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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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cumulative. simply because you survive the first arctic air doesn't mean you'll survive the next. >> now, for those who like to warm up the car before you get in, be careful. aimee mentioned this. in maryland and d.c., cars can idle for up to five minutes. you could be facing a $1,000 fine. virginia's applies to commercial or public vehicles. at least we're not digging out of winter weather. erie, pennsylvania, airport just reopened after more than 5 feet of snow came down. the crews have been working nonstop to clear the runway since christmas day. this area is -- this week set records. already seeing more snow than it usually does in an entire win r winter. to put it in perspective even more, the
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isn't that bad compared to what they're dealing with in the midwest. people in chicago and minnesota reported temperatures, 35 to 40 degrees below zero. that's before the wind factor. those conditions, frostbite can set in, in less than 30 minutes. 4:31 right now. we're tracking a developing story out of fairfax county. eight people, including a police officer are recovering after a police chase and crash in herndon. chopper 4 over the scene near frying pan road around 8:30 last night. fairfax county police say they went after a suspect who assaulted a child and carjacked a pickup truck. you see the truck slammed into a minivan on the scene here. one of the injured had to be flown to the hospital. adam tuss is gathering the latest on the story and will have a live report at the top of the hour. now to a daring chase in germantown. it was the store owner in pursuit. when he heard his pizza shop was being robbed at gunpoint, jumped into action. th a
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last night at tasty 5 pizza. one of his employee called him and told him the store was being robbed. he rushed to the store just as the two thieves were leaving. so he followed them. >> i don't know. my instinct was to follow them. ended up through clarks burke burglary -- clarksburg, got on 270 southbound sniemd he's shocked but relieved that police caught the thieves. a 17-year-old girl was the daughter of a d.c. police officer. 18-year-old james mayfield faces a first degree murder charge in the death. the young woman was shot and killed by a stray bullet while driving down saratoga avenue in northeast back in august. two other young men are already charged in her killing. he was sydnor was a woodrow wilson graduate. she was to start classes
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florida a&m university. breaking news out of new york city. >> let's get to chris lawrence at the live desk. >> frigid news guys. more than two dozen people are okay after a frigid night in new york city. take a look. this ferry was carrying 27 people last night when he got stuck on a sandbar for four hours. adding to the misery, the water that's shallow, commuters had to vac into small inflatable boats. this was actually the second in a month. that very same ferry service. aaron, back to you. >> chris, thank you. it's 4:33 right now. more breaking news. roy moore filed a lawsuit to stop the certification of democrat doug jones as the wish of alabama's u.s. senate race. he says there needs to be a fraud investigation and a new election. alabama's secretary of state says he sees no evidence of fraud and that jones will be r
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jones defeated moore by 20,000 votes. it was the first time a democrat won the seat in decades. the current powerball jackpot is at $384 million. sorry, there was no winner last night. but you still have time to buy a ticket for the mega millions jackpot. take a look at the official d.c. lottery store inside union station yesterday. the mega millions jackpot is $306 million. i think that drawing is tomorrow. >> yeah. >> so many opportunities to win. >> that's nothing. good lord. >> chump change. >> absolutely. >> how horrible would this be? take a look at this. dozens of people in south carolina thought they had a winning lottery ticket. when they went to claim their fortune, officials had to tell them they didn't actually win. there was a computer glitch that created the winning tickets apparently. this was the line outside the lottery headquarters. one ticket holder had about $10,000 worth of tickets, maybe
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>> that happened with my mom. she thought they won $10 million. they didn't scratch off the full three. it was an 8. good thing she didn't quit her job or anything. it is now 4:35. let's get another check on your weather and traffic. >> let's talk to rob stallworth at wtop about the traffic this morning. chuck bell, we want to hear about forecast. not happy. >> you're the man people want to blank. people want to hear from. i'll take that blank. no doubt about it. breezy and cold, cold, cold this morning. temperatures to get your thursday started are in the teens. 11 now in gaithersburg, maryland. 14 in manassas. 14 in prince george's county. windchills are down near zero areawide. layer up t
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maybe jog in place before you step out the front door to get the blood flowing and get heat generated inside your outerwear. temperatures will stay way below freezing. most areas into the mid-20s for highs. 23 for a high in gaithersburg. 28 in washington. 26 in fredericksburg. again, there is more cold to come. we'll take a look at the frigid weekend and increasing snow chance for saturday. that's coming up. for now, it's traffic time. rob stallworth, good morning. >> good morning, chuck. folks, it is cold outside. turn up the heat in the car. by all means, the capitol beltway looks good in maryland and virginia. no problems being reported there. traveling southbound 270, running good as you leave frederick toward the capitol beltway and beyond through rockville and bethesda. southbound on the washington parkway, quiet ride between the baltimore beltway and the capitol bela
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aaron, back to you. >> rob, thank you. the flu season is officially here. in some areas, it's running rampant. what you can do to protect yourself and your family from getting sick. >> a woman says an airline forced her to give up a seat for a congresswoman who says it has to do with race. another live look outside this morning where the wind is whipping. let's take a look at the flag there. this is in front of union station on this weather alert day. 4:37. 16 degrees your temperature here in upper northwest d.c. we're following breaking news in phoenix. officials just reopened a terminal at sky harbor airport. apparently the police had closed down a road around the terminal while they were checking out something as a precaution. we're working to learn more about what that was that set off the alarm bells. again, passengers have been standing in the terminal unable to get to their flights.
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i'm chris
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in news for your health, working out is good for your heart and brain. the american academy of neurology recommends exercise for patients with mild cognitive impairment. working out twice a week
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advise dietary changes or medication. absolutely. the flu, has it made its way into your home or office? the flu is widespread in 23 states, including virginia and maryland. >> that's for sure. as erika gonzalez tells us, this strain of flu is hitting more people earlier than in past years. >> the peak season is upon us. it goes from december to february. it's already on the rise. in fact, in maryland and virginia, the cdc calls it widespread. the cdc breaks down flu levels into five categories. no activity, sporadic, local, that's where d.c. is, regional and widespread. maryland and virginia are among 23 states reporting widespread flu. >> they haven't had the flu forever. my daughter tells me i'm too old. >> is the shot helping keep the
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flu at bay? a specialist in infectious diseases -- >> we highly recommend that everyone gets influenza vaccines. i received the vaccine several weeks ago and then developed flu-like complaints myself. >> there's already been more than 7,000 confirmed cases of the flu across the u.s. double the amount this time last year. the cdc recommends everyone over the age of 6 months get a flu shot, especially the elderly and children. from being under the weather to being so over the weather -- >> so over it indeed. if you hate cold, you need to start looking for discount flight down to somewhere warmer, because it's not only going to be cold today thrks weekend and cold for new year's, probably cold all next week too. ten-day forecast coming up at about 4:50. if you were trying to prepay your property taxes for next year, you may want
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i'm storm team 4 weather alert to help you prepare for the cold today. temperatures in the teens now. they'll be precious little in the way of a warmup. afternoon highs only in the mid to upper 20s for today. cold air in place and moisture coming. maybe a chance for snow on saturday. ten-day forecast coming right up. 15 before the hour now. we're working for you this week to prepare you for the changes coming with the new tax law. a lot of americans are wondering if the new law repealed obamacare. the simple answer is no. >> the new tax law does change obamacare in a big way. news 4's edward lawrence live for us on capitol hill to explain that. good morning, edward. >> good morning, susan. it repeals the individual mandate wit
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of us to have health insurance or pay a tax penalty. the reason they could do that is because that particular mandate lives within the tax code. when the new republican tax bill was passed, it removed that out of the tax code. very specific part of the affordable care act has been repealed. >> edward, does president trump believe he'll be able to repeal all of the affordable care act next year? >> aaron, the short answer is yes. the president does want health care reform. that's one of the items he talks about. he'll meet with republican congressional leaders at camp david next week. health care will be on that list. he has tweeted both republicans and democrats will come together on health care. however, it remains to be seen how that's going to happen. >> edward lawrence on the hill for us this morning. edward, thank you. the last minute rush to prepay 2018 property taxes before the end of the year may have been all for nothing for hundreds of homeowners.
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deductions at $10,000 next year. many are trying to pay their tax bill before the end of 2017 hoping to get a larger deduction. the irs says in order to deduct that prepayment, taxpayers need to pay and have their 2018 property tax assessment completed before monday. assessments haven't happened for most local counties and cities, including the entire state of maryland which does not release assessments until july. in fairfax county yesterday, a lot of people were in line to prepay. they left when county officials told them about that news from the irs. >> to your knowledge, has fairfax county or fairfax assessed the 2018 property taxes? >> no, they have not. tax rates have not been set. >> the irs is saying? >> that vias a result of that, they won't be allowed to deduct that. >> you gave people the option. >> what we did, given the number of people we had at the time, we decided it would be appropriate to give them the
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whether or not they wanted to move forward with prepayment of taxes. >> many left? >> many left. the prince george's county council was set to consider emergency legislation on property tax prepayment. that meeting was canceled after the new guidance from the irs. a texas congresswoman given someone else's first class seat says she believes her race is playing a part in that controversy. the congresswoman is representative sheila jackson lee. a d.c. teacher claims united airlines gave her, her seat on a flight last week from houston to d.c. united said the internal system showed the teacher canceled her trip after a flight delay. on facebook, he claimed the airline deliberately erased her ticket in order to accommodate a member of congress. jackson lee says she feels she was, quote, an easy target because she's african-american.
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others say they didn't know who had been given the seat when she originally complained. she was given a coach seat and a $500 travel voucher for the same flight. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk with breaking news. something exploded at a supermarket in st. petersburg, russia. this morning, president putin calls it an act of terror. more than a dozen people were injured last night when some sort of improvised explosive device went off at the supermarket in st. petersburg. it was in the storage area where they store shopping bags. the device contained 7 ounces of explosive and it was rigged with shrapnel to cause more damage. again, just this morning, president vladimir putin calling that an act of terror. back to you. thanks, chris. our news partners at wtop say charlottesville has a new police chief.
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retired. a report found serious police failures after the white nationalist unite the right rally. dupuis was hired after ten years of chief of the chesterfield county police department. d.c. water is trying to find ways to lower customers' bills by getting into the invention business. a team of researchers works on finding ways to solve problems and create new ideas for d.c. water to test and use. now, the utility is going the extra step to try to market and sell those technologies and services to other water systems and eventually private customers. d.c. water holds about a dozen patents. >> what we are doing at d.c. water is very aggressive. doesn't generate much revenue. but the potential future is pretty significant. unusual for public agencies. we've created our own intellectual properties for new technologies that we have helped invent. most public agencies do that and
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>> one of the products that d.c. water is now selling is something you have to get rid of anyway. but they found a way to make it into something buyers pay for. d.c. water is using -- it's a steam treatment system that turns human waste solid into a soil. >> a christmas eve tweet is going viral. burkhalter tweeted pictures of his parents with the caption, i've learned more about love from watching my dad reluctantly rearrange the living room so she can make her snow angels. we all want to see the finished product. there it is. that's it. she's from shreveport, louisiana, by the way. >> my daughter showed this to me a couple of days ago. she must have tons of followers. just 29. >> now
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>> has a lot more. >> 29,000 because of that. >> probably be doing some sort of indoor jumping jacks or something like that to get the blood flowing a little bit. to help take the bite off the air. finishing up the second warmest year on record here in washington. weather records go back to 1871. before 1990, we had never had an annual temperature above 60 degrees. since then, 1990, '91, '98, 2012, '15, '16, '17, all had an average temperature above 60 degrees. climate change is real. i hate to break it to you if you don't want to hear that. 16 degrees. that being said, climate change and global warming may be real, but that doesn't mean it can't get cold. 16 degrees now in washington. feels-like factors are down close to 0 this morning. bundle up and be ready
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cold day outside. the wind will be less of an issue later on in the day. even with sunshine and less wind, it will not warm up much. most of the area today will only be in the mid to perhaps briefly into the upper 20s around downtown. northwest wind, 10 to 20 miles per hour this morning. less wind later today. for tomorrow, after another frigid start down in the teens, it won't be as cold tomorrow. tomorrow most areas just up above the freezing mark. clouds increase on friday night. as we get into the weekend, there could be light snow on saturday. new year's eve and new year's day will both be very, very cold inde indeed. have your nbc washington app downloaded. a great dog picture on my forecast for you. instagram page. another guy, our former intern, forecast
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another shot of cold air into new year's day and more significant shot of cold late next week. rob stallworth, a seat heater kind of morning. >> oh, my god. it's so cold out there. i'm about to keep a hat on in the traffic center. downtown in the district, westbound or outbound constitution avenue between 14th and 17th street, still with the work zone and blocking the right lane. the capitol beltway is a good ride in maryland through montgomery and prince george's county. no problems in virginia. if you're traveling eastbound on i-66, good ride as you leave -- headed towards rosalyn with no real problems. i'm rob stallworth. susan, aaron, back to you. >> rob, we'll check back in with you. it's the interview a lot of people are talking about between the prince and the president. what you missed when his royal highness sat down with former president barack obama. breaking news overnight. after a police chase ends in a nasty crash sending eight people
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welcome back. this next story may have some you thinking twice about the cosmetics you use. especially the ones your kids use. >> a mother says something was found in her daughter's glitter makeup kit. they're made specifically for
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claire's, the popular accessory chain. she sent it to an independent lab and was shocked by the results. >> we've come across contaminated cosmetics. but you just assume that a children's product would be safe. warner bought 17 more kits from nine different states when she had those tested, every single one tested positive for asbes s asbestos. exposure has been linked to cancer and mesothelioma. they've pulled more than a dozen from their shelves. >> for the first time since leaving office, former president barack obama is speaking one-on-one with a reporter of sorts. that reporter is britain's prince harry. the interview aired yesterday on bbc radio. it was reported back in canada. the two spoke about legacy, the emotions of leadership and especially timely topics.
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>> game face on. what's going through your mind? >> the sense that there was a completion and that we had done the work in a way that preserved our integrity and left us whole. that was mixed with all the work that was still undone. overall, there was a serenity there more than i would have expected. >> president obama never mentioned president trump by name. but he did reflect on the day he handed power over to the trump administration. >> are you aware that you were wearing your heart on your sleeve? >> i thought it was important for me if i was talking to a wounded warrior for them to understand that, as commander in chief, even though i'm responsible for ordering them into a war theater, that i didn't take it lightly. that the wounds
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received were ones that i honor honored. >> the former president and the prince bonded in the past over service to wounded warriors. harry created the invic tuss games. mr. and pls obama have attended the competition. start digging out the hats and the scarves and maybe some gloves. not maybe. definitely gloves. >> definitely. whatever you got today with windchills near zero in some places this morning, this is not a test, folks. we're in the thick of it right now. >> we sure are. good morning everyone. i'm susan hogan in for eun yang who is probably in bed staying warm. >> i'm betting there are a lot of people who don't want to roll out of bed this morning. >> i don't blame them. it's real cold. you know it's cold now. normay


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