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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 26, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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>> erie, pennsylvania, shattered its own christmas snowfall record. they saw 13.6 inches of snow. the midwest experiencing bitter cold with some. windchill temperatures at 40 below zero. i hope i never live to see that windchill. 40 below. >> no, ma'am. >> as chuck mentioned, we're in for a cold week here as well. not that cold. but colder than usual. you can get the weather any time in the nbc washington app. 4:30 now. we're following breaking news in prince george's county. >> chris lawrence at the live desk with details. >> eun, we know something is happening in hyattsville. we're work to go piece together what that is. first we'll show you where we're talking about on the map. there is a heavy police activity right along at 20th avenue. let's show you a bit of the
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you can see an incredible police presence at the scene. a lot of police descending on this home. officers and investigators going in there. we're trying to confirm exactly what is happening there. we'll keep you posted and bring you more information on this as we get it. back to you. >> chris, thank you. after a raging overnight fire, fairfax county fire crews will be back at the mt. vernon antique center this morning. take a look at the intense flames here. this is on richmond highway in the alexandria section. we know part of the building collapsed. >> no one is injured so far. just cold. but working hard. being aggressive about putting the fire out tonight. >> the building was closed for christmas yesterday, of course. fire crews have not been able to say whethe
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>> a go fund me page for two loudoun county sheriff's deputies. the man accused of shooting the deputies is in jail on two counts of attempted capital murder. douglas johnson jr. is being held without bond. it happened christmas eve as the deputies were responding to a domestic call on hollow mountain place in sterling. investigators say johnson pulled a gun and fired at the deputies as they were trying to arrest him. the deputies are expected to be okay. a highway patrol officer in northern california is being remembered as a great man this morning. 33-year-old andrew cam letter i was killed after a suspected drunk driver slammed into his patrol car on christmas eve. the officer and his partner were rear ended outside of oakland. he leaves behind a wife and three children. the driver is
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serious condition and will be charged once he's released. president trump spent his christmas in florida at his estate along the eastern coast there. before he left for the holiday, he and the first lady recorded a special message. >> melania and i are delighted to wish america and the entire world a very merry christmas. >> in the christmas greeting, first lady melania trump said that this is the time of year when we see the best of america. president trump will not have any public appearances until the new year. but coming up, edward lawrence will have a preview of what the president's administration is looking at for 2018. 4:33. if you will i have in montgomery county, you may be able to prepay your 2018 property taxes before new tax measures go in place. the count council will hold a special meeting today to talk about the plan. last week, the council said it wouldn't rush a bill through on this. that has changed now. d.c., fairfax and other local
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homeowners to prepay their taxes. chris lawrence here at the live desk. relations between britain and russia are strained. the defense ministry say it escorted a russian ship to pass through uk territory waters. last week, foreign minister boris johnson said there's "abundant evidence of -- it will not tolerate the threat of aggression. we'll keep an eye on this as it develops. aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. during christmas mass at the vatican, pope francis prayed for an end to war. >> he delivered his christmas traditional message to thousands gathered in st. peter's square in rome yesterday. the pontiff talked about the ongoing wars in syria and
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he prayed for peace in jurs lum and an end to the conflict involving north korea. the catholics around our area celebrated. >> here's a look inside. as families attended the christmas service. volunteers were preparing the annual dinner for hundreds of people for the homeless and needy. one woman told news 4 she's grateful to have someplace special to spend christmas. >> 92 1/2. i have absolutely no family and no relatives. i'm very, very grateful to have someplace to go. >> there are many people like mary lou in the district. maryland and virginia. >> the cardinal delivered one simple message. each one of us is capable of changing the world. >> what a wonderful time of the year to see that kind of spirit. hope that resonates through the rest of the year. >> that's tr
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it's very possible. happening today, americans will start returning unwanted christmas presents. according to the national retail federation stores, expect an average of 13% of the holiday sales to be returned this year. sadly, grinches among those returns. most will likely be fake. that number has doubled in the last years. >> what kind of -- things that don't fit, things that aren't you. >> but they're fake, though. >> people will take back -- maybe they didn't get it for christmas, but -- >> that's too bad. >> unfortunate. very grinchy. >> grinchy indeed, chuck bell. >> we hate the grinchyness. but that's the way it is sometimes. >> there is precious little in the way of warm air. anywhere near coming to us. temtu
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out your day, tuesday, back to work on tuesday, a lot of clouds around this morning. a little more sunshine later on. temperatures today will struggle mightily to get back into the mid-30s and that may be as warm as we get. cold and dry today. breezy and cold tomorrow. sunny and cold on thursday. chance for a snowflake on friday. more on that coming up. thank you, sir. he hand dplifrd a box of manure to the treasury secretary. why he did it and what they're getting in return. it started as a celebration, but quickly turned chaotic. the mishap that sent nearly two dozen to the hospital. what you need to know before eating thos
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symptom relief from tylenol®, the #1 doctor recommended pain relief brand. tylenol®. one in eight women struggles with infertility which can cause stress levels to skyrocket. >> hailey hernandez looks at how to cope with the stress, especially this time of year. >> when are you going to have another kid. >> has a bundle of joy to celebrate. it's a far cry from where she was
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>> it can happen at weddings, baby showers, parties. >> she says plan ahead for what you can anticipate. >> how i wanted to respond so i wasn't caught off guard or how i wanted emotion. >> letting the conversation be light is her suggestion for people who have kids. >> tread more generic and stay busy. >> her doctor from houston ivs says there's one keyway to help them cope with infertility. >> however you want to make that network, it works imt personally the patients that do the best who are the ones open and honest about their fertility struggles. if you're plan to go throw away a dinner party, throw away -- >> at this point i better start throwing them away. i've eaten a big amount of
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dinner party for new year's eve and don't want to serve up a stomachache, listen up. >> stop food borne illnesses have tips for a delicious and safe meal. be sure to cook everything thoroughly. poultry needs to be 165 degrees whole seafood needs to be 165 -- >> did she cook the turkey? >> always uses pasteurized eggs when making eggnog. after the meal is over, get any leftovers back in the fridge within 20 hours. leftovers have a shelf life. you need to know that. >> if no one has eaten the turkey leg after four days, you can throw it out, right? >> we typically eat our leftovers right away. we didn't see a white christmas here. but will we see more sn
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now all we need is moisture. we'll be watching several opportunities, anyway, for snowflakes between now and the end of the year. not so much today. see you in a minute with the five-day. first, it was health care and then tax reform. but we're getting a glimpse at what president trump may try to tackle next. the latest on his agenda and why democrats may be willing to work with him. it was probably the most romantic moment of her life and then it turned into one of the most ♪
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good morning everybody. temperatures down below freezing in most areas after a relatively warm d
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february, april and october. our five-day forecast, which is all about the cold coming right up. chuck, thank you. it's 4:46 right now. we might not see president trump in public until he wraps up his holiday vacation in florida. >> he's celebrating after his first major legislative victory with the tax reform bill. now the administration is already thinking about what's on tap for next year. nbc's edward lawrence is live on capitol hill with a look ahead. >> good morning, aaron and eun. the president saying he's getting back to work this week even though he's down in florida. the president tweeting out over the holiday as per usual, he did say that he feels he's not getting the credit he deserves for his accomplishments. >> jordanian -- >> president trump at his mar-a-lago resort in florida gets back to business today. he set aside harsh language on twitter to send a christmas message of peace. >> on
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baron, god bless you, god bless america. >> the president not backing off the fbi this past weekend, pushing the idea that the clintons gave andrew mccabe's wife a large campaign contribution while they look into the personal e-mail server. >> the president is saying we need to know our civil servants are doing the honorable thing. it's important the american people know what happened in that investigation. >> the president loss announcing a united nations kcutback. it's been reduced by $85 million. it's days after a resolution condemning the president's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. >> when we make generous contributions to the u.n., we have a legitimate expectations that our goodwill is recognized and respected. >> the white house will also have to sell their new tax pln,
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sign into law as the american people. democrats say it will announce a tax increase to the middle class. they say there will be fewer taxes taken out of paychecks starting in february. when the president returns to washington, there will be a number of issues to deal with, including developing an infrastructure rebuilding plan. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. aaron and eun. >> edward, thank you. it's 4:48. the secret service says it has interviewed someone claiming responsibility for delivering a gift wrapped package of horse manure to treasury secretary steve mnuchin. >> they've declined top identify the person but a psychologist by the name of robby strong says he's the guy. it was found at the home of mnuchin's neighbor. the bomb squad had to respond to this package. it was marked as being "from the american
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strong says he was protesting new tax laws. >> this new tax law that's going to kick millions of people off of health care and ultimately going to give the corporations tons of money at the expense of the average working poor family, i felt like i needed to do something equally absurd. >> since coming forward, strong says he's received some death threats as well. a couple from maryland is among the five people killed in a christmas eve plane crash in florida. she was a fourth grade teacher in baltimore. her husband peter was studying law at the university of maryland. the plane crashed an hour outside of tampa. it's not clear why the plane crashed but other pilots thought it was too foggy to fly.
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burned in cuba after a christmas eve fireworks display went terribly wrong. the fireworks started shooting off in all directions sunday night. hundreds gathered to watch the show here. tourists and locals started running for their lives. cuban state radio says 22 people were burned, six were children. here at the live desk, just retweeted devastating pictures from the montgomery county fire department. officials tell us they've been spending the morning fighting a fire in chevy chase. take a look. this home was severely damaged by that fire. fire officials say a smoke alarm alerted the residence when things started heating up. they were asleep at the time. fire likely started in the living room. it is a reminder this morning, please, please check to make sure your smoke alarms are working. bac t
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4:51 our time. one of the actresses who played in the von trapp family children has died. heather minz is. she starred alongside christopher plummer and julianne drus. she was recently diagnosed with brain cancer according to her son. she starred in several movies and television shows. she was married to robert ur itch who died previously. christmas just ended, like, technically five hours ago. you may want to consider using your extra time this week to take down your tree. trees cause hundreds of fires inside people's homes each year. you remember this fire back in january of 2015 and four of their
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the tree ignited their home. the sister of one of the victims is making it her mission to remind others how to keep their holidays safe. >> i don't want to see this tragedy happen to anyone else. my three cardinal rules are water the tree every day. unplug it overnight when it's not attended. even if it is off -- also dispose of it within 30 days or january 2nd, which ever comes first. >> she's keeping an overly dry tree is like inviting a forest fire into your home. another reminder, check your sprinklers inside your home. we learned how much of a difference it can make. the reminder on the nbc washington app. search holiday safety. you'll remember, a lot of people buy trees right after thanksgiving. that means it's been more than 30 days. robert and i, weer
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saying our tree looks dry. because we get it right after thanksgiving. we're getting rid of it. we don't want to take any risks. all right. 4:52. >> there are always lots of engage. s over christmas. one man popped the question at the ice rink at rockefeller center. >> take a look at how this couple literally fell in love. the moments after saying yes, bride-to-be lost her balance. she was excited. you know what i mean >> she's on the ice. come on. the woman laughed it off. >> she threw her arms up. >> she had some help. the couple was smiling about the whole thing. a memorable proep sposal and th skated offhand in hand. >> rain on your wedding day is good luck. how is falling down on your proposal. >> has to be good luck.
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you? >> yes. santa is always good at my house. because everyone is nice. >> ours is an evening extravaganza out at the beach. >> very nice. >> santa brought me a wonderful beef tenderloin to cook for christmas dinner. it was so yummy. >> delicious. >> wasn't left in the stocking with care either. it was left in the fridge so that i could prepare it. >> you did well. >> as i mentioned, we were ending up here 2017 going down as a warm and dry year. the warmest month compared to average. warmest february on record. plus, 8.7 degrees and 2 inches below in rainfall. april, another one. we had a 90 degree day in april. that was a dry month. october, one of the top ten warmest octobers. also about an inch and a half behind. it's been bone dry around here for the month of december. likely to be one of t
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driest decembers on record. in addition to being dry, it's cold too. 30 degrees here in washington. but with a windchill near 21. 13 the windchill in gaithersburg. 14 in martinsburg. this is not going to be a warm pattern at all. the polar jet is down to our south. have a little chance for light snow today south of the washington area. fredericksburg, stafford, might get a passing flurry or two. no accumulations with this. sunshine later on. cloudy again overnight. maybe a passing flurry or two. this is not going to be an accumulating snow at this point in time. there will be better chances for snow as we get towards friday night and saturday. the cold air is now in place, which means, snow chances are a little higher than average. >> chuck, thank you, sir. there is just one more holiday to go before the end
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year. some of us our waistlines are grateful. >> what you can do now to
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of food have been shoveled into my mouth since friday. news 4's justin finch talked with a personal trainer who says you still can enjoy the season and stay healthy. >> whether at home or work, with family or friends, the holidays have a way to make it hard to get to the gym and keep up the healthy habits. don't worry. >> you can have a cheap meal. don't make it a cheap day. >> a trainer at lifetime fitness, while watching what you eat, work in simple exercises to sub for your gym routine. >> the first exercise is the body weight squat. she's staying on her heels. >> next a classic or modified pushup. >> basically a plank that goes up and down. >> stomach in, legs are straight. here's a modified version. you can go to your knees. the next one
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>> while lunging, keep your posture straight. then try this for your upper body. >> we're looking to draw back, pull the shoulders back and tight here and focus more straightening the middle part of your back. >> as you go low, watch your form. >> keep your back nice and flat as she goes down. >> the last move. the russian twist. >> she's holding them to this d position here. if you can't do it that way, you can put your feet on the floor also too. >> each exercise, you want to do the whole routine at least two or three times or your personal best. justin finch, news 4. that breaking news a major police presence in our area. the home that turned into a crime scene, a fatal scene overnight. >> history artifacts and collectibles up in flames. what we're learning


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