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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 27, 2017 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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zero first month's payment, and zero due at signing on select volkswagen models. now with the people first warranty. tonight, the crushing snow emergency that's left one northeast city buried under more than five feet of snow. >> i'm used to it. i grew up here. but this is a bit much. >> as a dangerous deep freeze tightens its grip on tens of millions. three big cities sue the pentagon for not reporting criminal convictions of military personnel tohe fbi's gun database. they included the gunman who carried out the mass shooting at a texas church. a passenger gets on a flight from los angeles to japan with a boarding pass from another airline. a security lapse that forces the plane to turn around midflight. barack obama tonight on life after the white house and what he thinks about using social media, telling it all to britain'
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they'd won the lottery until they were told about the error that meant they might not get paid. and a new view of what the office of the future might look like with a keyboard and some goggles you interact with holograms. this is nbc "nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. i'm craig melvin in for lester. in late december it's supposed to be cold, but tonight it's downright ridiculous. now the swath of subzero temperatures stretching across much of this country could even affect your new year's eve plans. in many areas, though, the story continues to be the relentless snow. in erie, pennsylvania, nearly 5 1/2 feet has fallen in just four days. it's so bad there the airport was shut down, the national guard called up and the mail even stopped. that's where we start tonight with nbc's ron allen. >> reporter: more snow fell on erie, pennsylvania, again
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all hands on deck at the emergency center struggling to clear roads and keep residents safe. ever seen anything like this? >> not really. >> reporter: county exec kathy dahlkemper called for help. even the national guard. you haven't had a break. >> we have not had a break since really christmas eve. >> reporter: guard troops helped dig out this senior center, the exits blocked by snow. >> god forbid in the event of an emergency we could get out safely. >> reporter: erie has had 65 inches of snow in four days. 102 inches in december alone. what they usually get all winter. one sign of progress -- erie's airport finally open. the first arrivals and departures in days. >> are you checki ining this bag? >> yes. >> reporter: even deidre walsh who told us she had christmas dinner from the vending machine, had a flight out. >> i'm quite happy, yes. >> reporter: but the mail service is no match for the snow. delivery to homes canceled. and just look at what's happening on the shores of lake
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frozen solid. everything is coated in ice. temperatures continue falling in the midwest, and it's only getting worse. today's real-feel with the wind chill, chicago, negative 21 degrees, green bay, wisconsin, minus 22, and duluth, minnesota, 40 below zero. the big chill expected to last through the weekend already putting new year's eve plans across the country on ice. in colorado, the red rocks celebration will move inside. and as the bitter cold moves into the northeast, workers in times square spent the day bare-handed in 20-degree weather. >> it's brutal, but we've got to do what we got to do. layers of clothing. you know? >> reporter: putting the finishing touches on the world famous crystal ball where come new year's eve, folks can experience frigid temperatures in the teens. here in erie, they may still be digging out for new year's. there's just an awful lot of snow out here. today they optimistically lifted the state of emergency, but the forecast hasth
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this weekend. craig? >> ron allen for us there in erie. ron, get inside, buddy. turns out this stretch of bitter cold is going to be with us for a bit. meteorologist dylan dreyer is here. how long are we talking about? >> we'll start off the new year with possibly even colder temperatures. so the chill is on. it's going to continue to pour in from the north. about two-thirds of the country saw temperatures below freezing this morning. take a look at tomorrow morning. air temperature in green bay, 12 below, but the wind chill 21 below. st. louis, 1 below for the wind chill. in erie, it will feel like zero tomorrow morning with all that snow on the ground. then we get a reinforcing shot of cold air going through the weekend. 1 is the actual air temperature sunday morning in chicago. teens down through little rock, 20s down through charlotte. new york city we'll start off the day in the low to mid-teens, thenned a -- then at midnight on new year's eve, we're looking at the temperature in new york about 11 degrees. that's very cold for all the people outside enjoying thall
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that will be one of the top five coldest new year's eves on record. so it is going to be pretty brutal. >> all right, dylan dreyer, thank you. a newly disclosed investigation by the inspector general of the justice department has found big problems with how the department deals with sexual harassment complaints. nbc's stephanie gosk is here with details on this story. what do we know tonight? >> reporter: good evening, craig. the department of justice has, in the words of its inspector general, potential systemic issues with how it handled sexual harassment allegations. in a memo from may first revealed by "the washington post" and later obtained by nbc news, the ig says that among the problems uncovered, inconsistent reporting of allegations as well as inconsistent and sometimes lenient punishment. "the washington post" describes multiple incidents including a veteran u.s. marshal who had sex with nine women in his office. initially lied about it and told the women to lie as well. he was eventually transferred. tonight, a doj
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part the department was disappointed with the issues that occurred in the obama administration, has implemented additional safeguards and systems and has convened a working group to look at the issues. another example, craig, of how every corner of our society is grappling with sexual harassment in the workplace. >> indeed. stephanie gosk, thank you. president trump said this week the new tax law, quote, essentially repeals obamacare over time. turns out the health law remains in effect. if you're confused, you're not the only one. chief white house correspondent hallie jackson explains. >> reporter: a surprise stop at the west palm beach firehouse tonight sparking the president's proud 2017 talk emphasizing what his new tax law does to barack obama's healthcare law. >> and included the repeal of the individual mandate, which is a success. >> reporter: now president trump's hoping for a healthcare push of his own, promising democrats and republicans will
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eventually come together and develop a great new healthcare plan. >> we have essentially repealed obamacare. >> reporter: but they have not. with not much appetite to try and replace it. >> i think we'll probably move on to other issues. >> reporter: senator mitch mcconnell and other gop leaders instead point to how the tax law ends the individual mandate. that's the part of the affordable care act that makes everyone sign up for insurance or else pay a fine. ending it is a blow to obamacare, but not a death sentence. the mandate won't go away until 2019. so in 2018, business as usual. so far, nearly 9 million people have signed up for obamacare coverage in 2018. almost as many as in 2017, even though the trump administration cut back big time on promoting it. >> the most important thing that's coming up for the affordable care act is what insurance companies do. and i think a lot of them, you know, may decide they just don't want to do it this anymore. >> reporter: senate leaders promised to help stabilize the insurance marketplac
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collins demanded it in exchange for her support for the tax plan, but there's no guarantee the house will keep a promise the senate made first. and lawmakers have plenty of work to do when they start getting back to washington one week from today, dealing with everything from infrastructure to immigration to a budget deal. so in that first weekend in january, top republicans are expected to huddle with president trump at camp david to hash out which priorities should take precedence. craig? >> hallie jackson for us traveling with the president there in florida. an unusual lawsuit has been filed against the pentagon. three big cities are suing because the military has failed for years to report crimes committed by military personnel to the fbi's gun check system. more tonight from our pentagon correspondent hans nichols. >> reporter: new york, san francisco and philadelphia are suing the pentagon to fix a longstanding problem first flagged by an inspector general report in 1997. >> the department of defense and the li
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we've sued have failed miserably in their reporting obligations over the course of the last two decades. >> reporter: one deadly mistake, devin kelly found guilty of domestic assault in a military court, but the air force never entered the conviction into the fbi database. he bought a rifle and killed 26 people at a texas church last month including the pastor's daughter. >> she is frolicking with the angels at this point. >> reporter: the pentagon is struggling to determine if they have a systemic failure, human error or both. a december audit found problems across all services. the army failed to submit the proper paperwork to the fbi 41% of the time. the navy and marine corps 36% of the time and the air force 14%. the lawsuits hold pentagon officials including secretary of defense jim mattis in contempt of court if they don't accurately enter all information. officials at the pentagon say they have a big task ahead. at the airce
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cases go back to 2002. after that they need to determine if paper records were properly entered. hans nichols, nbc news, washington. it was fun as usual today at disneyland in california, that was until a big power outage hit the park leaving some visitors stuck on rides and many more in long lines. here's joe fryer. >> reporter: it really did feel like a small world in parts of disneyland today. long lines and big crowds formed after a power outage caused by a transformer issue hit fantasyland and mickey's toon town. this picture was snapped after it's a small world the ride came to a halt. in all, the park says about a dozen attractions were affected with employees escorting guests off those rides. no one was hurt. >> the kids were really bummed out. they were not crying but they were pretty sad about it. >> reporter: with kids out of school for the holidays, this was already a busy week at the park. one guest tweeted how is disneyland going av
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outage the day we paid $124 for peak day tickets? another wrote 1100 bucks down the drain. tonight some impacted rides are running again. a crowded park recharged. joe fryer, nbc news, los angeles. it looked like it was a mix-up but it is raising new questions tonight about airline security. a passenger boarded an ana flight from los angeles to tokyo with a boarding pass for a different flight that forced the plane to turn around midflight. nbc's gadi schwartz tonight. >> reporter: for 226 passengers and crew on all nippon airlines flight 175, the u-turn was abrupt. on board supermodel chrissy teigen diving right into the midair mystery. >> hey, guys, chrissy teigen here reporting live. >> reporter: teigen breaking the news that a rogue passenger had made it on to their plane with a ticket for another airline. writing to her 9 million twitter followers, they keep saying the person had a united ticket. we're on ana.
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scanner is just a beedoop machine that makes beedoop noises that register to nowhere. law enforcement sources say that two brothers booked two flights to japan, one on ana and one to united. but somehow both brothers ended up on the ana flight together. incidents like this are rare. >> if the captain says i'm not comfortable with that person being on this plane, then that plane's going to turn around and go back. >> reporter: four hours into the flight, the pilot did turn back. the airline apologized on twitter saying we failed to deliver the customer service we strive for. teigen and her husband, singer john legend, touching back down in l.a. >> thank you so much for taking me on this awesome vacation, babe. >> welcome to los angeles. >> reporter: eventually landing in japan after a quick round trip to nowhere. gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. former president obama's first and only interview since leaving office was released today. it was with none other than britain's prince rr
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in it mr. obama talks about leaving the white house, his problem with social media and more. nbc's kelly cobiella reports from london. >> reporter: it was more of a friendly chat than fierce grilling. former president barack obama opening up to prince harry about his last day at the white house. >> you've sat in marine one, the presidential helicopter, flying over washington. you've sat through the inauguration with your game face on. not giving much emotion away, as we all saw. what's going through your mind? >> the first thing that went through my mind was sitting across from michelle, how thankful i was that she had been my partner through that whole process. that was mixed with all the work that was still undone. >> reporter: the talk was taped in september when harry and obama were in toronto for the invictus games. and although president trump's name was never mentioned, the
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touched on social media with obama saying it should connect rather than divide. >> one of the dangers of the internet is that people can have entirely different realities. they can be just cocooned in information that reinforces their current biases. >> reporter: then harry got to what he called the serious questions. >> lebron james or michael jordan? >> jordan. although i love lebron. but i'm a chicago guy. >> aretha franklin or tina turner? >> aretha's the best. >> "suits" or "the good wife." >> "suits," obviously. >> great, great, great answer. >> the first family and the young royals have been friendly for years. so will the obamas have an invite to the biggest wedding of 2018? >> we haven't put the invites or the guest list together yet. who knows whether you're going to be invited or not. i wouldn't be surprised. >> reporter: a royal dilemma for another day. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. still ahead tonight, an intriguing look at what the
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. to get your job done, imagine going to work and using a keyboard and some pretty cool high-tech goggles instead of a desktop. that's exactly what one san francisco start-up is doing. jo ling kent checked it out. >> reporter: the faraway future of "minority report" and "ironman" may be coming to your workplace. >> imagine computing that feels like playing with legos. that's what we're driving towards here. >> reporter: silicon valley start-up meta is removing computer monitors for employees, replacing them with augmented reality or headsets that project holograms on to the real world to end what the ceo calls the tyranny of the modern office. >> we have a generation of people who are kind of phone monkeys hunched over their rectangles. yeah, we're all guilty of it. but i felt like there was something better.
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here you go. >> reporter: meron gribetz and his team design these high-tech ar glasses. >> look at that. >> reporter: instead of clicking a mouse you grab the air and move everything from a website to a sticky note even a human brain. this is amazing. it's different from virtual reality which completely covers your field of vision. augmented reality is taking a big step forward as google and apple unveil tool kits for developers. >> expand box. >> reporter: meta is already working with nike sneaker designers. >> the fact that facebook, google, apple and microsoft are all betting on augmented reality right now is huge. >> reporter: but using ar all day every day is not for everyone yet. >> some people they get tired after like 20 minutes. >> for me it took a little longer for my eyes to adjust and figure everything out. >> reporter: adjusting our view on the future of work -- whoa -- with no limits in sight. jo ling kent, nbc news, san mateo,
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let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. he's a small dog and, at 18, he's also a very old dog who lost all his teeth over the years, but when paco the chihuahua noticed a much bigger intruder in his backyard in florida, that dog stood his ground. actually, he ran toward the coyote chasing the predator away. the video security system caught the whole thing. his owner said paco was a bit shaken up but okay and he learned that bravery from a pitbull he used to live with. a lot of folks in south carolina were excited, but now they're a bit miffed and confused. they're not sure whether they won the lottery the other night. turns out there was a computer glitch. more winning tickets were generated than should have been. catie beck has those details. >> reporter: discovering a winning lotto ticket on christmas day. >> when i got those
7:23 pm
tickets, i thought, woo, all my christmas >> reporter: unfortunately, a fleeting moment. winnings never came. one of many south carolina gamers feeling lottery letdown after learning their winning ticket, some worth thousands of dollar -- >> i've got about $10,000 worth of tickets in my hands. >> reporter: -- was awarded by mistake, generated incorrectly by a computer glitch and actually worthless. wednesday morning a line of angry players demanding answers at the state lottery office. lottery officials say they suspended the holiday cash add-a-play game as soon as the problem came to light. by then the glitch had been spitting out bogus tickets for two hours. upset winners are being told to hold on to their tickets while the lottery investigates. many now feeling like a christmas miracle came and went. catie beck, nbc news, atlanta. when we come back, one man's journey of survival and hope.
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crest. healthy, beautiful smiles for life. finally tonight, an update on a story we brought you earlier this year. michael borenstein is a holocaust survivor who wrote a book about his experiences. it's called "survivor's club." kristen dahlgren has more. >> reporter: author michael borenstein in an emotional return to auschwitz 72 years after he was liberated as a 4-year-old. that's him in this video. >> we are so lucky to be alive. >> reporter: when we last saw him borenstein's book "survivor's club" connected him to two women who were at his side as children. >> i just want to hug you guys. can we hug? >> reporter: only 52
7:28 pm
children under 8 sued nazi concentration camp. now michael has met even more. at a book event in detroit, saul schulman. >> i thought it would be special to see someone actually who was even younger than me. >> reporter: he was 6 when both he and michael were hiding probably feet apart in the infirmary. >> jewish soldiers would come in periodically and yell for everyone to go out. i decided as long as i could stay here, i will. >> reporter: like michael, it was a decision that likely saved his life. >> i didn't expect to find somebody who was there in the infirmary with me. >> reporter: he's met four other survivors. >> i'm a survivor, too. >> reporter: and michael's research has brought him something else -- the only photograph of his brother who was killed. he looks just like you. >> yes. i don't want to forget the past, but i definitely want to have closure and look to the future and be optimistic. >> reporter: optimism
7:29 pm
that even the worst of lead to the incredible. kristen dahlgren, nbc news, north caldwell, new jersey. we appreciate you spending part of your evening with us. that's "nightly news" for this wednesday night. i'm craig melvin in for lester. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night.
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us here at thbc news, there are always haters. >> that was not the best song on the record. ♪ ♪ >> i'm buying jay-z, but you know what, i'm old. >> did jay-z top taylor for performer of 2017. we talk music.


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