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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  July 5, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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northbound. this is going to be shut down for some time. it shutow just before ft. washington road. that's where they're pushing you off rht now. you have to turn north and go sght. thethbound lanes aren't ndopen. northbs the issue. before stafrd, a right lane blocked. sheena, how are we looking outside? already 81?>> it's warm and humid. it's been like this r many daysnow. into the weekend, we have some relief coming. it's not today or tomorrow. 81 in washington. 82 in annapolis. this is similar to what we had yesterday. we can see a couple ofes sprin in the areas.
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maybe near frederic county and loudon county. the rest of us, mostly cloudy and dry. if you're exercising today, this morning is geng to the best time to do it. noon.and muggy by near 90 degrees. this afternoon, another dayown the 90s. that would make another day continuing our heat wave. there's ante iso storm chance in the afternoon. i'll bre down the timing of rain for you coming up. >> thank you. >> it's now, cleanup crews are happening after a water plane twos. stre while the holiday celebrations continue for many in our area, a fairfax county community is mourning the death
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of a weather. >> he worked behind the kantor in herndon. friends of the victim tell news 4, he was a very high worker. he had two jobs and leaves behind a 5-year-old daughter. >> antiemitic neighborhoods have reported finding the flyers on monday. mabels say the giants are a jumble of words and thoughts. >> it goes on and on. >> whenou start reading it, it's absurd. and it's vile a hateful. but it's also >> police investigating this as a hate crime. we have news on th deadly cr involving the scooter and two points.
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a 15-year-old w killed. he was a student at johnson middle school. that crash happened tuesday night at the 15th place in the southeast. th scooter collided with a car. the other boy riding on the same scooter, is i critical condition. >> new video on what d.c. firefighters was one of several fires that started year night, that was started by illegalle fireworks. you see flames out of the dumpster. it's also a reminder to only buy legal fireworks. when you're done with the fi tworks, leavem for about ten minutes and submerge them in water. a man is being streets for a catastrophic injury. he held mortar tube in one hand and dropped a lan mortar
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nobody else was hurt. also making headlines, we're learning more about the woman forced from the statue of liberty. she says she was protesting the separation of families to remove the mexican border. she's facing federal charges. staff members marched in the fourth of jy parade. annapolis' mayor says the city invited the journalists to march. today, maryland votingwi official get some primary ballots. one ofhe races is the race for montgomery out executive. the final volt totals are affected tomorrow.
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new overnight, a member night has the livest in south carolina. >> we have images. here's a look of mike pompeo, leaving last night. on this trip, we can expect the secretary to try to get to the bottom of some of t recent skepticism involving north korea and whether kll jong-un r intends to abandon his arsenal. it's 4:35. a holiday emergency. a puppy found stuck inside a pipe. new video of the successful rescue. >> first, truckers custom, now a
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> a developing story we're following overseas. a couplerom a small english
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town is in critical conditi after bei poisoned with a deadly nerve agent. people in there area being asked to take precautions and t wair boths. this happened a few miles away from where aussian spy and his daughter were poisoned in r. we have an update on that fertility clinic disaster in ohio. >> there's a new court filing that is denying legal liability. more than 4,000 froze nl eggs and embryos were destroyed when a freezer fa er malfunctions. i'd says basins were advised in risk. but legal experts say that milingsand new court send a mixed message. >> the now mes no distinction between a worry that was made
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for good public area. >> they are asking for change to make sure this never happens again. > good thursdaymorning. we're looking at another warm and humid start to the do by once again, in the 90s this afternoon. y as we go to the first half of your could think of a couple more thunderstorms. you'll want the umbrella. i'll show you the timing of that ring. >> a bit of
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4:43 right now. we have a first 4 traffic alert for you. the northbound lanesf indian head highway are closed after a serious crash. police tel us an suv hit a guardrail and two children were thtwn out of t car. the children and the driver were taken to thespital. no word on how they're doing. >> nicole jacobs is heading to washington. what does it mean driving to d.c.? she is going to join us for an upda in a few minutes. ♪ > a warm welcome for some o our country's newest residents. several syrian refugees have come in. the organizers say they hope to keep up the tradition for the
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months to come. >> donald trump and melania trump watched the capital fourth fireworks show. now that the holiday is over, it's back to work for the president. >> what doe know about who is on the short li? >> amy coney barrett, brett ka nau kavanaugh, and mike lee and thomas cahehardman is teven names that the two of themre listening to. two are-r the froners, kavanaugh and barrett. he is aurrent appeals court judge. barrett, the president likes
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very much. a female justice to be put on the court. >> she drew somehe attention she was being concerned. under questioning from the senate, several asked about her catholic fate and how that would inform her cisions. she' favorite of conservatives, guys. >> chris, thank you. >>. rescuers are working as quickly as possible to get the players and their coach out of video. >> we howed you the dive teams inned that cave. the hike out of that game will fake well over five hours. narrow passageways, some of which cdo have it down to the ceil.
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they ve.practicing with the su scuba gear. some of the guys are only 11 years old. that's risky. heavy e rain ected on saturday. that could make it impossible to get the boys out. if they aregh trapped thr the trainy southbound, they might be stuck down there until ptember. >> we were fixated for this story andin h for the very best. good news of what beach drivers going back on the other side. here's what's going to be open. the restore was able to repurpose that area for the destruction.
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that doesn't wrap up until ball of 2019. new this morning, a local puppy is back with its owners of aftert didn't take long. they were able to safe by remove the puppy. it appears to be okay and back at home. >> it's safe to say the owners are relieved after that miracle for them. we're going to go to social mea and something that everybody is talking about. >> maybe you have be asked to switch seats that can turning viral. this woman joked that maybe the woman would meet the love of her
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life she insided the woman did move it offith her seat mate. >> rosy chricled erything. right? as she walked the pair bond over several things. they're persol trainers. and they even showed each other photos of theifamilies. people were begs for more details. >> the most exciting thing for me was that these two people had people rooting for them and they didn't know it. >> he knew he was listening to e makeshift. >> she will be on the "today" morning. >> that escalated quickly.
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i mean -- i'm not going to do that to someone i don't know >> you have to wait six months to post a picture of people you're with. right.'s exactly that's too much for me. >> good luck at the same >> there was a lot of posting. literally, she was telli me a >>play-by-play. yesterday, everybody was doing the play-by-play of the barbecue, of the fireworks. we were sweating over the barbecue hit. and the evening was so beautiful. you were standing close enough to feel the heat from the grill, you are supersizing. if you're out drilling yesterday or today, whoever is manning the grill, it's going to be hot for you because we'll be
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back in the 90s today. it already feels58 like this morning. 53 in frederick, 77 in tlant. 81 quantico here. for today, it looks like another decent pool day. it will be hot. you want the spf 30 or higher. you will still get burnt. don't get that fool u. have the spf on, slight storm chances through the afternoon. here's future weather. throughf the day today, a mix fun and clouds. storm, it will be a little bit in the morning. this is a cold front movingh throith sarah and flocker. w
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look at it is going to do. the hidity much lower. normal high is 88 degrees this time of year. t 19 seventh day in a row that we're in the 90s. look at your weekend, saturday and sunday. we're going to be in the low 80s with low humidity a sunshine the weekend is going to be absolutely perfect. but it's not going tolast. next week, we get back into the 90s foretch there. and it doesn't look like much rain relief. t's check in on the roads. >> good morning. first 4 traffic alert here. indian head hiway. we a shut down at ft. washington road. that's where you're diverting off of220. very serious crash. northbound lanes wereehicle.
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southeast, west of mlb jr. into, a police activity blocked each way. live look, no problem eastbound or westbound. more on a look at the situation of prince georges county. northbound 210, shut down in one section. police are directing you around it. >> tou. it's 4:52ight now. metro blaming its delays on union workers. bu andrain arrivals said they were doing everything to get in earlier. in a statement, the union says mistreatment and disrespect
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its members. it's asking forargains in good fah. and the home of the brave. >> the cast of "hamilton" sang the national anthem at the another american flag was unfurled on the field. >> that's where the excitement ended fors the nat>>fans. his was the gnats' fifth-straightey loss. thre below50 . they are seven games behind the ayaves. they met yesterd after the it gamehout the coaches or the smgs.y hope they can turn things around. this fourth ofuly will be memorable for the 101 official
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who bame mt. vernon. they all came together.w the ne s.i.d.dcitizens were to protect the constitution, against all enemies. big fourth of july celebrations across the country and right here in.c. >> 24 years of independence and celebrating with some ni fireworks. >> a huge crowd packed the national mall. then tens of thousands were in the heat and humidity for the cancer everything went to plan. >> check out the finale here. those that didn't want to brave
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the crowds at opti scrowds. many famkeies we s with said they go there every year. >> history was made at nathan's famous hot dog eating contest. >> joey chestnut won his 11th record. he set a new record. he threw away the coney island in brooklyn. the winner, mickey suto, to win her fifth-straig title. when news 4 immigration continues, under fire. the choice that parents are asking to make. now, the foe cushion on one neighborhood store says why they've been turned into highways. stay with us. cancer is smart.
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it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in precision cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotherapy to bring more options to our patients. cancer treatment centers of america. we're not just fighting cancer any more. we're outsmarting it. visit to learn more. "news 4 today" begins with breaking >> three people sent to the hospital after a crash in prince georges county. two children were thrown from an suv after it crashed on route 210. nicole jax bs arrived on the
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scene. >> we understand that could cause us major traffic problems. can you talk about this? >> sure. you can see t actions pr limited. but here's what i can tell you rit now. we're told that jigeorges arriv and found this suv had lost control, hit a guardrail, inside that suv were thrown from it. we're working to lgern the and conditions. but they alone were taken to the hospital, all this happens on indian head highway s you can seenorthbound, completely shut down. taking pictures and thatg. typef
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th that's what we're working to learn, as well. this sexual a -- a soon as authorities have information on what caused that crash, we will bring it to you. >> thank you. we're going the keep an eye on t conditions of the folks injured at that crash. t may looking at how t impact your commute. >> we're going to get to sheena in a second. let's talk to melissa. how are things looking on thes? ro >> at this point, guys, we're going to have this delay fore qu some time. northbound indian head highway closed at ft. washington road. right now, they are pushing you


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