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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  December 27, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EST

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winter storm. we're going to get our version of it. >> like one of those ballpene hammers. >> any light snow that does come down will have no trouble sticking. that's the reason the weather service has a winter weather advisory out for loudoun county, virginia, as well as montgomery county, frederick county in maryland. most of the moisture is way down to our south. there's this little ripple coming across our way. there's a little chance of light snow coming across loudoun county, virginia, and maryland. not a whole lot showing up and a few flurries north of leesburg up towards frederick maryland. we'll keep a close eye on this for you. it will be a very low impact event. still, the opportunity is there. so winter weather advisory for the shaded counties. that goes until 11:00 a.m. this morning. otherwise, it's just cold out there this morning. temperat
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freezing mark just about everywhere. that's the reason whatever little snow comes our way will have no trouble sticking. the rest of the day into the new year's weekend, that's coming up in a few. chris? >> thank you, chuck. oh, that old familiar sound. our winter weather pales in comparison with what some to our north are seeing this morning. take a look at the heavy snow in erie, pennsylvania. they have received 60 inches of snow since christmas day. more than five feet in 48 hours. new record and it's not just erie. wind chills in the midwest making it feel like well below zero. all this winter weather is making it very difficult for a lot of travelers to make it home from their christmas vacation. as always, you can track when the winter weather will arrive in your neighborhood this morning in the nbc washington app. now to some breaking news out of prince gorges county. police are investigating a murder in largo. a man was found dead in the tan
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suv just before 10:00 last night. he had been shot to death. this happened around largo just off of harry truman drive. phillip williams school is down the street. local mom said she was trying to protect her kids when she went to confront a peeping tom. she said the man appeared several times outside her apartment in langley park on christmas night. the last time she and her husband took action. >> i have girls in my house and i have people i have to protect. i went outside with my knife and i told him not to move and if he did move, i would hurt him. >> she helped her husband detain the man. they didn't have enough information to arrest the so-called peeping tom at that time. the mom said she told her neighbors to look out for anything suspicious. patrol officers are on
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bus crash in mexico last week that left several members of one local family dead. her husband and older son were also injured. total of 12 people were killed in that crash. how would you feel after spending four hours on a plane only to be sent right back to the airport? yeah. that's exactly what happened to the passengers of a flight bound for tokyo last night. lax airport police were told to be ready for the flight's return after the crew discovered there was an unauthorized person on board. the plane has been rescheduled to take off at some point later today.
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john legend were on that flight. teigen tweeted for hours about the ordeal. covering decision 2017, a drawing to break a tie in the virginia race. that's been delayed. state election officials were scheduled to literally draw a name from a bowl today after a ruling declared the race between democrat shelly simons and republican delegate david yantsy was a tie. lawyers want a court to reconsider that ruling. they say she beat jantzy in the 94th district. simons win sflits exactly 50-50. we're following another close house race in virginia. josh cole loft to thomas. cole will not contest the election results. instead, cole says he'll continue to support a federal lawsuit seeking an all-new
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that district received the wrong ballots. today we'll learn who's been named the male athlete of the year at the ap's female athlete of the year. she's one of our favorite swimmers. that's right. bethesda's own katie ledecky received the honor. she finished ahead of serena williams. she took home five golds and a silver medal at this year's world championship. ledecky is the first star from our area ever to earn the women's award. chuck, i feel like the accolades just keep on coming for katie ledecky. she is truly the golden girl. >> absolutely. congratulations to her. love to have that success from a local kid here. if she can do it, so can i. yes, you can. keep on swimming. outside today, it is going to be cold, cold, cold. not very good pool weather. if it's an indoor pool, you
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there are some snow flurries to be dealt with early on this morning. basically from leesburg to frederick to winchester and the top of the shenandoah valley. picture of a snowflake, get a picture and send it to me @chuckbell4 on twitter. and it's the weather phenomenon that has people seeing triple. what it took for three suns to recently appear in the sky. and to say sparks were flying may be a bit of an understatement. the fire call that left a local couple engaged. kick off the new year with a deal that will save you money for the next 2 years guaranteed. get the 100% fiber-optic network with the fastest internet available.
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you're watching "news 4 today." well, for one local woman, it was the call of a lifetime. the captain with the volunteer fire department enlisted the squad to propose to his long-time girlfriend. he popped the question in rockville time square. they shared this video on the facebook page. the good news is kathleen said yes. we want to wish a big congratulations to the happy couple. >> man. you go to that trouble, you better know the answer. >> i keep waiting for one of these to be, sorry, no. that's -- yeah. yeah. i don't know. k
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there. look, as we wind down 2017, a lot of you may be thinking about your new year's resolutions. a marist poll just found losing weight, saving more money no longer the favorites. number one resolution next year, simply being a better person. >> that sounds a little more achievable. >> because everybody defines that quite differently. >> okay. >> you define it any way you want. >> the only resolution i ever made that i thought was a good one that i stuck to. i gave up eating cold french fries. they no longer taste good once they're cold and they're just as bad for you. >> cut down on the calories. there you go. all right. look at that. >> take a look at this, on monday morning, not one, not two, three suns shining over northeastern china. this phenomenon only lasted about 15 minutes, but, wow. the real sun there is in the middle with two smaller suns on either side. the chinese call it the sun with two ears. while astronomers call it
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conditions. i guess you have to have a lot of steam in the air? >> fine ice crystals at certain altitude. it helps refract the light out to the sun. they happen exactly 22 degrees on either side of the sun in case you were wondering. >> the eclipse, i had never in my life seen that before. >> i've seen it many times, even right here at home. >> really? >> yeah, planemany a times. >> you need to do this more. >> look up? all right. well, if you're looking up over the next couple of days, you're not likely to see flurries, but i guess some folks in our area could. >> a little light snow a possibility in the morning. keep your expectations low. not snow man making stuff. it could stick to the snow. we'll show you radar and take a look at the rest of the forecast coming up. all right. he needed a hero for his n,
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the comic book one dad created that just might have some of you comparing him to superman.
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well, it is now coming up on 5:15. we are in weather alert mode this morning because some of you, some of you could see snow in your commute this morning. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell says no reason to freut
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on the lookout for. he'll have a closer look at that. as well as how the weather is shaping up for your new year's plans coming up. police think a shooting at a busy mall in memphis started with a fight. police were called to the wolf chase galleria around 7:00 last night. two people were injured and september to the hospital. so far four people in custody in connection with that shooting. there's still an active investigation going on right now but police think the fight happened inside the mall and then spilled outside here where the shootings took place in one of the restaurant parking lots. police officers in oakland saying good-bye to one of their own. officer andrew kamaleri was killed on the job christmas eve. he and his partner were rear ended by a drunk driver leaving a party. he's facing felony charges. that officer leaves behind a wife and three children. he was only 33 years
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pressure on north korea to stop testing ballistic missiles. the u.s. treasury department issued tough sanctions on tuesday against two keogh figures alls in north korea, both are heavily involved in kim jong-un's ballistic weapons program. these two sanctions block them from engaging in any transactions with the united states. a little boy named ollie reese has a lot of things working against him. to his dad ollie is a hero. he deserves to take his rightful place right alongside superman and batman. regina ellis has the story. >> good job, buddy. >> reporter: to his dad 7-year-old ollie has always been a super hero. born with down's syndrome and life threatening heart defects, ollie had to fight to survive from the very beginning. >> it was pretty touch and go as far as if he was going to make it. >> reporter: but ollie did make it, and his
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wanted to share something with him. >> clearly you love comics. >> oh, yeah. i have piles more where those came from. >> reporter: but in all of those comics chip couldn't find a character that has challenges like ollie so he wrote his own book featuring a young hero with down's syndrome of course named ollie. >> i think it's important for people to see characters like themselves because they feel if that person can do something awesome, you know, i can be awesome too. >> reporter: this is a real adventure. >> a publisher asked him to turn it into a full graphic novel. the book is getting a second run. >> i think that it shows that there is room for different characters. >> reporter: ollie can't talk. still, he's a pretty good communicate who are. >> how do you say love? >> reporter: and he's thrilled seeing himself in the comic. >> don't worry, dad, i'm going to be real strong some day just like you. >> rt
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>> for me, it was just kind of that natural extension of my love for my child. >> reporter: two heroes, father and son, whose love for each other is the greatest super power of all. nbc news, wichita, kansas. >> yeah, ollie's an incredibly special kid. boy, he's got one heck of a dad on his side as well. >> yeah. love conquers all, no doubt about it. >> great message there. chuck, as you look outside, where exactly are these -- do you see the best chance of these flakes coming down this morning? >> yeah, if you're going to get a coating of snow, your best opportunity to see that is going to be across northern parts of loudoun county and over the potomac into montgomery county and frederick, maryland into columbia, maryland and up towards baltimore. most of the immediate d.c. metro area not going to see a
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opportunity for some light snow from leesburg, fredericksburg, gaithersburg, columbia. carol, northern baltimore counties as well. the weather service does have a winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. this morning. it's a low impact event. the roads are cold enough where anything that does come down will have no trouble sticking at all. right at 32 lehere in washingto. most of the real deep moisture is way down to our south. we're sort of on the northern periphery here of any real chances for wintry weather. again, just taking it a little bit on the cautious side. there's the ribbon of snowflakes from charlestown, up into northern maryland and top end of the 270 corridor. storm team 4 locally here. frederick, maryland, the best chance. if you live up that way be sure to send me a picture of it. future weather cares
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light snow and really 7:30, 8:00 in the morning, thereafter things should start to improve. the advisory, i suspect, will have to be pulled down a little bit early. by lunch time, sunshine will be breaking out. mostly sunny afternoon. as the sun comes back out, the wind will increase. not all that breezy this morning. northwest winds up near 20 miles per hour by later on in the day. current temperatures all just at or below the freezing mark from washington northbound. there's your planner. maybe a few flurries around between 7, 8, 9:00 in the morning. cloudy and clearing out and then turning breezy and very cold afternoon. these are 5:00 p.m. temperatures back down into the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. take your winter coat. it's not going to be much if anything in the way of a warmup. high today, near 35 grease. then falling back into the 20s. then tomorrow even colder still. high temperatures tomorrowy
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be ready. it's going to stay cold all the way into 2018. ten day forecast coming up in a half an hour. >> no relief in sight. thank you, chuck. it is a christmas tragedy that still has investigators stumped. the crash that killed three people and why officials are having such a hard time figuring out who the victims are. we're also staying on top of some breaking news in a homicide rnvestigation underway in lago.
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you're watching news 4 today. >> christmas tragedy off a country road. this fiery crash in la plata left three people dead and their family looking for answers. people are trying to figure out why a mercedes swerved off the road and burst into flames. a father and son saw
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>> reporter: the car burst into flames after colliding with a tree according to police who are still trying to figure out what caused the mercedes to crash into the woods as well as to identify all of the victims. the driver has been identified as 28-year-old eric lamont moss who lived a few hundred yards away from the crash site but police have not identified the other two victims in the car. >> right now we don't have any information about them. just by talking with witnesses and other family members, we're trying to narrow down who they could be. >> reporter: the crash happened about 1:00 a.m. these two individuals were driving home from a christmas dinner. they saw what they thought were christmas lights until they got closer and realized it was a car on fire. >> when we got there the car was just in flames and the door had fell off and the trees was burning. >> reporter: then they saw the driver. >> we stopped and we heard him. he was r
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>> reporter: the father and son ran to the burning car to help. >> we looked and there was a guy laying on the side on the car like he was out of the car. he was just laying there. >> reporter: they pulled the driver from the burning car to safety but it was too late. police say they don't believe there were any other cars involved in the crash. in la plata, mark sea graves, news 4. >> 4:25. i'm heading over to the live desk to bring you the latest. "news 4 today" continues right now. "news 4 today" begins with breaking news. that breaking news, a deadly shooting investigation underway in maryland. how an officer just happened to cross that grisly scene. a local mom finds a man peering through her windows, runs after him with a knife and holds him until police arrive. why officers though let him go shortly after. and travel trouble. the storm stretching across parts of the country that could keep your holi
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a little bit longer. news 4 begins now with storm team 4. first, we could see some travel issues of our own. live look at the roads right now. not too bad in this picture. storm team 4 weather alert mode because some of you may encounter snow on your way to work today. 4:26 your time. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm susan hogan in for eun yang. don't worry, we're not talking about any major accumulations, but it could still impact our day. >> we have crews working to get you where you need to go safely and on time. chuck bell. >> good morning, aaron and susan. it is, indeed, a cold start this morning. we are tracking some very light snow up across northernmost montgomery county, southern frederick county in the great state of maryland this morning. there it is on storm team 4. just this little ribbon of snowflakes from winchester to the north side of
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frederick county, new market. nothing major in and around the d.c. metro area, but just enough of a chance to coat the roads where there is a winter weather advisory until 11:00 a.m. from loudoun, montgomery county. future weather, there's that little chance of some snowflakes between now and 8:00 or 9:00 a.m. things should improve. temperature wise in the 20s to around 30 now. we'll go nowhere later on in the day today. temperatures will stay mainly in the low 30s at most. for more on the conditions in the great outdoors let's join my colleague tamara outside. >> reporter: good morning, chuck, good morning, everyone. it is down right cold. look at the feels like temperatures. in the district it does feel like 27 degrees. i can account for that. 23 in gaithersburg is what it feels like right now. 30 out towards manassas. if you have any plans today, you'll definitely want to bundle up. wear the layers. in fact, i have on two coats
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we are expecting mostly sunny conditions by the afternoon. let's get a check on the roads. let's head over to rob. how's it going? >> not too much as far as weather is concerned on the roads but southbound route 1 after the beltway at huntington avenue. response on scene of a crash blocking all southbound lanes. north bound route 1 as you can see is unaffected towards the beltway. so far so good on the capitol beltway throughout maryland and virginia and 270 remains a good ride both ways between rockville and frederick. i'm rob stallworth. >> rob, thank you, sir. we continue our team coverage of this morning's wintry weather with news 4's adam tuss. >> he's montgomery county. looks so far so good out there, adam. >> yeah, i don't think we're expecting too much this morning, guys. everyone should take this with a grain of salt. take a live look at the road here. up towards the frederick area thor
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anything that we see. that seems to be the area where truck bell is telling us we can see the best chance of anything falling. right now really cold temperatures out here. keep in mind that anything that does hit the ground likely will stick to it this morning. there have been some road crews who are out this morning in anticipation of this. we're not talking about a major issue this morning. for right now so far so good. we'll keep an eye on it for you all morning long, guys. back to you. >> adam, thank you. you know what, our winter weather, it sort of pales in comparison to what some folks to the north are seeing this morning. look at this. heavy, heavy snow in erie, pennsylvania. they received 60 inches of snow since christmas day. more than five feet of snow in 48 hours, folks. that's a new record there. it's not just erie. the wind chills make it feel well below zero. all of it making it very difficult for travele
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it home from their christmas vacation. as always, you can track when the wintry weather will arrive in your neighborhood with the up-to-the-minute weather forecast. breaking news in prince gorges county. >> let's get to chris lawrence at the live desk. >> aaron and susan, police are investigating a homicide in largo. investigators say they found a man shot to death inside the vehicle you're seeing right there. an officer was patrolling the area when he found the man around 9:00 or 10:00 last night. that tan suv was discovered in the area of capital lane and capital court. to put that in perspective, it's near the largo kettering branch library and the rising chance day care center. we're working to find out who the victim is and if detectives have been able to determine why he was killed. we'll, of course, update you as soon as we learn more. back to you. chris, thank you. a mother in prince gorges county says she was just trying to protect her children when she went to confront a p


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