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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 3, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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building. >> plus, the cold is taking a toll on our students. the low temperatures spotted in classrooms and why your kids could be outside longer waiting for their buses. and you can buy yourself a tropical island after the mega millions drawing. the results of the drawing and duelling jackpot up for grabs tonight. >> at the very least a couple of plane tickets, right? >> make the effort. go somewhere. good morning, everybody. 6:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. we are talking about frigid temperatures. before we get to the forecast with sheena, we do have a few district wide school delays we want you to know about. >> clarke county schools on a one-hour delay today in maryland, i believe. archbishop carroll high school closed today because of a pipe problem. in virginia, frederick and page county schools on a two-hour delay. in west virginia, berkeley and jefferson county schools are on a
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>> sheena parveen is talking about today being the best day temperature wise. that's not good, sheena. >> isn't it depressing when we have to call temperatures in the 30s a warmup? i think so. temperatures very cold. not even factoring in the wind chill. the wind is actually calm. look at manassas right now. temperature of zero. 1 winchester, 5 kbagaithersburg in clinton. hopefully you don't have to be outside for too long this morning. if you do, needles to say, bundle up. it is a frigid start. you want the gloves this morning. the warm coat, warm hat. everything you have to stay warm. by 9:00 a.m. we'll still be in the teens. this is north florida. we have a wintry mix. some snow near tallahassee. that is rare and it just shows you how cold it is down there but that is our next storm system. gives part of the area snow
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overnight. coming up, let's check the roads on this wednesday. good morning, melissa. >> good morning, sheena. outer loop before river road had a crash just reported there in the left center lane. sounds like it is now on the shoulder and won't be causing too much of a problem any longer. we still have the delays outer loop approaching river road. chopper 4 showing us what's going on from above here right now. also still have this problem, northbound 95 at prince william parkway, blocked with a disabled vehicle. tuscarora at pleasant view road, all lanes still shut down. guys? listen to that. a big relief to commuters and people living on new hampshire avenue just off the beltway in silver spring. that major road is back open this morning after being shut down all day yesterday for a broken water main. the water in that area is back on
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>> our team coverage on this bitter cold day is here. >> adam tuss is telling us to make sure kids aren't waiting too long for their buses. not a good day to be outside, adam. >> reporter: absolutely not, eun. yesterday we had a problem with fairfax county school buses that wouldn't start or were breaking down because of the cold. crews are out here this morning working on buses that wouldn't start yesterday. this is krulgrueling. a lot of crews were out here this morning making sure that these buses were in tip top shape before they went out. we had about 200 bus routes that were affected yesterday because buses wouldn't start or they broke down. fairfax county school buses, their need is over 1600. that is larger than the entire fleet of
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so there are a lot of buses that these crews have to make sure are in working order. i took a look at it. there's one school bus in the alexandria, montrose alternative learning center that is already delayed at least 30 minutes. this is something that if you have a student who's at fairfax county public schools, waiting for the bus stop, might go outside, you want to check the website. we have it listed in our nbc washington app. this is a tall task. working with your hands in these temperatures, really, really something to be aware of out here as these guys are trying to make sure everything is up and running. again, check that website for fairfax county school buses in
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it wasn't just cold on our way to school in the area, some students shivered their way. news 4 received this photo inside the school showing the thermostat at 48.9 degrees there. >> i thought the school was going to be warm. it was so cold. >> i just remember walking to first period in the morning. everyone was huddling up and wearing their coats. >> school officials say the heating problems have been fixed and temperatures in the classroom today should be back to normal. two additional school closures to tell you about. barnaby manor in prince gorges county closed because of a nearby water main break and there are plumbing issues at archbishop carroll. >> kramer middle school back open today. they worked to fix a broken pipe. schools are asking students
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entrance at school today. it's not just us, millions of americans are dealing with this blast of arctic air. take a look at the scene in florida. they're not used to this. icicles on orange trees there. winter storm warnings in effect for much of the deep south all the way up to new england. at least 15 deaths are to blame for this deep freeze across the country. breaking news at 6:06. the president of the mormon church thomas monson has died of natural causes. according to the statement monson died last night. he was 90 years old and served as the president of the mormon church since 2008. more breaking news there. let's go to chris lawrence. >> it could be a major diplomatic break through. they're using a special hotline that hasn't been
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than two years. the call lasted 20 minutes. it came one day after north korea talked to south korea about sending athletes to pyeongchang. chris, thank you. the holidays are over and that means lawmakers return to washington today. doug jones will start 2018 as an official member of the u.s. senate. jones will be sworn in today. the democrats beat roy moore. >> it's now 6:07. the mega millions jackpot is worth $418 million after no one matched all six numbers last night. check your tickets, you may have won a smaller prize. here are the numbers for you, 1, 42, 47, 64, 70. the megaball is 22. the next drawing is on friday night. if you didn't buy it, a couple more days to do it. >> the other lottery, jackp
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still up for grabs tonight. powerball is worth $440 million. we haven't seen a powerball drawing that big since back in august. somebody won $768 million for that jackpot. >> that is a crazy amount of money, money i'll never see in my life. >> at some point you just can't spend it all. that much money? >> i would certainly try though, right? you could test the luck with your jackpot but not on the ice because freezing water is dangerous and rescues across our areas. the warnings and whatnot to do. this morning we are frigid. kids have to bundle up at the bus stop. by afternoon breaking the 30 degree marks. and we are working for you
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i'm chris lawrence at the live desk. breaking news out of southern california. this 70-year-old sheriff's deputy has died after a violent attack in san bernardino on new year's eve. his body was carried out of the hospital where he spent the past few days on life support. he was off duty when he and another driver collided and that man got out of his car and attacked the deputy. the suspect has been arrested. the deputy has been on the force for well over 30 years. eun? >> chris lawrence, chris, thank you. three firefighters were hurt after a fire ripped through several apartment buildings in new york last night. take a look at the scene here. it's not clear what caused the fire. we're told the fire jumped quickly from one building to two other buildings. residents forced to wait in 20 degree weather
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take a look at this video from chopper 4. >> firefighters are battling a fire here at a town house in bowie on spanish oak lane. firefighters tell us the fire started in the basement and spread to the upper floors. they say no one was hurt. you know, temperatures in the teens right now. maryland man is searching for his missing father. it's becoming more urgent this morning. prince gorges county police are looking for 65-year-old daniel dehayden. his son says that daniel has dementia and will not be able to communicate. he also does not have an i.d. on him. if you see him please call 911. this time of year firefighters conduct a lot of rescues of people falling through the ice. in the last 24 hours at least two local fire departments have had to rescue people from cars who have fallen on the ice. we asked them what it takes to save a life on ice. >> we try to reach
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we throw things to you and then a last-ditch effort we tether a rope to us and go out and get you ourselves. >> they also see a lot of people skating on frozen bodies of water like these people you see on the canal yesterday. firefighters recommend people stick to skating rinks since they are much safer. the park service said there are some places where you can but it's not worth the risk. >> exactly. how do you assess that? you're not a professional. you don't want to try to begin to skate on this. take a look. this is a view from chopper 4 over the potomac river. >> this is video from the great falls area yesterday. beautiful to look at. >> yeah, sure. >> but do not try to skate, or drive, or do anything on that ice. you don't know how deep it goes. >> i enjoy watching documentaries about antarctica but i don't want to be out there. >> from the comfort ofyo
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>> look at all of that snow and ice, lovely. >> it's cool if you're not there. it is frigid this morning, by the way. not even talking about the wind. if you don't like the cold, wait until friday and saturday. we're going to have weather alert days. it's going to be very windy. so this is going to be our coldest yet by the end of the week. it's hard to believe, but it will be. below ten degrees this morning in some areas before you step outside. many of our suburbs need to know this. bundle yourself up. bundle the kids up. frigid one out there. snow for some of you overnight. we will be watching a coastal storm only bringing a piece of the area some snowfall. there is a light at the end of the tunnel. next week 40 degree temperatures. eg
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manassas, zero. that's the actual temperature. we're not talking about wind chills this morning because the winds are calm. 5 gaithersburg. 7 in clinton, 5 in frederick and leesburg. if any of you are exercising this morning, you are very brave and hopefully you will be very safe out there because it's very frigid. you want to dress in many layers. i would suggest doing it inside, but by the afternoon, here's something new. we're going to break 30 degrees. pretty sad when we have to talk about breaking 30 degrees as a warmup, but we do. this is our next storm system going to move out into the atlantic. that's going to give us a look at the snow. north florida around gainesville, we have a bit of a wintry mix here, maybe even sleet falling. snow forming near tallahassee and parts of south georgia. this is rare for those areas, but it just shows you how far south that cold air is going.
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in the district we had a chance of a few light snow showers. this will be a coastal storm and most of the snow totals remain along the shoreline. 11:00 p.m., that's when the snow starts approaching but still to our south. your morning commute, evening commute are looking dry. tomorrow morning mainly south and east of dc and then we continue to dry up and it gets windy and colder. if we see this storm system shift to the east, we'll have lower chances. shifts to the west, higher snow chances. look at friday and saturday, that just looks pretty brutal. we'll take a look at it in the 40s. it's nice and dry. let's check the roads. >> good morning. a couple of brand-new problems even though it is dry. outer loop before river, we had the crash blocking the roadway. that is now cleared out of the way. you can see chopper 4 is up
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those delays. here outer loop before river road, a two mile backup. northbound 95 at prince william parkway, still blocked for that disabled vehicle. also on 95 at lorton, right lane blocked by a crash as well. taking a look at prince gorges county, in bound at pennsylvania avenue after dower house road. left lane blocked by a crash there this morning. taking a look a little bit to the north, northbound bw parkway. a crash reported there. frederick county, tuscarora, 28 on pleasant view road. lanes are shut down. and taking a look elsewhere on southern avenue at the metro, green line, kiss and rise. untreated ice reports. 6:18. new video coming in from new york. take a look at this. one person was killed in this massive pileup on interstate 90 in williamsville. according to our
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before the eastbound lane -- caused the eastbound lane to be shut down for eight hours yesterday. 22 cars involved in all. we are just a few days into 2018 now. maybe this year you'll want to bring your family closer together nk together. >> any of you who have raised teenagers know they grow up fast and sometimes grow apart so we ask a psychiatrist how parents can reconnect with their teenage children. >> the key thing is not to judge, it's just to listen and to maybe share your experiences in your life in terms of what they're talk being about but not to strictly tell them what to do. once they feel that safety and security, they may then start to ask for your advice or your opinion. >> i have to learn to wait until they ask apparently. >> before you offer them your advice? >> yes. they're so little they still have to listen to what i say at this rate, right? dr. lorenzo norris says don't for them to talk, create a safe space where your
6:20 am
speak freely. how do you start that dialogue? dr. norris suggests planning it around a weekly ritual, family dinner, no smartphone or devices. draw from your own story to make them feel comfortable. don't worry about talking too much. we know plenty of parents. will they listen? that's another thing. >> that's to say. it's a bit of a mind game. you tell them what to do, which makes them think they're thinking of it. >> a mind trick? >> finally, just like any relationship, it has to build over time. they're the couple that makes if i canning up look easy. big announcement. still to come, the price you pay for power to your home could be coming up. the energy company that wants to raise your monthly payment and by how much. and coming up today on
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myers to host his first golden globe award. ellen is a seasoned award host. she's putting seth through boot camp. >> the golden globes are sunday night at 8:00 right here on nbc 4. you can watch ellen weekdays at 4:00. stick around. is h
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head out to the live desk right now. just getting word of a flight delay that will certainly make your skin crawl. >> chris, what's happening? >> aaron, you may want to hold eun's happened for the next 20, 30 seconds or so. an alaskan airlines flight was canceled because a rat hijacked the plane. they were at oakland. they were about to fly to portland. the door was open. the passengers were all on board and all of a sudden the rat jumps on board the plane and gets into the cockpit. they had to take all 100
6:24 am
plane. they said they're not going to use that plane until an exterminator gets on, makes sure the plane is completely rat free and the rat didn't chew through anything important. i have to give you a lot of credit for stifling eun's scream. >> no, no, no, no, no. >> you're going to have to scrap that plane. who's going back on that plane after a rat jumps on the plane? >> you would never fly alaska -- >> never. i want to see alaska, i really do. >> by the way -- >> and if you had a snake on a plane, this is worse. worse. >> okay. >> sorry. >> thank you, chris. 6:24 right now. d.c. neighborhood that was once known for its violence is now one of the hottest places to flip a home. walnut street finance tells our news partners at wtop that houses in trinidad offer a high return on investment. deanwood, edge wood and
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northwest, petworth. hgtv and fixer upper fans, your couple from texas made another announcement. >> they said they were ending their show but now we know why. >> any time she asks for pickles on top of that ice cream, you know what that means. >> that's a binge. >> pickles and ice cream, who else eats that? the gains are expecting baby number five. the couple revealed the big news last night during their show and on social media. the new baby, if you follow the gains family, four big siblings already. brother drake and duke and sisters ella and emmy. >> no word on the new baby or when it will be born. >> wonderful. their kids are gorgeous. they're gorgeous. all kinds of good stuff coming out. 6:25 right now. well, it is frigid, another frigid start to the day, but it
6:26 am
about this morning, it's the actual temperature. we have below 10 degrees for most of the area right now, and look at manassas, zero. that is just bitter outside. but we're watching snow chances overnight tonight and even colder air that will move in by the end of the week. i'll show you details coming up. plus, a college break tragedy. a college football player home for the holidays and
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"news 4 today" starts now. right now as we approach 6:30, we are taking a look for you at these below freezing temperatures. they're sticking around through the morning. this could be the best day of the week. as sad as that might sound. depending where you live and work, you could actually feel temperatures above freezing outside for the first time in days. >> in the last hour we found out barnaby manor school in austin hill is closed for the day because of a water main break. justin finch is standing by. in clarke county, schools are on a one hour delay.
6:30 am
also on a two-hour delay. >> check out this new video of a water main break in the county. you can see it sprayed a tree there and turned a few front yards into icy messes. this video is from a reporter at wbal in baltimore. >> crews have fixed the water main but they'll have to be back out today to find out how badly the road is there. several homes are damaged and one home has damage to the second floor because of the icy water that has rained down. there hasn't been many water main brakes. >> first let's head there to look at this frigid forecast. brrr, sheena. >> it is just upsetting, eun, when you look at the temperatures. these are not wind chills, these
6:31 am
manassas at zero right now. 15, that's the warmest spot in washington and annapolis right now. 8 degrees quantico, 5, frederick, 7 in leesburg. as we go through the day today, temperatures will be rising once the sun comes up. by lunchtime around the suburbs we'll be closer to 30 degrees. we're going to break 30 degrees today. that's the big improvement. now we're looking at florida. believe it or not, florida, right now has a wintry mix in north florida and snow near tallahassee. this is very rare. now we take a wide look out. that's our next storm system. that could be getting part of the area snow. let's check the roads. good morning, melissa. >> right now chopper 4 over the problem in hyattsville we were telling you about. northbound, rigs road north of 410, east-west highway chopper 4 over this crash and the center of the roadway, you can see the slowdowns. that crash is causing here this
6:32 am
northbound, 95. the parkway has a vehicle that's blocking a portion of the roadway. another problem on 95 headed into town this morning in northern virginia at lorton, northbound, right lane blocked by a crash as well. beltway overall actually looking pretty good. that is one glimmer of hope here for you this morning. northbound bw parkway after 197, crash affecting the southbound lane. chopper 4 headed right there. live picture coming up. breaking news. barnaby elementary school will be closed because there's no water. >> justin finch has the story on where people can find water. tough morning. i can see the traffic behind you. >> reporter: hey there, eun. tough morning, indeed. if you are traveling in this area of saint
6:33 am
will want to pack your patience. traffic moving at a slow clip. right there in the middle crews are working to repair a broken into the morning commute. this area is saint barnabas road near wheeler road. that's the area we are talking about not far from the beltway. of course this route is one that may take between indian head highway and the branch at silver hill road. so this area can easily get crowded and these conditions now down to one lane eastbound and westbound in their stretch. you can imagine how the traffic can build here if drivers are not careful. we can tell you as you mentioned as a result of a broken water main here, nearby barnaby manor will be closed today. at this point there is no water going to that school. we are looking at the crews making some progress out here getting deeper ito
6:34 am
wrapping all of this up. wsse saying they will continue to update but if you're traveling in this area, a lot of slow going traffic. back in to you. >> thank you. the bitter blast we are feeling could keep six kids in this area. on tuesday some of the school buses had problems starting because of the cold weather. hundreds of students were forced to wait in the cold for nearly an hour. news 4's adam tuss is in fairfax county to see how it's going so far this morning. we're going to hear from him in a live report in a few minutes. 6:34, other top stories. north korean officials made the official contact using a hotline that hasn't been used in about two years. this comes one day after south korea offered to talk with the north about next month's winter olympics. the north wants to send
6:35 am
the olympic games start in 30 days. >> the president of the mormon church, thomas monson, has died of natural causes. he died late last night at his home in salt lake city, utah. he served since '98. the mega millions jackpot up to $480 million. the powerball drawing is tonight. that jackpot worth even more. $440 million. we haven't seen a powerball drawing that big since august. somebody in massachusetts won that one, $758 million. >> a whole heck of a lot of money. 6:35 is our time right now. a child says two men tried to kidnap her from her yard before school. >> the 8-year-old was waiting for her father
6:36 am
home in tacoma park. a gray mini van pulled up and a man in the passenger's seat pulled up and opened the door and told her he had canty. the child pushed the door closed and she said the man who spoke to her has a nose ring, pimple near his eye and they have dents and dings beneath the rear passenger's window. a man accused of the first appearance -- a man assaulted two police officers when he tried to get away. one of the children is still in critical condition, stable though after being ejected from that mini van. this is what vincent looked like when he was released from the hospital yesterday. fairfax county police say he actually tried to wrestle out of his handcuffs in the hospital and hurt two officers there. the man accused of a deadly workplace
6:37 am
county has been indicted by a gland jury. he shot five co workers back in october, three of them died. he has three counts of attempted murd dir and two counts of murder. he could be sentenced to life without the possibility of parole for first degree attempted murder in delaware. in maryland he's facing the possible of life in prison with the possibility of parole. a new year's party changed one college student's life. hear from the parents after a dangerous speak.
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today." >> a lot of you have been reading about this in our nbc washington app. a 19-year-old football player from marshall university in virginia was paralyzed after he was shot at a new year's eve party. >> larry aaron iii was trying to protect his girlfriend when he was shot. this happened in maryland. two men started arguing and then all of a sudden started shooting. aaron was shot in the lower back when he stepped in front of his girlfriend. his parents say they feel helpless and upset about what happened. >> i am so upset. i know they say you're not supposed to ask why but, you know, my son had everything going for him. >> he's been very calm but he has had a few breakdowns. that's to be expected. >> now doctors can't operate on aaron because the bullet is lodged in the spinal korcord an surgery could cause further damage. they're looking for witnesses from the party so they can identify the
6:42 am
well, good morning. the kids need to bundle up as best they can at the bus stop. some of our suburbs or many of our suburbs, i should say, are below ten degrees right now through the morning. we're not going to warm up too much. by the afternoon breaking 30 degrees. good morning, slowdowns on bw parkway, chopper 4 just getting over the scene at 197. southbound also being ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. iand i like these award-winning cheddar puffs. first place. both events? booyah! we're an awards family.
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♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea.
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right now on "news 4 today," another bitter cold start but a bit of relief on the way. >> temperatures back in the 30ed, but not for long. when we'll see our chance for snow and even colder temperatures. the price you pay to heat your home is heading up? the increase you could soon see in your power bill. kids got to cross here and then go over there. then they've got to worry about the traffic coming around and traffic coming more than one direction. >> new calls for change after a student is struck on the way to school. the added warning before you bundle up the kids and send them out the door. testing a new kind of freestyle in 2018. d.j.khaled joins weight watchers. >> how many points left over? >> 12 points remaining. >> how one of social media's biggest stars hopes to inspire your resolution.
6:46 am
here at the live desk we're seeing some new images of demonstrations coming from iranian state tv. these are people coming to the streets to support government. state tv claims demonstrators have come out in ten cities waiving iranian flags and supporting iran's cleric. all of the protests have been firmly against the government. they're upset over high unemployment and the rising price of gas. 21 people have died and some protesters attack military bases and police stations. these are the largest protests since 2009 when they took to the streets in that disputed presidential election. aaron? >> chris, thank you. 6:46. now to our continuing coverage on this bitter cold as it continues in fairfax county. school officials are trying to make sure kids are not waiting too long for their buses this morning. >> news 4 transportation reporter adam tuss is live in
6:47 am
what are school leaders doing to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> reporter: well, one of the things they're doing is trying to get these buses up and running. this one is not running this morning. the maintenance crews have been out here trying to get these buses going, but then again there buses out and about running. the problem with fairfax county school buses in particular is that there are so many of them. there are over 1600 school buses in fairfax county alone. that is larger, guys, than the entire size of the greyhound fleet. the problem is a lot of these buses were just sitting for the winter break so they weren't necessarily started and getting going. yesterday there were a number of buses, over 200 bus routes that were affected. today the crews are out checking on them and the delays seem to be a bit less. already looking at the delay board. there is a little more of a delay with some school buses that have actually started this morning. so that is an issue as we go through the morning here. now we do want to tell you that
6:48 am
check to see if your student's school bus is going to be delayed. we've posted that on the nbc washington app. check there to see if any bus is more than 15 minutes late. so far things seem to be going a little bit better than yesterday morning so that is good news. still, brutally cold out here this morning for anyone who has to wait at the bus stop. >> adam tuss live for us in fairfax county. thank you. 6:48. she just wanted to get to school but crossing one of the busiest roads in prince gorges county ended with an 11-year-old in the hospital. a car struck the child tuesday morning on pennsylvania avenue in suit land. she suffered life threatening injuries. she have headed to the middle school. the driver stayed on the scene. yesterday's incident happened one day after news 4 reported on a statewide proposal in maryland. they want to review the safety and engineering of sidewalks and
6:49 am
a 16-year-old walked into oncoming traffic moments before a car hit him on crane highway. metro transit canine officer on his way to work on monday ran into the boy on chadford drive. it happened in the brandy wine section around noon. the officer is on routine paid administrative leave while an investigation is underway. students will see extra security when they return to high school in spotsylvania county today. on monday the sheriff's office was told about a social media post that warned kids not to go to school today at masaponic high school. the post was vague and they say it was a hoax, but staff at the school decided to bring in extra security today just in case. your budget is getting ready to take its first hit of 2018. pepco wants to charge maryland customers more to help pay for grid improvements made last year. on tuesday they asked the
6:50 am
maryland insurance. that could add more than $7 a month to customers' bills. right now the bills are going up and up and up because we can't survive. >> my bill usually triples this time of year. 15 degrees. >> what do you keep your heat on? >> see, he doesn't want to say. >> people think i'm crazy. >> i want to know. >> while i'm at home, 75 -- >> whoa! >> okay. >> down to 73ish. >> i try to keep it 72. >> i put mine to like 68 and then i dropped it to 66 but it's working overtime. >> layers inside. >> yeah, i do. i can't stand the dry air from the heat. >> yeah. >> that kills me more than the cold, i think. but you really have to have the heat on, especially friday and saturday. now don't say we didn't warn you. it's going to be even colder by the end of this week believe it or not. today we're going to break 30
6:51 am
degrees for the first time in a little while here. another frigid morning though. we have many suburbs below 10 degrees right now so if kids are standing at the bus stop, i mean, this is just another very cold morning. try to keep them inside until the bus gets there. snow overnight tonight for some of you. then we have colder air moving in. by the end of the week, those temperatures are going to be very low. i'll show you that in a second. 15 degrees in washington. clear skies right now. calm winds, which is why our temperatures have gotten so low. these are not the cold temperatures. leesburg, 5 degrees, gaithersbu gaithersburg, 8 and quantico. we're breaking 30 degrees. barely above freezing but it is a little bit of an improvement. clouds do increase later on today. that's all ahead of a storm off shore. the storm is organizing over florida. look at this, we have snow near tall la
6:52 am
tallahassee. it is happening and it can happen and that storm system is going to get closer to us later tonight. 11:00 p.m., snow still south of us. best chance is south and east of the district. if we see a shift in this storm that could still be changing the forecast. we're expecting less than an inch around d.c., higher amounts around the coast line. friday and saturday, that's cold. it's going to come with a lot of wind so prepare for that, melissa. good morning. >> good morning. take a look at chopper 4 here this morning, sheena. bw parkway, 197 northbound and southbound. a chopper showing you how slow it is on bw parkway. 95 through that same stretch has looked a lot better. northbound vandoorne, right side is blocked there.
6:53 am
william parkway, that is cleared out of the way thank goodness be. top of the beltway, kind of typically slow. you can see that red right here very, very slow there as you're headed northbound on bw parkway. in bound 4 at pennsylvania avenue. by powerhouse road. heading up to frederick now, tuscarora, 28 and pleasant view road right there at point of rocks by that creamery, all lanes still shut down there because of an early morning crash. 270 headed your way. 66 northbound and 95 in virginia looking okay as well. remember to listen to wtop 105 f.m. when you hop m your car. it does not appear the new rush hour tolls on i-66 are encouraging people to carpool. wtop surveyed 1,000 drivers and here's what they found. more than half of them say their commute has gotten worse since the tolls started l
6:54 am
about 1/4 of drivers say they have shifted their commute times to avoid tolls. most commuters say they are sticking with their cars. public transit and car pooling are among the least popular alternatives. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. mcdonald's is trying a new burger made with real beef. that's according to a research note from brokerage firm instaynet. they've been under increasing push to offer real burger. >> i don't think burgers are on weight watchers, are they? weight watchers getting another major endorsement. >> d.j. khaled will resch the brand to his millions of followers on social media. he has the blessing of the first
6:55 am
lady of weight watchers, oprah. she tweeted, welcome to weight watchers freestyle. can't wait to see you bless up the program. khaled already might have put his hit making imagine g. >> 6:55. 36 days away from the start of the winter olympic games in pyeongchang. i'm headed there next month. another maryland native is heading there as well. she's going to be competing, a rockville woman has earned a spot on the u.s. olympic women's hockey team. she's a graduate of wooten high school. her mother said she cried for two days when she found out her daughter made the national team. who can blame her? >> it's an amazing complement. >> when you see the parents in the crowd, that's when you start
6:56 am
tearing up. >> fun to watch. starts february 9th. a big night for capps alex ovechkin. starting 2018 with a historic performance. last night in overtime ovechkin scored his second goal of the night and wins it for the capps, 5-4. he's so clutch. ovechkin is now the ninth player in nhl history with 100 career-winning goals. when you have someone like alex ovechkin playing for the caps, i still can't believe they don't have a stanley cup. >> it takes a team. he is awesome. >> he will go down as one of the best ever. i feel like -- >> one day. one day. still waiting. >> we all have faith. >> let's get a last look at the forecast. >> yes, the forecast. we have to have faith in some 40s coming back. there they are. >> oh, yeah. finally. >> my goodness. look at the end of this week though. aside from some snow chances overnight, only for
6:57 am
and east of d.c. a small portion. look at friday and saturday. this is going to be the coldest. it will be blustery, too. it will hurt you guys. >> can't wait. >> i can't wait for the 40s. >> that will feel nice and balmy. >> that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll see you in 25 minutes for all your weather, traffic and local news. until then, enjoy your day. >> make it a great wednesday, everybody.
6:58 am
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visit for a store near you. good morning. here comes the snow. after more than a week of brutally cold temperatures the entire east coast now bracing for a massive winter storm. tens of millions from florida to new england in its path. from the dangerous ice in the south, to blizzard conditions in the north, we'veot the very latest. taunting north korea. president trump escalates his war of words with kim jong-un tweeting his nuclear button is bigger and more powerful than the north korean leader's. will this latest provocation push the two nations closer to the brink? shocking twist. a former taliban hostage held for years, along with his wife


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