know. s
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the food and christmas. it's what i'm talking about. man, it's christmas. come here, man. come on all, y'all. >> love leslie jones. today will be a good one. comedian kevin hart is taking on
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the "s nrnl" stage along with t foo fighters. be sure to tune in tonight, 11:30, right here on nbc 4. >> i love kevin hart. >> he's great. it'll be a good show. let's talk movies and something that will keep you busy during a movie. junk food. if you love it and you go to regal movie theater, you and lauryn ricketts can get your hands on cheetos popcorn. >> we're laughing because -- >> i was relaxing. >> do you go to the theater by yourself? >> i do sometimes. >> nothing wrong with it. >> often. it's how i spend most my weekends. ricketts, stop it. it's not that sad. >> it's not. >> i'll get this cheetos popcorn, which i'll probably do, sitting there in the dark by myself, and carbs don't count in the dark. >> it's right. fat free, carb free. ju just kidding about that. might be a good day to do it because it'll be cold like
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warming up. >> we're warming things up. we'll be in the mid 40s for daytime highs today. but the popcorn has little cheetos mixed in. i can't wait to go to the movies to get that. it'll be good. >> let's set you up with four things to go before you head out on saturday. 8:46. we'll continue following the story in marlboro, where one man was shot and killed. we'll have more information on the app. someone was hit by a car on piny branch road and arliss street. there may be delay in the areas. single tracking on metro next week between friendship heights and grosvenor. and the fort totten and takoma stations are closed for repairs. national arlington cemetery are closing support for wreaths across america
8:57 am
ribboned holiday wreaths will be placed on every headstone to honor those who served our country. it is open to the public. bring your family. >> it is a great event and it is going on right now. we're talking some 245,000 wreaths that will be laid. >> wonderful. >> it's not only happening at arlington national cemetery. 1200 locations worldwide. >> i didn't know that. >> it is impressive. great day in d.c. for it. temperatures in the mid 40s. little breeze. plenty of sunshine. warmer tomorrow. >> perfect. >> that's all for "news 4
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♪ washington is gearing up for winter. the snow, the bitter cold and the freezing temperatures. but will it be a white winter, or will there be a snow drought? storm team 4 is tracking winter. >> welcome, everyone. i'm doug kammerer alongside my colleagues. yes, winter is here. today we're joining you from the georgetown waterfront. >> we've already seen a few chilly days and we know there's more to come. we've been working on our winter weather outlook. >> over the next half hour we'll break down how much snow we can expect this winter and how cold it will get. >> what about our four-legged friends? how to protect our pets this winter. >> we're going to l


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