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tv   Today  NBC  January 4, 2018 7:00am-8:59am EST

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good morning. good morning, slammed. that massive winter storm gaining strength overnight as it targets the entire east coast. more than a foot of snow and heavy winds expected in the northeast after historic snowfall blankets the south. >> it's snowing in florida. >> this morning, states of emergency declared trvl ed trav nightmare with thousands of flights canceled. schools closed from georgia to maine and we've got the very latest. >> breaking news, strong earthquake shake san francisco. tremor lasting several seconds. rattling buildings and nerves. so far no major damage or injuries. we will have a live report. cease ask
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threatening imminent legal action against former chief strategist steve bannon. after bannon accuses donald trump jr. of treason. saying former aide has lost his mind. this morning, bannon's surprising reaction. >> all that plus the fever grows. another night of no lottery winners. power ball and mega millions now reaches a billion dollars combined. the rush is already on to buy0mw tickets for the next drawings. today, thursday, january 4, 2018. guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> morning, everybody. welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on a thursday morning. >> look outside. >> it's snowing a little bit. >> it is happening in the northeast. >> we are very excited. thela >> we are very excited. the plaza crowd is out there looking strong.
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morning. northeast is hungerikering down parts of the south are digging out from the heaviest snowfall there in decades. team is spread out this morning. and you happen down the east coast. bring you the very lay testing. let us start with the grand master of them all. we have this storm performing just as we expected. start to see almost an eye of this storm pushing its way in. achieved the genesis storm. dropping 43 mill bars. almost twice what it needs to qualify in this system. as we watch this, we are going to be looking at a lot of snow starting to fire up. in fact, we've got 900 miles of coastal advisories from maine to georgia. blizzard warnings into tomorrow morning for parts of new england and we're going to be watching the system as it develops. snow totals. washington, d.c., you're going to see 3-6 inches. we couldc
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as we move into new england, providence, 8-12 inches. 8-12 or more in boston. portland could see 15-18 inches of snow. as this intensifies, the wind gusts are going to start to pick up. we're looking at gusts of over 50-60-mile-per-hour. look for extensive coastal flooding from massachusetts all it will way up into maine with this system. it is going to continue to intensify, guys. we're not even through the worst of it. as we'll talk a little bit later, very brutally cold air is going to be coming in. temperatures dropping to around 0 throughout much of the northeast. the only ice out there because salt stopped working below 15 degrees. it's going to be a mess out there. >> a lot to talk about. let's now focus on the problems being caused by this monster system from the northeast all the way down to florida. we have katy in virginia. katy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning
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conditions here in norfolk. wind gusts up to 35-mile-an-hour. heavy snowfall since last night. they're expecting somewhere between 8-10 inches of snow on the ground here in norfolk before this event is over. this is extremely rare weather for the south. as you can imagine, causing quite a bit of chaos. overnight, blizzard conditions blasting through norfolk. heavy snow and high winds making travel treacherous. up to ten inches predicted before it's all over. savannah, georgia, officials trying to determine if an amtrak derailment was weather related. three cars slipped off the track. train carrying 300 people was slowly backing into the station. passenger said the conductor announced that a track switch was frozen. meanwhile, in south carolina, charleston residents waking up to dangerous conditions this morning after a near record snowfall. a nightmare on roads and
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officials warning everyone to stay home. >> they're trying to walk, but it's too sliply. grab a snack and just sit. >> throughout the east, winter wallop bringing much of the region to a stand still. >> we were not prepared. >> shovels are in short supply. salt flying off the shelves. >> mayhem. >> and the rush is on for snow staples, milk, bread. water. selling out fast. >> i got all kinds of goodies. >> in the deep south. rare sites like snow men in savannah and something you almost never here. >> it's snowing in florida. >> tallahassee getting first measurable snow in nearly 30 years. >> whoa. what is this? >> wow. >> but for some. >> it's beautiful. >> snow on palm trees creating a winter wonderland. >> and on a sliding scale, a definite ten for kids. a long time since southerners have seen a day like this. >> there
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three, but i don't remember that of course. >> reporter: already here in no forfofo norfolk, 25,000 people withou p tt a concern. many without heat as well in fi frigid temperatures. this is set to subside sometime this morning. only getting stronger. savannah and hoda. >> katie, thank you so much. here it comes. when a storm hitting like this, always chaos at the airport. there we find tom costello. he covers aviation. reagan international for us. high, tom, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. when was the last time you saw reagan airport look like this. there's nobody here to speak of. that's because as you know the airport is all about serving the east coast and we have so many flight cancellations already, but look at charleston's airport. overnight, they have long, long lines with half their flights now canceled for t
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we have 3,000 flight cancellations already. that number will grow. on top of many yesterday. look at the flight of misery map. this is a live look at the most affected airports. all highlighted in red. the northeast, upper right corner is really the most affected and now the list of cancellations at airports, newark, 72% of flights canceled as of this moment. boston same number. also laguardia, jfk. about 27% now. that number will grow through the day. and philadelphia also on the list. i can tell you they're very concerned about tomorrow. likely to see flight cancellations extending into tomorrow. especially in the northeast and amtrak today operating on modified or canceled service between d.c. and boston because of the snow. really unusual amounts of snow as you know down on the carolinas and even in georgia. back to you. a lot to talk about there. thank you. >> what do you say we head further up the coast.
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blizzard warnings in effect. craig melvin is a few blocks to the north. in central park. how is it looking there. >> reporter: hoda, savannah, good morning to you. typically in new york city, we gauge the severity of storms by the number of dog walkers we see in central park or runners as well. i9jáq' tell you there have just been a handful of folks in the park so far. a lot deciding to sit this one out. here's the thing. right now the temperature, 25 degrees. that's actually, believe it or not, a bit warmer than what we've seen over the past week or so. we have been talking about the cold, the brutal cold that's been gripping much of this country and that's what going to be mibehind this thing. a lot of folks bracing for the sub zero temperatures that we're going to be seeing on the back end of this. al predicted a number of inches of snow for new york city. tell you within the past few hours, we have started to see the snow pick up in the past 15-20 minutes. we've started to see the wind pick up as well.
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you mentioned mayor de blasio shutting down the schools in new york city. connecticut, new jersey, number of those school systems have followed suit. public libraries have also been shutdown. number of federal court houses as well. folks being told by employers, a number of them if you don't have to be out in new york city today, work from home. savannah, hoda, back to you guys. >> craig, thank you. we started in norfolk, washington. new york. let's go further to the north. boston, snow emergency went into affect. folks are bracing for a foot more there. that's where dylan dryer is this morning. good morning. >> good morning. >> the first flakes with this massive nor'easter literally just started now. we can see a foot of snow in boston. it's the cold and wind on the backside of this storm. that have new englanders most worried. >> we're facing fist big storm of 2018. >> this
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blinding blizzard conditions expected to pummel parts of the northeast, on land and on sea. >> freezing temperatures. steel breaking. people getting hurt. it's bad out there. >> millions going to take it on chin. expected to deliver biggest blow in the region. powerful storm undergoing bomb bow genesis. >> i've lived in new england my whole life and sometimes i wonder, oh, my goodness. >> snowplows are on standby. > spreading salt. going to the store to stock up on supplies. >> deicer in the car. battery jumpers. cables in case your battery
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dies. intense cold and potential for power outages has officials stressing safety. >> be safe and be warm. >> boston public schools are closed today. business warnings in effect for this area until 7:00 this evening. if the power goes out which most likely will in some areas. wind gusts up near 60-mile-per-hour. it's staying warm on the backside of the storm that's going to be major concern. by friday and especially saturday morning. we can see windchills at least 20 degrees below zero. savannah and hoda. >> dylan, thank you. also ahead on this busy thursday morning, a bitter rift appears to be widening between president trump and former chief strategist steve bannon. at the heart of it, explosive accusations from bannon in a controversial new tell all book on the trump white house. nbc national correspondent peter alexander has the latest on all of this. hey, peter. good morning. >> good morning. based on my conversations with senior aides here, the president wasn't just stunned by bannon's claims. he was furious and disgusted. this morning,
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how president trump is firing back. one of his lawyers saying they're preparing to sue steve bannon for liable and slander, accusing him of breaking the terms of the agreement with trump campaign and making disparaging and defamatory statements about the president himself. >> first, the fired now the fallout. following a broadside by steve bannon. overnight a lawyer for the president blasting bannon for breaching a nondisclosure agreement. warning legal action is imminent. bannon saying he still backs his old boss. >> the president of the united states is a great man. i support him day in and day out. >> earlier president trump's top strategist unloading in an explosive new book. adding fuel to questions about possible questions between the trump campaign and russian operatives. bannon explaining infamous trump tower meeting hosted by donald trump jr. as
7:13 am
tre treasono treasonous. suggesting there's zero chance he introduced to his father. the white house adamant the president wasn't aware of the meeting until 2017. and russian lawyer who attended says she never saw the future president. still, bannon who once dismissed the russia investigation as total and complete farce, told fire and furry author the trump team should have called the fbi immediately. bannon also predicting robert mueller's investigators are going to crack don junior like an egg on national tv. the president delivering a stunning smack down. writing in part, steve bannon has nothing to do with me or my presidency. when he was fired, he not only lost his job. he lost his mind. adding steve doesn't represent my base. only in it for himself. >> sdooteve has been a friend o mine for a long time. >>
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making detailed plans to run for president himself in 2020 if trump does not. potentially putting bannon against what he calls ivanka and jared kushner. the book says have presidential ambitions of their own. wolf's book based on 200 interviews also reveals melania trump was in tears after her husband's improbable win. the first lady's office dismissing it all as fiction. fire and furry reignites questions about the treatment of women who work for him. saying he referred to hope hicks as a piece of tail. and called the acting attorney general he would fire, sally yates, a far more vulgar terms. the book also suggests the president was so paranoid he might be poisoned, he wouldn't let white house housekeepers touch his toothbrush. >> one note from overnight. president abruptly dissolved voter commission t
7:15 am
the president's unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud. millions of people voted illegally in the election. many states weren't being cooperative. their reason why they did this. re-upped claim about illegal voting on twitter again without any evidence to prove it. savannah and hoda. >> peter, thanks. we should mention michael wolf the author of fire and furry inside the trump white house will be here if an exclusive live interview tomorrow on today. this is his first talking about his new book, the fire storm surrounding it. that's form morning on today. now back to breaking news we mentioned at the top of the show. earthquake shook people out of their beds in california this morning. rattling nerves in the bay area. nbc national correspondent has >> reporter: certainly large enough to jolt many people out of bed overnight. the epicenter in the berkeley area rattling cities
7:16 am
francisco and oakland in the bay area. struck at about 2:40 a.m. on the so-called hay ward fault and felt up to 40 miles away. locals report add sharp jolt and several seconds of shaking at this hour no reports of any serious damage or injuries. a tremor of this size is not catastrophic, but can do damage. local fire departments will respond to check local buildings on infrastructure. making sure bridges and overpasses are okay. minor earthquakes in this area are also something this region is used to. of course the last devastating earthquake in the san francisco bay area was in 1989. a 6.9 that crippled the region for months. today's reminder we all live in shaky ground in this state. nearly $1 billion is up for grabs at the country's two big lottery grammys. no winning tickets sold. the jackpot soared overnight to 0
7:17 am
night. here's the good news. you won't have to wait until then to win big money. mega millions jackpot stands at $418 million. that drawing is tomorrow night. and by the way, first time both jackpots have been over $400 million at the same time. which is why al and savannah are doing it every time i say. let's show you what's happening around the rest of the country. central california, bitter cold air is starting to funnel its way into the upper plains. freeze warning in i affect down through the southern golf. sunshine through the southwest. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
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good morning. storm team 4. a lot of light snow across the i-95 corridor. extending to the valley. snow amounts much lighter out near i 81 than along i-95. generally speaking, looking for a couple of inches of snow around the d.c. metro area. higher the further south you travel. could get four inches or more in southern maryland. could get eight inches along the coast. meanwhile. it gets brutally cold through the weekend. >> brutal cold coming. we'l brutal cold coming. going to detail that coming up. >> al.
7:19 am
including creative ways to keep your home and car safe. jeff rossen is to the rescue. plus the dangerous side of legalizing marijuana. why police in california say they are already struggling with the state's new laws. first on thursday morning, this is today on nbc.
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coming up, check out our hearty crowd outside. a little snow but we're going to head out and see them in a little bit. get ready to get fit. grab a friend. guess what savannah and jenna did. they put their '80s workout routine to the test. they'll talk about buddying up and how that helps. >> oh, my gosh. >> go girl. >> that video will self-destruct in 30 seconds. plus, the plus the oscar winning stars of the post, opening up about their new movie. what's being done to change the culture in hollywood. a lot ahead on thursday morning. first your news and local weather. will gro
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proud partner of the olympic winter games. 7:26 is your time now on this thursday, january 4, 2017. good morning to you. it is a snowy morning here across the mid atlantic region. this is a live look from union station in the district. let's turn to meteorologist chuck bell now and take a look at this forecast. >> thanks. snowing continues now along much of the i-95 corridor. this is going to continue for a couple of hours. not expecting a lot more snow, but enough to be a solid one to two inches across most of the d.c. metro area. higher amounts down across southern maryland. other half of the story is it's cold. current temperatures in the 20s. feels like
7:27 am
single numbers. not going to get anywhere near warm any time soon. temperatures below freezing all the way to monday of next week. >> all right. thanks. going to take a break now. we're going to check on your roads when we come back.
7:28 am
good morning, a look at traffic. kind of slow down here this morning. still quite slow. 270 as your approaching clarksburg. completely opens up. inbound a little sloe as well. land over eastbound. crash blocking the left side of the roadway right now. southbound brandy wine road crash with left lane getting by. this problem, have a closure, down tree. all lanes blacked. richmond highway.
7:29 am
across d.c., maryland and virginia. >> we're going check in with all of them to get you up-to-date on the weather conditions out there. right after this break. stay with us.
7:30 am
back on the air this morning. storm team 4 weather alert day. you can see why. look at all that snow. >> this is the scene in ocean city maryland. know has been coming down. hear the wind that is blowing there. i think probably hear some waves crashing along the shore as well. this has been happening all night in ocean city. this is called bomb bow genesis. >> the crews have been out all morning working for you. we're going get to everyone in just a minute, but first. >> let's start with school
7:31 am
closures and delays to tell you about. >> just in, falls church city schools are now closed. all of this information including changes are scrolling along the bottom of your screen. also find it on the washington nbc app. begin with delays in virginia, warren, cull pepper, frederick and clark county schools all opening two hours late today. maryland. allegheny schools on two hour delay. now to closures. d.c. public schools are closed. virginia, prince william, west moorland. stafford, fairfax and arlington all closed. fredericksburg, alexandria city school closed as well. >> prince george, friday rick county school. all closed. the federal government is on two hour delay this morning with the top option for unscheduled leave or
7:32 am
telework. now let's check on the forecast. turn back to meteorologist. good morning. talking about the snow. chuck will be up in just a second and melissa give you an update on the traffic. here's a look at the snow. seeing deterioration across the district. some bands trying to snow themselves out to put it in the best terms as the snow system beginning to pull away. still snowing. temperatures below freezing. which means the snow that is falling will keep sticking. here are the totals we expect. not much, but the big issue is the road. that is the main concern. head over to chuck to see what we can expect. >> i wish i had better news. it is going to stay viciously cold around here for quite some time to come. today's temperatures will peek out in the 20s. we're already in the mid 20s across the area now. that's about all we can do for afternoon highs today. most of us staying in around 25, 26 degrees for an afternoon high temperature. feels like factors
7:33 am
there's your extended forecast. we'll be down to nine tomorrow morning. seven saturday morning and seven on sunday morning. so this is just the beginning of what will be a dump of arctic air on top of us for the next couple of days. good morning. taking a look at the roads now. starting with live picture. take a look this morning. looking at 95 and virginia at 234 had earlier crash out of the way here this morning. main roads look like this. 270 looking like this as well. mostly wet. if it has been treated. beltway and refer road rolling along just fine here this morning. see the beltway looks nice and light. inbound five quite slow through clinton. >> thank you. it's 7:33. right now you will want to crawl back in bed instead of heading to work or heading out. take a look right now at ocean city. snow covered board walk there. we've had some dangerous conditions as well. snow has been pounding that beach community all morning long and it's expected to
7:34 am
through this afternoon. >> news 4 justin finch live at the beach now where a blizzard warning is in effect. has been for several hours. what's the latest where you are. hey, seeing and feeling that blizzard warning at this moment right now. happy we have sun up to show you this may be called ocean city, but looking more like arctic city. i think if i look out there, i might see a person out there. can't tell for sure, but as you can see, near whiteout conditions here. that is the beach over there. now sand covered. the water now hard to see. the sky as well. also blending in in with that water. looking down the boardwalk. it is pristine. completely snow covered. i put my feet into it now. we're getting just above my ankles at this point. you can see how treacherous the roads are looking at this time. ry
7:35 am
here. ocean city this morning. back to you guys. governors of both virginia and maryland have declared states of emergency because of the snowstorm. >> out pretreating roads before icing before the morning commute. about 200 trucks went out at 1:00 this morning to treat the roads in the district. we've had low temperatures for a long time now. so anything that fell from the sky could cause issues on the roads. >> we continue our team coverage in prince george county. megan, you're in clinton. what are you seeing there. >> we're seeing an improvement in the roads over the last hour. take a look for yourself here. this is northbound branch avenue. about an hour, hour and a half ago. we had snow covered conditions. snow across all of the lanes. it was very difficult to see the striping on the road surfac
7:36 am
slushy conditions. there are definitely trails that are going through the center of the lanes and slush gathering in between so an improvement here. we are going very, very slow. only about 15 miles ran hour. headed towards washington. three plows up ahead doing one of those plow lines. each in a different lane. spreading salt. slowing everyone down. they're taking up all the lanes. none of us can get beyond them. slow going here. at least seeing an improvement in the road. now, further east going to turn around and head towards the brandy wine area. much sloppier conditions early this morning. we're going to go check that out coming up in the next hour and see if we see improvement there in the next hour and let you know. >> team coverage on this weather alert day continues now. live look outside union station for you here. >> news 4 is checking out how the conditions aref
7:37 am
service interruptions right now? >> reporter: yes, a couple. first off, the northeast regional between d.c. and new port news, canceled. you're not going be able to get down to norfolk on the northeast regional. also some of the trains between new york and boston, they're going to be a lot fewer of them running today. so check your service, but if you're going up and down the east coast, there are going be changes. out here, as we take a look outside, you can see traffic starting to pick up again. the snow has stopped falling down here outside newton station, but again, if the you were to look at this on a normal day, we would have a lot more traffic out there. d.c. schools being closed, with the federal government on the two hour delay, and with a lot of folks that we've been talking to saying, look, they're going be teleworking today. a lot less traffic than normal. the thing i would be worried about here is we've seen some of the plows coming through and getting some of this off, but boy, when you
7:38 am
sidewalks and you look at some of the roads and how wet they are, even though the sun is out now, it's not much warmer than it was a couple hours ago when it was pitch black out here. i would be worried as these temperatures continue to fall how slick and wet these sidewalks are. boy, oh boy, when that deep freeze sets in. there could be a whole lot of ice here in d.c. >> that's a good warning to put out there. this is the snow may be over, but the ice is going to be with us for a while. of chris, live for us outside union station this morning. thanks. with all this wintery weather, you want to make sure you have the washington nbc washington app. download it on your phone. send out alerts all day to make sure you stay on top of what's happening. much more coverage right ahead on the storm team 4 weather alert day. take a quick break here and return you to the today show already in progress.
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a new rossen to the rescue as this monster winter storm is hammering the east coast as we speak. >> this morning we're talking about how to protect your car and your home from the shnow an the ice. jeff rossen is on eastern long island. he's got some simple hacks. hey, jeff. >> hey, guys. good morning. we're out in the storm. we have a lot of tips to get through. this is all cheap, inexpensive stuff you have laying around your house that you can use to survive this storm. let's get right to it. let's get right to it. i want to start with protecting your car. did you know kitty literal can help protect your car. we're not talking about any kitty literal. you want silica crystals. you want it to look like this. blue and white crystals. that kind of cat literal. believe it or not, it absorbs moisture. take random socks you have laying around the house. lay them down. put the kitly litter inside. tie the top. come over to your car. since it absorbs moisture. get on in here. you can actually
7:43 am
will defog the windows really quickly or if you don't want to be weird by your friends, you can take it and stick it under your seat. this stuff is so powerful to absorb moisture. it will actually work for days to defog all of your windows. really, really really cool. here's something else you can do. regular cooking spray. pam. any of the brands. cooking spray. sometimes you can't open your door when it ices and you happen parked overnight. that's because water is getting in and freezing on the rubber seam. that's why you can't open it. before you park your car overnight, take some cooking spray. spray it right on the rubber seam like this. all around: just like this. regular cooking spray. take a dish towel. wipe off the excess. that will create a barrier and a lubricant. so you'll be able to open your door. let's keep on going. here's something else i did overnight. snow by the way. i put a toul wel on here. regular towe
7:44 am
windshield. nice and easy. here's something else. run through these. you have boots, you have boots and they're not waterproof. you can waterproof boats, shoes, sneakers. wd 40. spray it all over. we actually tried it. spray it all over. let it dry. it creates a barrier. creates a sale and believe it or not, does make shoes waterproof. here's something else. can't buy rock salt in the stores. these are the last few bags i got in the store. guess what, you don't need it. bucket of hot water. a little bit of dish soap. a little splash of rubbing alcohol like that. mix it all together, mix it together like that. done. you have your homemade desiesde fluid. this will melt ice during the storm or afternoon. melts it. chemical reaction. run inside for a couple of quick
7:45 am
inside now. come on over here. wrap. who doesn't have it. put it on your windows. use double sided tape like this. keeps the cold air out. it keeps the warm air in. my camera man sam actually did this at his house. makes a huge difference. saves you hundreds of dollars on your yieutility bill. final one. fireplace. open the flute obviously. when you're not using it. want you to get in here like this. close the flew. so much cold air getting in to the house through the flews. experts say that will save you money and keep your house warm as well. i'm done. >> that was aas mawesome and am. >> how does santa get down
7:46 am
>> he's like ma. >> move to florida too. that's one way to do it. the big freakout coming up over pumping your own gas. happening in a certain state. tell you all about. first, these quick messages. make something for dinner. but some of us make something much more. mom would be proud. with blue apron, any night is a chance to see what cooking can do. fast like stop staring atcaps help youthe clock fast,st, like stop worrying about your boss fast, like wow, you're already asleep fast. when life keeps you up... zzzquil helps you fall asleep in as little as 20 minutes.
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7:50 am
welcome back, everybody. here's a question, why do you think anyone would panic about having to pump their own gas? that is a question that carson daly is addressing in the orange room. >> oregon introduced a new law for people to pump their own gas. they actually had banned people from pumping their gas because of, a, safety concerns, and also to protect the jobs of gas station attendants. while it may seem normal for you, me and most americans, this freedom of pumping gas is causing concern for oregon resi. let's look at social media. sandy writing, i don't know how to pump gas. i'm 62. mike wrote, i had to do it in california while visiting my brother and almost died doing it. this is a service only qualified people should perform. samantha adds, i've deployed with the army, worked as a nurse in jail. none o
7:51 am
as the thought of pumping fuel in oregon. most americans, obviously, not scared to pump gas, but some prefer not to do it. we asked, how do you prefer to fill your car's gas tank. overwhe overwhelmingly, you handle it yourself. 84%. 16% might be oregon and new jersey. we're not sure. most of the country is in luck because new jersey now stands as the only state that does not allow people to pump their own gas. one might assume, guys, the sales of electric cars in oregon could skyrocket. >> exactly. people are like, forget it. i'm not going to learn now. >> why bother? >> do you have to plug in your own car? >> carson, thank you very much. ahead, m just ahead. much more on how people are coping with massive winter storm and how long is this all going to last. plus, stop the presses, oscar winning stars pay a visit to studio 1-a. that and much more. first, your local news. first, we have your local news. (a vocal cover of "harder, better, faster" by daft punk is heard throughout.) (sound of typing) (sound of exhaling)
7:52 am
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7:56. storm team four. live look now. roads are clear in some spots. still a bit of a challenge. >> this is the scene in clinton maryland right now. let's check in with melissa to see how things are doing. >> beltway actually looks pretty good. see where it is snowing here to the west of the beltway and east. actual beltway, no major problems. 95 north at 234. just wet here. treated roads looking good. eastbound 50 still have the crash on the left side. >> thank you, melissa. take a break and check your forecast next.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
good morning, the snow is starting to break up as snow system pulls away. if you are still in parts of maryland and closer to the eastern shore seeing that falling, it is still sticking. winds are gusting near 25-35 miles an hour. windchill will be a huge factor later on today and tonight. temperatures remaining below freezing. >> thank you. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> back to the today show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, 8:00 on today. coming up, anymonor'easter 2018 >> 40 million americans hunkering down for a winter weather wallop. more than a foot of snow and heavy winds expected in the northeast. historic snowfall in the south. thousands of flights canceled. school up and down the east coast closed. live with the latest. >> plus, getting by with a little help from your friends. day three of start today's series has me and jenna part
8:01 am
buddying up could be your best bet. post production. >> do you have the papers? >> hollywood heavy weights join us in studio 1-a to talk to the post and how the story is relevant as ever today. ever today, thursday, january 4th, 2018. >> we're triplets from texas on the "today" show. >> celebrating my college graduation on the plaza. >> the snow can't stop us today. >> i'm 40, i'm fabulous and i'm freezing. >> we came all the way here! >> we came all the way from oklahoma. >> to see savannah and hoda. >> morning, everyone. welcome back to "today." it's snowing out there. thursday morning. the whole east coast is either getting it or going to get it. the south really had some snow. >> we're g
8:02 am
on and we're getting in it, too. we'll say hey in a little bit. >> we are. we'll get to your news at 8:00. it's the sto . it's the storm that tops it off. pelting the east coast overnight. wiping occupy traction visibility and travel plans for a lot of us. schools closed. team starts with nbc coverage in norfolk this morning. katie, good morning. >> reporter: hi. we are still under a blizzard warning here in norfolk virginia. we are seeing wind gusts at 35-mile-an-hour. somewhere between 8-10 inches of snow on the ground here. this unusual winter weather is basically bringing the south to a stand still this morning. widespread school closures, business closures. highways, tunnels, bridges basically deserted at this hour. airport pow outages as thousands remain without power due to storm. now battling frigid temperatures without heat.
8:03 am
address very diligently as temperatures fall here in norfolk. as we said earlier, this storm is going to pass through the south by midmorning. and head north and it is only going intensify as it goes. savannah? >> katie, thank you so much. the nation's largest school system in new york city is among those shutdown today. nbc craig melvin is in central park. wind and snow are starting to pick up. good morning. >> the temperature has dropped as well. it's now 23 degrees. i'd say roughly an inch or so has fallen so far. the wind gusts have started. they are expecting 50-mile-per-hour wind gusts in and around parts of new york today. you mentioned the city's school system being shutdown. school systems in connecticut and new jersey quickly followed suit. amtrak running on a modified schedule throughout the northeast. and the majority of flights out of laguardia and out of newark
8:04 am
have been canceled. you can see here in central park, the runners, the dog walkers that usually pop" this park this time of morning, they decided to sit this one out. in addition to the wind and the snow, big story is going to be the bone chilling cold that follows. they are expecting single digit temperatures in and around the city tomorrow. windchills well below zero, hoda. >> craig, in central park. stay warm. thank you. let's turn to al now. he's going tell us what we can expect. >> we were telling you yesterday how we thought this would intensify rapidly. create bombogenesis. that has happened. dropped 43 milly bars and moved closer to the coast. track up to the north. right now we've got blizzard warnings for partings of the mid atlantic states. all the way to nje
8:05 am
for new england. those blizzard warnings from boston all the way up to maine. watching this closely. puching up snow for the mid mornings for mid atlantic states. new england. continue for you this afternoon into tonight. brutally cold air will start being drawn in behind the system. looking for anywhere from 4-6 inches of snow. all the way into the mid atlantic states, but then we're going to be expecting anywhere from 1-2 inches for d.c. 3-6 for philadelphia. new york, 5-9 inches. hardford connecticut. see about nine inches. portland will be the big winner. boston 8-12. snow falling at 1-3 inches per hour, could see higher amounts out of this thing. could be an overachiever as we start to see the day wear on. >> al, thank you so much.
8:06 am
chief strategist steve bannon is getting even more hostile. major night. trump lawyer sent bannon a cease and desist letter warning of legal action for allegedly breaching a nondisclosure action. bannon is quoted in a book saying among other things a 2016 meeting was unpatriotic and treasonous. took place before bannon had joined the team. fired back wednesday, said when bannon was fired, he not only lost his job, he lost his mind. we should mention who wrote the book fire and furry will be here tomorrow morning for an exclusive live interview. and with that, we turn to hoda for the morning boost. here we go. talking a lot about the power ball and mega millions. this
8:07 am
new jersey mom won $5 million. won it by accident. just wanted one dollar scratchoff ticket. well, the clerk ripped off one of those ten dollar set for life tickets off the role. she made a mistake. handed it to her. she felt bad and said she would buy it anyway. she didn't want to. didn't bother scratching it off for a couple of weeks. a bookmark in a book. eventually she did. found out it was a $5 million winner. use the money for kids college tuition and plans to take her family on vacation to the bahamas. she was kind of a pleaser and look what happened. >> she was richly rewarded. i love it. a lot more ahead this morning including why taylor swift wants a judge to shake off a lawsuit over one of her b biggest hits. >> what happened when savannah and jenna went back to the 80s. more benefits of the
8:08 am
workout. let's see what megan has coming up. so do you think you could go for 12 hours a day without eating? eat what you want for 12 hours, don't eat anything for the other 12. guest today explains why that will take off weight, can help reverse the aging process. we'll have that top of the hour. >> sign us up. all that plus the stars of the post. including oscar winners meryl streep and tom hanks. culture shift happening in hollywood and more, but first these messages. my bargain detergent couldn't keep up. it was mostly water. so, i switched to tide pods. they're super concentrated, so i get a better clean. i mean, i give away water for free. i'm not about to pay for it in my detergent. #1 trusted. #1 awarded it's got to be tide. and for a plant-based clean, try tide purclean
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8:11 am
t transplant... that's a whole different ballgame. i was in shock. i am very proud of the development of drugs that can prevent the rejection and prevent the recurrence of the original disease. i never felt i was going to die. we know so much about transplantation. and we're living longer. you cannot help but be inspired by the opportunities that a transplant would offer. my donor's mom says "you were meant to carry his story". but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. we're back. 8:11. >> brave souls. >> we'll say hi in a minute. we have to do trendin we're going to get out and say hi in a minute. going to do trending first.
8:12 am
>> another thing we all love. i think most of us love a good emoji. some communicate almost entirely by emojis. turns out not all think what we think they mean. emojis meaning something different. what do you think that means. >> sweating one. sad. guess what it really means. >> relieved face. sweat. dripping from the brow in relief. >> that's more like worry. >> another one. what to you think this one means. >> star. rising star. >> means your dizzy. >> don't what me. >> that's what emoji dictionary says. >> my stars do not look like that. >> or the head in the star dizzy. >> or tweeting birds. >> what about this one. >> jazz hands. >> maybe whatever. >> it m
8:13 am
>> this is too philosophical. >> the last one is crazy. >> who is she. >> sassy. she's like hey. i'm sassy. >> i don't think. she's information desk person. she's like the lady at amtrak that answers your phone. >> this has us thinking about certain emojis that you wish existed, but didn't. draw the emoji you wish existed, but doesn't. oh, wow. i think it is total travesty that there is no white wine emoji. there's no white wine emoji. >> red wine, but not white win. renders me almost mute. >> i love white wine. >> next, anybody. mine is i wish they had an emoji for my mom's ba
8:14 am
>> it's this. smiley face. >> that's good. who is next. >> i'll go ahead. i really miss the texas flag. do they not have it. >> they don't have it. >> are you sure. >> you can look, but i'm pretty sure and we in texas believe we are our own country. we deserve a flag. >> carson, what do you have. i know they have the horns for rock and roll. i got my mow hawk. you look like a pumpkin. >> it was rough night. >> by the way, there is a texas flag emoji. >> on the emojis. >> that must be new. >> i got the kind of mischievous cloud. >> since there is a texas flag. what about a nice bowl of chips and queso. >>
8:15 am
>> i would like that if that was that. >> carson,take us to pop start. >> heard a tease earlier this morning. taylor swift, lawyers asked federal judge to dismiss a copy right lawsuit over hit song shake it off. specifically about these lir olymp -- lyrics. >> swift was sued in september by the song writers who wrote play gone play for the group in 2001. taylor swift's lawyers argued that the phrase is a musical cliche and should be in the public domain. the concepts of players playing and haters hating is not subject to copy right. we'll move on.
8:16 am
xfinity giving viewers behind the scenes look. very special edition of inside stage 22. here's your sneak peek. >> we lucked boo the husband of one of our stars. nick used to be the guy that was on the set walking megan dog. now nick is a star. >> were you not aware that i was sleeping with both of you. >> what? >> what? >> for more of xfinity inside stage 22. you can go online. finally ryan reynolds instagramed epic picture. the point is i used to style my hair with a blow torch. saved by the bell zach morrison. >> or dawson's creek. >> how about nick carter from the back street boys. little bit of that. >> and yes, jenna. that's your pop star
8:17 am
audience as orchestra performance noticed the conductor looked a little different. take a look. ♪ that is a t rex conducting an orchestra. not something you see every day. >> theme from jurassic park. >> that's exactly right. >> then he ate the wind section. >> jury as jurassic park. >> but why. >> now you can get the t rex. >> that's jurassic park. might as well be a t rex. now we got it. carson, thank you. >> quick bonus, our friend charlie playing in the snow in south carolin
8:18 am
charlie. we miss him, but in good hands with stacey and the crew. >> she's such a great photograph. >> beautiful shot in the orange room. >> love it. >> carry on folks. carry on. let's take a look. show you what we've got going on for today. look at some coastal rain. northern california into the pacific northwest. and temperatures nice and mildt cold. we're watching this nor'easter making his way up the coast. that's what is going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning. storm team 4 meteorologist still a lot of clouds and wind outside. the snow the really starting to taper off now. most of the lingering snow showers on the east and south side of the d.c. metro area. already seeing an end to the snow across most of the valley. now that the snow isn't much of an issue, wind and cold will be. wind currently gusting over
8:19 am
the single numbers all day today. and windchills well below zero tomorrow. >> and that's what's going on around the country. now back to you. >> thank you bombogenesis. we really want to help you reach goals in 2018. benefits of a workout buddy. i've got my buddy right here. general jenna. don't say we don't care about yo a letting you see our workout. >> take a look. so, my workout style is sometimes lazy. a little bit lethargic. >> i would also say mowny. she like to moan. and then sometimes she moans and i want to moan. >> okay. once the adrenaline kicks in and i start to feel good, i'm a little hesitant at the
8:20 am
what about your workout. >> i would say a lot of times i'm very unmotivated. >> keep your abs is tight. >> they are. you just can't tell. >> if jenna says we're going, i have to show up because i don't really hear about it, then don't be the reason we didn't go. if i'm here, i'd say, i'm peppy. >> come on, jenna. j-e-n-n-a. >> there's clapping. >> come on. >> you do like the one clap. when we go around the world. >> come on, jenna. >> double clap, yes. i like to clap and dance and have fun. >> she's the cheerleader, but she never was. >> exactly. >> i like to move. i think savannah does, too. that's why we're good partners. neither one of us is particularly athletic, but we both like the feeling of moving, especially when it is done. >> we're evenly matched, so we are just as good as the
8:21 am
>> no. not at all. >> four, three, two, hold it up. >> is that not hard for you? >> it's hard for me. what do you think? >> you're not making any noises. >> we also sometimes just like to complain. together, loudly. >> exactly. until it's finished. >> i think having a friend to workout with makes a huge difference. first of all, it is more fun. >> just sit down. you'll feel a lot better. >> i'll try. >> just snap. >> jump rope in place. >> i don't like to go to the gym. i don't like to exercise. i almost never want to go. but if jenna and i are going together, it's kind of fun. i know we get to chat and catch up. sometimes we talk through the whole thing, which makes it go faster. >> every time i h every time i hear a clap. i'm like one more. one more. every time she hears me moan, same thing. >> by the way, it's a healthier
8:22 am
would really like to be doing, which is grabbing a cheese burger or drinking. >> we sometimes do go get a glass of wine right after we work out. >> we try not to do that on mondays. >> we do still. >> it just feels good. more fun together. >> that's the bottom line. >> love you. >> it's hard. >> oh, gosh. >> you know what, there are a lot of benefits to going with your friend. we do have fun doing it. fitness trainer is here. author of the super cash diet. help us walk through the benefit of the buddy workout. >> how much fun did you have. >> we have fun and we do it all the time. >> when you have a workout partner, you're excited about it. even on the days we're going to talk about is accountability. those days like today where you're thinking, oh, i don't want to go work out. your partner is going to drive you along. >> i already
8:23 am
said yes. >> you guys had a lot of fun doing all that. >> yes. accountability is the biggest thing. >> yes. >> what's our next one. >> the other thing is you're willing to try new things. is that right. >> yes. willingness to try new things is another great one i like because if you go to a new workout by yourself, you might be a little intimida intimidated. might be nervous. with you friend, all of a sudden you can laugh about it. there's a little bit of a security there. >> i will say savannah was an instructor. >> so when there's a new dance move, she's willing to try the rodeo. i'm nervous about the rodeo. >> we could show you. we don't have time. i love the rodeo. >> this is a good one. it's a little bit of a therapy session. >> yes, it's like the times you can get together request your girlfriend or boy and say oh, honey. let me tell you what he said last night. >> we work it out while we work
8:24 am
>> it is important you don't talk too much. >> you don't want to talk too much. it's kind of fun to get everything out. >> we talked a little bit about this. it's a healthier date. it's better than going for chips and queso. >> the social component is super strong because you get to like meet up with people and not about going to a bar necessarily. or eating the queso. you're getting together with friends. doing something beneficial to all of you. >> doesn't have to be elaborate. we got to be close friends and so cheap just taking long walks. >> she told me she couldn't run, but really she was pregnant. >> don't underestimate walking. it's a great form of walking. >> you feel good afterwards. >> you will train harder. all of a sudden this competitive element could get in. si
8:25 am
over there. i'm going to try to keep up or beat her. it's fun. the whole thing about having a workout partner is it's supposed to be fun and keep you accountable. >> it does. >> want to go to aerobics with us. >> yes, i'll go. want to get the rodeo. >> we'll teach you. extra support, join our private facebook group. kind of like working out. just ahead. special 125e8 steals and deals p you eat right in 2018. we are on the program here. chat with oscar winning as far as. should we do the rodeo. that's it. bye.
8:26 am
8:26. thursday morning. i'm aron. let's get a look at the roads now. snow blankets much of the area this morning. what do you have. >> good morning. ta taking a look at the beltway. looking nicen. again, we do have slick spots. side streets. main roads like 270 here looking good this morning if you have to head into work today. southbound 301 before brandy wine road crash with the left lane only getting by. we'll get a check on the forecast on this weather alert day when we come back.
8:27 am
tone of the most pristine and beautiful parts -- of the world. but barbara comstock just voted to put it up for sale. why? to pay for tax cuts for billionaires and big corporations. comstock supported donald trump's tax scheme for the wealthy, adding $1.5 trillion to the debt and leaving us with the bill. tell barbara comstock we won't stand for selling our wild lands to give billionaires a tax cut.
8:28 am
8:29 am
now the windchill down in single numbers. brutally cold day today. high temperatures today only in the mid 20s. about where we are now. lows in the zero near the weekend.
8:30 am
♪ hey, everybody. hey, everybody. welcome back to the show. we are outside on the plaza. 8:30. snow up and down the east coast. i was>3ñ has arrived on our pl as well. it's blowing sideways. we want to welcome everybody. by the way, that song you're listening to, it's called finesse. it dropped at midnight. it's a remix of an older song. man, it's a good one. >> what does carson think. >> it's a great remix. 90s vibe. video is fun to watch. it will be your jam today for sure. >> i'm going to f
8:31 am
moment. where's the kids from the college of york pennsylvania. >> these guys were in line early. you all were in line early. do you all have a little school spirit you can show us. let's go on three. >> can we get a spirit check. >> whoop whoop yeah. that was awesome. >> why don't we have a cheer. we need a cheer. coming up conversation with tom hanks, meryl streep. in the post. we'll talk about everything from the movie's award show buzz, relevance and how to change hollywood for the better. >> also speaking of hollywood, two women at times up movement, here they're with us exclusively. we'll chat with them momentarily.
8:32 am
we have -- i didn't know. i had a deal. >> i brought the leg warmers and went with boots. >> let me tell you. i'm not used to this. you can hike them up here. they're very cute. >> you can go like flash dance style. i'm bringing these back. the meg warmers. they pay me to use the words for a living. i'm not talking about these at all. we are going to talk about could you do it. could you eat 12 hours a day and not eat 12 hours a day or ideally only eat within an eight-hour window. >> i think if i was sleeping for the 12 hours. yes. >> about right. >> you may be able to lose without doing any dieting. not just that, but reverse the aging process, lower the risk of diabetes. all sorts of health benefits. gl y >> you can fast three days a week. >> now to the man of the
8:33 am
the man everyone is waiting for. >> another idea. you might just wear pants. >> yes. those work out pretty well too. >> spoken like a man. let's show you what we've got happening and our friends out west, you're not worried about snow, but you are worried about a little rain. you could use that. especially throughout los angeles and northwest. 10-20 degrees above average. out west, you are golden. we're looking at bitter cold in the plains today. heavy snow in the northeast. freeze warnings continue through the golf. coastal rain from central california to west there. little mixed precip. that's what is going on around the country. here's your neck of the woods. good morning. after a snowy start to the day, we're seeing a lot of clearing east of the district and even in d.c. the snow that is continuing is mostly maryland and along the eastern shore. head further to the south. now the winds are increasing. this is going to be the big
8:34 am
35-mile-per-hour. temperatures below freezing right now. stay frozen. temperatures about the mid 20s. feeling colder. hey, don't forget get that weather any time you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel. going all the way around without falling. let's find out. we made it. he's fine. he's totally fine. >> thanks to start today. steals and deals series. month. car beg bargains to help you reach your goal. >> happy new year. cook book. you can go on and all best selling authors, ten cook book sets to choose from. all different
8:35 am
go online. deals $25. we like it. any questions. head to up next, candid conversation with two of the leading women in the times up campaign. to change the culture in hollywood. first, this is today on nbc. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:36 am
8:37 am
welcome back to a snowy rockefeller plaz welcome back to snowy rockefeller plaza. prominent women in hollywood joining forces to say times up. >> name of new coalition to address sexual harassment issues in the the entertainment industry and places nationwide. actress was instrumental in the creation of new campaign. monica has been fighting sexual harassment as the president of the national form workers women'
8:38 am
good morning to both of you. >> good morning. here's an obvious question. times up for what. >> time up on behavior and culture that makes women in the workplace. not just women, people of color, lgbtq community. is marginalize in our industry, as you said across all of the industries. >> i think that's interesting because monica, you are an organizer with the national foreign workers alliance. you reached out and wrote this ohm letter to the hollywood industry in the wake of the weinstein scandal and new awakening. you offered your support. what does this all mean to have women from totally different walks of life getting together. >> i think that by us joining forces and coming together the way with ve
8:39 am
much power we have. we made the decision to come forward and send the letter of support because we wanted to ensure that women in hollywood and others coming forward didn't feel alone and they knew we stood with them in power. >> i'm sorry. i just want to say to receive a letter on behalf of 700,000 women working in the fields, women who put food in our supermarkets and tables stand accident with us. it was such a moment of modeling what we need to be doing in our larger society. and it was such a signal to us that we couldn't do anything, but respond and not just with words, but with real action and one of the things we decided to do in our response seed and fund a new legal defense fund called the times up legal defense fund that will help men and women across all industries fight their sexual harassment cases with subsidized legal defense and raised over $14 million. and in the last couple of days, we have received over $1
8:40 am
in small $5 donations. it's incredible to see what's happening just with a simple message that times up and we've got to do something about it. >> you had a choice. you could have done what a lot of people are still doing, stand on the sidelines and say good for them. i hope that fight on. why did you decide it was important to lend your name, your face, everything to this kind of a cause. >> it's not just me, hoda, it's the -- times up is a group of hundreds of women inside the entertainment industry across every discipline. it's no longer an option to deny what we know. we are not safe in the workplaces. it's not just about sex. this is about something larger. this is about power dynamics. it's about an imbalance of power that makes people unsafe. need to start addressing it much wider than any one perpetrator. any one predator. it's about pay equity. it's about being safe in our job. it's about being able to access opportunity to rise up thnk
8:41 am
leadership. it's about so much. >> monica, to you point. it's interesting because you reached out to the hollywood actresses and that industry which you think of as a high profile industry and women who do have a lot of power. yet, the focus through this times up campaign is for women who don't have that power. women just work in regular jobs, shift workers who might not have the resources. >> i think the interesting thing about times up is yes,wy it's te it's for women without resources, but really it's for all of us. that's the important thing we need to remind people about. people think farm worker women are not powerful. they are powerful and been working and organizing a long time around this issue. we have the experience of not just suffered from this problem, but we also have the experience of years of organizing that we wanted to bring forward to support the women in hollywood coming forward. >> ladieladies, thank you. >> americ
8:42 am
news. you are expecting. >> congratulations. >> all the more reason to get to work and fix the things that need to get fixed. >> yes. >> do you know if you're having a boy or girl. >> i might, but i'm not telling. >> thank you so much, america and monica, appreciate it. just ahead, meryl streep, tom hanks, and bob talk to the stars of the critically acclaimed movie, the post. first, this is today on nbc.
8:43 am
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of the season' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort, your sleep number setting. does your bed do that? right now our queen c4 mattress is only $1199, save $400. ends soon. visit for a store near you. as we mentioned, 2017 was a game welcome back. we mentioned 2017 was a game changer year in the conversation about sexual harassment. especially in hollywood. one of the stars who has found her name in the headlines is meryl streep. largely because of her association harvey weinstein. >> before she responded to criticism from the actress, i stat down with her along with tom hanks and bob and we talked about the current climate in hollywood in jegeneral. why the new movie is so
8:45 am
>> do you have the papers? >> not yet. oh, gosh, because you know the position that would put me in. we have language in the p. >> i know bankers can change their mind and i know what is at stake. >> good morning. >> sfwloor congratulations on your golden globe nominations. you were all in a momented. this is your 31st golden globe nomination. >> i was going to ask you. this one means more than all the other 30. >> you finally broke 30. so excited for you. >> if you live to 109. >> each of the 31 is special in its own way. >> i would have guessed 37. i'm surprised it's only 31. >> the movie is getting great
8:46 am
years ago, it feels like it could have been ripped right out of a newspaper today. very timely. is that what drew you to it. >> certainly what drew steven spielberg to it. the impetuous of the moment at this particular time, we're seeing that our press is under siege. just even the notion of what the truth is and how much we really do depend on the first amendment and the freedom and independence of the press. so, yes, i think that was something. the film in the script was actually written much before this. it was written by liz back when she thought that there would be the first female president. so it was a different atmosphere. it was more centered on the sort of genders in it. >> spielberg sees the script in march of last year. and fast tracks
8:47 am
and finished in july. and he had a cut in august. >> two weeks later. >> still have to shoot a scene next week. >> >> this is also the first time, merrill, you and tom have worked together. how is that possible. >> i can't sing. i was not in mama mia. that's despite the auditions. >> i'm seven years older than tom so usually i would be cast as his mother. hollywood rules. >> but it actually makes an interesting point because then bradley and kate graham have this fascinating respectful working relationship. >> you have to take everything that they fell for each other. it was respect and admiration and relied on each other very much to do their own individual job. everyo long understanding of history. might as well wrap it up and call it love. they did have a love for each other. that was the best version of it. >>ou
8:48 am
get as copy of the pentagon papers and my friends at the "new york times" be mad at me, it was a "new york times" scoop, but "the washington post," as the mow vivie shows, had to pla little. your character get as copy of the pentagon paperings. >> he gets two copies. he made a side deal. demanded he take two copies. one he gave to senator who read it into the congressional record a few weeks later to make sure that it went public. >> the first time that a president tried to preemptively stop the presses. he got a judge to put an injunction of the "new york times." it's great reporting at the time. when that injunction came down, and the post found the source, had a choice to make. whether or not to go against the court and
8:49 am
to go ahead. >> this week in 1971 dealt with an administration that wanted to keep its secrets. they did not want their lies to become printed in the press and part of the record. we're still very much -- they were dealing with the legacy of vietnam after 1971 that went back prior to world war ii and also deals with the fact that kate graham became kate graham. a woman who had only been the daughter or wife of the people in power become the person in power. in a weird way, we hit the 2018 trifecta by way of this movie. >> it's a human story. katherine graham, a lot of us think of this lion of the media and fierce and powerful woman and what we see in portrayal and memoir, it was kind of a dawning of confidence. >> it sort of is located in a time that was very transitional in america. it was around the time that the first women appeared in broadcasting. it was a very big d
8:50 am
"today" show. and broke in and people were disgruntled. a woman delivering the news. just didn't seem right. >> the savannah guthrie of her day. >> that would be barbara walters of her day. >> that's what i was told to say by the staff. >> exactly. as you said, it raises a lot of issues that are timely and the issue of women certainly is and we are in a moment in our culture obviously where these sexual harassment allegations are being brought to light. things are being brought into the open. it started in your industry in hollywood with harvey weinstein. how do you even get your arms and heads around that? do you feel that this has really changed things. >> i think it's an ongoing change. i don't think it started with harvey weinstein. we're seeing it in the military. we see abuse in the church. we see it in every
8:51 am
culture and the difference now is that people are willing to step forward. and what's important, i think, is that we have some ability to measure the nuance of these different infractions. murder is not shoplifting. >> do you feel like that's a problem. >> if ewiwe don't pay attention the subtleties of these allegations, we risk backlash. that won't be good for anybody. i think women are not going back. speaking from industry, we're not going back. it will precip a change at the top which is where it need to be. precipita >> have you been surprised how fast things have changed. >> without a doubt, the dam has burst here. that means there was plenty of
8:52 am
dam. it's a difference between the subtle innuendo or understanding of hey be careful to at last. it's shining a flashlight underneath you and blind the couch. awful lot of dust there. >> i hope we don't just drop the subject, but get deeper into it and help people understand young people understand how to behave. what's right and what's not right and how to make amends and i think what's interesting about the post too as a viewer, the movie. internal story for katherine graham. her journey to own her power. not much to do with wigger societal thing. it's a woman struggling inside herself to step forward. >> yes. definitely raises a lot of issues that are very timely and very relevant. congratulations to all of you on the post. as i said for journalism geeks such as myself. it was very enjoyable. apprece
8:53 am
savannah. playing in select theaters opens nationwide. up for several golden globes. which brings us to the golden globes are this sunday. >> al, i am too. >> what are we going to do, sit around and watch it in our sweats. >> exactly. we'll be back in a moment. first, this is today on nbc.
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. that look at central park, welcome back. live look at central park. wind blowing. going to get worse before it gets better. play a little music and we have our ambush makeovers get two snowy people off the plaza and get to be judged out.
8:56 am
>> we all needed an ambush makeover after going out there. first, megyn kelly after a check of your local news and weather. stay safe out there, folks. news 4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time now on this thursday. january 4, 2018. good morning to you. it is a weather alert day. snow covers parts of our area. check on the roads now with melissa and first alert traffic. how is it looking. >> good morning. nice light volume at this point this morning. take a look. so many people their kids are off of school. can't go into
8:57 am
nice light volume right now. 270 road. live look. has been treated. it is very likely. nice and clear for you right now. brandy wine still has this. southbound before brd brandy wi road. >> check your forecast when we come back.
8:58 am
8:59 am
well, the snow has pretty much come to an end for d.c. and areas off to the west, but if you are in maryland, we still have the snow falling here through parts of the area and along the eastern shore. winds gusting near 35-mile-an-hour. temperatures well below freezing. they'll stay below freezing. still have slick spots on the road this morning. we'll continue to clear up this afternoon. it's tomorrow and saturday that we're worried about with the windchills. >> shoe that, thank you. if you want to keep up with all the weather alerts, make sure you --
9:00 am
good morning, everyone. good morning. welcome, everybody. i'm megyn kelly. thank you for being here on this cold and snowy day in new york city. we begin this morning with pot in america. the legalization of pot for recreational use. we have some supporters. it's on the rise in the united states. it may or may not be a good thing. today, more than half, 29 of the 50 states, already sell marijuana for medical use. medical use. california voted to legalize it for recreational use in 2016, making it one of six states to legalize recreational pot. now, this spark was quick to light. colorado and washington are the pioneers of pot. theyal


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