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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 31, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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dangerously cold air is sparking a storm team 4 weather alert. live team coverage on how the frigid temperatures could impact your plans on new year's eve. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer. they're gearing up for a very cold new year's celebration. i'll have a live report ahead. a suspect ambushes deputies in colorado. he fires more than 100 rounds killing one deputy and injuring several others. announcer: news4 begins now with storm team 4. if you think it's cold now, just wait. a wind chill advisory kicks in in just a few short hours. the feel like temperatures could sink below zero as
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the new year. good evening i'm chris lawrence and just a moment darcy spencer is going to preview a local new year's eve celebration but first storm team 4 shomari theodore show us this is the kind of cold you don't take for granted. >> 30 minutes outside tonight during the wind chill advisory you can already see the effects of frostbite taking place on exposed skin. it is imperative that you're layering up if you're going to enjoy any outdoor festivities. everyone at this point under this wind chill advisory. that begins in just a few hours here extending into 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. right now stepping outside in the district, it already feels like 6 degrees, 5 degrees in gaithersburg. a lot of us feeling the single digits and it's only getting colder from here. remember, this is the actual temperature but that feel-like temperature is going to be down to the single dis.
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the flurries that we had earlier are out of here. by 9:00 p.m. that's when the advisory goes into effect. and then while we're ringing in the new year talking frigid conditions feeling like the single digits, 2:00 a.m. dangerously cold. i'm going to help you plan out the remainder of your week. i'll talk to you about that soon. chris, back to you. >> thank you. a fredericksburg canceled it's new year's eve celebration because of that frigid cold. darcy spencer is live in alexandria ahead of the alexandria night. feels good to see you without all the hat and dwlofz. nice to be inside, darcy. >> reporter: that's right. i was wondering if you would notice that i managed to come inside for this but it is relevant because all of their events are indoors. we're here inside the durant art center. here's just a few of the volunteers that are helping make this event possible and the leaders of this e
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indoors. they don't want the people to be chased away by the cold. let's show some video here. they've got about 200 volunteers helping to make this event happen tonight. there are 23 indoor venues, live music and entertainment from the temple to the tor beado factory. there's 150 performances including a local battle of the stars. this is for the teenagers. plenty of activities for kids, even little kids, face painting, the clowns. this is an alcohol-free event. i was able to speak to the executive director a short time ago and she just wanted to emphasize the fact that people are not going to be outdoors for the events tonight. you may go out to go from one bulgd to the next building but she also wants people to be prepared if you're coming out. you want to wear your hat and gloves and your scarf. you don't want to be unprepared when you come to first night alexandria. now at 10:00 they're still going to have dancing in the streets. nothing has changed. that's going t
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fireworks at midnight. that's a big event tonight but come down and be prepared when you do. back to you. >> all right. thank you. i want to give you a live look at time square where it is shaping up to be one of the coldest new year's eve celebration on record. it's already in the teens there. the windchills going to be dipping below zero. thousands of people are expected to ring in the new year here. police found a drunk plan armed to the teeth inside his hotel room in houston and officers have deployed additional security to that area tonight. people found russell and arrested him last night. he told investigators he didn't want to leave guns in his truck because he was afraid someone would steal them. hundreds of people are expected to attend tonight's party at the hyatt regency in houston. she was a sheriff's dep till an a father to two children and his family's grieving tonight after he was ambushed and killed in the line of duty.
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domestic violence call outside of denver today and the man opened fire the minute they arrived. he sprayed more than 100 rounds at those deputies wounding four of them and killing zachary parish. >> more of a ambush type of attack on our officers. he knew we were coming and we obviously let him know that we were there to investigate the disturbance. >> so far investigators haven't identified the man who shot the deputy but we learned the ones who are wounded are all in stable condition. we're working to find out how the two civilians are doing as well. in the district an update on an officer involved shooting we brought to you as breaking news last night. the suspect pointed a gun at officers on 8th street in northeast d.c. it turns out that gun was just a bb g
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a burglary call and now kevin towely is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. a viewer sent us this video of an apartment fire in springfield. it broke out in a building on rodeham court this afternoon. the red cross is helping the families effected by that fire. well, certainly wasn't the way the redskins were hoping to end the season. the burgundy and gold wrapped up way losing record. sherree burruss joins us in the newsroom. this put them out of their misery, at this point. >> you could certainly say that. the redskins ending their season on a sour note losing to the new york giants. they were freezing out there and it was cold. they iced them certainly tonight. kurt cousins trying to look warm on the sidelines. he was ice
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linebacker calvin shepherd. he had two picks today. kurt threw three in the game. new york takes advantage. eli manning looking like himself out there. he hits hunter sharp in the end zone. a 16 yard touchdown. giants go on to beat the redskins 18-10. this will certainly be a busy off-season with contract talks coming up in about 15 minutes. we'll take you inside that locker room. sherree burruss, news4 sports. it's already 2018 in many parts of the world. indonesia is just one of the countries ringing in the new year in style. the time is running out to write off donations. while laloc
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that's how they ushered in the new year in australia. about a million people watched the fireworks display over sid any harbor's bridge. over in hong kong revellers could hear old ang syne. wow. is that beautiful or what? and crowds in thailand gathered
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river qwai. they staged this show hoping to boost tourism. pretty beautifully. too tired to stay up till midnight. my kids won't make it anywhere near that time but some local kids in d.c. have already celebrated the new year. >> three, two, one! some families opted to ring in 2018 with a special balloon drop at noon. it's all part of the new yard z. it didn't stop hundreds of people from coming out for the festivities. >> it's just really fun. all these people here celebrating. yeah. >> yeah. you said it. new yard z has been a tradition for five years now. we've got information on 30 new year's eve parties in the d.c.
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washington facebook page. the situation was so bad for montgomery county fire rescue this week, leaders say they've never seen anything like it. what's
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announcer: you're watching news4 the at 6:00. it's been an incredibly busy
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montgomery county. they battle at least a dozen fires in bitter cold conditions. in fact, this cold snap is what's contributing to the unprecedented number of calls. over the past week these fires have displaced more than 100 residents in montgomery county. >> reporter: in an calculus, lower the temperatures the hotter things get for firefighters. >> alternative heat sources, fireplaces, space heaters, anything of that nature we will have an uptick in calls. >> reporter: that's certainly been the case over the past few days. among the latest this fire. it's among at least a dozen fires in montgomery county just this weekend. >> we had a fireplace ash cause fire. they removed the ashes and did it in an improper fashion and those rekindled, burnt down the home. >> po
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at least one serious injury from slipping on the ice also once the fire's out there's all those ice coated streets. >> we will need to make sure that for our personnel it's safe and as we leave the community, the neighborhoods and residents are also safely and aren't left with a slip hazardous road conditions. >> reporter: there have been no serious injuries. smoke detectors are largely to thank for that. derrick ward, news4. today's your last chance to donate to charities. remember the new tax law that doesn't apply to this year's taxes. so the donations have been pouring in to the good will in arlington. goodwill says new year's eve is always the busiest day of the year. >> it's wonderful. we appreciate the support of the community. so we really appreciate the support that we get from
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community. >> between yesterday and today it received 1,500 donations. from what everything you were saying, you only think it's cold now. it's getting worse. >> oh, it's going to be brutal for all the folks going out. maybe headed to see fireworks, maybe going to hit up some bars a little bit. whatever you have in store for your new year's holiday, i need you to put on the long johns, every layer you got, just throw it all on, it's going to be very cold. let's see what it feels like right now. this is pretty bad. 20 degrees at the moment. take a look at the winds because that's what's playing a significant role in making it feel so cold. feels like temperature right now of 6 degrees. looking at your headlines. wind chill advisory begins at 9:00 p.m. tonight until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. it's going to feel like anywhere from 0 to 10 below zero
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before day break. we are going to be tracking our next snow chance as we head throughout the week. i'll show you that on the ten day. we're really focusing on this cold. 20 degrees in the district currently. 14 in gaithersburg, 18 in leesburg. these are the actual temperatures. now take a look at the feel-like temperatures we saw. 20 in the district feeling like 6, 18 in gaithersburg but feeling more like 5 degrees out there. single digtsz for a lot of us. temperatures are going to be around 18 degrees in the district feeling more like 5 degrees. here's the good news. that snow is out of here that we saw yesterday. we had a few flurries this morning and we're heading to mostly clear conditions overnight. if you are going to be stepping out to view those fireworks it is going to be really good viewing conditions. it'll just be brutally cold. let's run through this heading toward around midnight, yeah, happy new year. 5 degrees is what it feels like in the district.
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feel like in gaithersburg daybreak, mine reduce 1 is what it'll feel like in fredericksburg. as we head through your monday it looks like that chill just sets up and sits in place and the afternoon still feeling like the single digits. planning out the first day of 2018, we are looking at that dangerous cold but we've got a good amount of sun shine. this does help them out a little bit. you got mostly sunny conditions and that's what we've got in place for your new year's. here's a look at your ten-day outlook. dangerously cold tomorrow but by 9:00 a.m. we are going to see that advisory lifted. by tuesday, still pretty frigid. temperatures in the 20s. plenty of sunshine. the difference between monday and tuesday is we'll start to lose that wind a little bit so it shouldn't be as bad. we're headed to the 30s on wednesday and take a look at thursday. the forecast doesn't look at promising as it did last week but we've got toke
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coast because depending on how far inland it moves it could mean some snow for some of our areas south and east of the district. >> not seeing anything in the 40s for another week. >> yeah, yeah. this is brutal. >> all right. still ahead, the giants, dsll, they ruin the rekins new
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announcer: this is xfinity sports desk. it wasn't a whole heck of a lot to play for but i was hoping they'd at least got to 8-8. >> that's what they were playing for. you could say the redskins lackluster 2017 season is over. one of the teams more disappointing outings against the team new york giants who had failed against the team. it was a chilly day in the meadowlands and the giants froze the redskins. >> ain't no frostbite. >> not worried about the cold, others may disagree. first drive of the game, giants get hot right away, give
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bunch of mistackles by the redskins. the running back is off to the races. 75 yards to the house, career long run for him. giants miss the extra point so they're up 6-0 and after a kurt cousins interception, giants take advantage, eli manning dropping back hits sharp in the end zone, are 16 yard touchdown. they're still up 12-0. manning returning the favor. pass picked off by preston smith and he pulled a down second interception of the season. redskins take over and they're in the end zone. kurt cousins and the redskins cash in. cousins break out side and in for the 12 yard score. redskins on the board down 12-7. in the fourth, giants up 18-10. cousins trying to lead the comeback. cousins picked off again. this time by calvin shepherd. second pick for shepherd, three interceptions for cousins. redskins fall
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18-10 to the giants and finish the season at 7-9 and from east rutherford, new jersey. >> for the second straight seasons the redskins come out flat and lose the finale to the giants. many of the problems that plagued this team all yearlong resurfaced this afternoon. >> we just didn't make any plays. defensively we gave up the big event early. they scored again and that was it for the giant offensive. our defensive played pretty well. our second down percentages of making plays was terrible. >> it's very disappointing. when we can't come out and execute like we tried to do but they give the credit to the giants. they got more turns than we did. >> disappointing. what are you going to do about it now? the season's over. that's how our season's been the whole year just up and down. our season in a
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there. >> but, going into the off-season we know that we got one hell of a defense and once we get the guys back here health y andjust keep polishing up on the things we need polishing up on, i know we'll be a tough team to beat. >> we didn't want it to be over now. but it happens. you can't cry over spilt milk. >> 7-9. you definitely don't want to finish under 500 but that's what we have, so we have -- the only thing we can do now is be ready for next season. >> next season starts tomorrow. will it include kurt cousins? stay tuned. >> all right. eagles hosting the cowboys. donnie jones ran out without his warmup pants still on. he had to take those off so he actually could punt. everyone cold out there today. fourth quarter scoreless on thirds down,
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bryce butler, only score of the game for either team. final play of the game, hoping for a miracle with this lateral but this one makes it back to the cowboys. daniel ross, so this one should be over, right? no. he loses the football. a second chance coming up for the eagles. he gets tackled to end it. cowboys beat the eagles 6-0. dallas finish 8-8. eagles 13-3 and off to the playoffs. the wizards ending the 2017 year on a high note and doing something they've continued to struggle with. beat a team with a losing record. the 13-22 chicago bulls who only -- so i'm telling you there is a chance. spending their new year's eve with the chicago bulls. fourth quarter wizards down to bradley. beal had himself a game on the drive. beal goes off the
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on this. he ties the game at 101. later, bulls back on top. they lead by two. beelz spots up knocking down the three. monster game for him. wiz up one and in the final seconds of the game, this one, john wall doing what he has to do. wizards beat the bulls 114-111. certainly the way you want to go out. all right. things could be looking pretty good for them come the new year. you guys going out there enjoy
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tonight, a gunman opens fire in a suburb of denver firing more than 100 rounds. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all have been hit at least once. >> a young sheriff's deputy is killed, other deputies and civilians wounded. on this last night of the year, unprecedented security and bone-chilling weather for the most famous new year's celebration in the world. anti-government demonstrations in iran turn deadly as president trump cheers the protesters, amid signs the regime there may be losing patience. going to school four days a week. it saves money for struggling districts, but are kids making the grade? and the stories that had the biggest impact on you as 2017


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