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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  December 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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tonight, a gunman opens fire in a suburb of denver firing more than 100 rounds. >> we have one deputy down inside the apartment. all have been hit at least once. >> a young sheriff's deputy is killed, other deputies and civilians wounded. on this last night of the year, unprecedented security and bone-chilling weather for the most famous new year's celebration in the world. anti-government demonstrations in iran turn deadly as president trump cheers the protesters, amid signs the regime there may be losing patience. going to school four days a week. it saves money for struggling districts, but are kids making the grade? and the stories that had the biggest impact on you as 2017
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this is nbc nightly news with kate snow. good evening on this new year's eve, a crime that has played out some 45 times during 2017, a law enforcement officer shot dead in the line of duty. this time in the suburb of denver, in all five deputies were shot this morning after responding to a 911 call for a noise disturbance at an apartment complex two civilians also caught in the cross fire. president trump tweeted his deepest condolences for victims and families. the harrowing moments captured on one of the deputy's radios. nbc steve patterson has the details. >> reporter: tonight a deadly shootout in what the sheriff is calling an ambush. >> one deputy down inside the apartment. all have been hit at least once. >> reporter: it all started early this morning as deputies responded to a disturbance call at an apartment complex in a suburb outside of denver.
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gunshots. just right after there. >> reporter: police say the gunman opened fire at the responding officers after barricading himself in his bedroom. in the end, the gunman shot seven, five deputies, and two civilians, killing one deputy. >> all of them were shot very, very quickly. it was more of a ambush-type of attack on our officers. he knew we were coming. >> reporter: police warning residents to shelter in place and stay away from walls and windows as deputies return gunfire, killing the suspect. the deputy killed, zachary parrish, a father of two who joined the department just seven months ago. >> this is a sad day for the douglas county sheriff's office. >> reporter: sheriff tony spurlock visibly shaken. >> we are deeply saddened by the loss of zachary. when i sat with his wife and held her hand, i could see in her eyes, her life
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>> reporter: later this morning, residents in law enforcement showing their support as pare rish w -- parish was taken from the hospital to procession. among them, deputy jeff pelley, son of the bolder county sheriff recovering after emergency surgery. >> this is a tragic day that we'll be feeling for a long time. >> reporter: the community now mourning the loss of one of their own. those two wounded civilians were treated for non-life threatening injuries. meanwhile the sheriff's department has yet to release the shooter's identity, he's had previous contact with law enforcement in the area, but has no criminal history. kate. >> steve patterson, thank you. despite bone-chilling weather on this new year's eve, hundreds of thousands of people are already in time's square here in "new york times" tonight just down the street from where we are. they're being protected by an unprecedented security operation. stephanie gosk is out in the middle as the big moment approaches, hi ep
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this is the most recognizable new year's eve party in the world. and it brings people from all over the world who to want see it in person. unprecedented security and some cold temperatures aren't enough to keep them away. a major security screening operation in place as crowds pile in to see the shimmering waterford crystal ball ring in 2018. frigid temperatures inspiring some interesting wardrobe choices. >> i've got layers on, i've got hot warmers, and just all the excitement, it's just keeping us warm. >> reporter: this cold is no joke. more ems workers on tonight to keep an eye on revelers panned up for hours in the dangerous weather. >> looking for people who are experiencing signs of hypothermia. >> reporter: what does that look like? >> slurring your speech a little bit. get clammy. little disoriented. >> reporter: sometimes people will sneak a little bit of brandy or something to warm themselves up, does that really work?
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it thins out the blood. you'll get colder faster. >> reporter: police also out in record numbers for the first time detectives positioned inside the hotels that tower over the party. the fear, shooters could raining down tower on the crowd like the las vegas attack. just today, houston police arrested a man and discovered guns and ammo in his downtown hotel room. where a major party was set to ring in the new year. police say the guns were legal, he had no intent to attack. the discovery sparked fear nonetheless. here in new york, officers are now trained to handle suicide bombers after the failed attack just stems away earlier this month. >> we've made an exit plan just in case. but hopefully nothing happens. >> reporter: across the country, celebrations have been scaled back because of the cold. in boston, a skating show and fire works display were cancelled. in new york, it will be 11 degrees at midnight, but an
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expected here are more than happy to be left out in the cold. stephanie gosk, nbc news, new york. heavy snow may have contributed to a big pile-up in southwest michigan. as many as 50 cars were involved in the in the crashes on i-94, minor injuries were reported. the police said drivers were going too fast for the conditions. part of that highway was closed down for several hours. meteorologist dylan driver has been following the snow and the ice and et cold all weekend long for us, she has the forecast for tonight and beyond, dylan. >> good morning, kate, for those folks enjoying new year's eve in new york city, it is going to be brutally cold. 11 degrees at midnight. wheelchair down around 5 below. it's not just here in new york city, it's cold all across the country at midnight, minneapolis, ten below, that's the air temperature, not even factoring in the wheelchair. chicago will be one below, atlanta 28 degrees with even colder windchills. as we start off the new year, we're looking at a
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36 below. dayton at 16 below zero windchill. on tuesday morning, cold continues stretching down south then as we go through the first week of the new year, temperatures look colder. indianapolis by friday morning, six degrees with even colder windchills. kate. >> unbelievable, dylan, thank you. they've already rung in the new year in many parts of the world, just like this in this country, security is a major issue. gabe gutierrez is following that. >> reporter: from dubai to seoul to hong kong, 2018 is already making a spectacular entrance. >> for new years i'm hoping to have an earful of love, happiness, laughter, and help others where i can. >> reporter: new zealand greeted it with pyrotechnics. scotland with bag pipes. hungary took the plunge early. while even north korea put on an
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in australia, sydney harbor lit up, a colorful display celebrating the legalization of same-sex marriage. as the rest of the world rings in the new year, police are on high alert. in turkey, more than 100 people were arrested with suspected links to isis militants,s i stan bull doubling the number of officers when an attacker killed dozen. in germany, stricter security after more than 100 women were groped and robbed two years ago at a new year's eve party. >> i feel safe. i'm not scared. >> i'm not scared. >> i think the thing is fear that scares people. and i don't think -- you can't let that ruin your life. >> reporter: after terror attacks in london, authorities say there's no specific threat for tonight's fireworks, but they're urging revelers to report any suspicious activity. >> we've got 31,000 police officers in london, but we have 8.8 londoners. i want londoners to be the eyes
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keep us safe. >> reporter: around the world, 2017 is now coming to a close with a cascade of lights. and in japan, a celebration of new beginnings and letting go. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. in iran, protesters dpl demonstrated for a fourth day today and two people reportedly killed at a rally in western iran in a tweet today, president trump cheered on the protesters and he was criticized by iran's president. nbc's matt bradley has more on this new wave of protests. >> reporter: in iran, the regime strikes back. after four days of anti-government protests and just as many tweets from president donald trump supporting protesters for finally getting wise, iran's president rouhani broke his silence. in a speech to his cabinet, he defended demonstrators right to protest, but took a swipe at president trump. this man in america who is sympathizing with us today has forgotten he
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terrorists month ago he said. he has no right to sympathize with iranians. the unrest know deadly. two killed last night, officials blaming the deaths on foreign agents. today, an official warned that protesters who caused disorder will pay the price. iranian security forces are confronting protesters in the streets, organizing pro-government counterprotests, and shutting down social media apps like instagram and telegram, a highly encrypted text messages service that's popular in iran. experts say president trump's tweets won't help iranians. >> travel bans, visa bans, the very nasty things he said about iranians, you know, these have not earned him a great deal of goodwill in iran. >> reporter: but this movement has taken on a life of it's own. what started thursday as a burst of anger against soaring prices in unemployment has widened into nationwide demonstrations, the largest
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some activists even chanting against iran's supreme leader. a dangerous move in a country where politics are dominated by clerics with a history of crushing dissent. matt bradley, nbc news. president trump is in florida on this new year's eve and today on twitter he gave himself high marks for the first year of his presidency. saying people are now much better off. but there are plenty of challenges ahead, kelly o'donnell joins us from west palm beach, kelly, let's start with how the president ends 2017. >> reporter: well, good evening, kate. the president is ending his time here after nearly 11 days of family holiday. tonight the president and first lady will attend the annual glitzy black tie bash at mar-a-lago where this year, ticket prices jumped to a height of $750 per person. he started celebrating a bit early on twitter releasing a glossy highlight reel video of his first year in office, and he threw a few verbal fires
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year, including the media, and notably, the people he called enemies and haters. today the president had a working lunch with the republican governor of florida, rick scott whom he's pushing hard to run for the u.s. senate seat here. and heading back to the white house tomorrow, the president faces a political list of resolutions to try to keep including what to do with young immigrants brought here illegally as children, the dreamers, and he's facing a budget crisis with funding set to expire before the end of january. kate. >> kelly o'donnell with the president, thank you. defense secretary james mattis is giving his assessment of the war against isis declaring that the terrorist group is on the run. and that, quote, we're breaking them. but as president trump expanded the war, success against isis also led to casualties on new battlefields. our pentagon correspondent hans nichols takes a look now at the state of the fight against isis from afghanistan to africa. >> reporter: this year the black flag of
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raqqa, once the capital of their so-called caliphate. jim mattis told reporters that isis' defeats hurt the islamic state's ability to recruit new fighters. >> it's a brand with a diminished appeal. >> reporter: isis lost some 15,000 square miles with support from u.s. air power. the number of isis fighters down from 35,000 to around 1,000. in iraq and syria, president trump's strategy is similar to his predecessors, but his commanders on the ground have more authority. >> i think it largely the same strategy as the obama era, but i think an aggressive decentralization of tactical authority has paid off on the battlefield. >> reporter: as the territory evaporates in the middle east, isis affiliates are growing bolder across the globe. of the 21 killed this year, some were in afghanistan and iraq, but american troops died in new fronts like syria,
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somal somalia, and niger. the trump administration is focussing more tension on isis. in april, the u.s. dropped the mother of all bombs on an isis stronghold. behind it all, the general president obama selected to oversee the afghan war still in command. do you have confidence that you have the president's confidence. >> the authorities i've been given and the policy we received on august 21st. >> reporter: like president obama, president trump relied heavily on special forces to combat isis, secretary mattis told me he plans to shift to general purpose troops and relying on special forces for special missions. hans nichols, nbc news the pentagon. imagine your kids going to school for only four days a week. we'll tell you why that's the reality for a lot of students in one state. also what words would you leave behind in 2017?
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abby rigs is working on her youtube channel. >> and they're pink and blue and they look like this. >> reporter: her 17-year-old sister olivia is busy coaching cheerleading. and they're not alone because in wagner, oklahoma, kids only go to school four days a week. with an extra hour added to each day. >> even though like the days are longer, i still like having monday off. >> reporter: four day school weeks are a growing trend across oklahoma, a state facing a crippling budget crisis and a teacher shortage. last year, the number of districts on a four day week nearly doubled from 51 to 97 or about 20% statewide. >> last year western able to save $180,000. >> reporter: on such things as transportation, substitutes and utilities. in return, they retained more teachers, reinstated art classes, discipline is down, and attendance is up. >> our kids are actually -- because they're here more often because our teachers are here mo
6:49 pm
receiving more educational instructional time. >> reporter: but with oklahoma schools ranked in the bottom half in the nation, some state officials call it a tragedy. >> i don't think it's good for kids. we have no evidence that says that this is helpful. that this increases student outcomes. >> reporter: back in wagner, it softens the blow for some teachers who haven't had a pay raise in nearly a decade. >> in our community, we feel teachers are valued, but statewide, we don't at all. >> reporter: abby and olivia's mother, heather, has adjusted to the new schedule, but still has concerns. what kind of example do you think this is setting for your children going forward? >> we're only requiring the minimum of them which is kind of upsetting because that's not the way the world works. >> reporter: for thousand was students, a bold experiment in cutting costs while trying to improve quality. rohima ellis, nbc news,
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it was quite a rescue effort in wyoming where a herd of elk fell through the ice. a dozen ended up stranded using chain saws and ropes. police, wildlife biologists and volunteers cut through the ice and brought the animals to safety. more than 20 people took part in the rescue effort. it was a bird that caused some trouble this weekend on a delta flight. a small bird flew into the cockpit of the plane in detroit forcing a delay on the flight to atlanta after an hour or so, they thought it was gone, the plane took off, but once they were in the air, the bird appeared again, so the pilot decided to turn back to detroit to avoid a potential distraction. the bird was removed and set free. and now banished words. it's the last day of 2017, the day all kinds of lists come out and the folks at
6:54 pm
state university are out with the annual list of banished words and phrases. they include pre-owned. why not just say used? . on boarding instead of hiring, nothing burger, when simply nothing will do. drill down instead of extend, covfefe, whatever it means was born in a tweet from president trump and one more phrase they would like to see gone, fake news. when we come back, we'll look back at what americans told us were their stories that affect jack and jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. all because of a burst water pipe in their house that ruined the hardwood floors in their kitchen. luckily the geico insurance agency had helped them with homeowners insurance and the inside of their house was repaired and floors replaced. jack and jill no longer have to fetch water. they now fetch sugar-free vanilla lattes with almond milk. call geico and see how affordable homeowners insurance can be.
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from hurricanes to political storms, seemed like there was never a dull moment in the news this year. with that in mind we decided to close 2017 by asking americans what stories had the biggest impact on them this year. here's what they had to say. >> the story from 2017 that affected me the most was -- >> all the storms that happened. from houston. we were really affected pretty badly. >> puerto rico. seeing my family. and glad they're okay. >> the shooting in las vegas. >> we have an active shooter. we have an active shooter inside the fairgrounds. >> i had friends that attended the concert and it
6:58 pm
really sad time. >> honestly, it's been really incredible and inspiring to hear all of these heros that have stepped up and really showed love to strangers in need through all of these tragedies. >> the story that affected me most in 2017 was definitely the me too movement. >> we are here, we will not go away. >> this movement really shines a light on how many people this affects and how many people are going through the same situation that i am. >> the only new story i think anyone would say is donald trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump deeply affected a lot of people and how they think about the world, the u.s., and i think he did themselves. >> well, i think that the ariana grande concert stood out to me the most. because i was actually going to go there for my birthday. >> isis. having them against
6:59 pm
right now. >> nfl protests. >> because of that, i have had a lot more free time since i had stopped watching nfl games. >> prince harry getting engaged because our bachelor prince is no longer a bachelor. >> the eclipse was a great kind of thing that brought the country together for a little bit. >> it was unbelievable. >> kind of made you feel how small we are, but how connected we are at the same time. >> i just want to say as a universal message, love outshines hate. seriously. we need to start loving each other. >> that's a great way of to end. that is an nbc nightly news on this new year's eve. i'm kate snow reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news, have a wonderful celebration tonight. a safe celebration. a happy new year. we leave you with images from new york and berlin where they just rang in 2018.
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>> my mom knew something was wrong. and she's like "what's going on?" and i'm like, "i just got the phone call that nicky's missing." my mom's like what? so i had to tell my mom her daughter's missing. >> nicole was a loving young mom. >> nicky was all about her kids. >> embarking on a new life, and a solo drive across the state. >> it is a very wide open, desolate place. >> i found out my sister hadn't come home. >> did she break down on the side of the road? did she get picked up by somebody? >> kidnapping? carjacking? >> everything was on the table. >> they found her car, along with a clue that maybe, nicole had romance on her mind. >> there was c


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