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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  January 4, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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getting battered by a brutal nor'easter. a warning for drivers, crashes are multiplying as we speak and the number of school closings just went up. it's 6:00 a.m. taking you back live to the boardwalk in ocean city, maryland. we've been monitoring the conditions since 4:00 a.m. when we went on the air. you can see the conditions are rapidly deteriorating and the snow is building up too. >> closer to home, the wind is whipping outside the studios here. a lot of districts that were delayed are now closing this morning. it is 6:00 a.m. we want to start with what so many of you were up early to hear about. finding out if school or work was delayed. >> all of the information on the bottom of the screen and on the nbc washington app. let's start in d.c. the public schools will open two hours late. in virginia, warren, fauquier, page, culpepper, frederick and clark county
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two hours late. falls church city schools are on a two-hour delay. in maryland, calvert, charles, allegheny and frederick county schools are on a two-hour delay. now to the closures in virginia. spotsylvan spotsylvania, prince william, westmoreland, stafford, fairfax, loudoun, arlington county schools all closed. manassas city and alexandria schools closed as well. anne arundel, montgomery, prince george's county schools in maryland are also closed today. >> the federal government is on a two-hour delay this morning with the option for a scheduled leave for telework. well, good morning. we are watching the snow very closely. here's a live look at the radar. we're seeing the snow bands across the area, except winchester, warrenton. maybe flurries in
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inland, in the district, much of northern virginia, maryland, the storm system centered offshore. all snow this morning. as you head out, keep in mind, a lot of the roads are snow-covered except the main roads that have been continuing to be treated. those are just wet right now. temperatures are well below freezing or about the mid to low 20s. this is why the snow is sticking. it's still sticking. if you are heading out any time soon, drive slowly. keep your distance. here's what it looks like by 7:00 a.m. we'll see the snow tapering off from west to east. until thent will keep falling and accumulating mostly east of the district. the temperatures will be well below freezing. the winds will continue to whip out there. right now, there's sustained winds close to 20 miles per hour. making it feel a lot colder. by 8:00, there's more drying. remember, we still have snow-covered roads and areas of potentic
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temperatures staying below freezing. >> good morning, sheena. taking a live look at 66, fairfax county parkway. much of or many of the roadways around the area have been treated. most of them are just wet. if they have not been treated, they are quite -- a little messy. westbound 70 at 15, left lane getting by the crash there. 270 southbound out of frederick, very slow. basically, until you hit clarksburg, northbound 5 before the beltway, the car into a ditch. eastbound toll road, the ramp 123, car off the road. it is slick, aaron? >> melissa, thank you. 6:03 now. now the latest on the brutal winter weather crippling the nation. the ice and snow stretching from carolina to maine. >> we're seeing mostly delays. but it's led to thousands of canceled flights and school closures across the cun
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outages and flooding all along the eastern seaboard. the snow continuing to fall at this hour as we track where it's headed next. >> it's not a day you want to head to the beach. take a look at what it looks like in ocean city. the boardwalk is covered in snow. justin finch is live for us there where a blizzard warning is in effect. >> reporter: we're seeing right now and i hope it translates on camera is the way the wind is moving. super gusty at this time. the flakes moving everywhere. hard to see the camera in front of me right now. i do want to show you down to the ground here, the snow accumulation here. look at this. my foot all the way to the bottom. we're seeing the snow quickly fall, quickly blow around out here and quickly cover the tracks we've been making out here for hours. going over here towards the seawall here, i put my hands up here, i can't knock this
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textured snow. as it's on this bench here as well. we're seeing changeable conditions out here. earlier, the snow had a texture to it as it fell to the ground. this is a much softer snow we're seeing. with the winds here, it's a lot windier or so it feels now than it was perhaps an hour or two ago. again out here, bracing for several inches of snow to fall here in ocean city. so far, we've not seen many people here, walking, driving, anything else. we've seen a few plows come by to clear out the fast-falling snow out here. of course, they want to keep the roads as clear as possible out here for emergency vehicles. not for anyone to come out and casually travel those roads. we can tell you they were working yesterday as well, brining the streets out here to keep them clear. as we spend more time out here, the snow out here has really been impressive. at one
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now i'm taking deliberate steps so that i do not fall and get my foot as close as possible to the ground. we're seeing a growing and serious snow situation. live at ocean city, justin finch, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> justin, we don't want you to fall out there. be careful in the snow. thank you. >> me either. we continue our team coverage on route 5 north in brandy wine, maryland with megan mcgrath. >> megan, how bad is it there? >> reporter: i feel we're racing along here. we're doing a whopping 36 miles an hour on route 5 here. we're headed northbound in the brandy wine area. a while ago, we were doing only 10 miles an hour. so an improvement. but still very slow going here. you can see live looks here at the roads. we have very sloppy conditions. at times, it's difficult to see
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slow as they should. i haven't seen a plow in a little while now. they were out earlier, but we've got a lot of traffic as people are heading into work. north on route 5. folks headed into the washington area. we have a lot of volume that makes it difficult for the plows to get out there and do their job and get the salt and sand and the chemicals down. we're seeing sloppy conditions, people just need to drive accordingly. keep the speeds down. on the southbound side of 5, we saw police activity. we could see in the darkness that it looked like a car had spun off the roadway and gone into the woods along the side of the road. we are seeing spinouts and issues. people want to take it easy. prince george's county, one of the many jurisdictions that has closed schools today anne arundel, my kids, they're another one. probably a good idea. we have tough conditions out here. back to you guys. megan mcgrath live on roads for us this morning. megan, thank you. 6:07.
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green live in northern virginia. >> she's in the woodbridge,dale city area. molette, what's going on? >> reporter: the conditions have deteriorated a bit more. i want you to look at 95 here. snow covering the roads here. this part that you see, more snow, that's the stretch where the cars are getting off the rest stop and getting back on to the main highway. a little bit more tricky. we told you earlier, the main roads were in pretty good shape. things have changed quite a bit. we have seen a couple of snowplows come through. but it's dicey. if it's this way on the main roads, you know on the side roads and the neighborhood streets, it's a little bit tricky. i have a cup of snow here in my hand. i tried my hand at making a snowman. it's still too powdery as you can see. still too powdery. but when the kids come out
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the day off in prince william county, they'll have fun with all of this. i spoke to a family, actually, coming from pennsylvania taking their daughter back to ft. lee after the holidays. they took a nap. they woke up to all of this and said wow. mother nature is not being kind. this is what happens, i guess, in january. we expect this. it's tricky on the roads now. much more tricky in prince william county. be careful if you have to head out the door today. back to you guys inside. >> good advice there. molette green in the dale city area. live look near union station here in the district. >> we've seen the snow and the winds really pick up there within the last 30 minutes. we're also seeing more people venturing out in these conditions as well. we're going to stay on top of the conditions at union station and throughout our region. >> 6:09 now. we're following breaking news out of georgia this morning. cold weather there. stalling a trip for hundreds of amtrak passengers.
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on its way to new york derailed while backing into the savannah station at a slow speed. the train had 311 passengers and crew members on board. nobody was hurt. the three cars that derailed were two sleeper cars and a baggage car. the only way to stay connected to the news you need on this weather alert day as you move about is with the nbc washington app. download it to get instant updates and information all day long. this just into our newsroom. calvert county schools and charles county schools are now closed. they're on a delay. calvert and charles counties closed today. 6:10 now. danger ahead. the storm is creating treacherous conditions on the roads. we'll show you where we're seeing problems as team coverage continues. chuck? that's right, eun. the snow totals won't be that impressive around the immediate d.c. metro area. higher snow totals across southern maryland and the beaches there. current wind gusts in ocean city, nearly 50 miles per hour. that storm is
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northeast corridor. back in a minute with your fi-day
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welcome back. taking a live look right now at route 5 in clinton, maryland near branch avenue. the road conditions don't look too bad but people are moving slowly. we see a little snow. is that right? >> not all the roads are clear at this point. that's why we're seeing the school closings and delays. >> a lot of work to be done there. chuck, the question for you then is, is the actual falling precipitation done? are we done with an active storm here? >> we're still going to see snow with the potential for additional accumulations here for the next four to six hours. not expecting l
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especially along the i-95 corridor. check out the numbers. temperatures today will stay in the mid-20s at most. skies will clear out later today. it will be bomb's away for morning low temperatures the next few days. a lot of temperatures near zero the next couple of mornings. that's vicious tough. sheena will be back to check on the radar and the five-day forecast. now it's time for melissa mollet. >> good morning. taking a look right now at clinton. inbound here, megan mcgrath is driving. saying it's a little better than brandy wine but still snow-covered here. beltway here at arena drive, you can see that is looking okay this morning. northbound beach drive at the zoo tunnel, that's looking okay. 6:15. back to union station right now. >> that is where news 4's chris lawrence has been for us on this
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chris, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, eun, got to tell you, boy, what a difference the wind makes. half hour ago when that wind was whipping up, it felt 5, 10 degrees colder. it feels a little warmer. although the snow is on the ground, it's not blowing around like it was a bit ago. giving the plows a chance to push what little is on the ground, push it out, get more of that salt down. you're seeing a lot more people out now, starting to head to work. we've been talking to folks who say, look, it's an inconvenience, it's a little bit slippery, but overall, they're taking it in stride. >> we've had colder. this is not the first time we've had this weather. won't be the last. >> i like the cold. but i think it's a little extreme.
6:17 am
[ inaudible ] >> reporter: some of the folks we spoke with say they're more concerned about tomorrow and that deep, deep freeze. they say, look, we've handled this kind of snow before, but boy the kind of cold we're in for, they're a little more concerned about that. eun, aaron, back to you. >> all right, chris lawrence live for us at union station. chris, thank you. 6:17 your time right now. for a closer look at what some of the crews are doing on area roads right now, we want to turn to chris shorter. >> he's with the d.c. department much public works. good morning. tell us about the emergency response to the storm so far this morning. >> caller: sure. good morning. thanks for having me on. our crews, as you know started pre-treating roads last night at 8:00 p.m. with a liquid brine mix. our crews -- no deployment teams are deployed this morning at -- they have been working on d.c.
6:18 am
roads since 1:00 a.m. so we're in residential areas, as well as our primary corridors that commuters would use coming into and leaving the district this morning. >> so chris, i know i drove through betting heights and navy yards around 3:00 this morning. not much had been done there. i did a little sliding each at a low speed. what's the plan of attack here? what should people plan to see happening as the hours go by. >> because we are still seeing precipitation, even in the case where a plow, light or heavy plow treated a road because it's still snowing, it may look as though that road has not been treated. this is one of the reasons why it's important that our crews continue to fight the storm and that we don't allow just one coating or one pass during the t
6:19 am
roads throughout the next few hours. even after the primary precipitation has left the area. our crews will continue to treat district roads. >> all right. it will be a busy morning ahead. chris shorter with d.c. public works. thanks for joining us this morning. we turn back to meteorologist sheena parveen right now. we're still looking at 24 degrees. i think you've got the low temperatures. >> yes. >> the wind and the snow all coming together at one time. >> it does not feel good. i was standing outside, chuck has been going outside. it hurts when you walk outside with the wind increasing. but i mean, like you mentioned about the roads, that is our number one concern right now which is why schools are getting canceled. even though you see the salt, you're still seeing snow sticking on some of the roads. that's what i felt over the key bridge. you have to be careful with bridges and overpasses especially. a lot of side roads are snow
6:20 am
covered. i saw salt on sidewalks yesterday afternoon. they were snow-covered when i walked outside. you have to pay attention when you're walking around. don't be a slip and fall accident. that's not fun for anybody. the snow is continuing. it's breaking up a little bit if you notice. as you get into loudoun county, we're starting to see this break up here. we're still seeing it falling, fairly light around d.c. now. notice that up to the north, a lot of the darker shaded purple color is turning into this whiter color. that shows us where the snow is getting lighter. we're still seeing it pretty good in much of maryland as we get into charles, prince george's county, especially along the eastern shore and down to our south. that's some of the highest accumulation here. that's going to be the roads. those are the main concern. then it's going to be what happens after the storm leaves when we really start to get cold. i'm talking colder than we have been. here's the entire storm system. everyone is going to be seeing snow from this
6:21 am
as it travels to the north and east. our snow forecast, though, for the district and areas north and west, about less than an inch. 1 to 2 in spots. as we get into prince george's county, we'll see higher amounts as you head closer to the eastern shore. amounts go up a bit. winds sustained at 20 miles an hour. below freezing temperatures like we have, mid to low 20s is what's allowing the snow to stick. treated roads, mainly wet like the big main roads like you're traveling. that snow is sticking. 7:00, 8:00 this morning, that snow will be moving out and we'll just get colder. i'm talking brutally cold windchills. tomorrow morning, our windchills could be 10 to 15 degrees below zero. that's why we have a weather alert even for saturday and watching another round of wet weather on monday. let's check the roads. big talk of the morning, melissa. >> very busy in first 4 traffic. in
6:22 am
us. you can see inbound on 5. she's looking like she's going at a pretty good clip. again, still have a lot of slush and mess on the road. they were saying brandywine was nasty for them. northbound before the beltway, they're going to run into this problem. car into a ditch here. so that is still on one side of the roadway. 95 here in virginia. prince william parkway moving okay. 95 mostly looking right there. molette green is near woodbridge and seeing snow on the roadways there as well. northbound beach drive at the zoo tunnel, car versus plow. northbound on 270 or southbound, i should say, very slow as well. thank you, melissa. we're going to take you outside right now for a live look in temple hills. this is on branch avenue. even this big road, you can still see snow on parts of the roads. the track there from where the cars are driving. you can imagine the conditions right now. when evene
6:23 am
still untreated, trying to hear from more crews to find out the plan of attack. it's going to be a long morning for the crews. just in. d.c. public schools now closed. that has changed. d.c. public schools willot open t nod
6:24 am
6:25 am
6:25 your time right now. a live look at the district. the federal government is opening on a two-hour delay here in d.c. today. we just learned again, d.c. public schools are closed. >> that is in addition to a number of school closings and delays. everything on the bottom of your screen and in the n
6:26 am
our crews and resources together to make sure you know how to deal with this snowstorm and its impact on you. >> megan mcgrath has been on the roads all morning. she saw this car spin out on alabama avenue in southeast d.c. it shows you how slick some of the roads can be. if you have to head out, use caution. if you see a road that's wet, think of it probably being ice with the temperatures this low. justin finch has been live in ocean city all morning long and seen treacherous conditions there. >> reporter: hey there, eun, that's right. it's hard to tell right now, but this is ocean city. we're off the boardwalk right now. but take a look. this is a windy, wintry white wonderland out here. we'll be here throughout the morning showing the impact the fast movi n ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car!
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♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea. ocean city is just getting buried by this snowstorm. if you're just waking up, take a look at these pictures. snow blowing across the ca
6:30 am
a lot of snow. >> there are a number of school closings and delays as we continue to run the closings on your screen. we also have live team coverage with crews across the region from ocean city to southern maryland and northern virginia and the district. depending where you live, you could see a very different condition. >> meteorologist chuck bell kicking off our team coverage from the weather deck. >> chuck? >> good morning, aaron and eun. thursday off to a frigid start. there are snow showers all over the area as well. they extend pretty much up and down the entire length of the eastern seaboard. it's not going to be an easy day for travel on the roads, the rails or the runways. four things you need to know. shiver me fingers, it is frigid out here. windchills are down in the single numbers. powerful winds will be with us all day today and tomorrow. heaviest of the snow will be on the other side of the chesapeake bay, closer to the ocean. the polar vortex, remember that
6:31 am
and it's going to unload the mother lode of cold air on this. there's that storm now bombing away off the coastline. mostly light snow around the i-95 corridor. but nonetheless, it will slow down your thursday travel. the latest on our nbc washington app and the latest on traffic, here's melissa right now. >> good morning, chuck. across the area, we do have these slick spots. you have to be careful because it is so slippery in so many areas. even the roads that were pre-treated, starting to get more accumulation on top of them. again, look at this radar. you can see on top of our traffic map here where it is still snowing. almost across the area right now. 270, the spotty circled southbound out of frederick, you are slow. inbound on 5 and on 50 in the bowie area, both have conditions very slow. take a look at the travel times coming up. thanks, melissa. we want to update you on
6:32 am
d.c. public schools is changing from a delay to closed. all this information is flowing at the bottom of your screen. also in the nbc washington app right now. warren, fauquier, page, culpepper, frederick and clark county schools are all opening two hours late today. falls church of city schools on a two-hour delay. in maryland, allegheny and frederick county schools on a two-hour delay. >> now to the closures in virginia. spotsylvan spotsylvania, prince william, rappahannock, westmoreland, stafford, fairfax, loudoun and arlington county schools are all closed. fredericksburg, manassas city, manase a park and alexandria city schools are closed. anne arundel, st. mary's, prince george's, calvert and charles county schools in maryland are closed as well today. federal government is also on a two-hour delay with the option for unscheduled leave or telework. there is a blizzard warning in effect in ocean city,
6:33 am
continue to pile up this morning. you're taking a live look at the boardwalk courtesy of ocean city you can see the snow blowing in the wind, sometimes sideways. it's pelting the beach there. justin finch has been there all morning long. justin, how is it looking now? >> reporter: eun, that's right pelting the beach and pelting me and my photographer nick as well. i can tell you right now, it's really beginning to pick up in terms of the snowfall out here. i made a bit of a snowball to show the kids what they have to look forward to later on today. should have a pretty good launch there. looking out here across the boardwalk, this has been our state throughout the day today. it's really impressive to see how the tracks we've made minutes ago are quickly covered by this new snowfall. the wind out here, as you can see, is just blowing this snow everywhere and blowing it at a pretty good clip. again, you look at the snow and
6:34 am
once you put your foot down there and move this stuff around, there's a lot of snow there. it continues to come and come and come. at this point again, between 4 and 8 inches being forecast for this area. as you can see, we're well on the way to somewhere around that number. crews out here bracing for this. the plows are out doing their best to get ahead of the storm even as it continues. back to you in the studio. >> all right. justin finch in ocean city. stay safe down there. >> your time is 6:34. we continue our team coverage in suitland, maryland with news 4's megan mcgrath. before we get to her -- >> let's head up north to meteorologist steve sosna from our affiliate in philadelphia. what's the latest where you are, steve? >> reporter: good morning, guys. conditions continue to get worse here and it really is about the wind. we've seen this wind pick up
6:35 am
now gusting over 40 miles per hour. so quickly want to show you what happened. this parking lot was bare about an hour ago. now we're getting bursts of snow. that's why we're advising everybody in the new york city and philadelphia area to stay off the roads. you simply cannot be out there. the drifting and the visibility is too low. so we have storm ranger out here. we're zeroing in on this intense snow bands and will continue to do that throughout the day. if you're headed to the northeast, conditions are worse than they are in d.c. >> meteorologist steve sosna from wcau in new jersey for us this morning. steve, thanks. let's head to temple hills, maryland, and news 4's megan mcgrath. megan, what are the roads looking like? >> reporter: all right. we have turned around, still on branch avenue, but take a look. we're going in a southbound direction. this side of rad
6:36 am
than the northbound lanes of branch avenue. i think this has something to do with the traffic. not as many people headed in this direction so the plows and the chemicals put down, doing more of their work. whereas, on the other side, the northbound side, as people are heading into the district, there's a lot of traffic. we haven't seen the plows able to get around as well on that side because of the volume there. so we've got snow cover. that's basically the story. it depends what direction you're headed in and where you are. places east, brandywine, for example, we saw really, really sloppy conditions out there. then other spots as you get closer into the district, not so bad. we're seeing the chemicals working and wet pavement. upper marlboro, though, not in a good way. sloppy, slushy conditions there. so it really depends where you are in terms of what you're going to encounter. take it easy out there and give yourself a little extra time. back to you guys. >> megan mcgrath live for us in prince georgco
6:37 am
missing person's case went from bad to worse. we'll have the important details that you want to share to help bring a local man home. we're working for you this morning to get you ready to face this snowstorm. live pictures from northern virginia in wood bridge. we're going to bring you updates to the latest on the road conditions andhat you can w your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet.
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live look outside the studios this morning. 24 degrees outside. the wind has been blowing all morning long. you may see a few flakes of snow in that picture as well. not so bad here -- no, it's still coming down. >> i see the snow. >> take your glasses off, put them back on. >> i can see the snow. this morning the search continues for a missing prince george's county man. >> police and his family are hoping h's
6:41 am
someplace warm. 65-year-old daniel dehaven is from beltsville. he has dementia and may be in trouble. he was last seen in the parking lot of the costco. if you spot him, you're asked to call police. molette has been tracking conditions in woodbridge, virginia. we see the wind blowing in your face, molette. how is it going out there? >> reporter: it's miserable with the conditions with the snow and the wind. the conditions are just absolutely unbearable. one driver telling me, where is the snowplow in my neighborhood? that's coming up next on "news4 today." well, good morning. we're still watching snow falling across the area. snow-covered roads throughout the area. we have a lot of closures and delays of schools.
6:42 am
dangerous windchills. melissa? >> snow covered equals -- a lot of spinouts and cars in the ditches. talk about that coming up.
6:43 am
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storm team 4 weather alert day. >> what you can expect from your neighborhoods to the eastern shore. this is ocean city right now. white on the boardwalk here and snow blowing everywhere. we'll have team coverage from here on the boardwalk to southern maryland. and that's where we found snow already on the ground in upper marlboro. we're monitoring conditions on the road. all things considered, most roads in d.c. are looking pretty good. it's what comes next that could be of even more concern. our live team coverage continues right now. and along the eastern shore, there are whiteout conditions in spots like ocean city. this is a live look at the boardwalk there. >> a blizzard warning in effect through this afternoon. justin finch will be live to show us the snowy conditions there. >> our team coverage continues with nbc's cra
6:46 am
>> he's live in central park now in new york city. craig, it looks like you're prepared though. >> reporter: i am, eun, aaron, good morning to you. typically, as you know, central park, even when there's snow, there are runners, there are folks walking their dogs. this morning, we've only seen a handful of people in central park. the reality is, it's slightly warmer here than it has been over the past week. we're talking low 20s. there have been a couple of times over the past seven days we've seen single digits. behind the snow event in new york city, we should note that it's expected to be between 6 to 10 inches in parts of the city, schools are closed. new york city public schools have been shut down, amtrak on a modified schedule. a number of federal courthouses have been closed as well in advance of the storm. after the storm, after the snow stops, after the winds stop, it's the bone chilling cold that is going to be the story. we're talking zero degrees
6:47 am
sub zero temperatures in parts of the tri-state area. but, again, for the next seven or eight hours, the snow is expected to be the story here in central park and as i'm talking to you, of course, naturally, the snow and the wind would pick up. >> of course. craig, you live and work here in washington, d.c. for several years. how does the cleanup compare? i'm surprised that new york city is closing schools. are you seeing the crews out already? >> reporter: we have seen the snowplows -- hey, how are you? live television, you want to come talk to us for a second? you have a second. washington, d.c. this is a gentleman, i haven't pre interviewed him. i apologize in advance. >> dwight edwards. >> you live here in new york city. >> sure do. >> you're walking your dog. have you heard perhaps there's a blizzard coming? >> i've heard. >> you don't seem to be deterred at all. >> no. >> you have to walk the dog. >> yeah. >> how long have you
6:48 am
>> 44 years. >> you've seen a number of these? >> yeah. >> not for a while, though. >> they shut down the schools. >> they always do. i grew up in the country. >> the first man i've seen walking his dog. good to see you, sir. what's his or her name? >> tucker and cleo going out for a walk here, eun and aaron. apparently spoke too soon. new york city, typically prepares pretty well for these sorts of things. whether closing the schools or the libraries, things like that. they also have a bunch of snowplows out in advance. it takes a lot to shut down city. doesn't appear to be -- >> craig, see you at the top of the hour on the "today" show. thanks, buddy. >> i like how the man had snow all over his sweater. he didn't zip up his jacket. we continue our team coverage with molette gr
6:49 am
virginia, for us. molette, how is it feeling out there now? >> reporter: oh, pretty stuff, i tell you. snow plus wind equals misery here. take a look at 95. you can see snow on the roads. we can tell you we've seen several more snowplows since we last talked to you. the conditions have deteriorated. a lot trickier on the major stretch. you know the side roads, the side streets, the neighborhoods are pretty tough as well. one man who drove up from fredericksburg says pretty tough spot along the way for him as he made his way here into the dale city, woodbridge area. he wants to see more crews out. let's hear what he had to say. >> some of the roads it's drivable. just go carefully and slow down.
6:50 am
>> reporter: yeah. you have to slow down and take it easy. we have seen cars just going way too fast in these conditions. of course, school is out, which is great news. because if you look down, you can see there's a lot to play with when the kids venture out outdoors today. there's powder on the roads. this is truly a snow day for the kids in prince william county. i can tell you, if you don't have to be outside and stand outside in these conditions, don't. it is really tough to be out here for any prolonged period of time. not even five minutes and your fingers are frozen and feeling tough out here in just a matter of minutes, really. that's the latest, live, from prince william county. back to you guys inside. >> thank you. get in the truck and warm up. frederick county, maryland, schools just closed. that's a change. frederick county, maryland, closed now. here's a look at union station or nearby union station. >> we've seen snow and the
6:51 am
pick up within the last few hours. there are cars on the roads. it's pretty busy. right below the headlights, a lot of snow on the ground still. this is making for treacherous conditions. cars are spinning out and sliding. aaron, you were sliding on the roads coming in. >> melissa, we talk about people needing to be careful but it's still blowing with all this wind. that sort of snow gets slippery. >> all of a sudden the roads you think are treated don't look exactly as they did before. let's take a look at the roads right now, guys. 270 southbound still slow here. going about 40 miles per hour. no actual incident. just people being careful. it's slow into gaithersburg. inbound and outbound and inbound 5 is as well. beltway looks okay. just a little slowdown. outer loop as you pass bw parkway and 95. inbound side before the
6:52 am
megan mcgrath in that area for us this morning. showing us that the area of clinton was better than brandywine, for example. sort of depends where you are. upper marlboro, northbound 301, crash blocking the right lane there. northbound 95 at 234, report of a new crash. not a big delay. eastbound toll roads, ramp to 123, car off the road. georgetown pike, near parking lot. top of the beltway, no major problems. 66 into town. 95 northbound. not so bad. especially for a scary day like today. listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop into your car. >> melissa, it is indeed going to be a tricky day for travel on the roads, rails and runways. look at the advisories, winter weather advisories extending to the gulf coast. that is unusual for sure. the brighter shading here along the eastern seaboard. those are wirnt storm warnings a
6:53 am
towards ocean city. temperatures are way below freezing. mostly in the mid-20s to get your day started. here's the real issue. the gustiness of the wind. winds gusting to 52 miles per hour now at ocean city. a 41 miles per hour gust in st. mary's county and 30 miles per hour across the area. when you factor that wind on to the temperatures, we have windchills back in the single numbers and teens. as you plan out your day today, plan on it being windy and cold all day. most of the chances for any real light accumulations of snow come to an end around noontime today. the brutal cold stays with us the next couple of days. that will make keeping the roads clean all but tricky. >> let's go to the storm center with sheena. >> talking about the snow sticking to the roads. that's the number one concern. we showed you that live picture outside union station. take a look. the main roads,he
6:54 am
treated roads like interstates and the main arteries getting you in and out of district, those will be mostly wet because they have been treated pretty good. the side roads, mostly neighborhood roads and other side roads, that snow is sticking and has been and will continue to do so. even sidewalks that i saw salt on, the snow is sticking to those. take a look. future feels-like temperatures with the wind, talking about bitter cold this afternoon. feeling below 10 degrees this afternoon. feeling like 10 degrees below zero, maybe up to 15 degrees below zero. this is dangerous cold lasting into even saturday. let's look at the ten-day chuck. >> okay, sheena. the snow totals not that impressive. but higher amounts in ocean city. it is going to be brutally cold through the weekend. temperatures back closer to average starting next monday. chuck, thank you. we've been telling you there is a blizzard warning in effect in -- along the eastern shore of
6:55 am
>> it is not a day you want to head to the beach. the snow is still coming down over the boardwalk here. justin finch is live for us this morning. he's been following conditions all morning long. justin, the snow still coming down. >> reporter: yeah, eun. it is still coming down. i can tell you since i last saw you, it's getting a lot colder as well with that blizzard warning comes a lower visibility. i can tell you, i'm having -- looking straight at the camera, with daylight now, i do want to show you the beach over here. take a look. even with snow light on it out there, it is still very white out there. staying covered with snow. hard to differentiate the horizon. it's just about ankle deep, guys. it is still coming down heavily. back to you aaron and eun. >> justin, thanks so much for your live coverage in ocean city. you see his shoes are covered now. >> get inside, justin. it's now
6:56 am
four things to know before you head out the door. we're not the only ones dealing with the monster storm system. charleston, normally warm vacation destination. it's a winter wonderland this morning. check the nbc washington app for snow in your neighborhood. >> up to 10 inches of snow could fall in ocean city by the end of the day. a blizzard warning is in effect there and for parts of maryland through 1:00 this afternoon. you can follow justin finch on twitter for updates on that. the sloppy conditions stretch into maryland as well. this is a live look at branch avenue in suitland. be sure to drive accordingly. keep your speeds down and follow megan mcgrath on twitter. look on our nbc washington app for the latest on your road conditions. and no winner in the powerball jackpot last night. the jackpot now at $550 million. be sure to still check your tickets to see if you won a small prize. not going to win so much here in the traffic this morning. do have slow spots around
6:57 am
head highway near old ft. road. car off the roadway into a ditch. seen a couple of those today, sheena. >> got to be careful out there. look at the radar. the snow is still following through the area. farther east where we'll see the higher snow amounts. but the snow is out there and sticking to the roads. 28 degrees for a high today. colder tomorrow and saturday. not looking good. >> welcome back to you chuck bell. >> i packed as much sunshine in my suitcase as i could. >> not enough. thanks for joing us. in s.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. good morning, slammed. that massive winter storm gaining strength overnight as it targets the entire east coast. more than a foot of snow and heavy winds expected in the northeast after historic snowfall blankets the south. >> it's snowing in florida. >> this morning, states of emergency declared trvl ed trav nightmare with thousands of flights canceled. schools closed from georgia to maine and we've got the very latest. >> breaking news, strong earthquake shake san francisco. tremor lasting several seconds. rattling buildings and nerves. so far no major damage or injuries. we will have a live report. cease ask


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