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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 19, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the i-team did some digging on recent train accidents. they found there were 65 total accidents involving amtrak last year. 26 were derailments. this year that number is down by 20%. we're going to post any updates on yesterday's derailment in the nbc washington app. we're following a developing story in southeast washington. police are searching for the gunman who killed a teenager at a community center basketball court. the shooting happened last night on bruce place southeast at the frederick douglass community center. people there told news 4 the teen was on the court when someone robbed and shot him. he died at the scene. the victim's name has not been released. this morning, a d.c. woman is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries from a fire. it started inside a first floor apartment on downing road last night. a second woman and a firefighter were also taken to the hospital. they're expected to be
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the fire. he's okay. the remnant of this brushfire in gaithersburg are still burning. chopper 4 flew over the scene near lay tonsville road last night. firefighters contained it as much as they could but expect it to continue burning for hours. no word yet on what caused it. right now, things are getting back to normal for air travelers. this is a live look at flight aware's misery map. you can see that hartsfield jackson airport is finally green again. this after being red since the massive power outage created a travel nightmare. it lasted more than ten hours. the ripple effects were felt all day monday by millions of travelers. more than 400 flights were canceled yesterday, on top of the 1100 on sunday. a fire inside a tunnel is to blame for this blackout. new images show the damage there. airport officials say a switch caught fire and burned through seven critical lines,ck
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system. >> equipment failed by our focus and responsibility for this airport is to ensure reliability. it failed. now we have to respond and be sure it doesn't happen again. >> one of the wires leading to the switch was frayed. officials believe a rat gnawed on it and that sparked the fire. >> cause a lot of damage those rats. here's a live look at the u.s. capitol. later today, lawmakers plan to begin voting on the republican tax bill. the house is scheduled to start voting around 1:30 this afternoon. the legislation will head to the senate for passage there. the bill cuts the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%. it toss away with popular tax deductio deductions. it eliminates obamacare mandatory health insurance coverage by 2019. tonight here on nbc4, one of the four finalists will be crowned the winner of the
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the season 13 finalists gave it their all last night in part one of the finale. now it's up to america to vote. >> she sounds good singing o holy night. the finale begins tonight on nbc4 at 9:00 all that talent. it's a little late for me to watch. it's time for a look at weather and traffic. we'll look at the roads in a second. first to chuck and sheena and this mild start to a december day. >> i really like it. because i didn't have to bring my heavy coat. i brought my little coat. >> aaron even thought it was mild. >> oh, good. >> he's been known to be grinchy on occasion. >> nothing to do with the holidays. >> no. >> it's going to be a fantastic day for all of your outdoor activities. no complaining. that's the number one thing for today. tomorrow turning colder
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not crazy cold. back to typical for this time of the year. staying chilly and dry through thursday. friday, not bad. our main weather concerns in the extended forecast over the weekend and starting the day after christmas. this morning, 50 right now in frederick and hagerstown and martinsburg. 42 here in town. what to wear certainly depends on where you live. light to medium jacket here early this morning. nothing more than your holiday sweater later on in the afternoon with sunglasses around. going to be relatively mild for today. bus stop weather time is with sheena. >> your ugly holiday sweater. you can pull that out today. hopefully it's not the thick one. we're going to be unseasonably mild through the afternoon. so if you can get out and about today, take advantage of it. we have nice mild air around today. as we go into next week, we'll see big changes. starting tomorrow, things will cool down. the bus stop for the kids, 7:00 a.m., light layers and a lighter jacket than a few days ago. by 8:00 in the mid-40s. t
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60 degrees. take a look at the radar. we have cloud cover north of the district. this is where temperatures are in the 60s nero owe we have more clearing and 30s on the map like chuck showed you. air coming tomorrow. rain in the forecast. melissa mollet, let's see how the roads are looking. good morning. >> that helps my commute for sure. taking a look at the beltway. we're pretty much clear. have a little bit of roadwork on the beltway. inner loop after pennsylvania. outer loop after branch avenue and outer loop after georgia avenue here this morning. looks like this one, inner loop after college park just cleared out of the way. taking a look at 95, quantico to the beltway, you can see we're still looking quite good this morning. no major problems. little bit slow going through the woodridge area northbound. that's because of construction there. prince george's county, overall, looking pretty goore
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now. no complaints there. melissa, thank you. how much are you willing to pay for an easier commute? why your taxes could soon be going up. he's one of the most recent celebrities accused of sexual miss conducts. now we here from his accusers. why one says she owes him everything. imagine going to pick up your child from an after-school program only to find someone else already did. the mistake that left a local mother frantic.
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oscar wish dustin hoffman is accused of sexual misconduct. >> three of the women sat down with cynthia mcfadden. she credits hoffman with giving her the chance to star in death of a salesman. but she claims he repeatedly groped and harassed her. >> people go how was it to work with dustin? i tell the half truth. as an actor working with him, i owe him everything. i learned so much. and then i would stop. there would be a knot in my stomach. the real truth is he was
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>> nbc news has reached out to hoffman's lawyers about her claim for comment. the lawyer had previously called claims by other women defamatory falsehoods. russell simmons facing allegations of sexual misconduct. nine women have come forward. natasha williams black says simmons tried to force her to perform oral sex during a movie shoot. singer sherri hines says she was raped in the 1980s. both of the women will share their experiences on megyn kelly today. those air this morning at 9:00 a.m. on nbc4. if you have last minute shopping or decorations to put up, today is probably a good day to do it. it's going to be nice and warm. >> if you say so. no decorating here. chuck, what do you say? >> absolutely, aaron. i've got a big, high hoof on my house. it would be awesome if you string it with lights and put than
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can you do that for me? >> i'm sorry. the producer was talking to me. did you say something? >> his timing is impeccable. >> it sure is. >> today may be the last of the great days this year. tomorrow and thereafter, more typically chilly and by the time we get more mild weather back and saturday and christmas day both look very mild. but nothing in the way of sunshine for saturday, christmas eve and christmas day, honestly. they all look very, very cloudy with a high chance for rain. behind the rain comes bitter, bitter cold. that little practice shot we had last week, yeah, that's a little taste of things to come. next week will be frigid. but there's a peek at the weekend both saturday and sunday will be sunshine. hopefully, santa can find your house through the clouds aaron. all right. chuck, thanks. dump the cold in the chim y chimney. it appears the country is in for a ta
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we go live to capitol hill. remember this mama who nonchalantly decided to run a marathon and won. her latest accomplishment, next. ♪ ♪
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this video shows the moments that people were -- these protesters call the tax plan a scam. several were arrested. republicans hope to have the tax bill on president trump's desk as soon as tomorrow. the households its final vote today with the senate soon to follow. but this isn't the only legislative battle for lawmakers before the new year. they also need to pass a new budget or face a government shutdown. >> to help break down the issues that affect a lot of people directly, news 4's edward lawrence is on capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. when we're talking about the tax cut bill, it's a skeptical public. two new polls are out showing 47% of people now disapprove of this tax bill that they're going to pass here in the house and then the senate. 50%, half of all americans believe their taxes will actually increase because of this tax cut bill that's going through. that's mainly because the deductions have been removed
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example, is you can only deduct or reduce the amount you can reduce on your state or federal tax toss $10,000. that could affect a lot of people in the dmv. >> the next battle is a governmeshutdown in the government. what's the main sticking point on passing a budget? >> the democrats need to come on board in order to get a budget passed. they need a super majority in the senate. i can tell you that daca, the immigration program that protects children who were brought here by their parents, there's undocumented workers. that's going to be the main sticking point. democrats are sort of digging in their heels on this one. it should be an interesting couple of days after the tax cut bill gets passed. >> all right. edward lawrence on the hill this morning. thank you. we'll be working for you all day keeping up with the votes on the gop tax bill. be sure to download the nbc washington app. we'll send out updates as we get them. 4:46 now. it wie
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for the family of a doctor. both were killed in a single engine plane crash. this doctor picked up his daughter this kansas and was headed to maryland. the plane later crashed in old enburg indiana. he taught at uniform -- of health sciences in bethesda. >> it was difficult. both because he was a young man and sudden in the tragic nature of it. his daughter died with him. >> his daughter was studying to earn both her md and ph.d. like her father. the plane had instrument problems. which caused it to go down. the trial of a police officer ended with a guilty verdict. nicholas young tried to provide financial suppo t
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young was arrested last year after giving the cards to an undercover fbi agent. he will be sentenced in february and faces up to 60 years in prison. today maryland environmental regulators will meet about a controversial pipeline. the pipeline would carry natural gas under the potomac river. it's being developed by trans canada. activists want to block the project. they say it will threaten the drinking water supply. but proponents say it will bring economic development to the region. both sides will be allowed to voice their concerns tonight in hancock. this morning, the city of charlottesville is looking for a new police chief. chief al thomas retired yesterday effective immediately. his announcement comes weeks after a report criticizing his preparation and response to a white nationalist rally. the august 12th rally turned violent and deadly when a driver plowed into a crowd of people killing a woman. they call the planning for the ev
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disconnected. it says officers were not properly trained or informed about the rally. we know now how the governor will fund -- he wants to raise taxes on real estate, gas. it would bring in $65 million for from metro. the lawmakers have come out against the idea. d.c. has an idea about raising funds for metro. the district wants to raise the sales tax by a penny. it would happen if virginia and maryland did the same or came up with similar plans. governor larry hogan offered metro $500 million over four years if d.c., virginia and the federal government do the same. that plan has been criticized for falling short of what metro needs. a local mom is preparing for the olympic trials in the marathon. remember sara bishop. she made a visit to news 4 after she won the marine corps marathon. now the fairfax,
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sh -- mother of four qualified for the olympics. her running career began a few years ago. i interviewed her at the finish line at the end of the race. she only a couple of weeks before the marathon decided to run. she wanted to qualify for the olympics. that was the plan. she doesn't plan on winning a gold medal. but she qualifies. >> to qualify, she participate -- to participate that olympilimolympic games. that's a feat. >> she has twins. one in the back and one in the front. >> also has great genetics. the. >> the fact that she's been a runner. don't try that. >> you will severely injure yourself. >> exactly. >> eun, if you and i tried to do that -- >> you can do it. >> yeah, right. >> i don't think so. maybe if you help me along the way and wheel me along afterwards. today, if you're going to run outside, i'm telling you today is fantastic weather. yesterday was gr
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i felt guilty yesterday because i wasn't outside as long as i should have been. the sun goes down early. >> it gets dark and you feel guilty because it's 5:00 and you want to go to bed. >> today it's going to be really nice. it's a good thing we wake up early. i have an excuse to go to bed early. this morning, unseasonably mild in locations. some spots at 50 degrees, other spots in the 30s. we have a big difference only because of some cloud cover. as we go through the afternoon, temperatures will be mild. tomorrow, though, we do start to cool back down. as we go into the weekend, we have rain and into christmas day, we have a rain but also cold air that's going to move in shortly after. so we're watching that very, very closely. temperature right now in the district, 42 degrees. it's 37 dulles. freezing in manassas at 32 degrees. quantico, 37. look at frederick. 50 degrees. martinsburg at 50 degrees. clinton coming in at 37. that's because of the cloud er
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where you see the clear skies south of the district, that's where we have the 30s on the map. we are nice and dry. we'll stay that way through the whole day today. 7:00 a.m., if you're out and exercising this morning, pretty nice. you might get away with no jacket at all. by lunchtime in the mid-50s. by 4:00 p.m. x unseasonably mild. around 60 degrees. a look at travel weather because until about friday evening, we're going to hold off on the rain chances. here's travel weather through most of the country as we go through tomorrow morning. we have a storm system developing from eastern texas up through parts of tennessee. we'll be watching snow through new england. otherwise, that moves into the carolinas wednesday night. then we'll be watching for snow around chicago as we go into thursday night and friday morning. that could be causing delays up around the great lakes depending where you're headed. that's friday morning. we have increasing rain chances late in the evening on friday. here's your weekend fo
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it's going to be mild and rainy locally. 60 degrees for a high. we're looking at showers moving in. sunday, not going to get out of the wet pattern. temperatures will be cooler in the upper 40s for a daytime high. then we go into next week. there it is. monday rain is likely. but keep in mind, temperatures will be dropping. so we could be looking at a freeze through the area. be very careful. hopefully not many are traveling that day. we go to tuesday, look at the numbers dropping from 60 to 32. that's cold air moving in. hopefully, everyone can stay warm after christmas day. let's check the roads this morning. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. one thing on the beltway that's cleared in the last couple of minutes, outer loop at georgia is gone. only thing happening on the beltway is down south here. inner loop after 4. two left lanes getting by. southbound 95 before stafford, work zone blocking the right lane. northbound everything looks like it's kind of cleared out of the way. taking a look here
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can kind of see that things look better than they were. we've been talking about that earlier construction there in the woodbridge area. 395 to downtown, you're on time as well. going 50 miles per hour. that will take you 5 minutes. 270, northbound, southbound, no worries there. we're going to look at 95 in maryland coming up. like a good uncle, he picked up his niece for her after-school program. the only problem is, the little girl wasn't his niece. the mixup that has a local school under fire. if you're still expecting a package after the onlnei
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a d.c. mother is still shaken after school staffers sent her 3-year-old daughter home with the wrong person. >> this is a story you'll only see on news 4. it happened at cleveland elementary school in the shaw neighborhood on friday. a man returned the girl to the school safely and unharmed an hour later. he originally came to pick up his 3-year-old niece who has a similar name. he didn't realize he picked up the wrong child because the girl responded to his niece's name. the girl's mother who asked we do not show her face says she doesn't feel comfortable sending her daughter back to school yet. >> i'm like, my daughter, what
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who was she with. i was devastated. i'm traumatized about the situation. >> would be so scary. d.c. public schools says that they're looking into this situation. it's not the first time there's been trouble at cleveland elementary. last month a teacher was arrested and charged for assaulting a student and in october, the former head of after-school program was also accused of assaulting a student. both of those staffers are on administrative leave. you talk about a real-life grinch. somebody stole a man's car over the weekend in prince george's county as he was holiday shopping. the good news is his mercedes was eventually found. it's now at a tow lot in landover. after it was discovered somewhere in southeast d.c. on saturday, someone snatched it from the mall at prince george's in hyattsville. the owner says he has no plans to press charges against the thief. >> even if they would have caught the guy. i wouldn't have pressed no charges. i wouldn't have done that. >> why not? >>
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i don't want to be in jail and i don't want to see nobody else in jail. >> he had christmas presents in the trunk. he's not sure if they're still there. he thinks he may have dropped his keys which is how the thief got away. news 4 is working for you with steps to take to keep your car safe. some of the common sense things you can do. first, never leave your keys in your car. keep your vehicle off when not near it. hide your valuables, of course, and try to park in lighted areas. according to the national insurance crime bureau, your car is most likely to be stolen on new year's day. to find more tips, go to the nbc washington app. a consumer alert as you wait for the holiday packages to arrive at your home, fedex says tles an e-mail scam that could infect your computer. it has the fedex delivery problem and inside the e-mail a note that says our company's courier couldn't make the delivery. there's also a link inside the e-mail that says
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manager, do not click on this link. fedex says delete the e-mail if you receive it or forward it to fedex does not send unsolicited e-mails to customers regarding packages, accounts or passwords. new surveillance images after a series of cell phone robberies in prince george's county. the suspects were arrested yesterday after police say they robbed a cell phone store in capital heights. the surveillance pictures show another robbery last week. the men robbed a third store in district heights earlier this month. that breaking news, new information surrounding a deadly amtrak derailment in washington state. what we learned overnight from the train's data recorder. on the brink of an overhaul. we're keeping an eye o


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