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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  December 29, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EST

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city in at least a quarter century. >> at this point we know the fire started on the first floor of that apartment building. officials say the death toll could rise. four people in the hospital are said to be in critical condition. chopper 4 over the scene of an apartment fire in our area. the two-alarm fire forced dozens of people to evacuate the building off georgia avenue and hewitt avenue. that's in the aspen hill area of montgomery county. more than 100 firefighters responded last night. they rescued at least one person and brought in medical buses to keep people warm. several children stood outside in the cold and other residents in the heavy coats and hats. no word on what caused the fire. red cross is there to help at the scene, to help those and keep them warm. >> from the live desk. >> chris lawrence is tracking breaking news in our district. >>
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inside a burning car in d.c. someone reported the fire around 7:00 on ridge road. police found the body inside. a neighbor tells news 4 -- homicide detectives are now investigating. back to you. >> all right, chris, thank you. two shootings along two busy highways. may have affected your commute last night. let start with the most recent one that happened in bladensburg. a man found shot along 295. we have video to show you from the scene. prince george's county police say a man was found near the eastern avenue exit. this happened around 6:30 last night. he was taken to the hospital in critical condition. hackers took control of d.c. police surveillance cameras days before president trump's inauguration. two of those hackers are in custody in romania. th
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computers that controlled 123 cameras. that's about two-thirds of what d.c. police have at their disposal. it happened january 12th and a federal complaint unsealed thursday says the cameras were unable to record video for several days. it was a major concern for the secret service, as you can imagine. the problem was resolved before inauguration day. an investigation determined no one was harmed by it. red line riders, service has changed on that line because of expanded repairs to waterproof the system. the repairs will impact your travel at night and on the weekends. single tracking during weeknights, i should say and all day on most weekend days between medical center and grosvenor. the work starts at 9:00 tonight and runs through 6:00 p.m. on sunday. metro is using a new technique aimed to keep the tunnels
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awareness of the lost and found program with a tweet fest. today the agency will tweet photos of items left behind at checkpoints during the holidays. this is set to start at 10:30 this morning and wrap up at 2:30. if you recognize an item, you can contact them to claim it. if your new years resolution is to become a millionaire, you might want to buy a lotto ticket. >> that will be mine for sure. the jackpots combined have reached $690 million. the mega millions drawing is tonight. the jackpot for that is estimated at $306 million. this, by the way, the 13th largest mega millions jackpot prize and if you are not lucky with that, you can try tomorrow night with the powerball jackpot. that's an estimated $384 million. of course, chances to win either prize are a long shot. the odds of wing
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millions are 1 in 302 million. >> it's a little better for the powerball. somebody has to win. >> 192 million for the powerball. somebody has to win eventually, right? >> might as well be us. >> got to play to win. >> absolutely. it's 4:34. let get another check on your weather and traffic. >> another look at the roads with wtop's dave dildine. first we'll talk to sheena. yesterday at this time we were around 16. >> it still hurts, right? >> but many suburbs in the teens right now. we're looking at teens on the map. it is 20 degrees in the district. but by 8:00 a.m., we're still going to be in the upper teens through the area. you still want your warmest coat. by 10:00 a.m. in the mid-20s. we'll not be topping out in the 20s. we'll be starting in the 20s and eventually in the 30s. it's still going to be a cold one. by noon, 2
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buff step outside. as we go through the rest of the week, we'll have a bitter start today. snow in the forecast for tomorrow morning. a frigid start to 2018. wait until you see the temperatures. we have indications that a coastal storm could bring snow. computer models going back and forth with this. as we get closer, more details on that. look at the numbers, 16 degrees gaithersburg. manassas. it is a bitter start to your friday. at least it is friday. let's check the roads now since we're ending out the week. good morning, dave. >> good morning sheena. a lot of folks sleeping in avoid the frigid air outside. if you're driving through it, about to hit the road, good news. nothing in your way on the beltway. on route 50 at the bay bridge, releasing westbound traffic. getting a move on both spans opening eastbound and westbound. down at national harbor at the wilson
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this week. not worried about big delays or traffic jams out there. that's the latest from the wtop traffic center. back to you. dave, thank you. some new details about the officer behind that controversial shooting death of an unarmed black man. the internal review that says he never should have pulled his gun. it's one of the biggest days for new york city. how they're keeping them safe. hy ttree is whe
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a live look at times square as new york city prepares to ring in the new year. they are trying to help keep people safe. >> there's no credible and specific threat at this time. but they have added measures. 2017, they have seen many mass shootings and attacks. >> attempted suicide bombing on december 11th near times square in a walkway. >> the difference thissi year fm last year, we're putting out more sniper capabilities. there will be much the public will see and much the public will not see. >> one million people are expected in times square on new year's eve to check out parties and events. in our area
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if you're not planning to celebrate at a party, you're not alone. 18% will celebrate at a friend's house. this new year's, you'll see the first full moon of 2018. it's nicknamed the wolf moon and will be a supermoon. it will look bigger and brighter in the sky. if you miss it, there will be another one on january 31st. if you have outdoor plans for new year's eve, i hate to say you might want to rethink it, but it's going to be rough out there, sheena. >> come on. you can stand by a bonfire or make plans to watch the wolf moon. i feel like we have names for every moon. i'm sure we do. i wouldn't say rethink it, but i would say plan accordingly. it's going to be very cold. look at the temperatures for today. think about this being colder as we go into new a
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good friday morning. if you are stepping outside any time soon, just know we're in the teens. you really want to cover up this morning. your warmest coat. basically everything you had on yesterday. the gloves, the scarves, the hat especially if you're walking around this morning. we're not going to be warming up too quickly here. it won't be as frigid as yesterday. we'll look at the snow in a few minutes. sheena, thank you. 4:43 right now. if you were on i-95 yesterday. you may have been caught in a terrible backup in stafford county. this crash is what caused a slowdown there. now we're learning that it was all started with a shooting. the death of a woman. police say that the man who crashed his suv had shot at police on i-95. there was a chase. eventually that man was
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wound to his head. stafford county officials say he was suspected of killing his wife earlier in the day. that man is now in the hospital. loved ones will say goodbye to a reston couple gunned down inside their home. family and friends will gather for a memorial service for the couple. the service will happen tomorrow at a church in herndon. a 17-year-old killed the pair and then shot and injured himself last week. fricker's mother said the family had concerns about the suspect dating their daughter. he had neo-nazi views. a man is charged with two more murders. james mayfield was arrested wednesday, hours after police say he committed one of those murders. detectives believe he also shot and killed a man on tuesday. police say his gun also linked him to jamah
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she was killed back in august. her mother is a d.c. police officer. she was in a courtroom yesterday when mayfield told the judge he shot sydnor because she "got in the way." >> she was getting ready for a wedding. just because she got in the way. my stomach dropped. completely disgusted. you know, he took my baby. >> mayfield himself is just 18 years old. he's also suspected in several armed robberies around d.c. it turns out that the d.c. police officer who fatally shot an unarmed motorcyclist has no reason or had no reason to pull a gun. the "washington post" reports that d.c. police found that brian trainer was not in danger when he shot sterling. he and his partner noticed a motorcycli
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running red lights. as trainer was getting out of the car, sterling hit the car door. trainer fired twice shooting him in the neck and back. after investigators recreated the accident, they found the description of the injuries did not match the incident. in an interview with "the new york times" last night, president trump weighed in on a number of topics, including the russia investigation. >> news 4's edward lawrence joins us live from capitol hill with what he discussed and his twitter comments on global warming. edward, let's start with that. >> i can tell you the president 16 different times says there was no collusion with the russians during the presidential election. the president went on to say that the russia probe is making the country look bad and the faster it's worked out, the better it is for the country. the president adding more fuel saying he has the absolute right to do what he wants with the justice department, including firing special counsel robert mueller. >> the es
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global warming online. is that right? >> yeah, aaron. exactly. on twitter, he mocked global warming say this new year's eve will be the coldest on record. global warming isn't limited to one night or weekend. it's an average over the course of the year and scientists believe it is getting warmer on the earth. >> edward lawrence on the hill for us. thank you. it's 4:47 right now. alabama says doug jones is the official winner of the state's senate race, but roy moore is not going quietly. he called the election a fraud yesterday. the comments came shortly after the state declared jones the winner. experts across the country agree that it was fraudulent. he stood for truth and has no regrets. he demanded a new election but the state is dismissing his claim. >> this election has been conducted with the utmost integrity that it's been safe, secure, it's been credible.
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makes him the first democrat to win the senate seat in alabama in more than a quarter century. he's been plagued by sexual misconduct charges which he denies. first public appearance in minnesota coming after he announced his plans to resign following allegations of sexual misconduct. >> i feel proud to call this state my home and to call so many of you my friends. i feel grateful beyond words for the support you have shown me and for trust you have placed in me. >> senator franken told supporters that, while he is leaving office, he has no plans to give up his voice. he said there is still a lot of work to be done on issues like net neutrality, minnesota's current lieutenant governor will replace him on wednesday. a title 9 investigatio
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involving the university of maryland. the post says that the review will examine how the school handled sexual violence. this is the third investigation involving the university this year. i'm chris lawrence at the live desk following breaking news in montgomery county. detectives are asking for your help to find a man who has gone missing in rockdale. he's 25 years old. around 5'9", 150 pounds. he left his home this time yesterday and no one has seen him since. they're very concerned about his welfare. if you have any information, please call the montgomery county police. aaron? >> chris, thank you. 4:49 right now. your christmas tree was the center of so many happy memories this year. >> it sure was. of course, like everything else, all good innings must come to an end. keeping the tree up too long could spark a fire hazard. dry trees burn faster than new
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rid of it when it starts dropping needles. fire prevention experts say trees should come down after 30 days or by january 2nd, which ever comes first. we're working for you with local tree recycling rules. montgomery county will take them on your regular recycling. day. they collect trees with yard waste. they will take trees on your normal trash day but only during the first two weeks of january. tree collection in the district starts january 13th on your regular recycling day. >> in the nbc washington app, search christmas tree. if you were mariah carey, you know about this, right? >> she leaves her tree up until july 4th. that's what she said. >> take it down. >> just replace them every once in a while. >>
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the hour now. sheena is joining us with a look at the very cold frigid temperatures. however, though, there was a little warmup at 4 degrees warmer. >> that means you can change your coat out, go for the lighter one. i would say keep your warmest coat handy as we go through the afternoon today. temperatures will be in the 30s. the warmest coat you will need, snow moves in tomorrow morning. frigid start to 2018. wait until you see the temperatures. 17 dulles, clinton. 16 manassas. leesburg and 20 in annapolis. a frigid start to your friday. here's a look at the map, though. we have the clouds around. also have snow flurries possible going through the day today. passing snow flurries will be in the forecast. we'll also see snow move in into tomorrow morning. you will see that falling. future weather. going through today, things are basically dry, back in the
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4:00 tomorrow morning, before sunrise, this is when we expect quite a bit of snowfall to move in. i don't mean quite a bit as in heavy snow. but the coverage will be pretty good. it will be fairly light. by the time you wake up, by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00 a.m. still falling. clearing out through your saturday afternoon with breezy conditions developing and maybe leftover flurries. as far as the totals are concerned for tomorrow, we're looking at less than an inch through most of the area. now, this could be causing issues saturday night. we could see slick spots on the roads. be very careful driving. temperatures will be dropping below freezing saturday night. 1 to 2 inches in parts of northern maryland and farther west in parts of west virginia. for today, if you are traveling, holiday travel, we're looking at dry roads. temperatures mainly in the 30s. not as frigid as yesterday. still pretty
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year. we're dealing with the snow showers. by saturday afternoon and evening. again, the snow will be clearing up. but temperatures will be dropping below freezing. be careful of that. there's your new year's eve forecast. going into 2018, we will be bottoming out in the mid teens. windchills will be around zero degrees for many of our suburbs into 2018. a high of 25 degrees on new year's day. one storm system could be giving us a snow chance. but more details as we get closer. it is finally friday. let's check the roads with dave dildine with wtop. hey, dave. >> we're looking at fine travel conditions if you don't mind driving through the cold air. no work zones in the way either. montgomery, prince george's county. on the virginia side of
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volume delays up and down the beltway or i-95 or 395. not many rush hours as far as volume delays. haven't been many volume delays. more folks will hit the road traveling in the afternoon. trip times, good time in virginia. fairfax county parkway, nine minutes. 17 minutes heading north to quantico marine base. that is the very latest from wtop traffic center. aaron and susan, back to you. dave, thank you. the clock is ticking for certain homeowners in our area. what you may need to change by the new year before a new law goes into effect. if eating healthier is a new years resolution, there are plenty of apps to help you. we're looking for the one that works best for you.
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heads up for maryland residents. if your smoke detector works on the replaceable batteries, time is running out to replace it. a new fire law is in place january 1st requiring all smok
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years. the homeowner could face a misdemeanor charge if it's not replaced. if you need help sticking to your resolutions, you might want high tech help. >> there are a lot of apps that will allow you to track your calories and watch what you eat. you also can order pre-portioned meal kits through your cell phone. services are popping up from lots of companies, including hello fresh, sun basket and even amazon. >> mostly between 500 and 800 calories, which is typically not what you get going out to a restaurant and you get other dishes. >> if you're interested in using an app to track your food, one like fitness cal and it includes bar code scanners. >> not just for adults. doctors say the new year is a time to help kids focus on
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and clear the table after meals. older kids can start to implement healthy lifestyle changes like drinking reduced fat milk and water and saving soda and juice for special occasions. teens can aim to eat two servings of fruits and two servings of vegetables every day in the new year. >> how much are you going to spend in the new year. 83% of americans spend less than $200 on new year's eve celebrations and 49% of people plan to ring in the new year at home this year. 18% will celebrate at a friend's house and we'll see a lot of people or fewer people in times square this year if some of these numbers pan out. although, still have a million people there. >> that's right. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. news 4 begins with breaking news. that breaking news. at least a dozen people are dead after what's called the worst
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a quarter century. what we're learning about the victims, including four children. >> we're working to keep you safe on the streets. what you need to know before you get out and drive this holiday weekend. >> show me the money. how somebody could end up hundreds of millions of dollars richer by the time this weekend is over. it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm susan hogan in for eun yang this morning. >> let's kick things off with a look at your weather and traffic. dave dildine is in for melissa as well as that guy -- a little face popped in there. >> photo bombed. >> sheena, we'll start with you, though and talk about your weather. >> we can say it's warmer. whatever that might mean. >> technically speaking, the temperatures are warmer today than where they were yesterday. but i mean, if you walk outside, you're going to stay as cold. not as cold. yeah, the temperatures will be


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