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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  January 5, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EST

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the federal gooft is opvernment today. take a look at the icy mess that we're seeing from a water main break in northwest d.c. >> megan mcgrath is live to let us know which roads are blocked because of this. looks like an icy mess out there, megan. >> reporter: it actually is. the water has been cut to the pipe. we're no longer seeing running water. you can see what happened in the time it was still flowing. it immediately turned to ice because of all the frigid temperatures that we're seeing. we've got big clumps of ice, thick accumulation of ice. this is going to take a while to melt and clear up. they did have a salt truck here a while ago. they put down salt and chemicals trying to thaw things out. this is going to be something that will stick with us through the morning rush hour today because of the frigid, frigid temperatures. this is kind of a tricky little spot here. we've got a lot of different streets that come together, a lot ofe
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right here. that is going to affect people as they make their way to work. i street is closed. there's no access to the 66 west ramp. at least not from this i street ramp here. virginia avenue westbound is closed. you can't get on to the rock creek parkway from that vantage point. northbound rock creek is closed. they're going to detour you on to virginia avenue. if you come off the whitehurst freeway to get on to rock creek, you won't be able to do that either. it's a weird little area where a lot of access points come together and all of it right now is iced up. back to you. >> i had to take a different route today because of that. megan, thank you. we'll check in later. these nightmares continue for folks trying to get to the northeast. the winter storm has left airports closed and hundreds of flights canceled. you take a look at the map from flight anywhere th
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are flights that are either delayed or canceled. you'll start to see a lot more red in the coming hours. several flights headed to new york with diverted to dulles international airport. passengers were held on the tarmac for several hours. one flight was going from buenos aires to new york was delayed. >> the pilot wasn't making the proper decisions. the flight was already delayed three hours, we were in the air for 11 1/2 hours, on the ground for 4 hours and he's going to fly the plane to jfk. people were scared. they said everybody would stand up so they wouldn't be able to take off. >> how flight cancellations and delays are handled is ultimately up to the individual airline. justin finch will have a full travel report coming up. a modified schedule between d.c. and
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trains between d.c. and norfolk are canceled. so is the auto train from lore done, virginia, south to florida. amtrak urges you to call ahead to check the status of your train if you're going anywhere today. a powerful snowstorm left parts of connecticut buried in nearly a foot of snow. they received 8 inches of snow and could have 6 before the day is done. windchill warnings in effect today and forecasters say it could feel like 35 below zero. if that wasn't bad enough, the blizzard brought 40 mile an hour winds leaving snowdrifts and power outages. >> take a look at these incredible images from massachusetts. damaging storm surge. high winds and blizzard conditions combine to make the
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15 to 20-foot waves slammed chunks of ice and debris against homes along the coast. it's bad enough when it snows, but look at that. >> you can stay updated with our nbc washington app. make sure you have it downloaded already. the app is how you can find out the latest school closings and delays. that will be rolling on the bottom of the screen throughout the morning. crews are trying to determine the fact cause of this fire in potomac. firefighters worked in what felt like 0 degree temperatures. the fire started in the basement walls. no worth on any injuries. now to breaking news in new jersey. >> chris lawrence is at the live desk. what's happening? >> we talk about accidents on the road. a blizzard in new jersey may have caused a carbon monoxide leak in an apartment building killing one person, making several others very sick. a 13-year-old girl died from the fumes in the building
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night. three of her family members are still in critical condition this morning. officials say 41 people have been treated at the hospital. 27 of them police officers who responded to the scene. officials are going to see if carbon monoxide detectors in that building work. very important to make sure those are up and running. eun, back to you. >> silent killer. chris, thank you. the desperate search continues for this missing man from prince george's county. take a look a he's 65 years old. he has dementia and nonverbal. he disappeared from a costco store in beltsville on tuesday. police are worried about him missing in these frigid temperatures. if you see him or know where he might be, you're asked to call police immediately. this morning, a federal judge will begin reviewing the election results of virginia's 28th district, including the fredericksburg area. republican bob thomas defeated joshua kolby fewer than 75 votes. a federal lawsuit was filed in
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new election. the voters who filed that lawsuit say that some people were given ballots for the wrong district. happening today, america may soon get another millionaire. the drawing for that massive $445 million mega millions jackpot is tonight. if someone wins, it will be the fourth largest jackpot in the history of the game. the last time anyone won the mega millions drawing was back in october. if you don't win tonight, fear not. >> powerball drawing is saturday. that one is up to $550 million for the jackpot. check out nbc4 for the winning numbers. >> you still have time to buy tickets, right? >> yes. >> it's 4:36. another check on your weather and traffic now. >> we'll turn to melissa for a look at the roads in a second. first to chuck bell and this frigid, arctic -- is there something worse than arctic? i can't think of what describes it. >> antarctica is usually colder
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we can call it that. >> there you go. >> there's your hourly planner. we can't get the grass to go any lower to signify how cold it is. a powerball win to pay the heating bills. good morning. on the beltway, we have a new crash. that was blocking some lanes. now we have just reopened. this is outer loop here at 202. all lanes open. sounds like the crash is on the shoulder. that is good. another issue. rock creek parkway near virginia in northwest. this water main break shutting down this kind of funny intersection near 56, rock creek parkway. you can see how slick it is. right now, northbound rock creek pushed on to virginia avenue. southbound 27th before virginia avenue is shut down. drivers can't use the ramp to get on to
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access rock creek parkway. aaron, you dealt with it this morning. >> i did. i got a little turned around. had to find my way around the city. just a few minutes late. one second he was a suspect, the next a victim. what police say he was doing at the time that has him fight to go stay alive. a warning for parents and kids after an attempted abduction in our area. that's not all. the man police want you to be on the lookout for. another live look outside this morning on this blustery friday. waking up to negative windchill numbers. we'll check bac ♪ ♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale.
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a funeral for a colorado deputy killed in an ambush is set for today. that's deputy zachary parrish. he was shot while responding to an apartment complex early new year's eve after reports of a disturbance. police say within seconds of arriving at the apartment, a gunman opened fire. parrish leaves behind his wife and two young daughters. the second time in a week, a homeowner shot someone they caught trying to break into their car. >> someone was killed the day after christmas trying to get into a car in prince george's county. then wednesday, someone in montgomery county told police he shot at several people who were trying to break into his car. police quickly arrived at the cheverly or
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a few minutes later there was a 911 call reporting someone with a gunshot wound not far away. >> he fired multiple rounds at suspects. you have to be accountable for all the rounds. one could have gone into a house and hit an innocent party. >> one man was taken to the hospital. he will face theft charges along with two juveniles caught with him. it's not clear if the homeowner was threatened before he started shooting the frenzy over the new book, fire and fury continues despite president trump's attempts to stop its release. the late he is on the of words between him and steve bannon. >> winter is coming. game of thrones fans knows what it means much it's not coming for a while. how long you'll have to wait before seeing the final seen. >> for us, it feels like winter is never going to leave us, chuck. >> i know. that's the way it's going to feel. here's the what's aware.
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something, put on anything and everything you own. your winter parka. even sunglasses for the glare y.ming up later toda
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4:45 on a friday morning here in the nation's capital. what do you need to know about the we theweather? tracking our next little storm on monday. it's most likely going to be rain. but there may be a wintry mix. ten-day forecast coming right up. chuck, thank you. 4:45 now. president trump and steve bannon appear to be dialing back their public feud which sparked earlier this week. >> it started with word of new book, fire and fury, which
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the trump administration. news 4's tracie potts joins us from capitol hill. this feud is good for book sales. where does it leave the relationship between the president and steve bannon. >> it looks like before the releefts book, they were trying to patch things up. bannon saying much more complimentary things about the president, saying there's no one higher than the president in terms of who the party looks to. that he's a great man. the president responding that bannon is quickly changing his tune. but even if they tax thing, the damage may already be done if any -- interestingly, we saw republicans shiegying away from this. several republicans are backing the president against bannon, saying that bannon and his criticism in the white house doesn't represent the party. >> president trump is slamming the author of the book too. he tweeted two hours
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the book is full of lies and tried to prevent its publication. is there going to be any luck getting this out of bookstores. >> probably not. it's already out. just in northwest d.c. early this morning, the book went on sale after midnight. 75 copies sold out. it's on the amazon best seller list. the book is out there, the information is out there. the question is how memorable will it be between now an the actions the end of year and how damaging it might be to the party. >> tracie potts on the hill for us this morning. tracie, thank you. 4:47 now. we're learning new information about the russia investigation. a new york times report says president trump pressured the white house's top lawyer to stop jeff sessions from recusing himself in the russia investigation. this happened back in march. the times says this is one of many incidents uncovered by special counsel robert mueller and it could be part of an obstruction of justice case again the
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the saying he fully cooped and they believe this just in much frederick county, maryland schools, on a two-hour delay today. the full list of closings and delays on the nbc washington app. virginia republicans are confident they will control the house when the legislative session starts next week. beat shelly simons. simons could ask for a recount in the 94th district. >> so on the table. i think it's very interesting right now that we've got eyes of the nation on state races. state races are so important. >> o to settle the tie, they putt both candidates' names in film canisters and picked one out of the bowl at random. >> it's been 50 years since a legislative race
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did not attend because of the snowfall but did have a representative there. i just retweeted some pictures of an overnight fire in montgomery county. take a look. multiple units are on the scene of this area of aspen hill and rockville. it started in someone's shed. it's a total loss. investigators say someone was using an electrical extension cord from the house rigging some sort of modified power strip for lights and power. the damage was about $5,000. we'll have updates to learn more. eun? >> thank you, chris. scary moments for a girl walking home from school. a man grabbed her and touched her inappropriately. this is the composite sketch of the suspect. the girl was walking along the path in sterling wednesday, the man appeared to be jogging when he approached and touched heifer. she screamed and the man ran off.
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this image of the man. call the loudoun county sheriff's office if you know anything about it. holding on to $16 million in metro funding because maryland, virginia and the district haven't formed a safety oversight group. they were supposed to have this by the end of last. the problem, seating dmigsers and it was prevented. the government has been holding money since a deadline was missed back in february. democratic lawmakers sent a letter to the transportation secretary last june saying the decision to withhold mop ich money -- >> the network announced the final six episodes will not air until 2019. keeps fans coming back, right? >> it's the first time series is skipping an entire calendar year since th
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there's no specific premiere date. >> i have not watched a single episode. i realize there's no way i'm going to catch up. 2011? >> you just got to jump in. >> you watch? >> no, i haven't seen it either. >> i've jumped into other stuff. >> you have the rest of your life to watch t it's on demand. you can make this happen. >> you know, i need to see the big sick, the crown. >> is that a show or movie? >> it's a movie. supposed to be hilarious. >> so this would be a good weekend for that. binge watching. >> stay under the covers. like that cat, 25 covers. >> this is going to be one of those weekends where anything you have do outside needs to be done with great haste or put of until another time when it's not so viciously cold. it is a mostly clear sky. this will aid in the cooldown the next couple of mornings. the wind remains up. that has a mixed
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from falling any farther. but it sure is keeping the windchills low. northwest wind at 25 miles per hour, keeping the atmosphere mixed up. you wouldn't have the windchill to worry about. nonetheless, bitter cold is the best way to describe it. current temperatures hovering between 10 and 15 degrees. 9 now in gaithersburg. 40 in quantico. 14 in annapolis. there's the winds gusting around 30 miles per hour across most of the area. that has the feels-like temperatures down below zero just about everywhere. minus 5 and minus 10 to get your day started. your plan for the day, near 9 at 7:00 a.m. afternoon highs peak in the mid to upper teens. the storm that brought us all the mess yesterday, that is going up through the canadian maritime. the snow
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issues back up to speed. there's a lot of lingering delays. the best way to stay ahead of this weather is using our nbc washington app. you can follow me on twitter and instagram. wake-up temperatures after a day in the teens today, temperatures will fall overnight. down mostly into the single numbers by early tomorrow morning. with windchills below zero. during the day, staying frigid. a little better sunday afternoon. the wind will lay down. temperatures back into the mid-20s. on monday and tuesday, the arctic air is trying to be pushed out by moisture, we may have a little mix to concern ourselves with on monday. we'll watch that very, very carefully. near 50 by the middle of next week. that will feel balmy. >> that is bathing suit weather. taking a look at one
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rock creek parkway near the kennedy center, a water main break. it's slick and icy around this area. we have a lot of closures because of it. northbound rock creek pushed on to virginia avenue because of the icy conditions. lanes blocked by that water main break. drivers cannot use the ramp to get to that area and cars using white hur, can't use that. >> overall beltway, rest of the main routes into and out of town, no problems quite yet. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it is a major security flaw that could give hackers access to your home, tablet or computer. what you can do right away to protect your information. what we're learning about the status of jeopardy after host alex trebek under goes brain surgery. first, though, a live look from just outside union sta
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is 4 below right now. the wind blowing there. you see the flag barely you see the flag barely before we start, i just want to say if anyone still doesn't have fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, ben. what's so good about fios anyway? uh. what's so great about a 100% fiber-optic network that makes your gaming system actually work awesomely? hey. did you take out the trash? haha, garbage boy! dad, i already took out ben. it's not funny. gaming is best on a 100% fiber-optic network.
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with a 2-year price guarantee with a 2-year agreement.
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we are working for you this morning with a warning about a major security flaw that affects virtually every computer, smartphone and tablet on the market. that's because it involves the computer chips found in all
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amd and a.r.m. found in apple, microsoft and google phones. there are two major hacks. one allows hackers to break into your device and steal passwords. companies have patches for it. they could be coming as soon as this week. the more long-term concern is the hack affecting chips by all companies and trick apps into giving up your secret info. the popular quiz show jeopardy is on a short hiatus while host alex trebek recovers from brain surgery. trebek appears to be in good health in a video posted on jeopardy's website. he had the surgery in december to remove blood clots from his brain. doctors found the clot after trebek suffered a bad fall in october. trebek is 77 years old. he's been hosting jeopardy for
4:59 am
he hopes to resume recording later this month. you know why the show is on hiatus. no one can replace alex trebek. there's no one. >> prolific in this industry. we talk about ratings sometimes. jeopardy is still one. highest rated shows on television. 33 years later. >> how about that for a things. celebrating the one of the greatest nights of the year. >> golden globe awards. they'll be on sunday. seth myers a ceremonial rolling out of red carpet. he plans to mock hollywood by being respectful of the headlines. he wants to remind people that 2017 was a great year for women in tv and movies. just about 5:00 a.m. bundle up big time today. a storm team 4
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schools canceled and delayed as temperatures drop to their lowest levels in years. >> that cold causing trouble on our roads, too. a water main break shutting down major routes into d.c. we're live. >> news 4 is working for you. our team is spread out. we'll get you ready before you open your front door. you won't want to do it. close it shut and not open it for a while. >> it's 5:00 a.m. i'm aaron gilchrist. i'm eun yang. stay inside as much as you can, if possible. a lot of school districts are canceling school already so the kids don't have to head out in the cold and wait at those bus stops. in maryland, prince george's, calvert, st. mary's, hampshire county in west virginia as well. >> in virginia, fairfax, fauquier, prince william, spotsylvania and frederick county schools are closed, as are fredericksburg and clark, shenandoah, page, rappahannock and culpepper schools.


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